10 Best Front Load Washing Machines in India (September 2021) – Buying Guide and Reviews

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Washing machines are one of the witty innovations in human history that have helped women to save a lot of time and effort spent on washing clothes.

Front-load washing machines are already being used enormously in foreign nations but couldn’t beat the demand of top-load machines in India.


Technically, there are a lot of advantages of front-load machines over top load in which lower water consumption makes it stand out.

So, the front load washing machines are primarily recommended than any other type of washing machine.

To buy a splendid top-grade front load washing machine, you must know its features and characteristics.

Thus we are giving you the list of top 10 front load machines and a buying guide, to lessen the burden and gratify your needs.

These are the 10 Best Front Load Washing Machines in India

Top 10 Best Front Load Washing Machines in India

1. IFB 6Kg Fully-Automatic Front-Load Washing Machine

IFB is a giant in the Indian markets when it comes to manufacturing and marketing front-load washing machines. Their washing machines have been outstanding especially in durability and performance.


IFB Diva Aqua SX front-load washing machine is a fully-automatic variant that comes with a capacity of 6kg. It comprises of a stainless steel drum that has crescent-moon shaped grooves that goes easy on your textiles.

2D shower-wash system ensures that the clothes are cleaned at the highest level. It is supported by ball-valve technology which kicks out only the dirty water, thereby saving on detergents.

The fabrics that are put in are automatically rearranged randomly by the auto-balance system so that the cleaning actions get to reach and be implemented on each fabric.

In case you leave a dress behind, you can put it when the machine is performing wash cycles through the Laundry add feature.

‘Aqua energie’ feature enables the solvation of detergent by the means of filters. It contributes to advanced cleaning by making the water as a powerful soap-solution.

This silver coloured washing machine takes 800 RPM and requires a power supply of 220-240V. This front-loading washing machine features 3 temperature settings and around 14 wash programs that make the cleaning job easier.

Delay start duration can be set from 9 to 141 minutes. A child lock, voltage protection, and rat mesh are also present for safe usage of this 4 stars rated appliance.

The manufacturer is offering 4 years of comprehensive warranty on the IFB Diva Aqua SX. Not only this, but you will also get 10 years of support on the spare parts. To grab a hold on exclusive deals and discounts, order this machine now.

  • Auto-restart
  • In-built heater
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Integrated stabiliser
  • Not suitable for a family of 3-4 members


2. Bosch 7Kg Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine

Bosch never gets out of the list of the best front load washing machines in India. The company is known to be par excellent in the field of producing and selling front-load washing machines.


Bosch presents a German engineering marvel – WAK24168IN which is a fully-automated washing machine of the front-loading type. It comes in silver color and has been awarded a rating of over 4.3 stars for its amazing performance.

Advanced and damage-free working levels are exhibited due to the incorporation of various unique features. The washing machine would always have stable functioning during washing or drying, which is ensured by washing machine design that is anti-vibration.

If there is less supply of water in your area, the “active-water” feature would save your life. It ensures that the quantity of water being consumed is less in comparison to the regular washing machines.

It relies on the load sensors which adjust the required level of water based on the weight of the materials put in the drum.

High speed of washing cycles is enabled by the 1200 RPM factor. The stainless steel Vario-drum acts supportively in the above speed, thus removing stains gently from the laundry.

The big structure provided for the drum gives space for clothes and the drum clean feature maintains a dirt-free drum to ensure hygiene and cleanliness.

Parameters such as volt-check and child lock are included to maximize safer use of the appliance by the user. The reload function adds to the user-friendly nature when it comes to putting in more laundry while performing washing cycles.

The eco-silence drive motor, LED display, foam detection system, unbalanced load detection, and multiple water protection enhances the overall function ability of the appliance.

10 years of the warranty period would be given on the machine motor along with 24 months warranty on the product. Buy it today to experience the best cleansing of fabrics.

  • Silent operation
  • Lesser water pressure
  • In-built water heater
  • Provided with free water filter
  • Power cord is not lengthy enough


3. Bosch 6Kg Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine

Bosch is a standard brand name that might come to your mind as soon as you hear about front loading washing machines. It has been maintaining the top positions in the Indian markets for decades now.


Bosch WAB16060IN is a fully automatic front-load washing machine that comes in white colour. This appliance has gained a rating of 4.1 stars by the customers.

