13 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India (October 2021) | Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, October 16, 2021

After a long day at work, coming back to a home that is full of dust and dirt can be really annoying.

The only thing that can save you from all the hassle is none other than a Robot Vacuum Cleaner.


A robot vacuum cleaner is an automatic machine that can clean up various different kinds of surfaces such as tiles, marbles, and carpets.

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These are the Top 13 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India in 2021

1. iRobot Roomba i7+ (7556) Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

iRobot is a brand that is 3 decades old and has been developing robots for various purposes such as military and space ever since. They laid foot on developing robot-based vacuum cleaners in 2002 and have received excellent reviews and compliments on it.


This vacuum cleaner by iRobot is constructed with a 1.3 GHz Quad-Core processor, which is capable of detecting and storing 2, 30,400 data per second. This facilitates the machine to comprehend the map of your home and enables it to clean the entire space.

Primary Features

  • 1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor
  • Obtains 2,30,400 data per second
  • Imprint Smart mapping Technology
  • Sucks dust with 5 times stronger suction power
  • Dirt Detection Technology for better results
  • Clears 99% dirt with high efficient filter
  • Automatic transpose of junk into disposable bag
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Scheduled cleaning feature
  • Warranty – 24 months for manufacturing defect, 12 months for battery

The cleaning process takes place in 3 stages, making the vacuum cleaner do its job with utmost perfection. The dirt detection technology smartly identifies the spots that are concentrated with more dust and clean it with more power.

The machine also automatically indicates if a particular spot is not cleaned to perfection. The robotic machine can clear off debris, dirt, and pet hair with an air suction power which is 5 times faster.

This higher suction rate along with the dual multi-surface rubber brush helps it to clean the place with maximum efficiency. It is also provided with a powerful filter, which enables the cleaner to suck 99% of the dirt that is present.

The bot cleaner intelligently identifies the presence of rugs or carpets and accordingly adjusts its height so as to proceed with its cleaning process.

Also, if the machine runs out of charge in the midst of cleaning, it will automatically connect itself to the charger slot and resume the job from where it left off.

The added advantage with this bot cleaner is that it can differentiate between the types of rooms and cleans accordingly. You can restrict the access of these bots in specific rooms or locations.

The robot will stay away from these specified spots while it is cleaning. Also, you can schedule the time at which each has to be cleaned. You can use the iRobot Home app on your mobile to provide or alter your schedules and instructions.

Also, the machine can be connected with Alexa which is definitely an added advantage. Once it is done cleaning, the machine is designed in such a manner that it can transpose all the collected junk into the disposable AllergenLock bag.

The iRobot Roomba i7+ package comes with the vacuum cleaner’s charging station, automatic dirt disposal cord, 2 AllergenLock disposable bags, 1 dual-mode virtual wall barrier along with 2 AA batteries, 1 additional filter, and an edge sweeping brush.

This bot cleaner has a 24 month warranty period for manufacturing defects and a 12 month warranty period for the battery.

  • Comprehends the map of the home
  • Powerful cleaning efficiency
  • Auto transposition of junk into the bags
  • Scheduled cleaning feature
  • The noise level is quite high


2. Ecovacs Deebot 500 Robots Vacuum Robotic Cleaner

Ecovacs is a Chinese company that has been manufacturing the best robot vacuum cleaners in India for household companies. The brand is well-known and exhibits excellence in their performance.


This is a budget-friendly robotic vacuum cleaner that is extremely efficient. The build of the machine is very sleek and compact, allowing it to slide under furniture easily. The cleaning process takes place in 3 different steps. 

Primary Features

  • 3 step cleaning process
  • Max mode for 2x increase in suction power
  • 3 modes – Auto, Edge, Spot
  • 520 ml dust bag capacity
  • Compact design for easy movement
  • Effective filter for improved cleaning results
  • Anti-collision sensors to prevent bumping
  • Auto charging feature
  • Charge capacity up to 110 minutes
  • Low decibel sound of 65.6 dB(A)
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • Ecovacs Home app for easy access
  • Warranty period of 1 year

In order to remove tough stains, the bot machine has a Max mode which increases the suction power by two times. Apart from that, there are also 3 other modes – Auto, Edge, and Spot. These strategic cleaning modes help in attaining excellence in the cleaning results.

The auto mode is for the normal cleaning process, edge mode is to clean the nooks and corners of the room with better efficiency and the spot mode is to intensely clean extremely dirty areas.

To prevent the bot from bumping into the walls and furniture, the machine is designed with anti-collision sensors which indicate when it is closer to the corners.

It also has cushion-like bumper pads to prevent damage on both the machine as well as your home furnishings. The immensely efficient filter draws in all the dust with an optimal force.

To store the dust collected as the bot cleans, the machine is attached with a huge dust bag with a capacity of 520 ml. The appliance operates noiselessly, causing no disturbance to you.

The decibel of sound produced by it is as low as 65.6 dB(A). The battery charge in the bot lasts for 110 minutes. When the bot runs out of charge, it automatically charges itself without requiring any manual intervention.

