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11 Best Angle Grinders in India (October 2020) | Buying Guide & Reviews


An angle grinder is a device that is typically used in construction sights and workshop garages for the purpose of fabricating metal objects and performing processes such as cutting and polishing.

This handheld machinery object can be extremely helpful if you are someone who periodically works on projects like these.


In fact, these machines can be used to make furniture at home, with a store-bought perfection in its finish.

An angle grinder usually comes with a variety of different discs, each of which is made of various materials. You can opt for your ideal machine based on the application that you are going to use it for.

Due to the vast number of choices that are available in the market, it can be quite hard to opt for a good angle grinder.

Also, if you are a novice in this domain, it can be all the more tedious. To ease it out for you, we have reviewed the top 11 angle grinders in India.

In case you want to know more about them, we have also attached a Buying Guide that will brief you through the key prospects that are involved with an angle grinder.

These are the Top 11 Best Angle Grinders in India

ProductsSpeed (RPM)WarrantyPowerBuy Now
Black & Decker 4 Inch Angle Grinder11000 RPM6 months820 Wamazon-button
iBELL Angle Grinder IBL AG10-92, Heavy Duty11000 RPM6 months850 Wamazon-button
Bosch GWS 600 Professional Angle Grinder12000 RPM6 months670 Wamazon-button
DEWALT DW801 Heavy Duty Small Angle GrinderNA2 years850 Wamazon-button
STANLEY STGS9125 Small Angle Grinder12000 RPM1 year900 Wamazon-button
Makita 9553NB Angle Grinder11000 RPM6 months710 Wamazon-button
Spartan DW801 Heavy Duty Angle Grinder11000 RPM6 months850 Wamazon-button
HiKOKI PDA Angle Grinder12000 RPM6 months715 Wamazon-button
Hitachi G13SR4 Angle Grinder10000 RPM6 months600 Wamazon-button
Cheston Angle Grinder11000 RPM6 months670 Wamazon-button
Advance AP AG801 Angle GrinderNA6 months850 Wamazon-button

Best Angle Grinders in India in 2020

1. Black & Decker Angle Grinde

Black & Decker is a 100-year-old company that has been in the business of manufacturing power tools and home appliances which are required on a day-to-day basis. Their years of experience reflect in their product’s quality and performance.


This high efficient angle grinder can be used for multiple purposes such as grinding, polishing, and cutting. It is suitable for many different materials like stones, metals, and granite and is also capable of providing the best finishing look in all these types of materials. 

Primary Features

  • Suitable for grinding, polishing and cutting
  • High speed of 11,000 RPM for quick and precise results
  • 100mm cutting wheel size
  • M10 sized spindle
  • 3 position handle with a comfortable grip
  • Switch with special dust shield
  • Cable wire length of 2 metre
  • Power consumption of 820 W
  • 6 month warranty period

This angle grinder is made of a unique material called polypropylene which ensures that the machine stays durable. The cutting wheel that is used for the purpose of shaping the metal has a wheel size of 100 mm.

This disc can operate at a high speed of 11000 RPM which helps in obtaining quick and perfect results.

The machine is also equipped with an M10 sized spindle. All these features put together helps in cutting down even huge metal pieces.

The device comes with a comfortable grip which can be altered in 3 different positions. This added flexibility lets you use the device in many angles, depending on what suits your comfort.

Also, if you want to use this machine for a longer duration, you can use the lock-on switch. The switch that is used for powering on the device is designed with a shield so as to protect it from getting clogged up with dust.

The particle matters that get generated during the cutting or grinding process are thereby prevented from getting clogged in the switch.

The cable used for plugging on the device is as long as 2 meters. Also, the power consumed by the device is 820 W. The product comes with a warranty that lasts for 6 months. To grab some amazing discounts on this angle grinder, click the red button given below.

  • Powerful cutting and grinding capacity
  • The higher range of RPM
  • The handy grip which is suitable for long-duration usage
  • Good value for money
  • Spare Parts Are Hard To Get
  • High Vibration Level


2. iBELL Angle Grinder IBL AG10-92

iBell is a notable brand that constantly aims to produce innovative appliances that will make everyday activities simpler. Their products are high in calibre and are designed with utmost caution.


