10 Best Marble Cutter in India (November 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Sunday, November 28, 2021

To be fully equipped and capable of doing all types of work by yourself is a true form of art.

Having constructions or renovations done has become a costly affair that demands your time and effort as well, degrading your savings and also is not able to meet your satisfaction levels.

So, it is essential to stock up some essential equipment as it can be used in emergencies as well as help you save some labor costs.

One such vital tool is a marble cutter as it can be used to cut any type of material proportionately, allowing you to make changes as per your comfort and skills.

There are many options available in India but you need to look through many to find the best one for you and your family.

To assist you in the best way possible and making it an easier job for you, we have assembled this article that has some amazing marble cutters.

You will also find a detailed Buying Guide on this page that will give you insights about the technicalities of a marble cutter that are important to know before making a decision.

These are the Top 10 Best Marble Cutters in India

ProductsMotor PowerRPMWeightWarrantyBuy Now
iBELL MC10-30 Marble Cutter1500 W130003.4 Kg6 monthsamazon-button
Bosch GDC 121 Marble Cutter1250 W120003.42 Kg6 monthsamazon-button
Digital Craft Marble Cutter1400 W110002.85 Kg6 monthsamazon-button
AKSHAR Marble Cutter Machine1050 W120003.50 Kg6 monthsamazon-button
STANLEY STSP125 Marble/ Tile Cutter Machine1320 W110002.8 Kg1 yearamazon-button
AEGON Ac4 Marble Cutter1050 W120003.36 Kg6 monthsamazon-button
Cheston Marble Tile Stone Marble Cutter1050 W120003.25 Kg6 monthsamazon-button
JAPSIN Professional Marble Cutter1050 W110003.50 Kg6 monthsamazon-button
Josch Jc4 Made in India Marble Cutter1050 W120002.98 Kg6 monthsamazon-button
JK Marble Cutter1050 W120003 Kg6 monthsamazon-button

Best Marble Cutters in India (2021)

1. iBELL MC10-30 Marble Cutter

iBell has been in the market for quite some time now and has been able to outgrow itself by producing some explicit products that are vital for use of their customers. If you are looking for a reliable brand that solves all of your queries, you need to checkout iBell first.


The iBell marble cutter is an all-rounder and a prominent product that promises high performance and potential abilities to help you in certain ways.

Primary Features

  • It comes with 6-month warranty tenure
  • Requires approximately 1050 wattage for functioning purposes
  • Has the ability to cut prominently with a high range of 13000 RPM
  • Highly reliable and congenial in use

In terms of efficiency and effectiveness, this product has made its name and tried to assure each detail is precise for better operation service. With a 1050 watt requirement and productive engine, this is the one that would meet your needs most prominently.

The engine has a high caliber and can cut uniformly any type of material, making it a durable and all-rounder product in the market. The usage of this product is quite easy and lets you have a firm grip on it while cutting any type of material.

As the product is compact and light-weighted, it can be a good option for household purposes as it can be managed easily and helps in producing fine work that is exceptionally good for a professional.

Though the product is compact, speed variants are quite high that not only increases its performance capabilities but also makes it more structured in use.

The machine works at a speed of 13000 RPM which makes it among the best marble cutters in India. With the quality and composition this product comes with, it is an extraordinary piece to let go of.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a noteworthy product that has everything combined in it, allowing it to be an everlasting and versatile product for use. To grab this product on a good deal, hit the red button given below.

  • A versatile and durable product to use
  • Has high efficiency and cutting proficiency within seconds
  • Available at reasonable rates
  • Is convenient to use
  • May not be preferred by many but it is a very good product that could meet the ends conveniently


2. Bosch GDC 121 Marble Cutter

Bosch is among those brands that have produced some of the top-selling machine tools & equipments, like drill machines, air blowers, pressure washers & whatnot. It is one of the few brands that should be on the target list of all aspirant buyers who are looking for some premium Marble cutters for themselves.


This is a fabricant product that is not only exponential in its performance but has an elegance to it that suits your comfort as well as style in the best way possible. It is an amazing product that has been inculcated with technologies that assure its assistance for a very long period.

Primary Features

  • Comes with a voltage requirement of 220V
  • The brand provides a 6-month warranty for this product
  • Also requires 1250 watts for operation purposes
  • Have long-lasting working capabilities

It comes with a dust-resistant operation system as well as an air cooling technology that keeps the product protected from toxic particles as well as lets it balance the heating temperature at times of overuse.

