10 Best Dumbbells in India (November 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Are you looking to attain your fitness goals?

We know the answer is Yes! So, it’s high time to bring some dumbbells to work out with.


Dumbbells are always fun to work with and they never fail to amaze you by their amazing performance.

We have selected the Top 10 Best Dumbbells in India for you. These are best in quality & are available at affordable prices.

These are the Top 10 Best Dumbbells in India

Best Dumbbells in India (2021)

1. Aurion set of 2 chrome Dumbbells

Aurion is the most popular brand in India which deals in all kinds of sports goods at very affordable prices. This model is the perfect combo of design and performance that can never fail to amaze you while exercising.


Aurion steel dumbbell weights are here at your service that not only makes exercise, fun experience but also, burns your calories with ease. When you are in need of dumbbells for an indoor and outdoor workout, this dumbbell set is one of the best options.

Primary Features

  • Very Affordable Prices
  • Finely Finished Chrome Steel
  • Product Weighs 3kg Each
  • Solid Metal Chrome Finished
  • Anti-Slip Feature
  • Very Easy to Clean
  • Non-Slip Design
  • 1 Year of Warranty

It’s finely finished chrome steel dumbbells are meant for amateurs and at the same time demanding athletes. You can use these dumbbells to exercise your arms, chest, back, and legs. The product weighs 3kg each, which means it comes as a 6 kg package.

The dumbbells are solid metal chrome finished that protects the floor and equipment from unnecessary wear and tear. These round-shaped dumbbells have a soft grip that reduces the chance of slipping while you sweat heavily.

If you are one of those who sweat heavily a lot while exercising, you can lean on these Aurion dumbbells. The anti-slip feature of the model helps with easy handling, reducing the chances of any minor accidents.

The compact size of the product makes it easier for you to grip comfortably within the palms of your hands. Furthermore, the convenient design helps you to use it with ease. The product is really very easy to clean, and it has very low maintenance.

The padded cushion along with the non-slip design is specifically made to provide you with better grip control. This model is tested and can withstand regular wear and tear.

Also, the aesthetic design of the dumbbells adds to your gym’s beauty. The product comes with one year of warranty by the company that makes it an ideal deal.

  • Solid metal chromed dumbbell
  • Affordable
  • Aesthetic in look
  • Non slip feature
  • Soft padded cushion handles
  • Easy to clean
  • Warranty period could have been more


2. Aurion set of two PVC Dumbbells

This dumbbell set also comes from the house of Aurion that provides you with amazing quality. Aurion brand has expanded its product variety for the last two decades. The company has trust and faith in customers all over the nation.


This Aurion model is great for both men and women, comes with a set of two. The vibrant indigo color provides you with all the positive energy and brightens up your mood while you burn your calories. The dumbbell weighs 1kg each and thus comes with a 2 kg dumbbell package.

Primary Features

  • Product Weighs 1 kg Each
  • Non-Slip Feature
  • Soft-Grip Handle
  • Convenient Design
  • Easy to Clean
  • Smooth Grip Hold

This model effectively burns your calories and adds to your body posture while providing you with a good body mass. You can develop your sports performance with a tinge of fun while exercising with this dumbbell set.

It not only helps you to get your arms in better shape but also helps to pump your chest, abdomen, and shoulders through strength-building exercises.

Either you are a beginner or you are experienced in lifting, Aurion dumbbells promise to add value to your fitness journey. It is not only perfect for professional gyms but also a great product for home workouts.

This PVC dumbbell comes with a non-slip feature. This characteristic makes sure that the product never slips from your hand while you are performing some heavy exercises.

The product has a convenient design that fits easily inside your palms. Thus, with this product, you can easily burn up your excess calories.

The soft-grip handle makes sure that you can easily lift up weight. The product is easy to clean with a wet tissue you can wipe up all the dirt. This PVC plastic dumbbells always burns more calories, improves balance, and takes care of your overall health.

