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9 Best Manual Treadmills in India (October 2020) – Buying Guide & Reviews


The treadmill is one of the finest and popular fitness equipment used by many people in India to sweat out or work out in their style, space, and comfort zone.

It must be noted that buying a treadmill is an expensive affair. To help you with this, we have come up with a solution.


Yes! It’s called Manual Treadmills. You need to get a manual treadmill that will not only be affordable while buying but will also cost less while operating throughout.

There are a lot of features to be checked out in various aspects and it solely depends on your style of workout and requirements.

You should know and analyze the parameters quite diligently but this is a tedious process as it involves a lot of searching and comparing activities.

Thus, we have provided a Buying Guide along with the list of best Manual treadmills in India, so that you make the best selection.

These are the Top 9 Best Manual Treadmills in India

Best Manual Treadmills in India in 2020

1. PowerMax Fitness MFT-410 Manual Treadmill

PowerMax Fitness is one of the top class companies that have been manufacturing and marketing fitness equipment for a long time. It is a white color manual treadmill that has gained an average rating of 4.3-stars from the users which makes it among the top choices on amazon.


It comprises of a unique 5 window LCD display that exhibits some amazing features like vivid reading of time, calories, speed, distance, pulse, inclination & much more.

The bubble-etched multi-layer running belt has a thickness of 1.8 mm, which along with the anti-skid trait, ensures shock absorbance and long life.

It is a foldable treadmill with a lock that has the intensity to hold a maximum user weight of 120 kgs. It has an optimally wide running track upgraded for increased comfortability.

This manual treadmill offers 3 levels of inclination and 4 modes of workout-jogger. The stepper, push up bar and twister, adds to the multi-functionality of the equipment.

The steel crowned roller not only keeps and balances the track belt in the centre align but also strengthen the bearings and smoothen the movements.

Hassle-free storage is promoted by the fold-ability and compact structure, whereas the provision of wheels underneath the device eases transportation from one place to another.

Having the mainframe constructed out of heavy gauge steel and frame of sturdy iron alloy, the manufacturer assures high quality and durability. Lifetime warranty on frame and 12 months of warranty. You can access other offers and discounts upto 60% by clicking the red button given below.

  • 5-window LCD
  • 4-modes of workouts
  • Foldable
  • 3-level inclination
  • Handgrip heart rate sensors
  • Expensive


2. Lifeline LYSN5213 Manual Treadmill

Lifeline is a reputed company whose excellence in performance and production of premium quality products has gained recognition and appreciation in the markets of India. It is a sturdy built manual treadmill that is among the affordable treadmills available in India.


Ease in storage is allowed by this foldable treadmill that is designed to live long. This manual treadmill can hold a maximum user weight upto 100kgs.

The provision of an electronic meter that is pre-installed with functionalities like scan, speed, distance, time, calories, and pulse, lets you track the progress which would help in achieving your fitness goals in no time.

The easy to operate dashboard displays the above-mentioned values and enables simple & quick control over the equipment whereas the attachment of wheels beneath the device eases porting and transporting.

The wider track surface ensures the utmost comfort while running, jogging. The cast-iron pulley is precisely balanced to assure noise-free and smooth locomotion, thus adding to the overall device stability.

The aluminium body of the treadmill is stabilized by the steel mainframe that features a self-lock for safer use while the side-handle bars & upright bars confirm the security of the user and the product.

This heavy-duty manual treadmill comprises of 3 levels of inclination that allows you to exercise effectively.

Its ergonomic structure and lesser net weight contribute to the easy and safe handling of the device by any user. Free shipping, discounts, cash backs, and a variety of savings offer is available for this product that has been provided with 6 months of warranty.

  • User-oriented dashboard
  • Electronic meter
  • Self-locking mainframe
  • Assured of efficiency and durability
  • Comparatively lower weight capacity


3. Fitkit FK95 Manual Treadmill

Fitkit is a well-known and one of the most recommended brand names in the Indian markets as its supreme quality products and excellent performance and service. It is a black color manual treadmill that is constructed out of supreme quality raw material and is designed to last longer.


The electronic meter is attached stylishly for convenient handling of the device and the LCD eases reading of the displayed parameters like speed, distance, time and burned calories.

The track surface is big and wide which would help you for taking long strides comfortably, while the padded platform ensures the reduction of impact on sensitive joints like the hip and knees.

As it is structured ergonomically and has the ability to be folded. Storage is a matter to be concerned about & moving it isn’t a tough process anymore due to the attachment of wheels.

