13 Best Kitchen Hobs in India (November 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Sunday, November 28, 2021

How many times has it been that you’ve seen an advertisement for a fancy modular kitchen and You dream for your own kitchen?

We know, the answer to this question is “every day”.


Well if you’re with us, let us tell you, the first step to getting that dream kitchen of yours is installing a swoon-worthy kitchen hob. Kitchen hobs are essentially your standard gas stoves, except that they’re not stand-alone appliances.

These hobs are fitted directly into your ceramic kitchen slabs, which makes them look like they were built right in. They come with several grade-A burners that surpass quality standards anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Hobs are durable and easy-to-clean, really all you need to do is run a wet wipe over them. Hobs are also extremely classy, posh-looking appliances. They will easily accentuate how modern, and rich your home looks in everyone’s eyes.

Kitchen Hobs provide the option of using LPG and even electricity for combustion. What’s better is that you have greater control over the amount of flame emitting from the burner, with knobs that provide more variability and precision. 

Don’t forget to read the detailed Buying Guide on this page. It would be really helpful for you in making the right selection of the kitchen hob.

Have we told you about the best kitchen hobs in India? Well, if not, the next section definitely will. So go on, take a look!

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These are the Top 13 Best Kitchen Hobs in India

Best Kitchen Hobs in India in 2021

1. Elica Kitchen Hob Top 4 Italian Burner Auto Ignition

Elica is a world-renowned brand in the field of kitchen appliances. It crafts nothing short of premium quality burners, chimneys, ovens, barbeques, etc. Anything you expect to find in a kitchen for royalty, you’ll find in an Elica store.


The Elica Kitchen Hob top (Flexi HCT 460 Lotus Brass) is as impressive as kitchen hobs get with its durable burners, stand-alone body, and needless to say, its ultra-rich look.

Primary Features

  • Dimensions: Length – 60 Cm, Width- 52 Cm, Height- 15 Cm
  • Stylish Glass Top Surface
  • Matt Black Iron Cookware Support Structure
  • Comes With 4 Brass Burners And Multiflame Control
  • 4 Knobs Operate Smoothly And Glide In Full Circular Motion
  • Has A Free-Standing Body

The glass touch up gives your hob a cool exterior, quite literally. It remains cool and doesn’t heat up even when all the burners have been in use for a prolonged period of time. The glass finishing might seem a bit fragile and prone to cracks but worry not, for it is extremely sturdy. 

It comes with an added protection against scratches and doesn’t allow rust to settle in. So not only does the glass top bring you a hob top with sleek looks, but also protects and adds to its durability.

Next comes the brass burners, originally crafted in Italy. Brass can easily be declared as the best material to design burners with.

This alloy lasts longer, doesn’t retain heat for too long after the flame has been put out, and is less prone to corrosion.

These top of the shelf, Italian burners are called ‘Lotus’ burners. This is because the flame from this burner ignites much like a lotus, which has petals not stemming from the centre of the bud, but from around its edges.

The Italian Sabaf Burners spread heat over flat surfaces evenly. They do so by not igniting right in the middle of the base, but by spreading the flame across the circumference of your pan.

Speaking of burners, this hob comes with 4 states of the art burners. 1 is slightly larger, while the other three are marginally smaller. Regardless of the size, all 4 burners give intense flames and faster cooking time.

These burners also come with Multi-Flame Control (MFC). MFC first and foremost implies that your burner doesn’t just ignite one flame, but multiple.

You’ll notice that one flame comes from the inner edges of the burner, while the other flame comes from the outer edge.

MFC then offers you to adjust the intensity of both flames with just one knob. Now, that we’ve mentioned the knobs, it’ll interest you to know that the four classy knobs, all turn in full circles, giving you greater control over flame intensity.

The knobs slide as smooth as butter, as opposed to stove tops, which often come with hardened tops.

Finally, we mention the matt finished cookware support structure. This support structure has been made out of iron and then touch up with a matt black finish.

But more importantly, it is suitable for all shapes and types of utensils, ensuring they have a stable footing while you stir. This protects you from burns and spillages and keeps the hob top clean.

  • Freestanding body eliminates the need for installation
  • Multi-Flame burners allow for greater flame intensity, giving faster cook time
  • Toughened glass outer surface prevents breaks, scratches, and fights off rust
  • Only 1 medium sized burner, other 3 are small


2. Glen 4 Burner Built-in Glass Hob 1074 SQ Double Brass Burners

Glen is a proud Indian flag hoister in the competitive world of kitchen appliances. Any major appliance you hope to find in a kitchen, including lifestyle appliances like coffee makers, bread makers, and even grills, your word is Glen’s command.


