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Top 10 Best CCTV Cameras in India (September 2020) | Buying Guide & Reviews


Are you looking to buy the Best CCTV Cameras in India?

If yes, then you wont regret coming to this page.

With technological advancement and ongoing innovations, CCTV has become a common security appliance for every property.


CCTV camera or surveillance camera is an evolution that began about half a century ago and today it stands at the top position of the most required appliances.

They serve the purpose of checking out for unfortunate incidents and take precautionary measures accordingly by intimating the concerned people.

To grab in-depth knowledge about the factors that should be considered while purchasing the Best CCTV Camera in India, you must read the Buying Guide.

After, analyzing over the top 200 CCTV cameras, we have shortlisted 10 Best CCTV cameras that we have listed below. We have also explained the specifications, features, pros & cons of each product that would help you make an apt choice.

These are the Top 10 Best CCTV Cameras in India

Best CCTV Cameras in India

1. Sricam SP series CCTV

Sricam is a renowned brand name in the CCTV Camera industry. The company has got distinguished standards in the Indian market. They are consistent in maintaining the quality of their service and have been exhibiting excellent performance.


Sricam SP series CCTV camera promises simplicity, reliability, and security. This camera variant is a perfect fit for office, home, and establishment environments.

The 1.0 MP cameras enhance your clarity in observation by displaying the content in HD. This security camera can be rotated in full 360 degrees and the videos captured, can be obtained on your mobile phones too.

The incorporated microphones enable clear and uninterrupted communication. This feature is taken towards betterment by the built-in mic and speaker that suppresses noise and elevates clarity.

It comprises eleven IR LED lights that allow and improvises the vision during the night and increases the possibility of clear visibility. Detection of movement in any object leads to alert mails that consist of the object image.

It is compatible with all network types and has a convenient back up provided for storing the captured content. PC, NVR, SD card, and 128GB capacity cards are a few of the devices that support storage.

They ensure 24×7 security through the provision of access to control, from anywhere across the world, via the Sricam app that is available on both android & ios.

The Sricam SP series CCTV camera is available in black color. You will get 6 months of warranty on this best selling product. Other additional offers like no-cost EMI option & Cashbacks are also applicable to this CCTV camera.

  • It features motion detectors
  • Allows remote control
  • It is offered in 2 colors, black & white
  • Available on a discount of over 50%
  • Wi-Fi signal quality affects communication
  • Ineffective during a power blackout


2. ThinkValue Security Dome Camera CCTV

ThinkValue is among the top companies that are recognized for manufacturing best and standard CCTV cameras. Their performance is excellent and is highly recommended by big tech reviewers.


ThinkValue Security Dome is wifi enabled CCTV camera that features live monitoring, multilevel recording, motion detection, IR night vision, and easy installation.

If you are highly concerned about your house security, this would be a perfect CCTV for you. You can have access to this system, provided you should have a proper internet connection.

The camera covers a wide area with the support of 360-degree rotation. Once, it establishes a connection to the user’s device, the camera can be controlled manually.

The former trait enables the tilting of CC cameras up to 335 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically. The dual-motor design ensures smooth and silent rotation. The recordings are crystal clear even in a dim environment, as they are captured in 720p HD standards added by 4X zooming ability.

This unique designed CCTV camera is shockproof in nature. All the video recordings are auto-saved either in the 128 GB SD card or on the cloud servers, which you can easily retrieve later.

It has 2-way audio that is integrated into the system which helps in clear and quality communication. This wireless camera enables easy installation and wifi setup and is provided with a camera stand.

ThinkValue is offering a 1-year warranty on this camera. Not only this but you will also get 6 months warranty on the additional accessories that you will get with the CCTV camera.

Amazon is offering over 50% discount on this camera, which is applicable for a limited time. So, without wasting much time, hit the button below & get a portable security officer for your property.

  • High clarity
  • Alerts if motion sensors go off
  • Offered on Amazon with over 60%
  • It has 2 different variants
  • Works effectively during night hours
  • Insufficient storage


3. D3D Indoor Security Camera

D3D is a famous brand name that has been a giant in the Indian markets for a long period. Their contribution to quality through products and service is indeed an inspiring example for other blooming companies. 


