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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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A drilling machine is a basic tool that has to be there at every home. Drilling machines are the best example for those tools that are used for many things at the most unexpected times. 

It is not only used to drill holes in a cemented wall, wooden base, or aluminum sheet but can be also be used by artists for creative work.

Their frequency of usage is certainly low but it is one of the utmost required tools that are searched at the neck of the moment, and so, getting the best one is a must.

There are a lot of Indian & International companies that claim to manufacture the best drilling machine in India. Because of a large number of producers, many features and factors have to be looked out before buying a drill machine.

You will find a detailed Buying Guide on this page that will help you to make the right choice while buying a Drilling Machine.

All the critical points of each product are highlighted and briefed below in addition to the explanation of all the features available in the Top 10 Best Drilling Machines in India.

These are the Top 10 Best Drilling Machines

Top 10 Best Drilling Machines

1. Black and Decker KR554RE Drill Machine

Black and Decker have been ruling the Indian markets ever since they began manufacturing drill machines. The company produces a range of other products like vacuum cleaners & air fryers.


Black and Decker KR554RE is a powerful drill machine that can be used for both hammering and drilling. You can use these modes with the help of forward and reverse drilling functionalities. This drill machine requires an electric supply of 550 watts for easy & effective operation.

It has shockproof body which makes it one of the best drill machines in India. You will get a kit with the drill machine that would comprise of all the necessary accessories such as cords, side handles, chuck keys, and drill bits.

It is an appliance that has metal body ensured with rust free nature, whereas the handle has rubberized grip for fewer strain levels & easy handling.

There is a lock function in this machine which would allow you to lock the drill speed when you are using it continuously for long hours.

It features a unique function called “variable speed”. It will let you steadily change the speed as per the type of the task. If you need more speed you can increase it & vice-versa from this function.

It has been programmed with the reverse function that allows the machine to work in both clockwise & anti-clockwise direction. This drill machine comes in orange color with black handles & grips.

Over 30,000 families have already purchased this tool for their home needs which makes it one of the best selling drill machines on amazon. You will get 6 months of warranty on this purchase from the company that makes it an unavoidable deal.

  • It comes with 6 months warranty
  • Combination of drill & hammer
  • Reversible drilling feature
  • #1 selling drilling machine in India
  • Little expensive but worth the price


2. iBell IBL TD13-100 Tool Kit

iBell has procured a great position among the top consumer appliances brands in the Indian market. iBell IBL TD13-100 is one of the most affordable tool kit available in India. iBell presents a versatile tool kit that comprises of drilling machine.Buy-iBell-IBL-TD13-100-Too-Kit

The tools are sturdy and tough enough to outlast the usual life expectancy. In the tool kit, you will get wrenches, spanner, chuck key, screwdriver, metal drill bits & few other essentials.

The diameter of the hole that could be drilled in the wood would be 24 mm while that in masonry and steel would be 13 and 10 mm, respectively. It can take 2800 rotations per minute which makes it powerful than a lot of other machines in the market.

It requires 680W of power supply to deliver the maximum output. It has an ergonomic design that ensures better grip and compatibility. Also, this grip has the potential to decrease vibration.

This machine is programmed to rotate in both forward and reverse directions. The body of the inner parts are made of premium quality metal while the cover case is high-end plastic. This will safeguard you from any electric shock.

This drill machine is rated with over 4 stars for flexibility, presentation & price. The machine is available in red color that has black grips & buttons. This product comes with a warranty of 6 months.

Not only this, but you also get free delivery from amazon. Also, to get some amazing discounts like cash backs, no-cost EMI payment, replacement within 10 days, and bank offers with added discounts, click on the button given below.

  • Affordable tool kit
  • High RPM
  • Reverse rotation function
  • Massive discount
  • Highly rated product
  • It lacks hammer functioning, it can only work as a drilling machine


3. Bosch GSB Professional Tool Kit

Bosch is among those evergreen brands that does not need any introduction. This top company is a giant in the home & kitchen appliance industry. A few of the successful products include drill machines, dishwashers, refrigerators.


Their quality of products and services has always been consistent and appreciated. Drill machines from the house of Bosch have powerful intact. It is supplied through a tool kit of professional purpose that comprises of 100 accessory elements.

The ease of handling and better gripping is provided by the compact and efficient design of the Bosch drill machine. This would allow you to use the drill machine for long hours.

