Top 8 Best Gas Water Heaters in India (September 2021) | Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Unless it’s while watching a scary movie, nobody likes goosebumps covering the entirety of their bodies. And chilly showers are just what your goosebumps need to torture you further.         

In the thick of frosty winters and sky-high electricity charges, Gas Water heaters will make you friends for life.


Gas geysers are extremely convenient appliances. Its importance can be realized while waiting for a hot shower in the morning, while you’re getting late for that super important meeting.                                                                           

After all, should you miss out on that promotion because of a runny nose during your presentation, all thanks to that cold shower? Gas geysers say NO.

These are extremely simple appliances that usually employ Liquefied Petroleum Gas to give you a constant flow of hot water in a matter of seconds.                                           

The gas inlet is placed at the bottom, which carries the LPG to the heating element or burner, that’s tactfully placed in the middle of the tank. This burner then shows its magic by allowing the hot water to rise to the top from where it is carried to your taps.                                            

Gas geysers don’t arbitrarily spurt out burning hot water. Instead, it comes with a thermostat that allows you to set the water temperature by your choice and then give you desired results in the blink of an eye.

Due to numerous brands, making the right decision can be tough, so we have designed you a Buying Guide that will help you make an apt selection.

Now, let’s take a sneak-peak at some of the best gas water heaters in India.

These are the Top 8 Best Gas Water Heaters in India

Best Gas Water Heaters in India in 2021

1. LONGWAY® Xolo Gold Premium Instant LPG Gas Water Heater

Longway is our in-house master of all trades, from kitchen appliances to electrical, this company aces it all. So if you’re looking for the very best for your home, the buck stops here.


As the name suggests, this Longway gas water heater really is the gold standard variant. It not only promises to keep you safe but also comes at three-quarters of the cost of most water heaters in the business. Above all, it makes your life much, much easier.

Primary Features

  • This is a sleek, stylish looking appliance
  • It comes with full automatic operation
  • Protection technology includes supply cut off, automatic turn off, protection against flame failure and a safety valve
  • Water reservoir is made of Grade A copper and capacity of 7 liters water

 The LONGWAY® Xolo Gold Premium Instant LPG Gas Water Heater comes with 5 Way Protection, T.O.P Function, 20 Minute Timer, makes use of a state of the art copper water reservoir.

This reservoir provides an ideal environment for your bath water to get the hot shower ready soon and then stay that way for as long as you need it. The ample capacity of 7 litres more than surpasses your daily needs.

Apart from being ample enough, this appliance is also extremely self-sufficient with its automatic functioning, which does wonders for your safety.

Speaking of safety, this appliance rests on five prongs to ensure the same. This gas water heater shuts off automatically when the water is at the desired temperature or in case of malfunctioning, excessive voltage fluctuation, etc.

Next, water and gas supply is automatically cut off in cases of malfunctioning. You also get a safety valve that opens up automatically in case of severe threats, to let the water out quickly and prevent the tank from bursting.

There is preventive technology against flame failure. Flame failure implies that your burner isn’t operating well and that the LPG is igniting into an orange flame instead of a blue one.

This appliance comes with inbuilt protection against such mishaps. Lastly, there’s an inbuilt safety timer, which you can set upto 20 minutes.

This timer not only ensures operative safety but can also help cut down your energy consumption and electricity bill. This appliance comes with battery operation and makes use of an electrical microprocessing system.

It may sound incredibly complicated, but what it essentially does is that it ensures smooth operation, and provide you with an unending array of the feature.

This includes the option of manual control of burner settings according to seasonal requirements and also control over LPG and water inlets.

  • This appliance is super energy efficient
  • Reasonably priced
  • There are multiple protective features, keeping your safety at the forefront
  • This device may not fulfill the needs of households with over 3 members


2. LONGWAY Decora 7 Litre Copper LPG Instant Gas Water Heater Geyser

This is another one of Longway’s wonders, with more or less the same features as the first one. The first thing you’ll notice about this appliance is its marvelous floral pattern exterior, which will make a beautiful addition to your washroom, giving it a touch of sophistication.


Once again, Longway comes through with its copper water reservoir, with a seven litre capacity, perfect for all you single lads and newlyweds.

