9 Best Deep Freezers in India (October 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Are you looking for the Best Deep Freezer in India?

Congratulations! Your search is over.

You must have first seen a deep freezer in a local general store or an ice-cream parlour. They are huge and are used to keep all items fresh and ready to sell.


Deep freezers are quite different from regular refrigerators. If you wish to store something which needs good space for a longer period, you cannot rely on a normal refrigerator. These deep freezers have a greater capacity.

You can also purchase these deep freezers for your household. They will perfectly enhance the look of your kitchen. The demand for freezers has increased for household purposes in recent years.

With so many manufacturers, there is a good variety of deep freezers available in the market today. We are here to help you out, to choose the Best Deep Freezer in India.

There is a Buying Guide on this page that will assist you with some major factors that must be considered in order to buy the right deep freezer.

We have chosen the Top 9 Best Deep Freezers available in India. By the end of this article, you will surely find your best pick.

Table of Contents

These are the Top 9 Best Deep Freezers in India

Best Deep Freezers in India in 2021

1. Godrej Double Door Freezer (DH EPenta 425E 51 COMFDDM Rw)

Godrej is one of the top brands in India. Godrej appliances are trusted by their customers for years now. They are known for the best post-sales service. They provide great variety to the market with absolutely amazing improvements in technology and designs.


This amazing made in India deep freezer by Godrej is very convenient to store frozen food, or vegetables, etc. With great storage capacity, this white double door freezer has a tremendous number of features.

Primary Features

  • Tropical Compressor
  • Pentacool Technology
  • D-Cool Technology
  • Thick PUF Insulation
  • Anti-Corrosive ZOP Coating
  • Power Saving
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Bright LED
  • Stucco Aluminum Interiors

This convertible chest freezer has a capacity of 400 litters suitable for commercial use. The manufacturers have designed it to receive maximum cooling and maximum saving. The compressor is the heart of the refrigerator.

This freezer has a tropical compressor which gives great efficiency. The wired shelves in the freezer are quite tough.

These freezers are designed with an anti-rodent cabinet and a drainage system. The drainage system makes it easier for the residual water to get removed.

It features Penta technology which allows cooling from 5 different sides. The 4 walls and the base have cooling coils installed which helps in producing maximum and uniform cooling throughout the freezer.

These D-shaped cooling coils allow greater heat exchange resulting in faster cooling. The convertible nature of the freezer allows you to change the temperature range from -26 degrees Celsius to +8 degrees Celsius.

You can easily adjust the temperature according to your need. The high-density thick PUF gives longer cooling retention power. This will be very helpful during a power cut. The ZOP coating protects the freezer from corrosion.

The antimicrobial resistance installed in the door gasket keeps the freezer germ free. You can remove the gasket for cleaning.

The stucco aluminium is used for the interiors of the freezer which makes it easier to clean. Thus the hygiene of the freezer is maintained and the food can be kept fresh. These freezers consume 843.15-kilowatt-hour energy annually.

The energy refrigerant and thick insulation reduce the runtime of the compressor. This reduced run time saves power. They also provide a LED light that lights up the entire freezer.

The deep freezer has a length of 125.6cms, width 73.cms and height of 85cms. This amazing 56 kg deep freezer is specially designed for Indian summers. They give good cooling even in high temperatures. This is a worth buying product.

  • High Efficiency in cooling
  • Uniform cooling
  • Great storage space
  • Easy to handle
  • Eco friendly
  • They require a quite good floor space


2. Godrej Deep Freezer (DpFrz GCHW535R2DHC Htop)

This product also comes from the house of Godrej, which is a very popular brand for appliances. It has maintained a good reputation and trust of its customers for years now. It has developed itself in technology, services, and designs to stand among the top brands of India.


This Godrej Deep freezer is a white colour appliance that comes with a great capacity of 510 Litres. The height of the freezer is 86.5cms, length 164 cms, and width of 70 cms giving its customers huge space.

Primary Features

  • Tropicalised Compressor
  • Convertible
  • Excellent Drain Design
  • LED Cabinet Light
  • Robust Body
  • PUF Insulation
  • Faster Freezing

You can keep food items like frozen food items, vegetables, etc fresh in this for a longer time. The great features given by Godrej to the freezer will help your food stay safe and healthy. The freezer has a warranty for 1 year.

