Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans in India (October 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, October 16, 2021

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A kitchen is a god’s place as it witnesses your art and creativity in the form of food. When it comes to food, you may want a clean and hygienic presentation of it that makes it look irresistible and satisfying.

A healthier and a clean kitchen is the basis of a healthier environment for your body as well as its surroundings that could include food, odor as well as our mood too.

To save yourself from a greasy, smudgy kitchen that stinks at times due to smeared situations, you need to install a kitchen exhaust fan that could be an exemplary tool to get rid of all the unhygienic vibes around you, and makes you happy when you indulge with your food.

A Kitchen Exhaust Fan can be really helpful to soak up all the toxic smell in the air leaving a fresh and pleasant smell behind.

For buying the best kitchen exhaust fan, it requires a lot of research and effort to find the one that suits your preferences and budget as well.

So, we have created a Buying Guide on this page that highlights different aspects that you must consider while buying a kitchen exhaust fan.

Now, let’s walk through the list of the 11 Best Exhaust fans available in the Indian market.

Table of Contents

These are the Top 11 Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans in India

ProductsProduct DimensionsWarrantyBuy Now
Luminous Vento Deluxe Exhaust Fan29.5 x 29.5 x 16.5 cm2 yearsamazon-button
iBELL VF150W Ventilation Exhaust fan 29 x 29 x 17 cm2 yearamazon-button
Havells Ventilair DSP Exhaust Fan29 x 29 x 20 cm2 yearsamazon-button
Luminous Vento Axial Exhaust Fan29.5 x 29.5 x 16.5 cm2 yearsamazon-button
AQUA KMI Alastar PVC Ventilation Exaust Fan20 x 15 x 7 cm2 yearsamazon-button
A&Y Brijlax Air Exhaust FanNA1 yearamazon-button
MAA KU AC Small Kitchen Exhaust Fan17 x 17 x 5 cm1 yearamazon-button
URBAN KING alastar Exhaust Fan20 x 15 x 7 cmNAamazon-button
DIGISMART Exhaust Fan32.1 x 32 x 21 cm1 yearamazon-button
Crompton Greaves Exhaust Fan31.3 x 31.3 x 21.3 cm2 yearsamazon-button
Monex Indian Electrical Exhaust Fan14 x 11.99 x 10.01 cm1 yearamazon-button

Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans in India in 2021

1. Luminous Vento Deluxe 250mm Exhaust Fan

Luminous is a brand that would never disappoint you as it is one of the market leaders. Its products promise an amazing customer experience.

Luminous-Vento-Deluxe-Exhaust Fan

The luminous Vento deluxe Kitchen exhaust fan could be the perfect match for your needs. It is one such product that cannot be gone unrecognized. This exhaust has a fine assembling and a classy display that makes it one of the most preferred products.

Primary Features

  • It consumes an approximate of 40 watts of power
  • The operating voltage varies from 220v to 240v accompanied
  • A combination of 5 blades in total with a size of 250 mm
  • A speed capacity of 1300 mm
  • Deliverers efficient and effective air quality of 720 CMH
  • To ensure longer productive, the motor is winded with copper

To make your kitchen look defined and updated, you surely should try your hands on this product for smooth and stylish air-flow around the house. The product’s durability cannot be questioned as to the blades intact in it are streamlined as well as elegant at the same time.

These have the aptitude to generate a faster flow of air across the setup area. The blades are made with the best material i.e. Polypropylene blades.

It comes with a noiseless effect that differentiates it from the rest of its competitors making it a winner for you if you are looking for peaceful ventilation in your kitchen.

It comes along with a super fined production that ensures the durability of the product and long term assistance as well.

To maintain the product as new as possible, it is made with rust-proof material as well as in build dust-proof shutters that keep it clean and brand new every time.

The company provides a 2-year warranty on this product. The packaging includes the exhaust fan, installation guide book as well as the warranty card.

As per customer reviews, the product is hot selling in the Indian market that is giving tough competition to other brands. You could also get great deals and offers on Amazon as well, so you should check this product out as soon as possible.

