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11 Best Air Blowers in India (October 2020) – Buying Guide & Reviews


Do you want everything squeaky clean?

If Yes, then it is a sure thing that you cannot withstand even the slightest amount of dirt anywhere.

If you are in a hunt for a machine that understands your concerns and will be a guiding light as well as a helping hand for you, then your search finally ends here.

We have your desired solution, an Air Blower! Yes, that’s right.

This product is a blessing in disguise for you because it will reach those corners which you were unable to reach for days and years now.

The purpose of air blowers is the same as its name suggests, it blows away the dust all-around your house, office floor, garage, just wherever you find a place to clean.

The thing that attracts all your cleanliness enthusiasts is that it can eliminate the dust particles from the most stubborn places as well like your keys of PS4, the internal wires of the CPU, and so on so forth.

On this page, you will also find a Buying Guide that will help you to select the best air blowers in India.

Having the hardest time to figure out the perfect air blower? Do not worry because we have got your back. Given below are the 11 best air blowers available in India.

These are the Top 11 Best Air Blowers in India

Best Air Blowers in India in 2020

1. Elmico Heavy-Duty Electric Variable Speed Air Blower

Elmico is one of the oldest companies that offer a wide range of air blowers in India. This shiny air blower does not fail to spread the shine all over your house or garden, wherever you want to use it!Elmico-air-blower

This Elmico air blower is so multitalented that it can easily cope up with whatever situation you throw it in. It is so lightweight that anyone, irrespective of any medical condition or age can easily carry and operate it.

Primary Features

  • Electric air blower
  • Versatile cleaning from compressor to garden
  • Manageable speed
  • PVC material nozzle
  • Has the air speed of 2.8m³/min

It has a long PVC air nozzle with a narrow end that can reach those places where your ordinary and regular brooms or even vacuum cleaners do not reach.

The end portion of this nozzle can be easily detached and the opposite wider portion can be fixed as per the surface area of your place.

Whether you have to clean your car engine or the compressor and the inner parts of the AC or fridge, this air blower will give you all-rounder protection from the irritating and disgusting dust particles settling in those places.

This power is given by the rotating motor inside that expels out air at 2.8m³/min. It comes with a speed changing option and you just have to designate the speed to one limit and it will expel out the air at that speed rate, thus fulfilling its purpose.

The clutch operating system of this air blower makes it much less complicated to use. You just have to pull up the clutch to start the machine and spread the magic across the area!

This product is purely made in India and will make you feel proud in every usage. Just like its strong form, it has received amazing ratings on Amazon. To grab a heavy discount on this air blower, hit the red button given below.

  • Made in India
  • Strong copper binding
  • Lighter look
  • No warranty


2. JD9 Electric Air Blower

This hardcore JD9 electric air blower not only looks professional but will provide you with the utmost feeling of contentment that you deserve.


If you are on a look-out for a sturdy looking high-quality air blower, this JD9 electric air blower will rescue you every day while cleaning. With the lock-on button, be assured of the constant air-flow from the air passage made of the best material.

Primary Features

  • Extreme air passage at 2.3m³/min
  • Suitable both for indoors and outdoors
  • Posh material built
  • The on button gets locked once pressed
  • Better than the overpriced dust busters

This air blower is a power-packed device and will stay consistent on its performance throughout. It will consume 700 watts of power, once you plug it in and start using it.

The fan in this air blower rotates at 17000 revolutions per minute at 2.3 m³/min which is deemed to execute extremely vigour work.

So, technically you are getting a high rate performance at a very low price while it consumes an average amount of power. The nozzle is super sturdy and is definitely removable which will let you clean the air passage as well!

Cleanliness will reach its peak with the support of this air blower. It can clean everything and anything imaginable starting from the corner bottom of your chair and table to the innermost parts of your charging points and even your carpet.

It will let you clean the acute corners of your office as well as basements. This amazingly affordable air blower has received a high star rating for its credibility and high-class standard.

