Top 9 Best Epilators in India (June 2021) – Buying Guide and Reviews

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Are you in search of the Best Epilator Machine in India?

If yes, you have reached the right place.

If you’re a female then the ‘body hair’ is the subject you may find most maddening of all. Removing hair from armpits, legs, hands, and everything else may not be a very pleasant experience.

Hot wax poured on the skin and peeling it off or using the razor every second day to keep up on top of regrowth of the hair is irksome.


But until now! With the handy epilators, the hair removal task becomes a piece of cake. The epilator is the aggregation of tweezers.

Tweezers attached on the roller, grasp the hair and pull it out effortlessly and avoids the pain. Thus, making an epilation a smart choice.

Everyone desires to make their first investment on the epilator machine after considering every single factor.

The various characteristics, features, and attributes offered by the brands will make you perplexed. And that is why we stand here to make your job easier.

There is a detailed buying guide with all the necessary details on this page that you must know when purchasing an epilator. It will help you in making a wise decision.

After a critical examination of the brands, we have listed down the Top 9 Best Epilators in India. All the idiosyncrasies are briefly explained. So let us get started.

These are the Top 9 Best Epilators in India

Best Epilators in India

1. Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 Wet and Dry Epilator

Braun has been grasping the attention of the market with its products for a long time. The hair removal products are formulated to give you a touch of smooth velvety skin. The epilators by Braun help you achieve salon effects with the comfort of your own residence.

The Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 epilator is suited for every skin type. Running on the skin surface, the epilator leaves a smooth and gleaming skin in one stroke. The work of the epilator is efficacious and will do just fine.

With the waterproof functionality of the epilator, the hair removal task has become even easier. You can now get rid of the hair while taking a bath or under the shower.

Using the epilator with lukewarm water will eliminate the discomfort and eventually recommended for a calming experience. This super epilator will do your work with the power of 40 tweezers.

The accumulation of such a high number of tweezers pulls out each strand of your hair. Even the tiniest hair of 0.5 mm cannot escape from this epilator. The head of the machine can be twirled.

The revolving head is useful when it comes to moving along the curves of your body. It comes with a high definition feature of smart light. A certain amount of light is used to cast upon every hair for better functionality.

The absence of the cord is a fantastic advantage. This makes the device easy-to-handle. Additionally, the battery power it offers is amazing. The battery charges up within an hour for long term usage. There are also 8 other accoutrements with the epilator.

The other attachments are for cleaning hair from different body parts. This makes the purchase a wholesome package of a home salon. The whole 2- year warranty span of the epilator makes it a profitable deal. To grab this amazing deal, click the button below.

  • Multi-functional machine
  • Cordless and energy saving
  • Perfect shape for easy use
  • Keenly priced
  • Charge often for better use


2. Braun Face 80 – Pack of 2 Brush Refills

Trusted since the inauguration, Braun continues to innovate and expand by bringing the world a versatile range of hair removal options. The collection of Braun brings you the most exclusive ingredient in beauty i.e. the face cleansing brush.


Braun faces cleansing brush is formulated keeping in the picture the sensitivity of the face skin. The usage of the Braun face cleansing brush gives you the gift of a glowing face by removing all the dirt particles and even the smallest hair.

The face cleansing brush contains the softest bristles to remove the micro-sized granules of dirt. Thousands of bristles rotate, twirl, and oscillates at the same time to eliminate the unwanted particles at one glide.

The maintenance of the fantastic brush comes at a low cost. After using, you can simply rinse the brush with running water. This will help the brush to operate effectively. The purchase of the brush will give you an extra pair of brush.

It would be rather commendable if you change the brush every 3 months. The alteration of the old brush with the new brush will give you enhanced performance. This product has scored a high rating in overall performance.

The work of the cleansing brush exfoliates your skin by massaging your face. After the opening of the pores, the deeply buried impurities come out tenderly. This Braun face cleansing brush works 100 times better than any normal face-clean up.

This leaves you the glowing, baby-soft face. The whole package of the Braun Face Cleansing Brush has a warranty period of 2 years. The warranty span dictates that the quality of the product is par excellence.

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Extra accoutrements
  • Skin-friendly
  • Best only for face clean up


3. Philips BRE635 Satinelle Advanced Cordless Epilator

Think of any electrical product, and the first name you may come to your mind would be Philips. It is a popular brand in the Indian market and among the consumers for its quality products and post-sale services.

