13 Best Voltage Stabilizers in India for AC, TV, & Refrigerator (September 2021)

Saturday, September 25, 2021

One thing which is more common than power cuts and blackouts in India are power fluctuations. Power fluctuations can be extremely harmful to your appliance and can cause unnecessary repair costs.

All of your electrical appliances have a voltage range in which they have to be operated ideally. When the voltage supply is higher or lower than the ideal voltage, it can cause damage to your device.


The high or low voltage which is being supplied can lead to malfunctioning of the device or cause insulation damage to the appliance. Hence, having a voltage stabilizer is an absolute necessity for the safety of electrical appliances in your home.

It is also very important to note that not all electrical appliances are built the same way. Hence, while choosing a stabilizer, one should try to go for a specialized stabilizer that protects one particular type of device.

In this article, We have come up with information about the Best Voltage Stabilizers in India.

You will find a Buying Guide on this page that will help you make the right purchase.

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These are the Top 13 Best Voltage Stabilizers in India

ProductsUsage TypePowerWarrantyBuy Now
MONITOR 4-KVA Wall Mountable Voltage StabilizerStabilizers for Ac170-270 V5 yearsamazon-button
Microtek EM4160 StabilizerStabilizers for Ac160-285 V3 yearsamazon-button
V Guard VG 400 AE 10 Voltage StabilizerStabilizers for Ac165-270 V3 yearsamazon-button
V-Guard VG 400 StabilizerStabilizers for Ac170-270 V3 yearsamazon-button
V-Guard VG500 StabilizerStabilizers for Ac170-270 VNAamazon-button
V-Guard VGSD 50 Supreme for Refrigerator Stabilizers for Refrigerator130-290 V1 yearamazon-button
V-Guard Stabilizer VGSD 50 Stabilizers for Refrigerator130-290 V1 yearamazon-button
V-Guard StabilizerStabilizers for Refrigerator130-290 V5 yearsamazon-button
Microtek EM4170 Digital Voltage StabilizerStabilizers for Refrigerator170-280 V3 yearsamazon-button
Candes Voltage Stabilizer Stabilizers for TV 90-300 V6 yearsamazon-button
MONITOR Voltage StabilizerStabilizers for TV140-290V5 yearsamazon-button
V-Guard Mini Crystal Supreme TV Stabilizer Stabilizers for TV90-290 V3 yearsamazon-button
Everest ECC 100 – LED Wide Range Voltage StabilizerStabilizers for TV90-290 V5 yearsamazon-button

Best Voltage Stabilizers for AC

1. Monitor 4-KVA Wall Mountable Voltage Stabilizer

Monitor is known for producing good quality and reliable products to its customers. It ensures that all the needs and necessities of their customers are fulfilled with no compromise. The stabilizer is wall mountable.

As most of the Air conditioners these days are fixed upon the wall, it is essential that your stabilizer can also be fixed upon the wall, for the ease of use. This stabilizer is made for air conditioners and can support a single air conditioner of up to 1.5 ton.

Primary Features

  • Wall mountable
  • Copper Windings
  • Designed for air conditioners
  • 1 year warranty

It is essential to remember that this stabilizer is only meant for Air conditioners and will not be able to perform upto mark for anything other than Air conditioners.  The voltage stabilizer has a winding that is made of copper.

Copper is one of the most important materials when it comes to windings. This is because of its extremely low power loss capabilities, it also has high conductance and also low heat generation. This makes it an ideal choice for windings.

You will get 12 months of warranty upon this purchase. You can also get 5 years replacement warranty by availing an additional 4-year warranty.

This product has been among the top-selling products on amazon that has been highly rated by its customers for its amazing price deal & performance. To grab an unbelievable discount on this Monitor Voltage stabilizer, click the red button given below.