The bot can be accessed via the Ecovacs Home app. You can easily alter the mode of cleaning, manage the suction power, schedule the time of cleaning, and keep track of the status of the bot.

Also, you can provide instructions using Alexa and Google Home as the bot is compatible with these as well. This robot vacuum cleaner comes with a warranty of 1 year.

  • Good suction power
  • Anti-collision sensors for added safety
  • Unique modes for efficient cleaning
  • Budget-friendly
  • Low noise level
  • Does not have a mapping feature


3. iRobot Roomba 971 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

iRobot is one of the most popular brands when it comes to robotic appliances. They offer a variety of different ranges in their appliances which would specifically be useful for household purposes.


This robot vacuum cleaner is built with a high efficient quad-core processor which has a capacity of 1.3 GHz. It enables the machine to fetch 2,30,400 details each second. The device also has a powerful vacuum motor which has a high spin rate of 10,000 RPM.

Primary Features

  • Quad core processor of 1.3 GHz
  • Obtains 2,30,400 details per second
  • Vacuum motor with 10,000 RPM
  • 3 sequential cleaning process
  • Specific brushes for unique for types
  • 5x increase in suction power
  • vSLAM navigation technology for thorough blueprint
  • Enhanced dirt identification technology
  • Auto battery recharge
  • Easy access through app
  • Warranty : Manufacturing defects – 24 months; Battery – 12 months

The cleaning process is performed in three sequential steps which result in spotless cleaning. The bot is made to switch between the multiple brush types that are fixed based on the type of floor and the intensity of dirt that it is supposed to clean.

It can clean all sorts of flooring starting from hard floors to carpets. The high suction strength which is 5 times stronger helps to draw in stubborn dirt. The appliance is also made with a specific technology that can detect dust in particular spots.

Also, to guide itself through the house, the machine has a vSLAM navigation technology that helps it to understand the blueprint of the house. The robot would also automatically recharge itself before continuing the job if it happens to run out of battery amidst the cleaning process.

You can also pair it with Braava m6 robot mop so that both the machines together would ensure that the cleaning is done to the utmost perfection. The bot machine can be accessed and provided instructions through the mobile app.

The app offers various different facilities for you such a time scheduling for automatic cleaning during a specific time each day, areas that are to be cleaned, and many more.

This helps you to customise the cleaning process with respect to your needs and comfort. The appliance comes with the bot, its charging port, and the line cord.

There is also a warranty period which lasts for 24 months if there are any manufacturing defects and a span of 12 months specifically for the battery.

  • High quality build
  • Enhanced cleaning process
  • Auto recharge and resume feature
  • Accessibility through app
  • Navigation technology requires improvement


4. Milagrow Seagull – India’s Thinnest Floor Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Milagrow is robotic equipment that can be used for indoor and outdoor household purposes. Their technically strong products are extremely efficient and are also cost-effective. This robotic vacuum cleaner can be used for dual purposes – dry vacuuming and damp mopping.


It is thoughtfully built with a sleek design so that it can clean all easily commute to all the areas without any hindrance. The appliance is also designed to cross over any door sills which are designed with a maximum height of 2 cm.

Primary Features

  • Dry vacuuming and slight mopping facility
  • Sleek design
  • Distinct construction for better efficiency
  • 2600 mAh lithium ion battery
  • Gyro mapping technology for perceiving the orientation
  • SLAM technology for constant map update
  • Japanese brushless motor
  • 2 suction power options – 800 Pa and 1500 Pa
  • 6 filters which offer 99.97% effectiveness
  • Large dustbin with 650 ml capacity
  • Compatible with Alexa & Google Home
  • 2 years warranty period

The Gyro Mapping technology that the machine is specially provisioned uses the earth’s gravity which in turn helps the bot to determine its orientation. The construction consists of a rotatable plate called a rotor is placed on an axis amidst a huge wheel-like component. 

This repeatedly updates the bot about the map of the house, enabling better navigation. With respect to the cleaning process of the machine, it has a Japanese brushless motor that increases the efficiency of the cleaning process.

The high-intensity suction power draws in the dust at two various speeds, which is 800 Pa and 1500 Pa. Based on the concentration of dirt in the area, this power can be varied.

Its cleaning process is quite fast-paced and also, the battery is long-lasting enough to clean an area of 5000 square feet within 2.5 hours without taking a break.

There are three modes of cleaning which are automatically shifted between depending on the area that requires to be cleaned. These modes are spot spiral, wall to wall, and AI smart cleaning mode.

The 9th generation technology that it is designed with, gives it the potential to act in accordance with the situation. The bot can clean up the space spotlessly irrespective of the type of flooring.

It has 6 effective filters called the HEPA6, which has an efficiency of 99.97 percent. This helps in attaining high precision in cleaning, clearing dirt which is as small as 0.3 microns.

The dirt collected by this machine is dumped in a large capacity dustbin which is 650 ml big. For the mopping mode, the machine comes with 2 mop brushes which very gently wipes the floor clean.