It is featured with quicker shifting that allows you to switch from clockwise to anti-clockwise rotation and vice versa in both forward and reverse directions. This feature is supported by a rotating brush plate, especially in screw driving mode.

The electric control technology will guide you to put a hole in the required surface with the utmost accuracy. Speed can be varied and controlled by the user while drilling. This light-weighted machine has got a long life span.

The drill bits in the tool kit are made of metal or masonry or wood. You will also get a key chuck that would be attached to the bottom surface of your frill machine.

This machine has procured a 4.4-star rating from the users. The body of the machine is green in color & has red buttons.

The drilling diameter ranges from 8 to 20 mm depending on the surface material. It can take up to 2600 rotations every minute. It requires 500 watts of power supply for effective operation. You will get 6 months of warranty on this bosch GSB professional tool kit.

  • Top-selling tool kit (with drilling machine)
  • Consumes less power
  • Comfortable handle
  • 6 months warranty
  • Comes from a top-notch trusted brand
  • No color options
  • Little expense


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4. Cheston Powerful Drill Machine

If you are looking to buy the best drilling machine in India, you would not regret buying the Cheston machine. This company has been consistent in its service ever since its establishment. The Cheston Drill machine can produce high capacity and power.


It is an ideal product that will let you drill over wood, metal, masonry, and plastic. It is a powerful drill machine that exhibits a maximum of 2800 rpm. The compact design & gripping ensures high comfort while operating the drill machine.

There is a dynamic power lock button in this drill machine that would assist you during the continuous drill process. It is light in weight due to which it’s easy to use.

With this drill machine, you will get a complimentary pack of 5 wall bits that has can drill a hole with a diameter ranging from 10 mm to 50 mm on the various surface like cement, wood, aluminum, etc.

This appliance follows standard dimensions and is claimed to be durable and efficient until the end of its span. You will also get a keyed chuck with this drill machine. It is available in red color that looks classy.

Due to its compact body & size, you can easily store it anywhere in the house. With all these amazing features, you will also get 6 months of warranty from Cheston. If you decide to take home this drill machine, you can grab over a 50% discount which is applicable only for today.

  • Comes with over 50% discount
  • High-quality cord
  • Good handling
  • Consumes very less power
  • Complimentary 5 drill bits
  • Not a renowned in India in comparison to other brands like Bosch & Black+Decker


5. Black+Decker HD455KA Drill Kit

This drill kit also comes from the house of Black and Decker. It is a trusted brand that has been consistently manufacturing quality products. Every household prefers drill machines from Black+Decker as they are efficient and always provide accurate outputs.


This drill machine comes in a tool kit that contains 41 accessory elements. Two modes of drillings can be operated in this device, hammer, and rotary drill. This feature would allow you to drill in all the types of surfaces like wood, metal, plastic, and masonry.

The black+decker drill machine has options to operate it in both clockwise & anti-clockwise direction. You can also you it as a screwdriver with the help of a reverse rotation feature.

It is a cord type of drill that comes with a key chuck that has a dimension of 10 mm. The trigger design and unique holder shape provide grip and ease the use of the tool.

This drill machine is made of high-quality material which makes it among the best drill machines in India. You will get a keyless chuck that would let you replace the drill bit quickly.

There are a 500 watts motor in this orange color drill machine that makes it powerful than other drill machines of this segment. It would allow you to drill continuously with the help of the lock-on facility. A warranty of 6 months is offered with the availability of no-cost EMI option.

  • Available in 2 colors, red & orange
  • Comes with the lock-on switch
  • 41 piece toolkit
  • High customer rating
  • Bulky drilling machine


6. Dewalt DWD024 Drill

Dewalt is a USA based company that leads to producing construction tools & equipment. The company also manufactures some basic tools like drill machines that are used for home purposes.


If you are thinking to buy a drill machine only once & wants to use it for your whole life, you must have a look at this product. It is preferred by many as the output has always been excellent in terms of performance. This drill machine is available in 3 different variants.

The variants can be differentiated based on the power of the motor. You get an option to buy a drill machine that comes with 550 watts of motor or 750 watts of motor or 1100 watts of the motor.

Dewalt DWD024 Drill machine has achieved a 4.3-star rating for performance from the users. It has a bright yellow color body which looks quite catchy. It is a corded tool that provides the convenience of speed adjustments that has been inbuilt in it.