  • Vibrant colour adding to its look
  • High graded PVC plastic
  • Anti-slip feature
  • Smooth grip hold
  • Affordable
  • For both and women usage
  • Compact shape and size
  • No warranty period is mentioned


3. KORE DM -PVC combo 16 home gym Dumbbells

Kore is among the top brands that sell the best dumbbells in India. Not only dumbbells, but it also deals in some of the best sports products. The company has become the largest market giant in the last few decades. It has certified and great quality fitness products.


The kore DM -PVC model comes with an exciting feature of ergonomically designed grip control. This helps you to workout even heavy exercises with ease. The good grip control also makes sure that the product never falls off from your hand while you work on some power-play exercises.

Primary Features

  • Good Grip Control
  • Affordable
  • Long Lasting Durable PVC
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Anti-Slip Feature
  • Certified and Great Quality Fitness Products

This model effectively burns your calories and adds to your body posture while providing you with a good body mass. You can develop your sports performance with a tinge of fun while exercising with this dumbbell set.

It not only helps you to get your arms in better shape but also helps to pump your chest, abdomen, and shoulders through strength-building exercises.

Either you are a beginner or you are experienced in lifting, Aurion dumbbells promise to add value to your fitness journey. It is not only perfect for professional gyms but also a great product for home workouts.

This PVC dumbbell comes with a non-slip feature. This characteristic makes sure that the product never slips from your hand while you are performing some heavy exercises.

The product has a convenient design that fits easily inside your palms. Thus, with this product, you can easily burn up your excess calories. The soft-grip handle makes sure that you can easily lift up weight.

This Kore dumbbell set is perfect for both men and women. The perfect balance maintaining feature never allows your muscle to sprain or cause injury, thus all the safety measures are taken by the product itself. The product has great value for money and is best for beginners.

  • Affordable
  • Best for amateurs
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Anti slip feature
  • Long lasting durable PVC
  • Perfect for balance maintenance
  • Minor scratches after few usage


4. GSM fitness hex Dumbbells, Rubber Coated

GSM fitness brand has a global fame for dumbbells. The Indian market has always rendered itself lucky to sell products of GSM. The brand sells its best product at an affordable price at an exchange of best performance.


If you are too stressed out with floors being affected and damaged while exercising, you can choose this product without any doubt. Furthermore, the compact size of the dumbbells would fit right into your hands. 

Primary Features

  • Compact Size
  • Long Lasting Durable PVC
  • Unique Stylish Look
  • Warranty of 2 Years
  • Sturdy A-Graded Material
  • Anti Slip Feature

The long-lasting durable PVC makes sure that the product never loses the trust and faiths from customers around the world. The sturdy materials help to provide the support that ultimately gives you the best performance while withstanding all kinds of regular wear and tear. 

The product comes in a range of 1 to 5 kgs of weight each. This model has a unique stylish look that adds-up to the beauty of the product. Thus, you can always lean on this product that is a perfect balance of look and performance.

With the sturdy A-graded material, you can rest assured of the product durability. Furthermore, the product is in the warranty period of two years that would safeguard your investment again any product damage.

The ergonomically designed feature helps you to maintain your balance while you burn calories. Thus, you can lean on this product as it helps you to perform a flawless smooth movement.

The Hexa shape of the product makes it sure that it doesn’t roll down the floor even if you keep them on the floor while during rest. It is one perfect model for perfect exercise as it maintains a really good equilibrium for being made up of the high graded materials.

  • Affordable
  • Hexa shape prevents the dumbbell from rolling down
  • Anti slip feature and good grip control
  • Rubber heads to protect your floors
  • Set of two dumbbells with rubber coating and cast iron
  • Maintains high equilibrium
  • Warranty period is not mentioned


5. KORE DM-HEXA-CPMBO 16 Dumbbells Kit

This model too comes from the kore brand. They never fail to deliver you qualitative product at a very genuine cost that enhances the experience. This 5 kg kore Hexa model comes in a pair, set of two 5kg dumbbells 5kg each.


This dumbbell set is not only beautiful in looks but also authentic and genuinely made. The genuine graded materials always make it trustworthy for the customers to buy the product.