The bot is provided with a 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery. When the battery of the robot is reduced to 15%, it automatically reaches back to its charging port and begins to recharge.

The bot is also compatible with Alexa and Google Home, through which instructions can be given to the bot cleaner.

This facilitates the gyroscope to keep track of the rotation speed and also maintain optimal efficiency.

Also, to constantly update the map, depending upon the location, the machine has a SLAM(Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology.

The vacuum cleaner is also accessible through a mobile app, which displays a map that denotes the areas that the bot has cleaned. This app can also be used to schedule the cleaning time for each day. The product has a warranty period of 2 years.

  • Dry mode vacuuming and wet mopping
  • Effective filter for good cleaning results
  • Sturdy design
  • Value for money
  • Battery loses charge too soon


5. Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO 950 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Ecovacs have been in the line of manufacturing robots for essential purposes such as household and healthcare needs. Their products exhibit high quality and are also available in affordable price ranges.


This is a highly efficient bot cleaner which performs dual cleaning activities, that is, vacuuming and mopping. For a boost in the performance of the machine, it is designed with a Japanese brushless fan which also ensures that the energy is optimally utilized.

Primary Features

  • Dual functionality of vacuuming and mopping
  • 5200 mAh battery lasting up to 200 minutes
  • Smart Navi 3.0 for easy routing
  • Japanese brushless fan for better performance
  • OZMO mopping technology eliminates 99.26% of dust
  • 3 variations in cleaning modes – Normal, Max, Max Plus
  • Usable in multi-storied homes
  • Accessible through Ecovacs home app
  • 1 year warranty time period

There are also three different options that offer different suction powers. The normal mode can be used for general cleaning purposes while the max and max plus modes can be used for a more powerful cleaning experience.

When it comes to the mopping process, it is provided with an OZMO mopping technology that thoroughly cleanses the place, eliminating up to 99.26% of the dust.

You can adjust the water levels that must be utilised by the machine with the help of the Ecovacs app. The machine is specially provided with a smart Navi 3.0 technology that gives it the ability to finds its way through the map of your home.

The map of your home can also be updated on your mobile app through laser technology so that you can easily keep track of the places that the bot has cleaned.

The robot intellectually identifies carpets and mats and also ensures that they are cleaned with a higher suction power while vacuuming. It also avoids these areas during the mopping process.

The robot also cleans in an orderly fashion to ensure that no spot on the floor is missed out. The machine can also be used to clean multi-storied rooms too.

This is because it is capable of storing the blueprints of different floors and also automatically identifies which floor has to be cleaned.

With the help of the Ecovacs app, you can also mark out other areas of your home that you do not want the bot to clean. From then on, the robot cleaner would ignore these areas during the cleaning process.

The 5200 mAh battery that the machine is fixed with can last up to 200 minutes. With every charge, the machine can clean 300 m2 of area. This long-lasting battery facilitates break-free cleaning even in the case of larger homes.

The Ecovacs app can be used to trace the cleaning process of the bot and also to alter a number of different settings.

This helps you control your bot even if you are away from it. You can also schedule the time at which the bot must clean each day. The appliance has a warranty time span of 1 year.

  • Thorough and efficient cleaning
  • Accurate navigation feature
  • Excellent battery backup
  • Easy access through Ecovacs app
  • Poor customer service


6. 360 S6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

360 have remarkable experiences in the field of robotics. They have also won a few reputed awards which praise their excellence in terms of quality. Also, their foremost aim is to ensure customer satisfaction.


This 260 robotic vacuum cleaner is highly productive as it is designed with distinctive technology. Its two cleaning system with a vacuuming and mopping mode helps to completely clear the home from any kind of dirt and grime.

Primary Features

  • Two cleaning processes – vacuum and mop
  • Works with lithium ion battery
  • LDS for detailed mapping
  • Suction potential up to 1800 Pa
  • Effective HEPA filter
  • Uninterrupted working up to 120 minutes
  • Dust bag capacity of 0.4 L
  • Auto recharge feature
  • Easy monitoring through app
  • Low noise level

It can clean on multiple surfaces such as carpets, hardwoods, tiles, and many more. The bot machine which runs on a lithium-ion battery has a powerful suction potential of up to 1800 Pa. It help vacuum cleaner to draw in even the minutest of dust, keeping your home free from filth. 

To ensure that no dust particles are left behind while cleaning, the appliance is designed with a HEPA filter which sucks in every bit of dirt that it spots.

Also, to clean every corner of the house without manual guidance, the robot vacuum cleaner has an LDS mapping technology that allows the bot to collect data about the layout of the house. This helps it to easily move around the home by itself.

The bot also has the feature to cross hurdles which are at a maximum height of 1.5 cm. In order to prevent the bot from tripping from a staircase, it is fixed with sensors that detect and indicate if and when it is closer to a staircase.

The dust that has been collected by it is stored in its in-built dust bag which has a capacity of 400 ml. Also, to make sure that there is no inconvenience caused, the robot vacuum cleaner works at a low noise level at about 65dB.