This high performing angle grinder is the perfect option for you if you are looking for a machine with outstanding power and ability to cut and grind hard materials. It is equipped with a capable engine that helps to provide high speed.

Primary Features

  • Multi-purpose machine
  • High efficient engine
  • Fan cooled motor to keep temperature under control
  • Cutting disc of 100 mm size
  • Blade lock for prolonged usage
  • 11000 RPM rotation speed
  • Consumes a power of 850 W
  • Warranty time of 6 months

This reliable device can be used for many tedious tasks of sharpening, polishing, grinding, cutting, and sanding. Due to the multiple functionalities provided by the device, it can be used for many applications.

In addition to that, it can also perform the tasks with perfection and at ease. Due to its weightless build, it can be very comfortable to work with the machine, even for longer durations.

The cutting disc that comes with the machine is of a 100 mm size and works at a fast speed of 11000 RPM. The heavy-duty material that it is made up of facilitates the machine to provide outstanding performance.

In case you want to use the machine for a prolonged time, you can use the blade lock switch for added convenience. The brush cutter is fixed with a fan-cooled motor which ensures that the temperature of the device does not rise.

This prevents the machine from heating up due to its fast speed. The angle grinder also has a firm grip handle which eliminates any possibility of discomfort during work.

As an additional safety feature, the machine is fixed with a side handle and a guard which minimizes the possibility of injury or any other kinds of mishaps.

The power consumed by the angle grinder is 850 W. To add more value to this deal, the brand is offering a warranty for a period of 6 months that helps it to stand out in the market.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Specially designed to produce optimal performance
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Budget-friendly
  • Gets heated up easily


3. Bosch GWS 600 Professional Angle Grinder

Bosch is a renowned multinational company that has been under existence for over a century now. They manufacture products for household and industrial purposes and is one of the most reputed brands in today’s scenario.


The angle grinder is designed in such a manner that it is light-weight. This handy design makes it suitable to be used for a longer time span without much discomfort. The metallic gear, head of the machine is rotatable in 90 ̊, making it all the more flexible to use.

Primary Features

  • 90 ̊ rotatable gear head
  • 100 mm circular disc
  • No load 12000 RPM
  • M10 spindle thread
  • Fan-cooled motor for minimised heat generation
  • Changeable carbon brushes
  • Adjustable handle in 2 positions
  • Protective guard
  • 6 months warranty

It is provided with a circular plate that has a diameter of 100 mm. When operated, the machine works at a speed of 12000 RPM which is efficient enough to cut through rigid materials.

It also has an M10 spindle thread and the carbon brushes that are used in the device can easily be replaced if and when they wear out.

The fan-cooled motor significantly reduces the amount of heat that gets generated while using the machine. Thus, you can use the device even for hours together, without having to worry about the heating factor.

In addition to this, the machine also has a lock on the switch which locks the position of the device, making it easy to work with it continuously. There is also a guard on the machine that makes it more convenient to use.

The side handle that the machine is designed with allows you to operate the machine with ease. Also, the handle can be altered in 2 different positions, depending upon the requirement posed while working.

The power that is consumed by the machine is 660 W, which is quite moderate for a tool of this kind. The machine also comes with a wheel guard, wheel wrench, and auxiliary handle. The device also has a warranty period of 6 months, starting from the date of purchase.

  • Excellent performance level
  • Suitable for long duration usage
  • Flexible design pattern
  • Simple and comfortable to use
  • Quality of the machine needs to be improved


4. Dewalt DW801 Heavy Duty Small Angle Grinder

Dewalt manufactures many different tools and appliances from multiple categories. Their years of experience in this domain make them among the best brands for angle grinders. Their products are of high caliber and perform with optimal efficiency.


This angle grinder is made of heavy-duty material which increases the life of the machine. Its structure is small and compact, making it extremely convenient and portable. Also, due to its small physique, it is also very easy to handle the machine.

Primary Features

  • Made with heavy duty material
  • Small and compact build
  • Powerful fan for enhanced durability
  • Circular plate diameter 100 mm
  • Side handle for ease of use
  • Shielded switch for dust protection
  • Power consumption of 850 W
  • 2 year warranty period

Its powerful performance is supported by the highly efficient motor. The motor also has a fan, which provides good air dispersion, making sure that the motor doesn’t heat up due to prolonged usage.

