12 Best Facial Steamers in India (June 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

A healthy lifestyle is a desire for all citizens of the world, as it is our body that leads us in life and thus requires optimum care.

As the famous quotes itself, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body” conveying the necessity of keeping our bodies in check to prosper further.


Common cold, cough, and flu are some of the most common and contagious diseases that could hinder the working of your immune system and your daily lifestyle.

These common diseases could be controlled through a facial steamer at times of difficulty and provide the necessary relaxations at times.

Facial steamers are one of the most prominent tools that are used by people as they are easy to use as well as provide an immediate effect on your body for relief from all the congestion.

To ease up the task of finding an essential facial steamer that could meet your ends and is worth your spending. We have combined a list of the 12 best facial steamers in India that would give you an insight into the best quality steamers.

The article also comes with a Buying Guide which reflects some precise features that you may be looking for in a perfect facial steamer.

These are the Top 12 Best Facial Steamers in India

ProductsWater CapacityHeat up TimeRunning TimeBuy Now
HealthSense Nano-Cure FS 550 Medical Facial Steamer100 ml40 secs15 minsamazon-button
Asbob® 3 In 1 Steamer50 ml1 min30 minsamazon-button
Miss Queen Garment Steamer200 ml1.5 min15 minsamazon-button
EzLife Kingdom K-33S Facial Steamer250 ml1 min15 minsamazon-button
HEMIZA Fast Facial Vapor Steamer200 ml1.4 min1 houramazon-button
BeatStock, Vaporizer ,steamer50 ml1 min10 minsamazon-button
futurewizard 4-way Vaporizer Cough Steamer50 ml30 secs10 minsamazon-button
Diswa Facial Sauna Spa Sprayer Facial Face Steamer 100 ml1 min10 minsamazon-button
ToFit Hitashi Vaporiser Facial Steamer30 ml1 min10 minsamazon-button
ZOSOE Steamer200 ml1 min15 minsamazon-button
Dr Trust USA 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer225 ml30 sec15 minsamazon-button
Mievida Mi-BELLEZA Facial Steamer100 ml30 sec15 minsamazon-button

Best Facial Steamers in India in 2021

1. Health Sense Nano-Cure FS 550 Medical Facial Steamer

Health sense is one of the brands that are here to stay and aims at great customer satisfaction through producing products that are highly qualified and efficient in use.


It is among the top-selling products that could resolve your issues with communicable diseases, providing you a healthy mind as well as a fit body. Can be used for children as well as covers all safety measures.

Primary Features

  • Has a UV ray protection mechanism
  • Provides relaxation to various kinds of diseases
  • Extremely light in weight making it easily portable

The steamer is intact with various safety and technology measures to provide superfine results to your body. One of them is the Nano-Ionic technology that converts the steam into a mist for better inhalation as well as comes into action within 50 seconds.

It spreads the steam across the infected area instantly, providing relief from any type of congestion or cough.

This mist technology is safe for kids as it does it work in the form of a mist and does not sprinkle like a regular steamer, keeping them secured from any facial burns and giving better results to your body.

This steamer comes with a lot of additions that would come in handy to use; it has got a UV sterilizer that deducts harmful UV rays from the steaming mist that ensures prevention from direct contact to radiations.

It also provides a good solution for a long steam session as it has got a water tank that is about 100 ml huge.

It comes with an aroma diffuser attachment as well which could be used for diffusing any kind of medicinal oils or facial oils deep into the infected area for better results.

It has an option of ‘whisper quiet’ as well that ensures you a relaxing time by eliminating the sound of the machine or the surroundings.

You will see an option of slots in this facial steamer that are scheduled for 15 minutes of hot mist cycle that could help you keep a track of time as well as relish it to the fullest.

It comes in handy and makes your work a bit easier as it has got a one-button system that would start the steaming session with just a click. With waterless auto-off as well as an ABS material that would be odorless, it could be a steal deal for you.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a winner among many other facial steamers keeping in mind the different features offered by it. It should be among your most preferred choices as it could help you in every way possible. It offers a 1-year warranty for the product in terms of any technical issues in the future.

