14 Best Top Load Washing Machines in India (September 2021) | Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Gone are the days when we used to hand wash clothes.

In 2021, because of the hectic lifestyle, no one has time to go with the traditional method of washing clothes.

Today, almost every household in India has a washing machine as it has become more of a need than a luxury.

There are different types of washing machines that are available in the Indian market. Out of different types, a top load washing machine is best in all aspects. Whether, its power, features, price, a top load washing machine variant would never disappoint you.

A number of noteworthy brands manufacture top load washing machines in many styles, sizes, and different price variations too.

The hardest part is to choose that perfect washing machine for your home that suits your needs and your budget.

Having those unlimited options in front of you would most likely tempt you to make impulsive decisions without considering some key aspects.

We have framed a buying guide which will give a clear picture of the necessary aspects. By the end of it, you’ll have no trouble figuring out your ideal top load washing machine.

To save you from the trouble, we have listed out the top 14 best top load washing machines in India.

Table of Contents

These are the 14 Best Top Load Washing Machines in India

Best Top Load Washing Machines in India

1. AmazonBasics 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Amazon Basics is known for selling high-quality electric products. It is known for its wide variety of products that would serve all your needs. It strives to satisfy the needs and expectations of the customers.


This top-load washing machine has a maximum weight capacity of 6.5 Kg. This is apt for washing an average number of clothes used by 3 to 4 people per day.

Primary Features

  • 6.5 Kg Capacity
  • Fully automatic along with water and energy saving feature
  • Fast spin speed of 700 RPM
  • 10 unique wash programs
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Fuzzy logic mechanism for auto programming of wash cycle
  • Additional features : LED display panel, Rust free outer body, Rat cover protection, tub clean and Air dry mechanism, Timer

The fully automated top load washing machine has a high spin rate of 700 RPM. This machine is equipped with 10 unique wash programs that you can set at your convenience.

It has a stainless steel drum with a diamond design which facilitates the high spin rate. Also, this squeezes out the additional water from the clothes making it easier to dry.

The air-dry feature in the machine removes most of the moisture from the clothes.It also has a tub clean feature that can be used to run the machine without any load so as to clean it.

This removes any excess detergent and also clears odour. Another interesting feature in the machine is the fuzzy logic mechanism which allows it to decide the wash cycle automatically depending on the load.

This can also determine the amount of water and detergent required for the number of clothes that have been loaded.

The delay timer feature in the machine allows you to set a timer that would start the machine after the stipulated time. This comes handy when you want to go out but you still have your clothes to wash.

This amazon top load washing machine ensures excellent wash quality and is also equipped with energy and water-saving features which makes it environmental-friendly.

It operates with negligible vibration and does not cause any disturbance. Externally, the machine is made of a rust-free metal body. It is also equipped with a rat protection cover to prevent any damage.

The classy LED display on the machine has easy touch buttons and also displays the options precisely. Machine has a 1-year comprehensive warranty and also has a 3 year warranty period on the motor.

  • Auto programmable wash cycle based on load
  • Delay start timer for user convenience
  • Environmental friendly
  • Low vibration
  • Customer service requires improvement


2. Whirlpool 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine (WHITEMAGIC ROYAL)

Whirlpool is a brand that is popular worldwide for its diverse products, focussing on home appliances & improvement products. Their products are of high quality and they offer a versatile range of products that suit different lifestyle needs.


This fully automatic top load washing machine can withstand a maximum load capacity of 6.2 Kg. It is suitable for a family with about 3 members. It gives a perfect wash as it has a high spin speed of 740 RPM.

Primary Features

  • Fully automatic
  • 6.2 Kg maximum capacity
  • Spin speed – 740 RPM
  • 12 different wash programs
  • ZPF technology
  • Reduced lint generation an tangles using Spa wash system
  • 3 Spring Power Scrub Technology to clean intense dirt
  • 6th sense technology for managing detergent and water levels
  • Energy efficient – reduces wash time by 30% for less stained clothes
  • Special features – Adaptable to hard water, auto tub clean function
  • Warranty – 2 years on product, 5 years on wash motor and prime mover

The drum of this machine is designed with 50% lesser holes so as to give the clothes a soft and smooth wash. It is very flexible and comes with 12 different wash programs, each of them is uniquely programmed so as to provide the most optimal result.

The product uses an advanced 6th sense technology that serves as an advantage in more ways than one. Based on the load, the machine can suggest the amount of detergent to be used.

Similarly, the water level is managed appropriately depending upon the load. Another advantage is that it stops the machine in case it senses a low voltage power supply.

The Spa wash system decreases the amount of lint that gets generated during the wash. Also, it decreases the tangles in clothes by 40%.

It gives the clothes a very smooth wash but also makes sure to clear off all the dirt. This mechanism also reduces the energy consumed by the machine.

Even with a pressure that is as low as 0.017 MPa, it can fill the tub 50% faster using the ZPF technology. For clothes that are less stained, it automatically reduces the wash time by 30% to save energy.

The machine is also equipped with a 3 spring power scrub technology that facilitates the machine to clean intense dirt and stains.