  • Wall mountable
  • Copper windings
  • Warranty of almost 4-5 years
  • Can be used only for Air conditioners


2. Microtek EM4160+ Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Microtek is a very well known company when it comes to producing power commodities, which are reliable and efficient. It is a leading producer of high-performance voltage stabilizers. With its power efficiency and authenticity, this can be one of the best voltage stabilizers in India.


Air conditioners are one of the most widely used appliances and it is used continuously for a long amount of time, hence you will require a proper amount of precaution and safety for your appliance.

Primary Features

  • Led display of voltage
  • Energy efficient
  • Plug requirements can be selected accordingly

This stabilizer has a display that shows the input voltage into the stabilizer and also the output voltage from the stabilizer.

This allows you to keep an eye on the voltage that is being supplied to your mains and can turn it off when you feel the voltage is getting higher than the ideal voltage for the appliance.

This can help you in protecting other devices that are not connected to a stabilizer. It is extremely important to choose a stabilizer that is energy efficient and does not cause a lot of additional losses.

Some stabilizers tend to consume upto 5% of power when stepping down, which wastes power and energy. But with this stabilizer, you can be assured that all your stabilizer losses are minimum.

This stabilizer is made for 1.5 ton air conditioners. 1.5 ton is a high cooling capacity air conditioner and hence it is essential for you to protect your device. With the Microtek stabilizer you will not have to worry about the instability and over-rated voltage that comes your way. 

  • LED indicator
  • Energy efficient
  • 3 core wires
  • Supports 1.5 ton AC
  • A little heavy


3. V Guard VG 400 AE 10 Voltage Stabilizer

V Guard is one of the leading companies when it comes to producing reliable and efficient voltage stabilizers. It has smart technology integrated into the stabilizer in order to provide the best services to its customer.


Hence they are easily one of the largest selling power appliance companies. Air conditioners need additional security as sometimes additional power or higher power than indicated flows through the appliance, and hence these stabilizers will be useful. 

Primary Features

  • Inbuilt LED indicator
  • Works in the range of 160v to 200v
  • Safe from thermal overload
  • Wall mountable

To provide extra protection for your Air conditioner, by providing the appliance with just the ideal voltage. As it is getting connected to an air conditioner, it makes sense to keep the stabilizer wall mounted too.

In this case, you will not have to worry about finding extra space or worry about connecting the stabilizer from the ground up to the wall-mounted air conditioner.

The voltage stabilizer also has a LED light which acts as an indicator. This ensures to indicate the performance of the stabilizer based on the input and the output.

Essentially, this indicates when the device is booted up. The LED gets lighted up when the appliance is getting used.

Intelligent Time Delay System is integrated to protect your AC compressor from constant turning off and on due to the power supply.

The stabilizer is switched on immediately if the power goes out and returns within 3 minutes and it delays the power supply to the air container. Thereby protecting the compressor with fluctuating power conditions.

The IC-based design that is incorporated into the stabilizers will protect the sensitive parts of your air conditioner.

It should be noted that even the slightest fluctuation in voltage can damage some parts of your air conditioner like the display panel or the PCB.

Rather than any other traditional circuits which are inside the stabilizers, the V Guard VG 400 AE 10 can easily correct these fluctuations in input voltages with much higher precision.

With this, you can be assured about the safety as it has inbuilt thermal overload protection. The stabilizer detects the rise in current or voltage and will automatically cut off the power to the appliance. This power device has a warranty of 3 years provided by the company. 

  • Wall mountable
  • ITDS
  • Advanced technological design
  • Overload protection
  • A little noisy, but adjustable


4. V-Guard VG 400 Voltage Stabilizer for 1.5 Ton A.C

As mentioned before, V-guard is one of the leading producers for best voltage stabilizers in India, who’s main focus is reliability and incorporating modern and useful technology into its products. This is another great product which is from V guard, for your air conditioners.


The needs of your Air conditioner are a little different from your other appliances, and as a result, you need a voltage stabilizer that acts accordingly. Most of the air conditioners which are used are wall mountable and hence it only makes sense if your stabilizer is wall mountable too. 