CCTVs of D3D are some of the best closed-circuit cameras that exhibit quality performance. The improvised controls over the device ease the monitoring.

The camera gives you access to watch live video recording in your pc, Smartphone, or any other convenient gadget. To watch the recording, you just need to be in an area with a strong network connection.

The special IR lens and LED sensors are few inbuilt features, which are incorporated for clear vision in both day and night time. It has a 2-way audio system and wifi antenna, which let you enjoy clear cut communication just like a video call.

It has a micro SD card slot that adds up great space for storing the videos in the SD card when inserted. These wireless appliances promote easy installation that comes in a ready to use model.

This CCTV camera features 360-degree rotation. It can be tilted 355 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically through manual mobile control.

The multi-level recording helps in producing 720P HD videos that are safely stored in the cloud. You can easily watch it in any device by entering the password that was set up during installation.

The motion-sensing detector sends alerts via mails or notifications to the concerned person on detecting any kind of motion in the camera.

It is one of the best home security systems in India that has acquired great customer reviews. An offer of a 12-month warranty and no-cost EMI payment option is available on this CCTV camera.

  • Features storage in cloud servers
  • Clear IR vision, during night time
  • Comes with integrated mic & speaker
  • It has Motion detection alarm
  • Among top-selling CCTV cameras on amazon
  • Requires app for accessing the camera recordings
  • No color options available


4. Sricam SP007 Security Camera

Sricam CCTV camera has always been in the top list of buyers. Sricam SP007 is a black colored, wireless, outdoor camera that displays 2MP high definition, 1080p recordings even under night vision.


This is IP66 waterproof camera that is compatible with all weather conditions. The IR produces clear footage even in dark & dim light conditions as it is supported by a 1MP image sensor and 720p HD resolution.

Any detection of movement under 15m area induces the camera to send an alert mail and keeps updating the status, accordingly.

The recordings are safely stored in an SD card that has a memory space of about 128GB and it can be easily obtained on other devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Additionally, there is a mobile app that helps you to surveil in your mobile, at different modes. It supports the option to set up connectivity over your network via Wi-Fi. They can be accessed and operated from remote areas until and unless there is a stable internet connection.

This 4 star rated Sricam IP camera provides you with an excellent security solution in an accessible and affordable way. This camera comes with a wifi antenna, power adapter, mounting screw, etc.

Added advantages like attachment of weather-resistant sun shield offer durability to this CCTV camera. Grab hold over 6 months of the warranty period on this purchase.

  • 1080P recording
  • Comes in 2 color variants, white & black
  • It has weather resisting sun shield
  • Water-Resistant
  • Ineffective during power cuts


5. Finicky World V380 CCTV Camera

Finicky World is among the few manufacturers that claim to produce the best CCTV cameras in India. They have been consistently performing in the Indian markets for a long time. V380 CCTV camera from the Finicky World renders the simplified process of operation and installation.


It provides crystal clear vision even during the night with the help of built-in IR LEDs and ICR. The integrated rotating motor allows 355-degree horizontal rotation and a 90-degree vertical tilt.

It comprises of microphone and speaker which enables 2-way audio communications. The 64GB micro SD card stores all the audio and video clippings. This card is inserted into the camera via a memory card slot.

This appliance consists of stabilized and a simple process to set up wifi and install the device. The dual antenna and LAN port add to easing connectivity to multiple other gadgets.

There are 2 types for recording the clippings, one is the 24X7 recording and the other is the alarm recording. The latter involves recording only when the sensor detects any kind of motion.

Electricity supply through DC power-port would keep the device working as it doesn’t support a battery. This appliance is of wired type and has 720P of video resolution. It comes with a power adapter and wall mount stand lock.

This CCTV camera variant has got a compact design and is light in weight. A warranty period of 6 months is offered by the company with this excellent product.

  • 720P HD video quality
  • Clear HD images
  • Rotating motor
  • Infrared LED for Night Vision
  • Ability to store only 64Gb of video recordings


6. Mi Home Security Camera

Whenever you will think of buying the best CCTV camera in India, the first brand name that you will find everywhere would be Mi. It is one of the top-rated companies that procured a standard name in the Indian markets. Mi is known for producing amazing appliances like water purifiers, air purifiers, security cameras, and many more.