This freezer is also designed considering the extreme temperature in India. They give high performances even in high ambient temperatures. The double door freezers have a Tropicalized Compressor.

It provides great efficiency and silent operation. The compressor is durable and has a warranty for 5-years. The shelves inside the freezer are made up of toughened wires. The 60kg freezer can now easily move due to the 360-degree rotation wheels.

This makes it easier to move the freezer at your convenience. There is a lock and a handle present in this appliance for easy handling. The chest-deep freezer has a specially designed anti-rodent cabinet to keep your food safe from rodents.

These chests have a robust body for heavy-duty use. You can adjust the Godrej freezer according to your convenience. It can be converted from a freezer to a cooler by changing the temperature.

The excellently designed drain ensures easy drainage of residual water during the operation and post-cleaning. The interior of the freezer is easy to clean and maintain hygiene to store food. The freezer has a bright LED light that illuminates the cabinet to increase its visibility.

This high-performance freezer allows faster freezing. The cabinet brings down the temperature quickly to enable chilling. During power-cuts, the high-density PUF will provide good cooling retention.

If you choose to buy this amazing freezer you will surely save on your electricity bill. You can save upto Rs 5000 in annual power saving. The energy consumption is 949-kilowatt hours annually. There is a user manual and a warranty card provided to help you out with the features.

  • Power Saving
  • Large Storage Space
  • Easily Movable
  • Faster Cooling Speed
  • Easily Movable
  • Due to the large size, it might be difficult to find the items required
  • Takes good floor space


3. Haier Hcc225g Single Door Hard Top Deep Freezer

Haier is a top brand selling variety of products in different countries. Haier products are also manufactured in India and are sold in great demand. The innovative products have grabbed the attention of a large number of people towards Haier.


Haier HCC225G single door freezer is a product designed for storage purpose. It can be used for commercial use or a modular kitchen. It has an interior storage space of 198 litters. This storage freezer is the perfect place to store meat, packed food, ice-creams, etc safely.

Primary Features

  • Molecular Foaming Technology
  • PUF Insulation
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Antibacterial Door Gasket
  • Energy Saving
  • Hydrocarbon Refrigerant
  • Three-Layered Trapezoid Door

The freezer provides the ideal temperature for maintaining quality and taste. It has a compact and sleek look. They are ideal for small commercial shops or household purposes. The power indicator light on the freezer will help you know when the freezer is on.

Molecular foaming technology and high-density PUF insulation help you to get better cooling retention. It will help to maintain the temperature even during power cuts.

The freezer uses a hydrocarbon refrigerant R600a making it eco-friendly. This also maximizes cooling and reduces energy consumptions. The freezer saves up to 40% energy resulting in lower electricity bills.

It gives a wide voltage range of 160 -260v which reduces the dependency on the stabilizer. The freezer is designed to occupy less floor space.

The three-layered trapezoid door is designed to avoid leakage of cold air and maintain the temperature. The anti-bacterial gasket protects your food from molding and decay.

It keeps food safe for a long period. The gasket can be easily cleaned to maintain hygiene. The freezer has a length of 72cms, a width of 56cms, and a height of 84.5cms.

To avoid receiving any damaged product you can call the customer care and register for a demo. The service person will come for the demo to unpack, you can always talk to the person about your problems.

  • Power Saving
  • Pan India Service Available
  • Great Cooling Maintenance
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Pocket-Friendly
  • No manual or warranty card is required with the product


4. Haier Hcc125g, Single Door Hard Top Deep Freezer 

Haier India is a well-known brand, which provides you with a wide range of electronics like refrigerators, washing machines, etc. They create reliable, affordable, innovative products for your comfortable living.


Haier HCC125G is a top-loaded refrigerator with a normal basket, designed for storage purpose. You can store food items according to your convenience. It has a good interior capacity of 100 litres. You can store the food items and maintain the freshness of the food.

Primary Features

  • Molecular Foaming Technology
  • PUF Insulation
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Antibacterial Door Gasket
  • Energy Saver
  • Trapezoid Door
  • Hydrocarbon Refrigerant
  • Convertible

This grey colored freezer will provide you with the ideal temperature for your food item. They can be used for commercial purposes as well as for your kitchen. The freezer can be converted into a chiller. This will surely enhance the look of your kitchen.