Once the machine is fully charged, it can operate without any interruption for a duration of up to 120 minutes. If the bot’s battery percentage drops below 20% while it is under use, it automatically drives itself to the charging port and recharges its battery.

It resumes the cleaning process once it is charged. The wattage of power that is consumed by the machine is 30 W. The settings of the bot can be altered via the Smart app to which the machine can be connected.

In this app, you can control the working of the bot, change its modes, schedule the cleaning time, and also track the rooms that the bot has cleaned. This helps you to be updated with regard to the job that the bot does.

  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Obstacle detector for easy movement
  • High efficient mapping feature
  • Noiseless operation
  • Sensor functionalities require improvement


7. 360 S7 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner

360 is a well-recognized brand that has manufactured a variety of different robotic appliances. Their products are of top-notch quality and are designed with the latest technology.


This is a highly efficient cleaning robot machine that is a life-saver for every household. It is designed to provide two cleaning functions, vacuuming, and mopping. It is equipped with all the updated technological features so as to receive a high performing output.

Primary Features

  • Vacuuming and mopping functions
  • Even water discharge while mopping
  • 3 functional modes – Quiet, Automatic, Max
  • SLAM Technology and Lidar LDS for precise mapping
  • Collision and fall prevention sensors
  • Maximum suction energy of 2000 Pa
  • Dustbin capacity level of 570 ml
  • Battery backup up to 120 minutes
  • Direct access through app
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Warranty time of 1 year

For the vacuuming process, the bot has suction energy of 2000 Pa. It also intellectually adjusts its brushes based on the type of flooring. This high intensity helps to engulf tough dirt and leave the place spick and span.

The dust that is inhaled by the robotic vacuum cleaner is collected in the built-in dustbin which has a capacity of 570 ml.

The mopping process automatically begins once the water tank is attached. The appliances release water evenly and wipe the place thoroughly, making sure that no water or stains are left behind.

The device operates in 3 unique modes – Quiet, Automatic, and Max. However, irrespective of the mode, the bot operates at a negligible noise level of 65 dB.

To guide itself through the house during the cleaning process, the robot has a SLAM technology which helps it to understand the layout of the house. This map can be synced with the app on the phone using the Lidar Laser Technology.

Also, you can store a number of different maps on the app. Using the SLAM technology, the machine comfortable navigates throughout the house, thereby cleaning every spot.

Also, to ensure that it does not collide with the walls or the furniture and to prevent it from falling off from staircases, it is equipped with special sensors. These warn the machine when they are closer to these areas so as to prevent mishaps.

The bot also does not pause or get stuck in carpets and floor mats. It identifies its presence and walks over it, increasing its suction power to give the mats a thorough cleanse. Also, it avoids these regions while mopping.

The display panel of the bot shines with two different colored lights, serving as an indicator. The blue light indicates normal functioning and the red light indicates the error.

The maximum capacity of the battery is 3200 mAh, which can provide a backup of up to 120 minutes when fully charged. If the bot’s battery drops below 20%, it automatically recharges itself before resuming the cleaning job from where it left off.

Using the Smart App, the machine’s settings and working can be tracked and altered. There are options for you to set boundaries in the map of your home, beyond which the bot will not clean or enter.

You can also schedule the time of cleaning for better convenience. Apart from that, the device can also be given instructions via Alexa. The warranty time span for the device is 1 year.

  • Excellent cleaning results
  • Adequate sensors to facilitate navigation
  • Stores and manages multiple maps
  • Good battery capacity
  • Quality of the product needs to be improved


8. ILIFE V5s Pro, 2-in-1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The brand was established a decade ago and has gained an amazing reputation ever since. Their technically advanced products are of top-notch quality and the brand aims to offer good customer service to their buyers.


This dual-purpose robot cleaner can be used for vacuuming dust and to mop the stains and spills on the floor. This flexibility helps you to thoroughly clean the use, without having to do any of the work manually.

Primary Features

  • Vacuum and mopping mechanisms
  • I-Drop effective water usage
  • Dual side brushes
  • Up to 850 Pa suction potential
  • Spiral cleaning methodology
  • 4 mode operation – Auto, Edge, Spot, Schedule
  • Optimal sensors for proper navigation
  • 300 ml water box and dust bag capacity
  • Low noise production
  • Automatic recharge feature
  • 1 year warranty period

The spiral methodology of cleaning also ensures that no spot is missed. It uses a random pathway for cleaning the surfaces. While vacuuming, the bot can powerfully suck dirt, pet hair, and grimes with a power of 850 Pa.

The dual side brushes that the machine is equipped with, clean the surface thoroughly, scrubbing off the dirt and vacuuming it simultaneously. The dustbin is where the junk gets collected and it has a capacity of 300 ml.

The mopping operation would clear the floor from any stains or liquid spills. It ensures that the flooring is bright and spotless with its micro-fiber mop material which scrubs of stains effectively.