This Mi home security camera captures HD clippings at 1080P. Rotate ability at an angle of full 360 degrees horizontally and 96 degrees vertically, allows wide-area monitoring.

Smooth and silent rotation is ensured by the motor. The camera has got a shockproof design and infrared night vision which produces black and white clippings at dim light conditions.

The motion detection feature is carried out by the AI technology that would alert you through mails, on detecting any kind of motion. The 2-way audio feature allows talking back through this appliance, thus establishing stable communication.

With this camera, you can easily check the stored & live recordings in your android or iOS devices by sitting anywhere in the world.

This CCTV exhibits maximum efficiency under the temperature range of -10 to 50 degree Celsius if supplied with an input of 5 volts. It is a wireless, 4.3 stars rated device that has 2 MP optical sensor resolutions & 2X optical zoom option.

Warranty of 6 months and no-cost EMI has been guaranteed by Mi. Other deals like cash backs, 10 days replacements, and exclusive discounts can be accessed by clicking the button below.

  • Better quality performance
  • Best selling CCTV camera
  • AI motion detection alert
  • Integrates mic & speaker
  • Only 6 months warranty


7. Mi Basic Home CCTV Camera

This camera also comes from the market giant itself, Mi. This elite brand has made a trademark in its quality of products and services. Their contribution towards Indian markets is irreplaceable and appreciated.


Mi Basic Home is one of the most affordable CCTV cameras in India. False or wrong alarms are reduced significantly by the integrated AI detection technology that detects motion. The 2-way audio system presented in the system enables a talkback feature.

Ultra-wide angled views are accessed by 130-degree rotation of the lens. The 1080 p full HD resolution produces crystal clear images and recordings.

These data can be obtained on smartphones or PCs or laptops by connecting it with the camera over wifi. It is compatible and works hand in hand with Alexa and comes along with power cable and power adaptor.

The data is stored in 64 GB micro SD cards or NAS, which ensures privacy and security. This lightweight wireless camera works under 5W power supply and is compatible with 2.4 and 5 GHz wifi modes.

It’s compact dimensions facilitate installation in any location that you prefer. It comes in white color which lets you install it even inside your living room or hall.

The IR night vision covers a range of 10 m. This closed-circuit security camera has secured a 4.1-star rating and does not require a battery for its working.

Mi is known for great customer service & proves this by providing 6 months of warranty on this CCTV camera.

  • Light in weight
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Excellent clarity
  • 1080P recording quality
  • One of the most affordable CCTV cameras
  • Only 6 months warranty


8. ProElite POD04 PTZ Wireless CCTV Camera

ProElite is that brand name that has been known quite well in the markets of India ever since its establishment. They always manage to surprise and impress their customers through the product’s quality and durability.


ProElite POD04 PTZ is a waterproof, Wifi enabled IP security camera that comes along with easy setup and simple usage. It can be remotely controlled on having access to wifi configuration in smartphones or PCs or laptops.

It comprises of 960P, HD resolution 1.3 MP lens for better quality and clarity of video recording. It is capable of being rotated up to 260 and 60 degrees, horizontally and vertically respectively.

The integrated IR LEDs and ICR allow clear visibility for capturing clippings, even during night time under black and white mode. The 128GB of storage simplifies the storage of a large number of recorded videos.

On placing the SD card in the micro SD card slot, you can restore previous recordings without much struggle. These also act as additional storage.

It is an outdoor wireless CCTV camera featuring alarm recording, under which the recording starts only when motion is sensed. Without a doubt, it is an outstanding 24/7 surveillance camera.

Better performance can be seen in areas like stores, companies, etc. 4.2-star ratings have been given by the users which makes it among the top CCTV cameras in India. This product has a 4X optical auto-zoom lens and wifi connectivity feature.

This white colored CCTV camera is delivered along with power adaptors, mounting stand, and mounting screws. You will get 12 months warranty from the house of ProElite. To get this product on an unbelievable discount, click the red button given below.