Philips BRE635 is an efficient epilator to help you recover a healthy-looking skin and body. This epilator is an expert in hair removal. The product is people-centric which makes it favorable for use. This epilator is designed with a ceramic surface

The ceramic develops a unique composition. The remarkable design of the epilator has a super-fast rotating disc. The rapid movement of the disc pulls out the hair speedily and swiftly. Different body parts have different requirements.

Therefore, Philips BRE635 has numerous types of attachments to meet varied necessities. There is an area cap, shaving head, trimming comb, and a facial cap. The attachments will help you to easily catch up with your body curves.

The epilator machine has been formulated with an ergonomic design. Because of the ergonomic design, the handle of the epilator derives an S-shape. This contour of the machine facilitates a strong grip.

Accordingly, the movement of the epilator becomes convenient. The waterproof mechanism will do sound grand. It will give you the opportunity to operate the epilator even during the bath. Further, the epilator is cordless.

It is the most fantabulous advantage. Unlike the other normal epilators, this product features a 30 mm broad-head. The vast head will allow you to capture a wider space. This makes hair removal chore easy and fast.

During the process of hair removal, this epilator stretches your skin. The tightened skin will ensure a better quality of work. To make the epilation even for effective there is an opti-light.

The option light casts flash on the skin that will help the epilator detect and pull out even the teeniest hair with ease. Using the Philips BRE635 epilator has many advantages. Therefore, investing bucks on this amazing epilator machine will never go in vain.

  • Excellent features incorporated
  • Unique design
  • Soother skin in minutes
  • High power machine
  • Needs electric power to run


4. Philips BRE245/00 Corded Compact Epilator

This product also comes from the house of Philips. The word ‘Philips’ is trusted by millions. The trust has been passed down from generation to generation, establishing a secure foothold in the epilator market.


Over the centuries, the epilators designed by Philips has innovation and helped in gaining a beautiful skin. Philips BRE245/00 exceeds each of the features. This is the epilator you have been searching for.

This epilator is designed with the latest technology, is beneficial for multi-functional, and lasts for several years.

The numerous tweezers attached in the epilator is more effective and efficient than any standard epilator. This makes the epilating more suitable than waxing, razors, or lasers.

The Philips BRE245/00 epilator can even pick up the hair which is not visible to your eye. The work of this epilator is so efficacious that 0.5 mm sized hair can also not escape it. This epilator comes with a 1.8 metres long cord.

The long wire ensures the better management of the device. You can now easily move your epilator and reach out to any of your body parts without facing any hurdles. This epilator can be used in both dry and wet environments.

You can now use it under the shower or sitting on the couch with much ease. It is also easy to clean. You can wash the epilator parts with water. This allows you to maintain hygiene. The cleaning of the appliance also gives better performance.

What makes this epilator unique is that there are 2 settings for the speed. The speed of the epilation can be controlled for removing thick as well as thin hair.

Not only the epilator has good looks with the ergonomic design but also has a wonderful warranty package. You will get a full 2-year warranty on this product. Moreover, the warranty period can be extended upon your request.

  • Favourable warranty package
  • 100% waterproof
  • Dual technology of shaver and epilator
  • Ideal for every skin type
  • Hard to manage when plugged in


5. Braun Silk Epil 1/1170 Epilator

Braun is a truly global brand known for maintaining its renowned products. Braun is a company that cares for your beauty. The company combines the latest technology with the highest quality for achieving the ultimate luxury in hair removal. It is rated as the best epilator in India.

The epilator is notably dedicated to helping you and every other woman embrace the unique beauty while removing every single hair. Along with multiple tweezers, the epilator is best in eliminating even the hair that manages to escape from our eyes.

Plucking the hairs from the root will free you from day to day waxing. The regrowth of the hair can be now controlled and you get the smooth skin for 1 month. The plucking of hair can cause you pain but don’t you worry about this product.

This epilator functions to ease your distress. There are lift tips to ensure this. The tip of the epilator lifts up the lying hairs gently. This guarantees efficiency in removing every strand of hair.

There is no issue with your epilator running out in the middle of the process. The epilator comes with a cord. The cord is the source of power for the machine. This enhances the performance of the appliance.