Primary Features

  • Beautiful floral pattern on the exterior
  • You get manual control over temperature settings
  • There’s a 20 minute timer, ensuring safety and shorter bills
  • Weighs just over 6kgs

The staple protective features are shared with the previously mentioned appliance, including automatic shut-off in case of overheating, water and gas inlet cut off during malfunctioning, the safety valve, and the protective element against flame failure.

There are three rotating knobs placed on the exterior of this gas geyser which allow you to heat up the water only to the extent you want and not to a near burning degree.

You can also adjust the amount of LPG and water that is allowed through the inlet, to cut back on your water and gas bills.

The burner has been made additionally heavy and incredibly efficient, so it only uses about 1/3 of the gas requirement that other gas geysers pose.

Additionally, it only costs about three-quarters of the other gas geysers on the block. So you get beauty, brains, and all that a reasonable price.

Heat is generated and distributed evenly, and the process is kickstarted with a low but gradually increasing water pressure.

In case, the pressure exceeds the maximum limit, the safety valve bursts open and pressure buildup is released, keeping both you and your appliance out of harm’s way.

This appliance makes use of Longway’s original ZPR technology, which comes with the previously mentioned electronic microprocessor for an additionally smooth, easy-going operation.

  • Beautifully designed, compact frame, doesn’t take too much space
  • Energy efficient, comes with a 5 star rating
  • Slightly heavy


3. Havells Flagro 6L Gas Water Heater with Steel Connection Pipe

The name Havells is almost synonymous with electrical home appliances. This is a brand you’ll most like find in every second home across the country. And for good reason too! It doesn’t get much better than Havells.



The Havells Flagro 6L Gas Water Heater is yet another sleek looking gas geyser, which will bring just as much class as it will hot showers, to your home.

Primary Features

  • Rotating knobs offer manual control over burner and temperature settings
  • Safety features include flame failure protection, low pressure maintenance
  • There are two electromagnetic valve inlets
  • Protecting the appliance from dry burning
  • Weighs light, only 6240 grams

With a water reservoir that can capacitate 6 liters of water, this gas geyser is the way to go for all the nuclear families out there. Along with instant heating, you get multiple safety features in this appliance. One of the foremost ones is its protection against dry burning.

Dry burning refers to a situation wherein there is little or no water left inside the reservoir, but the burner is still in the ignition. This can severely damage your heater, reducing its lifespan by a mile.

To provide protection against this, this gas geyser makes use of two electromagnetic valves, always ensuring a steady input of gas and water. This appliance assures the maintenance of low to moderate water pressure.

When water heats up, its molecules widen, too much of widening, would result in excessive pressure and may lead to the tank getting ruptured or burst.

This is exactly what this gas water heater is designed to prevent. Again, the automatic turn off feature shines through, as it turns the appliance off, cutting off the water and gas inlets.

When there’s a risk of malfunction or when the temperature inside the appliance exceeds ninety-five degrees Celsius. There’s also the anti-flame failure feature, further adding to the safe functioning of this appliance.

  • Comes with multiple safety features, including child lock
  • Provides manual control over burner and temperature settings
  • Doesn’t come with an inbuilt timer
  • Slightly expensive, as compared to its competitors


4. DIGISMART 6 LTR Instant Water Heater

Digismart is another up and coming brand in the world of electrical appliances. With multiple outlets and service centers in India, coupled with extremely reasonable prices, you cannot go wrong with a Digismart product.


The Digismart comes with a 6 ltr capacity that makes use of a lot of the features that you’ve been familiarizing yourself with, across the last three listings, including, a cool look on the exterior.

Primary Features

  • The water reservoir is enlarged
  • It is made entirely out of copper with a bigger, better heating system
  • The appliance allows control over gas, water inputs and temperature settings
  • The metal frame of the water reservoir is strengthened using a layer of powdered steel

The First thing you’ll notice about this appliance is the three knobs on the outer body that allows for manual control over gas, water inlet, and temperature settings. It means that you no longer have to deal with near burning water and can opt for lukewarm water during autumn and summer days.