This machine is equipped with many other additional features that make it more efficient. It is adaptable to hard water and therefore does not cause any damage to the drum.

The tub of the machine has an auto-clean mechanism that prevents it from accumulating excess detergent.

The washing machine comes with a 2 year warranty period. For the wash motor and prime mover, there is a warranty duration of 5 years.

  • Hard water resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • Can work efficiently even in low water pressure
  • Effective in removing stains
  • Certain areas require improvement
  • Poor customer service


3. LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine ( T7288NDDLG.ASFPEIL)

LG is a brand that manufactures many home appliances that are of high calibre. The global brand aims in creating a comfortable living for its consumers.


This washing machine is fully automatic and can take a maximum load of 6.2 kilograms. The rust protected stainless steel drum with a high spin rate of 780 RPM gives all the clothes a crisp and clean wash.

Primary Features

  • Fully automatic
  • Load capacity of 6.2 Kg
  • Spin rate of 780 RPM
  • Stainless steel drum that is rust free
  • Various wash programs
  • Punch +3 mechanism to handle deep stains
  • TurboDrum mechanism for powerful washing
  • BMC motor protection to save it from insects
  • Smart Inverter Technology
  • SmartDiagnosis to understand problems with the machine
  • Manufacturer warranty period of 2 years on the machine and 10 years on motor

To further ease the cleaning mechanism, it is equipped with various wash programs such as Normal, Prewash + Normal, Gentle, Strong, Quick wash, Aqua reserve, and favourite. The machine has a separate inlet for cold water.

The machine also has a tub clean mode which runs the machine without any load so as to clean any excess detergents or junk particles inside the machine.

The motor has a BMC motor protection to shield it from insects, dust, and excess humidity. This extends the life of the product.

Even the toughest of stains can be washed off as this machine is designed with a Pulse +3 mechanism which facilitates a powerful and even washes.

There are 1 major pulsator and 3 mini pulsators which stream water in a vertical direction and therefore mix the laundry from the top to the bottom.

The combination of the strong water stream, pulsators, and rotating drum cleans all the dirt off the clothes. This feature called the TurboDrum enhances the washing efficiency of the machine.

Making it more environmental-friendly, the machine has a Smart Inverter Technology that can save energy and also has ensured that the noise and vibration levels of the machine are at a minimal level.

SmartDiagnosis helps the consumer to understand if and when there is any problem with the machine. The SmartThinQ app has the answer to all the questions.

Even if there is a power shutdown, the machine has an auto-restart mode to pick up the cleaning process right from where it left off. Also, there is a child lock feature to enhance the safety mechanism.

To make the machine all the more convenient, it comes with a SmartCleaning mechanism that would allow you to schedule the wash timing. This time can range anywhere between 3 to 18 hours.

The machine also has a memory backup feature, 6 water level selection options, and a beeper which can be set in two modes – High and Low. The product comes with manufacturer warranty period of 2 years and there is also a 10-year warranty for the motor.

  • Enhanced features for efficient cleaning
  • Child lock for additional safety
  • Auto restart in case of power-cuts
  • SmartCleaning for scheduling wash time
  • Durable drum and motor
  • Performance is not up to the mark


4. IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine (TL-RDS/RDSS Aqua)

IFB is the ideal option for all your home needs. Starting from home appliances to kitchen appliances, IFB got everything that you might look for. IFB has an amazing reputation when it comes to washing machines.


This 6.5 Kg washing machine is suitable for a household with 3 to 4 members. It is fully automatic with a good spin speed of 720 RPM. This fast spin rate also facilitates quick drying of clothes.

Primary Features

  • Fully Automatic
  • 6.5 Kg capacity
  • Good spin speed of 720 RPM
  • Crescent moon shaped grooves on drum for a smooth wash
  • Triadic pulsator for three way washing
  • Bi-axial rotation for 360 ̊ wash
  • 3D wash that enables 360 ̊ water spray
  • Aqua Spa feature removes stubborn stains
  • AquaEnergie – High pressure water spray and better soap action
  • SmartSense technology
  • Water Pressure – 0.3 bar to 8 bar

The stainless steel drum has a crescent moon shaped grooves that give the clothes a smooth yet stain-free wash. The machine can operate in a water pressure that ranges between 0.3 bar and 8 bar.

The bi-axial rotation in the washing machine swivels the clothes in 360 ̊ which gives all the clothes a clean wash.

Another feature that facilitates a thorough cleansing is the 3D wash that sprays water in 360 ̊. This ensures that all the clothes have been tended to and given a proper wash.

To further cleanse some stubborn stains, the machine has a unique feature called AquaSpa. It pampers the clothes with extra wash and with extra care.

In combination with the AquaEnergie feature that generates high-pressure water spray and enhances the detergent action, this is all your clothes would need for a crisp and clean wash.

To prevent wastage of water and soap, the machine has a SmartSense technology that utilizes soap and water depending on the requirement for the load.

There are 8 different water levels that are adjusted based on the clothes that are loaded. Also, a water inlet is available for using cold water during the operation of the machine.

