9 Best Waveboard in India (November 2021) | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Riding a Waveboard is relatively a new and modern concept.

It is a lot like traditional skateboarding but even better.

It runs on two wheels and is not a sport that is restricted to any certain age group. It is something almost everyone can participate in.


Wave Boards are often referred to as caster boards as well. They usually come with two separate decks that are joined firmly together by a Torsion rod.

As a sport, wave boarding comes with numerous health and fitness benefits. It helps increase your core stability by honing your core muscles. It is also amazing for your back and abdominal muscles.

Other health benefits include improved circulation, strengthening of arms and upper body muscles, etc. You can avail numerous amazing Waveboards in India and we have shortlisted the best amongst them in the list below.

You will also find a detailed Buyer’s Guide at the end to further help you in buying the best Waveboard.

These are the Top 9 Best Waveboard in India

ProductsMaximum WeightMaterialAgeBuy Now
Famous Quality® Wave Board100 KgAlloy7+ yearsamazon-button
Strauss Bronx Waveboard100 KgAlloy6-12 yearsamazon-button
Brand Conquer Wave Board100 KgAluminium3 months & upamazon-button
RONTENO Aluminium Alloy Two Wheel Wave Board100 KgAluminium8+ yearsamazon-button
Prime Deals Wave Board90 KgAlloy Steel3+ yearsamazon-button
Kamachi Wave Board90 KgAlloy8+ yearsamazon-button
iPop Wave Board80 KgAlloy7+ yearsamazon-button
Jaspo Phantom 34 Inch X 9 Inch Waveboard100 KgAlloy8+ yearsamazon-button
Oxelo Classic Waveboard50 KgAluminium4-7 yearsamazon-button

Best Waveboard in India (2021)

1. Famous Quality® WaveBoard

FAMOUS QUALITY is a versatile brand that has come up with numerous reliable and high-performing products over the years. This beautiful Waveboard by Famous Quality is designed for smooth and light movement.


Its equipment has been specially crafted to promote healthy growth in your riding skills. It is a heavy-duty product that can ideally satisfy your cravings for the sport despite rough and regular usage.

Primary Features

  • Anti-slip deck
  • Wheels with urethane finish
  • High grade bearings
  • Illuminated wheels
  • 360-degree rotating wheels
  • Wheels and internal body made of Alloy
  • Heavy-duty device
  • Can support weight up to 90 kg (or even more)
  • Ideal for users aged 7 years and above
  • Lightweight, weighing 2kg 620 grams

It is a medium-sized Waveboard and is, therefore, an ideal fit for children aged 7 or above. Its deck has a convenient, concave shape. This shape is preferred by most riders because it will allow you more control over your wave board.

The deck of this waveboard is extremely sturdy and durable, and to that end, comes with a high-grade urethane finish. This urethane finish ensures that the deck is well protected especially in cases of collision against steel or concrete.

The waveboard is a champion as far as control is concerned. Its superior quality bearings ensure a smooth and controlled ride. The ease of use is further increased by the presence of its efficient 360-degree rotating wheels.

These wheels have been forged out of chosen, high-quality alloy material that makes them both durable and easy to ride with.

These wheels also come with an illumination feature. This means that they are able to light up and therefore provide significantly clear visibility even in the dark.

Thus, you can ride this Wave Board comfortably at any time of the day. Being a heavy-duty device, this waveboard has a large carrying capacity. It is able to support 90 kilograms of weight or even more. Therefore, it can be used by both kids and adults.

It is quite a lightweight machine and in the case of waveboards, lightweight boards are able to accommodate more weight than relatively heavier ones. The light-weight of waveboards such as this also further adds to the ease of control and maneuvering of the device.

  • Convenient concave shape
  • Anti-slip design
  • Heavy-duty waveboard
  • Can support heavy weight
  • Lightweight and portable
  • May sometimes display issues with proper wheel function
BrandFamous Quality
Maximum Weight Bearing Capacity100 Kg
Preferred Age7+ Years
Weight2.62 Kg


2. Strauss Bronx Waveboard

STRAUSS as a brand is a firm believer in the necessity of fitness and is known to manufacture high-quality fitness and gym products that promote the same. This pleasantly graphic waveboard by Strauss has been designed to help you develop a holistic approach towards a healthy, balanced body.