The temperature can be adjusted according to your convenience. The specially designed energy-saving feature will help to cut down the electricity bill by saving 40% energy. The voltage supply given to the freezer lies between 160v-260v.

The freezer does not depend fully on the stabilizer. The molecular foaming technology along with high-density PUF insulation will ensure good cooling even during power-cuts and extreme ambient temperature.

The three-layer trapezoid door design also helps to avoid leakage of the cold air. Haier deep freezer has an anti-bacterial gasket which will help you maintain the hygiene of the refrigerator. It will prevent molding and decay of food items.

The deep freezer uses R600a hydrocarbon refrigerant which makes the refrigerator eco-friendly. It maximises cooling and energy consumption is decreased.

In case of any default or problem, they have Pan India service available for you. This 27 kg product has a height of 57cms, length of 55cms, and width of 84.5cms. The sleek look and the compactness of the freezer attract many customers.

  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Maintains Temperature
  • Good Cooling
  • Pocket-Friendly
  • Environment Friendly
  • Difficult to move, due to missing wheels


5. Bluestar Chf200 Single Door Deep Freezer 

Bluestar is the leading manufacturer of air conditioners and commercial refrigerants in India. Their products can be seen in corporate, commercial as well as residential places. Bluestar chest freezers are very economical for the storage of perishable food items.

The freezer maintains the temperature and the freshness of the food. It has a capacity of 188 litres. The robust construction of the body of the freezer is for heavy-duty use. This heavy-duty castor has wheels at the bottom to allow free movement of the freezer.

Primary Features

  • Corrosion-Resistant Body
  • Energy-Efficient Compressor
  • Heavy-Duty Casters
  • Recessed Handles
  • Lockable Doors
  • High-Density PUF Insulation
  • Robust Construction

The wheels are sturdy enough to hold the fully-loaded weight of the freezer. The product is ready to use. It does not require any pre-installation. You will receive a manual along with the freezer which will guide you through the features.

The consumption of energy is reduced due to the energy-efficient compressor. This leads to a decrease in your electricity bill. The presence of high-density PUF (polyurethane foam insulation) keeps the coolness trapped inside for long hours.

Even during power cuts, the coolness is stored which maintains the freshness of the food. The freezer has a single door that can be locked to avoid any unauthorized access to the freezer.

It has recessed handles which are better than protruding handles. These handles avoid the risk of breakage and do not occupy additional space.

The white body of the freezer is pre-coated with zinc to avoid rusting. This is very necessary because the freezer might get continuous exposure to moisture.

This freezer is built to meet the demands of the customers of smooth functioning in high temperatures. This freezer will surely help you save a lot and grow your business. The freezer has a temperature range of -8 deg C.

You can easily change the temperature according to your convenience. BlueStar along with the freezer will also provide you with a 1N warranty card.

The freezer has one basket inside. The product is 95cm long, 56.4cm wide. The height of the freezer is 84.5cm. This 36 kg product will give you enough space to store the products of your choice.

  • High Performance
  • Easy To Handle And Use
  • Energy Efficient
  • Amazon Gives Good Discount On The Product
  • Difficult to reach and find stuff inside especially at the bottom
  • Difficult to clean the base


6. Rockwell Green Deep Freezer (550)

Rockwell Industries Ltd. is a leading manufacturer for commercial refrigerators in India. Their team works day and night to design and develop innovative products for their customers. They provide good service and always keep the customer’s needs in their mind.


This very attractive designed Rockwell green deep freezer is available in this combination of white and green. They give you a large storage space to keep all kinds of food items safe and fresh. It has a freezing capacity of 523 litres.

Primary Features

  • PUF insulation
  • Super tropicalized
  • Lesser Heat Generation
  • Less Power Consumption
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Lock And A Key Available
  • Recessed Handles

The freezer has a standard double door. The recessed handles are designed to avoid any extra space and to avoid any breakage of the handle. Both doors have different locks. You can lock the freezer according to your convenience.

The 90 mm PUF is installed, which helps to maintain the coolness of the freezer. The power consumption is reduced by 53% in this freezer.