Primary Features

  • Suitable for air conditioners of 1.5 ton
  • Intelligent Technological Delay System
  • Inbuilt protection against thermal heating overload
  • Wall mountable

Some of the stabilizers which do not have this feature can create some problems, as it requires you to find a place where your stabilizer can rest. This voltage stabilizer has 2 LED indicators, which signifies the input and the output signal to the stabilizer.

It is necessary for the stabilizer to demonstrate the input and the output performance of the power appliance in order to increase the usability of the product.

It features ITDS, which is one of the most incredible features that can be included in a stabilizer. This ensures that the compressor of your AC is not conditioned to wear and tear.

If you face frequent power-cut in your area, it might result in your compressor getting turned on and off frequently, and might result in physical damage.

The ITDS ensures that there is a delay between the time power comes back and the time the voltage is supplied to the air conditioner. This guarantees a longer life for your Air conditioner compressor.

Air conditioners have some of the most sensitive parts which can be affected majorly even with the smallest amount of fluctuation in the voltage and can cause great damage to your Air conditioner.

But with the advanced IC technology, the stabilizer ensures that all your delicate parts of your air conditioner like PCB etc are protected from fluctuations and hence improves the life of your conditioner.

At certain times, there is a possibility of overheating of the air conditioner, and this results in invisible damage to the appliance.

This V-guard voltage stabilizer ensures this does not happen, by having inbuilt protection which is built against the overheating of the appliance. Hence, it protects your air conditioner against the damage done due to heat.

  • Advanced IC technology
  • Overheating protection
  • LED indication
  • ITDS integrated
  • Noise is produced


5. V-Guard VG500 Stabilizer

V guard is still winning the race of producing reliable and efficient voltage stabilizers for you. It has integrated the most advanced and user-friendly features into the stabilizer in order to make sure that your appliances stay safe from any voltage surges that pass through the main circuit.


Air conditioners need some premium quality protection against fluctuating power and voltages as the damage that can be done can be very expensive to repair. This voltage stabilizer is made for an AC of capacity 2 ton.

Primary Features

  • Suitable for 2 ton capacity air conditioners
  • LED indication
  • High and low voltage cut off
  • Broad voltage range

This product would protect your AC from low voltages. Low voltage is a common thing in India. Thus, this V-Guard product would add durability to your air conditioner. The body of the stabilizer has a set of LED lights which will indicate the state of the stabilizer.

These lights are used to signal the consumer or users about the input and output voltages of the stabilizer. This indicates the fluctuations in the voltages by knowing when the stabilizer is active.

The company has its fair share of technological features installed which makes this product desirable. All air conditioners have certain parts that are very delicate and can be damaged with just a little amount of fluctuation in voltage.

If these tiny amounts of fluctuations are not handled appropriately, then it will result in damage to the party like PCBs, etc, and will reduce the life of your air conditioner.

One more effective technology that has been adopted by the stabilizer is the delay system. While living in a region that undergoes frequent power cuts, it might cause your compressor to have some unnecessary wear and tear.

This is because of the continuous switching on and off of the compressor, this stabilizer will provide a solution for this problem. With a 3-minute intelligent delay system that has been placed inside the stabilizer.

It ensures your compressor is not frequently switched on and off. The continuous use of air conditioners heats up and may cause damage to the air conditioner. But with the inbuilt protection against thermal overload, it ensures that the overheating of the appliance is avoided.

  • Automatically cuts off low or high voltage
  • IC technology
  • Inbuilt protection against thermal overload
  • Delay system
  • A little expensive but it will cover a 2 ton AC


Best Voltage Stabilizer for Refrigerators

6. V-Guard VGSD 50 Supreme for Refrigerator

V-guard is a very well known and renowned company for producing good class power appliances, especially stabilizers. The brand is known for producing some of the best stabilizers in India.