It is a great way for you to stay fit but through a fun approach. This innovative, self-propelling Wave Board has been created to satisfy every surfer.

Primary Features

  • Concave deck
  • 360-degree caster trucks
  • Bright, illuminated wheels
  • Lightweight device with a weight of 2kg 700 grams
  • Superior quality, Polyurethane wheels
  • Comes with non-slip, spiked traction pads
  • ABS caster board
  • Can support weight up to 200 lbs
  • Deck is slip-resistant

The inclined caster trucks and the amazing quality pivoting deck that this waveboard comes with will provide you with the carving ability similar to that of a snowboard. The unique design of this device will allow you to comfortably accelerate or take turns without any need for pushing.

The deck of this waveboard has a concave shape. This has been specially designed to provide you with increased foot control.

It is a revolutionary device that is able to combine the experience of skateboarding, snowboarding, and also surfing while being self-propelled at the same time.

The waveboard comes with wheels that rotate a whole 360 degrees to further enhance control. These wheels also have an illumination feature and are equipped with red, blue, and green lights.

The illuminating feature ensures better visibility during the dark ensuring you can ride your waveboard comfortably at any time of the day. The bearings of this device are of superb quality and are designed to provide a high-quality performance.

The deck of this waveboard comes with a sturdy, Polyurethane finish. This protects the board in case of collisions or other such natural accidents that may take place.

It also makes the deck totally resistant to any kind of slippage. Thus, providing for a safer and more reliable ride. This superior quality, ABS caster waveboard can support about 200 pounds of weight.

This means that it can support children as well as adults. It is, however, quite a light device itself, weighing no more than a mere 2kg 700 grams. This lightweight ensures ease of portability. You can easily carry your waveboard to the park, skating rink, or any other place of your choice.

  • Easy concave design
  • Light and portable
  • Slip-resistant
  • Reliable ABS material
  • Easily supports heavy weight
  • Available only in single design
Maximum Weight Bearing Capacity100 Kg
Preferred Age6-12 Years
Weight2.63 Kg


3. Brand Conquer Wave Board

BRAND CONQUER manufactures a wide range of products but is most revered for its sports and fitness range products. This well-crafted wave board by Brand Conquer is just the ideal device for a fun time with your friends.

Brand Conquer Wave Board

It will help you improve your health whilst allowing you to make use of your leisure time to the fullest. It provides you with a reliable and safe riding experience that only enhances the joy of the ride.

Primary Features

  • Fresh Poly Gone design
  • Durable, 78mm, smooth wheels
  • Alloy cast torsion bar along with amazing quality bearings
  • 2-wheeled skateboard deck
  • 360-degree, rotating wheels that are made of cast Aluminium
  • Can be used by kids, teens and also adults
  • 25 fixed screws for added safety
  • Efficient brake system
  • Illuminated, LED wheels
  • Can support up to 100 kg of weight

It is a versatile device and can be ideally paired with both beginners and more experienced users. It has been carefully designed to allow you the swiftest, most incredible movements that will keep you pleasantly busy for long hours.

This fun waveboard mixes together the experience of snowboarding and skateboarding to provide you with a unique and amazing ride. This high-quality caster board is just the right device to boost your skills and explore new routes.

You can ride it comfortably on any flat surfaces such as playgrounds, driveways, etc. It is quite a heavy-duty device that has been designed especially for extreme sports.

It can be ideally used by a wide range of age groups which includes kids, teens, and adults. It quite a lightweight device and weighs no more than 2 and a half kilos.

However, it is able to support substantially heavy-weight up to a maximum of 100 kilograms. The waveboard has 78 mm smooth wheels that have been designed to provide you nothing short of high-performance.

They are 360-degree rotating wheels that will help you maintain better control during the ride. The wheels come with fitted LED lights and can be illuminated. This allows for amazing visibility even after the sun has set.