The classy LED display gives the machine a posh appearance and also simplifies the handling of the machine.

The comprehensive warranty period on the product is for 4 years and there is also a 10 year long spare part support. Another advantage is that you would get a free installation within 36 hours.

  • SmartSense technology
  • 3D wash for perfect cleansing of clothes
  • Uniquely designed to give a smooth wash
  • Different water level options
  • Free installation
  • Some product pieces have questionable quality
  • Hidden expenses during installation


5. IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine (TL-RDW 6.5kg Aqua, Aqua Energie water softener)

IFB is a popular brand and manufactures a wide range of home appliances. It is one of the most trustworthy brands which offer products of really good quality.


This is a very efficient washing machine with a maximum capacity of 6.5 Kg. It is perfectly apt for a family with 4 members. This fully automatic machine has a fast spin speed of 720 RPM.

Primary Features

  • 6.5 Kg capacity
  • High spin speed of 720 RPM
  • Crescent moon shaped grooves for smooth washing
  • Triadic pulsator enables a thorough way cleansing process
  • Bi-axial rotation for 360 ̊ spin
  • 3D wash for water sprays from multiple directions
  • AquaSpa for better wash and care
  • AquaEnergie for energizing water flow
  • SmartSense for optimal use
  • Warranty – 4 years for product and motor

This increases the quality of wash, resulting in pristine clothes post washing. The crescent moon shaped design on the stainless steel drum gives the clothes a very smooth wash.

The machine has a triadic pulsator is designed with a soft scrub pad that clears out all the dirt from the fabric.

The mechanical push knob in the centre shoots out the stain. The machine also has a bi-axial rotation feature which enables a 360 ̊ spin.

There are a number of different modes that can be used to wash different kinds of fabric. The 3D wash facility sprays water in a 360 ̊ angle which completely soaks the clothes with water and detergent.

Also, the AquaSpa feature would remove tough stains and dirt, giving the clothes an extensive wash. The outstanding feature called AquaEnergie is used to jet spray water on dirt to push it away.

To enhance its efficiency and save products, the machine has an in-built SmartSense technology that can auto-detect the load and modify the detergent and water usage depending on the need.

For increased durability, the washing machine has a lint filter to ensure that it does not clog the outlets. There are also distinct dispensers for bleach and softener. There is a tub clean option which clears out any unpleasant odour.

The machine has a LED display that clearly displays the contents. The buttons are easy to use and enable easy operation of the machine. The machine has a 4 year warranty period on the machine and motor.

  • High spin rate
  • Cleanses te clothes perfectly
  • Many additional features for comfortable use
  • Poor installation service
  • No water inlet options


6. IFB 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine (TL-SGDG 7.0Kg AQUA, Aqua Energie water softener)

IFB is a well-established brand that promises quality and versatile products. They have various kinds of appliances that are suitable for different lifestyles. Their products are also very much affordable.


This is a fully automatic top load washing machine that is appropriate for a family with 5 or 6 members. It has a load capacity of 7 Kg and operates at a high spin rate of 720 RPM.

Primary Features

  • 720 RPM spin speed
  • Drum with crescent moon design for soft wash
  • Triadic pulsator for complete washing
  • Bi-axial rotation for 360 ̊ cleansing
  • 3D wash for forceful water spray in 360 ̊
  • AquaSpa feature to clean intense stains
  • Required water pressure – 0.3 bar to 8 bar
  • Water inlet options – Cold/Warm/Hot
  • SmartSense technology

The result of the wash would be spotless and pristine clothes. The drum is specifically designed with crescent moon shaped patterns that facilitates a smooth and soft wash.

For a complete wash, the washing machine has a triadic pulsator that cleanses from 3 directions. There is also a bi-axial rotation feature that ensures that the clothes are cleaned in 360 ̊.

The machine has a 3D wash mechanism that forcefully sprays water from all directions. This pushes out the dirt out of the fabric.

Even if there are tough stains, it can be removed with the special AquaSpa feature that pampers the clothes with some additional attention. The AquaEnergie mechanism in the machine allows it to energise water and also optimally use the detergent for enhancing the cleaning process.

The SmartSense technology that the machine is programmed which has the capability to adjust the detergent and water usage depending on the requirement of the load.

The water pressure requirement for this machine is from 0.3 bar to 8 bar. Also, the machine has water inlet options for hot, warm, and cold water. There are 10 different water levels in the machine.

The washing machine has different dispensers for bleach and softener. There is also a lint filter that filters out the lint generated during wash so that it doesn’t clog the outlet pores.

The machine is designed with a LED display which clearly displays all the details. The mechanical knobs and buttons operate smoothly and easily.

There is also a warranty period for the product that lasts for 4 years. Also, spare part support will be given for a duration of 10 years.

  • Specifically constructed mechanisms for a good wash performance
  • Different inlets for cold, warm and hot water
  • Energy-efficient
  • High Quality design
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Poor installation by technicians


7. LG 7.0 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine (T8069NEDLH)

LG is a world popular brand which is exceptionally known for its amazing quality. The brand has been proving its excellence for many decades now.