This appliance has been designed to maintain zero pressure, this adds to safety, for it ensures that thermal expansion of water molecules doesn’t lead the water tank into erupting or bursting.

This is another fully automatic machine that features shut off feature which powers the machine down in instance of overheating, that is when the water temperature rises beyond the level set by you on the thermostat.

Next comes the automatic water and gas cut off, followed by preventive technology for flame failure, and dry burning along with a safety valve.

The burner is made entirely out of copper and is more enlarged than in other models.

Along with the enlarged burner, comes a larger, more heavy-duty heating system as well. This allows the gas geyser to work faster, and retain hot water for a longer period of time.

The classy exterior we mentioned earlier is built using a solid metal layer and topped off with an additional protective layer of powdered steel. All of these features make for an extremely sturdy gas geyser, perfect for your home.

  • The burner is made out of grade-A copper for better heating and efficient functioning
  • Powdered layer of steel adds a protective layer to the gas geyser’s frame
  • Extremely reasonably priced
  • Doesn’t have an inbuilt child protective lock


5. V Guard Safe Flow 4B 6L ISI LPG Gas Geyser

V-guard is a household name in India, and for good reason, it is a brand that stemmed from the roots of our southern states. V Guard is the Indian pioneer in the world of appliances like inverters; it always delivers, with nothing short of perfection.


The V Guard Safe Flow 4B 6L ISI LPG Gas Geyser hosts a 6L water reservoir and has a 5 star rating by the ISI standard, making it one of the most exceptional choices for your home.

Primary Features

  • With A Weight Of 6.65kgs
  • Water Reservoir That Can Capacitate A Total Of 6l Of Water
  • Fully Automatic Device, Prevents Dry Burns
  • Maintains Low Pressure, Keeping The Appliance Safe
  • Automatic Ignition System
  • You Can Also Control The Flame Setting On The Stainless Steel Burner

Again, we have our favourite protective features, the automatic shut off, which turns off the heating element, effectively combating overheating, and keeping your appliance safe for you.

It maintains low pressure and again comes with external features to allow you to adjust the temperature, with summer on one extreme and winter on the other.

While you can’t control the gas inlet, you can adjust the burner settings, with max flame setting heating water up a lot faster. Finally, you can adjust the amount of water that goes into your gas geyser.

This helps prevent dry burning, as you can allow for more water to flow in. The automated ignition system powers this appliance which adorns a state of the art stainless steel burner, much like the kind you use in your kitchen.

This burner doesn’t corrode and lives a long life. There’s also the copper heat exchanger, this ensures that water is heated up efficiently, it stays warm for longer.

As cold water comes in, the heat exchanger conducts heat faster, leading the hot water to rise up and then come to your tap through the outlet. The best part about this gas geyser is that it doesn’t require a technician to install, just read the guide and do it yourself!

  • Made entirely in India
  • Makes use of a flawless stainless steel burner
  • Copper heat exchanging system
  • Slightly expensive
  • Doesn’t explicitly prevent flame failure


6. Indo 7 L Gas Water Geyser

Indo is our in-house ‘Make in India’ ambassador. With an endless array of top of the line home, electrical, and plumbing appliances, Indo enriches its products from top to bottom with strong cores and sophisticated finishing touches, in spite of still being in its first few years of inception.


This is particularly evident with the case in point, the Indo 7 L Gas Water Geyser. This appliance boasts more features then you can count with the tips of your fingers. It’s like they made a checklist of everything that could go wrong with a gas geyser and then goes on to eliminate them.

Primary Features

  • Multiple features for effective ignition, combustion, prevention of soot line up, backward flow of water, rust build up, etc
  • Adorns a large water reservoir that can capacitate 7L of water and withstand 7.5 bars of pressure
  • Allows for control over burner settings, temperature settings
  • Additional Protective Features including child lock
  • Compact, lightweight device weighing just a little bit over 6kgs

Covering the basics first, this appliance boasts an automatic turn off, combustion, preventive technology to fight off flame failure and dry burning. There are also the knobs for adjusting the inflow of water and gas, and also to control the temperature and burner settings.

There’s also the previously observed copper heat exchanger. The water reservoir capacitates a total of 7 litres and on top of that, it hosts a magnesium anode rod.