  • Hassle-free wifi set up process
  • Better connectivity experience
  • Good during both day & night recording
  • 960P HD resolution
  • Heavy body
  • Expensive in comparison to other CCTV cameras


9. CP Plus Intelli Eye Security Camera

You might have seen a lot of Tv advertisements of this big brand. When the race is of the best CCTV cameras in India, there is no chance that CP Plus stays behind. The brand is continuously producing amazing CCTV cameras for over a decade now.

CP-Plus-Intelli Eye-Security-Cameras

CP Plus Intelli Eye provides is a full HD, 1080P CCTV system that comprises 2 domes and 2 bullet cameras, each having resolution of 2 MP.

It consists of the best digital video recorder that captures clear and quality clippings. It is not only a great appliance to safeguard your home but you can even use it in a shop, warehouse, stores, schools, office, classroom, etc.

The advanced night vision, 4 MP of high definition camera, and 4 channeled power supplies enhance the security experience. The storage includes a hard disc of 1 TB that is enough to save video recording for many weeks. It has an easy installation process in addition to no – requirement of battery.

This camera set comprises of 4 cable connectors that are 18 m long and has 4 DC pins. It comes with a white-colored DVR kit that has AV as a source of power and is designed with compact dimensions.

Offered with 6 months of warranty and no-cost EMI payment options, it is the best security solution which can be availed at affordable rates in addition to an unavoidable discount of almost 60%.

  • Quality functioning as an indoor and outdoor camera
  • 4 cameras in the price of one camera
  • 1080n video quality
  • Requires experts for installation.


10. Godrej Security Solutions

Godrej is one of the evergreen brands that have persistently kept up their standard and performance. A See Thru surveillance camera that has ‘Godrej’ labeled as its brand name is determined to exhibit qualitative and brilliant performance in an overall terminology.


They are a perfect fit for offices and homes. You can ensure safety to your near and dear ones through the live video monitor that can be accessed in PC or Smartphone, no matter where you are.

The easy installation process helps you get rid of high-installation costs. The system comprises of 4 domes and 2 bullet cameras, each of 1080p resolution. There are 6 channels incorporated in this white-colored security device.

The hybrid digital video recorder is of 1080P, HD resolution, and is also compatible with analogue and IP cameras. The real-time recorded clippings are stored in the 1 TB hard drive. It consists of a 2 MP resolution camera that enhances the recording quality.

This plastic-bodied appliance has secured positive reviews from the customers. Along with this CCTV camera, you will get Ethernet cables, BNC, DC connectors & adaptors, 8CH power supply box, and HDMI cable.

This surveillance camera is phenomenal & can be applied, indoor, or outdoor. The company offers 12 months of support on the purchase of this CCTV camera. To avail of the discounted price, press the “buy at amazon” button given below.

  • Top class security cameras
  • Clear and qualitative video recording
  • Support indoor and outdoor surveillance
  • Comes with 1Tb storage
  • Heavy
  • Installation to be done under expertise.


Buying Guide – Best CCTV Cameras in India

Buying and installing a surveillance camera is not an easy task, but it has become important as security is something that has to be concerned about. It is a one-time investment, so it must be ensured that you buy the Best CCTV in India.


To do so, the necessary aspects, features & factors must be analyzed. We have detailed everything in the most simplified and understandable manner in this buying guide.

Factors to Consider While Buying CCTV Camera


The most concerning factor for any purchase is the budget. CCTV camera is an essential expense that is required by many but afforded by few. The price of this security system depends on several points such as – nature and area of coverage, location of installation, brand and quantity, installation, maintenance expense, and the type of camera.

Quality is the key factor that decides the expenditure cost. You must never compromise on the quality of the CCTV camera, so it is essential to read the features & specifications of all the CCTV cameras given above.

Types of CCTV Camera

CCTV is broadly categorized on the basis of characteristics and features. The basis of classification is as follows.

A) Based on Iris

It is the eye of the camera that focuses on the objects. On the basis of Iris, the CCTV cameras come in two different types. They are

Auto Iris

CCTV having automatic iris changes the focus point along with the angle view, when the camera moves either from top to bottom or tilts from right to left. This helps in covering a wide range of areas from the spot of installation. This is the most commonly used type in the recent scenario and can be observed in banks, jeweler shops, offices, stores, factories, signals, etc.