The washing machine has a load threshold of 7 Kg and operates in a fully automatic mechanism. It is convenient for a 5 or 6 membered family.

Primary Features

  • Fully automatic
  • 7 Kg maximum load capacity
  • Fast spin speed of 780 RPM
  • Durable stainless steel drum
  • Specialised wash programs
  • 10 different water level options
  • Punch +3 mechnaism for a thorough wash
  • TurboDrum and LG Smart Motion for a cleaner wash
  • Smart Inverter technology to conserve energy

It has a fast spin rate of 780 RPM which cleans the clothes perfectly in no time. It is made of a stainless steel drum which is very durable.

To increase its flexibility, the machine has unique wash programs that can be chosen for different kinds of clothing materials. The TurboDrum in combination with the LG Smart Motion gives all the clothes an intensive wash.

The machine is particularly designed with a Punch +3 feature that clears off all the stains and dirt on the clothes. For utilizing cold water, there is a separate inlet.

Also, the machine has a tub clean feature which cleanses off any bad odour from the machine. The Smart Inverter technology further upgrades the performance of the machine.

It makes sure that the noise and vibration of the machine are under control so that it doesn’t cause any disturbance. Also, the machine has a waterproof and compact motor that has a safety feature integrated with it.

There a number of additional features that machine is designed with so as to increase the comfort aspect of it. There is a child lock feature that keeps both the child and the machine safe from any mishaps.

The delay start timer would let you set a timer beforehand to schedule the time at which the machine should begin. This timer can be set anytime from 3 hours to 18 hours.

It also features a Smart Diagnosis option which would help you to understand the situation if any problem arises in the machine. The machine comes with a manufacturer warranty period of 4 years on product and 10 years on the motor.

  • Can handle heavy load
  • Wash program options for various clothing materials
  • Clean and pristine washing
  • SmartInverter technology for upgraded performance
  • SmartDiagnosis to identify issues if and when they occur
  • Some aspects require improvement


8. Whirlpool 7.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine (WHITEMAGIC ELITE)

Whirlpool is a first-class brand that is recognized worldwide for its various ranges of home appliances. The foremost and amazing aspect of this washing machine is that it has a high load threshold of 7.5 Kg.


The fully automatic machine can comfortably wash the clothing of about 7 people. It is made of a stainless steel material which promises good durability.

Primary Features

  • Fully Automatic
  • Load threshold of 7.5 Kg
  • 12 specially programmed wash types
  • Spiro Wash Action for a thorough wash
  • AquaStore function for additional storage of water for upcoming wash
  • ZPF technology for quick water filling even at low pressure
  • 6th Sense Smart Sensors for additional safety and performance
  • 5 Water level options
  • Compatible for hard water wash
  • 5 star rated, indicating better water conservation

The machine has 12 specially program was typed that suit a variety of clothing materials. It has special was programmed for bed sheets, white clothes, delicate fabrics, and so on.

This makes the machine very flexible for use. There is also an option called Express Wash if you want to reduce your wash time by 30% to 40%.

The Spiro Wash Action gives all the clothes a thorough and consistent wash. It improvises the rollover mechanism to swish the clothes around the drum which thereby gives a better output.

The power scrub cleans all the dirt and grime from the clothes. This whirlpool top load washing machine comes with 5 unique water level options – Auto, Low, Medium, High, and Max. Also, it is compatible with hard water and does not let it affect the quality or the durability of the machine.

It features ZPF technology that fills up the tub x2 speed, even when the water flow pressure is as low as 0.17MPa.

You will also get a unique feature called AquaStore which is a blessing in disguise if you have water supply problems in your area. This feature allows the machine to store water which is required for the upcoming wash.

The washing machine also uses a 6th sense technology that can sense the load and suggest detergent quantity based on that. It can also sense various other factors such as dry tap, water pressure, and voltage.

Some other features of the machine are auto tub clean which draws out any bad odour from the machine, child lock for additional safety, delay timer to schedule machine commencement, and lint filter.

This 5 star rated washing machine can conserve more than 2 buckets of water with every wash. To add more value to the deal, the brand is offering 2 years warranty on the product and 5-year warranty on the motor.

  • Spiro Wash Action of intensive wash
  • Flexible wash programs
  • AquaStore feature that stores water for the next wash
  • Water efficient
  • Delayed installation commencement
  • Additional expenses during installation


9. Haier 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine (HWM62-AE)

Haier is among the top brands that deals in all kinds of home appliances and electronics. The ISO certified Chinese brand promises value for money.


This is a 6.2 Kg top load washing machine which is fully automatic. It is a perfect top load washing machine for a family of up to 4 members. It has a high spin rate of 800 RPM which not just upgrades the cleaning process but also reduces the drying time.