  • Low price
  • Sturdy with great performing rate
  • Slower air supply
  • No speed variation
  • No lock-on system


3. JAKMISTER Electric Air Blower

Jakmister is among the leaders of the air blower industry. Every air blower by this company is not only robust but also brawny and highly efficient that makes it among the top choices of the customers.


This electric air blower has multiple functionalities and is proven to be shatterproof! Buying this will not be regretful. If you are looking for a strong and imperishable product, then this air blower is the one that would be best suitable for you.

Primary Features

  • Built with plastic material
  • The on switch can be locked
  • Air blows out at 90miles/hour
  • Compact size

This product will blow your worries and the dust particles at the same time through the heavy-duty air outlet at 90miles/hour. It will give you a two-in-one operational option that you can hop on anytime the situation demands you to.

You can use it as an air blower as well as it can also showcase the work of a vacuum cleaner. This air blower is a blessing in disguise for all the people who are in a long term relationship with cleanliness.

The compact size and the light-weight makes everything so smooth and trouble-free to manoeuvre. It has a lock for the power-on switch which allows the continuous passage of air without any break in between.

The air blower option will aid in cleaning up cars, cupboard corners at home. Also, the vacuum cleaning option can be turned on when there is a lot of dust that needs to be assembled and thrown away elsewhere.

Every side and corner of your bed, doors, the kitchen will now be clean with this machine. It is the best replacement for a moppet.

It consumes up to 675 watts of energy and the motor moves at a speed of 16000 revolutions every minute. This super cool device comes with 6-months warranty and has been showered with great customer feedback on Amazon.

  • Dual functionality
  • Long lasting and small
  • High Maintenance


4. iBELL Air Blower

iBell is known for producing classy & powerful air blowers in India. This air blower from iBell is the best selling product on Amazon and it truly deserves the spot!


The attributes that make it irresistible and smart are the dual functionality, the manageable speed regulator, and the copper winding motor that adds to the sturdiness of this air blower.

Primary Features

  • Vacuum cleaner + blower
  • Electric replacement of broom
  • Blows air at 3.3m³/min
  • Latest day design

With its 3.3m³/min blow rate that comes out of the super-tough long passage, puff all those sticky and old dust from your wall clocks, corners of the photo frames, the dead leaves from your garden, and even the footrest of your car with a blink of an eye.

With the changeable speed control, you can now keep track of the speed with which the air will come out. This is extremely important when you will have to encounter different quantities and qualities of dust.

The motor rotates at 14000 RPM while consuming 600W of power and pushing out the air at 3.3m³/min which makes it amazing for acute corners.

These values will not only make it flexible to use anywhere but will be powerful enough to expel out dirt with great robustness. The brand is offering a warranty for 6 months on this air blower.

It is the No. 1 best-selling air blower in India on Amazon. The product has got a 4.2 stars rating on Amazon. You can peacefully place an order for this product & avail crazy discounts.

  • Best seller
  • Two-in-one service
  • Manageable speed
  • Worthy for any space
  • None, it is simply wow!


5. Black+Decker BDB530 Single Speed Air Blower

The air blowers from Black+Decker is a perfect blend of power and style. The BDB530 530-Watt Single Speed Air Blower is the classic example.

In this air blower, You get 2 options of elimination of waste particles, you can either storm away all filth or it can even engulf every bit and pieces of dirt and store it in a bag which can be expelled away afterward.

Primary Features

  • Beautiful, classy design
  • Both pushing away and pulling in of dirt option
  • The cord is 3m long
  • Utilizes 530W of power
  • Motor speed of 16000 RPM

The air outlet passage can reach in places that are tough for other air blowers of this segment. Ex – Speakers, Mouse Pad, Corners of your Tube Light, and curtains. The thick and long-lasting 3 meter long cord will not leave any stone unturned and will cover every nook and crook of your room.

This air blower has the capacity to clean up even wood residues if you have a DIY hardware space in your garage.