This ends the problem of charging the batteries every now and then. A 2-year warranty period will be given with the purchase of the epilator. You can contact any of the service centers to replace or repair any part of the machine without spending a penny.

After using it, you will categorize it epilator as the best epilator machine. The epilation process is done so smoothly that you won’t feel any pain or discomfort. The tweezers revolve around your skin pulling out hairs at a single go.

  • Has varied features
  • Easy on skin
  • Gentle on every body part
  • Delivers high efficiency
  • The cord for power could not be managed sometimes
  • Cannot be used under water


6. Braun Series-3/3270 Epilator

Braun is an iconic brand that you can lay trust on. It is the most popular brand in the grooming market. With the idea of making the hair removable process a little bit more enjoyable, Braun has been providing us with epilators with world-class quality.

Braun Series-3/3270 is the answer you have been looking from so far. It has made the hair removal process feasible for everyone and possibly it without pain. This epilator comes with a set of 20 tweezers. The 20 hair pulling tweezers is the ideal number for everyone. 

It is good for the hands, legs, and areas with dense and thick hair. Epilating with this product is faster than ever. It is a simple 3 in 1 system including a shaver head, trimmer cap, and a massage pad.

It gives you the option to choose your type of skincare routine. The roller of the epilator has a massager. The massager massages your skin to stimulate blood circulation. It further exfoliates your skin for better results.

There is also an inbuilt light for better visualisation. The light makes even the smallest hair in the body visible. This gives rise to a smooth even skin. Not every piece of epilator gives you the option of choosing the epilator speed.

But this epilator is customised to meet your needs. The two-speed settings grant you permission to select a speed for soft epilation and speed for regular epilation.

It is also worth knowing that there are several benefits to purchasing this product. Along with the features, there is a full 2-year warranty. This is the whole package for a home salon at an affordable price.

  • Dual speed function
  • Sturdy tool
  • Many attachments added
  • Affordable price
  • Great warranty
  • 20 tweezers only


7. Braun Silk-Epil SE 5-541 Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator

Braun continues to thrive since its beginning. It has begun to wrestle the world of skincare. The company deals in lots of best hair removal products like Epilators. The range of hair removal products is designed to meet your various needs.

Braun Silk-Epil 5-541 is the best epilator in India that is available at an affordable price. The epilator is committed to minimising the distress confronted by you while using the other methods to wipe out the hair.

With 28 tweezers, the epilator has an enormous amount of power. The small tweezers in the epilator pull out the smallest and tiniest hair. The powerful machine can run on a hairy surface without much effort.

There is a massager to accomplish the work more easily. The massager rotates gently on your skin, which facilitates the blood to flow more efficiently. It gives your skin a natural glow along with smoothness.

The epilator is known best for its wieldy design. The epilator is formulated in such a way that it is easy to hold and the tension of falling off the machine from your hands never comes to your mind. All thanks to the anti-grip facility.

The epilator works both in wet and dry conditions. You can now easily use an epilator while taking a bath for better and effective results. The most amazing part is that you can work with the epilator both as a shaver, a trimmer, and an epilator at the same time.

There are a shaving head and trimmer cap, which can be attached when needed, to execute this purpose. Laying your hand on this product will leave you with a hair-free skin for a full 4 weeks. There comes a multicolor option. You can choose your favorite colour for your epilator.

  • 3 in 1 machine
  • Functions in both dry and wet surface
  • Has a wieldy design
  • Leading brand in grooming equipment
  • Less number of tweezers


8. Philips Satinelle Advanced Hair Removal Epilator

The contemporary Indian enterprise, Philips continuously innovates to offer a wide range of high-performance and world-class skincare products.

Combining technology with an in-depth understanding of the needs, Philips will offer you a comprehensive beauty experience with its epilators. The Philips Satinelle Advanced epilator is favorable for every skin type. 

The bucks spent on the epilator will pay off rightly. This epilator has gained positive reviews from its consumers. Once charged with the cord included you can use the Philips Satinelle Advanced epilator on dry skin or under the shower.

The head of this epilator is wide enough to remove every single hair in each pass. It pivots along with your body. This helps keep the epilator head flat on your skin’s surface in trickier areas like underarms or behind knees.

This hair removal epilator is better than waxing or razors because it catches the hair that other methods can’t. It can pluck up the hair small as a grain. The epilator is made with sleek and thin design. This makes it easier to use and handle.