Primary Features

  • Set of two 5kg
  • Rubber-Coated Cast Iron
  • Compact Size
  • Anti Slip Feature
  • Very Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Rubber Costed Cast Iron Model
  • Hexa Shaped Rubber Head

This product has the unique feature of rubber-coated cast iron which protects the model from unnecessary corrosion and also prevents the floor from any damage. Even if the dumbbells slip and fall on to it, both the floor & dumbbell would be safe.

The compact size of the dumbbells is specifically designed to make them perfect for your hands. This pair of hex dumbbells actually gives the model an aesthetic regular appeal that adds up to the main feature of the product.

This beautiful product comes with an anti-slip feature that makes sure it doesn’t slip, fall, and harm you. The model is made of genuine iron material that makes the product strong, sturdy, and durable.

This product is perfect for your home gym studio. The model has a rough texture at the center which enhances the gripping quality. The rubber costed cast iron model is really very easy to clean and maintain.

Thus, you can rest assured and work out without much problem. This model is easily available in the market at an affording price. The model comes in a set of two dumbbells. You will also receive a user manual that would guide you about various exercise postures.

  • Affordable
  • Easily available
  • Anti slip feature
  • Hexa shaped rubber head
  • Stainless steel body
  • Firm grip
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Warranty period is not mentioned


6. Kore PVC 16- 30 kg Home Gym Set

This is the whole gym package that comes at an amazing price, that suits both the amateurs and regular bodybuilding trainees. This model is another creative latest smart model from the house of kore.


The whole package comes with 16 kg of PVC weight. The plastic used in this fitness equipment set is 100 percent genuine and certified. Moreover, its sports appeal would improve your mood of working out. The set has two dumbbells of 8 kgs each.

Primary Features

  • Affordable
  • Lifelong Warranty
  • Anti Slip Feature
  • Anti-Slippery Qualities
  • 100 Percent Genuine Leather Gloves
  • Best for Regular Body Builders

This set includes one 4 feet long plain rod that will help you to work out on your muscles of shoulders and biceps. Along with this, there are two 14 inches dumbbell rods. The rods are protected with an iron protective shield that makes it durable and long-lasting.

The package has 100 percent genuine leather gloves that would protect your palms and hand to avoid any kind of blisters that may occur due to working out on some heavy exercises.

You will find a skipping rope inside the package that will help you warming up before you start your daily routine of exercises. Along with this, you will find a set of clippers and locks that comes with the rods.

With this perfect combination, you will have the best ever gym experience right at your place. If you are aspiring to have a really toned shaped body, you can buy the kore PVC 16 -30 kgs of home gym set.

The hand gripper helps you to balance the dumbbells on your shoulders and the clippers and locks ensure safety. They lock the tires of the dumbbells inside the rods and never allows it to tumble or roll down while lifting up.

The kore gym set has anti-slippery qualities and with all the safety measures, you can experience a high qualitative gym work out right at your place without any hassle.

The manufacturers come with doorstep services, so you don’t have to step out of your home to buy the products. The model has ranked top and is mostly recommended by most of the renowned bodybuilders across the world.

  • Affordable
  • Whole gym set
  • Anti slipping feature
  • 14 inches two dumbbell rod , 100% leather gym gloves, hand gripper
  • skipping rope, 2 clippers and locks and a gym backpack
  • best for regular body builders
  • lifelong warranty
  • Best suitable for trained body builders, not for regular exercise or amateurs


7. Amazon Basics Neoprene Dumbbells

The Amazon basics is a long-standing sports good name that has been offering quality products since the beginning. It is one of the fastest-growing companies in India over the last few years. It come with a set of two dumbbells that weighs 0.5 kg each.


The aesthetic hexagonal design and shape make it look beautiful that suits any hand. The matt pink color of the product makes it more appealing to the customers and they have put their votes on the product since it was launched.

Primary Features

  • Aesthetic Hexagonal Design
  • Easy-Grip Neoprene Quality
  • Work-Out More Convenient
  • Affordable
  • Easy Gripping
  • Ranges from 1 to 20 Pounds Each
  • 1 Year of Warranty

The weight of the product is written on the two ends which makes it easier for you to identify. This model is ideal for beginners. These dumbbells help you build your body within a few weeks of exercise depending on the intensity and time you devote to work out.