Primary Features

  • Fully automatic
  • 6.2 Kg maximum load
  • Spin rate – 800 RPM
  • Long lasting PCM Cabinet
  • 8 special wash programs; Unique Ariel cycle
  • Oceanus Wave Drum

The machine is made of a long-lasting PCM (Pre-coated Metal) cabinet which is coated with rust-free alloys for added protection. The machine has 8 special wash programs, each of which can be used for different fabrics.

The distinctive program is the Ariel Cycle. This updates the cleaning process and also conserves a reasonable amount of water.

It is facilitated with a Balance Clean Pulsator that vigorously washes heavy and larger clothes. It can also be operated with less intensity for delicate clothes.

Oceanus Wave Drum makes sure that the loaded clothes have less impact abrasion against the stainless steel drum. It is designed with cubical shaped cuts for stronger and forceful water flow and enhanced cleaning process.

The fuzzy logic technology enables the machine to detect the detergent and water requirements based on the load that has been added. This ensures that products are not wasted unnecessarily, making the machine more efficient.

Another feature in the machine is the Bionic Magic Filter. This built-in filter collects the lint that is generated from old fabrics during the wash.

The washing machine also has a child lock feature to keep the settings unaltered from children’s activities.

For better results, use the Ariel Matic Top Load detergent that has a combination of products that is specifically used to clean tough stains. The warranty period on the machine is for 2 years. Also, there is a 4-year warranty on the motor.

  • Long lasting and rust protected PMC material
  • Child lock for added safety
  • Fuzzy Logic technology for self-detecting its requirements
  • Product is subjected to change


10. Bosch 6.5 Kg Top load Washing Machine (WOE654W0IN)

Bosch is one of the top brands in India that is known for its premium quality products. The brand is known for manufacturing the best dishwashers in India. If you want to buy the best top load washing machine and enjoy the product for ages, Bosch is the brand to go.


This top load fully automatic washing machine can hold a maximum capacity of 6.5 kg. This is most perfect for a family of 3-4 members. The machine operates at a spin rate of 680 RPM which also facilitates quick drying of clothes.

Primary Features

  • Fully automatic
  • Load capacity of 6.5 Kg
  • Spin speed of 680 RPM
  • 8 different wash programs
  • Power Wave Wash System for better wash results
  • Suitable for low pressure water flow
  • Magic filter for lint collection

With 8 different wash programs, the washing machine is highly flexible and can be used in different settings based on the fabric. There are options for intensive washes, delicate fabrics, jeans, bedsheets, and so on.

The Power Wave Wash System aptly controls the drum movements so that all the clothes get a thorough and perfect wash.

It also creates a dynamic water flow mechanism that ensures that all the clothes get soaked and scrubbed efficiently.

Another option in the machine is the water level selection. There are 8 different water level options that can be chosen based on the requirement.

The machine is programmed in such a manner that the tub operation would automatically stop when the lid is opened.

You can operate this Bosch washing machine even in low water pressure locations, even if the pressure is as low as 0.3 bar.

In order to enhance the usability, the machine has a lint filter that collects all the lint produced during the wash.

Also, a dual dispenser is available where both liquid and powder detergents can be used along with a softener if needed. The child lock features keep it safe from the hands of children and ensure that none of the settings are changed.

The comfortable aesthetics definitely need to be complimented. The lid can be opened and closed with ease and without any creeks. The control panel which is equipped with soft-touch buttons is easy to comprehend and operate.

The transparent lid is strong and is designed to withstand heavyweight. This top load washing machine comes with 24 months warranty. You will also get 10 years warranty on the motor from bosch.

  • High quality wash performance
  • Apt for low water pressure locations
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Buying spare parts from the company takes time
  • Low RPM


11. Whirlpool Top load Washing Machine with In-Built Heater (STAINWASH ULTRA 7.0)

Whirlpool is undeniably an amazing brand when it comes to home appliances. They manufacture products with all the latest technology and also ensure that they are affordable.


The high load capacity has a maximum threshold of 7 kg and can operate automatically. It is made of high-quality stainless steel material which is very durable.

Primary Features

  • 5 star energy rating; saves more than 2 tubs of water
  • 12 different wash options
  • Dynamix technology
  • Spiro Wash Action for a complete and uniform wash
  • In-Built water heater with three heat levels
  • Suitable for hard water wash
  • ZPF technology fills tub 50% quicker
  • 6th Sense Technology

The drum is designed with 50% lesser holes, thereby giving the clothes an even and smooth wash. The machine has 12 different washing options that are optimal for different fabrics.

The drum is designed with 50% lesser holes, thereby giving the clothes an even and smooth wash. The machine has 12 different washing options that are optimal for different fabrics.

There are options for woolen, delicates, white, heavy clothes, and many other distinct options. The most outstanding and convenient options are Eco-wash and Anti- Bacterial wash.

The Spiro Wash Action feature enhances the rotating mechanism which gives the clothes a rigorous wash. This feature along with the Stain wash mode is capable of cleaning even a 48-hour stain.

The machine also has an advanced feature called Spa Wash which reduces the tangling of clothes by 40% and also reduces the amount of lint generated during the wash.

The Dynamix technology facilitates the mixing of detergent and water. This not just enhances the washing procedure but also eliminates the detergent residue at the end of the wash.