All you need to do is to fill up the 300 ml water box with water. The bot will clean all the areas by using the i-Drop technology that will effectively release the optimal amount of water to clean the surface.

There are four unique modes of operation that you can switch between based on your requirements. These modes are Auto, Edge, Spot, and Schedule. Irrespective of the mode, it works at a very low noise level.

The bot also intelligently navigates through the home without bumping into obstacles or falling off the stairs.

The five different IR sensors help the robot cleaner to navigate through the house, providing indication whenever there is a staircase or any kind of obstacle on its way.

If the bot runs out of charge, it is capable of automatically returning to its charging port to recharge itself.

However, you can also manually charge it. It runs on 4 lithium-ion batteries that help it to work for a longer duration of time. It lasts continuously for about 120 minutes with each charge. The warranty period for this machine is 1 year.

  • Efficient vacuuming and mopping results
  • Mode options for flexibility
  • Soundless operation
  • Decent battery backup
  • Random cleaning path must be altered


9. Roborock S5 MAX Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Roborock manufactures robotic appliances that simplify everyday living. Their products are engineered with the latest technology so as to ensure that they provide maximum comfort and output.


This robotic cleaner provides two important cleaning functionalities – vacuuming and mopping. The combination of these both, help in achieving a clean home in no time. The machine has an LDS sensor that scans the entire room at a rate of 300 RPM.

Primary Features

  • Vacuum and mop functionalities
  • Z-shaped cleaning route
  • Accurate navigation with LiDAR technology
  • 300 RPM scanning rate of LDS sensor
  • Adaptive algorithm to opt for best route
  • 4 cliff sensors for careful movement
  • 2000 Pa suction potential
  • Water tank capacity of 290 ml
  • 5200 mAh battery lasting up to 180 minutes
  • Low noise levels
  • 1 year warranty period

It also noiselessly performs its job, causing no disturbance. For an efficient vacuuming process, the bot cleaner is designed to have a suction potential of 2000 Pa. This helps to remove as much dust particles as possible from the floor.

The machine also automatically raises its suction power while cleaning the carpet areas. This auto-customisation feature helps in attaining more precision in its cleaning.

The mopping process also takes place in a very efficient manner. It has a water tank capacity of 290 ml which would be adequate enough to cleanse 200 square meters.

Also, you can adjust the level of water to be used for cleaning depending upon the flooring type at your home. The cleaning path adopted by the bot is a Z-shaped pattern which ensures that no spot is missed while cleaning the floors.

The adaptive algorithm in the bot helps the bot to choose the best possible route to clean the house, taking the obstacles and room size into consideration.

For navigating through the home, the bot cleaner is equipped with a LiDAR technology that updates the bot about the layout of your home.

There are also 4 cliff sensors that warn the bot if it’s heading towards a cliff zone or an obstacle. This prevents it from colliding on objects, causing unnecessary hassles. However, the bot can climb over obstacles at a height of 2 cm.

You are also given the option to set barriers for the bot’s movement. This means that you can restrict the areas where the bot can mop or vacuum. Thus, the bot will only clean in those areas where it has been given access to.

The No-Go Zone indicates that the bot cannot mop nor vacuum in that area while the No-Mop Zone indicates that the robot cannot mop in that area.

These virtual boundaries can be changed as per your needs with the help of the app. You can also schedule multiple cleaning times on this app, which makes the process more convenient for you.

The 5800 mAh battery provides a charge for 180 minutes, which will be long enough to clean an entire house. Let’s Suppose the bot runs out of charge while performing the cleaning job.

It is equipped with a Smart Top-Up technology which gives it the ability to recharge itself before resuming the job from where it left off. It also begins charging when the battery is less than 20%. The warranty period given for this product is 1 year.

  • Auto-customised cleaning methods
  • Cleanses maximum amount of dirt and stains
  • Excellent battery capacity
  • Minimal noise levels
  • Bot tends to get stuck on carpets and debris


10. Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30 is among the best robot vacuum cleaners in India and is popular electronics brand in America. They aim to ease out everyday household activities by means of adopting automated technology.


The machine is a high performing robotic vacuum cleaner which cleans up your area at a quick pace. It has a very sleek and compact construction, giving it the flexibility to crawl under sofa and curtains. 

Primary Features

  • BoostIQ technology for auto-adjustable suction power
  • Infrared sensors to keep away from hindrance
  • 1500 Pa suction power
  • 2 efficient filters
  • Sleek design
  • 100 minutes break-free performance
  • 600 ml dust bag capacity
  • Silent operation
  • Remote control operation
  • 1 year warranty period

It is provided with an anti-scratch temper glass on the top for protection against damages. Also, it operates ever so silently which is an added plus point. The robot cleaner offers an excellent cleaning performance at a high suction rate of 1500 Pa.

Using the BoostIQ technology that the machine is equipped with, it can alter between various suction ranges based on the type of cleaning surface. It only takes about 1.5 seconds to detect the surface type and shift its suction power.

For high precision in cleaning, it is equipped with two filters that draw in most of the dirt. The dust gets stored in the junk bag which has a capacity of 600 ml.