Safe and balanced use is ensured by the self-lock provided at the steel mainframe and the side handlebar respectively whereas the upright bar keeps the treadmill base in place.

Optimize your workouts by adjusting the inclination level up to 3 different levels and keeping an eye on the figure measured by the heart-rate sensor that is provided on the handrail.

If you are someone with bodyweight upto 130 kgs, you must get this manual treadmill for yourself.

All in all, it is a pocket-friendly treadmill that is worth the investment. Half year warranty is available on this product that can be accessed at reduced rates by grabbing hold of the various savings offer.

  • Padded platform
  • Self-locking mainframe
  • High-quality raw material
  • LCD display
  • After sale service is not up to mark


4. Sparnod Fitness STH-500 Manual Treadmill

Sparnod Fitness is an expert in producing and selling high-quality fitness equipment. They have high demand and recommendations in the markets of India. It is a mini indoor manual treadmill that comes in a dual shade of white and black color.


It features 5 console 3-inch LCD monitor that displays the time, speed, distance, pulse rate, and calories burnt. It can scan your progress easing the tracking process of your performance.

It is ideal for beginners as there are 12 preset programs, a push-up bar, a wide platform area, and strong buttons available for convenient handling and stable control of the device.

It is a very space-efficient product that can be folded and stored in a convenient spot. It consists of wheels and is quite light in weight which enables stress-free porting.

The anti-skid platform surface and foot side rails ensure the safety of the user whereas a more efficient and effective workout is enabled by the 3 inclination levels that can be set by you.

Its handrail consists of a hand pulse sensor and is excellent not only for strengthening muscles but also for increasing blood circulation, bone density, coordination, and improving balance.

This treadmill has 120 kgs of weight capacity. Durability, stability, and quality are ensured by the alloy steel frame of this Sparnod treadmill. 3 long years of warranty is provided on this purchase.

  • 3-inch LCD monitor
  • 12 preset programs
  • Very lightweight
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Foot rail
  • No lock


5. Lifeline 4 in 1 deluxe manual treadmill

This brand has made up a great name in the Indian market. Lifeline’s premium quality has helped it to grab multiple positions on this list. Lifeline presents a premium quality manual treadmill that is easy to assemble and is available in white and black color combination.


It consists of an electronic console that is pre-installed with measurement functions of speed, distance, time, pulse, and calories. All the figures are displayed vividly on the 5-window LED display given in the user-friendly dashboard.

The wide track surface facilitates easy walking and running by taking longer strides whereas the equipment of wheels enables this dynamic treadmill to be shifted from place to place, without any hassle.

The hand pulse sensors are provided on the handrails. Thus, allowing you to monitor your heart rate. On the other hand, the 3-level inclination facilitates effective exercising.

It is a 4-in-1 manual treadmill that features a smart stepper and twister that enable you to tone your leg by improving the blood circulation in leg muscles and tone your arms, thighs, legs, waist, and hips, respectively.

The provision of push-ups handle enhances your arm strength, mental toughness, and burns more calories.

The maximum user weight capacity is 110 kgs and as it is foldable, storing the treadmill is quite simplified.

This durable equipment supports various modes and its sturdy mainframe adds to longevity. No cost EMI option, bank offers, free delivery, and other exclusive deals are available for this product that has a warranty of 6 months provided by the manufacturer.

  • Stepper
  • Twister
  • LED display
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Running in it wouldn’t be comfortable


6. Kamachi 4 in 1 Manual Multipurpose Treadmill

Kamachi is the first brand name that would come to your mind as soon as you hear the best fitness-equipment manufacturers. Their performance has been excellent and consistent. They put forth a black-colored, multi-purpose manual treadmill.


It has a maximum user weight of 105 kgs. It is a multipurpose treadmill that features a hydraulic stepper, twister, and push-up bar which helps in toning leg and calf muscles, getting waist, stomach, and hip in shape, and pumping up the chest, respectively.

The 5 digital LCD window displays time, speed, distance, amount of calories burned, and the heart pulse rate whereas the strong control buttons enable you to set or adjust the parameters of the device.

All these are provided at the user-friendly control panel of this 4-in-1 treadmill whose inclination levels must be set manually depending on the intensity requirements

The provision of the extra handle supports you to gain or maintain your balanced posture while working out. On the other hand, the folding functionality enables you to fold the product and store it in a convenient spot.

The availability of wheels in addition to the optimal net weight and standard size enables strain-free shifting of this treadmill.

The durable steel body and frame assure quality and long life span of the treadmill, thus making it a worthwhile investment. 1 year of warranty is provided for both frames and products by the manufacturer. You can get hold of all the offers and enjoy the purchase if bought now.