Manual Iris

CCTV having manual iris is called an analogue camera. They can’t be rotated or moved that easily as they have a fixed installation type. It maintains its steady position and so can focus only on a specific point. To change the point of focus, you would have to turn or shift the camera manually. This type of surveillance cameras is used in cash counters mainly in banks, main door, traffic junctions, etc.


B) Based on the location

Cameras are installed either inside or outside the building. Depending on the location, the features and functions of a CCTV camera vary significantly. They are further distinguished in 2 types under this basis.

Indoor Camera

CCTV’s installed in the closed premises like offices, banks, stores, etc. are called indoor cameras. Working under low light conditions is a mandatory feature in this type of camera but it lacks high resolution.

Outdoor Camera

These CCTV cameras have an automatic gain function that helps the camera to accommodate itself to daylight and night vision. It can be rotated in full 360 degrees and can be seen in traffic cams, factories, etc.

C) Based on Lighting

Lighting is another important factor to consider while purchasing a CCTV camera. On the basis of lighting, the CCTV cameras are categorized into 3 different types. They are as follows:

High-resolution cameras

The range of high-resolution cameras is from 470 to 570 TVL. They are usually used for outdoor purposes. You can use high-resolution cameras to obtain clear images & video recordings as this camera has more number of pixels. It either possesses a manual or auto iris feature.

Low lighting cameras

Cameras that can produce clear images at low light are known as low lighting cameras. It has auto-iris that adjusts the focus. It requires NEMA rated housing and is generally used for indoor cameras.

Infrared lighting cameras

These cameras are specially used in recording during night hours. Sharp and accurate black and white-colored images are produced by 25 to 70 infrared LEDs that are present around the iris. These are commonly used in high-security areas like borders, etc.

D) Based on shape and size

Box camera, dome camera, bullet camera, board camera, and hidden camera are the classification of CCTVs depending on the shape and size factor. Bullet, board, and hidden cameras are high-resolution cameras that are moisture and weather resistant and contain auto iris.

Looking at its features, it is usually preferred for outdoor purposes.

E) Based on Application

CCTVs are differentiated as special applications, black and white, and network IP cameras.

Special Application Cameras

Surveillance cameras employed for covert operations like defense, underwater, etc. 330 to 380 TVL is the resolution range and they are constructed with the explosion-proof body. Generally, they have an auto iris.

Black & White Cameras

These cameras produce black and white images even in dim light with the help of infrared sensors. It is the most commonly used type in many establishments mainly because it is the most affordable range of series.

Network IP Cameras

It is a different model of camera that is extracted from the conventional camera technology for better quality and experience. They are affordable but require internet protocol for functioning. They have quite a lot of unique features.


Advantages of CCTV Camera

Quite many advantages are provided by the CCTVs other than just protection. Few of the advantages are:

✅ Ensuring the protection of home and property.
✅ Intimate suspicious motions and recognize thieves in residential localities.
✅ Track movements of staff, workers, and customers in crowded establishments.
✅ Identify shoplifters, specifically in jeweler shops.
✅ Protect private and public properties even when they are shut down.
✅ Lends a hand to the host to provide a safe environment for shopping in huge and jam-packed areas.
✅ Identifies violators in traffic and secure delicate and lone areas.
✅ Monitors large mobs and keeps an eye on authorities to maintain law and order.

Disadvantages of CCTV Camera

🚫 CCTV installation, operation, and maintenance can be an expensive affair (Depend on the type of camera).
🚫 It requires specialized assistants for repairs and constant monitoring of the screen.
🚫 One can tamper the contents according to his or her will.

Security System

Security systems are divided into two types on a wide basis. They are wired and wireless systems.

Wired security system

It is an old model of the security system that has its approach based on a wired connection. They require high maintenance & power supply on a constant basis. This type of security system capture high-quality video without regular monitoring.

Wireless security system

With technological advancements, the security system is also made wireless and requires a radio wave frequency signal for functioning. It imports data at a quicker rate and is demanded defense outpost surveillance.

They have the capacity to produce HD images and videos which are high in quality and clarity. The installation process is simple and is useful in areas that require 24X7 monitoring. This approach is costly and its quality of results can be disturbed or altered by interference of signals.

Camera Specifications

To obtain a unique solution, you would need a camera that features special, non-standard applications. Fisheye, PTZ, LPR, and Spy cameras are a few types of camera applications.