To assist with the navigation of the bot, it is provided with infrared sensors that help the bot to detect cliffs and hindrances. The bot would avoid those areas and intelligently crawl away from them.

The bot also comes with boundary strips which you can use to set manual boundaries to indicate that the bot must avoid areas beyond it. The 13 feet boundary strips can be used for different spots as required by you.

Its battery capacity is high enough to offer continuous working for 100 minutes straight. It can also automatically recharge itself in case it runs out of charge.

The bot can also be instructed using a remote control. The product comes with the bot, it’s charging port, AC power adapter, remote control with 2 AAA batteries, 12 feet boundary strips, 4 brushes, and 5 cable ties. It also has a warranty time of 1 year.

  • Slim build for easy movement
  • Excellent cleaning results
  • Good battery capacity
  • Silent functioning
  • Durability of the machine is questionable


11. iLife Robotic Vacuum Cleaner X620

iLife manufactures products that can be used for cleaning purposes. Their automated machines are user-friendly and provide excellent performance. This robotic vacuum cleaner offers three modes of cleaning – vacuuming, sweeping, and dry/wet mopping.


It is built with a thoughtful structure and high-quality components to ensure that they are top-notch in terms of performance and quality.

Primary Features

  • Triple functionalities – Vacuum, Sweep, Dry/Wet mopping
  • Effective brushless motor
  • Lithium battery lasting up to 120 minutes
  • V-shaped rolling brush for efficient cleaning
  • Infrared sensors to identify obstacles
  • Drop-sensing technology to prevent tripping
  • 1200 Pa suction potential
  • High quality filter
  • 300 ml water tank capacity
  • Noiseless operation
  • 1 year warranty period

The metal surface of the machine is covered with an anti-scratch tempered glass to keep it free from damage. Its thin frame can easily sneak underneath furniture, thoroughly cleaning these hard-to-reach areas as well.

Its effective brushless motor helps to achieve high performance. It has a suction power of 1200 Pa which sucks the dust in no time. Also, it is fixed with a filter which assists the bot to clean up most dust particles.

The V-shaped rolling brushes that are fixed on the machine thoroughly cleans the surface, not missing a spot as it cleans. The robot cleaner works without any noise, causing no discomfort.

Also, it is provided with a 300 ml dust bad and water tank, which can be used for dual purposes. You can also schedule the time at which the bot should clean each day. This is very much convenient, especially if you are away from home.

It is engineered with advanced navigation technology which guides the robot cleaner around the house. It is also fixed with efficient sensors which indicate the bot in case there is any obstacle on its way.

Also, to prevent the bot from falling off the stairs, it has a drop-sensing technology that keeps the bot away from the stairs. The virtual barrier helps to keep the bot away from certain areas that you do not want the bot to enter.

Also, the bot’s lithium battery offers excellent efficiency, providing charge for a duration of 100 minutes. This robot vacuum cleaner would automatically return to the charging station once the assigned task is complete.

  • Cleans minute dust particles as well
  • Requires very minimal maintenance
  • Budget-friendly
  • Silent operation
  • Poor battery functionality


12. iLife Robot ILIFEV3spro Vacuum Cleaner

iLife has been in this business for a decade now. Their products are of high caliber and are extremely efficient in terms of their performance and build. This robotic vacuum cleaner by iLife is one of the most ideal choices if you are looking for a basic yet highly efficient bot cleaner.


It is constructed with sturdy material and is also designed to be in the optimal size. Due to its compact dimensions, it can easily move under sofas and other furniture and clean these places which are generally hard to reach as well.

Primary Features

  • Compact build
  • 4 modes of cleaning
  • Obstacle detector for efficient movement
  • CLEAN option for automatic cleaning
  • HEPA filter for effecting cleaning
  • Easy access through remote control
  • Automatic recharge feature

The cleaning operation can be performed in four variations in modes – Auto Clean, Edge Clean, Spot Clean, and Scheduled Clean. Each one of these modes offers special functionality in terms of cleaning.

The availability of such flexible cleaning modes is exceptionally advantageous as it can be switched between based on the needs. For further supporting the cleaning mechanism, the machine is fixed with a HEPA filter.

This ensures that the machine draws in most of the dust from the area, without missing any spots. For a bot cleaner, it is important that it is equipped with a special mechanism to assist in its movement around the house.

This device is fixed with a high capacity obstacle sensor. This sensor signals the bot if there is any obstacle on the robot vacuum’s pathway. The clean option helps to begin the clean function automatically.

Other operations of this robotic vacuum cleaner can also be controlled by using the remote control, which comes along with the package.

The high efficient battery of the robotic cleaner not just offers a good backup but also has the ability to automatically recharge itself when the charge reduces.

It can reach its charging dock and charge itself, without requiring any manual intervention. Apart from the bot and its charging port, it also comes with remote control, adapter, cleaning equipment, extra brushes, and filters.

