11 Best Yoga Mats in India (November 2021) – Buying Guide and Reviews

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Mood for a daily dosage of yoga in life?

Then a yoga mat is what you need to get started. But you don’t know where to look for the best yoga mat? Well, clear off your mind. You stand on the right place where you will get information about the Best Yoga Mats in India.


Many of us invest time in yoga to strengthen the mind and body all at the same time. And for this reason, you need to go and fetch the best yoga mat for you. A yoga mat is a necessity to keep you stable during the yoga poses.

Earlier buying a yoga mat meant returning home with a PVC mat with blue, purple, or pink colour. But now there is a yoga mat to suit every priority and preference.

You will get a thousand mats with different thickness, material, texture, and budget. With abundant options available in the market, it becomes extremely confusing to get the perfect mat for you.

So, we are here to shower some knowledge about yoga mats on you. You now don’t have to jump from one website to another to find information. This place will give all the data related to yoga mats.

We recommend you to read the buying guide for a better understanding of the features of the best yoga mats. We have surveyed every enterprise that manufactures yoga mats.

After applying a lot of time to compare the thousands of yoga mats, we have the Best 11 Yoga Mats for you.

These are the Top 11 Best Yoga Mats in India

ProductsLengthThicknessBuy Now
Brandvilla Yoga Mat6 Feet13 mmamazon-button
Boldfit Yoga Mat6 Feet10 mmamazon-button
VIFITKIT® Yoga Mat6 Feet3 mmamazon-button
VIFITKIT Yoga Mat6 Feet4 mmamazon-button
Strauss Yoga Mat6 Feet6 mmamazon-button
TEGO Stance Yoga Mat6 Feet5 mmamazon-button
Narains Yoga Mat6 Feet6 mmamazon-button
Amazon Basics Yoga Mat6 Feet13 mmamazon-button
Nivia Yoga Mat6 Feet10 mmamazon-button
Kobo NBR Athletica Yoga Mat6 Feet8 mmamazon-button
Dr Trust PVC Yoga Mat6 Feet6 mmamazon-button

Top 11 Best Yoga Mats in India

1. Brandvilla Yoga Mat with Carrying Bag Anti Skid Yoga Mat

Brandvilla is an enterprise for fitness fanatics. Its products are useful for a sound body. The company is aimed to deliver the best products that interest your convenience. Brandvilla Yoga Mat is a fantastic yoga mat. It will help you to be more active.


Because of this yoga mat, you will fall in love with your yoga session and never think of skipping it. This yoga mat is a comfortable one with all the characteristics to make it the perfect one for you. This yoga mat has been made with the most organic substances available. 

This is a cotton yoga mat that will suit you and your family members. To make the mat more efficient you will find the base of 100% organic rubber material. This does not allow the mat to move around.

The mat will now stick over any surface, be it marble, or wooden, cemented, or carpeted. The cotton yoga mat with rubber base is handwoven by people. This maximizes the quality of the yoga mat.

Care has been taken to prevent you from falling while using the mat. The Brandvilla yoga mat size and weight are ideal for you and everyone. The size of the mat is meant to suit every yoga postures.

With this yoga mat, you will be able to do every kind of asanas you want to do. The dimension of the mat is extensively large with 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. The size will allow you to carry the mat anywhere you want to very easily.

This yoga mat not only does its work efficiently but is also very easy to maintain. The yoga mat can also be washed. The moisture-resistant technology will help you a lot in the cleansing process.

The material is of high-quality that will not let your yoga mat to wrinkle after cleaning. Not every yoga mat brand gives you the option to choose your favourite colour for the mat.

But Brandvilla pleases its customers with its various colour option available. Now choose between blue, green, pink, purple, red, and yellow. This yoga is 6 mm thick. Such a thickness will let you be comfortable during the yoga sessions.

This will protect your spine, hips, knees, and elbows by providing you with a cushioning against the hard surface. The Yoga mat carrier will allow makes the yoga mat portable and handy. The Nylon carrier meshes black bag also has a fixed strap for your convenience.

  • Sensitive to every skin
  • 100% natural cotton
  • Planet and pocket-friendly
  • Various colours available
  • Relatively Small Size


2. Boldfit Yoga Mat; NBR Material; 10mm Extra Thick Exercise Mats

Since the establishment of Boldfit, the mission was to be a leading lifestyle brand to make yoga, fitness, and wellness accessible to all. The products are designed after keeping a check on every requirement of yours. It is a trusted brand with its roots spreading all over India.

