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What is the best TDS value for drinking water?


We all are aware of TDS related devices like TDS controllers, TDS meters and TDS mineralizers. Now you might be stuck with an important question.

Which is the most suitable TDS value for drinking water?


Scientifically, the most accurate and safe pH level to consume water is 7. If the PH level is less than 7 then water is considered to be acidic whereas water with pH level more than 7, makes the water alkaline.

Thus, a human being should consume water with a pH level between 7 to 8.5 to maintain an accurate balance.

Water that is having a pH level of 7 is considered to be pure but with a less good taste. It means water below a pH of 7 is having no taste no color and no odor.

There is to be a certain amount of TDS present in the water in the case to increase the taste of the water pH needs to be improved.

Therefore, the TDS devices and mineralizers have their importance. 

The water can be divided based on the TDS level as following:

  • Water having TDS level below 300 -> Excellent
  • Water having TDS level ranging 300-600 -> Good
  • Water having TDS level between 600-900 -> Fair
  • Water having TDS level from 900 to 1200 -> Poor
  • Water having TDS level above 1200 -> Inconsumable

Therefore, we understand that water can be usable when the TDS level is up to 600 the people who are having kidney problems should always consume water which is having TDS levels in the range of 100 ppm.

Keep note that the water which is having a very low TDS level is also not acceptable for humans.

The water which has a low TDS level does not have a proper mineral level which is very vital for the human growth of the body.


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