It has a drilling speed of up to 2800 RPM which makes it a perfect tool for home purposes. The machine parts are made of metals while the handle is rubberized to provide proper grip, safety, comfortability while operating it.

The rubberized handle acts as a cushion against the vibrations during the drilling process. It is also designed ergonomically which improves the accuracy of the holes drilled especially on hard concrete surfaces.

The parts are selected, designed, and assembled in such a way that the overall weight of the tool becomes much lighter and easy to use. The drill capacity is greater than the standard values and ranges around 25 mm, 16 mm, and 13 mm on wood, concrete, and steel respectively.

During the drilling process, the lock-on feature keeps the machine running so that shifting from one drill point to another happens without delay. It is a sturdy and durable product to possess, and easy to use, having standard dimensions. This product is offered with a warranty of 2 years.

  • Available in 3 variants, 550W, 750W & 1100W
  • 2 years warranty whereas other brands offer 6 months of warranty
  • Rubber handle would make it comfortable to handle
  • Light in weight
  • More preferred for commercial use


7. Bosch GSB 501 Drilling Machine

Bosch is a German company that has been ruling the national & international markets for a long time. The brand is known for producing some of the best home appliances like chimney & microwave ovens. This is among the best selling drill machines on amazon.Buy-Bosch-GSB-501-Drilling-Machine

Bosch offers a professional high impact drill machine that is suitable for all commercial, industrial, and household applications. Uniquely designed and constructed, this high-performance product is durable and compact with several salient features.

A very useful tool for the professional working on wood, concrete, and metal surfaces at a range of 26 mm, 13 mm, and 10 mm, respectively. It comprises a rotating brush plate that powers reverse and forward rotation at a speed of 2600 RPM.

The integration of Ball bearing and clamp shell gear provides a very good output even on tough site conditions. This lightweight drill machine is available in a blue color that looks elegant. It is light in weight, due to which you can easily use it for long hours.

The drill machine motor is 500 watts & needs a voltage supply of 230 volts to run effectively. It has a hammering functionality and follows standard product dimensions. The bit that can be fitted in the machine can be 10 mm.

Easy and fast switching between different functionalities is effortlessly tuned in this machine. No doubt that this equipment is awarded a 4.5-star rating considering the above features and work efficiency.

6 months of the warranty period and free delivery are few offers applicable to this product. A discount of over 30% is applicable only for today on this bosch product. To avail of the discounted price, click the button given below.

  • Effective in all types of surface
  • Drilling machine color looks elegant
  • 2600 RPM, which is high
  • Powerful motor, 500 watts
  • No color options


8. Camel Brand Impact Drill Machine

Camel has positively impacted the Indian markets through quality products. It is a Philippines based company that deals in appliances mixer grinders, washing machines, drill machines & a lot of other products.


Drill machines from the House of Camel brand are trending and setting benchmarks in terms of efficiency and quality. It also functions as a screwdriver and provides effortless output even on tough surfaces.

It comprises of the uniquely designed pistol-shaped handle that increases convenience and offers better gripping. The German technology included in this equipment results in smooth drilling and zero vibratory impact.

The reversible rotatory option and two-speed switch feature add convenience to the user. The motor of the drill machine is 500 watts which makes it very powerful for home as well as commercial use.

It needs a minimum voltage supply of 220 volts to run the operation smoothly. It can drill in concrete and metals at a rate of 260 RPM. This electric hand drill is durable and sturdy enough to drill holes in steel, concrete, and bricks.

The simplified operating procedure offers consistent performance in this lightweight tool. The cord of the drill machine is 1.5 meters long which is a lot more than what a lot of other brands offer at this price.

It consists of speed varying options and an auto-switch lock to reduce power loss during continuous drill processes. It comes in a green color & is available on high-discount on amazon. To avail amazing cashback & No cost EMI options, click the button given below.

  • One of the cheapest drilling machine
  • Long cord
  • Over 50% discount
  • Features Reverse rotation function
  • Only 3 months warranty


9. ChillaxPlus Drill Machine Kit

ChillaxPlus produces one of the best drilling machines in India. This company has been consistent in its performance which is par excellence. It has obtained a high rating from the users which makes it stand out of the crowd.


It uses a 650 watts of motor that makes this drill machine highly effective in its job. The motor is coiled with copper wire which ensures the high durability of this machine. This is capable enough to be operated under hammering and drilling mode at a speed of 2600 RPM.