All thanks to the dual operation mode, you just have to switch on the suction mode and all the different sized particles will assemble together inside the beautiful dust bag.

For cleaning such heavy dirt, you will require a very powerful performance. The internal motor moves with an amazing 16000 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) , thus generating a high potential to eliminate the air at 3.5m³/min.

It does all these heavy and tedious jobs by just taking in 530W of energy from a voltage supply of 220V. This fashionable air blower shines its way through the market with 4.3 stars and will give you protection against damages with a warranty of 6 months.

  • Professional look
  • Long cord line
  • No option for varying speed


6. Aegon Ab40 Multipurpose Plastic Electric Air Blower

Aegon is one of the companies that are always in the spotlight of the red carpet when it comes to air blowers. Every air blower that Aegon curates is heavy-duty and reliable, thus along with outstanding performance, it selflessly keeps its promise of forever inspiring us.

This air blower will make you stronger and you will always have the feeling of assurance that it will always have your back.

Primary Features

  • Tough plastic material
  • Speed of 13000 RPM at 350W
  • Air outburst at 2.3m cube/min
  • Thick and long wire with a 2 pin plug

Dust does not know any barrier so it barges in but the multi-skilled Aegon Ab40 will defend you and your house from all these harmful and irritating dirt that makes itself at home in the various corners.

It has a 350W motor that has copper winding which provides you with sufficient results with 13000 RPM every single time of usage.

So, even if you have to clean your SUV, it will deliver similar results just as the perfect cleaning of your bed corners. You may wonder what the specialty of copper winding is.

It is a very well known fact that this material has more strength and vigour than the regular aluminium windings of other machines.

Cleaning of enormous arrays like lawns and garages takes eons of time! This power ball can work for hours and the air goes out from its designated way out at 2.3m³/min.

The long mouth can go to places where you cannot reach physically. Your hands will not get fatigued because of the comfy grip handles. You can work with either side of the nozzle by just detaching and locking it.

It will squander away the snow from the top of your car; the dust on your old books as well as it will remove the remainders at factories. With a 6 month warranty, it is indeed a worthy air blower for you!

  • Copper winding motor
  • User friendly
  • 2 pin plug
  • No option provided for managing speed


7. Bosch GBL Air Blower

If you are a huge cleanliness lover and also maintain a fashion statement, then Bosch has the products that will blend in perfectly with you. It is none other than Bosch!

This Bosch GBL with its charismatic looks and muscular vigor, it has won the hearts of thousands of other people. It is now your turn to grab this astonishing Bosch GBL.

Primary Features

  • Comfort is the top priority
  • Strike the perfect balance of weight and power
  • Best viable performance with 3.5m³/min of airflow
  • Painless preservation
  • 2m long cord

This air blower from Bosch has successfully reached the level of balance between weight and energy consumption. It engrosses up to 620W of power with a bodyweight of 1.70 Kg.

With that much utilization of power, the motor revolves with a speed of 16000 RPM and by that, it gushes out air at the rate of 3.5m³/min. Just switch on the lock-on button to get the uninterrupted airflow from the strong nozzle.

If you want to clean a concerned area outside of your room, then you do not even have to unplug it. It has a 2 metre long cord line that will allow you to work that extra mile.

From carpenters to industrial workers, this particular air blower can be used by anyone, anywhere.

It has enough capacity to clean the small pieces of wood residues too. Bosch GBL will always be there for you, in every circumstance.

So, no corners can escape now. Not even the headstrong dust on the filters of AC or your ventilating systems. It has been graced with 4.4 stars on Amazon and will protect you for a time frame of 6 months that will lure you more towards it.