It is designed with an external brush, thereby being very easy to access. The circular disc that comes with the machine has a diameter of 100 mm and works with optimal efficiency and is suitable to use o rigid materials as well.

The appliance can be used for grinding purposes and can be used for various different applications. The machine is equipped with a side handle. This facility acts as an added comfort while using the machine for arduous tasks.

It also reduces physical stress when you work for long time periods. It is equipped with an easy to use the switch, which also comes with a cover to protect it from minute dust particles.

The power that is consumed by the machine is 850 W. Also, there is a warranty that comes with the device which lasts for a duration of up to 2 years.

  • Effective for grinding applications
  • Efficient disc for effective results
  • Sturdy build
  • Ease of use
  • Safety features have to be improvised


5. STANLEY STGS9125 Small Angle Grinder

Stanley is a well-known brand in the field of automotive due to its range of tool-sets and machinery. Their products provide excellent performance and are also very much durable.


This angle grinder by Stanley is among the best in the market. It is thoughtfully built with sturdy materials that enhance the product’s life. The machine is fixed with a highly efficient electric motor that allows the machine to operate with excellent efficiency.

Primary Features

  • Compatible for cutting, grinding and polishing purpose
  • Strategic build for minimized heat levels
  • Better durability with commutator and carbon brush
  • High efficient electric motor
  • Disc size of 125 mm
  • Maximum speed of 11000 RPM
  • Spiral bevel gears for vibration control
  • Spindle lock
  • Better safety with bust protector
  • Warranty time of 1 year

The tool can be used for applications that require processes such as cutting, grinding, and polishing. The 125 mm circular disc assists in performing these tasks smoothly and with utmost perfection.

The high calibre commutator and carbon brush, which are a major component of the device, ensure that the machine’s endurance is improvised.

This machine operates at a powerful speed of 11000 RPM, thereby making it extremely effective in performing even the most strenuous jobs with the utmost ease.

In order to control the vibration that is generated during the operation of the machine, it is facilitated with spiral bevel gears. Due to proper ventilation gaps, the machine does not heat up even if it is used for an extended time span.

It also has a spindle lock that can be used if you want to change any accessory of the tool. The machine can be easily powered on using the switch control, without much hassle.

The handle of the device is designed with an ideal material so as to provide a good grip while working. To make sure it is safe to use, it is provided with a bust protector.

The anti-slip grove design also assists in the safety factor of the machine. Despite its outstanding performance, it operates at a very minimal noise level. Also, the device consumes a power of 900 W. The appliance comes with a warranty time of 1 year.

  • Robust performance levels
  • Can be utilised for multiple purposes
  • Added safety features
  • Low vibration and noise levels
  • Durability of the product is questionable
  • Rare availability of spare parts


6. Makita 9553NB Angle Grinder

Makita is more than a century old company that has a profound experience in the field of automobile tools. It manufactures innovative products which are appreciable in terms of working and quality.


This high potential angle grinder is suitably designed with top-notch materials to enhance its usability and efficiency factors. Its optimal size makes it easy to be handled while performing difficult tasks.

Primary Features

  • Capable of performing cutting, grinding and polishing tasks
  • High endurance motor with appropriate coatings
  • 4 inch cutting disc diameter
  • No load speed of 11000 RPM
  • Compact barrel grip for ease of use
  • Warranty time of 6 months

The ball bearings that are fixed is the machine always remain clear from debris and other sorts of dust particles as the appliance is made of labyrinth construction. This protects the bearings from getting clogged with dust, thereby ensuring that they last longer.

It is fixed with a motor, whose armatures are coated with zigzag varnish to improve its working and also to extend its life.

So as to prevent the motor from getting damaged and to protect it from dust, it is field coated with powdered varnish.

The machine is ideal for performing gruelling tasks such as cutting, grinding, and polishing of metals, granites, and other such materials. The round disc-like blade that is provided with the machine has a 4-inch diameter.

It works at a maximum speed level of 11000 RPM, which is powerful enough to perform difficult cutting activities.

The appliance is provided with a barrel grip, which is ideally sized to provide maximum comfort. The machine can be firmly held with the help of this grip while working with it.

The appliance comes with added accessories such as the side handle, locking nut, safety guard, 2 wrenches, and grinding wheel. Also, the device consumes a power of about 710 W. The warranty time span for this angle grinder is 6 months.