  • Long term durability and efficiency
  • Dust free – easy cleaning
  • Various uses
  • Affordable
  • Unrecognized by many customers but should be preferred by many


2. Ibell VF150W Ventilation, Exhaust fan

iBell is one such brand that has a platform for each and every type of customer. VF150W ventilation Kitchen exhaust fan is a budgetary product that is ideal for you as it has all the necessities you could ask for.


It is a good product as it is made of PP plastic that makes it not only light-weight but also helps in easy installation. A material combination that could make it easily accessible in the market as well.

Primary Features

  • It is low power consumer as it has a energy consumption of about 30W
  • Intact with a 6 inch small motor to increase the capacity of suction of air
  • Light weighted so it could be handled easily
  • Has a 150 mm sweep attached to it

It is adjoined with blades that are total 5 in number giving high-intensity ventilation across the room. The product has about 1300 RPM that provides flexibility to the flow of air to remove all kind of smell and odor.

It is an ISO certified product that ensures quality and efficiency on the usage of the exhaust fan. Being verified and checked on the basis of its quality, this iBell kitchen exhaust fan stands out in the market.

The material and the motor in the exhaust fan complement each other really well as the motor embedded in this product is highly efficient that catches up all kinds of unpleasant smells and leaves behind clean and fresh air.

The company offers a 2-year warranty for this product (1-year warranty and an additional 1 year warranty on free registration)

It helps in keeping you secured for a longer period of time in terms of any technical issues in the product. As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a pocket-friendly product that works well in any household.

It should be taken into an option when thinking of purchasing the best kitchen exhaust fan in India, this product is offered at no cost EMI on Amazon and at other various cash backs as well.

  • Pocket friendly
  • Long warranty period that keeps you secure from any technical issues in the future
  • Light-weighted as well as easy installation
  • The plastic makes it a bit less durable but it is a good product keeping in mind all the features


3. Havells Ventilair DSP 230mm Exhaust Fan

Havells is one of the most trusted and renowned companies that is known for its peculiar standard products which are the go-to choice of many customers all around the world.


The Havells Ventilair DSP is a must-buy for many people out there. This product must be on your priority list as it is the answer to all your problems. The kitchen exhaust fan is of good quality as well as has a stylish blade design that is powerful and is protected by a hefty steel bird guard.

Primary Features

  • The product has a matte metallic finish to it ensuring it to be rust free
  • Has a 230 mm sweep processed in it
  • With 29 spokes guard
  • Combined and made with aluminum

The classy blades act as a helping hand in heavy airflow around the corners of your kitchen making it wane and happy all around. With such exemplary stronger blades, the rate of flow of air from this product is pretty impressive. 

It flows at a rate of 10 CMH making it a versatile and a problem solver. The air-flow is boosted with the speed which is about 1350 RPM.

Like other exhaust fans which tend to produce a lot of noise on their usage, this product won’t disappoint you as it offers a very less noise level of 40-45 DB that does not create any disturbance in the kitchen.

The company offers a 2-year warranty to its customer for any technical assistance that may be required in the future, keeping you safe and secure.

 As per the customer reviews and feedbacks, this product is a reliable one in terms of quality, noise as well as its efficiency. You must check this product out at your time of purchase.

  • Rust free, good material
  • High airflow
  • Less noisy
  • Does not have an upwards and downward mechanism


4. Luminous Vento Axial 150mm Exhaust Fan

A brand builds its trust among its customers by providing them excellent services in terms of products as well as post-sale concerns, luminous is one such brand that has a motto of keeping its customer happy by manufacturing high end qualified products.


Aiming at resilience in each product this brand will not disappoint you in each and every aspect that relates to their product. The luminous Vento Axial exhaust fan is one such product that has a caliber to win the race.

Primary Features

  • The voltage required for operation from the backend would be around 220 -240 voltage
  • Made of plastic material that makes it coherent to its productivity
  • The blades delivers great output in terms of air flow rate of 240 CMH

This product as well as the brand swears to give you a wonderful experience in terms of its usage as well as its presentation. It has a mind-blowing speed of 2000 rpm that freshens up your home in seconds.

A systematized streamlined product looks attractive and stylish. This exhaust fan has premium features that upgrade the look of your kitchen by being compatible and optimum at the same point of time.

