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Top 9 Best Solar Panels in India (September 2020) – Reviews & Buying Guide


Do you wish to cut down on heavy electricity bills?


Do you live in an area that faces frequent power cuts for hours?

If the answer to any above question is “Yes”, then today we would like to congratulate you because you have reached the right destination. Today, we will be guiding you about Solar Panels that will take away all your worries.


Solar panels are one of those technical mechanisms that offer a green and inexhaustible solution to produce electrical energy. 

Its basic working principle is the conversion of heat (solar) energy obtained from the sun into electrical energy that can then be used for household or industrial purposes.

We suggest you to read the buying guide, where you will be guided about different types of solar panels and many other factors that would help you to choose the right solar panel for your home, office, or factory.

After deep research of over 1,000 solar panels, we have shortlisted the Top 9 Best Solar Panels in India. Below you will find all the 9 best solar panels in India along with the specification & features of each.

These are the Top 9 Best Solar Panels in India

ProductsOutput PowerWarrantyBuy Now
Loom 50 Watt Solar Panel50 W25 yearsamazon-button
Sukam Solar Panel150 W25 yearsamazon-button
Loom 375 Watt Solar Panel375 W25 yearsamazon-button
Loom 10 Watt Solar Panel10 W25 yearsamazon-button
Luminous Solar Panel325 W25 yearsamazon-button
Loom 40 Watt Solar Panel40 W1 yearamazon-button
Solodine Solar Panel100 W5 yearsamazon-button
Loom 180 Watt Solar Panel180 W25 yearsamazon-button
Microtek Solar Panel150 W25 yearsamazon-button

Top 9 Best Solar Panels in India

1. Loom 50 Watt Solar Panel

Loom is among the leading companies that are well-known for manufacturing great quality solar panels. This brand promotes “made in India” establishment & ensures to produce only quality products.

Loom solar
50-watt solar panels that are of the mono-crystalline type. ‘A’ grade material is being used to produce this amazing looking solar panel. The ultra-clear, high-quality, toughened temper glass of 3.2 mm thickness is used in it because toughened glass is unbreakable and ensures a 22% increase in efficiency during cloudy days as well as in low light.

It consists of the latest cell technology called mono perks that exhibits maximum efficiency through the production of high power. It is devoid of manufacturing defects to the maximum extent by using high-quality raw material for creating this solar panel in an automated factory.

Optimum solar power generation is ensured by this small-sized panel which is light in weight. It is the only company in India that makes mono panels using German-made, anti-PID mono cells in the 12-volt design.

IP67 junction box, MC4 compatible cable connector, 4 bus bars and 36 cells are provided additionally. The maximum system voltage is 600 volts and the maximum power voltage is 19.95 volts.

50 W is the maximum power for this 4.3 stars rated device. They are extensively used for mobile and battery charging.

The brand is providing 25 years of power output transferable warranty and 10 years warranty on manufacturing defects. Not only this but you will also get 10 days replacement and exclusive cashback offers if you buy it today. To avail, the best deal hit the button given below. 

  • Mono Crystalline Technology
  • It is portable
  • Long lifespan
  • Has light weight
  • Cannot be used for high-end applications


2. Sukam Solar Panel

Sukam is a top brand name that is trending in the Indian Inverter market for decades now. Apart from inverters, they are popular for manufacturing solar panels that display excellent performance.


A 100-watt solar panel is presented from the house of Sukam Solar Panels. This solar panel is made according to the polycrystalline or poly-module type.

It is a 12-volt panel that produces quality output with the support of 14.9% efficiency rates. It has the capability to bring down the figures in your electricity bill, quite effortlessly. It weighs only 7.8 kgs, which implies it is light and so can be easily packaged and transported.

It is crafted out of silicon material, in intermediate dimensions which results in the production of a compact solar panel. Voltage and current produced at maximum power is 20.4V and 6.13 A.

Their material’s non-toxic nature is an added advantage to the fact that these panels can be recycled. Having power tolerance between -3 to +3% and degradation rate below 0.75%, Sukam solar panels prove to be a great choice for your home.