  • It keeps your health in check by relieving from common infections in no time
  • Has UV rays sterilizer intact that would prevent you from harmful radiations
  • Fast and efficient technology
  • It is a bit high on pricing parameters


2. Asbob® 3 In 1 Facial Steamer

Asbob has been one of the brands that have reflected it as a producer of reasonable products that are intact with a prominent feature to ensure its customers. It is one of the brands that aim at satisfying its customer through the delivery of reasonable and efficient products.


The Asbob 3 in 1 steamer vaporizer is a choice that could provide you services at its best.

Primary Features

  • It is the perfect product for a salon-like sauna and spa session at home
  • Could also be used as a tool for curing a common cold and cough
  • In terms of getting a good facial at home, it is optimum for every skin time

It is one of the convenient products that are easy to handle but it comes with certain technicalities like it should always be processed with normal tap water as RO filter water usually slows the process a bit.

So, using tap water could enhance the outcome of the product that would in turn benefit you in each aspect. It assures a salon-like sauna and spa sessions that could help you save you some money and time.

The steam produced by this product is great for beauty sessions at home as well as it makes your skin look much finer and younger by cleansing the dead skins and clogged pores from your skin within seconds.

On the other hand, it could also be used as a remedy tool to get rid of any type of respiratory problem in the body. It provides you relief from a common cold, sinus, bronchitis, high fever, or even asthma, so that you could have a relaxing time ahead with your friends and family.

The maintenance of the steamer is quite easy as it only requires a wash with lukewarm water and you are good to go. Just rinsing with water could eliminate any kind of odour of plastic or water from the steamer instantly, keeping it fresh and hygienic on each use.

It can be a good purchase for you as it could solve many of your requirements single-handedly. It should be among your research list as it could be the optimum one that you are looking for. As per the brand, no kind of warranty is offered by them.

  • Has various options of usage in terms of health and hygiene
  • Good for facial treatments as it refreshes your skin and makes it more glowing
  • A Reasonable price is offered by the brand
  • Solves any kind of respiratory problems
  • The quality of this product may vary but the usage speaks more for it than any other thing


3. Miss Queen Facial Steamer

Miss Queen is a brand in the market that is known to provide compact products that are multipurpose and helpful to people in different ways, giving them the option of being versatile with the products chosen by them.


It is a qualified product that could enhance your probability to purchase it with the type of features offered by it. It is a versatile product when it comes to its functioning as it could not only be used as an ironer or a facial steamer but could be used as a sterilizer and a humidifier as well, 

Primary Features

  • Extremely light in weight making it easier to carry from one place to another
  • Comes with a brush attachment for ironing sensitive clothes like linens
  • It has a wide water tank capacity of 200 ml

Providing options and could be used as per your needs at necessary times. In terms of safety measures, it has tried its best to cover each aspect that would be essential for its smooth operation.

It has got an auto shut down the system that cuts-off power from the product if it exceeds the heating level. The steamer has also got high-temperature resistance that does not let it overheat and makes it a safer option to go for.

As a temperature resistance is inducted, it allows the product to be more structured in its performance by assuring quick operation within seconds and also has a 200 ml water tank that would enable a long duration of alleviation from stress with convenience and style.

Ironing soft and sensitive clothes can be tricky work to do; the steamer allows your clothes to get ironed quickly by removing difficult creases within seconds.

It comes along with a detachable brush that could help you remove all kinds of unwanted lint’s from your clothes to refresh them, making them look fresh and smarter on every wear.

It could be easily carried along as it is extremely lightweight and could be your companion at times of travel as well. It also has a feature that prevents any kind of electric leakage from the product, making it safe and secure for use.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, this product is a good option for people looking for a product doing all kinds and making it durable and versatile. The packaging consists of the steamer as well as the brush. It should be considered among various options as it could be the one for you.

  • Lightweight and portable, good for travel purposes as well
  • Have multi-variant features on its usage as per the needs of the customer
  • Safety measures are optimum and precise
  • Is offered at affordable rates
  • Usually not recognized by many customers


4. EzLife Kingdom K-33S Facial Steamer

 EzLife is a brand that specifies itself to some products and gives the best results in terms of their operation and their productivity. It is one of the brands that guarantee a good as well as an efficient output from its product to satisfy your needs and wants more profoundly.