The exclusive feature in this machine is the in-built heater. This has the capability of heating water in three different levels – Warm, Hot & Allergen-free.

The heater can heat the water upto a maximum temperature of 60 ̊ C. The high temperature can kill 99.99% germs, leaving your clothes with ultimate freshness and purity.

It also helps in removing up to 25 tough stains by heating the water in 6 levels. The washing machine has a ZPF technology that can fill up the tub 50% quicker even when the water pressure is as less as 0.017 MPa.

Also, the machine can handle hard water as well, without affecting the quality of the wash or the durability of the machine. The 6th Sense technology in the machine can sense the added load and suggest the detergent dosage required for it.

The machine has a 5-star energy rating which means that it is energy efficient. It can save more than 2 tubs of water per wash. This makes it environment friendly.

There is a smart lint filter in the bottom of the drum which is automatically cleaned after every spin cycle. The tub clean facility helps in removing any unpleasant smell from the tub. There is also a child lock feature to keep it safe from the hands of kids.

  • In-Built heater in three heat levels
  • High load capacity
  • Efficient in eliminating germs and intense stains
  • Auto lint filter for easy maintenance
  • Energy-efficient
  • Excessive vibration and noise


12. LG 6.5 Kg Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine (T65SKSF4Z)

LG is a much-demanded brand, especially in India. Its products are very reliable and are available in various models. This 5-star energy rated machine is fully automatic with a maximal threshold of 6.5 kg.


The fast spin rate of 780 RPM cleans the clothes in a short span. This also eases the drying process of the clothes. The drum of the machine is made of <strong>durable stainless steel material.

Primary Features

  • Maximum load capacity of 6.5 kg
  • 780 RPM spin speed
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Unique wash options
  • TurboDrum for vigorous washing
  • Smart Inverter Technology for energy conservation
  • 5 star energy rated
  • Manufacturer warranty of 2 years on machine & 10 years on motor

The motor of the machine is rust-free and lasts long. There are 8 unique wash options that are programmed in the machine. Each of them is specially designed for different fabrics.

There is also a Tub Clean option that runs the machine without any load, thereby eliminating any bad odour from the machine.

For vigorous and powerful cleaning of clothes, the machine is equipped with a TurboDrum which can clear stubborn dirt and stains.

The powerful water sprays and the pulsator rotate in opposite directions to brush out all the grime from the clothes. The 3-step wash process eases the use of the machine.

Smart Inverter Technology that the machine is incorporated with enhances the cleaning process of the machine. Also, it helps in conserving energy to make the machine more environment- friendly.

It also reduces the vibration and noise produced during the operation of the machine. The machine has an Auto Restart function which resumes its functioning from the same point where it was before a power cut.

There is also a child lock mode which disables the buttons to keep it protected from the hands of children. The machine has a separate inlet for cold water.

Also, there is a unique feature called SmartDiagnosis which allows the user to refer the app if there is any issue with the washing machine. You will get a manufacturer warranty period of 2 years on the machine and 10 years on the motor.

  • High spin speed
  • Corrosion resistant motor with better durability
  • Smart-Inverter technology for upgraded performance
  • 5 star energy rated
  • Delayed installation


13. Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine (WA62M4100HY/TL)

Samsung is a global product that strives to produce superior quality products. They focus on different arenas and produce a variety of models integrated with amazing features.


This basic and prolific machine is fully automatic and has a 6.2 kg load capacity. It has a medium-paced spin speed of 680 RPM. The stainless steel drum is designed with diamond-shaped grooves which help in giving the clothes a better wash.

Primary Features

  • 6.2 kg maximum load capacity
  • 680 RPM spin rate
  • Diamond drum technology for better wash
  • Air Turbo for faster drying
  • Centre jet pulsator for deep cleansing
  • 6 unique wash cycle for increased flexibility
  • 5 water level options
  • Other features – Eco tub clean, Delay timer, LED display, Magic filter
  • Comprehensive warranty of 2 years on product and 4 years on motor

To remove deep stains, the machine has a center jet pulsator that brushes out the dirt from all the clothes. The machine also has a waterfall feature that thoroughly mixes the detergent with water to make sure that no residue is left behind after the wash.

The clothes will dry out in no time even during monsoon season as the machine is incorporated with an Air Turbo feature that makes it easier to dry clothes.

To increase the flexibility of the cleaning process, the machine is programmed with 6 different wash programs; each of them is uniquely designed to suit different clothing.

Any of the five different water levels can be opted depending upon the requirement. To safeguard the machine and maintain it well, there is a feature called Eco tub clean which would intensely clean the tub free from any odour or leftover grimes.

Also, the magic filter located in the deep end of the drum collects all the lint that is generated during wash, even when the water level is low.

For additional comfort, the machine has a delay start time which can be used to schedule the operation of the machine at a particular time.

The sophisticated outlook of the machine cannot be gone unnoticed. The LED display on the machine is comfortable to read.

The buttons are smooth and convenient for usage and enhance the usability comfort of the machine.