The torsion bar connecting the two parts of the deck is especially sturdy and has been made out of good quality cast alloy. The deck of this waveboard has a concave shape which allows for easier foot control.

This waveboard prioritizes safety and, to that end, comes with a very efficient brake system. It also comes with a total of 25 fixed screws as an added safety measure. It has been designed to maximize the fun while minimizing any risk of injury.

  • Ideal for kids, teens, as well as adults
  • Good brake system
  • Can support heavy weight up to 100 kg
  • Heavy-duty design for extreme sports
  • The cover bag it comes in is of poor quality
BrandBrand Conquer
Maximum Weight Bearing Capacity100 Kg
Preferred Age3 months & up
Weight2.49 Kg


4. RONTENO Aluminium Alloy Two Wheel WaveBoard

RONTENO as a brand is able to strike the right balance between cost-effectiveness and functionality and this has led them to their current popularity. This belongs to a brand-new generation of waveboards, that have been designed to bring to you the best riding experience.


It has an attractive, colourful appearance that makes it as aesthetic as it is efficient. It is a reliable device that is made for easy manoeuvring and swift movement. This waveboard has 3-inch wheels.

Primary Features

  • Equipped with high-performance bearings
  • Can support weight up to: 220 pounds
  • Reliable, 360-degree swivel wheels
  • Rear double brake design
  • Illuminated (LED) wheels
  • Amazing Polyurethane finish
  • Two-wheeled, skateboard like deck
  • Comes with special function to properly reinforce adhesion
  • Unique, appealing graphics
  • Lightweight waveboard (2kg 630 grams)

These wheels are able to swivel a whole 360 degrees. This ensures better and easier control of the board. You can make swift turns without any difficulty at all. The wheels come with attached lights that light up the moment you start riding.

The degree of their illumination is directly dependent on your speed. The more speedily you ride your waveboard, the brighter the wheels will glow.

This illuminating feature has mainly been installed to extend the time for which you can use the waveboard. It is often unsafe to ride in the dark due to lack of visibility, however, the handy lights make sure that the lack of visibility is no longer a hindrance.

The wheels further come with a resistant and protective polyurethane cover. This will make sure that they last you a long time despite regular usage. This waveboard can be ideally used on any smooth and flat surface.

This includes places such as playgrounds, driveways, and also skateboard rings. The board has been designed to provide you with the ultimate control. This aim is greatly aided by the high-performance bearings that it comes equipped with.

Its 360-degree caster trucks and efficient pivoting deck will allow you to experience the thrill of a snowboard-like carving ability. This waveboard was created with your ultimate safety in mind.

To that end, it has a very efficient brake system installed. It comes with a smart, rear, double brake design that will allow you to have fun to the fullest whilst keeping you completely safe at the same time.

It further comes with a special function that helps the waveboard properly reinforce adhesion. Even though it is itself a lightweight device (weighing 2kg 630 grams), it can support very heavy weights up to a maximum of 220 pounds.

  • Rare double brakes
  • Proper reinforcement of adhesion function
  • Supports up to 220 pounds of weight
  • Reliable Polyurethane finish
  • Aesthetic, appealing graphic design
  • Mainly a beginner level waveboard that may not be ideal for professionals
Maximum Weight Bearing Capacity100 Kg
Preferred Age8+ Years
Weight100 Kg


5. Prime Deals WaveBoard

PRIME DEALS is a brand owned by Ozean World with a very reliable and high-performing range of products. This classic design waveboard by Prime Deals strikes the right balance between aesthetics and functionality.


Its attractive graphic design is something you can proudly sport and its efficient features make it just the perfect riding partner. It is the ideal device to improve your health and fitness whilst having a great deal of fun at the same time.

Primary Features

  • 31 x 8 inch waveboard for riders aged 8 years and above
  • ABEC-5 carbon steel bearings
  • Centre torsion bar for superior control
  • 360-degree, rotating wheels
  • Added carry pouch for easy transportation
  • Can accommodate a maximum user weight of 90kg
  • Made of sturdy alloy steel

This is a more or less medium-sized waveboard and is perfectly capable of being paired with riders aged 8 or above. Its smart manufacturing makes sure that it is compatible with a wide range of age groups.