It is a very efficient facial steamer that could give you results as good as a salon does. The facial steamer offered by Ezlife could be your match as it would resolve many problems of your skin, leaving a moisturized and a glowing effect on your skin aftermath.

Primary Features

  • Nano-Ionic Technology
  • Help You Resolve Skin Problems Issues
  • Has an oil diffuser channel as well to pour in different kinds of facial oils

It ensures a deep cleanse of your skin as the nanoparticles penetrate deep it to provide the nourishment that it needs, leaving behind a healthy-looking skin that is more radiant and moisturized.

This steamer not only moisturizes your skin but also clarifies all kinds of impurities and toxic particles from it within seconds.

These nanoparticles are highly qualified to go deep into your skin and offer it the precise detoxification and nourishment that it requires within a short time.

A clearer and problem-free skin is the main concern of women these days. This steamer could help you with that as it assists you in treating skin problems like acne or blackheads in no time.

By using this product consistently on your skin these problems could be subsidized in no time, to give you clearer skin for a lifetime.

This steamer also helps the skin cells to increase blood circulation assuring an after-effect just like a salon. It has an attachment as well that allows you to infuse certain facial oils to give that extra glow and nourishment that your skin needs.

This product could help you save some time and money from going to a salon as an effective result is offered by it at minimal rates. It should be on your checklist if you are specifically looking for a good facial steamer.

  • Available at low prices and is of good quality
  • Gives good results in terms of facial treatments and nourishment of the skin
  • Light-weighted and easy to us
  • It is limited in use as a facial steamer


5. HEMIZA Fast Heat-up Facial Vapour Steamer

Facial steamers play a prominent role in rejuvenating the skin and provide it the nutrition that it needs from time to time. Hemiza offers you different types of products that could meet your needs in an optimum way and grants your skin the attention it requires to become healthier in time.


The Hemiza fast Heat-up steamer is a superb choice for you and it could be your final destination in the race of finding the perfect product for yourself. The use of this product is easy but requires a bit of alertness from your side.

Primary Features

  • Has a water tank capacity of 200 ml
  • Heating is quite fast as it steams up within 2 minutes
  • Lightweight and portable

it needs a voltage requirement of 220 and a 5A socket for working as a lesser amount of both could cause uncertain situations like a short circuit. The tank should be filled as per the maximum marked limit and it should be kept out of reach of the children. 

This product steams up quite fast and should be switched off when not in use. While using facial steam you must first switch it to the option of a face steamer and assure that your face is about 20 cm away from the steamer for better results on your skin.

It also comes with a guide that highlights the ways to maintain this steamer and other technicalities to be kept in mind before using it. It can also be used as steam iron to provide you a crease-free and fresh-looking garments in no time.

With this dual feature, you can iron your clothes conveniently as it is extremely lightweight that enables it to move places and iron your clothes where ever you want within seconds.

As per customer feedback, this is a reasonable product. The product is well revised and asks for some technical requirements that should be fulfilled for better performance. It should be on your lookout while researching as it may fit as per your needs and budget.

  • Has guidelines and manual attach to it
  • Is lightweight and easy portability
  • Quick heating and steaming process
  • It has some very minute technicalities that should be looked at beforehand


6. BeatStock Facial Sauna Steamer

Beatstock is a brand that comes up with products that could be versatile in use for the customer, to offer them a great level of satisfaction and results. Aiming at customer satisfaction as a priority this brand offers some of the amazing products that shouldn’t be missed by you.


It is a choice that would be made by you after getting to know about this product. The steamer is a great way of having a relaxing time with yourself as it happens to be the best in that criteria.

Primary Features

  • Gives you a good facial steaming treatment
  • Is best for all skin types enabling a wide variety of people to use it
  • Could reduce pores and firm your skin
  • Assures good quality and optimum results

By providing a good facial sauna, making your skin feel more nourished after its usage, and tightens your skin and to make it look younger and fresher on each use. Removal of toxins and impurities is a crucial part of a cleansing schedule

This product is just the right match for you as it helps in removing all kinds of dirt and impurities that reside under the skin to bring out the best form of it, making it appear more nurtured and healthy for a firmer as well as a younger outlook.