The Glen 4 Burner Built-in Glass Hob 1074 SQ Double Brass Burners is the perfect blend of class and strength with its 0.8 mm wide toughened glass protection coating.

Primary Features

  • Dimensions: Length-74 Cm , Width- 44 Cm , Height- 11 Cm
  • Comes With 4 Burners, The Front Are Bigger, While the Back Are Marginally Smaller
  • Burners Come With Multi-Flame
  • The Cookware Support Structure Is Crafted Using Enamel
  • Comes With An Anti-Leak Valve

This layer not only provides this hob with a glossy black exterior but a tough rust and scratch proof one at that. We start with the heart of hobs, their burners. This model makes use of a type that’s unique to Glen, called ‘forged’ brass burners.  

Forged brass is said to last longer and make a tougher fight against corrosion than simple brass burners, which are on their own extremely effective. So, you can only imagine how great a more nuanced version of the best would be.

Additionally, this burner too produces not a single but a dual ring flame, one from the inner section of the burner and one from the exterior. This gives a stronger flame, ensuring you don’t have to keep stirring for hours.

Now the four burners are all surrounded by a cookware support structure, which once again, is pretty unique in terms of the material it employs.

Instead of using a standard iron frame, this hob employs an enamelled support structure with a glass-like finish, adding to strength and aesthetic.

Next comes the base surrounding the burner and under the cookware support structure, that is the dip tray.

The dip tray is where all your spilled food lands, and since it surrounds the burner, for an effective flame, it’s important that you keep it clean.

This is precisely why Glen has designed this hob with steel dip trays that are given a matt finishing. The matt finish gives a look of elegance and steel dip trays are extremely easy to wipe clean.

Finally, we have the leak-proof gas valve, designed all the way in Italy. This valve ensures a steady supply of LPG, for a constant, consistent flame, at your desired level as set by you using the knob.

  • Toughened glass coating
  • Forged brass has greater longevity
  • There are two large burners, greatly reducing your time spent cooking
  • Slightly heavy, weighs over 15 kilograms


3. Whirlpool Hob 3 Burner Auto Ignition (Elite Hybrid 703 MT Brass Gas Hob)

Whirlpool is not a brand that needs any kind of introduction, not in this country at least, here we’ve made Whirlpool a household name. There are not many products you can trust to use in your home, especially when it comes to keeping your food safe.


The Whirlpool Hob 3 Burner (Elite Hybrid 703 MT Brass Gas Hob) comes with 3 burners and a free-standing body that saves you a number of bills in installation.

Primary Features

  • Dimensions: Length- 70 cm, Width- 52 cm, Height- 5 cm
  • Comes with Three Brass Burners
  • Multi-Flame Technology
  • Both the Toughened Glass and the knobs keep a Cool Exterior
  • Has a free-standing body
  • 6th Sense Technology Provides Protection Against Flame Failure

As usual, first comes the toughened glass surface. This provides a touch of elegance with an incredibly sturdy, scratch-proof, and rust-resistant body. It helps that the glass surface doesn’t retain heat even if all the burners have been ignited and kept on for a prolonged period of time.

Just like the glass surface, the knobs also don’t retain any heat and lead the burner into igniting with just a leftward rotation, without the need for fuel and a lighter.

Brass burners steal the show once again, with one bigger and two marginally smaller burners, all of which come with multiple rings of flame, giving you greater intensity flames and faster cooking.

All three burners are surrounded by sophisticated, sturdy cookware support structures. These balance heavy pots and pans of all shapes and sizes, without allowing for misbalances and spillages.

Another impressive feature is the 6th sense technology. This keeps you and your home safe, by cutting off the flow of LPG in instances of flame failure, that is, when there is a flow of gas but the flame goes out.

The best part of this hob, however, has to be its warranty that just seems to go on forever. With five years of coverage on the hob itself and a whole decade on the glass surface, this hob will promise you longevity like no other.

  • 6th Sense Technology
  • Free standing body cuts down on installation costs
  • Reasonable Priced
  • There are 3 burners in this device, whereas most other hobs have at least 4


4. Faber 75 cm Hobtop 3 Burner (HCT 753-SR CRS LBK CI)

Faber is a global phenomenon when it comes to home and kitchen appliances. This a brand with a wide array of appliances that never ceases to amaze. Be it chimneys or built-in ovens or our favorite hob tops, Faber brings it’s a game, always.