You have an option to choose your convenience mode with the help of a mode selector switch. It can be rotated in both directions, forward and reverse. With the option of reverse rotation, you can also use this drill machine as a screwdriver.

This machine comes in a tool kit that consists of 101 pieces of accessory and supporting elements. It comprises a chuck key that can be used to change the bit in a few seconds.

A better grip is ensured by the ergonomic shape of this drill machine. You can not only use this drill machine for drilling in wood, but it is compatible to work on the surface like metal, tile, and concrete.

You will also get 14 drill bits with this 13 mm cordless impact drill machine. It has got a depth gauge in addition to hand-holders and 8 drill sockets. Overall, this tool makes it easy to use, affordable, and convenient option.

  • Half-year months warranty
  • Copper winding motor
  • 101 Cheap price tool kit
  • Can be used as an electronic screw-driver
  • The brand is not much popular in the Indian market


10. Golden Bullet HI93 Drill Machine

Golden Bullet has been among the top companies and is famous for its production of quality machines. Also, the Indian market is in debt to them for their service and contribution. Drill machines of Golden Bullet brand are provided with comfort and standard features.

buy-Golden-Bullet-HI93-Dril- Machine

In addition to the accessory tools, this 13 mm drill machine comes with complimentary 6 drill bits, a depth gauge, and extra carbon auxiliary handle and chuck key. It can be operated in both forward and reverse directions which enables functioning for normal drilling and screw driving.

One can drill on wooden, metal, and concrete surfaces along with plaster walls with the help of impact function. This electric corded machine has a drilling capacity of 20 mm on wood, 13 mm on steel, and masonry.

You can adjust the speed of the machine based on the surface material. Increased comfortability is ensured by the lightweight of the tool. The exceptional design and additional support handle improves accuracy and increases comfort levels.

The cable attached to this device is 2 meters long and can be extended using wire extension boxes to access the power sockets. This yellow-colored machine is a power pack deal at an affordable price.

There is an option of variable speed which would allow you to change the speed for fast & slow drilling process. The tool kit is also incorporated with safety gear for added protection. To buy this drill machine today, tap the buy button below.

  • 6 free bits with this drilling machine
  • 2600 RPM
  • 2-meter long cord
  • Amazing user reviews
  • Hammer function not much reliable in this machine


Buying Guide – Best Drilling Machines in India

Drilling machines are the most unnoticed tools in a house. Yet, they are searched all over the place when in need. These are few of those tools which can carry out many tasks, with plenty of multi-functionality options available.


Types of Drilling Machines

Corded Drill Machine

Corded drill machines are the ones that come with sagging lead and plug which requires electricity to work. It supplies you with extra commanding and higher speed levels.

They offer continuous results without a break until it is secured with power supply. Intermediately powered drills are lighter in weight if they are corded. It produces better torque and running time. They ensure a minimum of 10 years of span with full efficiency, as a one-time investment.

Also, cord drill machines are a little cheaper than a cordless machine. The average cost of the corded drill machine is around ₹1500.

Cordless Drill Machine

Updated versions of drill machines have the cords removed. They can be put to use in any location, regardless of the plug points. This type comprises of batteries as the power supply that can be charged or replaced.

It reduces the hassle and usage by eliminating cords and increasing convenience. It lags because its utilization is confined to a certain period as it depends on the charge available in the battery.

This factor makes the drilling machine unreliable when compared to corded ones. Also, its weight increases with the increase in power required. This impacts producing lesser output and decreased lifetime.

The battery material used is Lithium-ion or Nickel Metal Hydride as they are powerful, have a long life, and eco – friendly. The cordless drill machines are a little expensive in comparison to the corded drill machines. The average cost of a cordless drill is around ₹2000.

There are a lot of features and aspects that one must observe before going to the market for purchasing a drill machine. We have discussed some of the important aspects below:

Factors to consider while buying a Drilling Machine

1. Power

With an increase in wattage, the power of the unit increases for corded drilling machines. Most of the drill machines come with a motor of around 500 to 1000 watts. Sturdiness is represented through the wattage provided and drilling machines with higher wattage have stronger bearings, gearbox, etc.

Cordless drill machines are more powerful if they have more voltage. It possesses a package comprising of a battery that ranges from 9.6 to 16 volts. A replaceable battery becomes an added advantage. 