The handling and management criteria of the product have been taken very seriously by the brand as it comes with a lookup button that allows the cutter to work constantly.

The handlebar of this Bosch machine has been made in such a manner that both vertical, as well as horizontal cutting, can be done in the easiest way possible.

It is an appropriate product to be used for cutting marbles, tiles as well as can be used for slot cutting of brick walls, which can be adjusted with a wing bolt mechanism that lets you have firm control over the cutter.

Not only this but it also lets you manage the depth proximities of the material for a well-defined finish. It is an extremely light weighted product that has an overall diameter of 125mm.

As per the users, it is a remarkable product that has been constructed with high-quality material, making it a durable product to use.

It should be taken into consideration by you as it may be a good option. Amazon is offering a 10-day return option after the purchase which lets you save yourself from any kind of defaults in the product.

  • Made with the best quality material and technology
  • It is an expedient product with high-performance abilities
  • Have a very edgy and sharp look to it
  • Is a substantial and imperishable product
  • A bit expensive product but the quality and the durability of this product speaks for itself


3. Digital Craft Marble Cutter

A digital craft is a good product that has been able to come up with some amazing products in the market that not only are efficient but are also reliable in each aspect. Digital craft should be under your checkout list as this brand offers more than its abilities.


The digital craft marble cutter is a premium product that should be viewed by everyone looking for a high graded marble cutter, as this is an option that should be unidentified.

Primary Features

  • It is a universal product that can cut almost all types of material
  • Requires 1400 watts for working assistance
  • It is a high-speed product that can cut almost anything as it has an RPM of 11000
  • It is a stylish and edgy product with precise detailing

It is one of the most multifaceted and a resourceful product which can be used to cut every type of material for an explicit outlook, making the material look more finished and precise.

It also has a wet and dry blade option that allows the cutter to work efficiently on dry base materials for better defining.

Specified in cutting and designing the tiles, it can be used as a grinder that provides an exponential designing to the tile which is far better than a saw.

The grinding effect not only helps the tiles to come in shape as per the design but all enhances its technical cuts and figures in the material in a prominent way.

It has a sturdy and strong base which makes it an everlasting product and can be operated for years without any hassle.

The elements of the product are accurate and are made in such a way that it is not only comfortable to use but also adds a classy look to the product, making it a unique masterpiece that is available in India.

It is a pre-dominant product that has limited features but can cut as well as define any type of material. To grab it on Amazon, click the button below.

  • Light-weighted and easy to use
  • Can be used on any type of material
  • Available at affordable rates
  • Effective and efficient in performance
  • It may not be preferred by many but it is a good option to go for


4. AKSHAR Marble Cutter Machine

AKSHAR is one of the leading brands in the market that has been praised among customers for quite a long time now. It is a brand that produces high graded products which are available at an affordable price.


This brand should be mentioned in your preference list before taking any sort of decision. The AKSHAR marble cutter is a standardized product that will do wonders through its performance capabilities and should be on your wish list.

Primary Features

  • Is offered with a 6 month warranty period for further assistance
  • Has voltage requirements of 220V
  • Needs a minimum wattage of 1050 watts for operating smoothly
  • Has high-speed endurance and is recorded at approximately 12000 RPM

It is a well-built product as it can work with proficiency on any type of material, making it a versatile product. With the robust material composition, it can render its aid for a very long period and can be used to amplify the display of your material in the best way possible.

In terms of convenience, this product has increased to a certain level as the design of this product lets you use it in the easiest way possible.

The handle arena of the product is extremely comforting and lets you have a stronghold of it while cutting anything, adding preciseness and effectiveness in every aspect.

In terms of cost-effectiveness and saving up time professionally, it is a top-notch product as it has a speed working mechanism that is calculated in terms of RPM, which is about 12000, allowing the product to cut and define any material within seconds.

It should be on your checkout list as the looks and operating abilities of this product can be a worthy choice for you. Amazon is offering a 10-day return policy on this marble cutter if any defaults are found after the purchase.

  • Light-weighted product with high endurance
  • Available at exceptionally low rates
  • Has a qualified outlook to itself
  • Reliable and resilient product
  • It may not be preferred by many due to quality issues but it can be a good option


5. STANLEY STSP125 Marble/ Tile Cutter Machine

Stanley is an aspiring brand that has tried to inculcate in its products everything that a customer demands in the market, to provide them a product that is perfect and matches their needs prominently.