The Faber 75 cm Hob top 3 Burner, Auto Ignition (HCT 753-SR CRS LBK CI) is another free-standing appliance that will save you quite a few bucks in installation.

Primary Features

  • Dimensions: Length-51 cm , Width- 75 cm, Height- 5.5 cm
  • Three Lotus Brass Burners each with sensitive knobs that allow for auto-ignition
  • Toughened Glass Surface comes with its own Granite Protective Base
  • The gas valve comes all the way from Europe
  • An Anti-Leak Technology

Additionally, this hob top weighs no more than 6 kilograms, which has to be incredibly impressive. This is especially the case given that most other hob tops weight at least twice as much.

Mentioning the staples once again, we have the toughened glass outer surface and grade A brass burners. The 3 burners are spaced out evenly over a 75 cm wide surface, two in medium-size and one that’s marginally smaller.

These are all lotus burners. Just to recap, lotus burners don’t ignite flame right from the centre, but instead spreads sideways, that is, around the edge of the pan or pot you place on the burner.

This provides more even heating and cooks your food faster. Another staple includes the cookware support structure made out of iron. This provides a sturdy base for sizes of pots and pans.

Additionally, there’s also the gas valve that’s been crafted all the way in Europe, which prevents leaks like no other.

Toughened glass, as the name suggests gives your hob top a cool exterior, while saving it from cracks and rust, but it always helps to have an added protective layer. This is precisely why the toughened glass comes with a granite glass edge protection at the base.

  • An extremely light device, making it easy to install
  • 2 out of the 3 burners are Medium-sized and only one is small
  • The glass top comes with its own 670 mm wide granite glass edge protector
  • Manufactured entirely in India
  • There are 3 burners in this device, whereas most other hobs have at least 4


5. Kaff HBR 603 Brass Auto Ignition 3 Burner Hob

Kaff is a leading name in kitchen appliances; barbeques, wine-coolers, whatever you wish for, Kaff delivers. The Kaff HBR 603 Brass Auto Ignition 3 Burner Hob is, needless to say, no less than that.


This appliance adorns three brass burners on its 60 cm long and 50 cm wide body, all top of the shelf with an enameled surface and matt finishing.

Primary Features

  • Dimensions: Length- 60 cms, Width- 70 cms
  • Three brass burners come in varying sizes
  • The knobs rotate full 360 degrees
  • Provide For Automatic Ignition

Speaking of the burners, while most of the ones we’ve discussed so far differ only in terms of their size, Kaff brings us something better. Not only is one burner larger than the other two, but it also has three flame rings whereas the other two have a dual flame ring.

What this means is that not only does one burner has the ability to capacitate larger pots, it also offers greater flame intensity.

This is especially important given that with hob tops and their glass surface, only the appropriate size of pans can be placed on the burner if you don’t want to damage the glass surface.

So naturally, bigger pans placed on bigger burners require greater flame intensity. Once again the iron cookware support structure is mounted over the burner, providing a steady base for your pots and pans.

There is also the dip tray carved out of stainless steel, which is easy to wipe clean when you’re going for those potentially messy curries.

The top layer needless to mention again is the tempered glass, which is just another name for toughened glass. Although the tempered glass is scratch-proof, it can break if you place too heavy or too hot a surface on it.

So it is best to avoid place pre-heated or large pots on the glass, or scrub it with harsh cleaners, or while the surface is still hot. Following these measures will keep your tempered glass surface safe and your appliance living for long.

  • The triple flame ring burner
  • Slightly heavy, weighs 15 kilograms
  • Doesn’t come with an auto shut off or an anti-gas leak technology


6. Elica Hob 3 Italian Burner Lotus Burner Gas Stove (FLEXI HCT 375)

Consider this hob, that is, the Elica Hob 3 Italian Burner (Flexi HCT 375) a younger brother of sorts to the first Elica product we saw, with all the same features but three hobs and a different aesthetic.

Elica-Hob-3-Italian-Burner-Lotus-Gas-Stove-(FLEXI HCT 375)

Over the course of this list, you’ll see a lot of Elica kitchen hobs, but instead of letting that confuse you, consider it an affirmation of sorts in the wonder which is the brand of Elica.