2. Speed and Control

Speed is an essential factor which is dependent upon the power of the drill machine and the surface material where it is being drilled. The drill machines can also be classified based on speed, Single speed, and Fixed speed drill machine. 

The single-speed drill machine has bigger bits that need slower turning while smaller bits don’t require much turning, because this may lead to overheating which draws back on the cutting edge. The fixed speed type is further differentiated into two based on the selection of fixed speed.

This process is generally carried out by the machinist. These tools also provide you with a fixed range of speed limit, under which the speed can be varied according to convenience. This feature is called adaptable speed control. 

Regulation of speed is possible through the trigger. It provides effortless performance even without the provision of a pre-set stopover. The speed of the drill machine must always be under control for which the user is expected to confine the speed limit at the lower levels as it also enables smooth adjustment of speed if required.

3. Size and kind of Chuck

A chuck is held responsible for keeping the drilling machine as a whole single device. The chuck size affects the channel size depending on the shaft size which is also known as bit diameter.

The powerful motor requires big sized chuck but it cannot handle the drill with a larger diameter. Most of the people prefer 1/4 or 3/8 or 1/2 inch of chuck as they are standard recommendations. 


4. Keys or Keyless Chuck

A customized version of drills requires chuck with the keys for easy removal and fitting of machine bits. Bits can be tightened in a quite simplified manner which avoids slipping into the chuck during drilling.

Keyless chuck provides an easier way to modify the bits in the drilling machine without being concerned about the keys and wasting time in search of them.

5. Hammer Action

It is that action that improves the workability of the drill machine in tougher substances. The notch machinery shapes it allowing the chuck to jump to and fro and making the chuck move in and out rapidly, while it’s rotating.

This allows the drill to make its way through bricks and other tough substances. It also requires strong bearings for additional support.


6. Depth Stop

The drill bit is restricted from moving too far by the drill depth stop function. This feature is valued even more when the types of depth are enabled.

7. Screwdriver Function

If the drilling machine is expected to function as a screwdriver then it must have variable speed in addition to the incorporation of reverse drive and torque control. 

Torque Control

It controls the tool by shutting it down until it obtains a definite turning force. Low torque is indicated by nearly 16 positions (numbered control system) which are essential to carry out fine-tuning and ensuring over stiffening of screws does not occur.

Reverse Drive

This feature is enabled by the switch selector. It is essential if the drill is also expected to carry out the function of a screwdriver, which is to remove screws.

8. Additional Features

Drills are preset to have a swift braking system to carry out remarkable functions in the cordless tools with keyless chuck. It enables reverse action, an adaptable torque clutch, and triggers speed adjustment. 

An added handle ensures control and balance for the user. Nowadays this tool is provided in a kit that consists of accessories such as chargers and batteries.

Belt hooks, LED lights and drill bit storage are few of the added features in the kit. You must ensure that the machine is comfortable and convenient before buying it. 

The performance and capacity elevate with the budget but drills used for small repair work in the home do not require enhanced performance which automatically reduces the prices. The reverse feature must be incorporated for better efficiency and driving screws.

The tool must possess the option to vary the speed as it has an essential role to play in creating cleaner holes, regardless of the material characteristics. Torque clutch is one of the necessary aspects when it comes to defining the torque value.

The appliance automatically shuts down on reaching the above-stated value thus reducing accidents or damage to the machine and the user. The user must never be able to remove or dislodge the bits that stick to the machine when it is in use. 

It is a mandatory precautionary feature that is additionally ensured by keyless chuck and reverse drilling mode. Lastly, it is your duty to take precautions from any kind of damage by going through the user’s guide before utilizing the tool for any kind of work. 


Drill machines are very useful and necessary household products that need to be easy to use and handle equipment for you.

Although, it is used quite less number of times as they don’t have a day to day use but turns out to be the most important thing when needed, especially in adverse situations. 


It is used in fields such as carpentering, plumbing, construction, etc. After analyzing over 100 drill machines, we shortlisted the top 10 best drilling machines in India for you. Out of these 10 drill machines, keeping the features and factors in mind, we would recommend you go with Bosch GSB 501 drill machine.

We hope the above buying guide has been helpful for you to get the best drilling machines in India according to your budget and convenience.

Tell us in the comments below, which drill machine you liked the most?

Also, let us know about any query or confusion in selecting a drill machine.

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