If you are looking for a brand that provides something good and up to the mark then this brand is for you. The Stanley STSP125 marble cutter is a qualified product and can be the one for you.

Primary Features

  • About 1350 watts are needed by the product to execute its functioning
  • It comes with a 12-month warranty
  • It is a corded type product
  • Consumes about 240 voltage of power

Has competent technologies embedded in it that assure the product is comfortable and safe to use. Professionally known for cutting tiles in their best shape and form, this product is a game-changer in the market that is fully equipped in every sense.

In terms of safety, it has a lock-on and a lock-off mechanism that enables the product from preventing any type of accidents as well as lets you have an easy hold and grip of the product while cutting a tile respectively.

The assembling and designing are done with solid base material that not only makes it look presentable but also persuades that the product will be durable and provide its services for a very long time.

The handle arena is made meticulously, so that it could be used without any hassle and in a convenient way by users, for producing a well-defined output.

It is a light weighted product that makes it qualified for portability from one place to another for versatile use. It also has a unique technology inbuilt in the gear that lets the product to make a negligible amount of noise and vibrations while working.

To indemnify that the material is cut properly, it comes with a height adjustment shoe that allows the engineers to cut various depth levels appropriately within seconds.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is an exponential product that has all types of features inculcated in it for better assistance to its customers while operating it.

If you are looking for a high graded cutter that would be worth the spend then this product is the one for you. The brand offers a return facility on this product that would be valid for 10 days after purchase.

  • It is a well-built product that can be used with ease
  • Extremely light in weight and is portable as well
  • Have a comfortable and classy finish to it
  • Covers all sorts of safety and security measures
  • It is a bit on the pricier side but the features and the design of this product speaks for itself and won’t disappoint you


6. AEGON Ac4 Marble Cutter

AEGON is one of those brands that have produced some exceptionally good products which has almost all traits and features of a high graded product in it, are available at very less price in the market.


If you are in search of a good quality product that is affordable as well as durable then you must check out this brand to match your preferences. The AEGON heavy-duty marble cutter is a prominent product that should be on your checkout list.

Primary Features

  • Requires about 1050 watts of power for working purposes
  • Comes along with a 6 month warranty period
  • It is a vital product that can be used on marble, tiles, and granite
  • Has a speed rotation ability of 13000 RPM with a cutting range of 50-110 mm

As per the safety and security measures are concerned, the brand has tried to cover it all in a single product as it has got a lock, on and off mechanism that allows you to handle the product as per your comfort and shut it, if it gets overheated or overloaded automatically.

This feature prevents any type of uncertainties and keeps you protected as well as active every time.

It also has the air cooling technology and dust resistant mechanism built-in it that keeps the product guarded against toxic dust particles and also balances the temperature of the cutter on consistent use, assuring that the product can be used without any hassle and is highly durable for an everlasting effect.

The engineering of the motor arena of this product is quite extraordinary as it can cut marble lengths up to 110 mm as well as can cut through some of the hardest material with ease and proficiency.

The marble cutter can define your material in every aspect as it can go to maximum depths which can be adjusted as per your grip and comfort, for preciseness like no other.

This is one of the most explicit products that has some vital features in it, making it a great option to choose from. This product should be on your top priority as it has everything on its tips and detailing like no other.

  • It is a light weighted product and is portable as well
  • Offered at extremely low prices
  • Has high graded features in it for better assistance
  • Can cut through hard materials except for woods for a prominent finish
  • It may not be known by many customers as it is a growing brand but it is a good product to try your hands on


7. Cheston Marble Tile Stone Marble Cutter

Cheston is a good brand that has a lot to offer to its customer and satisfy their needs in the best way possible. This brand is perfect for you and you must check it out before making any decision.


The Cheston marble cutter is a bold and sturdy product that has much more to it and can be a good preferred option.

Primary Features

  • Consumes about 230V of power during functioning
  • Comes with 6-month warranty tenure
  • Requires a minimum of 1050 watts of backend power for working
  • Have to speed measurements of 12000 RPM

This is a product that is among the top-selling marble cutter machines on online platforms as it can be used on every material, be it marble or even granite, it gives them a spectacular finish that is edgy and well defined.

It is made with high graded plastic and metal combination that keeps its base strong and resilient for longer use. It also comes attached with a heavy-duty motor that is capable to cut with a speed range of upto 12000 RPM.