  • One of the best in the market
  • Easy grip handle
  • Long lasting wire
  • The speed cannot be regulated


8. Dewalt DWB800-IN Corded Variable Speed Blower

Dewalt is running in the frontline with its power efficacious air blowers for almost a century now. Whether for industrial or home usage, when it comes to power saving but at the same time powerful air blowers, Dewalt is the one to trust.dewalt-air-blower

This product is the smartest and most mighty air blower you will ever come across! This Dewalt DWB800 air blower is truly the one that has all the best attributes that any air blower should have. 

Primary Features

  • Protection for any kind of pain on hands due to the lock switch
  • Handle with rubber padding
  • Rubber material nozzle for smoother air throw
  • Motor of 800W with air draft of 4.5m³/min

It is the perfect mixture of antique when it comes to its structure and working capacities and vogue with regards to its design and features. Let us come to the most attractive factor of this product.

It does have a lock on system that allows the incessant passage of air through the rubber nozzle. Along with this, it is equipped with a speed dial.

Now, what this speed dial does is, it has speed limit values like 3, 2, 1 that allows you to set to one-speed limit, and then all you have to do is press the speed trigger switch and voila!

The only thing you have to keep in mind is what level of speed you want it to work. After that, it will do its job diligently. It is Dewalt’s style and tradition to make this product rough and rouge.

With its motor taking in 800W of energy, this machine has different value rates for its two functions, the suction capability, and the airflow. It pulls in all the dust at 2.5m³/min and puffs away from the air at 4.5m³/min.

The rubber material handle aids for a superior grasp on to the handle so that we can be comfortable throughout the long hours of cleaning.

Its exterior has ameliorated coating that will increase its lifespan so that it can serve you for a very long time.

Undoubtedly, this is the best possible air blower that has successfully clutched on to 4.7 stars that will make it worthy of every penny spent.

Hold on to your seat because the following information will definitely increase your dopamine – it comes with a 2 year-long assurance against any malfunctions.

  • Rubber material nozzle and handle
  • Thick wire and dust collecting bag
  • 2 years warranty
  • Absolutely none!


9. Cheston 3.0m³/min Electric Air Blower

Cheston is the Disneyland for all you cleanliness supporters who are always on a lookout for cleanliness driven machines.

If you want a portable, easy to use, light-weight air blower, Cheston will offer you hundreds of air blowers to select from! This air blower will happily take in your pressure and stress and will get the job done quickly!

Primary Features

  • Air passing speed of 80 miles/hour
  • Suitable for areas like garage, lawns and home
  • Lock on option available
  • Motor runs at 600W

Every air blower from Cheston is so amazing and price worthy, that it baffles us on which product to land on. Cheston has brought this air blower for the ultimate replacement of your regular brooms that do not even last for a month.

The handle and the lock-on button make the management and operation smooth and easy.

The powerful motor continuously keeps pushing the air out of the sturdy plastic material nozzle due to the lock-on button and yet, it still will feel like a feather on your hand because of the exemplary weight balance.

You will now have that power and strength to clean the USB ports, close to heart electronic gadgets, TV, showpieces, idols, and nearly everything at your house, garage, the dry leaves, and twigs at the floor of your garden, everything with this compact and stout air blower.

The magic begins when you plug-in and switch on the power button, the motor will start operating and will eject out the air at the speed of 3.0m³/min.

The plastic body and the air outlet actually add to the machine’s durability and lightweight. It has a lock on button installed in it which when pressed sends a signal to the motor to run continuously.

Thus, assuring lots of ease of usage and you will not feel any kind of barrier from its side while cleaning. This reasonable and inexpensive air blower comes with a 6 months warranty!

  • Plastic material
  • Long mouth
  • No vacuum option
  • Cannot be used beyond 10 minutes


10. Cheston CHB-CN Electric Air Blower

Cheston is one of the most famous brands when it comes to the professional nature of work output from their personalized air blowers. The product will make us feel empowered due to its professional look and friendly nature while working with maximum proficiency.

This air blower is not only pocket friendly but also gives you all the factors that you will be requiring while doing its work the way it is expected to.

