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Top 12 Best Trimmers for Men in India (August 2020) – Buying Guide & Reviews


Are you thinking to buy a trimmer?

If Yes, Congratulations! You are at the right place.

Today, most of the middle-aged men have a fast-paced lifestyle, and under such circumstances, they won’t tend to find much time for grooming and trimming.


By the invention of trimmers, once again technology proved out to be a boon to mankind. Trimmers were sought as an effective permanent solution. It is an ergonomically designed device that can be used by anyone and everyone.

Trimmers help men to trim their beard in the most hassle-free manner. A lot of factors and parameters have to be looked upon, before buying one.

There are a lot of brands and patterns available. A buying guide has been given after the list of top 10 best trimmers for men, which details the various features and conditions required for a trimmer.

We analysed over 250 different trimmers and have shortlisted the top 12 best trimmers in India to make it easy for you to make the right choice.

These are the Top 12 Best Trimmers in India

Best Trimmers in India

1. Philips BT1212/15 USB cordless rechargeable Beard Trimmer

Philips is one of the evergreen brands, available in the Indian markets. They get high sales all around the year due to the quality of their products and services.

Philips BT1212/15 is a stunning black colored trimmer that has been awarded over 4 stars for its rating that makes it among the top choices of the customers.

This cordless trimmer has got a 4x longer battery life due to DuraPower technology that reduces friction on blades and load on battery and motor. This not only makes the product more durable but also ensures smooth functioning.

You will get a micro-USB cable with this product for easy recharging of the device. 8 hours of charging would let you used this trimmer for 30 minutes without cord.

You can watch out for the charging level through the battery charge indicator integrated into the device. It comprises of 32 mm wide cutter and 3 comb level settings (1, 5, and 7mm) to keep up your stubble look.

The stainless steel blades sharpen themselves by brushing over each other, ensuring effective action and neat cut of the hair. The tips of the blades are rounded up so that there is a smooth interaction of them with your skin.

This trait avoids the occurrence of scratches or bruises which results in irritation. Maintaining the trimmer is quite easy as you can separate and rinse the head.

Hair gets collected underneath the attachments, so proper detachment and cleaning are required. It would be easier if it is done with a brush that is supplied with the trimmer.

To make this deal stand out, you will be offered 2 years of worldwide warranty by Philips. To enjoy amazing discounts and better deals, click on the button given below.

  • Favourable price
  • Ergonomic design
  • Skin-friendly performance
  • Self-sharpening stainless steel blades
  • Short Run Time


2. Wahl 9243-4724 Complete Hair Cutting Clipper

Wahl is one of the most reputed trimmer brands in India. Their consistent excellence in production and marketing is indeed valued and acknowledged by the Indian audience.

Wahl 9243-4724 is a handy trimmer that comes in a dual shade of black and white colour. Its comfy grip enables easy usability of the device.

The stainless steel blades won’t get blunt as they keep sharpening themselves when they are under motion. Often a change of blades is not required as the thumb level conveniently sets the taper based on the hair length.

Effective trimming is ensured by the energy-efficient electromagnetic motor that silently rotates at the rate of 6000 RPM, giving 14,400 strokes every minute. This appliance is compatible with any type of hair, curly, straight, etc.

Get your hair cut at the style you wish with the help of a guiding comb set which has 10 combs of different sizes and lengths that would allow you to trim from a range of 0.5 to 22mm.

This corded clipper comes along with a cleaner and contains detachable parts for a quick rinse. This adds to the user-friendly nature and easy maintenance of the clipper.

It comprises of a long cord and ensures stable usage at a professional level if charged for 180 minutes. To add more value to this Wahl Trimmer, the manufacturer is also offering few accessories for free of cost, blade oil, and scissors.

This best selling trimmer comes with 2 years of warranty from the date of purchase and during this period you can get your repairs done on the product for free. The other styling parts that come along with the trimmers have 1 year of warranty against defects.

  • Compact
  • Operates quietly
  • Lengthy cord
  • Optimal performance
  • Expensive
  • Heats too quickly


3. Nova NHT-1071 Titanium Coated USB Trimmer for Men

Nova is a popular company that has procured a standard and top-position in the Indian market. Their work has always been recognised and appreciated.