The hollow-chambered frame makes the panel durable and rigid enough to withstand adverse weather conditions. These panels would be useful for small scale applications such as charging up small batteries, mobiles, etc. because it consists of just 36 units of solar cells.

This solar panel has acquired a rating of 4 stars out of 5. 5 years of manufacturing warranty is guaranteed in addition to 25 years of performance warranty for this white and blue colored solar panel.

Buy now to grab the 20% flat discount. Also, there are additional cash backs and other exciting savings-offer on this purchase.

  • Isn’t heavy
  • Cheap choice
  • Mechanically strong
  • Linear output warranty of 25 years
  • Low productivity levels
  • Only for off-grid applications


3. Loom 375 Watt Solar Panel

Loom has been trending in the Indian markets through the consistent production of standardized and qualitative solar panels. Just because of this, loom has become a consistent placeholder in the Best solar panels in India.


This Loom 375 watts solar panel works on mono-crystalline technology which means that they are made of ‘A’ grade, anti-PID, German-made mono perk cells that ensure 20% better efficiency than other solar panels. They are efficient in delivering top-class output even under shady and cloudy weather conditions.

It is provided with 5 busbars and 72 cells in addition to a pair of a pre-attached 1-meter long wire, water and dust-proof IP68 junction box that contains pre-installed diode and waterproof MC4 connectors.

Also, it consists of a rustproof aluminium frame for durable and extended life along with 3.2 mm thick, unbreakable and toughened glass.

This solar panel has cell conversion efficiency about greater than 19% and shows off its load withstanding capacity during high wind and snow conditions.

Its power generating capacity is observed to be 39 volts of maximum power voltage and 9.62 amperes of maximum power current. 1000 V of maximum system voltage is claimed by the manufacturer.

It has simple installation procedures and is efficient enough to display high productivity. Being comparatively cheap, it would be a suitable choice for you. The users have given it a rating of 4.2 stars which makes it stand out of the crowd.

25 years of warranty and no-cost EMI payment option is being offered on the purchase of this solar panel. You can avail flat cash backs and a discount of over 50% if you buy it by the button given below.

  • Monocrystalline technology
  • Can be used for both off and on-grid purposes
  • High productivity
  • Compatible with inverters
  • Heavy
  • Pricey pick


4. Loom 10 Watt Solar Panel

Loom is a well-know and reputed company that has managed to maintain top positions in the Indian market. They are experts in the field of manufacturing and marketing solar panels which makes them a constant placeholder in our list of top 9 best solar panels in India.

Loom 10-watt Solar panels consist of high-quality silicon cells that are made in Germany. It works on the latest technology to produce a defect-free product.

These small-sized panels weigh around 1 kg but display class efficiency in power generation even during dim and cloudy conditions. This polycrystalline type of module is ideal for small scale applications such as charging batteries and mobiles, operating light, fan, etc.

They prove to be durable even under adverse weather conditions with the help of waterproof plastic coating over the unbreakable temper glass which is 3.2 mm thick, covered by a light-weight aluminium frame.

There are 36 cells which are PID (Potential Induced Degradation) and high load resistant. This module is provided with water and dustproof MC4 connector with 1-meter long wire and IP68 junction box.

Having 10.03% of efficiency rates, compact dimensions and simple installation procedures, this panel can be easily transported, without much packaging requirements.

It comprises of unique cell technology that enables effortless production of 0.52 Amps of maximum power current and 19.25 volts of maximum power voltage. Classic performance and optimal power generating capabilities has helped the product gain 4.4 stars of average rating.

Loom is providing 25 years of warranty on the purchase of this solar panel. 10 days returnable offer and other discounts can be accessed with a click on the button below.

  • Maximum efficiency
  • High quality
  • Portable appliance
  • Long shelf-life
  • Preferred only for off-grid applications


5. Luminous Solar Panel

The brand name ‘Luminous’ is a growing giant in the Indian market. This company started as producing inverters and has now become a successful solar panels manufacturer and marketer of the industry.
Luminous also produces some of the best ceiling fans, pedestal fans & table fans in India. Luminous offers a 325-watt solar module which generates 24 volts of electricity. It is a product of polycrystalline cell technology that is available in a combination of white and blue color.