Boldfit NBR Yoga Mat is the yoga mat you have been looking for. It is a multipurpose mat with eco-friendly properties. It has gained much popularity in recent years. This model of yoga mat is known for its multi-purpose functionality. 

Buying this yoga mat will not only function during the yoga sessions but can be used for various other aerobic activities like pilates. You can also use yoga for family outings. It will become bedding and a playmat as per your requirement.

The yoga mat is trustworthy. It has anti-slip properties. The mat will stick at a single place. The yoga mat will provide you with a strong grip that will prevent you from tripping off. The mat also has a cushion for extra care.

The extra cushion provides you with a grip. The cushion also prevents you from hurting. Using this mat will keep your body parts safe. The 0.5-inch thickness makes the yoga mat a standard one for everyone. The thickness will give you a comfy feeling.

The thickness level is perfect for handling. It will give you a protective shield from the rough texture of the floor. The size of the mat is 6 feet by 2 feet. It is an ideal dimension for you. This large dimension will allow you to practice every yoga posture.

It is the perfect size for both the masculine and feminine section. The maintenance of the yoga mat is low. You will easily be able to wash the yoga mat at your home. The water resistance technology will allow you to rinse the yoga mat with water.

This yoga mat furthermore will protect you from three bacterial germs. The yoga mat can absorb your sweat. The absorption of the sweat will not let the germs grow. This makes the mat safe to use.

The mat is good in durability terms. It can undergo harsh usage without wearing off. The high-quality material used makes it resilient. This BoldFit Yoga Mat comes with a carry strap. You can now easily carry your yoga mat wherever you want without facing any difficulties.

  • Less harmful
  • Multifunctional use
  • Strong and durable
  • Comfortable for every use
  • Not such a great size


3. VIFITKIT® Yoga Mat Anti Skid EVA Yoga Mat

Vifikit brand is designed by and for yogis. VifiKit removes the obstacles and creates better products. The products being eco-friendly, ethical, and socially just, this company has made its route to many households.


Vifikit yoga mat provides the ultimate grip for your practice and keeps you safely aligned with a magical embellished version of the original unique alignment guide. This mat is truly planet-friendly and will provide you stability, support, and cushion feeling.

The mat is made with EVA material. The superior quality EVA substance makes it durable than other standard yoga mats. You will be able to use the yoga mat often without the tension of wear and tear.

The material employed to use to make the yoga mat is natural. No toxic materials like PVC, silicon, and latex has been used. This makes your yoga mat eco-friendly. Also, organic materials reduce the growth of bacteria and germs.

This yoga mat has updated features. You will get the anti-slip texture on both sides. Therefore, the mat is sticky and safe. The mat will stick to the ground and not move around.

The upper side of the mat will prevent you from sliding. The mat can hold the grip of any texture. For example, tiled ground, wooden ground, and cemented ground. This mat is portable. You can carry the mat with you because of its lightweight.

You will now no more be confined to the boundaries of your home to practice yoga. You just need to carry your Vifikit yoga mat and practice your yoga in a park or a yoga class.

The density of the foam makes the yoga mat 3 mm thick. Such thickness acts as a shield against the rough surface of the ground. Your back, knees, spine, elbows, and hips will be protected by the cushion provided by the mat.

You don’t have to take stress about the sweat from your body parts. This mat is a good absorbent of sweat. It will quickly absorb your sweat. It will prevent the surface of the yoga mat from being slippery.

You will be able to wash your yoga mat easily. This mat will absorb the moisture that will make the cleansing process of the mat much easier. Though the mat is washable, it is highly recommended to not was the mat using a washing machine or dryer.

  • Sticky surface
  • Can be recycled and biodegradable
  • Powerful yoga mat
  • Low maintenance
  • Not so thick


4. VIFITKIT Yoga Mat with Free Yoga mat Bag Anti Skid Yoga Mat

Since the establishment of Vifikit, the mission was to use the standing as a leading lifestyle brand to make yoga, fitness, and wellness accessible to all. The products are designed after keeping a check on every requirement of yours.


It is a trusted brand with its roots spreading all over India. Vifikit yoga mat is the mat you have been looking for. It is a multipurpose mat with eco-friendly properties. It has gained much popularity in recent years. This yoga mat is a good choice.

The mat is made with natural substances. EVA material organic, durable, and eco friendly. The strong nature of the EVA material makes the mat stronger and durable than other normal yoga mats.