The V-Guard VGSD 50 Supreme has a sleek and modern design that can go very well with any ambience that you put up. It also weighs as little as 900 grams. Also, It has a smooth finish with an elegant LED embedded into the body of the system.

Primary Features

  • Suitable for 300 litre refrigerator
  • Integrated delay system
  • Works in the range of 130 volts to 290 volts
  • Sleek and stylish look

It has a high operation range of stabilizing fluctuating voltage. It has a broad range from 130 volts to 290 volts, this ensures that it can protect your refrigerator from different voltages that might get passed through the appliance.

It is essential that the working range of a stabilizer should be big, as it can offer that maximum security to your appliance.

At times, the current that is being consumed by your electrical appliance might just increase and will cause heating damage to the main circuits or PCB which are very essential to your appliance.

This can be avoided by the V Guard stabilizer. This stabilizer has built-in heating protection, which makes sure that your electrical appliance is safe from high current surge and overheating by cutting off the power.

Your refrigerator has a very important part called the compressor, this ensures that your refrigerator keeps things cool. But with constant power cuts, the compressor might get damaged slowly due to getting turned on and off regularly.

This V Guard voltage stabilizer has an integrated intelligent time-delay system that gives your refrigerator a buffer of about 3 minutes before starting your compressor.

It is essential for you to protect your refrigerator even from small fluctuations in voltages and power.

These small voltages cause irreversible damage to so many small components present like the main circuit or PCB. With this stabilizer and its advanced design, you can be assured that your appliance is safe from this kind of damage.

  • Broad input range
  • Time delay
  • Protection from overheating
  • Sleek and stylish look
  • A little heat dissipation is observed, but it depends on the amount of input voltage that is being passed


7. V-Guard Stabilizer VGSD 50

V Guard is an extremely reliable company that produces electrical and power appliances. Stabilizers are one of V guards best selling products and hence have always created stabilizers that are the most advanced when it comes to technology and consumer’s needs.

V-Guard-Stabilizer-VGSD-50-Smart-with-Digital Display

Your refrigerator needs a proper safety device which ensures that none of its parts are getting damaged due to any faulty power production into the mainline of the building.

Primary Features

  • LED display
  • Suitable for upto 300 litres
  • Thermal protection
  • Broad working range

You need to take a stabilizer that works effectively for that particular electrical appliance, and hence this stabilizer is made for refrigerators. To ensure full protection for your device, your stabilizer should be able to safeguard your appliance from a variety of voltages. 

And this voltage stabilizer has a really broad voltage scale.From 130 volts to 290 volts because of this, your appliance will be protected from a greater range of voltages.

It is necessary for you to know the amount of voltage that is being passed through your appliance, as it may alert youtube safeguard the appliances which do not have a stabilizer protecting them.

This particular model displays the input and output voltages which are passing in and out of the stabilizer. This can be especially useful to keep track of the amount of voltage that is being supplied to your device.

Most of your electrical appliances are made up of small components which are not easily visible to the eye and hence you will not be able to spot the damage that can be happening to them over time easily.

But with V-Guard new micro-controller based circuits can detect even the smallest amount of change in voltage and can design a much more efficient and precise voltage to cut off.

The components of electrical appliances are often heated up due to overuse, or if an excessive amount of current passes through it. And as a result, it can damage your refrigerator.

Hence, it is very necessary for you to choose a stabilizer which can offer protection from this. This stabilizer has an inbuilt thermal overload protection which causes the appliance to be cut off as soon as the appliance is overheated.

  • Wide range of operation
  • Intelligent IC circuit
  • LED display
  • Overload protection
  • Not wall mountable


8. V-Guard Stabilizer VGSD 100

V Guard undoubtedly remains one of the top contenders for producing some of the best stabilizers which are of different varieties in order to suit the different types of electrical appliances.


This stabilizer is primarily for refrigerators and it can support refrigerators of 300 ltrs to 600 ltrs capacity. This voltage stabilizer is used for protecting your appliance from ever getting damaged due to a surge of power. It is necessary for you to be prepared for voltage fluctuations. 