Primary Features

  • Dimensions : Length – 62 cm, Width- 58 cm, Height- 10.6 cm
  • Comes with toughened glass outer surface
  • All burners come with multiple flame rings
  • Provide Automatic Ignition and Greater Flame Control
  • Mounted on the burners are Detachable Iron Cookware Support Structures

The toughened temper glass has refused to get off our backs and for good reason, have you seen how posh it makes these appliances look?

Apart from conditioning the toughened glass top to provide protection against scratches, heat, and corrosion, Elica has also covered it with a 5-year warranty.

So worry not! Your hob top will continue beautifying your home for years and years. Elica’s love for lotus burners crafted in Italy comes next, with three brass lotus burners.

One of the three is again slightly bigger while the others are marginally smaller. Lotus burners have proven to be more effective heating agents, thanks to their ability to spread flame across the circumference of pans.

This in turn helps in covering and heating the surface of your cookware fast so you don’t have to keep stirring for hours.

Mounted over the burners is the cookware support structure crafted out of iron and finished with an enamel coating. To give an even classier look, the coating is given a matt texture.

The matt enamel outer layer aids in the stability offered by the support structure, ensuring that pans made out of smoother materials like steel don’t slip and spill.

Additionally, these are detachable and super easy to rinse free of food spills.

This is another free-standing hob and doesn’t need to be set into your kitchen counter. It is compact, with a length of 62 cm and a width of 52 cm, so you still have space for your ovens and toasters.

  • Lotus burners provide a more even heating
  • Multi-Flame provides greater flame intensity
  • Comes with just 3 burners and only 1 mid sized burner


7. Whirlpool Hob 4 Burner (Elite Hybrid 704 MT Brass Gas Hob)

Is it really a kitchen appliance list, if Whirlpool doesn’t decide to appear more than once? Absolutely not!


The Whirlpool Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition (Elite Hybrid 704 MT Brass Gas Hob) is a display of Whirlpool stepping its game up, with a greater number of burners than the previously discussed model, greater ease of use.

Primary Features

  • Dimensions: Length- 70 cm, Width- 52 cm, Height- 5 cm
  • Comes with Four Brass Burners and Multi-Flame Technology
  • Both the Toughened Glass and the knobs keep a cool exterior
  • Has a Free-Standing Body
  • 6th Sense Technology

The first thing you see about hob Tops is their outer glass top surface, and so we start with that. It wards off scratches, cracks and doesn’t retain any heat even after prolonged use.

Just like the glass surface, the knobs also don’t retain any heat and lead the burner into igniting with just a leftward rotation, without the need for fuel and a lighter.

Now, this appliance adorns two bigger and two marginally smaller burners, all crafted out of grade-A brass and with multi-flame rings, for greater flame intensity.

All three burners are surrounded by sophisticated, sturdy cookware support structures. These balance heavy pots and pans of all shapes and sizes, without allowing for misbalances and spillages.

The appliance also adorns a stand-alone body so you can skip out on calling an installation expert and use this hob like a normal stovetop.

Another impressive feature is the 6th sense technology. This keeps you and your home safe, by cutting off the flow of LPG in instances of flame failure, that is, when there is a flow of gas but the flame goes out.

The best part of this hob, however, has to be its warranty that just seems to go on forever. With five years of coverage on the hob itself and a whole decade on the glass surface, this hob will promise you longevity like no other.

  • 6th sense technology keeps you and your home safe
  • Comes with two mid-size burners
  • Slightly Expensive


8. Faber Hob/Hobtop 4 Brass Burner Glass Top (Maxus HT604 CRS BR CI AI)

Yet another brand that refuses to go without making another mark is Faber. If the first Faber product didn’t impress you, this step up definitely will.


The Faber Hob/Hobtop 4 Brass Burner Auto Electric Ignition Glass Top (Maxus HT604 CRS BR CI AI)  has close to every single feature we’ve discussed so far, but it does you one better, with its gold touches, this appliance looks super sleek while serving you.

Primary Features

  • Dimensions: 59.5 cm long, 52.5 cm wide, and 13 cm in height
  • Comes with four brass burners topped off with a layer of enamel
  • The glass top comes with a layer as thick as 0.8 cm for a sturdy, crack resistant surface
  • Staples Include Iron Cookware Support Structure
  • Sensitive Auto-Flame-Igniting Knobs

Let us first start with the basics, that is, the very heart of a kitchen hob- the burners. This hob top employs four burners, two of them are larger while two are slightly smaller. Since all hob tops come with automatic ignition, this one does too, using a battery automated operation. 