  • Good efficiency for grinding and cutting tasks
  • Add-on components for more flexibility
  • Handy and comfortable to use
  • Good durability
  • Slightly Noisy


7. Spartan DW801 Heavy Duty Angle Grinder

Spartan is especially known for its exclusive range of sports accessories. However, they also manufacture basic tool-sets that are required for performing fundamental activities. Their products are very much trustworthy and reliable.


This is a top-notch angle grinder that can be used for powerful grinding tasks on a number of different materials. The machine is thoughtfully built so as to be capable enough to handle such high-pressure activities with maximum efficiency.

Primary Features

  • Suitable for powerful grinding activities
  • Efficient air dispersion from fan
  • 100 mm circular disc
  • Maximum speed level of 11000 RPM
  • M10 spindle thread
  • Spindle lock for easy alteration of disc
  • Alterable guard for convenient usage

The angle grinder has an effective motor which can perform at great levels. It is equipped with a fan system, which provides good air dispersion and prevents the motor from heating up due to continuous usage.

This also increases the durability of the motor as it ensures that the motor is not overly worked up because of excessive usage.

The 100 mm circular disc is perfect for working on grinding metal pieces with outstanding power and at high-speed levels as well.

With the help of the spindle lock, this disc can be easily replaced with another, if and when you want to change them. The device is also equipped with an M10 spindle thread.

The maximum speed that the machine can operate in is 11000 RPM, which is fast enough to swiftly perform arduous grinding activities. This vigorous performance provided by this tool is what makes it highly efficient.

For added comfort, while using the device, it is designed with an alterable guard that can be easily positioned on either side without the requirement of any tools. The power consumed by this angle grinder while operating is 850 W.

  • Forceful delivery
  • Optimal design for comfortable usage
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Budget-friendly
  • Warranty policy has to be modified
  • Quality of the product is poor


8. Hikoki PDA100M Angle Grinder

Hitachi’s range of power tools is named as HiKOKI. The globally popular brand is well-known for its highly efficient products. They also strive to provide customer satisfaction as best as they can.


This compact angle grinder by the reputed brand is an extremely efficient one to use for the purpose of grinding many different materials. It is light in terms of weight and also has a compact structure, thereby being very comfortable to use.

Primary Features

  • Light weight and compact design
  • Capable of performing grinding tasks
  • Circular disc of 100 mm diameter
  • 12000 RPM speed level
  • Increased durability factor
  • Power consumption of 715 W
  • Insulated exterior for added safety
  • Attachable side handle

Also, this weightless build of the machine gives you the option to conveniently use the machine with much ease. The tool has a circular disc which is of a diameter of 100 mm. 

The high efficient motor ensures that the machine can operate with high levels of force, providing smooth and excellent results. The maximum speed at which the angle grinder can operate on is 12000 RPM.

The outer side of the machine is insulated with high-quality material. This acts as a safety feature, preventing the machine from heating up from the outside or causing any shocks while using it.

To hold the machine comfortably while operating it, it is designed with a side handle which can be detached as and when it is required.

This handle provides a firm grip and does not cause any sort of discomfort even if the machine is being used for excessive duration of time.

The power that is consumed by the machine is 715 W and it is capable of providing an output power of up to 870 W. Due to the high caliber components used in the machine, it has a better life.

  • Good performance
  • Excellent build quality
  • Safety features for more protection
  • Very convenient to handle
  • Possibility of missing add-ons


9. Hitachi G13SR4 Angle Grinder

Hitachi is an age-old Japanese brand that is highly renowned for its exclusive range of products. All of the products that they manufacture are of promising quality and the brand aims to provide the best service too.


This angle grinder can be used for tedious grinding activities. Its high capacity motor is very much efficient to provide forceful grinding speed and power, so as to give a smooth and perfect output. The outer surface of the machine is made of good quality plastic. 

Primary Features

  • High capacity motor
  • Forceful grinding performance
  • Circular disc size of 125 mm
  • 10000 RPM rotation speed
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • 730 W power consumption
  • Warranty period of 6 months

The tool is provided with a circular disc that comes at a diameter of 125 mm. The powered on, the speed at which the machine operates is 10000 RPM. The combination of the efficient disc-like grinder and the speed provided by the motor allows the device to operate with greater efficiency.