Primary Features

  • Application for refrigerator of capacity 300 to 600L
  • Wide spectrum of operation
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Highly durable material

With V-Guard broad-ranged voltage (130 volts to 290 volts) protection, you can be assured about the safety of your electrical appliance. Your appliances are made to work at a particular range of voltage, not more or less.

If the voltage supplied is less or more, it damages the equipment and the components. And the stabilizer overcomes this problem by stabilizing the voltage and if the voltage is too high then it cuts off the voltage.

V-Guard provides you with a stabilizer that has a low and high cut-off voltage. With a lot of parts that are very sensitive to voltage fluctuations and might end up causing a lot of damage to your appliance.

With IC technology, the stabilizer will be able to mark even the slightest change in voltage and will help in cutting the power off more precisely.

V Guards stabilizer has inbuilt protection against overheating, which ensures that your circuits do not get overheated. The device has a warranty of 5 years from the company.

  • High operation range
  • High application range from 300 l to 600 l
  • Protection against overheating
  • Durable body
  • It Is expensive by a small margin


9. Microtek EM4170+ 170-280V Digital Voltage Stabilizer

Microtek is a well-reputed company which is known for its reliable and efficient power products. With the right stabilizer from this company, you will be able to rest easy about the frequent power fluctuations or voltage problems not harming your television sets.


This stabilizer has an advantage as it can also be used for a 1.5-ton air conditioner. With many such useful and beneficial features, this product can easily be just the stabilizer for you.

Primary Features

  • Wall mountable
  • Silicon based transistors for increased efficiency
  • Thermal management system
  • Operating voltage of 170 volts to 280 volts

With this advanced design, it will be able to detect and correct even small voltage changes and will not let it exceed the cutoff voltage with precision. Sometimes the stabilizers require a person to intercept and look into the input and output voltages passing through the appliance. 

But with the auto-start feature which helps your stabilizer to perform all its actions without needing any human interception.

This increases the usability of the stabilizer, whenever there is an excess amount of voltage surging through the main circuit.

Silicon-based transistors have a greater advantage as they can be operated efficiently at even higher voltages.

It makes them a perfect material to use for making a device that safeguards your appliance from high surging powers and voltages.

Increased efficiency will make sure that your stabilizer does not cause a lot of power loss. It is often seen that the stabilizers require a significant amount of your place on your television cabinet, which can look quite messy and cluttered.

But with Microtek EM4170 you can ensure that due to the wall mounting feature that you will have a clear clutter-free cabinet and you will not have to worry about the wiring too.

One more important reason as to why electrical appliances do not last long is because of the heat damage that they undergo.

These changes are slow and it will for sure cost a good amount of the life of your appliance. Hence with this stabilizer, there is Intelli-thermal protection, which will ensure that your appliances components are not heated up more than normal. The company offers a warranty of 3 years.

  • Wall mountable
  • Silicon based transistor
  • Autostarting feature
  • Microchip design
  • A small range for operation


Best Voltage Stabilizers for Televisions

10. Candes for LCD/LED TV Voltage Stabilizer

Candes is a company that is dedicated to producing power-efficient products for all of its customers. Candes offers a wide range of stabilizers for different appliances to protect them from the unnatural surge of voltage and power through your appliance.


Your television set will require a completely reliable and efficient stabilizer which will prevent the damage of expensive components on your television. And this Candes Voltage stabilizer seems like a very reasonable one.

Primary Features

  • LED Indicators
  • Advances IC Tech
  • Energy Efficient
  • Wall Mountable

Indicators are very essential to improve the user-friendliness of your stabilizers. This Candes stabilizer has 2 LED lights which are embedded into the body, this helps the user to understand the state of the stabilizer.

The first light is green and it indicates the main, the second light is red and it indicates excess voltage or Overload of voltage.