So when not using LPG, the larger burners consume about 2.5 Kilowatt-hours, while the smaller ones consume 1.5 KW hours each.

While we have seen the cookware support structure mounted on top of the burner having been coated with enamel, this appliance comes with an enamel coating on the burner itself.

This accentuates both looks and performance, adding a protective layer over the brass. Speaking of the support structure, this one too uses cast iron.

Because with the sturdiness and steadiness it provides, needs you to go looking elsewhere?

How have we gone this long without mentioning the tempered glass? This Faber appliance comes with a thick layer of temper glass, 8 mm thick to be precise.

This thick layer adds durability to the glass surface, making it less prone to cracks and breaks. The auto-igniting knobs rotate smoothly and on top of that, they come with a gold colored finish, adding life to the monochrome and a bit of royal touch to your beautiful hob top.

  • Beautiful aesthetic with vibrant golden colored knobs
  • Thick layer of tempered glass for added durability
  • Two big burners, ideal for all those party-sized pots
  • Doesn’t come with any in-built technology to prevent gas leaks


9. Bosch Built-in Gas Hob Glass Top 3 Burner PPC7S6F20I

Bosch has a reputation for being one of the most high-valued brands in the world of home appliances. It has a reputation for top-notch quality and if you want only the top of the line in your home, Bosch is the way to go.

Bosch-Built-in-Gas-Hob-Glass-Top-3-Burner-PPC7S6F20IThis is the first triple burner appliance we’ve seen so far that comes with three burners all in three separate sizes along with a wide range of exciting features. Have a look.

Primary Features

  • Dimensions: Length- 51 cm, Width- 77 cm, Height- 4.1 cm
  • This model comes with three burners all of different sizes
  • Bosch equips this appliance with protection against flame failure
  • Guided Flame Technology
  • Staples include toughened glass top, a steel dip tray and an iron cookware support structure

The one thing about this appliance that can’t go without mentioning is its astoundingly sleek, modern looks. If you’re looking to modernize your kitchen, this is just what you need, a blend of class with minimalism.

The toughened glass top is primarily to thank for this along with the adequately spaced out burners spread over an area of 51cms x77 cms.

Now, as mentioned before, this appliance comes with three burners, all of the different sizes, moving from larger to medium to small.

The burners are carved out of premium quality brass and all come with multiple flame rings, three to be precise, for greater flame intensity.

The burners also come with Bosch’s patented Guided flame technology which helps maintain flame control and precision with flame intensity and consistency depending on need.

This also helps with optimal usage and quicker cooking. Another important feature is protection against flame failure so that the gas supply to the burner is automatically cut off the flame gets put out abruptly.

Other standard features include a stainless steel dip tray and an iron cookware support structure.

Auto-ignition can be controlled through ‘sword’ knobs. Sword knobs are called so because of the way they look, that is because they have a vertical sword shape uplift on the circular base of the knob. These offer great control over the flame intensity, as they rotate a full 360 degrees.

  • Comes with inbuilt protection against flame failure
  • Only appliance we’ve seen so far with all three burners of different sizes
  • Pretty heavy, weighs around 17.2 kilograms
  • Petty expensive


10. Elica Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top – (Classic Brass 4B 60)

We told you Elica would come to stun you again and here it is, with yet another fantastic hob top.


The Elica Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top – 3 Double Ring Brass Burner and 1 Mini Triple Ring Brass Gas Stove (Classic Brass 4B 60) comes with four burners of varying sizes and flame intensities, to sit just about every need you may have of it.

Primary Features

  • Dimensions: Length- 60 cm, Width- 52.5 cm , Height- 10.6 cm
  • Comes with Toughened Glass
  • Dual To Triple Flame Rings with Multi-Flame Control
  • Comes with an Additional Support in the form of Circular Grids

This is the first Elica product we’ve observed that doesn’t come with lotus sabaf burners, crafted in Italy. But that’s no cause for alarm. Although different, this hob top to sports four top of the line brass burners.

While they’re all varying in sizes, three come with double flame rings while the fourth and arguably the most powerful burner comes with a triple flame ring.

All of these burners come with multi-flame control, giving the sensitive, metallic look sporting knobs to adjust all flame rings simultaneously, with great consistency.