It is just the perfect purchase if you are looking for cost-effectiveness and value for money. The waveboard comes with very good quality bearings to provide you with amazing control and ensure an even smoother ride.

These bearings play a great role in controlling the speed of your waveboard. This particular waveboard comes with the classic ABEC-5 bearings. This system of bearings is considered most ideal for adults who are looking to begin riding a wakeboard.

Along with the great quality bearings, this waveboard also has an amazing set of wheels that help to further enhance your control over the device. These are 360-degree swivel wheels that are flexible and easy to manoeuvre.

They make sure that your riding experience is always smooth and comfortable; they also allow you to make quick, swift turns with great ease. The body of the waveboard is made of high-quality alloy steel.

This choice of material imparts the waveboard with amazing strength. It will be able to last through regular usage, wear and tear so that you may use it for a long time.

As an added safety feature for increased convenience, the wheels of this waveboard are illuminated. They help you see and control your board better even in the dark. This is quite a heavy-duty waveboard and is capable of easily supporting user weight up to 90 kg.

  • High-grade ABEC-5 bearings
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Multi-coloured, attractive appearance
  • Sturdy alloy steel body
  • Illuminated wheels for added safety
  • Customers often complain that the carry pouch is of poor quality
Maximum Weight Bearing Capacity90 Kg
Preferred Age3+ Years
Weight2.16 Kg


6. Kamachi WaveBoard

KAMACHI is a very popular sports and fitness brand that has been able to garner an overwhelmingly positive customer response due to its amazing range of products. This self-propelling waveboard by KAMACHI is their most amazing and innovative creation yet.


It has been created to tend to the needs of all kinds of surfers. It has a unique design that allows for easy acceleration without the need for any additional pushing from you.

Primary Features

  • Concave, slip-resistant deck
  • High-quality urethane wheels
  • Portable and lightweight
  • 360-degree swivel wheels
  • Handy grip pattern in top traction
  • Anti-slip edge strips
  • Torsion Bar connecting system
  • Ideal for both skateboarding and vert skateboarding
  • Can be used by both beginners and pros

This revolutionary design was put together to let you experience the combined joy of skateboard riding, surfing, and snowboarding via a single amazing medium that is this waveboard. The deck of this waveboard has a smart concave shape.

This shape is preferred by most riders because it allows for better and easier foot control. The deck has been made out of high-quality polymer which imparts your board with sturdiness and durability.

It also makes sure that the deck is completely slip-resistant. This will allow you to ride your waveboard to your heart’s content while greatly minimizing the chances of any accidents.

It is a fairly lightweight device. This light-weight ensures that the waveboard is sufficiently portable. You can easily carry it to your desired location for riding, be it a park or some skating rink.

The 360-degree swivel wheels that the waveboard comes with not only make for a smooth and comfortable ride but are also responsible for enhancing your overall control over the device.

The easy rotation feature makes the board easy to manoeuvre and also considerably increases the ease with which you can make quick turns. These wheels come with bright lights of three different colours.

They light up while you ride the waveboard and make sure to provide enough visibility even in darkness. This is a completely safe waveboard and, to that end, comes with the efficient Rear double brake system.

It also has a handy grip pattern in the top traction that provides a reliable and comfortable grip for your feet so as to avoid any kinds of unnecessary slipping.

It also comes with anti-slip edge strips which only further ensures your safety by providing additional protection against any kind of slippage.

The waveboard is built according to the Torsion Bar connecting system and is considered ideal for both street skateboarding and vert skateboarding. It is also quite versatile and can be ideally paired with both beginners and pros.

  • Ideal concave shape for foot control
  • Light and easily portable
  • Efficient rear double brake system
  • Anti-slip edges and deck
  • Can be used by both beginners and professionals
  • Comes without warranty
Maximum Weight Bearing Capacity90 Kg
Preferred Age8+ Years
Weight882 g


7. iPop WaveBoard

iPop as a brand is known for coming up with superior, high performing products at amazingly affordable prices. This new Ripstick waveboard by iPop has been designed to put on wheels the combined thrill of snowboarding and surfing.