To use the angle grinder comfortable, it is provided with a grip handle. Due to its small circumference, it is easy to hold even for longer time spans. It also helps in holding the machine in place, so that you can work with better comfort.

As the machine is provided with good calibre components, the durability factor is high. Also, it has a weightless body which allows you to use the device with very minimal efforts.

Along with the angle grinder, there are also some additional components that are provided such as the side handle and a piece of the wrench. The power consumed by this machine is 730 W. Also, the angle grinder comes with a warranty that lasts for a period of up to 6 months.

  • Smooth and powerful operation
  • Optimal disc size for better output
  • Comfortable to use
  • Better durability
  • Quite expensive


10. Cheston Angle Grinder

Cheston manufactures various products, starting from home appliances to essential industrial tools. The brand is known for producing the best angle grinders in India. Also, the price of their products is on par with the quality it offers.


This angle grinder is perfectly suitable for performing various activities such as grinding, sharpening, and cutting of many materials like wood, metal sheets, masonry, and many more. The angle grinder can also be used for getting out rust and for surface preparation. 

Primary Features

  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Heavy duty metal gear for better endurance
  • 100 mm circular disc
  • Speed capacity of 11000 RPM
  • Spindle lock for easy replacement of discs
  • Dual position side handle
  • Warranty period of 6 months

This disc can be altered as per the requirement with the help of the spindle lock. Since the machine is equipped with heavy-duty metal gear, it makes sure that the angle grinder lasts for a longer lifetime.

It is also provided with air vents on the outer surface so as to ensure that it is optimally ventilated. This will make sure that the motor does not heat up when used for longer time periods.

In order to hold the device at an optimal position while operating it, the angle grinder comes with a side handle. This handle can be adjusted in dual positions, depending on what suits your needs and comfort.

Also, it provides a very comfortable grip, making it very easy to handle the machine. The tool can be easily turned on using the slide switch. The power that is consumed by this appliance is 600 W.

Also, it has a warranty time span of up to 6 months. For performing arduous activities like these, the machine is provided with a high performing heavy-duty motor.

The motor facilitates the machine to operate at a high-speed level of 11000 RPM. In addition to that, the grinding and cutting operations are performed with the 100 mm circular disc.

  • Efficient speed levels
  • Multi-purpose usage
  • Specially designed for better endurance
  • User-friendly
  • Quality of the machine is questionable


11. Advance AP AG801 Angle Grinder

Advance provides various devices and appliances which are from many categories. Their products are excellent in terms of quality, performance, and durability.


This angle grinder is a weightless tool which is very easy to work with and can also be carried from place to place with the utmost ease. It can be used for multiple functions such as polishing, grinding, cutting, rust removal, sharpening of blades, and buffing.

Primary Features

  • Suitable for polishing, grinding and cutting materials
  • 100 mm disc diameter
  • Spindle lock for quick replacement of components
  • 3 position rubber handle
  • Guard for added protection
  • Power consumption of 850 W

The wide range of applications that can be used to make it one of the most must-have tools at each home. The angle grinder comes with a 100 mm disc, which facilitates the device to smoothly perform the grinding and sharpening tasks.

This disc can be easily removed and replaced with another by using the spindle lock. For easier usage of the device, it is provided with a handle which can be used to hold the device in a particular position while working.

This rubber handle provides a good grip and can also be altered in 3 different positions – left, right, and top. This also significantly minimizes the vibration levels that get generated while the machine is under-use.

For enhanced safety, the appliance comes with a guard that diverts the sparks that get generated while using the device for various activities. This ensures that there is no threat of injury while using the tool.

The armature of the appliance is neatly coated with zig-zag varnish which prevents the parts from dust particles and debris. This increases the durability of the machine, thereby making it more advantageous. Also, the power consumed by the device is 850 W.

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Excellent performance level
  • Flexible handle for ease of use
  • Safe to use
  • Warranty policy has to be changed


Buying Guide – Best Angle Grinders in India

If you are someone who tries out a lot of masonry and carpentry works at your home or at your own workshop, an angle grinder is must-have equipment for you.

You can not just perform tedious cutting and grinder processes with much ease, but also get the work done with maximum perfection levels.