This amazon product comes with the latest feature of easy-grip neoprene quality, which helps you to grip the dumbbell firmly and burn up all your calories in order to get the toned shaped body, just as you aspire.

It can make work-out more convenient for you, as the new neoprene coating can protect the body of the dumbbell. This dumbbell set is best suited for both men and women as well as beginners and advanced expertise.

The Hexa shape of the heads helps the dumbbells to stay there while you work out. You can rest assured as it never rolls away while you rest them for a break.

The amazon basics neoprene dumbbells range from one pound to 20 pounds each which are sold individually. You can choose it as per your choice and demand.

You can easily work out with them confidently as the product is capable of withstanding tough routine and as well as comes with a one year warranty.

  • Affordable
  • One year warranty
  • Ranges from 1 to 20 pounds each
  • Best for beginners , men and women
  • Pink, matte finish with latest neoprene technology
  • Easy gripping
  • Best to work with even at home
  • Warranty could have been a little more


8. Cockatoo rubber-coated professional Hex Dumbbell Set

If you are looking for the best quality durable dumbbells, cockatoo rubber dumbbells are here at your service. These rubber coated dumbbells are not the only decor for your gym, it can withstand daily rough usage.


The model has rubber heads that reduce any damages to your floor while you hastily work with them or rest them while your break. The Hexa shape of the heads of the item makes it more efficient to use.

Primary Features

  • Best Quality Durable Dumbbells
  • Model has Rubber Heads
  • More Efficient to Use
  • Rubber-Coated Dumbbells
  • Protected with a Stainless Steel Sheath
  • Hexagonal Shape
  • Soft Rubber Heads

If you are thinking of a dumbbell that is easy to identify, this product is the best option for you. You can see the brand name and weight, engraved inside the heads of it. moreover, the Hexa shape of the product, helps it to stay in one place, without rolling down causing misplacement.

The rubber-coated dumbbells come in a set of two. It is one of the best options for beginners as you can use them for different training sessions and as well as different sets of exercises. It is also ideal for professional body-builders.

The ridged handlebars help you with strong gripping control. This reduces any kind of risk of damaging and injuring oneself while working out at a full pace. The dumbbells are best for improving the arms and chest and abdomen muscles.

You can see the difference within a very short span of time. The dumbbells are easy to use with the manual guide provided with the product inside the package.

Once you get used to it, you can never stop working out as in no time you will be addicted to burning your calories as soon as you see the difference in your body.

Most of the customers have ranked this product as the best dumbbells in India for looks and durability.

The handles of the product are protected with a stainless steel sheath that resists unnecessary problems of rusting. This professional muscle builder helps you to work out with ease and thus provides you with the best workout experience.

  • Soft rubber heads
  • Hexagonal shape
  • Brand name and weight is embarked on the two heads
  • Comes in a pair of two dumbbells
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Best for beginners
  • Warranty period is not mentioned
  • Range of the weights are not mentioned


9. Aurion Dumbbells for Home Gym Exercise

This model is another amazing product from the house of Aurion. Aurion has been the evergreen brand name that has a variety of products under the same brand name that has beautiful looks and performances. This brand sells some of the finest dumbbells.


These Aurion dumbbells come in a set of two ranging from one to six kgs each. They have a beautiful aesthetic modern smart look. the heads are white in color while the rest of the body comes in black color, appeals most of the customers with the looks.

Primary Features

  • Aesthetic Modern Smart Look
  • Dual Tones Model
  • Better Economic Usage
  • Premium Qualitative Plastic Grades
  • Genuine PVC Materials
  • Made up of Vinyle Coating
  • Comes in 4 Dual Toned Vibrant Colors
  • Affordable

The product is also available in a vibrant blue color with an oval-shaped body perfect for easy usage. The dual tones model has versatile usage, perfect for your arms, chest, and shoulders. These dumbbells are also used in toning the muscles of legs and back to core muscles. 