The basic outline of this board has been heavily influenced by the design of a classic skateboard. The brand has aimed for a futuristic concept with this particular waveboard so that it can bring to you a wide range of advanced features along with heightened convenience of use.

Primary Features

  • Made of good quality ABS material
  • Anti-slip design
  • High resistance
  • Uses Torsion bar connecting system
  • Anti-slip edge strips along with 16 non-slip points
  • Wheels rotate a whole 360 degrees
  • Reliable and sturdy traction plates
  • Lightweight (2 kg 610 grams)

Despite being modeled after a traditional skateboard shape, this waveboard is much more advanced as far as performance is concerned. One of the major differences lies in the type of wheels used in these boards.

Unlike regular skateboards, this waveboard comes with wheels that are able to pivot a whole 360 degrees. This will not only substantially enhance your control over the device but will also make taking quick turns much easier.

There are numerous other such handy features that make this waveboard a joy to manoeuvre. One such feature is definitely the sturdy traction plates that come with this board. They provide a solid, stable base for your feet.

Other than this, the waveboard also is quite easy to control and move forward because of its smart design; it only requires subtle movements on your part to be smoothly propelled forward.

The front and rear panels of the waveboard are pleasantly flexible and are well controlled by a spring-oriented bar that is installed on top of the wheels.

The deck of this waveboard comes equipped with essential safety features. It has an anti-slip surface that helps to avoid sudden accidents due to slippage.

It is made of very good quality ABS material that makes its surface highly resistant to external forces that may encourage wear and tear.

Other than this, the material also adds a pleasant, glossy sheen to your waveboard. Last but not the least, this lightweight waveboard is based on the reliable Torsion Bar connecting system and is sure to give you a smooth and safe ride.

  • ABS material used for construction
  • Reliable Torsion Bar Connecting System
  • Highly resistant to damage
  • Resistant to any and all kinds of slippage
  • Sturdy and durable traction plates
  • May sometimes have problems with proper wheel function
Maximum Weight Bearing Capacity80 Kg
Preferred Age7+ Years
Weight2.61 Kg


8. Jaspo Phantom Waveboard

JASPO is an iconic Indian sports brand that is known to manufacture world-class sports equipment. Through this amazing waveboard, the brand JASPO PHANTOM aims to bring to you the very best riding experience.


They have smartly combined cutting-edge technology with superior quality materials to bring to you the best possible result that you can avail at this price range. This innovative board has been specially crafted to suit the rider’s evolving lifestyle and is just ideal for rough and exciting outdoor playing.

Primary Features

  • 80mm, high-grade Urethane wheels
  • ABEC-7 bearings that provide high rebound
  • Aluminium, 4-ply Torsion Bar
  • Lightweight and therefore easily portable
  • Wheels are able to swivel a whole 360 degrees
  • Can accommodate a maximum weight of 220 lbs
  • 360-degree, inclined Aluminium casters
  • Interchangeable deck plates
  • Grip pattern etched on the top traction

The deck of this waveboard has been formulated to be resistant to any kind of slippage. It provides amazing safety and stability to your feet even when you are going full throttle. This deck has a concave shape which is a very popular choice as far as deck shapes are concerned.

This deck has a concave shape which is a very popular choice as far as deck shapes are concerned. It only helps to further your control of the device by allowing for easier and more relaxed foot control.

The wheels on this waveboard are of size 80 mm and have been forged out of high-grade urethane. They can rotate a whole 360 degrees. This flexibility makes the waveboard much easier to manoeuvre.

The wheels are also well illuminated and come with red, blue, and green lights. It follows a fun system where the faster you go, the brighter these lights glow. Thus, you will always have a pleasant incentive for improvement.

The efficiency of the wheels is greatly enhanced by the high-quality ABEC-7 bearings that this waveboard comes equipped with. This kind of bearing system is an absolute joy for experienced riders as it can reach much higher speeds compared to its other counterparts.