The yoga mat is free from any non-biodegradable substances like PVC, silicon, and latex. The absence of toxic material makes it safe to use. It is not a threat to the environment nor you.

Do the sweaty body concern you? Well, do not bother. This yoga mat is designed in such a way that it can absorb the drooping sweat very fast. Along with having resilience for sweat, this may is also waterproof.

The moisture-resistant technology will help you to wash the mat without facing any hurdles. Using soap and water will not affect the mat. Therefore, the mat comes with low maintenance.

The 4 mm thickness of the mat will give you the most comfortable yoga session. You will be protected from the ground hurting you. The mat will act as a shield and protect your spine, knees, elbows, and other parts.

This black colour yoga mat can easily adjust to different floors. It will stick to the ground. It will also provide you grip and hold you while you are performing your asanas.

This yoga mat is qualified for healthy using. Vifikit gives a pro tip not to clean the yoga in a washing machine or with a dryer. Handle the yoga mat in the right way and it will give you a positive experience.

  • Top performance
  • Safe use
  • Free from harmful substances
  • Good absorbent
  • Absence of good thickness


5. Strauss Anti Skid Floral Yoga Mat

The Strauss company has a unique vision and the ability to make the most basic of raw materials and turn them into wonder-filled yoga mats. Strauss has been enriching its consumers lives by developing superlative quality yoga mats.


The company has a set of concepts that follows true integrity and honesty. Strauss floral yoga mat is a yoga mat developed with world-class materials. This product is an innovative solution to practice yoga everywhere you want. It will allow you to carry your sessions with ease.

Once you buy this product you will never regret the bucks spent on it. The yoga mat possesses an anti-skid feature. This functionality will prevent you from sliding all over while doing your yoga asanas.

The yoga mat will provide you with the support that will allow straight alignment. This will not let you fall. The material which is used to make the yoga mat is of high quality. The superior quality gives the mat a comfy feeling.

The padded yoga mat makes you comfortable and safe. The friction generated by the yoga mat will help you in doing tuff yoga postures.

You will be able to easily carry out the workout without the tension of tripling off. This yoga mat is easy to handle. You can roll up the mat and stick it anywhere you want.

Because of the lightweight, you can easily carry it along with you without applying any effort. The center of attraction is that the mat has a floral design on it. While most of the yoga mat comes with a single color, this mat breaks the monotony. The floral design on the mat will please you.

  • Great size
  • High standards
  • Made with the strong material
  • Good design
  • Not dense enough


6. TEGO Stance Truly Reversible Mat with GuideAlign – 5mm Thick

Tego is a manufacturer of high quality, professional fitness, and yoga equipment. Having an experience of more than 50 years in fitness and yoga equipment, this corporation has a passion and are committed to excellence.

Each product passes through the rigorous quality control system making this a trustable firm. Tego Stance Yoga Mat adheres to the principle of ‘Quality First’. This mat is an upgraded design.

This yoga mat is suitable for everyone as it has been made with addressing the needs of present and future customers. This yoga mat outshines other yoga mats in the market because of its innovative features and design.

The yoga mat has an aesthetic design to help you in your yoga sessions. The GuideAlign design made with Mandala drawing will allow you to keep a tab on your posture.

The unique design in the mat does not only help in yoga postures but also helps with the flow of the workout. This is the reason why this yoga mat stands out. Every yoga posture requires a different kind of stability.

Therefore, this mat has a dual sticky level. You will find a honeycombed design incorporated with an ultra-tactile, sticky side. This will help you to select different textures from the mat to try different yoga asanas.

Another excellent feature of the yoga mat is that it doesn’t allow the sweat to sweep inside the mat and make it stinky. While doing a workout, you tend to sweat. This sweat penetrates down to the yoga mat that makes the bacteria grow.

Therefore to prevent ant bacterial infection and stink, the texture of the mat is closely packed. The material of the mat is of high quality. This goes great with joints. So, if you want to go easy on your joints and back, this may is the right option.

The 5 mm thickness ensures that. The size of the mat is extensively large and gives you enough space. Also, the mat is doesn’t weigh much. So the portability of the mat is not an issue.

You can roll up the mat and carry it with yourself. The additional advantage of buying this yoga mat that you will get a bag free. The bag has a padded strap and different compartments for different things. The carrying of the mat becomes much easier with this super bag.