The maximum power production is 37.39 V in voltage and 8.20 A in the current. These highly efficient systems are encapsulated with ethyl vinyl acetate for advanced protection and comprise of a sturdy, lightweight aluminium frame that increases the withstanding capacity against adverse weather conditions like high wind and snow.

Improved yield ability is ensured by increased levels of light absorption which is agitated by the anti-reflecting coating and back surface field. This solar panel comprises of high-torsion resistance which ables it to stand against heavy wind and snowfall.

PID technology is integrated to ensure the reduction of unnecessary power loss. It’s compatibility with inverters and the ability to produce quality output even in low light and cloudy weather conditions, makes it a favorable choice for homes and offices.

In addition to high class-conversion efficiency rates and adherence with IEC standards, they have updated power backing up systems that go hand in hand with UPS, PCU and batteries, charge controllers and grid systems.

This 4 stars rated device has been crafted with compact dimensions. These solar panels are offered with a minimum of 25 years of performance warrant. Other offers and discounts are also applied. Buy now to access them.

  • Obeys IEC standards
  • Excellent efficiency and power generation
  • Compatible with inverter
  • Affordable price tag
  • Heavy on an overall basis
  • Demands a space of 20 square feet


6. Loom 40 Watt Solar Panel

Loom is a recognized and popular brand whose products and services have made the Indian markets indebted to them. Their expertise in this field is incomparable.


Loom solar panel proposes a 40-watt solar panel that is awarded an average of 4.2 stars rating. It is a polycrystalline module that has German-made, high-quality silicon cells embedded in 12-volt design to increase efficiency and productivity.

Usage of new and automated technology assures in the production of solid panels, without any defects.

They have a long life span and can withstand extreme conditions like rain, wind or snow. Also, the compact dimensions and reduced the weight of the panel provides the best energy production experience even under low light and cloudy weather conditions.

It is utilised to charge mobiles and small batteries and operate small DC appliances such as light, fans, etc. It contains a white-colored, toughened temper glass whose thickness ranges from 3.2 mm to 4 mm.

Maximum protection is ensured by the provision of EVA resin and back sheet. 19.25 V of voltage and 2.08 A of current is the maximum power figure. This durable solar panel comprises of a frame that is designed to support a load up to 6000 Pa in front and 5400 Pa, in back.

12 months of performance warranty and 25 years of power output transferable warranty is guaranteed by the manufacturer for this solar module. These offers are topped with no-cost EMI payment option, cash backs, and undeniable discounts, which can be accessed with a click on the button below.

  • Portable device
  • High-class performance
  • Low weight
  • Long lasting
  • The only off-grid application can be implemented
  • Small scale applications


7. Solodine Solar Panel

Solodine is a popular brand name that would come to your mind as soon as you hear the word ‘solar panels’. They are acknowledged and valued for manufacturing and selling, not only efficient solar panels but first-class photovoltaic appliances too.


Solodine offers a top-class, 100 watt – 12-volt solar panel. This panel is also available in 75 W, 150 W, and 200 W of power rating.

It is made of the polycrystalline solar panel type and produces 5.1 Amp of maximum current. This product is approved and certified by MNRE and IEC. Its effortless and consistent work-ability added to positive tolerance value of up to 5%, enables the generation of qualitative outputs.

It is claimed to be a reliable and sustainable appliance. They also can generate a high level of energy under weak lighting and cloudy conditions. Its performance is stabilized and enhanced with the support of IP67 junction box which is waterproof.

Having easy installation, attracting blue color, affordable rates, ready-to-use features, and quick availability, has got the panel’s name in the list of preferred products, by customers.

This appliance can be used to charge small batteries and based on their overall performance; they have acquired a rating of 3.7 stars out of 5, on an average.

5 years of extended warranty for workmanship and 12 months warranty is offered along with the panel. 10 days replacement and unbelievable discounts are available. Don’t miss your chance to get a hold on other savings-offer, so purchase it now.