Nova NHT-1071 is an attractive trimmer that is available in a combination of black & blue colour. The product has secured a rating of 4 stars for its performance & affordable price.

It is a cordless trimmer that exhibits excellent performance due to the turbo technology that increases the battery life by 5 times.

It needs to be charged for 8 hours through the USB cable for continuous usage that lasts about 45 mins. The 9 length setting option of guard comb guarantees quick styling while the safety lock supports it.

Neat and efficient cutting is assured by the titanium blades which can sharpen itself. The ergonomic design of the trimmer allows even trimming.

Since your hair is lifted and then trimmed, you can get precise style at 35% faster and enhanced working rates. Detachability of the parts eases cleaning and maintaining.

Skin-friendly performance is ensured by the round edges of the sharp blades. This appliance has an accuracy level of upto 0.5mm.

This proficient trimmer runs on a motor that works under utmost quietness. Its user-friendly nature is proven by its compatibility with kids and adult’s hair without any damage.

It has handy features, compact dimensions and is quite light in weight. This rechargeable trimmer requires just 1 AA battery.

A warranty of 24 months is being offered on this purchase. Grab a hold on cashback and amazing discounts that goes up to 30%, by hitting the red button given below.

  • Affordable rates
  • Wide range of length
  • Skin-friendly
  • Long run time
  • No water resistance


4. Moser 1400-0050 Classic Professional Hair Clipper / Trimmer

Moser is a famous brand name that would come to your mind as soon as you hear about trimmers and grooming kits. Moser is a product category by Wahl that has already got a great brand image in India.

Wahl offers Moser- the red coloured, professional hair clipper that has got amazing reviews from the customers. It is a high-quality corded clipper that is made in Germany.

It comprises of sturdy stainless steel set star blade that adds to durability and accuracy of cutting. These sharp blades exhibit outstanding performance in any type of hair.

The trimmer blades would not go blunt due to the self-sharpening ability. This increases preciseness in even-cutting. The length can be set from 0.7 to 3 mm with the help of 10 combs that come in the secure fit attachment guard set.

The length can also be set with the help of a multi-click cutting length adjustor called adjustment level that has 5 positions in which it can be locked.

This feature makes the device more user-compatible and smooth while blending and fading. This appliance facilitates a better and easier way to set your hair in style.

All this is supported by the power-proficient heavy-duty motor which enables smooth hassle-free cutting. It has a power-packed oscillating armature which enables 50% increased performance under less noise.

A hanging loop is also attached for convenient storage. Maintenance is also very easy as they are provided with a cleaning brush and blade oil for smooth action.

You will get 2 years of warranty against defective parts. Access some amazing discounts and cashback by purchasing it today.

  • Powerful motor
  • Adjustment lever
  • Light in weight
  • Professional
  • Costly


5. Philips QP2525/10 One-Blade Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver

Philips is a giant in the market places, all over the world. It has been ruling Indian markets, through qualitative works, for a long time. This Philips machine is the best trimmer in India under ₹2000.

The Philips QP2525/10 is a lime green colored trimmer which promises to deliver performance at an affordable price.

This is a unique device as it can style, trim, and shave with the same stainless steel blade. This ability is facilitated by the revolutionary technology called One-blade.

On having just one blade trimming or shaving might take a while and so they are dual-sided. You would be able to experience smooth and perfect cutting.

The protective plate is attached at the top of the blade since its action should be quite comfortable and safe on the skin. There are 3 combs with 1, 3, and 5mm length, respectively.

You can use them for getting a satisfying fashionable cut. The cutter powers 200 times through the hair in a second which results in precise edges.

This blade is water-resistant and durable enough to last for a while. It is of the cordless variant due to which it requires 8 hours of time for charging.

The trimmer can then be used for 45 minutes. This appliance comprises of built-in batteries that are rechargeable. It is a compact and ergonomically designed trimmer that provides you with a hassle-free trimming experience.

Order this product immediately to get your hands on 2 years of product warranty and enjoy lots of unavoidable deals.

  • Water resistant blades
  • One blade technology
  • Skin-safe
  • Long run time
  • Requires blade replacement for every 4 months


6. Philips BT3211/15 Beard Trimmer

Philips is a widely recommended brand name for devices like trimmers. India is indebted to its products and services for a while now.