The epilator runs smoothly on your skin and cleans your sensitive parts precisely. This epilator is also easy to clean to maintain its effectiveness. It is good on durability scores and will not break in the near time. To get this amazing Philips machines, tap the red button given below.

  • Easy to hold and use
  • Adapts to every contour
  • Works well on coarse hair
  • Less mobility because of the cord


9. Impex IS-V2 Rechargeable Lady Shaver Epilator

Impex celebrates the idea of beauty. Believing that everyone has the birthright to look beautiful, Impex creates products that help you in attaining a marvelous look. The products by Impex are the best and most innovative. Getting a product from Impex promises you great pleasure.

Impex IS-V2 is the most selling epilator in India. Because of its features and mechanisms, the epilator has made its way to most of Indian women. This epilator is cordless and can be recharged.

There is a DV adapter for fulfilling the charging purpose. You can plug in the cord and charge the batteries for efficient 25 minutes hair removal. In fact, you can use it while it recharges, unlike the other epilators.

Moreover, the epilator can be used in both dry and wet surfaces anytime and anywhere. This allows better use of the epilator machine. The blades are designed with utmost scrutiny. It eliminates the pain you feel while plucking of the hair.

The operation of the machine is as easy as a pie. With the on/off switch you easily control the settings of the machine. Slide the switch up to start the machine and slide down to switch off the machine.

The structure of this epilator is designed as per your convenience. The handle of the epilator gives rise to a strong grip. You can easily handle the machine. Handling the machine in the right way will remove the hairs in a better way.

Shaving may be the approachable option that is why the epilator gives you the experience of trimmer and shaver along with the epilating. Intense care has been taken to preserve your sensitive skin.

Your skin is not pulled while plucking the hair and thus gives you a pleasant home salon experience. In other words, this epilator will prove to be an ideal friend to your skin. The 1-year warranty on the epilator will be provided as the essence of a powerful machine that will outlast its life expectancy.

  • High-end model
  • Multifunctional
  • Works both on wet and dry skin
  • Fast hair removal
  • The battery might require a frequent charge


Buying Guide – Best Epilators in India

Do you want smooth, silky skin? Do you wonder about hair-free velvety body surface?

The easiest and approachable method that pops into the mind is going to a nearby parlor for waxing or buying a bunch of razors. Though these are the quickest techniques and immediate solution to get rid of the unwanted hairs, the result might not come out as per your expectations.

After bearing the hot wax on your skin or harsh razor blades still, some of the hair manages to escape. Moreover, the hair tips left behind are most irritating. What will make you more infuriated is the popping out of the hair every other day?


So, the best solution for hair removal is a terrific invention: Epilator. An epilator is a hair removal expert. It consists of minor tweezers that pluck your hair from its root. It rolls on your skin smoothly and grasps out even the smallest hair on the way.

Epilation has its own advantage. Using an epilator will leave you with a hair-free, smooth, silky, and glowing skin, not for days but a minimum for 1 month. Now there is no pain to bear and no hassle to face like the time of trying razors.

Epilating remains a sagacious choice because of its efficiency at the time of work. But finding out the perfect epilator model may be distressing. One has to switch a thousand epilators before getting the right epilator.

Types of Epilators Spoliers

Along with varied features, there are different types of epilators also. Some of the epilator categories are mentioned below:

Corded Epilators

The corded epilators are the traditional type of epilators which have an attached wire. The wire is the source of power for the machine. You have to plug in the wire to a socket to operate the epilator.

The corded epilators eliminate the issue of battery life. As the cord gives energy to the epilator, there are no batteries. You don’t have to recharge the batteries every now and then. This becomes very easy to use.

It is evident that as corded epilator derives electricity directly through the cord, it is more efficient. It has more power and robustness as compared to the cordless epilators.

Though the advantage list of the corded epilators is long there is one downside too. Because of the cord, you have to stay close to the socket for using the epilator. Also, the long cord may get tangled which can create a great fuss.

Cordless Epilators

Cordless epilators are named so because of the absence of the wire. The lack of wire makes it more convenient to use.

The cordless epilators are the latest model of epilators. This type of epilator comprises rechargeable batteries. Unlike the corded epilators, the batteries of the cordless epilators provide power to the machine to run.