  • Not heavy
  • Comparatively cheaper
  • Inverter compatible
  • Low space requirement
  • On-grid application only
  • Small end application


8. Loom 180 Watt Solar Panel

Loom is a standard brand name that is recommended by many for its expertise and excellence in creating and selling high-grade solar panels. India holds a special place in the market, for this company’s appliances.


Solar panels from the house of loom have a 180-watt power rating. ‘A’ grade silicon cells are arranged to form a monocrystalline type panel. Having 17-20% of efficiency rates, one can observe elite performance.

The coating of unbreakable, toughened tempered glass of 3.2 mm thickness is provided along with 5 bus bars and 36 cells. Waterproof and dust-proof IP68 rated junction box pre-installed diodes, MC4 connectors and 1 m wire are supplied.

This strong solar panel is durable and this is proven by the fact that it can withstand heavy wind and snowfall. Aluminium frame that is light in weight is integrated into the module to provide resistance against rust and ensure longer life.

It can generate power output even at low light and cloudy condition. The maximum power in the voltage is given by 19.95 V and in current it is 9.03 A. this module has acquired a rating of 4.5 stars and can be applied for charging batteries and electronics.

This black-coloured solar panel possesses a suitable commercial and power station property. It is PID resistant and has positive power tolerance.

25 years of the warranty period, no-cost EMI payment option, flat discounts, cash backs and a variety of offers are applied. To enjoy green-energy at a bargained rate, obtain this solar panel immediately.

  • Compatible with both on and off-grid applications
  • Less space requirement
  • Not too weighty
  • Convenient to install and use
  • Expensive choice


9. Microtek Solar Panel

Microtek is an ever-green brand name that is preferred by many when it comes to purchasing solar panels. They have been manufacturing superior-quality solar panels & voltage stabilisers and selling them to the Indian market for a long period now.


Microtek gives you a 150 watt – a 12-volt solar panel that is manufactured using high-class photovoltaic technologies. This module is protected by the Eva encapsulation and ensures efficient and effortless output by the brilliant light response.

These features can be observed even in dim or low visibility conditions. Maximum power production is enabled by proficient solar cells. It is proved by the following figures Maximum power voltage: 17.72 V, Maximum power current: 8.47 A.

This is an optimized choice that is durable enough to withstand storms and snow. The heavy-duty aluminium frames integrated into the system are anodized and ensures resistance against corrosion and positive tolerance.

They also comprise of pre-drilled holes which ease and quicken installation. The panel contains 915 mounting holes and 12 multi-crystalline silicon solar cells in each module unit. The tempered glass has low iron contents and is available in the thickness of 3.2 mm.

This silver-colored, metal solar panel is provided with an IP65 junction box with bypass diodes. The long life of the battery and soundless working are a few unique features that don’t allow you to turn your back on this 4.4 stars rated device.

5 years of free service, 25 years of performance warranty, no-cost EMI option, and discounts up to 30% are provided. To access cash backs, bank-offers, and other valid offers, click on the button below.

  • Compatible with on and off-grid applications
  • Light in weight
  • Noise-free performance
  • Longer backups
  • Slightly expensive


Buying Guide – Best Solar Panels in India 

Solar panels are revolutionary products whose graph is remarkably trending in the upward direction, noting that this is a green approach in the field of energy production. Such appliances must be adopted by everyone in concern with the ever-increasing pollution and demand.

And to do so, several factors and features must be known and understood to implement and use the device, productively. Before stepping your foot to the detailed explanation, we would request you to have a glance at what we are talking about, for a quick brush up.



The solar panel is a systematically balanced system of an inverter, wires, cabling, junction boxes, mounting structures, battery, charge controller, and solar cells combined. The key element is the solar cell because it is the component that works on the conversion of heat and produces electricity. They are held together through multiple stringing, taping, and connections, topped with laminations, to form a panel. 


Absorption of sunlight occurs during day time through the reaction that converts solar energy into electricity, in solar panels. The flow of current is agitated by the excitation of electrons which occurs due to the energy that falls on the atom. The power generated is utilized and the excess power is stored for its utilization during night time. 

Types of solar systems

Off-Grid Solar PV System

Solar panels that have a system but work independently is called off-grid solar PV system. It does not supply power to the grid and so can be used in areas where there acute power problems or no reliable power supply.