Primary Features

  • Excretes air at 70miles/hour
  • Variable carbon brush design
  • Takes up to 500W power for great execution of work
  • Perfectly placed lock on switch

This air blower weighs approximately 1.5 kg and it has anti-vibration property in it. These two features are inculcated in this air blower by Cheston with notable care for your safety and your hands so that you have a trouble-free, painless experience of cleaning with this one of a kind Cheston CHB-CN electric air blower.

This air blower has two switches – a blow button and a lock button. When you will plug it in the power source, on pressing the blow button, the motor will first take in 500W power and start running and expelling air immediately through the nozzle at 70 miles/hour.

The lock button will put a lock on the ongoing operation and will constantly allow the air to flow out. Then all you have to do is sway the machine by the great grip handle and puff away your enemies!

There is a suction port on one side of the air blower where you can easily attach the dust bag that is available with the package. This dust bag will be extremely helpful when you will use the suction feature.

What will happen is instead of working just like an electric broom and blowing away the dirt, it will suck the dirt in and that dirt will directly go and settle in the dust bag.

So now with so many ergonomic features, you can now clean away the irritating pet hairs from every surface and corners, the spider webs from the corner of the ceilings, and every little space imaginable.

  • Good positioning of buttons for easy usage
  • Protection against pet hairs
  • Suitable for lazy people
  • No speed variation
  • Long in size


11. Cheston CHB-30 Plastic Electric Air Blower

Cheston is a company that always thinks ahead of time. Every air blower from Cheston, irrespective of their characteristics, has been made with lots of ideologies, uniqueness, and trust.

This handy Cheston CHB-30 stands tall to the word of faith that Cheston gives to their customers. This Cheston CHB-30 is an “anybody can use” air blower.

Primary Features

  • Consumes 550W at 230V
  • Hefty plastic build
  • Broad cord with a 2 pin plug
  • Usable anywhere
  • Patterned handle for better grip

This air blower has been made in special consideration so that it can be used in any situation and place, and that nobody has to tolerate dirt in their surroundings.

The 2 pin plug and a very flexible price stand by the convenience factor of this particular model of the air blower. It will show equal great performance both in your house and your factory.

The handle has a very firm and pleasant grip on it so that you do not get fatigued during the cleaning hours. The 2 pin plug has its fun advantage. You will find these types of plug points everywhere, in houses, offices, garage, etc.

It absorbs 550W of energy from a 230V supply which is contemplated as the moderate power supply. This air blower is the next level of user friendly.

The power switch is in the form of a small button that you just have to press and then release. This will not only give you a constant service but the control over the air output will be in your hands.

The composition of the motor is built with the strongest of materials like copper wire, broad titanium gear, and a big circumference fan so that it can successfully give out air at high speed thus executing powerful performance every time till its last breath!

It can clean your valuables like all your premium class sofa sets and furniture, your AC outlet and the foot mat of your car, electronics as well as that stubborn dirt from your basement.

Use this beauty home and get a 6 months additional protection and be rest assured as it has received the love in the form of an amazing rating on Amazon.

  • Can Work Anywhere
  • User And Pocket Friendly
  • Strong Built Device
  • No Vacuum Property
  • No Speed Changing Option


Buying Guide – Best Air Blowers in India

Well now that you have glanced through all the best picks of air blowers, here comes the toughest part – the final stage that is, buying one for you. Buying anything can be proved as a nightmare if you are of a perfectionist nature.

You have to go through a lot of pain and worry to read about all the characteristics and attributes of an air blower and also dig on what are your personal requirements like what you need that for your house, office, factory, shop, or garden because as the size of the space will increase, you would need a more powerful machine.

It takes a lot of time and most of the time; you might just end up being more confused.

Keep all your anxiety aside because listed below are some of the most important factors of air blowers that you have to know before your purchase.