  • Best quality
  • Amazing material
  • Inexpensive
  • Great reviews
  • Too squishy


7. Narains Packaging Soft Comfort Fitness Yoga Mat

Narains Packaging Store has fast become known for its superior quality products, as well as the exacting standards of customer care. Buying a Narains product will give you excellence and high quality. Narains Yoga Mat is designed to fulfill all the needs.


The superior material used in the yoga mat will let the mat to last for a long period. This product has been appreciated for its quality and greatness and has positive reviews on Amazon. The padded structure of the mat is good for comfortable usage. 

The soft texture of the mat will go ease on your body parts. Your back and joints will be protected from the rough ground. Your knees, elbows, feet, and back will be safeguarded.

This yoga mat will give you a choice to choose between 4 mm or 6 mm thickness. The availability of the choice is not found in every yoga mat brand. 6 mm thickness ensures a high comfort level and 4 mm thickness will make the yoga mat more wieldy.

In the yoga market, you are generally not allowed to choose your favourite color for your mat. But, Narains Packaging Store gives you the option. There are various color options to choose from. The yoga mat is compatible and easy to use.

The mat can be easily rolled up and put up anywhere. The mat doesn’t cover up much space therefore is the most ideal product. It is also easy to carry. You can use the mat to carry your yoga sessions at home or outside in open space.

The mat is made with durable material. This makes the mat more resilient nature. It has more life expectancy than standard yoga mats. It also features an anti-skid mechanism. The anti-skid texture of the yoga mat will let you slide around.

You will be now able to do your yoga sessions more conveniently. You will get the perfect alignment and the grip that will help you to maintain hard yoga postures.

After using the yoga mat, you can also clean up your mat. It prevents the growth of bacteria and germs.

Just soak the yoga mat in a mixture of water and detergent and clean it off. One of the most important things is that you will a free storage bag along with the mat. With this mat, you can easily carry the mat wherever you want. The storage of the mat also becomes easy.

  • Thickness
  • Durability
  • Consumer’s choice
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Scratchy


8. AmazonBasics 13 mm Thick Yoga Mat

AmazonBasics is a corporation that is committed to making the worlds best performing, most environmentally friendly yoga products. It believes in saving the earth and eco-friendly concept. Therefore all the products designed by the corporation are made with natural substances.

AmazonBasics Yoga Mat is a quality product. The mat is meant to be eco-friendly. And with its price tag, it is pocket-friendly too. This product has 100+ positive reviews on Amazon. Therefore, it is trusted by the consumer section. 

This yoga mat is made keeping in mind naive people as well as experienced people in the yoga world. Everyone can use the yoga mat as per their requirement. This purchase comes with a versatile kit for your yoga sessions.

You will get a yoga mat, a yoga belt, two high-density yoga blocks, a fast-drying yoga-mat towel, and a fast-drying hand towel. The bonus is that you will get a free bag pack to assemble the kit easily.

The 6 tools in the purchase will give a wholesome experience of a yoga session. You can use the tools for different purposes. Together the 6 piece set will work to strengthen and tone your body.

You can use it also for pilates, stretching, and meditation exercises. It is a rectangular shape yoga mat with 13 mm thickness. Such thickness level is generally not found in normally yoga mat brands. The mat size is around 74 inches x 24 inches.

This defines a large boundary for you to carry out every single yoga posture. The mat is made from NBR foam. The high-grade material makes the mat durable and suitable. You will experience a cushion feeling.

It will give you support and reliable strength. The quality can be defined by a full 1-year warranty. The warranty period assures high-quality. And for your convenience, AmazonBasics provides you with a customer care service. You can solve your queries related to your mat anytime.

  • Soft and squishy
  • Great texture
  • Strong and material
  • High thick
  • Can be sometimes slippery


9. Nivia Yoga Mat 10 mm, Blue

Nivia is an established and exclusive firm in the fitness and yoga market. The quality fitness and yoga pieces of equipment in the brand name of “Nivia” are highly praised by the customers. Nivia yoga mat is an affordable, high-quality, and trusted product.

The quality of the product has spread throughout the customers. It is an upgraded version of the yoga mat that will cater to all your needs at a single time. The mat is made up of PVC. The PVC used in the mat is of high-quality. You don’t have to worry about toxicity or chemicals

The mat is free from bacterial infections and germs. You can safely use the yoga mat without microbes intruding. Special latex foam is assigned for making the mat. This makes the mat comfortable for use.

The latex makes the mat spongy. Moreover, the NBR material makes the mat firm. It prevents from sliding places 180 cm by 60 cm large size of the yoga mat is ideal for every type of yoga posture.