Apart from the iron cookware support structure, that’s mounted on top of each burner to offer your utensils stability, there’s an additional protective gear surrounding the burners itself.

These are circular structures, grids as Elica calls them that are built around the circular shape of your burner.

This thickens the width of your burners, providing an extra protective layer while adding to the stability offered by the iron cast. Now, we move on to the omnipresent toughened glass.

As always, the outer glass surface averts cracks and leaves no room for rust to settle in. While the warranty on the glass top is only one year, you can take safety measures to ensure its longevity.

These include not placing a hot pot or heavy pot directly on to the glass surface; not scrubbing the surface with a rough agent or a metallic scrubber; not trying to clean the surface unless it has completely cooled down, etc.

  • Multi-flame control and triple ring burners lead to a much faster cooking process
  • Reasonably priced for a 4 burner hob top
  • A circular grid frame around the burner prevents spills
  • This is not a Free-Standing Appliance



Bosch as we’ve said before is a brand that aims for the posh. Not only does it employ state of the art technology but occasionally it also brings in fresher designs which only modern kitchens with a more millennial sense of aesthetic can absorb.


The BOSCH Gas HOB PGC6B5B80I is one such appliance. It looks trendy and nothing like any other hob you’ll find on this list. While the features may be more or less the same, this appliance will definitely add a trendy, modern touch to your home.

Primary Features

  • Dimensions: Length- 65.5 cm, Width- 58 cm, Height- 14.5 cm
  • Metallic body with 3 burners, all of Varying Sizes
  • The Burners Automatically Consume 3300 watts and 1000 watts of electricity on maximum capacity
  • Comes with protection against Flame Failure

This product, too, comes with three burners all in varying sizes, starting from large to medium to finally, and small. As we know, all hob tops come with automatic ignition that is either powered by battery automation or directly through electricity. 

This hop doesn’t come with a battery but with a cable for direct electricity consumption.

During auto ignition, the largest burner and second burner both consume 3300 watts at maximum capacity, and finally, the smallest one consumes 100 watts, again on maximum capacity.

You’ll notice that this hob doesn’t have cookware support structures mounted individually on each burner, but instead, it has a metal grid-like structure, that covers the hob in its entirety.

This same grid pattern breaks open into four rods over each burner to act as support for your pots and pans.

Unlike other hobs, this one doesn’t have a tempered glass outer surface, instead, it has a completely metallic surface, which significantly cuts down on its price too.

A staple feature includes sword-shaped knobs that rotate over a full 36-degree course, to give you greater control over flame intensity.

These knobs also trigger auto-ignition with a simple twist. The most important feature of this hob though has to be its inbuilt protection against flame failure. This ensures your safety and no definitely no gas leaks should the flame ever go out abruptly.

  • Lightweight Appliance, Weighing Only 8 Kilograms
  • Aesthetic Design
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Comes With Inbuilt Protection Against Flame-Failure
  • This Is Not A Free-Standing Appliance, It Needs Installation
  • Doesn’T Come With Strong Cookware Support Structures


12. BLOWHOT Majesty Gas Hob Auto Ignition

Blowhot is a leading name in the world of modular kitchens, specializing especially in hob tops, and chimneys. So naturally, we had to mention the specialist’s most priced hob!  The Blow hot Majesty Gas Hob comes with three burners each with its own unique specifications.


We start once again with the toughened glass outer surface that is 8 mm thick, which provides a strong footing to fight off scratches and corrosion.

Primary Features

  • Dimensions: Length- 76.3 cm, Width- 59.23 cm, Height- 8.21 cm
  • All three burners come with varying sizes and flame rings
  • It comes with iron cookware support structure, silicon dip trays
  • 0.8 cm thick toughened glass surface and brass plated spark plug

Next, come the burners, all of the different sizes. The largest burner also comes with a triple flame ring, providing intensity along with size. The other two burners both come with dual flame rings and are 10 cm and 7 cm in size respectively. 

Over the burner obviously comes to the cookware support structure, which is once again made out of iron.

This is for its sturdiness and its ability to withstand the weight of bid kadhai with 3 kgs of chicken, perfect for the quintessential Indian foodie household. Now, we’ve seen standard dip trays made out of stainless steel.

Well, Blow hot do you one better and carves them out of Grade-A silicon so there are no small gaps left and nothing in seeps into the interior of your expensive kitchen hob.