Generally, these models are sold individually and in a set of two for better economic usage. The model is efficient for reducing any extra body fats and can burn your calories in a short span of time. The dual-toned dumbbells are really easy to clean.

Thus it takes care of maintenance at a very low cost. The product is specifically made to provide the best services from the house of aurion. This model is made up of premium qualitative plastic grades and genuine PVC materials.

Specifically meant for aspiring bodybuilders and demanding athletics. The dumbbells are made up of vinyle coating designed to reduce potential noise. You can easily do bench press, bicep curls and shoulder raises with these dumbbells.

The model comes in varied colors. Mostly in a combination of vibrant colors of red and black; blue and white; green and blue(neon); white and black; and red and blue are available.

You can now work out with these amazing hand dumbbells easily either at your home or at your gym studio, as these dumbbells fit perfectly in either place. They are efficient in providing you with a speedy development gym experience right at your place.

  • Affordable
  • Comes in 4 dual toned vibrant colors
  • Perfect for arms, chest and abdomen exercises
  • Varies from 1 kg to 6 kgs of weight each
  • Durable and made up of genuine products
  • Best only for beginners


10. Cockatoo Rubber Coated Professional Round Dumbbells

Cockatoo has been a trusted sports good brand in India since the beginning. They sell some of the best rackets, sports shoes, roller skates. when it comes to fitness equipment, the brand claims to produce the best dumbbells in India.


This durable cockatoo dumbbell is built from a single mould feature. This allows you to have perfect balance while working on some heavy exercises. It is often seen that improper balancing of the model can cause great damage and injuries to the muscles. 

Primary Features

  • Durable Cockatoo Dumbbell
  • Tough Grip Control
  • Ridged Handlebars Feature
  • Genuine Premium Quality Materials
  • Rubber-Coated Head
  • Durable Long-Lasting Product
  • Aesthetic look comes in a combination of black and yellow colour

Thus, the model ensures stress and hassle-free work-out experience which takes care of the safety issues as well. The product has ridged handles that would give you tough grip control over the dumbbells.

Often, it is seen, due to sweating, sometimes incapable dumbbells slips from hands and this can cause injuries and even can damage the floors. However, with the ridged handlebars feature, reduces any risk of that.

These durable dumbbells are made up of premium quality material that extends the life of it. It can easily withstand rough usage as it is made up of genuine premium quality materials.

Reduces the chances of unwanted decaying of the material. Thus makes the customer have faith and trust over the product. The products come with a rubber-coated head at the two ends of the dumbbells.

The rubber shielded heads of the product reduces any kind of rick that may cause while exercising. These protect the surface and floor as the cushioning effect of the rubbers bounces it along the surface reducing chances of damages.

Thus, ensures durable performances and the customers highly appreciate the qualities incorporated within the models.

This durable long-lasting product is basically a round-shaped dumbbell that is best for professional bodybuilders as well as beginners who are aspiring to become athletes and bodybuilders.

  • Affordable
  • Round shaped
  • Aesthetic look comes in a combination of black and yellow colour
  • Certified top ranked by the customers round the world
  • Ideal for professional and amateurs body builders
  • Durable and safe to use
  • Warranty period is not mentioned


Buying Guide – Best Dumbbells in India

After knowing about the 10 Best Dumbbells in India, here are a few latest features of the dumbbells that you must consider in order to buy the Best Dumbbells in India.

Today, the Indian market is filled with non-genuine products, all you need to do is know all these factors before buying the best for you.


Burn your calories with the dumbbells that promise to enhance the work-out experience without affecting your diet and body immunity. It would increase the cardiovascular movement of your body that enhances blood circulation which would ultimately improve the immune system of your body.

Types of Dumbbells

We can find three types of dumbbells that are common among most popular professional bodybuilders. You need to know all of them before buying the product for you. These are mentioned below:

Adjustable Dumbbells

These are the most traditional and commonly used dumbbells. They come with a rough patterned design in the center.