It is an extremely reliable device and comes with a sturdy and durable aluminium torsion bar. Its deck plates are interchangeable amongst themselves as well. This waveboard is quite a heavy-duty device and is able to easily support user weights up to 220 lbs.

  • Concave shape for better control
  • Professional grade ABEC-7 bearings
  • Sturdy Aluminium Torsion Bar
  • Deck plates are interchangeable
  • Slip-resistant deck design
  • Warranty not available
Maximum Weight Bearing Capacity100Kg
Preferred Age8+ Years
Weight2.41 Kg


9. Oxelo Classic Waveboard

OXELO is a reliable sports brand with numerous professional range and high-grade sports products under their name. This high-performing waveboard by OXELO strikes a pleasant balance between aesthetics and functionality.


It is an advanced board meant for rigorous and hard-core activity. It comes with all the essential, advanced features that you may need as a professional along with all the safety measures that you may require as a beginner.

Primary Features

  • Sturdy, aluminium body
  • Ideal for enjoying the thrill of road surfing
  • Can be used by both beginners and advanced riders
  • Amazing manoeuvrability
  • High-performance, Polyurethane wheels that are able to pivot 360 degrees
  • Aluminium central reinforcement bar and Torsion bar
  • ABEC-5 bearings
  • 88A wheels
  • Extremely lightweight (200 grams)
  • Super High Rebound

This sweet balance makes this a very desirable waveboard to manoeuvre. The waveboard has been forged out of amazing quality aluminium material. It is able to impart the board with substantial strength of structure whilst maintaining an overall light-weight.

This durability that the aluminium material provides will make sure that the waveboard lasts for a very long time despite of repeated and regular use. The wheels on this board have been built to provide you with maximum ease and control during riding.

They can swivel a whole 360 degrees and are amazingly flexible on the road. With them you can take fast and quick turns very easily.

They make this waveboard truly a joy to manoeuvre and just ideal for experiencing the true thrill of road surfing. This board also comes with a sturdy and reliable structure that is well supported by the central aluminium reinforcement bar.

The torsion bar of this waveboard is also made of the same high-grade aluminium material. This material not only provides strength but also enough resistance against natural wear and tear of any kind.

It is equipped with the standard ABEC-5 bearings system. This particular type of bearings is ideally suited for both beginners and old-timers and therefore so is this particular waveboard.

Thus, the board can be comfortably used by a wide range of the population. Its wheels have a hardness of 88A.

It have been formulated to provide Super High Rebound. This means you will need to put in very little force for the waveboard to propel forward. Thus, it efficiently adds to the overall ease of manoeuvring this waveboard.

  • Very lightweight device
  • Comes with SHR or Super High Rebound
  • Reliable Aluminium body
  • Ideal for heavy road surfing
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty
  • Relatively expensive waveboard
Maximum Weight Bearing Capacity50 Kg
Preferred Age4-7 Years
Weight2 Kg


Buyers Guide – Best Waveboard in India

If you go through the above product reviews, you will realize that waveboards come with numerous different features that affect their performance.


There are various deck shapes, building materials, wheel types, bearings, and many other such varied features for you to choose from.

Therefore, it is important that you are well aware of the various advantages and disadvantages they bring. Refer carefully to the Buyers Guide provided here to gain adequate information regarding the same.

Factors to consider while buying the Best Waveboard in India

1. Weight Accommodating Capacity

The weight of a waveboard and its weight capacity is not the same thing and are completely different. In fact, these two factors are often found to be inversely proportional to each other.

Weight capacity, in general, refers to the total weight a waveboard can hold or carry. It is usually expressed in terms of kilograms or pounds. Waveboards are meant to be used by both children and adults.

It is true that weight capacity may not be an essential factor to consider for children but it is a very important factor when the waveboard is being purchased for an adult.

While buying a waveboard for a fully grown adult, you should make sure that the board has a larger weight capacity than the overall body-weight of the adult rider. All the wakeboards discussed above have the intensity to carry good body weight, i.e 70-100 kgs.