Wall mounting is an important creature that can be offered by the stabilizer. This is because, if the stabilizer is not wall-mountable, you will be required to make extra space near your television to place the stabilizer and have to worry about the wiring.

If the stabilizer is wall mountable, you can save extra space by hanging it next to the television set and also need not worry about the wiring and connections.

In some places, power cuts are a normal phenomenon and as a result, there is a constant turning off and turning on of the appliance, or in this case television, this kind of treatment causes the television to have some damage and ultimately a shorter life.

To avoid this issue, the stabilizer is installed with a time-delay system, which delays the input voltage or power from passing through the appliance.

Your television has a lot of components that are not easily visible to the eye but they are just as important.

These components are usually very sensitive and they can get easily damaged even with the slightest change in voltage. And as a result, we need to protect such appliances from voltage fluctuation very accurately.

This advanced system of IC has proven to be very useful in preventing unnecessary damage to your appliance. The company has given 6 years of warranty for this product. To grab this one of the best voltage stabilizers in India, hit the button given below.

  • Wall mountable
  • Time delay system
  • Stainless steel body
  • Copper winding
  • Available in just one color


11. Monitor Voltage Stabilizer for LED TV

Monitor stabilizers are mostly known for their power efficiency and durability. This stabilizer is particularly made for televisions or LED tv. Monitor stabilizers ensure that no extra power or voltage goes through the appliance to damage the components.


The stabilizer has 100 percent copper windings for the core transformer and this can be very helpful. Copper windings have a higher conductance and efficiency. There is also minimum or low power loss during the transmission. It also has a better power factor than aluminium.

Primary Features

  • Can be used for LED tvs, game station etc
  • Copper windings
  • Wall mountable
  • Extra durability

With less amount of loss, there is also the consumption of energy and reducing costs. Voltage Stabilizers are used to protect your appliances from unstable voltages and as a result, it should have a wide working range.

This means that it will be able to protect the appliance from a wider range of voltages. With a working range of 140 to 270 volts, this stabilizer can protect your appliances from a large range of voltages.

Monitor stabilizer has a wide range of applications. It can be used for Smart or LED tv upto 55 inches or for a setup box or gaming console.

It can also be connected to protect a home theatre system or a blu ray player. With so many different applications, monitors might be your best option to buy.

The Monitor stabilizer has an option to be used by wall mounting or by placing it on a surface. This can be quite advantageous as wall mounting the stabilizer will be saving a lot of space and you will not be needing to arrange the wiring.

If there is however extra space that is available then the stabilizer can also be placed down on a surface to use. The company gives this product a warranty of 5 years. All across India replacement is also being given. 

  • Extra durability
  • Copper windings provide extra efficiency
  • Wideworking range
  • Wall mountable
  • A little expensive


12. V-Guard Mini Crystal Supreme TV Stabilizer

V Guard is easily one of the most preferred and awarded brands when it comes to producing power products. With the latest technology and the consumers’ needs, they provide the most satisfactory products and hence they might be the best choice for you.


User-friendliness is a very useful feature in any of the products. This stabilizer has 2 LED light options, which indicate input and output voltages. When both input and output lights are on, the voltage that is being supplied in normal. 

Primary Features

  • Huge working range, from 90 volts to 290 volts
  • Protection against short circuit
  • User friendly LED lights
  • Digital display also available

But if the input is on and the output is off, then the stabilizer is in cut-off mode, which is caused due to high or low voltage or thermal heat. This easy to use stabilizer can indicate when the voltage that is being supplied is not normal and hence can save your appliances.

This voltage stabilizer also has a digital display which ensures that you are aware of the amount of voltage that is being supplied to the appliance by the mainline.

It also displays the output and some special cases of low or high voltage, or for overloading or cut off state. Because of this, you can easily get to know which state your stabilizer is in.

The components of electrical appliances can get heated up because of continuous operation. Sometimes, the appliance may consume a large amount of current at once and hence in turn heating up and causing damage.