The lid of the machine is made of highly durable tempered glass which gives better visibility and also lasts long.

The round edges of the machine give it an amazing finishing. There is a comprehensive warranty period of 2 years on the products and 4 years on the motor.

  • Excellent designing for better wash performance
  • Air Turbo feature for quick drying of clothes
  • Sophisticated and easy to use interface design
  • Delayed installation support from the company
  • High vibration and noise


14. Godrej 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine (WT EON 620 A Gp Gr)

Godrej is an extremely versatile brand that manufactures various genres of products in different sectors. Their products emit excellence and are also available in comfortable price ranges.


A simple and productive washing machine is all you need for a simple lifestyle. This fully automatic 6.2 kg washing machine has all the basic and necessary features for effective washing. It has a spin rate of 700 RPM which helps in achieving a quick dry.

Primary Features

  • Load capacity of 6.2 kg
  • Spin rate of 700 RPM
  • 5 wash programs
  • Acu-wash drum for an enhanced scrubbing mechanism
  • Turbo 6 pulsator for excellent water turbulence
  • Active soak for effective stain removal
  • iwash technology with fuzzy logic technology
  • Warranty of 2 years on machine and 10 years on motor

There are 5 fundamental wash programs that the machine is programmed with. These add flexibility to the washing machine and further enhance the comfort aspect of it.

For effective stain removal, the machine has an Active Soak feature which completely soaks the clothes for 5 to 8 minutes before the wash process begins.

The Acu-Drum design has variable-sized holes that facilitate deep scrubbing. This ensures that there is no dirt residue left behind on the clothes.

It is equipped with a Turbo 6 pulsator which boosts the water turbulence for an intense and perfect wash. There are also 5 different water level options that can be customized based on the requirement.

The iWash feature which is supported by a fuzzy logic technology that gives the provision for the machine to auto-identify the load and suggest the settings and product requirements for it.

There are also some additional features such as child lock, which locks the keys on the machine to prevent any mishandling by kids.

Also, another facility is that there is an auto-restart capability that lets the machine start off from the point it left off during a power shutdown.

The lid of the machine has been made with hard and toughened glass which is shock-resistant and also long-lasting. The warranty duration on the machine is 2 years and also, there is a 10-year warranty on the motor.

  • Satisfactory wash results
  • Specially designed for removing stubborn stains
  • Fuzzy logic technology for auto speculation of requirements
  • Long-lasting
  • Limited wash preferences


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Buying Guide – Best Top Load Washing Machines in India

Although washing machines are very convenient from a general perspective, there is a need for an efficient machine that can get the job done perfectly. There are countless different models in many different brands, all of which are equipped with a variety of features that suit a certain lifestyle.

In a country like India, there are a number of variable lifestyles that demand different requirements from appliances. What works well for one may not be so for the other.


You must pick that one special washing machine that perfectly suits your needs and fits right for your home. However, it really isn’t that easy if you walk into a store without doing the necessary homework.

To help you out with that, we have framed a set of features that you must pay attention to when you are buying a washing machine. By the end of this buyer’s guide, you will be enlightened with all the prospects you would want to expect from your washing machine.

Factors to consider while buying Top Load Washing Machines in India

1. Load Capacity

The load capacity requirement would vary depending upon the number of members in your family. This aspect is very important because if a large family ends up with a machine that has a less load capacity, it would not satisfy their requirement.

Thus, it is important that you ensure that the machine can handle the load of your entire family’s clothing. For a family of three members, the ideal load capacity requirement would be 6.5 kg.

2. Spin Speed

The spin speed of the drum is measured using a unit called RPM(Revolutions per minute). A machine with a higher RPM would dry clothes more quickly and efficiently.

This is exceptionally important during monsoon when it already takes a long time to dry the clothes.

Hanging soaking wet clothes to dry would only make the job all the more tedious. A machine with an RPM above 700 is perfectly suitable.

3. Wash Programs

Most washing machines have at least 5 different wash settings. This helps in customizing the wash mechanism and timing depending on the nature of your clothes.

The washing process would be slightly gentler for delicate clothes and vigorous for stained clothes. These settings allow the user to describe the kind of wash preference they would need.

Another additional option that most machines have is water level selection. This allows the user to select the water level depending on the need.

A machine with more wash preferences is recommended as it gives you a variety of different options to choose from, making it more flexible.


4. Material

Inner material

The material of the drum places a vital part in the durability as well as the cleansing process of the machine.

A drum that is made of plastic tends to crack over time and also gives poor cleansing results. Thus, for better performance and durability, go for a drum that is made of stainless steel. They have specially designed grooves which enhances the wash performance.

Outer material

The three different options for the outer material are plastic, porcelain-enamel, and stainless steel. Plastic and enamel made machines are cheaper when compared to stainless steel ones.

However, plastic tubs are more long-lasting than enamel-based ones. Both plastic and stainless steel are suitable for the tub but stainless steel remains as the first recommended preference.