The magnesium is more perceptible to rusting than the tank interior and the anode releases ions to fight off the corrosion, keeping the steel tank healthier for longer.

Now, the inlet pipes have also been designed in a rather sophisticated manner, with anti-vacuum technology that prevents the water from flowing backward.

There’s also sensory technology to detect the flow of water in the pipes. There’s a safety valve that releases pressure when the gas geyser malfunctions and there’s an excessive amount of molecular pressure inside the water reservoir, which may lead to the tank bursting.

The safety valve bursts open on its own when it detects such pressure buildup, keeping you and the appliance out of harm’s way.

There’s sensory technology to detect the amount of oxygen present inside the tank as an insufficient amount of oxygen will lead to ineffective combustion.

Speaking of combustion, this appliance is powered by advanced combustion technology and preventive technology to keep out the flue. Flue lines up the piping with soot, which may lead to contamination and malfunctioning.

  • More safety features than any other device in the market
  • Empowers the Make in India initiative
  • Effectively fights off corrosion and soot buildup
  • Comes with sensory technology to keep the flow of water and levels of oxygen in check
  • The magnesium anode rod may need replacement once every three years or so
  • Costlier than other listings, but with great value for money


7. Activa LPG Gas Instant Aqua Gold Gas Water Heater

You know technology is going to be top class when it has been designed by the Japanese. As is the case with this gas geyser, one with a 5-star rating and a nod of approval from the ISI. Not to mention the angular, eye-pleasing aesthetic.


As observed earlier as well, this gas geyser employs the pentagon of safety, with five extremely dependable safety features. The automatic shut off feature, as always, comes first. 

Primary Features

  • Comes with automatic shut off, water and fuel cut off, a safety valve, preventive technology to fight off flame failure
  • It has an inbuilt timer
  • Comes with three knobs to adjust temperature, gas and water inflow
  • Both the water reservoir and heat transmitter are constructed entirely out of copper
  • Stylish exterior, with a steel frame

It blocks off excessive heating and prevents any damage, by automatically shutting off the heating element, when the water temperature exceeds the setting on the thermostat.

With shut off, comes the cut-off, which blocks the supply of LPG and water to the burner, as soon as there is a sign of malfunction. Next comes the safety valve, the purpose, and functioning of which we’re well aware of by now.

The preventive technology against flame failure, i.e., ignition of orange-ish flame rather than a blue flame, one that is sufficiently supplied with fuel and oxygen, follows up close.

Finally comes the inbuilt timer, which usually has a 20-minute cap. As always, the temperature, gas, and water inflow settings are all adjustable per your preference.

Temperature control has summer on one end and winter on the other, making your choice easier. Both the reservoir and heat transmitters are built of grade A copper.

Copper transmits heat effectively throughout the reservoir and keeps the water in the 6 litre reservoir hotter for longer.

The reservoir can withstand high bars of pressure and has been designed under 0 bars. And if all this isn’t enough, this appliance is extremely fuel and energy-efficient and comes at half the price of most of its competitors.

  • Copper interior and heat transmitter ensure durability
  • Energy-efficient and reasonably priced
  • 5 star rating, with ISI approval
  • Doesn’t come with a child lock
  • Employs foreign technology


8. LONGWAY® Xolo Smart LPG Instant Gas Water Heater Geyser

Now that Longway has marked its presence on this list for the third time, we believe you’ll take our word for it when we say this brand is a frontrunner. Because of dominating the list doesn’t bring in some faith in the brand, what will?


The LONGWAY® Xolo Smart Instant Gas Water Heater Geyser comes with a 5 Way Protection (100% Copper Tank) T.O.P Function, 20-minute Timer is somewhat similar to the other appliances we’ve seen on this list, given the trademark, Longway features it adorns.

Primary Features

  • Ergonomically designed appliance weighs just over 5Kgs
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Automatic Turn Off protection against flame failure

It works on Longway’s original ZPR technology which aids quick heating. Longway’s 5 trademarks protective feature is powered by an electronic micro- processing unit which leads to an easy-going operation.

It has an automatic shut off feature that Cutts-off the gas and water supply effectively combat overheating.