2. Board Weight

This is another essential feature that must be considered before purchase. In case of a waveboard that is too heavy, you will find yourself coming across significant difficulties in trying to propel it forward.

However, a somewhat heavy-weight waveboard may provide beginners with much-needed stability and reassurance. Therefore, it is important to choose the optimal weight option for your skill-set.

Usually, waveboards that are light in weight have the capacity to carry and accommodate heavier weights as compared to waveboards that are relatively heavier.

Light waveboards are also ideal to be carried around and transported from one place to another. However, if you do not need to carry around your waveboard and have a fixed place for practice, then you may opt for a somewhat heavy waveboard because it will provide more stability.

3. Waveboard Deck

In choosing the right deck, one important factor to consider is the rider’s age. Most manufacturers take care to specify the ideal age and weight limit of riders for the waveboards they are selling. It is mentioned in the product specifications section.

Generally, different types of waveboards are crafted for adults and kids. Any board that has a deck size of less than 1.4m is almost always exclusively manufactured for kids. Deck sizes over 1.4m can be ideally availed by adults.

Make sure that the tail and nose of your waveboard is slightly curved as it is essential for providing grip on various different surfaces. This is an important safety feature that you must carefully consider.

Waveboard decks that have a concave shape are usually very popular. This is because such concave-shaped decks provide better control over your movements whilst riding.

Just like skateboards, a varied range of materials are used in the construction of waveboard decks, these may include – solid wood, maple wood, carbon, aluminium, fibre materials, etc.

4. Torsion Bar

The Torsion Bar is an essential component of the waveboard that is used for joining together its two decks. This makes the board much easier to use. It is important that you carefully check out the quality of the Torsion Bar before purchase. This is mainly because it affects the overall flexibility and performance of your waveboard.

Torsion Bars are usually made out of sturdy metals such as steel, Aluminium, and Iron. They generally come coated in rubber. There is a strong spring mechanism at play inside the Torsion Bar which is very essential for movement adjustment.

5. Wheels

Checking out the quality of wheels is another very important thing to do before making any permanent purchase. Waveboards generally come with wheels that are able to rotate or pivot a complete 360 degrees. This allows you to have better control over the board.

It is recommended that beginners choose a waveboard with soft wheels. This is because soft wheels are easier to manoeuvre and ride with. However, if you are a proficient rider then you should definitely go for solid wheels.

They may produce more vibrations but they will also allow you to ride much faster. The harder the wheels, the more durable a board is. The hardness of waveboard wheels ranges from 65A to 100A, 65A being the softest and 100A being the hardest.

Thus, you should carefully choose your wheels based on your own skillset and performance level. Make sure that the wheels of your waveboard are removable or replaceable because you may need new ones over time.


6. Bearings

Different riders have different levels of skill sets and are therefore comfortable with different levels of speed. The bearings will help you adjust the speed (i.e. increase or decrease the speed) according to your own unique requirements.

The different kinds of bearings are scored using the ABEC scale. For children, you may ideally choose bearings within the score range of ABEC1 and ABEC3.

These bearings make sure that there is no sudden increase in speed while riding. For adult beginners, the ABEC5 score bearing system is considered just ideal. It is the classic standard and the most commonly used type of bearings.

Bearings that are scored within the range of ABEC7 to ABEC9 are to be used only by experienced riders. This kind of bearings will allow you to ride very fast but are not the most comfortable rides.

7. Safety

Safety is an important feature to be considered in most purchases that you may make. You may be a very skillful rider but a lack of safety measures can still be hazardous for you. It is very easy to slip and fall while riding a waveboard.

Therefore, it is always advised that you take sufficient safety measures before going for a ride. These measures include wearing a proper helmet, shin guards, elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves.

Some brands will provide the safety gear for the waveboard along with the board, however, most brands dont.

8. Dimensions

Dimension is also an essential feature to consider before purchase. They offer valuable insight regarding how short or long the waveboard is. If you are a tall person or happen to have a wide body shape, then long boards are easily the best choice for you.