To assure that the work is done with comfort and energy, it is inculcated with the lock on the mechanism for better operation. To keep you guarded and steady while using the product.

The lock-on mechanism gives you firm control of the product and protects you from any mishappening.

The height can be altered as per the cutting requirements and as well as the wheel accompanies to give a satisfactory outcome through its 110mm wide diameter.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a good product that is packed with many qualities to work with and adds a touch of style to the material.

If you are looking for a prominent product, then this would be a good option as it can help profoundly in every aspect. It comes with a 10-day return policy if any defects are found in the product.

  • Reliable and versatile product
  • Can easily be ported from one place to another
  • Available at low prices
  • Comfortable designing with high efficiency
  • It is not that preferred or opting out in the market but it is a good product to try out


8. JAPSIN Professional Marble Cutter

JASPIN is a professional brand that has embedded some quality products in the market for a better experience for its customer. It is a brand that should on your top priority as it has everything you could ask for in an ideal product.


The JASPIN professional marble cutter is a choice of elegance and efficiency to fulfill your needs in the best way. The designing and formulation of the product are done in a very accurate way so that is effective as well as congenial for the customer to work with.

Primary Features

  • Has a wattage requirement of 1050 watts
  • Comes along with a 6 month warranty period
  • For better cutting and easy working, has a wheel diameter of 110 mm
  • Convenient to use

The grip and the composition of the cutter are quite strong and sturdy, so that you can have a firm hold of the product while cutting the material as per your accuracy.

The safety and security measures of the product are also appropriate as it gives you comfortable handling for better assistance of the product.

It is accompanied by a wide base plate and height adjustment facility up to 34mm to cut and define your material in the most precise and accurate way.

The product can cut through almost all types of material such as granite, tiles, and marble, for a versatile and durable operation in the coming time.

A dust-resistant mechanism is also incorporated in the product so that it remains fresh and new, rendering efficiency and preciseness on every use. It is an exceptional product that has valuable features inbuilt into it. It should be mentioned in your preference list for better decision-making.

  • Light in weight and easy to handle
  • Reliable and resilient product
  • Covers all types of safety measures
  • Has a dash of classiness and elegance to it
  • It May not be preferred by many but it is a nice option to go for


9. Josch Jc4 Made in India Marble Cutter

Josch is a well-known brand that has made products with utmost clarity and quality for a better experience for its customers. It is among those brands that need to be on your utmost priority to get something that is out of the box.


The Josch Jc4 marble cutter is a product that is not to be missed. It is an eminent and notable product that has a high graded motor, that can work and compete for better results and operation purposes.

Primary Features

  • Requires about 1050 watts for operation
  • Warranty tenure of 6 months is offered by the brand
  • The cutter comes along with a wrench for easy assembling

The motor is explicitly strong and is capable enough to work on hard materials as well to give them a well-finished look overall. To assure that the product is sheltered and secured in use, it comes with a lock on/ off system that lets you have control of the product with easiness.

This mechanism also keeps you guarded against accidents as it lets you control the overheating of the product through single hand operation and keeps you secured all the time.

The design of the product is done with variant techniques and tricks that make the base plate wider for better cutting and operation purposes.

Through the broad plating area as well as deep cutting abilities, it has the quality to render effectiveness ad preciseness within a short period.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is an outstanding product that has the foremost qualities and features for an experience like no other. This product can be a very good option to go with as it is stylish as well as optimum in working.

  • Light-weighted and can port from one place to another
  • Available at affordable rates
  • Has pre-eminent features and techniques to use
  • Efficient and reliable product
  • It May not be preferred by many but it is a good product and won’t leave you disappointed at any cost


10. JK Marble Cutter

JK is a supreme brand that has made its name in the market by producing some superlative and exceptional products that not only meet the technicalities of the customer needs but also raise the bar of perfectionism in the market.


The JK marble cutter is a high-quality cutter that is precise and accurate in every aspect. In terms of safety and security, this is an optimum product as it comes with a lock mechanism that lets you have a single hand control over the cutter for better management.

Primary Features

  • Consumes about 230 voltage of power
  • Has a speed movement of 12000 RPM
  • The cutter comes along with a carbon brush and a user manual
  • For better efficiency has a wheel diameter of 110mm

The coating of this marble cutter is done with a double insulated layer that makes this cutter a shock-resistant and safeguarding product to use.

The base plate attached with the cutter is wide and can be adjusted up to a 45-degree angle so that you can cut in directions that are trickier, for a well-defined look to the final result.

