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UV Water Purifier (Ultraviolet) – Pros & Cons!


Drinking water is one of the purest forms of health drink for humans. On constantly dumping waste, into water bodies, from various applications, the quality of all forms of water has been adversely affected leading to water pollution.

Hence, all the sources of potable water, including the tap water provided by Municipal Corporation, are contaminated with inorganic elements, harmful micro-organisms, heavy metals, dissolved salts and other pollutants which have increased gravity and risk factors.


So, having and utilizing a water purifier has become necessary in order to ensure the consumption of pure, safe, and healthy drinking water. It is the predominant cure and a basic human right.

The role of a water purifier, as inferred from the name itself, is removing the impurities and providing clean and safe drinking water.

There are three well known and generally preferred types of water purifiers in India and they are – Reverse Osmosis Purifier, Ultra Filtration Purifier, and Ultra Violet Water Purifier. In this article, we are going to grasp the concept of UV water purifiers.

What is it?

  • Water purifiers that use UV rays to purify water are called Ultra Violet (UV) water purifiers.
  • It has a UV bulb surrounded by quartz glass sleeve so as to protect the water flowing around it, from direct contact with the radiation.
  • These germicidal Ultra-violet rays kill the bacteria, viruses, and cysts by going through their cell and destroy them completely which ensures that they do not further reproduce, in water.
  • The device also consists of a safety mechanism that avoids power leakage when the water level is reduced to null.
  • It demands the requirement of power supply for operating the appliance but consumes an optimal amount of energy. These water purifiers have a provision for UPS or inverter connection.
  • Also, it is considered to have one of the most powerful yet simple procedures for purifying water at 99.99% success range, with minimal requirements.
  • Thus, UV Water Purifiers ensure the provision of safe potable water at utmost purity but are drawn back at the point of elimination of dead bodies of the microorganisms, from the water.

RO Vs UV Water Purifiers

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifiers are totally different from Ultra Violet (UV) Water Purifiers. Both of them work on disparate principles and follow the different processes of water purification.

filter-waterBut there are a lot of points that can be noted and compared regardless of the dissimilarities. You can find that below.

  • RO water purifiers can remove the harmful salts dissolved in the water and kill the virus, bacteria, and cysts. Also, they effectively remove the dead bodies of the micro-organisms assuring total cleanliness and utmost purity.
  • This type of purifier produces a lot of waste-water and is less eco-friendly which makes them less preferred, especially in a country like India where water is going scarce with the growing demand and depleting resources.
  • On the other hand, UV and UF (Ultra Filtration) water purifiers kill the viruses and bacterias effectively but do not get rid of their dead bodies.
  • Though UV water purifier consume less energy and assure low wastage, they lag in the removal of the hazardous dissolved salts from the water making its effort worthless.

After analysing the above points, one can easily state that RO water purifiers have increased advantage and are a better option over UV water purifiers. Moreover, if you are unaware of the TDS level in your water, then we recommend you to go for RO water purifiers without a second thought.

Cons Of UV Water Purifier

No man-made thing comes without a drawback and as a matter of fact, even a UV water purifier has its own disadvantage. As discussed above,

  • It cannot remove dissolved salts and can’t get rid of the dead bodies of killed micro-organisms.
  • The bulb would require a replacement on extended usage.
  • Chances of scale formation are high when the bulb is heated excessively. This won’t allow the UV light to effectively reach the water, hence reducing efficiency.



The necessity of water purifiers increases, as a day goes by due to a rise in the pollution levels constantly. A UV water purifier is good to go appliance that is more preferable in the areas having low TDS level drinking water supply.

It has its own pros and cons but is a very favorable and affordable device that can be found in nearby home appliances showroom. There are a number of brands that claim to manufacture the best quality UV water purifiers.

You can compare the specifications of these water purifiers online and can buy the best water purifier for your home through various online shopping sites, at best deals.

Hope you found this article to be interesting and informative, to know and understand about UV water purifiers and their various features!


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