Today, an angle grinder is one of the most essential tools in every household. An angle grinder comes in many different sizes and specifications. Also, as it is a mechanical tool, it comes with a lot of risks.

There are a number of important features that you must pay close attention to, before buying an angle grinder. To brief you through them, we have devised a detailed buyer’s guide.

Before you choose an angle grinder, make sure to check for the following features so as to land up with an effective and high-quality device.

Factors To Consider while buying the Best Angle Grinder in India

1. Disc

The disc of the angle grinder is one of the major components. The size of this disc directly has an impact on the performance of the tool. There are two things that you must note when it comes to the disc of the appliance.


The circular disc comes in a number of different sizes starting from 4 inches. Depending on your requirement, you must opt for the optimal disc size to obtain maximum efficiency.

If you are buying the machine for basic personal usage, you can opt for the small and handy machine which usually has a disc size that ranges between 4 inches to 6 inches.

If you are a professional, you can opt for bulkier ones with a disc size of 9 inches or more which will be capable of performing extremely arduous activities with better ease.


There are different types of discs that can be fitted in the angle grinder. Each of these discs has a different purpose. Some disc types are cut-off disc, sanding disc, grinding disc, and so on.

Decide on the right disc type before you begin working with the device to get the maximum desired output.

2. Speed

The speed that the machine offers also has an effect on its performance level. The relationship between speed and performance is directly proportional. When the speed increases, so do the performance.

The speed values are given in the unit called RPM, which stands for rotations per minute. This tends to vary depending on the disc size.

It is important that you understand that no-load speed means the maximum speed levels that the machine can exhibit.

For an angle grinder with a disc size of about 4.5 inches, ensure that the speed of the machine is at least 11000 RPM. This will ensure that you get an excellent result even while doing gruelling activities.


3. Spindle Lock

Although this might appear like a minor feature to focus on, it is not so. A spindle lock is what allows you to alter the circular disc and replace it with another with the utmost ease. Ensure that your device has a spindle lock too.

Else, you might either have to work with the blade that comes with the machine forever or you might find it a hard task to replace it. A spindle lock offers more flexibility to the device and also lets you change the disc more easily.

4. Design

The design of the machine plays an important role in more ways than one. They not just impact the usability factor of the tool but also has an impact on the quality.


Ensure that the product is made with a heavy duty exterior. Also, if the outer part of the device is made of plastic, ensure that it is of high quality and is capable of withstanding heat.


Make sure that the motor is highly efficient and can operate for a longer duration without getting worked up.

Also, check if the machine is equipped with a fan cooling system to cool down the angle grinder, without allowing it to heat up every so often.

Ensure that the product is appropriately designed with air vents, to properly ventilate the interior of the machine.

Also, make sure that the bearings and coils are coated with appropriate varnish, to prevent them from getting congested with unwanted debris.

Also, this would enhance the durability factor of the components of the angle grinder.

Side Handle

The side handle is what is used to hold the device when you are working with it. Make sure that this handle has a firm grip and does not cause any pressure on your wrists as you hold it.

Also, ensure that you can alter the position of the handle based on what suits your convenience.


It is definitely not advisable to opt for a machine which is very heavy as it can be very hard to work with a machine of that kind.

Thus, go for a machine which weighs less so that you can easily work on tough projects with more comfort.

Dust Protector

Make sure that the switches and the external surface of the machine are designed to have a dust protector.

It must be noted that, if the machine’s switches and interiors are clogged with dust particles and debris, it may affect the endurance of the machine. Also, it may stop the machine from working due to the clog.


5. Safety

When it comes to industrial tools like these, safety must be your foremost priority. While working with angle grinders, it is likely to produce sparks due to friction.

To protect your eyes and body from getting hit by these fire sparks, ensure that the machine comes with a protector that averts these sparks away from you.

Also, make sure that the machine is capable of withstanding longer duration usage and does not heat up easily. If the external handle or the body of the machine heats up, it can be very difficult to operate the machine as it will be hot to touch.

6. Power

The powerful electrical device is likely to consume a significant amount of power. However, there has to be a constraint to that as well. The average power consumed by an angle grinder is between 750 W to 900 W.


7. Price

You cannot afford to mindlessly spend your money on an object. As important as it is for the product to be of high caliber, it is also equally important that it is budget-friendly.