It also offers to provide you calm from all the common diseases that we tend to catch from time to time to relieves you from a common cold, congestion, and cough within a short period so that you could enjoy and work with ease and effectively.

To make sure enhanced productivity is provided by this product you must always try to use normal tap water and not use RO filtered water as it limits its working and performance. So, to have a great experience with this product you must make sure to use tap water always.

This product is supreme and of premium quality when measured in terms of the quality of work done by it. It should be an option in your list of considerations as it is an assured product with optimum features that would meet your ends in every way possible.

  • Treats your skin in a nourished and soothing way
  • Helps in treating pores and tightens your skin
  • Helps in curing some diseases like cold or cough
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • It is a good product but may not be preferred by people based on their appearance


7. Futurewizard 4-way Facial Steamer

A good brand defines its worth by doing its best in production and makes a magnificent product out of it. One such brand which is best in these criteria is Future Wizard as they bring out the best in their products.


The product is vital and essential to treat respiratory problems such as congestion, common cold, sour throat, and flu that becomes hard to deal with at the time, this product helps in relieving you from these side effects and getting smoothly rid of them.

Primary Features

  • Provides a deep and nourishing spa session
  • Could be used as a vaporizer to get rid of congestion or respiratory problem
  • Has a nozzle build in to vaporize

It also comes as a tool for skin remedies that grants you the ability to treat your skin just like a salon does with the convenience of staying home.

Through this product, you can enjoy a sauna and a spa session that replenish your skin by clarifying all kinds of toxic particles and impurities from it and providing a nourished as well as rejuvenated skin aftermath.

As a skin remedy, it also helps in clearing out certain skin problems like acne and blackheads that make the skin look malnourished. With the use, you can resolve the issue of acne with consistent use that in all gives the skin a radiant and healthy outlook after each seating.

It is an efficient product that is combined with some of the basic features of a steamer that would help you solve your problems in no time. At this price quotation and the features offered by the product, it must be viewed once and it could be among your considerations as well.

  • It is available at an affordable price
  • Helps in providing a salon-like beauty routine
  • Effective in terms of treating cold or flu
  • The quality is not that good but it should be at least considered once


8. Diswa Facial Sauna Spa Sprayer Facial Face Steamer

Diswa is one of the newly established brands that not only provides you some trendy products but it also comes intact with some of the prominent features that make this brand an extraordinary fit in the market.

Diswa Facial Sauna-Spa-Sprayer-Facial-Face-Steamer

It is a safe and secured product as it has a sensor that cuts off the product automatically when the water level is not precise. Also used as a disinfectant and an as well humidifier, a multi-tasking machine that comes in handy according to your needs with time.

Primary Features

  • Helps in ironing the clothes easily
  • Guides and indulges you in a pampered beauty session
  • Light-weighted and easy to carry

It can also be used as a facial steamer that offers a great sauna and a spa session at home with the results just like a salon. Using this steamer can help your skin in many ways as it purifies it and conditions the skin by removing any kinds of impurities that reside in the skin to give a radiant, looking aftermath to the skin.

It also steams up and irons your clothes in a profound way and provides a smart and classy look to them, they are no creases left on the clothes which make them look fresh and ready to wear within seconds.

It also helps in sterilizing your clothes as well as your skin by preventing them to catch dust or any kind of impurities that cause harm to your body. It is a safe and effective product that completes every need which is expected from a steamer.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is one of the most underrated products that tend to offer everything in a single product. It should be among the other considerations as it offers way more features than expected and is a brilliant option to choose from.

  • Secured as it offers double security by auto-off
  • Available at reasonable rates
  • Have a lot of features and is also multipurpose in use
  • Quality is a bit tampered but would be a good choice keeping in mind the features it offers


9. ToFit Hitashi Vaporiser Facial Steamer

A facial steamer is an essential commodity and good research goes into finding the perfect steamer for your family. TOFIT is one of the brands that have been dealing in electronic products offering durability as well is versatile on the same hand.


The ToFit Hitashi facial steamer is a well-versed product that ticks every requirement in a facial steamer. This product is made of plastic and could be easily managed as it only requires water rinsing to clean it and be odorless.