  • Simple installation procedure
  • Multipurpose
  • Extra handle
  • Embedded with electro meter
  • Maximum user weight is comparatively lesser


7. Kobo MT101 Manual Treadmill

Kobo is a top brand name that is popular in the Indian markets for its consistent performance, qualitative products, and unparalleled services. Kobo MT101 manual treadmill comes in a silver and black color combination.


It is a 4-in-1 treadmill which consists of a skid-proof foot side rail and a hand-grip pulse sensor that measures the heart or pulse rate.

The control panel has strong control buttons, which help you set the parameters and a 5-function digital meter, which displays the value of speed, time, distance, pulse rate, and burned calories.

It is a foldable treadmill that comes with a lock, thus ensuring simplified storage and safe use and the wheels attached underneath the device eases transportation.

The handles are provided with firm grips and the adjustability of inclination level enables you to intensify your workout based on your convenience.

The stepper adds to the toning of leg muscles and burns calorie in your calf muscles and on the other hand twister shapes your stomach, hip, and waist by reducing the fats in that area.

The push-up bar enables you to enhance and intensify your push-up allowing you to sweat more and build more body.

With such a wide running platform, this sturdy built manual treadmill would be ideal for beginners and other people whose workout intensity is moderate. Enjoy a variety of savings offer like free delivery, flat 40% sale, no-cost EMI options, bank offers, partner offers, cash backs, and many other undeniable deals and offers.

  • Comprises of lock
  • Multi-functionality
  • 5-function digital meter
  • Easy installation
  • Low rating


8. Aerofit Multi-Functional Manual Treadmill HF940

Aerofit is a reputed and renowned brand name in Indian markets and it came from the qualitative performance and unparalleled works that it has exhibited. Aerofit proffers a compact structured, black coloured manual treadmill whose belt has optimal dimensions.


It is a 2-ply thick, highly dense urethane belt which comprises of anti-slip, strengthen, shock absorption, silencer, and support layer, thus ensuring a safe and effective session whenever you step on the track.

The folding function and provision of wheels enable easy storage and transportation, respectively whereas the hand-grip pulse sensors given on the handrail contribute to the heart rate technology.

Speed, distance, time, pulse rate, and calories burnt are few measurements displayed on the 5 window LCD that is provided above the control button in the panel.

Being a 4-in-1 multi-functional treadmill, it has stepper, twister, and push-up bars and they significantly reduce the fat content in your body at quicker rates.

Stepper tones the calf and leg muscles, twister tones the hip and stomach region and the push-up bar pumps up your chest and strengthen the arm muscles.

Pre-programmed courses are available and the time, distance, and calorie measuring parameters can be set by the user depending on the requirement and mode setting. The weight capacity ranges up to 120kgs.

The compact structure and durable mainframe ensure long-lasting and efficient performance. 1 year of the warranty period is guaranteed for the product while there is a lifetime warranty on the frame. You can get this product at better deals if clicked on the button.

  • Availability of preset modes
  • Multi-functional
  • Heart rate technology
  • 2-ply thick urethane belt
  • Heavy


9. Leeway Manual Treadmill Jogger

Leeway is a giant in the Indian market that has gained a top position and has been giving a tough time to its competitors through the manufacturing of premium quality products. It presents a 4-star rated, red, and black color combination and whose weight capacity is 120kgs.


It has a wide and lengthy platform that enables you to walk, jog and run comfortably even if your strides are long and the LCD screen displays speed, distance, time, heart, and pulse rate, and calorie level.

The multi-ply polyester satin weaved with PVC forms the running belt of the equipment that has a thickness of 1.8mm and features anti-skid property.

The scan function enables you to scan and obtain the fitness data of the user whereas the ergonomic structure and folding function contribute to the provision of a folded treadmill which adds to simpler storage.

The heavy-duty steel frame and body enhances the durability and longevity of the product and on the other hand, the steel crowned rollers ensure balance and stability of the belt without disrupting its centre alignment.

The availability of inclination adjustment ensures power workouts with increased intensity whereas the side handle-bars stabilize and secure you.

You can experience a smooth and noise-free session in this sturdy built treadmill that is 90% pre-assembles and easy to install.

All-in-all it’s a worthwhile option which features the best in all aspects. Exclusive deals and undeniable offers are proffered on this product and you can enjoy all of them if you purchase it now.