Philips offers the BT3211/15 model of military green colour trimmer which comes with a storage pouch and has been awarded 4.4 stars that make it among the best beard trimmers in India.

It comprises both cordless and corded variant and while using it in the former type, it requires just 90 minutes of charging to get a long run time of 1 hour.

The provision of a battery indicator allows you to keep a watch on the charge status. The integrated Dura Power technology adds to the long-lasting factor of the device along with the optimisation of power consumption levels.

There are 20 varieties provided in the length setting option which can be locked and used for getting your desired cut in utmost perfection.

30% faster and effective trimming results are obtained by lift and trim systems. The stainless steel blades lightly brush against each other which induce self-sharpening ability.

This groomer has a precision of 0.5mm and has quite sufficiently long cord. With a detachable head, maintaining the appliance wouldn’t be a big deal.

Safer use is assured by the rounded blade tips in terms of skin safety and overheats. In addition to being handy and user-friendly, this trimmer ensures qualitative performance that lasts for a long while and does not produce much noise.

The warranty period proffered particularly for this appliance is 2 years plus one year with registration. Click the button below to save more via numerous other offers.

  • 1 hour run time
  • Fast charge
  • Storage pouch
  • High performance
  • Over-priced


7. Philips BT3203/15 Cordless Rechargeable Beard Trimmer

Philips trimmers can never go from the list of top 10 best beard trimmers in India. Philips is a company that is well-known for manufacturing and marketing a number of devices like trimmers.

Philips BT3203/15 is a white colour cordless type trimmer that has already been purchased by lots of people on Amazon.

Dura Power technology makes this groomer last 6 times longer than any ordinary trimmer. You can run this trimmer for 45 minutes after charging it for 10 hours.

There are 10 length setting options with 1mm precision, which can be selected or adjusted comfortably by the zoom wheel and locked in for stable use.

The system of lift and trim helps in exhibiting effective and 30% quicker results. The brushing of stainless steel blades against each other to sharpen itself.

The round blade edges act smoothly over your skin. It is structured ergonomically so that holding it and reaching any type of area with it is easy.

Simple maintenance is assured by the head which can be detached and rinsed after use while rechargeable battery features easy usage of the trimmer.

The blades display superior performance on any type of beard without the requirement of oiling. The powerful motor also supports the blade action.

Even trimming and proficient performance is provided by this top quality trimmer which is indeed worth every penny spent on it.

A total of 3 years warranty period to those who register for this appliance. Add to your savings by accessing offers that are provided additionally.

  • Optimal run time
  • Reasonably priced
  • Zoom wheel
  • Skin-safe
  • Long charge time


8. Philips BT3221/15 Titanium blade Beard Trimmer

Philips sets an example for other brands to grow into a standard, reputed, and high-class company. Their consistent and excellent performance has won the hearts of many customers.

Philips presents BT3221/15 and has achieved a rating of 4.4 stars from the customers for its amazing performance.

This Philips trimmer is available in silver colour that gives a strong sign of style statement. It can be used in both corded and cordless way.

You can use it cordlessly for 90 minutes straight if you have provided it with 1 hour of charge time. This durable performance is supported by the integrated Dura Power technology.

20 length setting options are available, ranging from 0.5 to 10mm. The zoom wheel locks the chosen length option for uninterrupted trimming.

The rechargeable type, NiMH battery, displays its status via the battery charge indicator. 30% higher performance is exhibited in terms of speed and efficiency due to the lift and trim mechanism followed by the appliance.

Detachable head eases rinsing and other cleansing activities while the easy to hold structure makes it convenient to hold and handle.

Advanced cutting performance is induced by the self-sharpening stainless steel blades which are coated with superior quality titanium. They are very sharp on hair but smooth on the skin as they have their edges rounded up.

It is an excellent choice of groomer that goes well with almost any type of beard. It ensures that you do not face any issue due to heat and enjoy the 6x longer lasting life.

A guarantee of 36 months has been offered by the manufacturer to everyone who registers for this product. Other exclusive deals and discounts also avail.

  • Fast charging
  • Storage pouch
  • 0.5mm accuracy
  • No oiling required
  • High cost


9. Havells BT5300 Rechargeable Beard & Moustache Trimmer

Havells is a well-known company that is recognised and appreciated for its consistency in first-class performance. It has got a lot of demands from Indian markets from all kinds of appliances.