  • Spotless cleaning results
  • Efficient sensors
  • Auto recharge feature
  • Budget-friendly
  • Bot tends to get stuck in carpets


13. PureClean Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner (PUCRC26B)

Pure Clean has a wide range of varieties when it comes to vacuum cleaners. All of their products are of high quality with excellent efficiency. Also, they are available in affordable price ranges.


This bot cleaner is constructed at an apt size so as to be able to fit into tight space and clean areas that are hard to reach manually. They are quite low in height and can thus walk under furniture, cleaning the clogged up dust in these spots as well.

Primary Features

  • Optimal build size
  • 2 sweeper brushes to collect all dirt particles
  • Cliff sensors to evade stairways
  • HEPA filter for effective cleaning
  • Suction power of 1200 Pa
  • Alterable air filter

For an enhanced cleaning performance, the bot cleaner is fixed with 2 rotatable sweeper brushes. These brushes collect the dust from all the nearby spots, without missing any. Due to their rotatable feature, they can clear the dust that gets collected in the edges as well. 

The powerful suction potential of 1200 Pa helps the bot to easily suck is dirt that is barely are tough and hard to sweep.

This robot vacuum cleaner is also fixed with an efficient filter called the HEPA filter, which facilitates the cleaning process by clearing off the dust that is barely even visible to the eyes.

The air filter that is used to lock allergens can be replaced very easily. To assist the bot as it cleans around the house, the machine is equipped with specified sensors.

These sensors act as a guide to the bot, helping it move around the house with ease. The cliff sensors indicate if and when the bot heads closer to a stairway. This ensures that the bot does not fall off the stairs, causing damage.

  • Thorough cleaning results
  • Longer working duration
  • Efficient filter
  • High suction potential
  • Gets stuck very often
  • Durability of the motor is questionable


Buying Guide – Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India

Investing in a device that is to be used on a daily basis, like a robotic vacuum cleaner, may require a lot of research.

Considering the price range, it is definitely not recommended to blindly choose a random product without thoroughly investigating its configurations, performance, and reliability.


However, this job can be tedious because they come with a varied number of features that may contain many technical specifications that you might find hard to comprehend.

To clear out this cloud of confusion from your minds, we have framed a well elaborate buyer’s guide which will brief you about the key aspects to consider while buying a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Factors to Consider While Buying the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India

1. Cleaning Mechanisms

Some bot cleaners come with a single cleaning mechanism while others come with dual mechanisms. It is important that you choose a bot cleaner that best suits your needs.


Some basic robotic cleaners have only the vacuuming feature. This only clears your place free from dust particles and leaves it dirt-free.

Vacuuming and Mopping

Most of the technically advanced robotic cleaners come with this dual cleaning mechanism.

They are capable of vacuuming dry dirt and can also wipe the floor clean from any stains and liquids. This dual feature gives your home a better cleaning experience.

It is most preferable to opt for a boot cleaner that has both the vacuuming and mopping feature.

2. Navigation Technology

It is important that the device is capable of commuting around the house by itself, without the requirement of any manual intervention. This is only possible if the bot has the technological provision to comprehend the map of the house.

It ensure that your bot device has an efficient mapping technology that allows the machine to receive data about the layout of the house.

This is will help the bot to move around the house, knowing its blueprint. There are many effective technologies such as SLAM, which help the bot to get data about the map of your home.

Some bots are can also store multiple maps and can automatically detect which one is about to clean. Thus, ensuring that your bot has this feature can be useful to store the layout of multiple floors or homes, in case you live in a duplex house.


3. Sensors

Sensors are the vital component for the robot vacuum cleaners as without sensors they would not be able to provide hassle-free performance.

The main sensors that are mandatory for these bot cleaners are –

  • Anti – Collision sensors

These sensors ensure that the bot does not collide with the furniture or wall barriers as they slide around the home cleaning various places. These sensors send signals to the bot indicating the presence of an obstacle, thereby helping the bot stay away from them.

  • Cliff sensors

Cliff sensors help the bot to discover staircases. This prevents the bot from slipping from the staircase. These are very important as it is not convenient to constantly ensure that the bot is away from the staircase area.

4. Suction Power

The suction capacity of the bot is an inevitable factor that has to be considered. This is because; this capacity of the machine is what indicates its cleansing performance. Thus, make sure to opt for a bot machine that has a high suction power.

A higher suction power will be able to draw in tougher dirt particles, keeping the entire area free from dust. The recommended range of suction power is between 1300 Pa to 1500 Pa.


5. Filter

A high capacity filter makes sure that the bot clears up the highest possible percentage of dirt. Make sure that the bot is fixed with a good quality filter, which removes more than 95% of the dirt.

6. Design

The design of the bot plays a vital role in its cleaning factor. It is necessary that the bot’s physical size is sleek and compact enough to comfortably slide beneath the furniture. Most of the dust tends to clog up underneath furniture and can be quite tedious to clean manually.

Thus, it is very important that the bot is small enough to move around these spots and collect the dust from there as well. It is most preferable to opt for a bot whose height is less than 3 inches.