Types of Air Blowers in India

The first thing that you need to know about an air blower is that there are 3 types of air blowers available in India that you can choose from. This is crucial because you will have to know what kind to go for. They are –

Handheld Air Blowers

This type of air blower is for you if you like things to be handy. This type is the best suitable one when you have to utilise it for cleaning corners in your house, washing machines, water purifiers, and sometimes even the walls of your house as well, etc.

Although, most of the handheld air blowers do not have that much power to clean larger spaces like the garden.

It will take a lot of your time and you will have to give up a lot of your energy too. So, you should always buy a handheld one if you want it for your house, cars, or small cleaning purposes.

Backpack Air Blowers

These air blowers are dedicated to the people who love backpacks and finds them easier to carry and comfortable.

If you like to keep your hands free while working, then this is the type of air blower that you should buy.

The best part about backpack air blowers is that it has higher power in terms of capacity and efficiency in comparison to the handheld ones.

Walk Behind Air Blowers

This type of air blower is used best in long lawns and gardens. The dry leaves and tweaks and other garden dirt are the things that need to be cleared from a garden.

Due to its heavyweight, large in size, and high power efficiency, it has to be dragged across the entire place with your hands.

The bonus point here is that you can burn a lot of your calories while you clean in your garden.

How? You have to walk the entire time while having a specific weight on one of your hands. So, your health is being taken care of overall in this manner!

Factors to consider while buying the Best Air Blower in India

1. Noise Level

When it comes to shopping for an electric air blower, you need to keep in mind the noise concentration level. Of course, you would not want any nerve-wracking noise that will let your neighbors know that it is indeed your cleaning day.

It is definitely not something to be embarrassed about but it is our civic responsibility to not want to disturb the surroundings.

Also, if you have to clean your room where someone is sound asleep, if you use an air blower that is extremely quiet, it will not disturb the sleep of that person and will not wake him/her up.

So in the end, you do not have to hear any kind of bad words from them and by this, you are considering everyone’s peace along with yours.

2. Power

There are two things to consider here – the first thing is how much power it is and on the other side, the rate of power consumption. You would naturally want that machine in your house and life that would aid in saving money along with giving a standard performance.

The more powerful the speed of the motor, the more strongly it will throw out air and clean everything in a matter of seconds.

The power of this machine will depend on the motor speed and its material. It is always advisable to go for a product that will meet your needs and the required attributes.

3. Airflow

This is the primary thing about the product. This is what justifies the name “air blower”. The stronger the airflow would be, the better the deal would be for you. If you want it for regular use, the typical airflow rate is 3.5m³/min.

4. The fuel type of air blower

So, just like there is a subdivision of various types of air blowers on the basis of the total area of your concerned place, there is also another categorization on the basis of the kind of fuel or power supply used by the air blowers.

They are namely – battery, petrol, and corded (electrical). If your concerned place is smaller in size, then it is the best of your intention to go for the battery one.

So if you have bijou of a place to clean, it will take a lesser amount of time and these types of air blowers are noise-free, not at all heavy and bulky, and will give you a smooth experience the whole time!

And now, if you have a much larger space, you have to use a walk-behind air blower which runs on petrol.

This fuel is the perfect match for your garden full of dry leaves on the ground which is time-consuming to clean. It also requires a lot of power to blow away such a high quantity of dirt.

5. The Air Outlet

The air outlet is the place or passage from where the air gushes out to blow away the dirt. The thicker the nozzle is the more air will be able to move across and out of the air blower. It becomes easier for the machine as well as to clean up and it is time-consuming too.

So, you should keep an eye on the size of the air outlet before buying one. Go for the one which has both wide and narrow ends so that you can reach any corner and get all the dirt.

6. Speed

Who does not want everything to work faster? The speed of the air that is pushed out of the machine by the rotation of the motor is measurable and has a unit for it. The unit is miles per hour or cubic meters per minute. 

Now, you would not want it to run at just one speed throughout. So look for the air blowers where the speed of the airflow can be manageable and variable. Flexibility is the key to a long term relationship!