You can easily stretch your legs and arms for difficult yoga postures. The mat possesses a 10 mm thickness. It is a pretty high thickness level to protect your body parts.

Your knees and elbows won’t get hurt by the rough texture of the floor. The 10 mm thickness acts as a cushion and provides you protection.

The great thing about the mat is that it is a super absorbent of moisture. The sweat dripping off your body will be soaked immediately. This water absorbent quality makes the cleansing procedure much easier.

You just have to wash the mat with water and detergent. You will be able to carry the mat with you. It is flexible and can be rolled up with much ease. The bag which you will get along the mat will make this purpose much swiftly.

  • Great reviews
  • Easy to use
  • Has a great size
  • Fantastic product
  • Thin as comparative to others


10. Kobo NBR Athletica Yoga Mat- Multi-use Thick Exercise Mat

Kobo firm is a leading one in the fitness firm. It has been providing enhanced services with unique products. The yoga mats offered by Kobo are formulated through innovation and advances technology.


The Kobo NBR Athletica is a quality yoga mat that exceeds the expectations of esteemed customers. This yoga mat will prove to be an ideal friend of yours doing your yoga session. This product is recommended by yogis and teachers of high dignity.

This yoga mat has scored good marks on all the attributes of a good mat. Be it stickiness, weight, thickness, durability, or overall feel. This yoga mat is known for its versatile use. It has a multi-functionality.

It can be used for pilates, gymnastics, hard exercises, training sessions, and much more. The good thing about the mat is that it is free from latex, toxicity, and phthalate. The mat is made from 100% organic NBR foam.

The organic material will keep the yoga mat safe from bacteria and germs. Plus, you will be also protected from infections. The mat has a ‘grippy’ side. Such a texture lets you dial in how much traction you need whatever you’re doing.

The mat will hold you and will not let you fall. So now you can do hot yoga or restorative yoga. The 15 mm thickness risen from the foam, makes the mat sensitive for you. Now your elbows or knees won’t sink through the floor.

The mat will act as a protective shield for you. The mat is 180 cm long and 60 cm wide. It is slightly bigger than standard yoga mats. This gives you a breathing space for you.

You will be able to perform whatever yoga asanas you wish to perform. It has many more advantages, ex – This yoga mat soaks the moisture within seconds. It will help you maintain the traction in the sweaty situation.

It is possibly too much for some people like you, as it can be hard to pivot your feet or slide your hands when flowing from one pose to another. To add more value to this deal, you will be getting a free bag with the mat. This will help you to make the yoga mat portable.

  • Great thickness for protection
  • Cushioning
  • Resistant to slip
  • Has to be frequently washed


11. Dr Trust PVC Yoga Mat with Cover Bag

Dr Trust company is the fusion of vision and values. The company visions the requirements that need to be fulfilled and employing values, it offers you extraordinary products. Since the establishment of the company, it has reached out to more and more people and markets.


Dr Trust Yoga Mat is the yoga mat that will satisfy all your requirements. The yoga mat is formulated with unique concepts that improve the quality of the product. This yoga mat has a high value and will surely improve your yoga sessions. Not everyone is a great fan of PVC.

But this PVC yoga mat will not disappoint you at all. It is not a germy mat. The PVC foam used in the mat is of high-quality and doesn’t help germs and bacterias to germinate. The mat is generously cut at 183 cm long and 61 cm wide.

The size is better than any standard yoga mat. It gives you your personal space to practice your yoga sessions. It is long and wide enough to work out every yoga asanas. On top of all, you will have a free bag along with the yoga mat.

The stylish looking yet comfortable bag becomes handy when you have to travel a lot with the mat. You just have to roll up, put the mat inside your bag, and carry with your traveling.

The yoga mat provides you with excellent traction during practice. The mat doesn’t slip or shift on the floor. This makes the mat anti-slip and grippy. You will be able to hold onto the mat while doing the asanas.

Meanwhile, the mat will hold itself with the floor which will prevent you from falling off. The cleaning of the mat which is usually a hectic work is a piece of cake with this yoga mat. You can easily wash off the mat with water.

Encountering with water will not result in wear and tear of the mat. It is waterproof. Therefore, the maintenance of the mat is also easy. The one thing that makes this yoga mat outshine others is that you will find two different textures at a single mat.

On one side of the mat, you will find a rough texture while the other side is comparatively soft. You can use the rough side for hot yoga and a smooth side for gentle yoga and other exercises. This makes the yoga mat a wholesome kit for your yoga session.