On-Grid Solar PV System

Solar PV system that produces energy and supplies to the power grid is called on-grid solar PV system. It does not comprise of batteries as the power generated is supplied to the grid.

Now, let’s have a look at the types of solar panels available, followed by important features like solar cell efficiency, solar panel rating, power tolerance, temperature coefficient, etc.

Types of Solar Panels

There are 3 types of solar panels that differ on the solar cell type and, working and efficiency. They are –

  • Monocrystalline silicon solar panels

Silicon is cast in a cylindrical shape. These are known as silicon ingots. When a single piece of silicon ingot is formed into bars and cut into wafers to make a panel then it is called “Mono – Crystalline Silicon Solar Panel” or just ‘Mono Panels’.

Due to the usage of the mono ingot, high-quality silicon is taken which increases the efficiency and life span. These panels are offered with 25 years warranty. It consumes less space producing more power, in comparison to the other two types and it is characterized by the single, flat, black hue appearance.

With added quality and efficiency, this type of solar panel has the highest cost. Also, they must be held from being exposed to shade, dirt, or snow, which requires an additional investment of micro-inverter equipment. It might not be a homely product but it’s an aesthetic product that can be put to use in other applications.

  • Polycrystalline silicon solar panels

After going through the mono panel section, one would surely infer that polycrystalline silicon solar panels are mechanisms that are made of fragments of silicon cast into square moulds, from which the wafers are cut out and put together.

Low-grade silicon, which has a lesser purity level, is the raw material. This imparts the bluish hue to the poly panel, with a white tinge. This residential product comprises of multiple small silicon crystals, thus exhibiting 13 to 16% of efficiency range and providing maximum affordability. 

  • Thin-film solar panels

The deposition of either one or several layers of various photovoltaic materials on a substrate leads to the formation of second-generation solar panels, known as thin-film solar panels. The working technology and capability vary with the variation in those materials which produces electricity on producing it to sunlight, that is, photovoltaic material.

They have only 7 to 13% efficiency range but are more flexible and resistant to high temperatures when compared to the other 2 types. It is not much of an effective residential product as their life span is quite short which is due to the quick degradation. Even though its performance is not affected by shading and is aesthetically appreciated. 


Installation of a solar panel is a thought-provoking process that requires smart brains to bring out maximum efficiency. Thus the direction differs from country to country. In India, South is the preferred direction of installation.

This is since India is a southern hemisphere country, and so, there is an elliptical trajectory of the sun towards the south during earth’s rotation from east to west. The seasons do not matter or affect the inclination. Another major parameter which has to be considered while the installation is the tilt angle.

This can be determined only by the latitude of your location. 28 to 30 degrees would be the tilt angle for a person living in Delhi, while it is 10 to 12 degrees in Cochin, Kerala. Also, one must ensure that there are no obstacles that would stand in between the sun rays and solar panels. 


Solar Cell Efficiency

A strong building requires a sturdy foundation and in our case, a proficient solar panel requires an efficient solar cell. It is the measure of the effectiveness of the solar module to convert solar radiation into electricity.

In technical terms, the amount of sunlight converted into electricity per unit area is the efficiency rating. Higher efficiency implies a higher production of electricity on a specific quantity of input radiation.

Size does not affect productivity but the capability of solar cells does. So, to obtain maximum output you must opt for a solar panel that is huge and has the utmost efficiency rating. This factor allows the user to acquire the most power production at a confined space. The solar panels usually have an efficiency of 20% or slightly more. 

Temperature Coefficient

You would have commonly come across or heard this saying – increase in temperature leads to a decrease in yield ability, due to heat loss. This is applicable in solar panels too. It would quite amusing to know that it applies to solar panels too because this product requires sunlight for energy production.

In general, most of them are rated at 25 degrees, above which the power generation reduces. This parameter is measured as the high-temperature effect on solar module functioning. It is defined as the amount of decreased power production for an increase in temperature, at each degree Celsius.

Hence, one must buy solar modules which have a lower temperature coefficient. It can be calculated using the following formula:

(Temperature increase of solar cell – 25 degree Celsius) * (temperature coefficient) = Total % drop.