7. Warranty

When the company which manufactures your product sends you a warranty card along with the appliance, it can be for 6 months to two years. 

This duration indicates that whatever the time frame they have provided you, you can avail that opportunity to give the company a call if you notice any damage and malfunction of the product and you will get their services either for free or for a very reduced price rate.

So, always look for a product that will give you some extra amount of time in your hand for your security and comfort.

8. Cost

Everything comes with a cost and the question of affordability arises here. Whatever be the price, low or high, you should always check the features that the company has infused in the product.

If one product seems like it is overpriced, there must be something or some features that have made it distinctive among the other machines.

If it fits within your tight budget, then you should make sure the machine has all the basic and important attributes that are an absolute necessity. Do not fall for a product just for its price. Go for the quality, always.

9. Dual Functionality Mode

Dual functional mode refers to a machine that will act as both an air blower and also like a vacuum cleaner. This attribute is extremely helpful for everyone who has to suffer both from fine dust particles and also from the heavy ones as well!

Now that you know about the things that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for an air blower, we have assembled a bunch of other features that are also important to notice and to keep in mind.

More Features of Air Blowers

  1. When you are buying the air blower, make sure to give it a test run before you bring it home. If you are buying one from a store, then operate it with your own hands before you jump over to the final decision. If you have opted for the option of online shopping, when the product will be delivered at your doorstep, open the package and use it and see if it is comfortable for you for not. If it does not accomplish your purpose, you can simply return it.
  2. That brings to our second point that the product should be user friendly. By user friendly, it means that you should be able to switch it on easily and also use the other function buttons with ease without any external supervision.
  3. Your air blower should be effortlessly transportable. So, always look for a light-weight product that you can use comfortably with both of your hands and you do not have to go through any kind of strain on your hand for holding it for long hours.
  4. If you have a big courtyard full of trees and plants of various natures and also you have a keen interest in electrical gadgets and you have it all, you would need a product that can serve for both the situations. This purpose can be solved with a product that has a speed adjustment system so that you can adjust it as per your needs.
  5. You may have to clean all sorts of dirt whether parched or dampened. So choosing a product that can sweep away any kind of dirt irrespective of their texture will be a smart choice on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Air Blowers in India

Q1. Which air blower is the best?

Ans:  undoubtedly, the best air blower in the list present on this page is DEWALT DWB800-IN 800-Watt Corded Variable Speed Blower. 

Q2. Which brand of air blower is the best?

Ans: Dewalt is such a brand that cares about its customers and inculcates all the latest attributes in its product. Its air blowers come under a tight pocket so anybody can avail its products and make their health priority. 

Q3. How to use an air blower as a vacuum cleaner?

Ans: You can only use air blower as a vacuum cleaner if that particular model has the option of suction mode.

If it does, then you will find a dust collecting bag in the package that will collect all the dust particles along the way and save it in the bad and you can easily dispose it away after you have finished cleaning it.

If you want to use both these features of blowers and suction, then go for a product that has this attribute. 

Q4. Where to buy an air blower?

Ans: You can buy an air blower both from a store and e-commerce sites. It is according to your convenience and choice where you want to buy one. 

Q5. How to use an air blower?

Ans: First, simply insert the plug into the socket and switch it on. Then switch on the power button option on the air blower for the motor to start and then press the lock-on button which will make sure the continuous flow of air to move out from the passage. That is it! Clean away in such a simple way!  

Conclusion – Best Air Blowers in India

Whether you are an extremely busy working person or a bed lover person, this product will help you to clean up your space in no time.

If you are looking for an air blower that will just serve the purpose of a blower, the best-suited product is Cheston 3.0m³/min electric air blower as you will get all the best attributes at a very low price rate.

If you are looking for a product that will be a blower and have the ability of a vacuum cleaner too, then most definitely, Dewalt DWB800-IN 800-Watt corded variable speed blower will be the perfect match for you!

Happy cleaning hours and happy shopping!

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