The safety valve releases excessive, potentially dangerous pressure buildup and finally, there is the preventive technology against flame failure.

There are also the omnipresent adjusting knobs to control the temperature of the water and the flow of gas and water, as has been seen before.

These features may seem repetitive and may make your choice more confusing, but consider that their importance is so vital that it requires reiteration.

This appliance can withstand high degrees of pressure, thanks to its durability. What’s best is though, that you get this incredible longevity at an unmatched price.

  • Super Energy Efficient and consumes about 1/3 of the gas requirements of its counterparts
  • Reasonably priced
  • There are multiple protective features, keeping your safety at the forefront
  • Doesn’t come with any technology to prevent corrosion


Buying Guide – Best Gas Water Heaters in India

When speaking of water heaters, gas geysers are still a bit of an untapped novelty. Most households that you might have visited till today, employ electrical geysers.

These have been around for longer and are slightly less complicated, especially given that they don’t need an additional supply of fuel which regular refills.


Gas geysers sound more complicated and there’s a greater taboo around them, so through this guide, we’ll try to familiarize you with how gas geysers work.

We will cover how they’re different from the more common electrical geysers and the possible risks associated with their usage. Apart from the standard considerations, you should keep in mind before picking your choice.

How Do Gas Geysers Work?

Well, the simplest answer to this is that the basic concept is pretty similar to how you warm up water in your kitchen- By placing a pan over a fuel generated flame.

This is exactly what gas water heaters do. They use fuel, most commonly LPG, to ignite the flame in the burner, placed inside a water reservoir.

The burner makes use of a heat transmitter to conduct heat to the water that is flowing into the tank through an inlet pipe situated at the bottom.

The water at the bottom heats up, rises to the top of the tank, from where a pipe carries it to your shower.  This is how a gas geyser works. The key difference being, the use of fuel to generate a flame.

How Are Gas Geysers Different From Electrical Geysers?

The difference presents itself in the very names of these appliances. While gas geysers employ actual fuel, electrical geysers make use of electricity. Electricity is used to generate heat, which is used to heat up the water.

Now electrical geysers are considered to be less prone to malfunctioning, as there’s lesser input from our side. They also come with much larger capacities and require substantially fewer amounts of maintenance.

Electrical geysers are also considered to be much, much safer. Gas geysers, however, do come through in terms of their cost advantage.

They are much cheaper both in terms of buying price and in terms of cost of usage, as fuels like LPG cylinders come cheaper than large amounts of wattage consumption.

Gas geysers are also much more compact, however they do require additional space to store fuel containers. Their biggest advantage, however, has to be instant water heating.

While electrical geysers require to be turned on at least 40 minutes in advance for hot water, gas geysers give the same results in a minute or two. These are perfect for all of you procrastinators out there, who’s constantly getting late.

Gas heaters also allow you to control the water temperature for your bath, while electrical geysers randomly spot out hot water of varying degree, depending on how long the geyser was left on for.

While these pointers cover the major differences between gas and electrical geysers, there are additional considerations like ease of installation, and longevity, where electrical geysers have proven to be better.

Types Of Gas Water Heaters

This list has only covered Instant Gas Water Heaters, the kind that instantly gives out hot water for present use and does not allow much room to store hot water for later use. This is why these geysers come in smaller capacities, i.e., usually in capacities lesser than 8 liters.


The second kind is Storage Gas Water Heaters. These geysers make with mammoth capacities which can rocket as high as 45 liters. Naturally, these geysers aren’t required for home use at all.

Risks Of Using Gas Water Heaters

Gas geysers call for a world of precautionary measures, and if these measures aren’t taken seriously, gas geysers can lead to near-fatal malfunctions.

The only reason gas geysers employ fuel is because fuels like LPG are highly combustible. This means that with these water heaters there’s a higher chance of explosions. Gas geysers leave no room for error.

They require experts for installation in clean, dry areas, away from any inflammable substances. This means that their installation in washrooms is not ideal.

They require frequent maintenance, to prevent soot buildup and blockage in pipes, fight corrosion, and to make sure that the inlet and outlet pipes are intact.

Not to mention the proper functioning of fuel flow, maintenance of water level in the reservoir, and the functioning of the burner.