(Total percentage drop) * (solar panel rating) = Power loss. 

Power Tolerance

The range of power produced by solar panels under real-time conditions, which is either above or below its power rating, is called power tolerance. This value is indicated in percentage along with a plus or minus symbol.

Solar panels having low power tolerance are suggested but then they have improvised to a higher level, where solar cells have negative power tolerance. These are profitable as they predict power production correctly. 

Panel Quality and Durability

Another necessary factor that has to be noted is the quality and durability of the solar panel. Quality can be ensured by the ISO certification and the ‘9000 series certification’ indicates that the panel has all the essential specifications, integrated into it.

Durability defines the withstanding capacity of the panel against snow, high wind, rains, storms, and other conditions. And so, the solar panels are designed to resist or sustain the odds and are put under various tests. This product is then certified by IEC if it proves to be durable enough.

Panel Ratings and Reviews

The rating given for a solar panel based on the power generating capacity under standard test conditions is called power rating. The panel might not face all the conditions but it can help you understand and compare the solar cells based on productivity.

More rating implies more power generation and greater size, but it has nothing to do with efficiency and technological superiority. Also, the reviews help you choose the best solar panels as it would give an idea of the solar panel quality and requirements. It would help you understand the product without trials. 


Manufacturer Assurances and Warranty

A product is always supported, for an extended duration, through warranties and other assurances. It is a basic entitle that is provided along with other essential factors. Solar modules are one, long – time investment and so they would require extra support.

They are offered with 10 years product warranty and 25 years power warranty, in India but it is not as simple and straight as it seems to be. Solar panels are uniquely offered with two types of warranty – one is the manufacturer’s warranty and the other is the performance warranty. 

Manufacturer’s Warranty

It is that warranty that covers the material and manufacturing defects, durability in addition to other issues. Usually, it’s time ranges from 5 to 15 years, but it varies from brand to brand.

Also, it is a very necessary parameter, especially for this product, as it is kept outdoors and will be exposed to vulnerable damages. 

Before we learn about the second warranty, let us take a look into the below factor. 

There is a common phenomenon that occurs in every solar panel and it is called panel degradation.

In this, the current production decreases every year, with the second year facing the highest reduction. This ultimately decreases the output power generation in solar cell and it is called degradation rate. This degradation does occur but will not exceed 0.7% of the drop level. However, it is much better as smaller this percentage gets. These factors are those drawbacks that do not have a solution yet, so they are compensated by warranty provision, which is seen below.

Performance warranty

Warranty provided in account of the degradation or the panel degradation rate is called performance or power production warranty. 25 years is offered in this warranty by manufacturers, claiming that the power-producing capacity will be 80% even after 25 years of operation. 



Cost of the solar panel is the highlighting factor that attracts customers, especially in India. Everyone would want the best at the lowest price, but it’s not practical because quality comes at a price. To know the true value there is a simple trick up the sleeve. Divide the panel price by the no. of watt it produces, and the answer obtained should be the real cost of your panel.

However, there is a possibility of making sure that you pay for what you buy, thus it’s your duty to ensure the components quality, installation charge, warranty period, etc. are available so that your solar panel is worth your hard-earned money.


Last but never the least, this criterion is also important that has to be considered before buying a solar module. Always buy a solar panel that has a certification of approval by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). It would help you get a subsidy from the government on installation expenses, only for on-grid projects.


aHence, solar panels are constructive and valuable products that multiply the benefits, on extended and constant usage. One must take up this alternative, wherever possible as it would not require replenishment and can efficiently function throughout its life span, for free.

Considering all the key points and keeping the top 10 companies offering this product, in mind, we would recommend you to go with “Loom 180 watt solar panels”. They will surely stand up to your expectation and meet your demands, fruitfully.

After going through the above content we hope that you would have become familiar with the necessary and concerned factors required for the productive functioning of a solar panel.

Thus, we sum up the article by hoping that it was convincing and obliging for you to get the best of the best. And finally, we request everyone to opt and promote solar panels for a bright and environment – friendly future. 

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