This is specifically designed for enhancing the grip control over the product that would let you workout with ease. They usually have a metal bar that has two disks secured at the ends. The disks are secured with clippers and locks that ensure safety while you use them.

Fixed Weight Dumbbells

This type of dumbbells are actually weights that are shaped like dumbbells. Mostly they are made up of rubber or iron casts, which reduces the brutal blisters while you workout with them as they come with smooth grip controllers.

Selectorized or Customized Dumbbells

These dumbbells are used mainly with adjustable dumbbells. They offer a better grip and you can punch the plates inside to regulate the weight of the dumbbells at your convenience. However, these dumbbells don’t come in fancy designs. These dumbbells are best for beginners as well as professionals.

There are different subcategories of the fixed weight dumbbells, that can vary on shape, size, and design. They are as follows:

  • Rubber – They are made up of rubberized materials that add to the beauty and design of the product. These rubberized dumbbells are mainly covered with rubber on the two ends. These protect the gym surface from ugly scratches if they fall down.
  • Urethane – These are quite similar to the previous category. These dumbbells are considered expensive but are more durable. And these dumbbells doesn’t come with annoying rubber smell.
  • Hex – These dumbbells are mostly favored by the customers. It is more durable and available in the market at a very low cost, but with genuine materials. They never roll down while you rest them at the plain surface. However, they are easily rusted if exposed to open atmospheric oxygen and tends to wear out with heavy and rough usage.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Dumbbells


1. Weight

This is the main factor that you must keep in mind before you buy the product. The ideal weight for you has to do a lot with your overall body fitness and capability to lift them and work out with them.

So, before buying the product please do refer our review portion where the ranges of weights of the product are mentioned. The whole body of the dumbbell including the rod, disks, and other parts of the dumbbell decides the weight of the product.

Always keep in mind that you have to buy a dumbbell that is slightly higher than your maximum weight lifting limit. If you are a beginner, start lifting less amount of weight. After that, gradually you can rise up your limit and this will help you get a better tone shaped body with a better working out experience.

2. Space

Before buying the best dumbbells, you have to have an overall space of your gym or studio or the place you want to work out. The smaller place needs smaller dumbbells while the larger space can afford big dumbbell products.

However, you can find dumbbells that are easily adjustable, that is they can be folded and expanded as per your need.


3. Dumbbell Shape

Usually, you will find round, oval-shaped, hexagonal, and polygonal-shaped disks or heads of the dumbbells. These hand dumbbells are easy to use. However, try to avoid using round or oval-shaped products if possible.

And always lean on the hexagonal shaped dumbbells, they offer you better performance and resists the rolling of the dumbbells that can cause imbalance and ultimately accidents while you are working out at full pace.

4. Hand Grip

This a factor that you can never overlook before buying the best dumbbells for a workout. If your hand sweats most of the time while working out then, you should check out the grip of the product before you buy it.

Avoid buying any kind of product that comes in a smooth texture, instead, always opt for buying a product that has a rough texture and better grip balance at low cost but not cheap non-genuine materials.

5. Materials of Dumbbells

Before you buy the best dumbbell for you, you need to know about the materials that are used in it. We can divide them into 4 categories, that are equally popular and mostly used by the manufacturers.


Solid Metal Dumbbells

Basically, these dumbbells are the plain metallic rods that have disks in the two ends. This kind of dumbbells may be risky at certain times, as they might cause damage to your floor or can cause injuries if used too drastically without attention.

Usually, these models come with a good grip controlling feature, however, it may vary as per brands.

Rubber Dumbbells

These types of dumbbells come with rubber coating at the two ends of it. The disks are always covered with the rubber protecting them from unnecessary rusting and eroding when you use them regularly.

Thus the cushion effect of these rubber coated dumbbells helps you to be assured even if the dumbbells fall accidentally while working out.

The extra rubber protection never allows the dumbbells to cause scratches as a result of falling accidentally. However, one disadvantage is that it has a pungent smell of tire or rubber but as you use them.

Vinyle Coated Dumbbells

Vinyle coated dumbbells are the ones who have an extra layer of cast iron. These dumbbells are usually fancy and have amazing features.