  • Provides good traction
  • Antimicrobial
  • Absorbs well
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable but to a point


Buying Guide – Best Yoga Mats in India

Though yoga has its roots in ancient India and traditions, today it has gained much popularity around the globe. Practicing yoga daily has a positive impact on your lives. It improves flexibility, health, and is a source to relieve the stress.

There is no more significant symbol for contemporary yoga practice than the yoga mat. It is more than a tool employed by the yogi. Yoga mats provide them with the stability required for postures that grass or sand cannot provide.


The yoga mat serves as a fence. It separates your space from others. People cannot put their feet on your mat. And therefore it is important to choose the best yoga mat for you. You need to keep certain things in mind before you step into the yoga mat store.

You need to possess the knowledge about what are its types and what to look for in the perfect mat. Earlier yoga mats would come out with PVC material and you wouldn’t have much choice to make. But today there are various types of yoga mats.

Here is a buying guide for you that has everything that you need to know before buying a yoga mat including why you need it, types of yoga mats, factors, and prices. First, you need to know the categories of mats and choose the best kind.

What are the Best Types of Yoga Mats?

Cork Yoga Mat

The cork yoga mats are eco-friendly mats made out of corks. The bark of the cork oak tree generates itself making it a sustainable choice.

In the world full of chemicals and synthetic products, mats made out from cork make it safe to use because of its antimicrobial properties and high-quality performance.

The cork in the mats makes it lightweight and a good absorbent. The mats will soak your sweat and make it a non-slippery mat. Therefore the cork yoga mats are ideal for any yogi. It is a durable one and will give you joy while practicing yoga.

Natural Rubber Yoga Mats

The rubber yoga mats have newly gained popularity. The natural rubber yoga mats are a good choice because it is a sustainable one and does not carry harmful chemicals in it.

As this category of mats made up of natural rubber, it can be disposed of without harming the environment. The natural properties in the mats help it gets decomposed. It is not a threat to already increasing pollution in the environment.

The rubber in the mats makes it anti-ski and anti-tear. Therefore, the natural rubber yoga mats not only are soft, comfortable but are also durable.

Plastic Elastomer Yoga Mats

Plastic Elastomer yoga mats also are known as TPE is made with thermoplastic elastomers and other materials. The materials bind together under high temperature.

The materials used in the mats have anti-bacterial properties and easy to handle. This makes it safe to use. The mats can be washed easily and therefore makes it easy to clean.

The mat has eco-friendly characteristics of non-PVC, non-toxic, non-heavy metals, and non-irritating odour. The mat is good for its elasticity, durability, and lightweight.

This category of mats has gained much popularity in recent years. It is good for high performance and environmental protection.

Cotton Yoga Mats

If you are looking for the best eco-friendly yoga mats then switching to a cotton yoga mat is the best option to go with. The organic cotton gives you a soft and velvety texture. It is available in plenty of colour choice to choose from.

As cotton is a natural product, the threat of bacterial germs does not come along. Moreover, cotton is a good absorbent and will soak all the sweat. This prevents the mat from being sweaty and releases an odour.

It is inexpensive and can be washed easily. It is durable and portable. Because of its properties, you can also use the mat as a simple rug in your home.

Cotton Yoga Mats

If you are looking for the best eco-friendly yoga mats then switching to a cotton yoga mat is the best option to go with. The organic cotton gives you a soft and velvety texture. It is available in plenty of color choice to choose from.

As cotton is a natural product, the threat of bacterial germs does not come along. Moreover, cotton is a good absorbent and will soak all the sweat. This prevents the mat from being sweaty and releases an odour.

It is inexpensive and can be washed easily. It is durable and portable. Because of its properties, you can also use the mat as a simple rug in your home.

Sticky Yoga Mats

It is apparent from the name that the work of these yoga mats is to stick you with the mat. A sticky yoga mat keeps you from sliding all over. It maintains you in keeping your alignment straight during your yoga postures.

You will not glide during your yoga session and is helping those who are naive in yoga practice. It is anti-sliding and will provide you with the grip you will require for practicing yoga.

Jute Yoga Mat

Jute is a natural plant that takes less time to grow. This makes the jute yoga mats a sustainable alternative. Jute plants are abundantly grown all over India making the use of jute mats ideal.

The jute is not at all expensive and one of the strong material. It can go under rigorous use by not harming a single shred of the mat. You can carry it everywhere because of its lightweight.