Havells BT5300 is proffering an effortless trimmer that comes in a colour combination of grey and green.

8 hours of charging gives 45 minutes of uninterrupted run time on the initial stages. This haves trimmer grants you 10 trims after a full 45-minute charge.

There are 20 varieties of length options that range from 0.5 to 10 mm with a step size of 0.5 mm and it can set by the zoom wheel. The chosen length can be locked by the comb lock function for continuous grooming.

This cordless groomer features guard combs for supporting your trim in desired length and style and can be operated on just one rechargeable alkaline AA battery.

High-class activity is ensured by the hypoallergenic blades that are made of supreme quality stainless steel material. They provide a 0.5 mm precise cutting experience.

It is a highly user-oriented device that has buttons for easy switching on or off the trimmer and performs effectively under utmost silence, quite efficiently.

This light-weight trimmer features compact dimensions along with ergonomic and aesthetic design and hence would be a perfect styling partner for you. 24 months of warranty is provided along with up to 25% discount if you buy it now.

  • Cost-effective
  • Adjustable combs
  • Hypoallergenic blades
  • Noiseless performance
  • Does not come with a charger


10. Nova NHT – 1020 Cordless Beard Trimmer for Men

Nova can be easily found in the list of renowned companies. It has secured the top position in the marketplace of India. A remarkable, black colour trimmer is offered from the house of Nova. Since it is 100% waterproof you can wash it quite easily without any damage.

It is a cordless trimmer that consists of a rechargeable, nickel-metal hydride battery that can run for 30 minutes without being connected to a plug. This feature enables the hassle-free use of the groomer.

Keep your device charged up and ready to use by knowing the charge level via a LED charge indicator. A charging dock is provided for faster and simplified charging.

The high-grade titanium coated stainless steel blades assure class performance. They offer a 0.25mm of ultra-precise action with utmost smoothness.

Easy switching on and off is assured by the button given on the trimmer body. The provision of 5 guard combs, whose lengths vary from 0.5 to 10mm, enhances styling at maximised ease and comfort.

It is suitable for body, beard, and moustache trimming and works quite effectively when provided with 110-240V of power supply.

Skin-friendly trimming is abled by the free-floating head of the trimmer which can be detached and rinsed separately, thus adding to uncomplicated maintenance.

It features stylish designs and a compact structure that contributes to handy use of the appliance. The manufacturer is offering a 1-year warranty on this trimmer along with a 34% discount. Hurry up, get it now.

  • 100% waterproof
  • Cheap
  • Precise up to 0.25mm
  • Charging dock
  • Less run time


11. Nova NHT-1045 Rechargeable Cordless Beard Trimmer for Men

Nova is a reputed company that has been marketing superior quality products and services. Their constant excellence in performance is quite amusing.

Nova presents NHT-1045, a cordless trimmer that is available in various colours, black, blue, green, orange, and white. It has some amusing features that make it an ideal trimmer for you.

This trimmer is sleek in appearance and powerful in performance. It has a matte finish for aesthetic features. This groomer can be used for the beard and underarm region.

Blade oil and a cleaning brush are provided additionally for better maintenance of the detachable and washable attachments.

The ergonomic structure offers simple usability while the stainless steel blades display high-class performance with the help of its free-floating head.

The edges of the blades are rounded so that their action is sharp on hair but smooth on the skin. The rechargeable batteries have to be charged for 8 hours initially for getting a 30 minutes run time.

There are separate charging cables to support the above purpose and its levels can be noted by the LED indicator given on the side.

V-track technology is embedded in the appliance for enhanced performing capabilities at 0.25mm precision and guard combs of 6 and 9mm are also included for trimming long hair.

The power button is also included in the side so that you can easily control this handy device for better trimming experience.

One year of warranty is provided against manufacturing defects, starting from the date of purchase. Enjoy upto 58% discounted rates by buying it through the button given below.

  • Very cheap
  • Cheap rate
  • High precision
  • Ultra durable
  • Build quality could be better


12. Philips BG1025/15 Shower-proof Body Groomer for Men

Philips is an international company that has been astonishingly performing par excellence at constant rates. Their growth in terms of quality is beyond compare. Philips BG1025/15 a top-notch trimmer that comes in an attractive combination of blue and black colour.