5. Water Pressure Requirement

In India, water scarcity is a major issue. If a machine runs with less or no availability of water, it is most likely to wear out soon. To ensure that no such mishap happens, it is necessary for you to look for a machine that can work efficiently even when the water pressure is low.

6. Temperature options

A machine that has temperature control options is very useful. It is common knowledge that hot water cleanses clothes more efficiently. Thus, this feature comes handy during winter for enhancing the wash performance.


7. Fuzzy Logic

A washing machine with a fuzzy logic technology enables it to automatically sense the load and suggest the appropriate settings and detergent dosage for it. Having this option reduces product and energy wastage.

8. Vibration

No one wants a thunderbolt sounds and earthquake vibrations from their washing machines. As creepy as it sounds, it is equally a disturbance as well. Ensure that the machine has low vibration and noise for a pleasant experience.

9. Special Features

Lint Filter

Ensure that your machine has an effective lint filter. This filter is used to collect all the lint generated from the fabrics during the wash cycle. In the absence if this filter, the lint would likely stick to your clothes or clog the pores of the machine.

Tub Clean

No one wants a stinky and dirty tub. To clean it completely free from any germs or odour, the tub clean feature is useful. It runs the machine without any load and cleans it thoroughly.

Auto Restart

Considering the frequent power cuts in India, this feature is very handy. This feature enables the machine to resume the wash process from where it stopped, before the power cut.

Child Lock

If you have kids or pets at home, this feature is a welcome blessing. It locks the control panels in the machine, thereby disabling any possibility of altering the settings.

Delay Timer

This feature is used to set a timer which auto starts the machines after the timer runs out.

Energy Efficiency

This goes without saying. A machine which is energy and water efficient is most preferred.

Safety Feature

The power fluctuation is a serious problem in India. To make sure that this voltage drop doesn’t damage your machine, make sure it has a safety feature that cuts off the current if it detects any short circuits or voltage fluctuations.


FAQ – Best Top Load Washing Machines in India

Q.1 Is top load washing machine good?

Ans. Top load washing machines are advantageous in two aspects. The foremost advantage is that it is very much cheaper when compared to the front load washing machine. A top load washing machine of good quality and advanced features would cost not more than Rs. 14,000, at the most.

However, a front load washing machine with a similar reputation would cost roughly about Rs. 30000. The second aspect is that it is convenient to use as it is easy to load the clothes without much strain. Since the load can be added from the top, it is easier to use and does not require much effort.

Q.2 How to clean a top-load washing machine’s drum?

Ans. Almost all washing machines today come with a tub clean mode which when selected runs the machine without any load, thereby removing any unpleasant smell. For the most part, this should be sufficient to keep your machine’s drum clean and odourless.

However, if you are looking for a more intense cleaning process, you can take a small quantity of white vinegar and baking soda and scrub the mixture gently on the surface of the drum. Then, run your machine in the tub clean mode to completely cleanse it.

Q.3 Is top load washing machine automatic?

Ans. Top load washing machines come is both sem-automatic and fully automatic modes. In a semi-automatic top load washing machine, there are seperate tubs for washing and drying of clothes.

Once the wash cycle is completed, the clothes have to manually transferred to the other tub which is meant for drying. This requirement for manual intervention makes it disadvantageous.

A full-automatic top load washing machine has only a single tub that is used for both washing and drying. The controls, that are once set at the beginning of the wash cycle does not require any intervention. This is more convenient for the hectic lifestyle that we have today.

Q.4 What is a top load washing machine with an agitator?

Ans. There are two different designs when it comes to a top load washing machine.

Top Load Machine with an Agitator – An agitator is a tall vane shaped spindle that is present on the bottom of the drum. This spins around when the machine is operating, thereby circulating the movement of clothes for better wash performance.

Top Load Machine with an Impeller – An impeller is disc-like plates which are attached to the bottom of the drum. This enables the machine to whip the water throughout the drum such that the force pushes out the dirt from the clothes, further enhancing the cleansing mechanism.

Q.5 Is a top load washing machine with a heater preferred?

Ans. Definitely, a machine with a temperature regulator is definitely preferred. Hot water cleanses the clothes much better and is also very effective in removing stains.
It is more comfortable during monsoon when the tap water is generally cold. Thus, a top load washing machine with a heater is a good choice.


Despite the detailed guidelines and reviews, it still may be difficult for you to come to a conclusion on what would be the best for your requirement. The various prospects to consider can all be a tough job to handle. For simplifying your job, we have a product recommendation for you.

The Godrej 6.2 kg washing machine is an amazing choice if you have a small family with minimal requirements. The brand speaks volumes about the quality of the product. Godrej is a well-recognized brand that has proved its excellence time and again.

The machine is designed with all the basic necessary features that are necessary for an appreciable washing mechanism. It does its job perfectly well and also has an Active Soak feature to remove tough stains.

With its high efficient pulsator, it is capable of enhancing the water turbulence. There is also a fuzzy logic technology that is incorporated with the washing machine which gives it an extra boost of advantage. It is of a very affordable price and also is also very convenient to use.

Hope you liked the article!

Let us know in the comments about your queries and doubts!

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