The components are very well finished and polished; the blades are made of plastic that enables them to work at a higher optimisation.

Also, the fan comprises of 5 blades in total making this product a hit in the Indian market. The motor is highly efficient and is protected by a circular guard that ensures long term productivity.

The potency of the fan does not involve any kind of disturbance by producing noises on its use, it is a hassle-free fan that works silently and inventively.

The company offers a 2-year warranty for this product if it faces any technical issues in the future. The packaging of this box contains an installation guide, warranty card, and the product.

As per customer feedbacks and reviews, this exhaust fan should be in your top list if you are thinking of buying a productive, classy, and a worthy product that meets all your requirements at the same time.

  • Could be used in other spaces as well like a/c cabins and conference rooms
  • Light-weighted and easy installation
  • Super trendy and has a lot of features
  • There may be a problem in the process of self installation


5. AQUA KMI® Alastar PVC Ventilation Exhaust Fan

There are many brands out in the display that is unseen by many people, AQUA KMI is one such brand which renders its services to provide premium products at affordable rates.


The AQUA KMI exhaust fan is one of the rare products that is offered by the company which not only comes in handy to use but also sorts all your worries in terms of hygiene.

Primary Features

  • Rust free body that makes it versatile and durable
  • Consumes a very less energy that approximates to 40 watts
  • Only requires 230 voltages from backend to commence operations
  • Easily portable as it is extremely light weight

This kitchen exhaust fan constitutes a very fine material known as the fress ABS that corroborates the sturdy mechanism of the product making it versatile for the long run. It also assures that the fan remains rust-free and anti-dust resistant keeping your home neat and tidy all the time.

Designed in such a way that it would go perfectly well with your kitchen. It could be installed in the kitchen to get rid of all the stagnated humidity and circulate air all around making it more refreshing and comfortable.

The motor in the exhaust fan is highly productive and ensures an optimum output with lesser usage of energy at the same time.

The motor is completely winded with copper to enhance its protection through thermo-fuse as well as making it fecund. The company offers a 1-year warranty on the product and as per customer reviews.

It is a very effective as well as efficient product that consumes less and generates more productivity. With being multi-purpose and durable, it should be considered among many other options available in the market.

  • Extremely light weight
  • Durable and highly effective
  • Available at affordable rates
  • High technical features and upgradations
  • Not known by many people but offers really great results keeping in consideration the quoted price


6. A&Y ® Brijlax Heavy Duty Metal Fresh Air Exhaust Fan

There are emerging brands that are proving to be a competition to many big brands in terms of technology, features, and customer satisfaction. A &Y is one such brand that is slowly making its way in the market.


The A&Y Brijlax exhaust fan is a demanding product that wouldn’t compromise your needs and would assure you of high yielding performance to keep you rejuvenating.

Primary Features

  • Made of heavy duty metal preventing it from any kind of corrosion
  • It has intact blades of 230 MM that help the fan sweep easily
  • Has a matte powder appearance that makes it look stylish
  • Easy installation and must be done by professionals for safety purpose

First comes first is the effective mechanism of the motor machinery that is intact in the fan, it is completed copper winded assuring the best execution in keeping your environment healthy and breathable.

The machinery system audits the speed of the fan in each and every aspect possible. It works at a high-speed amplitude of 1400 RPM which just takes it seconds to clear off all the impurities in your surroundings.

Being productive is one factor of this product, It is also a variant in the form of its applicability in various corners of your kitchen. This could help in amplifying the beauty of your kitchen.

The brand offers a 1-year replacement warranty if you face any issues with the product. To avail, the best deal on this kitchen exhaust fan hit the button given below.

  • Light-weighted so could be easily carried
  • Affordable at great price
  • Good material and durability
  • Installation should be done by the technicians but it is good considering the safety measures


7. MAA-KU AC Small Kitchen Exhaust Fan, 6.70″ inch

Among the list of new brands coming in the market, MAA–KU has also been recognized among others and seen in action towards its performance of its product that has helped this product to grab a place in the best kitchen exhaust fans in India.


The MAA – KU small kitchen exhaust fan is a small handy fan that should be a great choice for you if you are looking for a kitchen exhaust fan to be particular.