Fisheye cameras- The lens of the camera is a powerful one that has the ultimate viewing angles in 180 and 360 degrees FOV. These expensive and high-resolution cameras can be often seen in huge stores and establishments.

PTZ Cameras- The facilities that enable pan, tilt, and zoom give name to the camera. They have the capability to cover a huge range of distance like 2000 feet in video coverage that has 2 MP resolutions. These cameras having varying FOVs can be controlled using keyboard and joysticks and are often noticed in warehouses, shipyards, military bases, etc.

LPR Cameras- License Plate Recognition cameras are put to use by traffic control departments to click pictures of fast-moving vehicles. It owns an IR cut filter that captures black and white images. Special requirements like software programming are needed for easy operation and maintenance of number plates and similar data.

Spy Cameras- Cameras used to acknowledge the secret movements for necessary data extraction are spy cameras. They can capture videos with 1080p in dim light conditions. These cameras can be placed in various spots like clocks, sprinkler heads, detectors, etc for monitoring actions at particular locations in a discreet manner.


Special Features

Terms that are specifically used for camera includes:

Camera lens

The most important part of the camera that captures and focuses on images is the camera lens. The type of lens depends on the area of coverage required.

The measurement of the lens is inversely proportional to the focus of the camera that is a wide Field of Vision (FOV) that can be obtained in the small-sized lens.

Focal and Fixed Focal Length

Focal length is defined as the distance between the centre of lens and image sensor. This is a much-required factor for those who want clear quality images. The fixed measurement of this focal length is called the fixed focal length. Analogue camera and cameras that focus on a fixed location own this feature.

Varifocal lens

Varifocal lens can vary its focal length for better focusing and can cover wide areas without affecting the type of camera.

Light Sensitivity

The efficiency of a camera is analyzed by observing its working levels and the provision of outputs in dark and light regions.

This factor is essential while considering CCTV as the appliance must work under all lighting conditions. It decides the resolution required for the security camera that is about to be installed.

Frames per second (FPS)

The speed of the device is analyzed with the number of frames that the camera can pile up to form an image, per second. Its value also affects the quality of the clipping. One may experience time lag in displaying output when the FPS value is less.

Motion detection

As the name suggests motion detection is sensing of any suspicious movement and sending alerts, accordingly.

Field of Vision (FOV)

FOV the area covered by the camera under a particular angle. Larger FOV implies more coverage of area under surveillance. Lens, placement angle, and element that senses are the parameters that decide FOV.

Wifi Connectivity

Staying connected to your security cameras wirelessly will allow you to monitor or observe your area in a simplified manner, making you worry-free.


A surveillance camera cannot function only on having a proper camera and resolution but it also requires supportive accessory elements. They are stated below:

  • Clamps – S and C clamps are used to hold cameras in their location of installation. One must ensure the sturdiness and capacity of the clamps as it must not lose balance when the camera is tilted. Indoor cameras have stands or brackets that hold the camera in place.
  • Camera housing – NEMA certifies the quality of outdoor camera equipment. Confirming the camera housing equipment enables you to protect the camera from external elements.
  • Video recording equipment – Equipment such as camcorders, monitors, etc. are few must-buy products that help you to view and store the video recordings (visual content) in a secure place.
  • Others – Microphones, memory cards, cartridges, power cords, etc. are some of the must-have accessories that enable you to record and store data.


Maintenance And Servicing

CCTVs are generally offered with warranty periods. If you won’t maintain it properly, the cost of repairing would be pretty high. Budget and installation expenses are added with maintenance costs.

You are recommended to have an annual maintenance contract (AMC) for keeping the device in working condition. Upgrades on the product and storage should be carried out for having the appliance in its best condition.


A CCTV camera is a top demanded product that is necessary for ensuring a safe and sound surrounding. The camera that has the maximum number of features integrated is the best choice but cannot be afforded by many. And so, we have done a deep analysis of the above-briefed products, based on all the feature possession and overall performance.

We would positively recommend you to get the Sricam SP0007 CCTV camera as it would be the Best CCTV camera in India and would go well in any location.

Hope this article turned out to be useful and helpful for you!

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