Primary Features

  • Safe in use as it is shock-free making it secured to usage
  • A great option for assisting you in a sauna or a spa session at home
  • Could help you fight congestion or flu conveniently

To get the best result from this product you may use normal tap water to achieve a high level of efficiency and effectiveness. It helps in a deep cleanse and clarification of your skin as well as impacting it in the right way possible.

It provides uncanny results by detoxifying the skin from all kinds of toxic substances and impurities, leaving behind a pleasant and healthy glow. It also helps in curing acne and removing blackheads.

It could be assembled and incorporated like a vaporizer as well that could provide a calmness to your mind and body from the infected disease.

To make it a more calming process, you can also use essential oil and medicinal oils that could provide you a relief from all the congestion instantly.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a basic product that offers to fulfill your general needs. You could get your hands on this product via online platforms like Amazon as this product is offered at this platform at great deals that shouldnt be missed by you.

  • Available at reasonable prices
  • Great for beauty and health purposes
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Secured and safe
  • Is not of the premium qualities but does a very good job when used at times


10. ZOSOE Steamer for Facial Steam

ZOSOE is one of the brands that persists in the market for a product that is underrated and offers some of the great features that could be used by you and could solve your problems in no time, it should be noticed as the products are remarkable that should not be ignored.


It is a product that has got some impeccable features that are just hard to ignore. The efficiency and productivity of this product are marvellous as it gets to work within 2 minutes when the power is on, making it time efficient and resourceful in use. 

Primary Features

  • Has An Automatic Shut-Off Feature
  • Gives An Edgy, Presentable, And Crease-Free Look To Your Clothes
  • Easily Portable From One Place To Another
  • Reliable For Travel Purposes As Well

It has a temperature-resistant inbuilt as well that allows the product to stay within a tolerable heating level and prevent it from getting too hot and dangerous. The steamer is a good choice for ironing and steaming your garments to make them look more sharp and presentable. 

It offers a smooth finish to your clothes leaving them soft, wrinkle-free, and ready to wear making you look smart and edgy every time.

The safety parameter is also well covered by this product as it auto shuts itself when the steamer has a negligible amount of water or gets overheated, making it a perfect choice for you and your family in terms of security and safety purposes.

It has a water tank that is transparent in view to help you keep in check with the water requirements from time to time. The tank must not be filled till the top and some gap must be maintained in the tank. The steamers comprise of supreme quality ABS material that assures its durability and reliability.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, this is a well-defined product that specifies itself for steaming up your clothes in a more edgy and stylish way possible. It is a secured product with premium features that could make a valid point in your list of choices.

  • Safe and secure in use
  • Easy to carry at times of travel
  • Does the job the very best
  • Specified to a single-use but does it a qualified way


11. Dr. Trust USA 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

One of the hidden brands that we got to have a chance to view was Dr. Trust that happens to be selling some great products attached with some unique and essential features that could meet your requirements and solve the issue of finding the optimum steamer for yourself.


The performance capability of this product is supreme as it has got nano-ionic technology that not only allows it to penetrate deep into the skin at the time of a spa session but it also functions quickly. It aligns to produce strong steams that could benefit your skin and body in one sitting. 

Primary Features

  • Has The Nano-Ionic Technology
  • Noiseless Working And Creating No Disturbance in the surrounding
  • Very convenient to use and easy to carry

To make your spa and facial sessions more relaxing and interesting, this product has got an option of warming up your towel as well wherein you could dab hot towels on the face for a more calming effect.

Using a hot towel could also help in increasing blood circulation that would make your skin more nourished and refreshed. It is a versatile product as it could also be used as a humidifier that makes your surroundings more comfy and moist within 30 seconds.

With weather changes, it could be really useful for you and your family as per the seasonal changes. The product also has an opening for pouring in essential oils and fragrances that could help you in providing a relaxing and soothing time.

It could be used as a vaporizer as well to get relief from a blocked nose or flu in no time.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, this is one the most effective as well as efficient product that would guarantee a great after service effect. It should among the priority as it could be used in various ways and can outshine others.