Primary Features

  • It requires a minimum of 220 voltage for running
  • Is energy saver as it consumes only 35 watts
  • It is very less noisy , the noise level is maximum of 45 db
  • The rate at which the air breezes is about 200 CFM

It is combined of 2 materials aluminum and plastic, the body of the fan consists of the aluminum part that ensures the fan is tough and has enough strength to work for the long term.

On the other hand, the blades are made of plastic to let them work more effortlessly as well as fluently.

The blades being light in weight helps in providing high speed of flurry of air across the kitchen. It rotates with the speed of about 2500 RPM which assists the product to get the work done in a few seconds.

It is a small-sized fan that could be easily installed in your kitchens for the purpose of ventilation. It is extremely light-weight and won’t take up much space.

It has a multi-use to it as it could also be used as a cooling fan as well as it has a high-speed intensity that could give you relief from all the humidity while cooking. As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a reliable product that should be taken into sight.

  • Consumes very less energy and is efficient
  • Light weighted and easily portable
  • Is a bit small but it is perfect for kitchens


8. URBAN KING® alastar Heavy Duty Metal Fresh Air Exhaust Fan

Urban king is a brand that could be your ideal choice in terms of the brand as the products that they offer are pretty good and needs to be checked out.


The urban king alastar exhaust fan is one of the products that should be in your buying list.

Primary Features

  • Made of heavy duty metal that guarantees a rust free fan
  • Constitutes of copper are also found in the product

It has a great hasten of the air-flow rate that measures about 1400 rpm which upgrades its products and would be able o provide the services that you are looking for in a vital product.

It has a great hasten of air-flow rate that measures about 1400 rpm which upgrades its productivity and would be able o provide the services that you are looking in a vital product.

It could be fitted in various areas and corners in your home as it is super stylish and trendy.

The machinery is adjoined with 100 percent unadulterated copper that has been winded across the motor to uplift its performance and keeps it secure at the same time.

The company offers a warranty for this fan that makes it among the customer choices.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a decent product and could be considered by some people in the slot, it could be given a chance to show its capability.

  • Good material used that would ensure long term use
  • Could be fitted in various spaces
  • It is quite affordable
  • It is a bit noisy but it could sabotage with its performance and consumption levels


9. DIGISMART HIGH-Speed 225mm RPM 2880 (9 Inches) Fresh Air Exhaust Fan

Digismart is one such brand that has step foot in this market so that all you worries regarding while cooking goes away. This is a brand that you must scan at the time of considering innovative and effectual products.


This Digismart high-speed exhaust fan comes with some different features that will make you reconsider some other options.

Primary Features

  • It is a environment safe , eco – friendly
  • Energy efficient – consumes very less energy
  • To have a powerful flow of air it has a X- flow technology in build in it
  • The product does not make any disturbance in terms of noise

It comes with a heavy-duty motor that has an excellent output in the terms of air delivery and power consumption. It only consumes 22 watts of the power that makes it fruitful and a prominent buy for you.

As it consumes a very little amount of power, it can be accessed through the inverter as well which gives you an option of ventilation at tough times as well.

The classification of the fan is unquestionable as it is imperishable in use. It comes with an X- flow technology that allows the fan to generate a good flow of air at an RPM of 2400, a deal that is quite hard to resist.

To make it noise-free and non–disturbing, a double ball bearing has been attached to the heavy-duty motor to be double sure in terms of any problem. To be protected in the aspects of the blades and fans, it has a bird guard linked to it as well.

The company offers a 1-year warranty for the product for any support in the technical assistance in the future. To avail amazing discount on this kitchen exhaust fan, click below.

  • Offered at a very low price
  • Comes with air boosting technology
  • Rust-free protection and blades protection as well is provided in the product
  • It is not well established in the market but if it is recognized by customers it would be a bumper hit


10. Crompton Greaves Freshair 3 Blade 225mm Exhaust Fan

Crompton is one of a kind, it has established its name in the market. It has given solid competition to other brands making them see how the work is actually done. The exhaust fan is something that you were waiting for, an option that could become a hit for you in so many ways.