It only requires a power supply for 8 hours in a day and for the rest of the day, it can retain the coolness. This will not affect the freshness of your food items.

Instead, you will see the effect of this on your electricity bill. You will surely end up saving a good amount in the future. The freezer generates 50% lesser heat. This makes the freezer less harmful to our environment.

The freezer is super tropicalized to work efficiently in extreme environmental conditions. Now, you do not have to worry about maintaining room temperature.

You can adjust the temperature of the freezer according to your convenience. There are 3 settings available. You can turn it into a cooler or a deep freezer. You can now store ice creams, cold drinks, meat veggies, and adjust the temperature according to that.

The freezer has strong wheels below, which can take the load of the stored items. You can move the freezer easily. The freezer has baskets inside to arrange your food items easily. These baskets will help you find the required stuff in no time.

You can clean the freezer easily to maintain hygiene. This huge 73.5cms long freezer with a width of 172cms and height 90cms is very suitable for supermarkets and commercial shops. This product is definitely worth your money.

  • Huge Storage Space
  • Reduced Electricity Bill
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Maintains Good Temperature
  • Easy To Handle
  • Does not contain a manual to help with the features and the functioning


7. Blue Star Chf100 Single Door Freezer

The blue star is a well-known brand in India. They manufacture a good variety of products at affordable prices. You can commonly find Bluestar products near you due to its large number of customers. It is one of the most known and the oldest brand for deep freezers.


It is a very reliable product with a good storage capacity of 95 litres. The freezer has a tank volume of 100 litres. They are all suitable for small stores as well as big fancy department stores, which can also be used in ice-cream parlours.

Primary Features

  • Corrosion-Resistance Body
  • Energy-Efficient Compressor
  • Heavy-Duty Casters
  • Recessed Handles
  • Lockable Doors
  • High-Density PUF Insulation
  • Robust Construction
  • Castor Wheels

The freezer has robust construction for heavy-duty use. They have versatile wheels that are strong and sturdy enough to hold a fully loaded freezer. They also make movement easy. You can now store all kinds of food items like meat, veggies, or frozen food.

It has a layer of zinc to protect the body of the freezer from rusting and corrosion due to continuous exposure to moisture. PUF is installed to keep coolness trapped inside the freezer to maintain the temperature, even in extreme temperatures or during power cuts.

The freezer has one door which can be locked and unauthorized access to the freezer can be prevented. They have recessed handles, which do not occupy extra space and reduces the risk of breakage.

They consume less energy while resulting in a reduction of bills. It consumes 4 to 5 units of electricity, or1.3 units of energy per hour. The compressor is a very important part of the freezer. This freezer has a highly efficient compressor.

You can always contact on the toll-free no. for any issue. This white freezer has a great height of 84.5cms. The length of the freezer is 57.4cms and the width is 56.4cms. It is made up of stainless steel.

It also includes a basket that keeps your stored stuff organized. You will not have to waste much time in finding the required item. You can easily arrange your stuff.

You will receive a 1N manual and 1N warranty card. You can go through the features of this deep freezer in the user-manual and easily use the freezer without any trouble. The warranty card will be helpful in case of any technical trouble all need of repair.

  • Occupy Less Floor Space
  • Power Saving
  • Gives High Performance And Durability
  • Good Discount Available On Amazon For The Product
  • Good Storage Capacity And Movable
  • The product height may cause problem while cleaning


8. Voltas Cf Ht 320dd P Double Door Deep Freezer 

Voltas is a leading company in India, especially for air conditioners and refrigerators. It is trusted by its customers because of their good service, and the huge variety. This Voltas CF HT 320DD deep freezer is a white-colored freezer with two doors.


They are very suitable for storing a good amount of ice-cream. It has a good capacity of 320 liters though has a net capacity of 311 litres. The freezer has a very aesthetic soft look design.

Primary Features

  • The aesthetic soft look design
  • Stucco Aluminium inner liner
  • Castor wheels
  • UV grade plastic material
  • Spring-loaded hinges
  • Sunken handle
  • Corrosion-resistant

It is made up of a UV grade plastic material for long-lasting good appearance of the freezer. The freezer has a sunken handle to avoid the risk of any breakage and to make it safer.