But with this stabilizer, you can rest easy as it has inbuilt thermal protection against overloading and cutting off the appliance from the supply.

With this appliance, you can rest easy knowing that all your components are safe, as this design makes it possible for the stabilizer to detect and correct even the smallest change in the voltage and make sure that there is no damage.

At certain times, the amount of voltage that passes through the mainline has a sudden increase in magnitude and these are called spikes.

Spikes can cause a lot of damage to the appliance. Hence, it is necessary for you to get a stabilizer to protect your electrical appliances. This stabilizer from V Guard can be extremely useful as it can protect your appliances from spikes.

  • Wide range of operation
  • Protection against spikes of voltage
  • IC design is advanced
  • Digital display of voltages
  • No switch to turn the stabilizer for on and off


13. Everest ECC 100 – LED Wide Range Voltage Stabilizer

Everest electronics produce competent and reliable power products and solutions. Each of the appliances has different necessities and it is wise to keep that in mind to purchase a stabilizer which is specialized in that particular appliance.


This particular stabilizer is made for your television sets. Your television needs protection from electrical surges, in order to maintain its life. And as they are very sensitive, even a little fluctuation could result in expensive damage repair.

Primary Features

  • 100% copper transformer
  • Time delay system
  • Noise free
  • 5 year warranty

The working range of an ideal stabilizer should be as wide as possible, in order to protect your television properly. When the working range is wide, then the stabilizer can protect you from a variety of voltages.

And it can protect your appliance much better. This stabilizer has such a wide working range of 170 volts to 270 volts. The stabilizer is user friendly as it manages to convey the type of voltage that is being supplied to the appliance.

There are lights that indicate the input and output which is supplied to the appliance. There is also a light that indicates when the stabilizer is in cut-off mode.

It helps you get to know when there is a low or high voltage, which is being passed through the main circuit. It stabilizer also has a copper core as opposed to aluminium core.

This is an extremely great advantage, this is because copper has a higher conductance and low power loss.

It makes your stabilizer very efficient and will not affect your electricity bill. Copper core also has low heat generation, and hence this can be a very low-cost stabilizer.

This stabilizer also has a lot of applications, as different types of devices can be plugged into it. It has different types of sockets for different appliances, like LED Television sets or home theatres or Blu- ray players or set up boxes.

  • 100 percent copper
  • Noise free
  • Varied applications
  • User friendly
  • Available in a single color


Buying Guide – Best Voltage Stabilizers in India

With online shopping and an increased number of offline businesses, the market has become quite large, confusing, and difficult to get around.

There are so many products and models of a single commodity that are available at just a single click, you can easily buy different kinds of goods from online platforms.

It is no surprise that the options for a Voltage Stabilizer are limitless, but it is necessary to see if the consumer has found the product to be satisfactory.


On a very frequent basis, there are unsatisfied customers, who did not get what they were looking for from their purchased goods.

Therefore, it is very important to understand the factors that you should keep in mind before making the purchase of a voltage stabilizer.

Without any further ado, let us first walk you through a different type of voltage stabilizers available in India.

Types of Voltage Stabilizers

The primary thing that one has to realize while buying the stabilizer is the type. The article is already split into the different kinds of a stabilizer according to the electrical appliance it is used to protect.

Additionally, the next thing you should make sure is if the stabilizer is suitable for your appliance.


An air conditioner stabilizer is usually split based on the capacity of AC, 1.5 ton and 2 ton. Care must be taken to buy the appropriate product having appropriate specifications as a stabilizer used for 1.5 ton AC cannot protect a 2-ton capacity AC properly.   

Stabilizers for refrigerators are also divided based on the capacities of the fridge, 300 litres or 600 litres. It is necessary for you to know the capacity of your refrigerator before buying a stabilizer for it.

A stabilizer for television can be sorted according to its type, LCD or LED, and also the screen size of the television. It is also important for you to understand that appliances like home theatre, blu ray players, or set up boxes can also be plugged into this type of stabilizer.