The Crompton exhaust fan comprises of the metal body that enables it performs at a greater scale in terms of ventilating the house and removing any kind of odor that may prevail in the house.

Primary Features

  • Comes with 3 blades in number that sweeps 225mm
  • Light weighted and easily portable
  • Ideal for ascend on glass windows

As the product acquires the good quality of metal it cannot be corroded, it is rust free. Its performance is applauded and should be preferred by you for your home.

It can be ascended to glass windows as it is light in weight. To make your home look more edgy and stylish you can adapt this product that could be installed on your beautiful glass windows and making it a unique feature of your home.

It could also be installed in the other premises of your house like a home office or a bathroom where there is a need for ventilation, in all could make you home odour free and fresh.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a very good and durable product that should be among your top list, enabling your home look more stylish as well as ventilated at the same time it could be the perfect fit for you and your family.

  • Extremely Light Weighted
  • Has metal blades intact that gives a better performance
  • Could be installed in other areas of the house
  • Has metal blades that may hamper the air flow but the technology is durable and would give you a good output


11. Monex Indian Electrical 9 inch Ventilation Exhaust Fan

Monex is a brand that has introduced us to products in such a unique way that we couldn’t resist it. The Monex Indian electrical exhaust fan is a racer in the run for the best, and who doesn’t want to win?


It is a multipurpose fan that is automated with a dual feature making it an irresistible option to let go of. It acts as an exhaust fan in the day time that soaks up all the smoke, smells around the house and the kitchen.  

Primary Features

  • Is dual purpose fan – an exhaust as well as a cooling fan
  • Composed of metal and as 3 blades in it
  • Extremely light weight in handling
  • No disturbance is created as it is noise free

It can also be used as a cooling fan at night that provides fresh, breezy air giving you a perfect sleep. It could be installed in various other options as well like office, bathrooms, and also in hotels and restraints for any purpose that they wish to choose from its dual feature option.

It is a mind-blowing product as it just has all the features that you could ask for in one single item, it is a 9-inch product in a size that could also go forward and backward in motion, giving an overall 360 degree of ventilation around the house.

The fan is of a subtle design that has been powder coated to protect it from corrosion leaving behind a fine metallic finish that offers you a chic style statement for the house.

The company offers a 1-year warranty that covers any technical issue in the product, but the warranty does not cover any physical damage that may happen t the product in uncertain times.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, the product is a win-win in the market that comes in so many features that we have just lost the count of, it would assist your need in every way possible leaving you satisfied and happy with the choice made by you.

  • Can move 360 degrees in motion, so could ventilate your home in each direction
  • Made of metal, rust free
  • Comes with multi-features giving you so many options
  • Not preferred by many people


Buying Guide – Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans in India

Though we have listed all the premium exhaust fans that are available in India that could redefine your satisfaction and efficiency while working in the kitchen.

As a customer, you may want to know the criteria that should be on your watch list to choose the perfect exhaust fan for your kitchen.


So, we have combined a list of factors that you should check out before buying a kitchen exhaust fan.

Exhaust fans are durable and self-reliant machines that have various features in build in them, each and every factor that may affect their performance in a better way are list below as:

Factors to consider while buying the Best Kitchen Exhaust Fan in India

1. Blade Composition

The working of these fans is valid on a smooth as well as a secured pace of its components individually and wholly for the product to produce the best. The blade composition act as a very important factor that must be taken into view at the time of purchase.

The blades should be made of either plastic material as they keep them light-weight that embrace the working of these items very well. It would be better if you choose the one that has 5 blades for better performance; a three-blade fan would also work very well for your kitchen.


2. Sound Making Intensity

These days products that make background noises and disturbance are considered obsolete as they do not have the polish and charm of a new tech-based product.

So, when you are opting for a primary choice in kitchen exhaust fans to be particular, always choose those options that have the feature of noiseless functioning. They would keep your home noise-free and would leave behind a peaceful environment to carry on your daily chores.


3. Speed Performance (Air Flow)

A precise feature to be looked up is the capacity and rate of flow that the product can offer you. The higher the speed, the better it becomes for your kitchen. The air-flow rate is measured in terms of RPM and it should be above 1200 for good results.