It is more of a body groomer as it can get rid of hair in shoulders, chest, underarm, legs, and groin area. The bi-directional blade and comb make its action effective and convenient.

You need not concern about its effect on the skin because it has a unique skin protection system that avoids direct contact of the blade on the skin. So trimming at a precision of 0.5mm is not a big complicated deal anymore.

The blades are sturdy and durable enough to keep away from constant replacements. The guard combs are given with a length of 3mm so that even long hair is handled smoothly.

It has got a tight grip and is 100% waterproof and so handling and washing the groomer is quite easy even when it is wet. You would also find it easy to handle due to its ergonomic designs.

The additional attachment of the shower cord eases the storage and accessibility of the device. It requires 3 alkaline AA batteries for operation as it is of the cordless type.

This user-oriented groomer comprises of 32mm cutting width and exhibits optimal performance.

2 years of manufacturer’s warranty is granted along with some undeniable deals that would turn out to be a great way to get reduced prices while purchasing.

  • Reasonable rates
  • Groom all body areas
  • Bi-directional trimming
  • Waterproof
  • Consumes a lot of time to trim


Buying Guide – Best Trimmers in India

Maintaining your beard or moustache is very important. It makes you look good, decent, and civilized, especially for formal appointments. Trimmers help you do so within a matter of time, without many expeditions.

To get the best trimmer that suits your requirements, you must know the factors that are responsible for the quality and efficiency of the product. Searching for such details is not a child play and so we have enlisted and explained the various parameters, advantages, types, and methods of usage.


Types of Trimmers

There are 2 types of trimmers available in the market. They are –

Foil Type

Foil trimmers are the first-born kind, of electrical trimmers. Due to the presence of the film of foil on the trimming surface they have been named so.

The pair of oscillating blades that is beneath this foil carries out trimming/shaving action. It is quite useful when you want a quick, clean shave.

This model is ideal for shaping moustaches without much hassle. Maintaining the trimmer isn’t a big deal but you have to be careful while using it as they can be used in horizontal and vertical directions only.

It performs well on any type of hair but has to be used with more caution and might produce noise.

Rotatory Type

This is another type of trimmer that was first introduced by Philips. The name rotatory came up due to the rotor blades that are attached for trimming purposes on the head of the trimmer.

Their rotatory action enables easy trimming of beard in various styles. Maintaining them might be a challenging task but they would be a perfect fit trimming stylishly at a care-free manner for thick/coarse hair. Their shaving ability is a bit slow but can offer a noise-free operation.

You can prefer anyone depending on the purpose and requirements.

Factors to Consider while buying the Best Trimmer in India

1. Cord

A cord is an essential part of any appliance which connects it to the charging station. Trimmers are available either in corded or in cordless type. New models contain both corded and cordless variant.


It is a type of trimmer that would be fixed to a certain location and then operated. They are apt for long or continuous usage. This type of trimmer relies on power adapters to get charged.

They shall be a bit tedious to maintain and do not have a waterproof design. The requirement of battery for operation is not a compulsion.


Cordless trimmer does not require a cord to be plugged in but they have to be charged prior usage, in a separate charging station. This factor supports the portability of the device.

It is quite easy to maintain and is available in 100% waterproof designs. They have much shorter run-time comparatively and require time-to-time replacement of the battery.

2. Build Quality

Quality costs a fortune but that doesn’t mean that all the expensive products are of high-quality. Checking the build quality of any product is necessary as it would help in the long run.

For trimmers, you have to check on a solid grip and a durable body. Going for stainless steel body would ensure a better life and lessen the chances of damage or repair.

3. Material of the Blade

The blade material and quality is the key point for a durable and effective trimmer. Trimmers with superior quality of blades must be preferred for better performance.

The quality check can be done by acknowledging the material used for making the blades. There are 4 materials used for blade and they are given as follows:-

Carbon SteelStainless SteelTitaniumCeramic
This material of the blade is recommended for men having dense beards. It will give accurate results and can be made rust-proof if coated with titanium.
Stainless steel is the aptest material for the blade as it is outstanding in terms of strength, durability, and rust-resistance.
Titanium is the best option as they are sturdier, corrosion-free, long-lasting, and better than stainless steel blades but are expensive.
Ceramic blades have to be handled more cautiously because they are very sharp and weak in nature.