The only drawback you will get in jute yoga mats is that the jute is not an absorbent. The sweat will not get absorbed.

This can make the surface slippery and promote bacterial infections. You will also not be able to wash it with water as it will lose its color and strength.

Lightweight Yoga Mats

If you fall under time-poor people, then lightweight yoga mats are your friend. The lightweight yoga mats will get you covered if you travel a lot. These yoga mats will accompany you.

They are extremely light in weight and does not have much thickness. This helps in rolling up the mat and carrying it wherever you want. The lightweight yoga mats are fairly supportive and are also good at grip and packability.

PVC Yoga Mats

Most of the yoga mats today are made with PVC material. PVC is the acronym for Polyvinyl Chloride. It is a toxic material to use but has gained much popularity.

PVC mats though are easy to use and cheap but are highly harmful to the environment. If you are suffering from asthma or respiratory disease then this mat is not for you. It will cause you harm and distress.

Factors to consider while buying the Best Yoga Mat in India

Yoga has now been the fitness mantra for years. From Surya namaskar to Tadasana to many such hard yoga postures help you to achieve your fitness goals. A 30 minutes yoga a day can improve your overall well-being and fitness.


If you are about to start your day by practicing yoga, then you must get your yoga mat. Whether you will be doing yoga outside in green grass or inside your home you need to have a yoga mat to reap the full benefits of yoga.

However, you need to know about the factors before buying the yoga mat. Most of the people don’t research and end up with the wrong yoga mat. So, you should know the factors to look for. Some of the important factors about yoga mats are listed below.

1. Thickness

The prime thing you need from a yoga mat is comfort. And you get comfort by the thickness of the mats. Therefore the thickness of the mat is equivalent to your comfy. Yoga mats come in different thickness levels. It can range up to 1/4 inch to 1/16 inch.

The ideal thickness falls under this range. Different yoga postures require different thicknesses. Some of the core work, inversions and other posture that requires to dig into the ground, a 1/4 inch thick yoga mat are ideal.

It will provide you with strength and support your back. And if you are going with standard yoga asanas, then a yoga mat with 1/8 inch thickness is perfect. If you are naive, then the recommended thickness is 1/16 inch. This is the ideal thickness for all yogis.

2. Portability

Yoga mats are designed to be portable. The design of the mats should allow it to roll up and stacked up. The portability of the mats should be checked beforehand. It will allow you to toss and carry your yoga mat anywhere you want to.


The portability factor of the yoga will not carry any importance if you will practice yoga at your home.

But if you are preparing your mind to practice yoga in green grass and open-air, you won’t like yoga mats weighing too much. Certain yoga mats can’t be rolled up and be stacked up easily. Therefore you should make sure that your yoga mat is good in portability terms.

3. Budget

Though you will find yoga mats are available in cheap prices, but you need to see if the yoga mat falls under your budget or not. If you want a high-grade yoga mat, then go for those that are relatively expensive than others. Otherwise, the standard models will do your work easily.

4. Stickness

The stickiness of the yoga mat is important. A sticky yoga mat keeps you from sliding off the mat. It will help you maintain your alignment while doing yoga postures. It will also useful to hold for two-three seconds. The stickiness of the yoga mat is important. 

A sticky yoga mat keeps you from sliding off the mat. It will help you maintain your alignment while doing yoga postures. It will also useful to hold for two-three seconds.

The stickiness of mat has the importance according to the asanas will you do. Stickiness is good when shifting from one posture to another. It will prevent you from falling off.

Stickiness means a good grip and anti-slip features. This means that you won’t have to bother about sweaty palms or foot. Research says that PVC yoga mats will provide you with the most stickiness. So if you need a good sticky mat choose wisely.


5. Size

You need to research before getting the perfect size for your yoga mat. Otherwise, you will end up getting a small size or extensively large size. You may also get a yoga mat with a narrow width. Therefore pay extra attention to the size.

You want to find a mat that allows both your head and your feet to be on the mat when lying flat.

The average yoga mat size is 24 inches wide and 68 inches long. This ideal size will fit every height. However, you may go with a larger size. There are many size options out there in the market. Choose from the length that will suit you.

6. Maintenance

There are various soap brands and spray bottles at your nearby shops but you dont want to see yourself going every next day to buy soap to clean your mat. Hygienic is necessary but you need to get know the intervals between the cleansing of your mat.

Your yoga mats need proper maintenance. With sweat dripping from the body parts you need to clean it often. But the problem arises when some brands of mats tend to wrinkle off.