The rough cost of a good quality angle grinder with a size of 4 inches to 4.5 inches ranges between Rs. 1400 to Rs. 1900. However, this range may be slightly compromised depending upon the brand, features, and other parameters.

8. Warranty

Warranty is a very important criterion, especially when it comes to electric tools. Ensure that the appliance has a minimum warranty time period of at least 6 months.


9. Other Features

  • Noise – Make sure that the machine does not produce exorbitant noise levels, to the point that it disrupts those around you. Thus, keep a check on the decibel levels that are emitted while the machine is underuse.
  • Vibration – If the machine vibrates beyond a certain level, it can be extremely tedious to keep it under control. If you fail to hold the machine in place, you are most likely to make multiple mistakes, thereby ending up with faulty results.
    Thus, it is very essential that you ensure that the machine produces low vibration so that users can use it at better comfort levels.
  • Add-ons – Ensure that the machine comes with add-on components. Although this is a negotiable factor, it would be very much useful if the product comes with additional components.
    It would be easier to use these compatible accessories with the device rather than to hunt for ones that will be best suitable.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Angle Grinders in India

Q1. Can an angle grinder cut concrete?

Ans. Yes, an angle grinder can certainly be used to cut concrete. However, you must ensure that your angle grinder is made of heavy-duty material so as to be able to work on such a hard material such as concrete.

It must also be noted that it is not advisable to use the angle grinder for cutting concrete on a regular basis.

It is only capable of performing light concrete cutting works and also, for a shorter duration only. Using it continuously for this purpose can wear out the machine. 

Q2. When should the grinding wheel be replaced?

Ans. The grinding disc has to be replaced when the wheel begins to wear out and it reflects on its performance. When the wheel size diminishes to about 2 inches or less, it indicates that the grinding wheel’s lifetime is over.

Using the disc even after this stage can significantly decrease the power and performance of the machine. Also, it can be a huge threat to use this machine as it compromises on the safety measures. 

Q3. What are the safety measures to be followed while using an angle grinder?

Ans. As a key measure, ensure that the machine is working in good working condition. Wear appropriate gear to protect yourself. Also, wear an eye mask to keep your eyes protected from sparks and other particles that fall out while working.

Use a disc guard to prevent being hit by falling out debris. While using the machine, make sure that there are no flammable substances near it. 

Q4. Are the discs of an angle grinder universal?

Ans. There are some disc sizes that universally fit in all the angle grinders. You must also note that not all the disc models fit into all sorts of angle grinders.

It is always better to double-check if the spare disc that you are about to replace does fit perfectly into your angle grinder. Ensure that the disc diameter and width is suitable for the capacity of your angle grinder. 

Q5. What is an angle grinder used for?

Ans. An angle grinder is usually used in construction sites for the purpose of cutting down metallic sheets, wood materials, and masonry activities.

While performing many hard tasks that require more power, a machine with a bigger disc and better capacity is opted.

The small-sized machine can be used for doing basic household repairs such as carpentry. An angle grinder can also be used to perform activities such as sharpening of blades, removing rust, polishing the surface ad many such activities. 

Conclusion – Best Angle Grinders in India

An angle grinder comes with many different specifications and features. Thus, it can be quite a task to opt for an ideal one, without compromising on power, efficiency, cost, and durability.

To clear out the cloud of confusion for you, we have come up with a suggestion for you. Taking all the important prospects into account, we have framed this suggestion which will most likely suit the best of your needs.

HiKOKI PDA100M 4inch 715w Angle Grinder is an amazing choice if you are looking for a highly effective angle grinder that is suitable for performing tasks with maximum power.


Keeping up to the brand name, the machine operates smoothly and can be used effortlessly while performing arduous activities.

It has a high speed of 12000 RPM also assists in the forceful working of the machine. Its powerful working velocity and high-quality circular disc assist in working on extremely rigid and in performing gruelling tasks with better ease.

Due to the high quality of components that are used in the construction of the machine, it is also very much durable.

It is specially constructed with a thoughtful design so as to ensure that the machine can be used effortlessly. Also, it comes with added safety a feature which definitely acts as a bonus point.

This is a highly capable machine which will perfectly suit your needs with the utmost efficiency. It is also the best choice for an angle grinder, especially if you are looking for one which is for personal usage.

Let us know in the comments which angle grinder you liked the most!

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