4. Battery Power and Settings

Cordless trimmers are used more than corded ones and so checking the battery specifications becomes an important aspect.

Note the time that has been taken for charging and the time limit of usage after full charge as it would help to analyse the battery power of the trimmer. This would avoid problems due to battery, in the future.


Charge Time

The time taken by a trimmer to get fully charged is called charge time. Usually, the charge time ranges around 4-5 hours.

1 to 1 and a half hours is the operational time of a fully charged trimmer. Cheaper versions won’t afford much time and might turn out to be problematic.

Run Time

The time limit in which a fully charged trimmer can work without any intervention is called run time.

As stated earlier a fully charged cordless trimmer that is in good condition can run up to 1 or 1.5 hours. Cheap rated trimmers cannot survive for long.

5. Additional Features

A lot of minute other details have to be considered before purchasing a trimmer. They are more like accessories but contribute to the efficiency of the appliance.

Hair Stub Length SettingShapeOthers
Ensure that the trimmer you choose has a hair stub as it would help you to set the length of hair that needs to be trimmed. The highest level is 10mm, starting from 0.
Always prefer trimmers that have an ergonomic shape and comfortable grip. This feature eases the way of operating the device and supports user-friendly nature.
There is a variety of modes of operation in trimmers, like pop up ear trimmer, turbo trimming mode, vacuum system, and nose trimmer. They enable the quicker, simpler, and versatile use of the device by the user.

6. Necessity

After going through the above details you might wonder that why should you use a beard trimmer? Won’t razors be sufficient? Well, the answer is no.

Trimmers are more convenient and have their perks. They can trim or shave your hair in a matter of time and would also help in the following perspectives:-

  • Avoid Flaky Skin

Men naturally tend to have flaky skin. The growth of thick hairy beard on it would just worsen up the entire look. Trimmer would help you get rid of those hairs quite smoothly so that you can take extra care of your skin.

  • Puts a stop on Skin Irritation and Beard Rash

Most of the men would be annoyed by the irritation caused due to beard. Further hair growth causes more irritation which ultimately leads to itching and rashes.

By using trimmers having high-quality blades, maintaining the beard word be done properly, which automatically kicks out irritation and rashes.

  • Prevents Bacteria Formation

Bacterial growth can occur on the skin under unhygienic conditions. Improper care of your beard may result in bacterial infection at your skin which is not so pleasing especially in the face. The only solution is to groom your beard with a trimmer regularly.

  • Checks on Split Ends

Split ends are nothing but the splitting of hair into new strings at the end. Sometimes, it can be observed in beards too. Use a trimmer and maintain the growth of your, to avoid such a condition.

  • Style Quotient

Styling up beards may cost a fortune or won’t turn out as you wanted if you go to a stylist. With the trimmer in your hand, this task can be easily accomplished. You can trim your beard in the exact way that you want without spending any sum.


7. Maintenance

Maintaining any appliance turns out to be fruitful in the long run. By following the below steps anyone can easily clean any type of trimmer and make it ready for the next use.

1. Separate the trimmer from power adaptor after you switch off the supply.
2. On removing the trimmer’s cap you would find the blade with hair on it.
3. Get rid of this hair by washing the blade under a continuously flowing tap.
4. Water drops would be present on the trimmer and the blade after washing. Shake well so that these droplets go off.
5. Dry the appliance by leaving it for some time in a towel.
6. Now the trimmer is fully cleaned. Applying oil droplets on the edges of the blade would enhance maintenance and performance.

8. Cost

Budget is one of the essential parameters for Indian men. Not every trimmer is worth your money or bargain

Most of the trimmers that exhibit high-class performance and have multiple features are found to have a high price tag while the cheap and unpromising ones are on the lower budget.

Preferably, the budgeted ones are quite convincing as they work effectively and don’t stop in the middle. They won’t have a lot of traits but exhibit optimized performance.

9. Usage

You cannot get the desired cut or shape of your hair until and unless you know how to use the trimmer. So, we are providing a few tips on how to use a trimmer.