This appliance makes use of sensitive knobs carved out of Bakelite which is essentially a kind of plastic, giving your knobs a cost-efficient structure and a glossy finish.

  • Three burners all come in different sizes, suitable for all kinds of pots and pans
  • Silicon dip trays add to longevity
  • Doesn’t come with flame failure protection or anti-leak technology
  • Needs to installed; isn’t free standing


13. Elica Four Brass Burner (Flexi Brass Hct 470 Dx)

Since we started with an Elica product, it is only fair that we finish with one too. We understand if by now this list has started to feel repetitive, but we can’t help it, there are too many brilliant Elica hob tops out there!


The Elica Four Brass Burner (Flexi Brass Hct 470 Dx) brings to you all our favorite features, four burners, and that too at a reasonable cost.

Primary Features

  • Dimensions: Length- 52.5 cm, Width- 70 cm, Height- 12.2 cm
  • Comes with 4 brass burners of varying sizes
  • Two With Dual Flame Rings and two with Ripple Flame Rings
  • The appliance is topped off with a Black Toughened Glass Finish
  • 4 iron Cookware Support Structures with Enamel Coating
  • Comes with a stand-alone body and Electric Automatic Ignition

This appliance comes with battery automated electric auto-ignition for when you just can’t seem to find that lighter of yours. The burner also comes with brass plated spark plugs, ensuring longevity.

The toughened glass outer surface is an obvious feature. While Elica doesn’t specify the thickness of the glass top surface.

No Elica customer has ever been left with a chance to complain, especially given the separate warranty coverage on the glass top.

The four burners are then topped with enamel-coated iron cookware support structures. The enamel not only adds to the strength but also comes helps balance pots and pans much better.

There are four knobs with multi-flame control, that all turn across a full circular motion, to provide you with a greater range of flame settings.

They also simultaneously adjust the dual and triple-flame rings with extra precision.

This is a compact appliance that doesn’t eat too much space off of your kitchen counter, requiring a cutting size that is only 66 cm long and 48 cm wide, with a depth of 5 cm.

The efficient design is no need to actually install the appliance though, its stand-alone body allows you to use it as a normal stovetop.

This appliance as the name suggests comes with four brass burners. Two are larger while the other two are slightly smaller. To make up for the smaller size, Elica equips these two burners with Triple flame rings, while the larger two come with dual flame rings.

  • Comes with four burners and 2 with triple flame settings for quicker cooking
  • Reasonably priced
  • Slightly heavy, weighs over 15 kg


Buying Guide – Best Kitchen Hobs in India

Kitchen hobs are extremely sophisticated appliances that greatly add to the richness and modernity of your home.


By now you would have realized that most gas kitchen hobs share more or less the same features, there’s not much variability. But you still need to keep a few pointers in mind before you make your pick. That’s precisely what we’ll discuss here.

Factors to Consider while buying the Best Kitchen Hob in India

1. Choosing between an Electric or Gas Hob

Since this list has only mentioned gas hobs, we’ve assumed that’s what you’re in the market for. Gas hobs are more similar to normal stovetops just with a truckload of extra features and a more sophisticated functioning.

Electric hobs, on the other hand, are best thought of as an elongated version of an induction stove.

These don’t make use of fuel or actual flame, rather they just use electricity to warm a heating plate and use that heat to cook your food.

Electric hobs are also usually costlier than gas hobs. While gas hobs make use of LPG to combust and ignite flames, they also come with auto-ignition that makes use of electricity/ batteries to ignite the flame. So gas hobs are a bit of a blend.


2. Kitchen Space & Dimensions

Most gas hobs measure around 70 x 70 cm, as they usually accommodate three burners or more.

This shouldn’t be too much of an issue if your hob comes with a free-standing body, but if your hob needs to be installed, then you must designate a space in your kitchen for it and ensure that the gas hob of your choice would fit in.


3. Check for the Number and Types of Burners

Gas hobs usually come with 3-4 burners, some even go up to. But usually, four-burners should suffice all your needs, especially if you’re with a family of 6-8. More important than the number of burners is the type of burner.

Burners usually switch between using either brass or aluminium. While both do the job, brass burners are considered to have an upper hand as aluminium gives in to rust faster.

Once you’ve made your mind up about that there are a few more factors to consider. Particularly important is how many rings of flame does the burner offer.

Usually, most hobs, being as expensive as they are, offer at least a dual flame ring. The rule of the thumb though is, the greater the number of rings, the stronger the flame and the faster the cooking.