Factors to consider while buying the Best Voltage Stabilizer

1. Setup

It is also important for you to understand where and how your stabilizer is going to set up. There are 2 options as to how this can go about. The first option is to regularly set it on a cabinet or on the ground. The next option is wall mounting.

There are a few stabilizers which have the option of setting up on the wall. For some appliances like air conditioners, it is a necessity for the stabilizer to have the option of wall mounting for obvious reasons. And hence, it is important for you to check this before buying.

2. Displays

Many stabilizers have the option of displaying the state in which the voltage stabilizer is working. There are light indicators, LED or otherwise, which show if the stabilizer is in a normal state or if it is in a cutoff state. These LEDs are embedded in the body of the stabilizer.

Some of the stabilizers have a digital display. This display will tell you about the input and the output voltage too. This helps in understanding the amount of voltage that is being circulated in the entire wiring. This might help you save other devices which are not protected by stabilizers.


3. Time Delay

In India, a lot of regions have a problem with power-cuts happening frequently and for a short duration. This type of turning on and off of the device might cause some damage.

And hence the stabilizers have a feature called a delay system, which causes a delay for the power supplied to reach the appliance. This helps the device by avoiding the power surges when the power cut is restored.

4. Overload Current Protection

The voltage stabilizer should also protect the appliance from excessive current. Sometimes the appliance draws a lot of current and damages the wiring and circuits which can be avoided using a voltage stabilizer which has protection against it.

Frequently asked questions – Best Voltage Stabilizers in India

Q1. How does a Stabilizer work?

Ans. A voltage stabilizer is a device that works to maintain a constant voltage at its output. When a voltage stabilizer is connected to an appliance, then your product is saved from any voltage fluctuation. Any changes in the input of the voltage, there will be no change in the output. 

The voltage stabilizer produces constant outputs. In some cases like a short-circuit or high voltage input, the stabilizer automatically cuts-off the appliance from the power supply and will go into the cut-off mode.

Q2.  How does high voltage affect the appliance?

Ans. Electrical appliances have their particular voltage range which is ideal for them to work. But at certain times, the input voltage is higher than the specified range. This is a very big concern to the life of the appliances. The insulation of the wiring gets damaged, there is also some other type of permanent damage.

Q3.  Is low voltage dangerous too?

Ans. This is one of the most asked questions. Yes, low voltage is dangerous too. Low voltage can also damage and affect the appliances. Operating the appliance on a voltage that is lower than the specified range causes the malfunctioning of the device. 

The major concern for this is that when the device is operated on low voltage, then the amount of current drawn by the appliance also increases. This huge amount of current can cause damage to the circuit and the appliance. The performance of the appliance is greatly affected due to low voltage.   

Q4.  Difference between voltage regulator and voltage specifier?

Ans. When it comes to the final product, the voltage regulator and the voltage stabilizer, both have the same function and they essentially do the same thing. They stabilize the voltage that is being supplied to give a constant output voltage to the appliance they are connected to. 

The only difference that occurs is while voltage regulators are designed to give constant voltage to the appliance when there are changes in the supplied load current. While voltage stabilizers give constant output voltage to the appliance when there are changes in input voltage.   

Conclusion – Best Voltage Stabilizers in India

We believe, you might have gone through the list of 13 Best Voltage Stabilizers in India that have been discussed above. If you are a lazy reader and have scrolled down directly to this part, then don’t worry. We will serve you with the right information in crux!

After a deep analysis and research, we recommend you to go with “Monitor 4-KVA” if you are looking for the best voltage stabilizer for AC.


If you are looking to buy a refrigerator for refrigerator & TV, you must consider V-Guard VGSD 50 & V-Guard Mini Crystal Supreme respectively.

Hope, this helps you to make an apt selection.

Let us know in the comments if you need any other assistance in buying a voltage stabilizer.

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