1. Beginners must start from the manual. Keep the trimmer in charge while you go through the instructions given in the manual.
2. Add some oil to the blades of the trimmer and decide on the mode of usage that is- wet or dry.
3. Correctly set the hair stub level and if it’s the first time go for the biggest setting available.
  • Wash and Dry Beard

Before you begin to trim make sure that you wash your hair qualitatively by using appropriate shampoo and then dry it using a soft towel. Take the beard comb and comb the beard after drying. It helps in flattening straightening up of the hair which eases trimming.

  • Selecting the required Length

If you are a beginner go for the lengthiest setting level available because it is the best way to get an effective cut. If you know to operate a trimmer then select the required length and start trimming.

  • Trimming Neck Hair

Begin trimming from your neck as starting from the neckline results in good trim. Set the required stub level and start closely from the place where you want to have your neckline. Then neatly trim the hair and take a close look at the mirror. Finish the full line if you have started aptly in the right direction.

  • Cheek Line

Cheek line is the style setting mark which frames your face. Once you get the perfectly trimmed neck, start on your cheek line slowly and calmly. Cut a clean vertical line on the cheek after setting the trimmer to 0. Make sure that you have trimmed the cheek line before going for cheeks.


  • Cheek Trimming

Once you complete trimming on the cheek line set the hair stub level according to your desired length. Growth of beard on the cheeks isn’t as fast as that of the neck so take more care while trimming this major part of the beard.

Initiate the cutting from your ear-line and patiently bring it down towards the jaw-line or chin. Take your time and get your beard trimmed around the cheek. Watch out for the cheek-line as you must not cross it.

  • Chin Trimming

On being done with the cheeks turn the trimmer in a perpendicular direction from under lips and lead them near the neck.

Generally, men prefer to have the chin hair longer than the cheek so ensure that you set the stub levels accordingly. Get beard brushes to get rid of the tangling slang hairs.

  • Trimming Moustache

Trimming the mustache is a bit sensitive process as things might turn out to be ugly if utmost care is not taken. Setting the level to the highest length is probably the best in terms of precaution.

Comb the mustache in a downward direction and initiate the trimming process. It is advised to use the comb top rather than naked blades. The trimmer can be used for removing extra hair too.

Once you have completed trimming/shaving wash you face with cold water for cleaning purpose and dab over it with the help of a soft cotton towel. Polish the look by applying a little amount of aftershave lotion.

  • Trim Goatee

The goatee is the recent fashion statement that has got a huge hit. Many prefer to trim their beard in this way and for that, you need a high-quality trimmer having several length-setting options and multiple guards.

Let your beard grow to its full length and straighten it up by combing this fully grown beard with a beard comber. Set the length and start from your neck.

Get your basic outline trimmed and go for the edges of the beard to trim as per your desired style.

It is suggested to prefer longer goatee and pause before going ahead to ensure that your trim is balanced and is proceeding correctly.

Comparison – Beard Trimmer Vs Hair Clipper Vs Stubble Trimmer

Hair clipper and Stubble trimmers are quite similar to beard/hair trimmers due to which many get easily confused among them and hence, we have included the following content to help you get a clear idea on it.

Beard Trimmer vs Hair clipper

Beard trimmers are the ideal choice for short hair as their blades are thin and can trim with maximum detailing. Hair clippers, on the other hand, have thick blades that go well on long and thick hair.

Their size is slightly bigger than beard trimmer and you cannot trim in style with a hair clipper. But they work effectively for clipping the edges of a long beard as in goatee.

Beard trimmer vs. Stubble Trimmers

Stubble trimmers are quite similar to beard trimmer except that they have ample and better stubble settings.

The length setting ranges from 0.5mm to 1 cm depending on the brand of stubble trimmer. It is sufficient to maintain the beard length, be it minor or average.

Conclusion – Best Trimmers in India

Trimmers, doubtlessly fall under the category of essential requirements that a man has to own for hygiene purposes. It is an effective device that gets the beard and moustache done. No one would deny it since they are handy, quick, and simple.

We would recommend you to go for Philips BT3211/15 Beard Trimmer as they have the most appropriate features.

Hope the article helped you to get the best trimmer in India by understanding the necessary parameters.


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