Gas geyser is not for the light-headed. You cannot be lax with its functioning, and you always need to remember to turn it off immediately after using it.

These were the basics, what you needed to decide if you in fact wish to go ahead with a gas geyser. We now move onto the considerations youll most likely have to keep in mind while buying a gas geyser.

Factors to consider while buying the Best Gas Water Heater in India

1. Safety Features

Safety features have to be your first and foremost consideration, we cannot put enough stress on this. The more safety features, the better. Automatic shut off is an absolute must.

As explained, if left on for too long, gas geysers pose serious threats. Therefore overheating is also one of the bigger threats, automatic shutoff is an absolute necessity. Thankfully, most gas geysers come with this feature.

Then there’s the safety valve which is important to release pressure. Without a safety valve, the water tank may burst, which can lead to serious injury.

Other features include preventive technology for dry burning, flame failure, and other features like sensory technology to maintain a steady flow of water, gas, and a steady level of oxygen for efficient combustion.

Technology to prevent corrosion, like an anode rod, and to prevent soot buildup which may lead to pipes being blocked are also important considerations.

When it comes to gas geysers, it is preferred you don’t go for the cheapest choice, rather the safest choice. Especially given that gas geysers are pretty inexpensive and within the same price range.

2. Capacity And Aesthetic

As previously mentioned, gas geysers are built for instantaneous use and not for storage purposes. So generally the amount of water that is heated is used up in single-use and the capacity of their water reservoirs’ is usually below 8 liters, with marginal differences.

So any geyser with a capacity of around 6 liters should suit the needs of families of less than 3 members.

These geysers boast compact frames and naturally, do not take up too much space, as far as the main unit is concerned. The gas container does require extra space, however.

So as far as gas geysers are concerned, instead of capacity, you may want to focus on their general physical appeal or presentation.

Most of these appliances come in a few colors and some are even patterned with floral designs, so if the device with the best safety features also comes with a pretty exterior, that’s the obvious way to go.

3. Features Of The Water Reservoir, Heat Conductor, And Burner

Usually, water heaters make use of stainless steel and copper water reservoirs. While steel does a great job, copper is considered to outperform it as it retains heat for longer and acts as a more efficient conductor.

Copper is also the preferred choice for heat transmitters, while stainless steel is preferred for burners.

However, the material of the water tank is not enough on its own. There needs to be a technology present to combat corrosion or your geyser won’t live life too long.


4. Accessibility and User Friendliness

When we speak of accessibility, we mean how easy does an appliance makes it for you to use it as per your needs. With gas geysers, these needs include adjustment of temperature settings primarily.

And then additionally, easy adjustment of burner settings, and gas and water inflow. This is provided by the means of knobs situated on the exterior of the gas geyser.

Ensure that the geyser of your choice comes with an extensive guide or user manual so as to simplify the process for you.

Though the temperature settings are pretty basic, the amount of gas and water inflow is slightly more complicated and may require a seasoned hand to tune them for better functioning.

So, ensure that you call an expert to install your gas water heater, who can also explain to you the way these settings work.

5. Cost

As mentioned before, the price isn’t too big a problem when it comes to gas geysers as their upper limit is usually under Rs 8000. We’d like to reiterate to you that you should avoid blindly going for the cheapest choice with these appliances.

Safety is an important concern when it comes to gas geysers and your preferred appliance should take every measure possible to make its functioning safe for you, your family, and your home.

Now apart from the buying price, also consider the running price of these appliances.

See how energy and fuel-efficient your preferred appliance is, because as the price of petroleum goes up, so will the cost of using your geyser. And as we know, petroleum prices aren’t too stable.

6. Brand And Customer Care

When it comes to appliances that are in constant need of maintenance and come with a bit of a safety threat, you must go for a trusted, well-established brand with a reliable service center near your home.

So do your research, narrow down on your brand choices, and then pick the most suitable gas geyser.

You cannot be lax with even the smallest bits of leakage, or blockage. That is why, we suggest you go on a dependable brand that will be at your service 24*7.

7. Warranty

Most gas geysers come with atleast one year of warranty, some even two. We know the general rule is that the longer the warranty period, the better. But do not let this be your first priority, because as we said, your safety comes first.