However, these dumbbells may cause problems for the ones who sweat heavily while working out, thus the product may slip from your hand causing great damages.

Chrome Coated Dumbbells

These types of dumbbells are similar to solid metal dumbbells. They are basically covered up with chromes.

These dumbbells are most durable among all the materials and even comes with an exquisite grip controller that reduces any risk and regains your trust as you use it. The chromed dumbbells are easy to identify and thus would be best for the gym, & fitness studios.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

After you have gone through our buying guide section, if you have any doubts regarding the products, we are here to clear that. We have tried to answer a few questions that might be of help to you.

Q1) What is the difference between fixed and adjustable dumbbells?

Ans. It is always best to work with dumbbells that have an adjustable weight. For best results, you need to work out with different weights of dumbbells for different sets of exercises. 
The main difference is that it can be easily understood by their names. The fixed ones are a bit problematic, as you have to buy different weighted dumbbells, but if you buy adjustable ones, you can easily adjust the weight as per your choice. Thus the adjustable ones are the best option for you, as they tend to take less space.

Q2) Can I use dumbbells to tone muscle?

Ans. For beginners, you should start with 5 lbs and 3 lbs for toning your muscle. All the professionals and beginners use these dumbbells for toning the muscle. All you have to do is repeat the muscle exercises minimum 20 times in multiple sets and you’re done. You can see the difference in a few weeks.

Q3) Can dumbbells help to burn fat?

Ans. Yes, dumbbells are capable of burning fat and extra calories faster than any cardiovascular exercise. Lifting weight burns more calories while toning your body shape and muscles. So dumbbells are the best option for you.

Q4) Different types of Dumbbell Exercises What are?

Ans. Dumbbells are always fun to work out with especially when you can use them in various types and sets of exercises.
You can tone and work on the muscles of arms, chest, legs, and back to core muscles. Here are some of the exercises you can do- dumbbell bench press; shrug; curl; bent over rows; dumbbell calf raises; dumbbell lunges.

Q5) How to clean dumbbells?

Ans. Cleaning and maintaining is an important task after you are done with exercising. All you have to do is wipe the dumbbells with a wet piece of cloth every time you use it.
Never use solvents regularly as it reacts to the surface area dissolving the mass and hampering the balance of the product.

Q6) Which dumbbells are best for beginners?

Ans. The best dumbbells for the beginners are Kore and Aurion. It would be best if you go through our product review section to understand deeply.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dumbbells



    Increases the endurance power of your body by enhancing the immunity system. It develops your muscles and tones your body
    Enhances your confidence and provides you with the best experience by giving you a shaped confident body gesture and control of muscle reflexes.
    Makes the bone structure more intense with the regular use, as weightlifting tones your muscles and corrects most of the bones structure errors. Thus, makes it resistant to fragility.
    Improves the functions of lungs and enhances the blood flowing power to all of your body increasing the cardiovascular health of your body.
    Boosts the stabilization power and increases the overall nervous system with a ting of fun in exercising experience.

  • Some fancy dumbbells are incapable of providing the best results
  • Some dumbbells are best only for beginners and not genuine all the time
  • PVC dumbbells are prone to degrade the performance after a few use and are less resistant to regular heavy exercises

Conclusion – Best Dumbbells in India

In India, fitness has taken another level where every guy wishes to have big biceps & strong chest. For achieving your fitness goals, you not only need to be committed to diet but also with a workout. It can be tough to maintain consistency in going to the gym for 365 days.

So, if you are someone you are a fitness enthusiast must have your own dumbbells to workout anytime at your home only.

 After analyzing hundreds of dumbbells brands, we have selected the top 10 best dumbbells in India that you use for exercising. These are not the best dumbbells only for home use but also for gym training.

In our view, Kore or Aurion dumbbells are the best dumbbells in India and earns our highest recommendation. These brands have gained popularity among all the customers and have been among the top-selling dumbbells in the country.

We hope you liked this article!

Let us know in comments, which dumbbell set you liked the most & want to purchase?

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