  • Tough side handle bars
  • Scan function
  • 90% pre-installed
  • High-quality running belt and rollers
  • Expensive


Buying Guide – Best Manual Treadmills in India

Buying a manual treadmill requires you to have two things, one is a plan of action regarding your workout styles as it plays a significant role in deciding the type of treadmill you would need. The second is the parameters that must be possessed by this fitness equipment.


The former solely depends on you, while the latter needs consideration from different perspectives.

To help you reduce the burden and save time, we have provided all the details that regard to a treadmill in an easily understandable way.

Types of Treadmills

There are 3 types of treadmills which are divided depending upon their functionality and they are as follows:-

1. Manual Treadmills

Manual or non-electric treadmills are the ones that run on manual force or power as they do not comprise of the motor. They allow inclination adjustments, cost comparatively less but require strong and steady steps to be operated.

It comprises of handrails, frame, deck, rollers, belt, etc. along with sensors that measure the effectiveness of your workouts.best-treadmill-machines-goa

Few advantages of manual treadmills include the requirement of less maintenance and zero electricity. These are simple to use, can be easily stored, and are cost-effective.

They are further categorized based on the platform structure and they are-

Flat Belt

These manual treadmills comprise of a flat platform which enables easier walking and running on it.


Curved manual treadmill has a curved platform which enables you to run naturally.

2. Folding Treadmills

As the name suggests, these treadmills can be folded and it enables smarter storage. They are quite similar to manual treadmills except for the fact that they have better build quality and cost more.

3. Motorized Treadmills

These are the advanced versions of treadmills that run on the motor and are powered by electricity. They support several high-end features which also includes health monitoring.


They are the most expensive version and must need a power supply to operate but have the best build quality, offer the option to adjust the speed of your workouts, consist of inbuilt workout programs, and enables long, strain-free workouts.

Factors to consider while buying the Best Manual Treadmills in India

1. Track Size

The track size is a vital factor for tall people and runners as their steps are going to be wide apart. In usual circumstances, the track width is standardized at 20 inches while the track length varies from 55 to 60 inches depending on the requirement.

55 inches long track would be preferable for walkers & light joggers but, 60 inches is the standard length and would be ideal for runners and those people who prefer high inclination for walking or jogging.

2. Motor

Motorised treadmills have a track belt that runs on a motor which turns on when supplied with electricity and thus motor is an essential part of the equipment.

This motor comprises of horsepower and continuous horsepower among which CHP is more validated as it indicates the continuous power handling capacity of the motor.

This CHP requirement is obtained in accordance with the body weight and workout style.

People who averagely weigh up to 90kgs shall go with a motorized treadmill that has a motor power of 2, 2.5, or 3 and more CHP for walking, jogging respectively. Those who weigh above 90 kgs should go with CHP that is 0.5 units higher than the commonly recommended one.

3. Weight Capacity

All the treadmills have a weight capacity up to which they can hold and, this figure ranges from 110 to 180kgs. If you weigh more than 180 kgs, you can always go for advanced versions of treadmills that are capable enough to hold you.best-treadmill

Manual treadmills feature ‘maximum user weight’ figure, which is ideal if the range is 220-440 lbs (100-200kgs approx.). Getting the aptly capable treadmill is necessary to keep the motor in a strain-free and heat-free state.

4. Tread Belt

The tread belt is that vital part on which you will be walking or jogging or running and, its durability plays, a significant role in determining the lifespan of the device. The below-given factors decide the quality and durability of the tread belt, as follows-


Tread belts that have thickness around 2 to 4-ply might be expensive but last longer than the 1-ply tracks.


Rollers are found beneath the track which propels the belt to move forward.

It is an extra hand to the motors whose diameters if big are better. The standard roller diameter is 2.5 inches.


Lubrication smoothens the overall treadmill performance and lubricating the tracks enables smoother striding.

Advanced treadmill tracks consist of silicone infusion which frees you from maintenance issues.

5. Track Speed and Cushioning

The track speed is an adjustable feature which shall be set by you according to the workout or fitness needs. The highest pace rate, available in any treadmill is 10 miles per hour but general recommendations are as follows-

  • 1-4 mph:- Preferred for brisk walkers who want to burn their calories.
  • 4-5 mph:- Suggested for joggers and brisk walkers whose fat burning exercises are moderately intense.
  • 5-7 mph:- It is the highest range of speed which is suitable for rigorous exercises and only for a short duration.

Always go for cushioned tracks that are more convenient and safe to use as they promote stamina levels, reduce impact, and protect joints from injuries.

6. Inclination

Working out on an inclined treadmill would result in quicker and effective results and, it is due to the fact that they target the specific muscle group without stressing on the joints.