The air-flow rate is the utmost criteria as it defines the performance of the fan and its intensity level in removing all the smoked as well as humidified air in the house. So this factor should not be ignored if you are in an agreement of buying a good quality fan for yourself.

4. Energy Efficiency (Low Power Consumption)

Power consumption and being less consumption of energy has become a necessity in electronic items. Customers around the world prefer those products that are fluent in working and on the same hand is also a power saver.

With upgradation in technology and features in each and every product, you must choose a product that is energy efficient and consumes very less power in terms of voltage.


5. External Guard

It is essential that electronic items must be handled with utmost care and awareness as they are fragile which could hamper their productivity and work.

So, it should be seen that the fan must have an external guard that would protect the blades and the motor from any mishappening, keeping it secured and safe all the time.

6. Appropriate Size

It is also a factor that should be recognized as it could affect the appearance of your kitchen in every possible, you need the one that coordinates and compliments your home settings.

A basic 12-inch fan would go perfectly well in each kitchen. Bigger fans are generally used in restaurant kitchens that won’t be suitable for your residence purpose.


7. Warranty

Warranty is a crucial feature that is optimum in terms of electronic items. You just try and get your hands on those exhaust fans that offer you a minimum of 1-2 years of warranty.

It help you cover any uncertain technical issues that may arrive in the future. To keep yourself secured and safe from any extra spending, you must get one with a warranty.


These are the factors and features that define and cut shorts you a list of the premium qualified exhaust fans that could solve the problem of ventilation in your kitchen.

The products mentioned above and the buying guide in a combination could act like your detailed guide booklet at the time of your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans in India

Q1. What is RPM? What is the ideal speed that will work best to ventilate the house and keep it cool?

Ans. RPM stands for revolutions per minute; it is the criteria that estimate the revolution of air that the fan delivers in a minute.

It is a very important factor that should be seen at the time of purchasing a particular product. An ideal kitchen exhaust fan must have RPM above 1300 for effective results.

Q2. What are the best brands that should be the top priority at the time of purchase?

Ans. All the brands that are listed above are the best that are offering great options at goo deals.

The best brands that should be at your lookout while purchasing should be Luminous, Havells, Crompton, Monex, and MAA-KU. These brands offer very good products and after-sales services to you.

Q3. What does the warranty of an exhaust fan comprise of?

Ans. The companies usually offer a 1 year warranty or a maximum of 2 year warranty that covers technical damage in the motor.

The internal working if hampered is covered by the companies that are either repaired or replaced according to their policies.

Q4. What would be the best platform to buy exhaust fans online? And is it good to buy online or offline?

Ans. If you are looking for the best platform to buy fans online, you could go for Amazon. Yes, it could be good to buy online as you can get good deals and discounts throughout the year.

Q5. Is it a necessity to have a kitchen exhaust fan?

Ans. Yes, nowadays when the air is itself polluted and carries smoke in it, an exhaust fan is a very crucial item that needs to be installed in every kitchen. It is a medium to freshen up the air that enters your kitchen as well as cleans up nay toxic elements.

While cooking, a lot of heat and smoke is produced, a good kitchen exhaust fan is an affordable replacement of a kitchen chimney that throws out the smoke & humidity produced in the kitchen.

Conclusion Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans in India

As per our thoughts and reviews, the above-listed brands and the products offered by them are a huge success among the customers.

With a high variety in the Indian market, you must check such products with thorough research that could meet your demands and could be worth the spending of your money.

To give you the best, we have had a clear eye towards these products and should be the ideal kitchen exhaust fan that could be the premium choice for you.


Havells, Crompton as well as Monex are offering great products that have a durable as well as an efficient base of performance as well it is one of the most selling brands in the market these days. While luminous and ibell offer great products but they are available at higher prices.

In our opinion, Luminous Vento Deluxe is the best kitchen exhaust fan in India. It has been the top-selling product on amazon for a long time & is available on a high discount for a limited time. To know more about the product, click here.

We hope that this article combined with all the details possible had provided you a gist about what should be best for your kitchen.

Let us know in the comments if you have any doubts!

Thank you for reading, have a happy purchasing!

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