7. Dust Bag and Water Tank Capacity

The dust bag is where all the dust gets collected as the bot cleans around the house. Ensuring that this bag is large enough to hold more dust is essential. Otherwise, you may have to unload the junk every once in a while.

The water tank capacity has to be considered too if the bot cleaner has a mopping mechanism as well. Make sure that the cleaner has a water tank of decent capacity.

This will make sure that the robot vacuum cleans your entire home with a one time refill. Thus, you wouldn’t have to fill the tank with more water as it cleans halfway through your home.

8. Battery

There are two aspects that you must consider while checking the battery specification

Capacity and Backup

A battery with a higher capacity will provide backup for a longer duration. This is very important, especially if you have a large home.

It would be more convenient if the bot is capable of cleaning your entire house in one charge, without having to recharge itself amidst the process.

Make sure, that your battery’s capacity provides a backup of up to 100 minutes, at the least.

Recharge Modes

Having a bot that can automatically recharge itself every time it runs out of charge can be extremely convenient. This way, you wouldn’t have to constantly check if the bot is charged or not.

Also, ensure that the bot is capable of automatically reaching back to its port and recharging itself if it runs out of charge while performing a cleaning task.

The bot must also be able to resume the task from where it left off, without cleaning the already cleansed place all over again.

9. Compatibility With App

Ensure that the bot can be connected to its unique app as this feature can be very advantageous for you. Check if you will be able to track the performance and cleaning progress of the bot through this app.

This will help you keep a check on the work even if you are away from it.

Also, ensure if the app provides you the feature to schedule the cleaning time so that you can easily schedule the cleaning time each day. Another important feature is the no-entry zones.

Ensure that you have the option to set up limitations and boundaries for your bot. There may be some spots that you may not want the bot to clean. Check if the bot and its app give you the provision to set these restrictions.


10. Price

It is a fact that robotic cleaners are pricey. However, that doesn’t justify spending the money mindlessly without keeping a check. The average price range of a bot cleaner is between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000.

There are bot cleaners which are cheaper and more expensive than this range. However, the recommended range for good quality and the budget-friendly bot is what has been mentioned.

11. Warranty

Warranty is a factor that just cannot be ignored. Since the bot is constructed with many technical components, there are many chances for malfunctioning.

A warranty will come handy at times like these. Ensure that the bot cleaner has a minimum warranty time period of at least one year.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India

Q1. Can robot vacuum cleaners navigate through stairs?

Ans. Robot vacuum cleaners cannot navigate through staircases as they are prone to fall and damage themselves. They are also provided with cliff detection sensors which warn them when they are closer to these spots.

Thus, it is not possible and is also not advisable to try it with your bot cleaners. However, you can shift your machine manually to another floor so as to clean the rooms up there.

Q2. Which robot cleaner is best for pet hair?

Ans. Pet hairs are very fragile and may get scattered in nook and corners of the floor and beneath the furniture. Sometimes, they also cling to the carpet material.
Thus, if you are looking for a robot cleaner that specifically clears out the pet hair, it is important that you ensure that the cleaner has –
·      High suction power
·      Cleans as close to the corners and furniture as possible
·      Automatically shifts between various modes for better suction on carpets
·      Sleek enough to slide beneath furniture

A cleaner with all these features will ensure that you dog hair as cleaned thoroughly

Q3. What is the difference between a robot vacuum cleaner and a regular vacuum cleaner?

Ans. Although, both the robot vacuum cleaner and the regular one does pretty much the same job, it differs in one major aspect – the requirement of manual intervention.

A normal vacuum cleaner sucks up dust too, however you will have to navigate it to various places and point the hose to various spots where you find dirt. Although this is less tedious than the traditional sweeping method, it is again quite time-consuming.

A robot vacuum cleaner serves as an advantage as it requires no manual intervention. It can automatically guide itself around your house and clean all the areas perfectly. There are other features where you can schedule the cleaning time as well.

Q4. What are the pros and cons of buying a robot vacuum cleaner?

Ans. Pros
Saves a lot of time
Cleans places that may be hard to reach manually
Does not require human intervention
You can schedule the cleaning time
Requires periodic maintenance only
Most bot cleaners tend to be noisy
Quite expensive
Servicing can be costly

Conclusion – Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India

A robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a lot of features and it can be quite a trick to come to a conclusion about the best vacuum cleaner for your home. To further simplify the task for you, we have put forth a suggestion, keeping in mind all the important aspects.


Roborock S5 MAX Robot Vacuum and Mop is an amazing choice, mainly because of its dual cleaning mechanism. The bot cleaner can vacuum as well as mop the flooring with the utmost perfection.

All of its specifications are within the recommended range and promise superior output. The quality of their build is excellent and is also provided with the optimal features to give the house a thorough clean.

The high suction potential of 2000 Pa draws in all the dust and cleans the place in no time. The unique navigation feature intellectually guides the bot around the house, missing out obstacles and staircases. Also, the battery of the machine provides a good backup.

Despite being quite heavy on the pocket, it is definitely worth the penny.

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