  • Multipurpose in use
  • Offers a lot more features and functioning options to use from
  • Great for the body as well as skin needs
  • Safe and security measures are optimum
  • Not preferred or in the knowledge of many customers but it could be a good choice


12. Mievida MI BELLEZA Facial Steamer

Mievida is one such brand that has come up as one of the customer-oriented brands to help them get what they wish for. Such products attract customers as they can get what they are looking for within a short period as well as are efficient in use.


The Mievida MI Belleza facial steamer is a choice that you would go for as it offers something new in the market. This product is offering a different level of modification as it has got the option of setting up the necessary temperature adjustments as per your needs and suitability.

Primary Features

  • Feature of setting up the temperature
  • Can also set the time limit of your steaming intervals
  • Could be used to treat flu or cold as well

This allows you to use it as per your skin and body tolerance to get superfine results and you could also adjust the time duration of the session keeping in track of time for you.

The technology in this product is versatile as the steaming when processed converts itself into defined nanoparticles that ensure a deep replenishment of your skin, clarifying impurities and toxins in the correct way possible.

This enables it to offer you a deep – salon finish facial with the comfort of your home.

The steamer allows a deep cleanse entitling the skin to circulate and produce collagen that is very healthy for the skin cells, it also makes the skin more nourished and gives it a polished effect by opening clogged pores and hydration at the same time.

It also has a variant in terms of its use as it could also be converted in a vaporizer to clear out any sort of build-up congestion or cold that may hamper the functioning of your body.

The safety measures in this steamer are also extraordinary as it automatically cuts off once the water diminishes in it. It is a beneficial product as it could also help in getting rid of acne as well as prevents anti-aging, making you look younger and fitter.

It has a quality of reducing any kind of white spots on the face. Gives results that you expected out of it, should be used 2-3 times a week with a distance of 20 cm for better results.

This product is applauded by the customers in the online market as it offers the most that you could have asked for in one product. It is a wonderful and worthy product for you and your family to pamper yourselves and taking care of yourself in a more precise way.

  • Has a safety measure of setting temperature and time sessions
  • Is effective for skin treatments as it evens out everything for excellent results
  • Also helps in clearing out any kind of flu’s and congestion
  • Not known by many customers


Buying Guide – Best Facial Steamers in India

The list above gives you an insight of the best facial steamers in India but while opting for the best product for yourself, you may want to indulge in some research that highlights some of the main specifications that should be present in an ideal facial steamer as per your requirements.


To give you a hand through research and enlighten you with some important characteristics, we have compiled a buying guide for you that would assist you in everything that you are looking for.

Types of Facial Steamers

Personal Facial Steamers

These are one of the most compact and preferred types of steamers among the customers and are a choice that is popular among households.

They are usually smaller in size and are compact that makes them easy to port from one place to another as well as provides convenience in use. The cone opening in these types of steamers is usually facing directly upwards to the infected area when positioned for a steaming session.

If you are looking for a facial steamer that is compact and useful for personal purposes, this type of facial steamer is the perfect one for you.

Tabletop Facial Steamers

These types of steamers are usually used for professional purposes in-salon for spas and sauna, they are combat but are efficient to use.

These types of steamers could help you in getting that salon glow finishes easily at home as well as they are quite easy to handle. They are smaller in size and usually penetrate deep in your skin for a nourished outcome.

Nano – Facial Steamers

These types of steamers are quite efficient and resourceful as they offer great services to your skin and your body.

These steamers are inbuilt with a technology that is termed as nano – ionic technology which enables the steam to incorporate nano-particles that usually go deep inside the skin to provide a clear as well as a refreshing feel to it.

These are efficient as they usually work quickly in the preferred area; they get to work quickly as well as they do not require a lot of water for its use.

This could be the type of steamer that should be your choice if you are looking for an advanced and efficient product.

Factors to consider while buying the Best Facial Steamer

1. Water Holding Capacity

This plays a very important role in choosing a good facial steamer as the basic foundation on which the steamer works is its water holding capacity; a steamer should have a good capacity to hold water.

An essential water tank in a steamer should have a minimum of 200 ml capacity to help you use it frequently without worrying about filling up the water.