The no-load speed measurements of this product are about 12000 RPM that makes it capable to define any type of material within a short period.

To help you in using the product more conveniently, it comes with a carbon-brush as well that allows you to change the outer covering of the cutter when required, saving your time and energy on not so important things and becoming an efficient product altogether.

It is a pre-eminent product that has tried to cover every need of its customer into the best form and shape, giving you a byproduct that is edgy as well as effective in use.

  • Vents are effective to cool down the product prominently
  • Has high-quality material composition
  • Light-weighted
  • Well equipped product with all basic components
  • A bit expensive but it is a good product and would be worth the cost


Buying Guide – Best Marble Cutters in India

After discussing some amazing and noteworthy marble cutters, it is now time to give you a detailed insight into some important features that must be examined and checked before buying a marble cutter.


Factors to consider while buying the Best Marble Cutter in India

1. Variation of Application

When looking for a marble cutter, you must make sure that the cutter can cut through almost all types of hard stones or marble materials. This is an important aspect as a cutter must be diversified in use to make things easier for you.

So, whenever choosing a marble cutter, do ensure that it must be able to cut through materials like granite, tiles, and other hard marble materials.

2. Power Input Requirements

It is also an important perspective to look over as the efficiency of a product is defined through its power input levels. So, a good marble cutter may consume over 1000 watts because the more the wattage would be, the better output product would able to deliver in minimum time.

3. Speed Rotation Abilities

Another prominent thing to look over is the rotations that the particular cutter would able to make. The product with higher rotations in a minute is always considered the best.

So, whenever going through a marble cutter, make sure that it has a good RPM value. Anything over 10,000 RPM is considered as good.


4. Weight

The marble cutter must be light-weighted as it allows easy transportation from one place to another and does not require extra effort to carry along. So, a good marble cutter must range between 2.6-3 Kgs of weight, assuring a portable nature of the product for better use.

5. Warranty & Replacement

Warranty and replacements play a crucial role while purchasing any product as they keep you secured for the future if any defects are found in one.

As per marble cutters are concerned they come with a maximum 6-month warranty that covers any technical or manufacturing defect in the product.

Also, you need to keep an eye if the product comes with a return policy or not. We recommend you to buy from amazon as it can be returned within 10-days if you are not satisfied.

6. Durability

It is important that the product is durable and incorporated with high-quality material for its long use.

In a marble cutter, the durability of the product is defined through the installation of dust resistant and air cooling mechanism that prevents and maintains the product for everlasting use.

7. Comfortable

These products must be comfortable in use as they require a lot of man-hour into working and need to behold-off with optimum care and security.

A marble cutter can be easy to hold and comfortable if it is designed in a D-shape that helps you in providing the right amount of grip and convenience.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Marble Cutters in India

Q1. Why should one buy a marble cutter?

Ans. A marble cutter is a prominent tool that is used for cutting hard materials with precision and definition. Marble cutters are important as they help you in renovating things as per your need and can be good equipment to use in the future.

Q2. Is it expensive to buy a marble cutter? 

Ans. Marble cutters are not that expensive but yes they do cost a bit on the higher side as the quality and integration of metal and materials increase their cost.
But these products render their services for a very long time and can be a good option to go for. Also, we recommend you to buy it from amazon as you might grab upto 50% discount.

Q3. What are some of the prominent brands that need to be on our wish list?

Ans. Some of the amazing brands that have been listed above, provide exceptionally good marble cutters but if we shortlist them to a few, then it would be JK, STANLEY, and Bosch.

Q4. Do these come along with any types of equipment or accessories’?

Ans. A marble cutter is generally a well-equipped product that needs just an additional blade for further adjustments. They usually do not come with any but some companies provide a wrench for the technical use of professionals.

Q5. Do marble cutters come with a warranty?

Ans. Yes, marble cutters come with a warranty as they have a high chance of defaults sometimes, so brands generally offer a 6-month warranty tenure to meet any manufacturing faults with the product during that period.

Final Thoughts – Best Marble Cutters in India

As per our analysis and research, the above-listed products are some of the best and worthy ones to be included in this list and should be on your radar for deciding on choosing a high graded marble cutter.


If you still have a doubt, then we recommend you to consider Bosch GDC 121 Marble Cutter.

We hope that this article was able to give you a detailed insight into marble cutters and their assistance and led you to make a firm decision.

Thank you for joining in! Happy Reading!

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