Today customers consider hygiene as an important factor. The manufacturers have kept this in mind and have installed a stucco aluminium inner lining. The inner cladding in the freezer is of aluminium.

The freezer has castor wheels which make mobility easier. They make it very easy to move the 72kg product. It also has a door lock which will not let everyone access to the refrigerator.

The body of the freezer is designed to prevent corrosion or rusting due to continuous exposure to moisture. The spring-loaded hinges are specially designed to reduce the effort while using.

These freezers have non-CFC insulation making them environment friendly. The freezer gives a power feature of AC 230 V/50 Hz. The product is meant for freezing only. It will not cool the item.

You can only store items that need to be frozen like ice-cream and frozen food. The temperature range of the freezer is less than or equal to -18 degrees Celsius.

The 830 mm tall freezer with a length 665 mm and a width 1180 mm will give you good storage space to store and keep your food items fresh for a long time.

It consists of 1 shelf/ basket inside the freezer to organise your stuff. The manufacturer is also providing you with a manual and a warranty card for the customer’s convenience.

  • Easy to Handle
  • Good Freezing Power
  • Good Storage Capacity
  • Good Quality Product
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Not convertible, only works as a freezer does not work as a cooler


9. Elanpro Ef 405 Combi Chest Freezer 

ELANPRO is one of the leading brands for commercial refrigerators in India. They will introduce you to a variety of commercial refrigerators. They will provide you with affordable prices with the best possible features.


ELANPRO EF 405 combi is a very good option is you wish to buy a chest freezer with good storage capacity. It has a capacity of 175L for the freezer and 225L for the chiller. The volume of the product is 400 litres.

Primary Features

  • Stucco Aluminium Inner Liner
  • Castor Wheels
  • UV Grade Plastic Material
  • Spring-Loaded Hinges
  • Sunken Handle
  • Corrosion-Resistant

The temperature of the freezer can be adjusted according to your convenience. The dual temperature allows you to convert the freezer to a chiller. You can now store milk, cold drink bottles in this.

The temperature range of the freezer is 8 degrees Celsius to -25 degree Celsius. Compressors being the most important part of the freezers, the manufacturers have kept in mind to give a high-performance compressor to this freezer.

They are designed to consume low power. The power supply required by the freezer is 220V. The freezer is designed to keep your food fresh for a long time. The coolness inside the freezer throughout is uniform.

It has an insulation of 60mm to avoid loss of coolness. It will trap the coolness and maintain it. It is designed to function smoothly even in the extreme ambient temperature of 40 degree Celsius.

The freezer has a heavy body, the wheels below the freezer are strong and sturdy to carry the large weight. The durable casters allow mobility. This white freezer has a top load with 2 doors that can be locked to prevent unauthorized access.

The door has hinges to make it easier to open and close the door. They will reduce your effort. The freezer has 1 basket inside the refrigerator. The freezer has an external dimension of 1387 length, 775 width, and height, 985mm.

This will surely attract your customer’s attention to your commercial shop. Today with so many environmental problems, the designers of this deep freezer have made sure to cause no harm to the environment. This product has an eco-friendly refrigerant-R134a.

  • High-Performance Compressor
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Good Storage Capacity
  • Environment Friendly
  • Saves on Electricity Bill
  • Require good floor space due to the size
  • No manual and reviews were provided for guidance


Buying Guide – Best Deep Freezers In India

Are you buying a deep freezer for the first time and you have no idea about it?

You do not have to worry!


Firstly you should know that a freezer and a fridge have a different function. A fridge stores food items between 0 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius whereas a freezer keeps food at -18 degrees Celsius.

One should consider the following basic factors about the freezer before deciding the best deep freezer and buying it.

Types of Deep Freezers

One should check which type of freezer meets your requirements. The two types of freezers are:

Chest Freezer

They are wide in size mostly with dividers and baskets inside the chest. They provide you with great space. They are said to be more energy-efficient.

They are really useful in places where power cuts are common due to the cooling retention property. They produce less noise. Though they cannot self defrost like upright freezers.

Upright Freezer

The upright freezer occupies less floor-space. It has dedicated shelves which make it easier to organise things. You can find the item you require easily.

You can self-defrost the freezer. The freezers allow raising the temperature temporarily. But this may affect the performance of the refrigerator.