Generally, the inclination capacity falls around 10, 15, or 20% and the treadmills in the lower end of the budget comprise of manual inclination option whereas the ones on the higher-end comprise of motorised or auto inclination feature.

7. Monitors and Programs

You can observe several preset programs in the recent models of the treadmill. It is very beneficial as it supports you to reach your fitness goal effectively, especially if you are a beginner.

By monitors, we infer to heart-rate monitoring which is either chest-strap or hand-grip heart-rate monitor. Chest-strap HR monitors are always better than hand-grip sensors as their consistency, accuracy and convenience are much better.

This monitor helps you to track the intensity and progress of your workouts and come in 3 levels of functionality:-


Basic level includes hand pulse sensor, which exhibits the pulse reading and tracks improvement.


They provide accurate results as they consist of a chest strap or pulse watch and enable manual adjustments.


They comprise either a chest strap or pulse watch or polar compatible heart-rate modules that sense the heart rate while you are sweating the fat out.

Expensive treadmills comprise of chest-strap heart rate monitor and, advanced models feature auto-adjustment of track speed to optimize your heart rates.

8. Stat Tracking and User Profile

Stat tracking is one of the essential features whose integration in the treadmills enables and eases the measuring of your progress.

The availability of this parameter along with the option to store the data of several users by creating a separate user ID makes your treadmill an ideal one.

Shock Absorbance

Shock absorbance is a vital trait whose availability reduces the impact by nearly 40% in your body.

Resistance Types

The latest models of treadmills feature magnetic resistance. It enables you to manage the difficulty level of your workouts and ensures smoother ride experience.

9. Budget and Warranty

The optimal price range of treadmill would come around 15 to 20,000 but, qualitative and durable treadmills fall in the higher end. Though, you will find a manual treadmill at cheap prices. So, go for the best ones that fall under your budget.

The provision of a warranty is necessary for such equipment and it must cover motor, frame, body parts, and labour in a treadmill.

The warranty offered on each of them should be at least 25 years, lifetime and one year, respectively, and labour costs shall be applicable after a few years of free service.

You must check for this factor as it plays a significant role in ensuring the durability and getting over the repairs of the treadmill.

10. Safety and Maintenance

A treadmill that consists of precautionary measures like auto-stop is preferable over others as it helps in preventing accidents, especially when it is used by the elderly or near pets, kids, and toddlers.

There will be a key attached to the user’s body and the treadmill which on disengaging would shut down the equipment.

Also, maintaining the treadmill through primary servicing should be sufficient because if it’s of good quality, then it would resist the damage caused due to shutdowns and wear and tear.

An ideal treadmill would be the one that requires low maintenance and consists of a reversible deck as it increases the durability.

11. Additional Features

Treadmills that come with supplementary functionalities are always better and worth the expenditure. Few such parameters are-

Console and Control

Treadmills that have easily accessible and readable displays and controls like quick one-touch, navigation buttons for time, inclination and heart-rate, clear display, etc. would be quite helpful.

Enhanced versions have additional gadgets attached to them like LCD TV, speakers, etc. but are hard to maintain.

Tethered Safety Key

It is a preliminary safety measure available in all the treadmills. This key is inserted in the equipment with its other end having a chord attached to you via a clip.

So, if you fall, the key gets disengaged, and the machine stops. This parameter is much essential when you have children around you.

Foot and Hand Rails

Handrails and foot rails are usually provided at the front and side of the device, respectively, and their role is to give you stability while working out or getting down from the treadmill.

If you go for a treadmill having these parts, you should ensure that their position is comfortable for you while working out.

Mobile and Internet Connectivity

Treadmills that have internet accessibility enable you to connect with the device via the mobile app and control or track your sessions, health data, etc.

Using Google maps and sharing the stats is made simpler by such models.

All in all, manual treadmills are anytime preferable over automatic treadmills in terms of obtaining quicker and effective results.

Electric treadmills might be better when it comes to comfortability and in-built health tracking programs but manual treadmills are far better in the budget, space-efficiency, and quicker burning of calories.

Ultimately, it’s your choice that must be made depending on your expectation and requirements.

Conclusion – Best Manual Treadmills in India

Manual Treadmills are the best and the safest option, when it comes to working out and maintaining your fitness levels, especially if you are doing it from home. Thus, it is necessary to get a good performing and durable treadmill.


Based on our analysis, you should go with the ‘PowerMax Fitness MFT-410 Manual Treadmill” as it features the best parameters in all the possible aspects.

To know more about this manual treadmill, click here.

We hope this article helped you get the ideal treadmill that fits in your budget and requirements.

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