Before warranty though, consider longevity. Go through customer reviews, see how long your preferred model lasted the public before it started giving trouble, and then make the decision.

While these cover the most shaping considerations, you may want to look into what kind of parts and accessories come with your preferred model.

Or try looking into the components needed for installation and maintenance of a gas geyser and see if your preferred model provides them with the main unit as complementary accessories.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Gas Water Heaters in India

Q1. How frequently does a gas geyser need maintenance? 

Ans. While electrical geysers can go on for years without requiring any maintenance, the story with gas geysers is a little different.

For optimum safety during operation, gas geysers should be subjected to maintenance at least once a year. This is important to fight off corrosion and flue blockage. 

Additionally, there are several red flags you can look out for to see if your geyser needs maintenance. These include any signs of leakage in the inlet or outlet pipes, detachment of the safety valve, and even a longer than usual heating period. 

Q2. Are gas geysers dangerous?

Ans. Gas geysers aren’t necessarily dangerous, but they do pose greater safety and malfunctioning threats than other water heaters. They require additional precautions to be taken as well. 

These precautionary measures include mounting the geyser and gas cylinder in an empty room with plentiful cross ventilation, and at least twenty feet away from all kinds of combustibles. 

Additionally, while installing the geyser, ensure that the fame and flame colour in the burner is in your direct line of sight, Most important, though, is to store it in a dry, spacious zone, certainly not your washroom. 

If you follow these religiously and subject your gas geyser to regular maintenance, then everything should be okay. 

Q3. Do gas geysers outperform electrical geysers?

Ans. Well, that depends on what parameters you’re taking into consideration. Speaking strictly in terms of heating time and price, yes, gas geysers outperform electrical ones by a mile. But that isn’t always the case. 

Electrical geysers are safer, require lesser maintenance, and can capacitate and store much larger quantities of water. Electric geysers are also much more convenient when it comes to placement, the connection of pipes and installation tend to last much longer. 

Q4. What is flame failure protection? 

Ans. Flame failure protection is one of the key safety features of gas geysers and is a term we’ve consistently thrown at you throughout this list.
Flame failure implies that the ignition or flame in the burner abruptly goes out or extinguishes.
Should such a situation arise, flame failure protection automatically cuts off the flow of LPG to the burner. This keeps the appliance and you safe by stopping the continuous inflow and overflow of gas. 

Q5. Do gas geysers cause pollution?

Ans. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that gas geysers aren’t the cleanest of appliances. They do employ, fuel for the purposes of combustion after all, so the concept of clean functioning is thrown out of the window right there and then.

If the use of fuel, when energy can be generated through clean resources isn’t much of a problem on its own, then the fact that gas geysers emit carbon monoxide, should tell you that they do cause pollution, even if it is in little quantities. 

Q6. How long do gas water heaters typically last for? 

Ans. Gas water heaters don’t have a very long life. Especially not when compared to electric water heaters.

Usually, corrosion gets the better of these water heaters within half a decade or so. However, this can be warded off if your appliance comes with anti-corrosion technology, and provided you keep other factors in check through maintenance. 

Conclusion – Best Gas Water Heaters in India

For starters, we’d like to mention that this guide is by no means a hundred percent extensive. It is at a best an attempt to familiarize you with the most elementary concepts surrounding gas water heaters.   

We strictly recommend that you read up more and go through customer reviews before making your choice.

Now that we’ve reached the end of this guide, we hope you have an idea of how gas water Heaters work, how you’re supposed to keep their functioning safe, and what makes for good features in this particular appliance.


We also hope that some of the models on the list were able to appease you and could spark your interest in adding them to your perfect little home.

We assure you, we’ve brought to you only the best, and would not be recommending these had they not consistently proven their worth as effective gas water heaters.

While all 8 models were top picks, we would like to recommend to you the Indo 7 L Gas Water Geyser. As we said, this model has more features than we could count on our fingertips. It takes care of every possible safety concern you could think of and does so at a reasonable price.

So that’s it from our end folks. Feel free to reach out if you have any feedback or queries. Just drop a comment and we’ll get back to you.

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