Factors to consider while buying the Best Deep Freezers

1. Door Types

The deep freezer has two types of doors:

Hard Door Type: These doors are widely preferred for storage rooms, meat houses, and for storing large quantity food. They give more amount of cooling when compared to sliding doors. They are further of two types:

Single Door

These freezers have a single door. This option is only for regular or small size freezer. They are quite suitable for household purposes or if you wish to store one kind of food in it.

Double Door

You will generally find them in departmental stores or other commercial shops. They have two compartments that have separate baskets to store different items. They allow you to store a good variety of food items.

2. Capacity

The deep freezer measures capacity in liters. The capacity of the freezer can vary from 100-400 liters. You can choose the size of the freezer according to your requirements. It is very important to buy a freezer that correctly meets your needs to cool efficiently. 

One should try to fill the freezer full to reduce energy consumption and save money. The extra space in the freezer will fill up with warm air. Therefore the freezer will start to maintain the temperature and will consume more energy.

3. Temperature

Mostly the temperature of the deep freezer is maintained at -18 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the freezer may get affected by the ambient temperature. One should make sure where does one want to place the freezer and adjust the temperature accordingly.

If the freezer is kept in a place where temperature fluctuation is high, one should always check the optimum range of the freezer. Some freezers are designed to not get affected by the ambient temperature.


4. Transparent Sliding Door

These types of freezers are generally found in ice-cream parlours or supermarkets. They are quite useful to attract customers and to come into notice. They are not so good at retaining the coolness of the freezer.

5. Internal Build Quality

The internal quality of the deep freezer is very important. Make sure that the metal used inside the freezer is anti-corrosive in nature. Also, make sure it is easy to clean so that you can maintain the hygiene and the food items can stay fresh for a long period.


6. Dividers

When you wish to store a large no. of products you need dividers to keep your stuff arranged and to easily reach them when required. The dividers and baskets divide them into compartments to store maximum food in an organized manner.

7. Convertible

One should check if the freezer is convertible or not. A convertible freezer can convert itself to a regular cooler. You can change the mode of the freezer according to your convenience. Such convertible freezers are more useful and more recommended.

8. Adjustable Thermostat

This feature will allow you to maintain the temperature according to your preference. It will increase the performance of the freezer.

9. Door Locks

These door locks help you to prevent unauthorized access. You can lock the freezer and keep the key with yourself. At home, you can also keep your children away from the fridge in your absence.

10. Frost Free Deep Freezers

These freezers are designed to avoid the process of defrosting at regular intervals. These freezers do not build up ice. They maintain coolness without doing so.


11. Soft Freeze

This is a special feature especially useful to store ice-cream. It makes sure that the store item does not get too harden and stays soft and in texture.

12. Fast Freeze

This is a special feature given to the freezer to store food items, for a longer time. As soon as you will change the setting of the freezer to the fast freezing option, the temperature will fall down by almost 10 degrees Celsius than the lowest temperature setting you can choose.

13. Power-Failure Protection

This feature is designed to retain the coolness even during power failures. This can retain the coolness for 1-3 days depending on the product.

14. Compressor Efficiency

The compressor is the heart of the freezer. Being such an important part. It can affect both efficiency and performance of the freezer. Always try choosing a compressor from a brand you can trust and has a good warranty period.

15. Energy Efficiency

If you wish to store food for a longer time, the freezer might have to run for the full day. Hence the energy consumption will be high and you might end up paying a huge electricity bill.

There are a few deep freezers, which are eco-friendly and energy-efficient. You can always choose such freezers over others.


16. Measurement & Placement

Before buying a freezer one should make sure how much area do they want the freezer to occupy. Always make sure there is extra space for the air circulation around the freezer.

Make sure it is not kept near the window or any other heat source or where the freezer will receive direct sun rays. Try placing the freezer in a semi ventilated area to increase its life.

17. Noise

Deep freezers of all kinds make some amount of noise. Some create high noise and some produce less amount of noise Always try to choose freezers who do not produce sound above 40db noise level.

18. Door Alarming

The special feature will help you to know if you have left the door open. If you leave the door open for a longer time and will alarm you. This will reduce the risk of defrosting the food due to a temperature change.