The cotton mats are easy to wash and clean but the sticky mats make the washable chore a little difficult.

You need to struggle with the dirt particles stuck in the mats. Therefore you need to get such mats that are easy to wash. Easy-to-wash mat makes the mats much more manageable and hygiene is not compromised.


7. Material

Gone are the days where yoga mats were made using the only PVC. Nowadays you will yoga mats made with different types of material. Different types of materials have different types of properties. For instance, cotton yoga mats are comfy while yoga mats made with PVC are sticky.

Therefore, the material used to make a yoga mat will determine the texture, stickiness, sponginess, and eco-friendliness. So you need to know the material of your mat. This will also allow you to check is the material is not allergic to you.

8. Durability

It is common sense to choose such a yoga mat that has good durability scores. Often usage of the yoga mats will lead to wear and tear of the mats. You certainly do not wish to carry your yoga sessions with a mat that has holes or worn off from the corners.

So, it is advisable to get a mat that will last for a long time. A yoga mat with good quality material will provide strength to the mat thus preventing it from tearing off.


How to maintain your Yoga Mat?

Maintaining a yoga mat is usually a child’s play. Usually, you can roll the mat and stack it in somewhere. It doesn’t occupy much space also. For your ease, there are instructions from the manufacturer.

You can easily follow and clean and maintain your yoga mat. But if you are not sure about the process then here are a few tips:

  • After using the yoga mat every day to practice yoga, it is recommended to wash your mat once or twice a month.
  • If your mat is lightly dirty, you can use a spray bottle, damp sponge, or terry cloth rag to wipe off the dirt. After that hang the mat outside to dry.
  • If your mat is highly soiled with mud and dirt then you have to submerge the yoga mat in a solution of clean water and mild detergent. After some time wash the mat thoroughly with your hands.
  • Usage of a little amount of soap during the cleaning process is advised as leftover residue can cause the mat to be slippery.
  • After using the mat, you should always roll it up and store it in a safe place.

Frequently Asked Question – Best Yoga Mats in India

Q1. What do you mean by eco-friendly yoga mats?

Ans. Eco-friendly yoga mats do not usually trash the planet. The material used to make the mats are natural and derived from the environment. That means eco-friendly yoga mat does not harm you or the environment. 
Natural products have anti-bacterial properties. This makes them safe to use. Unlike mats that are made with substances like rubber or PVC, these mats can be disposed of without posing a threat. They can be easily decomposed.

Q2. Can yoga mats be used as regular mats?

Ans. Your yoga mat has numerous advantages. Besides being an excellent companion in yoga sessions, you can use the mats for other purposes too. 
You can use the yoga mats as ordinary mats. It becomes handy when going out for a picnic. You can easily exercise on the mat and enjoy it.
You can use it as a rug in your house. Just wash it off when becomes dirty. Your yoga mats will become more useful as you start to use it.

Q3. What is the life expectancy of a yoga mat?

Ans. Yoga mats with good quality material usually have a life expectancy of 2 years. The standard quality yoga mats should last for at least one year and poor quality yoga mats will go for 6 months. 
But you need to know that the life expectancy of the yoga mats also depends upon the usage. Often using the yoga mat will result in fast wear and tear. Also if you maintain the mat in a good way, most of the mats can outlast its life expectancy.

Conclusion – Best Yoga Mats in India

The practice of yoga poses is ancient. The number of benefits you get by incorporating yoga into your daily lifestyle is no stranger. Yoga will help you attain your wellness goals. It will make you feel healthy, well, and peaceful.

The benefits you will reap after a yoga session will keep you hooked up. The welcomed escape from the daily hustle and bustle will lead you to the yoga mat every time. And for this sole purpose, you need a yoga mat that is storable, portable, comfy, and cushy.

You also need a mat that is durable and will last for years. But the search for such a mat is not straightforward. Huge research work will be waiting for you. And as always, we are here to support you. We have gathered all the information you need to get the best yoga mat.

The market is bombarded with fantastic companies providing high-grade yoga mats. We have compared every aspect and present you the best 11 yoga mats in India.

Out of 11, AmazonBasics Yoga Mat is the yoga mat we would refer you to go with. It falls under the budget, has a proper thickness, has a soft velvety surface, and designed with quality material.

We hope that all the information will solve your quest for the best yoga mat.

Know more about yoga mats? Please let us know in the comments section below.

Also, if there is still some question lingering on your mind regarding yoga mats, feel free to reach us.

Happy Shopping!

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