However, if you are short or are buying the waveboard for a child, then it is recommended that you opt for a smaller board.

9. Additional Features

Waveboards usually come with some important additional features as well. This mainly depends on the manufacturing company. The first additional feature to consider is a Carry Bag. Many brands today will provide you with L keys and an additional bag for carrying your waveboard. 

Another important additional feature is the LED flash colour lights that come attached to the wheels of a waveboard.

These lights ensure better visibility in darkness. The lights are installed in a specific manner and shine brighter when you ride your waveboard faster. Waveboard wheels usually come with tri-colored lights: red, green, and blue.

10. Warranty

We all are aware of the benefits of purchasing products with a warranty. Most waveboard brands in India provide a warranty of 1 year upon purchase. Some high-end brands will even give you a warranty of 2 years.

The warranty period may vary depending on some important factors such as the model of your waveboard, the main features, and also the price.


11. Price

Most of us maintain a budget during purchase and with the wide variety of waveboards available in India, you will never have to overspend to get the right waveboard for yourself. The easiest way to stay within budget is to properly prioritize your needs.

In the case of waveboards, it is recommended that you always prioritize safety and comfort above all else. The price of most waveboards in India falls within the affordable range of Rs. 1500 to Rs. 4000 (based on the model).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Waveboard in India

Q1. How to ride a waveboard?

Ans. While learning to ride a waveboard, just like any other sport, practice is key. The first step in learning how to ride a waveboard is learning the proper movement of your feet that will help propel you forward. 
To propel yourself properly, you must twist each hip individually while moving your feet along with it at the same time, following an up and down motion. Try practicing this motion and getting used to it before actually using the waveboard.
Once you are used to it, it’s time to try it out. Place your board on a flat pavement like surface and then lead off with your dominant leg. Remember to never forget wearing your safety gear.

Q2. What kind of waveboard is best for beginners?

Ans. This depends on whether the beginner is an adult or a child. If it is an adult beginner then the first thing to do is purchase a waveboard that has a larger weight capacity than the adult rider’s weight.
In case of child beginners, go for waveboards that are mid-sized or smaller and are specifically aimed at underage children. As a beginner, don’t go for a waveboard that is too heavy or too light.
Maintain a standard weight (approx. between 2.5 kg and 3kg). As waveboards that are too light are harder to control and waveboards that are too heavy are difficult to propel forward. 
You must choose a bearings system scored ABEC 5 or below. Beginners should also remember to always opt for softer wheels instead of hard solid wood wheels. The former is much easier to manoeuvre.

Q3. How to propel a waveboard to go faster?

Ans. If you want to ride your waveboard even faster, the first step is to begin by pushing off like usual. After this, remember to rock your rear or back foot in a back and forth manner (imagine you are stepping on a car brake repeatedly). This simple movement should help you propel your waveboard even faster.

Q4. Can waveboards be dangerous?

Ans. Waveboarding, like any other sport, comes involving a bit of risk. However, it is nothing too hazardous or fatal. You will simply need to practice and learn proper manoeuvring skills before you make any big moves or take to the road. 
There may be sudden accidents caused by slipping or falling off, which is why it is very important that you always ride the waveboard with your safety gear on. Once you get the hang of it, you will realize that it is an amazingly fun method of staying fit and healthy.

Conclusion – Best Waveboard in India

By now, you must have been able to pick the best waveboard for yourself. However, if you are still holding on to some doubts, then allow us to help you with the best. As per our research, the Jaspo Phantom Waveboard is the best waveboard in India.

It is an amazing, professional-grade waveboard and comes with all the features that must be there in a good quality waveboard. It is equipped with high-quality Urethane wheels along with superior ABEC 7 bearings.


It also comes with proper safety measures. The deck of this waveboard is completely slip-resistant. The top traction comes etched with a grip pattern to provide better grip and stability to your legs.

The multi-colored wheel lights help to increase visibility in the dark. Other than this, its 360-degree rotating wheels and inclined Aluminium casters are sure to give you the smoothest and swiftest ride that you could ever ask for.

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