2. Easy to Use

The steamers are getting advanced and convenient to use with time and with the development of new technologies every day. You must have an open eye for products that offer a feature like automatic shut off or a one-button feature that provide you an ease in using it and having a great time while enjoying your relaxing sessions.

The steamers must be light and portable that enables them to be used in compact places as well as is good for traveling purposes as well.


3. Heating up Time

Usually, steamers do not take much time to start processing but there may be some that could be slow in working, these types of steamers must be avoided by you as it could cause a delay and would use most of your time.

A good steamer should be able to start its process of heating and steaming within a minute or two, the steamers usually give out fine steam that could help you in relaxing prominently within minutes.

4. Noiseless Operation

It would be a great factor to look up to as the steaming process usually happens with a bit of noise and disturbance for your family members.

So to avoid such disturbances you must try facial steamers that come with a noiseless operation. They tend to have a whisper feature that eliminates sounds of disturbance letting you and your family enjoy without any hindrances.


5. Maintenance

Facial steamers are easily taken care of as they just need washing with water only, a normal cloth cleaning makes the steamer look new and fresh to use on each sitting.

Fine quality material that may include metal or even plastic could be a great choice as they are easy to maintain and work with.

6. Portability

The steamers must be light in weight so that it could be used as a companion at times of need and emergency.

The steamers must be convenient to carry that could be known by going through the product specifications and analyzing the weight that the product incorporates. It could be a vital factor as it enables efficient use of the product and would enhance its productivity too.


7. Essential Oil Diffusion

Essential oils are a source of calmness to your mind and your body and incorporating these into your skincare routine could give you a salon-like feel while seating at home.

A good steamer has an attachment to a diffusing tray or compartment that is to be used for infusing these oils in your steamer. Infusion of facial or medicinal oils is a primary need these days to treat your skin and body precisely.

These are the main features that would usually define a perfect facial steamer and should be on your lookout while choosing the one.

And the products mentioned above are well researched and incorporate some of these important features. We hope that this buying guide was able to help you to find what you were looking for in a product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Facial Steamers in India

Q1. How often should a face steamer be used?

Ans. A face steamer is easy to use and maintain, one should use a face steamer once or twice in a week. Face steamers are really good for your respiratory and skin problems by providing really good benefits to them by cleansing and nourishing it deeply.

Q2. Is it essential to buy a facial steamer if affected by a common disease like cold or sinus?

Ans. Yes, it could act as a catalyst for curing your respiratory problems in a very effective way. With the increasing pollution and dust in the environment, you must get a hand of a facial steamer to rectify the effect of the common cold on your body, enabling you to work with more focus and enthusiasm.

Q3. What are the basic parameters to judge a good facial steamer?

Ans. The basic features and criteria that define a good steamer are well described in the buying guide that has been attached to enlighten them specifically. Some of the features that you must look up would be water tank level, noiseless operation, and heating timings that could help you choose a steamer in a better way.

Q4. Is buying facial steamers online worth it? What are the recommended platforms to buy a facial steamer? 

Ans. Yes, you can opt for purchasing a facial steamer online as there are a lot of great deals and offers to go on at Amazon or Flipkart. Online purchasing could ensure your safety in the current situation and also could help you save some money out. Despite the online option, people tend to prefer the traditional ways of purchasing.

Q5. Is using facial steamer harmful for the body?

Ans. No, facial steamers are not harmful to your body as they have the function of pulling our impurities and toxic substances from your body and skin.
It makes them more defined in performing functions and working smoothly at times. They act as a remedy tool for people suffering from flu, common cold, and other respirator

Final Thoughts – Best Facial Steamers in India

Facial steamers are defined tools to make your body and skin look cleaner and purer as well as making you feel fresher and healthier on each use. It should be one of the essential items to buy as they provide benefits like no other.


As per our research and analysis, we have come across some great products like DR. Trust, health sense, and other brand products that are mentioned in the list that would help in resolving the issue of finding the perfect one for you and your family.

This article has tried to cover every corner of requirements that should be presented in a product and some vital products that highlight those features, making it a beneficial thing to go through once before making a choice.

We hope that we could help you a bit in easing up the process, thank you and happy purchasing!

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