The compact design makes it wieldy. You can use the epilator in whatever place you want without any problem. It provides greater mobility.

The only downfall you have to experience is that you have to recharge the batteries from time to time. Sometimes the batteries can run out in the middle of the usage which can be bothering.

Spring Type Epilators

The spring type epilators incorporate a coil spring. The spring is bowed into a curve and placed upon the unwanted hair. The machine rotates the spring, causing the spring to flex as it rotated. The hairs are caught up in the spring and pulled out from its root.

The only thing that piles up in your worklist that you need to open up the epilator to clear the hair collected. The thing with spring-type epilators is that it will not live up to your expectations. Several hairs are left out. The hair tips left behind pricks.

Rotating Disc Type Epilators

Rotating disc epilators are the modern version of spring type epilators. With the speeding innovation, the rotating disc is the modern type of epilators.

The only difference between the spring type epilators and rotating disc type epilators is that the latter has a disc instead of a coil to pluck out the hairs.

Tweezer Type Epilator

The tweezers type epilators are the most recent model of epilators. These type of epilators have the facility of pivoting head. Along with the rotating head, there are several tweezers.

The rotating head and the teeny tweezers work together to remove all the hair. This category of epilator is the best as it doesn’t cause much pain in removing the hairs.

Factors to Consider while Buying the Best Epilator in India

There are several factors to look upon when you are fetching up for the needs. Your needs should be customized, important features should be listed, and the budget should be decided.

After going through and researching every hair removal brand in India, we have compiled the features and requirements that you need to take in the

Wet or Dry

Some of the epilators can work either in wet or dry environments. The wet use type epilators can be used under the shower or while bathing. You can also run the epilator on the surface that has lotion or gel. Usage of this category of epilator eases out the pain when used underwater.

The dry type epilators are the traditional ones. It has no waterproof functionality and thus recommended to put away the epilator in a dry condition. You will not be able to use the epilator on a wet surface.

The wet use type epilators are rechargeable and don’t carry a cord. While the epilators that have to run on the dry surface have a cord with it.

Therefore, while the dry use epilators are best for efficiency, the wet use epilators will be best for those who don’t want to feel pain. The epilators with high-quality can have the feature of both wet and dry use. And now most of the epilators have both the functions.


While fetching the best product, the versatile range of accouterments should be checked. The attachments are known as heads in the epilator world. The various attachments will help you to make the best use of your epilator.

The accessories will let you choose the best head for various body parts. It is crucial for several heads as different body parts require different types of heads.- colored

Each epilator brand has different types of heads. Having several heads is always approved. It will help you in eliminating the pain you face during epilating.


When it comes to spending your currency which you earned with hard work, you need to pay a little attention. Most of the epilators fall under a reasonable price.

The average amount you need to spend upon a reliable epilator is Rs. 1000 to Rs. 6000. The epilators of this price range are affordable, reliable, have different types of changeable heads and come from a reputed brand.


A warranty is a stamp of good quality and high performance. Since the warranty period defines the quality of the product, getting a warranty period with a longer span is necessary.

Epilators should carry a warranty period of a minimum one year. This will guarantee that the product you will pay for is promising. It will give you a chance to contact the customer service for any kind of repair or replace.


There are epilators in the market that produces sound while operating. You certainly don’t want your epilator to disturb you or others. For this purpose, you need to check whether your epilator will make sound or not while running. You need to make sure of that.


Number Of Tweezers

The tweezers are the most imperative part of the epilator. It is the tweezers that pluck out the hair from its root. The high number of tweezers dictates the efficiency of the epilator. The more the number of tweezers, the more powerful is the machine!

An ideal epilator model can have 20 tweezers to 72 tweezers. A high number of tweezers also means that epilation takes less time. However, the fast work of the tweezers will give rise to more pain.

Light Power

Some of the hair manages to escape even the powerful epilators. This will not promote entirely hair-free smooth skin. To save you from pricky skin, there is a facility of light. The torch throws light even on the smallest hair. This will allow your epilator to catch each and every strand of hair.

The light is an important feature because some of the hair is not visible to your eye. The light will make it visible and every hair will be pulled out without facing any hurdles.

Cleaning Solution

If you want your epilator to last longer, surely look for some cleaning solution for your machine. The good quality epilators come with washable technology.