19. Power on Light

This light on the outside of the freezer helps you to know when the freezer is working and when it is not.

20. Performance

One should always buy a freezer that has good performance. You can check the reviews of the product to know more about the performance. A freezer that can achieve and then retain temperature and does not undergo any fluctuations can be trusted.


21. Transport

Chest freezers are quite heavy one should make sure the product can easily reach you. For post-installation adjustments, some freezers have wheels which makes mobility easy

22. Storage Needs

The needs may change from individual to individual. One can choose according to the number of food items you wish to store.

23. Stabilizer & Auto Shut- Off

It is very important to protect your appliances from any damages. Both built-in stabilizer and auto shut-off are very useful features that will help you to keep your freezer safe.

24. Price

The price of the deep freezer may vary to a large extend according to the features provided. You can always look for the best freezer in your budget, which gives maximum features.

25. Warranty

Always try buying a deep freezer which has a warranty to avoid any future troubles. Most products have a warranty of 1 or 2 years with an additional warranty on the compressor.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Deep Freezers In India

Q1. At what price is a deep freezer available in India?

Ans. The price of a deep freezer may vary from Rs 10000 to Rs 50000 depending on the features of the freezer. You can choose a freezer that has the storage capacity, door type, and other features according to your requirement. You can also find good products at an affordable price.

Q2. Where can I get the best deep freezers in India?

Ans. You can get a deep freezer in any shop for electronic appliances or you can purchase it online. You can always go for a trusted e-commerce site like Amazon.

Going for e-shopping can get you huge discounts on the freezer of your choice. The cost of the freezer will no longer be a problem. They have great cash-backs (terms and conditions apply) and you can also opt for no-cost EMI.

Q3. What is the best place to keep the deep freezer?

Ans. The freezer can be placed indoor or outdoor. But it is suggested to place it indoors. It is suggested to store it in a well-ventilated place or a room. Keep good space around the freezers for proper air circulation.

Also, make sure that you do not place the freezer near any direct heat source. The ambient temperature can affect the temperature of the freezer. The extreme temperature can also cause malfunctioning in some cases.

Q4. For how long can I expect my freezer to work?

Ans. The freezer can have a good life of 10 -14 years. Buying a deep freezer from a trusted brand and with a warranty will always prove to be beneficial. But it also depends on how you maintain it. A few basic maintenance activities can increase the lifeline of your freezer.

Proper cleaning atleast twice a year and monitoring the temperature is an important task. Also, you will have to keep it in a well-ventilated place and take proper care of leakage and hygiene. All these minor acts will increase the life of your freezer.

Q5. Is it okay to use a deep freezer at home?

Ans. Yes, the deep freezer is quite suitable for your house. Recently, the demand for deep freezers for household purpose has also increased rapidly. 

Buying it will enhance the look of your kitchen and you can store food items in bulk and retain its freshness. Buying a convertible freezer will be beneficial for you. You can choose the temperature and store variety of products in the freezer.

Q6. Is glass door a good option to buy or not?

Ans. Choosing the door type may depend on your requirement. Glass doors are not very reliable for maintaining temperature.

The hard type doors do not let the leakage of the cool air to take place. A glass door is a good option for commercial places. They will help you to attract the customer.

You can surely choose it if you want it for departmental stores or supermarkets. Also, they are quite beneficial if you want it for an ice-cream parlour. Not recommended for storage houses or places where power-cuts are common.

Conclusion – Best Deep Freezers in India

We hope the above list will help you choose the best pick for yourself. You can compare all the best options available above to find the best-suited deep freezer to meet all your requirements.


We hope that we have cleared all your doubts and have made selection easier for you. If you are still confused about which product is perfect for you and this is still stressing you then, You do not have to worry!


We have also chosen a deep freezer for you, by comparing all the deep freezers in the above list to make buying easier.


In our opinion, Godrej 400L double door deep freezer is the best of all. This freezer has quite good reviews from the users and also comes from a trusted Indian brand with a warranty.


It has all features for an ideal deep freezer. You will also find a good discount on the product if you buy through Amazon. You can also opt for no-cost EMI available on the product.


Let us know in the comments if you face any issues in selecting a deep freezer, we will help you in making an apt selection.

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