4. Price, Brand, and Warranty

Price is a big factor with hobs, your budget needs to be upwards of Rs 15,000 barring any discounts if you want a top of the line kitchen hob for your home.

After that comes to brand, when it comes to such expensive appliances its always best to go for the more established brand.

Naturally, a more established brand comes at a higher price, but if you’re already spending this much, our recommendation is to throw in a few more bucks and go for a brand that comes with assured service.

Warranty with kitchen hobs varies greatly product to product. While some products come with 5 years of warranty on the hob and 10 years of warranty on the glass top, others come with no more than a year on the whole deal.

So naturally, keep the warranty on top of your priority list, and go for the product with a longer warranty period.


5. Additional Features

When it comes to added features, the more the merrier. These include a tempered glass surface, or a metallic surface; automatic ignition, safety against flam failure, detectors for over spilling, automatic shut off, child lock, enamel coating on cookware support structures, etc.

All of these features cover the basics of what you need to keep in mind when out shopping for hobs. While the price is an important factor, we suggest you prioritize other considerations like warranty and safety features.

Read through customer reviews and try and get a glimpse of the after-purchase performance your preferred appliance seems to offer. Go for an appliance that seems to keep its customers satisfied for at least five years or more.  


Frequently Asked Questions – Best Kitchen Hobs in India

Q1. How is one supposed to clean a kitchen hob?

Ans. If you’re not too much of a neat freak, giving you’re a hob a monthly cleaning should suffice. To do this, though, the first thing to remember is to wait for the surface of the hob to cool down completely.

Next is to remove all the detachable like the burner, cookware support structure, etc and place them in soap water for a while.

Following this, use a cleaning agent or the same soap water and wipe with a soft surface to wipe your hob clean. Allow it and the parts to dry completely before using it again.

Q2. What material is best for burners?

Ans. Well! usually aluminum and brass make for tough competitors. As mentioned earlier, brass burners come with assured longevity as brass doesn’t corrode, aluminum on the other hand does.

It rusts and melts away faster than brass. But at the same time, aluminum comes much cheaper. So, it all depends on what your priority is because both do a well enough job. 

Q3. Why are kitchen hobs more expensive than gas stoves?

Ans. Gas kitchen hobs are much more sophisticated than gas stoves. They come with a greater surface area, more burners, and they look exponentially better. These are all superficial features, however, Hob tops come with sophisticated functioning.

Apart from using LPG for combustion, they use electricity/ battery for auto-ignition. That means that the knob is rotated to the point where the trigger for the burner is set off and a flame is ignited without the use of a lighter or fuel.

Additionally, hob tops can be installed such that they look like they’re an inbuilt part of your kitchen counter. So plenty of their appeal lies in their aesthetic.

Additionally, hobs tend to use only sophisticated and more expensive parts. For example, you’d be hard-pressed to find a hob that makes use of aluminium and not a brass burner. All these factors tend to raise the price of kitchen hobs. 

Q4. Do kitchen hobs run on electricity?

Ans. Yes, some kitchen hobs do run entirely on electricity, as discussed earlier. They do though, without igniting a flame entirely.

Even standard gas hobs, however, do use electricity as long as it is to ignite the flame automatically, after that they resume standard fuel consumption for combustion. 

Q5. Can one install kitchen hob on their own?

Ans. Although with the right set of instructions, installing a kitchen hob at home is doable, we certainly won’t recommend it.

Not only would you have to carve out exact measurements from your kitchen counter on your own to place the hob in, but you’ll also have to make allowances for the gas inlet, fixing screws, etc. So its probably best to call a professional. 

Q6. What is the average life of a kitchen hob?

Ans. With proper maintenance and installation, we’d say that a kitchen hob can last you for easily over half a decade.  

Conclusion – Best Kitchen Hobs in India

Congratulations on surviving till the very end of this guide, we sincerely apologize for all the boredom we may have caused, believe us, our intention was only to familiarise you with the best on the block.

We urge you to actively read through customer reviews and to go through more guides for a more comprehensive understanding of what it is that your home needs.


At our end, we suggest to you the Glen 4 Burner Built-in Glass Hob 1074 SQ Double Brass Burners. This appliance struck out thanks to its safety features and unique technology, which we believe is well worth giving a shot.

So that’s it folks! Do drop in a comment should you be in need of any assistance, it’d be our pleasure to help.

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