You will be able to clear out the debris after the usage. Cleaning your epilator often will maintain hygiene and will make your epilator last longer.

Speed Settings

Not every skin on your body has the same texture. Different skin texture requires a different speed range. For this purpose, you need to look for dual speed settings.

You can change the speed to low while running on sensitive skin like the underarms and switch to fast speed while epilating legs and hands with dense hair.

If you are naive then you certainly need the power of two speeds. Epilating at a fast speed rate can hurt and therefore calls for slow speed. After adjusting to epilation, you would prefer high speed. Therefore, you should always go for epilators with two-speed settings.


How to Use an Epilator?

Epilator is new to the hair removal market. It is a better option over waxing and razors. You will experience less pain over other techniques. But before switching to epilator you need to know how to use an epilator. Not knowing the right instructions will not give the best output.

  • The first step is to get the best epilator for you. The model should suit your skin and incorporate all of the features for the optimum result.
  • The next in epilation is to exfoliation of the skin. Scrubbing the face will eliminate the problem of ingrown hair. After the scrub, you need to focus on exfoliation. Exfoliation of the skin will remove the dead skins. Also, it will lift up the hairs to make the epilation process more effective.
  • You need to get the best position to hold your epilator. Get a grip over the epilator machine so that it doesn’t fall off. Don’t press hard on the skin. Pressing hard will lead to damaged skin. Gently roll over the epilator on your hairy skin for best results.
  • You can either epilate in wet or dry condition. Epilating in the wet surface will ease out the pain, but the choice entirely lies upon you.
  • It is very important to hold your skin tight while using an epilator. Doing so will not pinch your skin. It will further prevent you from experiencing the plucking pain.
  • After epilating, wash off the skin with warm water. Apply lotion to lock the moisture. This will lead to buttery smoothness skin.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1) What body parts can be epilated?

Ans. The epilators are generally formulated in such a way that it can be used in every body part. However some epilators are designed specifically for certain body parts.

Therefore, before purchasing the epilator you need to make sure that the epilator is designed for every body part.

Q2) Is epilator good for pubic hair?

Ans. Yes, definitely. Epilator can be used to remove the pubic hair. In fact, the epilator is best for pubic hair rather than waxing and razors. Epilators gently remove the pubic hairs without harming the sensitive skin.

Q3) Will be it a good choice for sensitive skin?

Ans. The best thing about the epilators is that the epilator machine doesn’t come in direct contact with the skin. After waxing you feel a burning sensation and after using razor your skin turns red.

This not happens in the case of an epilator. The epilator plucks your hair, not your skin. Hence, no harm is caused to your skin. Therefore epilating is absolutely fine for sensitive skin too.

Q4) Does using epilator reduce hair growth?

Ans. In some of the researches, it is proven that the continuous use of epilator does reduce hair growth. The reason behind this is that the hairs are plucked from the roots.

Grasping the hairs from deep inside makes the hair weaker. Hence, the hair tends to be softer and finer after epilation.

Q5) Will using epilator darken my skin?

Ans. No, absolutely not! Epilators does not have a role to play on the complexion of your skin. It only removes the hair. It doesn’t affect your skin colour. Moreover, it reduces the hair on your skin and certainly does not change the skin tone.


One of the irritating things about being a female is that you don’t want to stroll around exposing those hairy hands or legs. The norms of society approve smooth, silky skin.

Though removing the body hair is entirely your choice but sometimes you are forced to do so. Waxing and razor procedure might be the most approachable techniques but using epilator machines will eradicate the discomfort that rises with wax and razors.

Epilator machines are set of tweezers that grasp and out hair by holding its root, leaving you with a smooth and soft looking skin as ever. Pulling out from the root helps in controlling the regrowth of the hair.Top-Epilators-in-India

Getting an epilator machine may sound but with so many brands available in the market, choosing the best epilator pose a challenge. And that’s the reason we have gathered a list of some epilators from the best brands. All of the brands have unique characteristics and traits.

Out of thousands of brands, we have collected the top 9 best epilators from India. Out of fantastic 9 epilators, the epilator that stands out is Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561.

This epilator has all the functions that you will require for a full home salon. It comes with 8 extra accouterments and a great warranty package.

Still, got questions regarding the epilator machines? Call us or leave us a message.

Feel free to share your views and experience in the comment section below.

Happy epilating!

Happy Shopping!

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