There are several features in this machine which takes the washing experience on a higher level and make them go smoothly over your clothes.

The active-water feature enables lower consumption of water by taking up only the required amount of water depending on the load detected by the load sensors.

The allergens are removed to ensure better hygiene. Finish the wash, rinse and spin procedures in 15 to 30 minutes through the 800 RPM speed of super 15’/30’ program, while running late.

In this machine, you don’t need to regulate the settings on a daily basis. Once it is set, you can begin the washing cycle by just pressing a button. Also, the drum cleans itself to get devoid of dirt and toxins.

It features a volt-check parameter that assures the safety of this front load washing machine during power fluctuations. The reload function enables the addition or removal of clothes when the machine is under operation.

There is a pre-wash mode that enables the soaking of clothes in the spacious drum before you wash them. The eco silence drive motor and anti-vibration design ensures low to no noise production which lets you enjoy the washing process in peace.

Along with so many features, it also has 4d wash, hot water control, and Vario-drum design that enhances the washing experience. These functions can be applied for any type of fabric with the help of special programs like silk, woolen, kids wear, and synthetic washes.

2 years of warranty is being offered on the product in addition to 10 years of warranty for the motor. Exciting discounts and cash backs can be availed with a click on the button below.

  • Work under silence
  • Maintains lower pressure of water
  • Free-water filter is supplied
  • There is a built-in Water heater
  • Low capacity


4. BPL 6.5Kg Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine

BPL is a popular company that has been successfully maintaining high sales of the front-load washing machine in India’s market.


BPL BFAFL65WX1 is a fully automatic front-load washing machine that is white in color. It is an aesthetically appealing machine that has a stylishly designed structure.

The drum is made of out of high-grade stainless steel material and has got an S-shape of carvings that smoothly enhances cleaning processes.

Advanced washing is ensured by the drum’s ergonomic design and the integrated spray system which evenly spreads out water while washing.

The machine consists of a copper motor that takes 1200 rotations per minute which adds to the efficiency in the drying of your clothes at less time.

8 programs are pre-set in this appliance for washing fabrics based on their type. So be it cotton, woolen or any other material your clothes are ought to get the best wash quality.

The 180-degree range for wide-open of drum door, digital LED display, back-up timer, and the provision of a knob for selecting the suitable program induces the device to be user-friendly.

This 2150W appliance should be operated at a 230V power supply to get the maximum efficiency. It has a rat mesh for safety purposes and an inlet pipe as an additional attachment.

12 months of warranty is offered on the appliance while 36 months warranty period is proffered separately on the motor.

  • No additional heater required
  • Compact
  • Low noise level for washing
  • Steel door
  • Too noisy while spinning


5. Amazon Basics 7Kg Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine

Amazon Basics is a well-known brand name that not only manufactures front-loading washing machines but also produces some of the amazing kitchen appliances like mixer grinders, food processors & many more.


Amazon Basics proffers this efficient front loading washing machine which has a capacity of 7 kg and is fully-automatic. You have an option to choose the colour, as amazon is selling this washing machine in 2 colours, silver & grey.

The rust-proof metal body contributes to the stability, durability, and longevity of this amazon washing machine.

The stainless steel drum body is combined with diamond technology to withstand high-speed of spin that comes around 1300 RPM or as selected by you.

The mute washing functionality and low-vibration assuring body induce to the quieter working of the device. Other features like auto-restart, delay wash, and auto-off are preset to ensure hassle-free and user-friendly washing.

Having a wide range of voltage and frequency stabilises the performance of the appliance. It has 24 hours of the delay-start timer along with extra rinse function and 23 wash programs, which can remove heavy soils from bedsheets & other fabrics.

The digital panel and pre-wash function ensure that the product is highly user friendly. Higher energy efficiency and availability of rat mesh make this product among the top-selling front load washing machines in India.

Self-maintenance is carried out by the drum clean function by splashing 90 degrees Celsius hot water in the drum, corners, and the gap between inner and outer drum.

A free comprehensive warranty of 1 year is given on the purchase of this machine. Also, 3 years warranty has been granted on the motor which covers manufacturing defects.

  • Comparatively cheap rate
  • Usage of water at reduced pressure
  • In-built water heater
  • Works quietly
  • No child-lock


6. LG 8Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

LG is one of the evergreen Indian manufacturers that are selling many qualitative appliances like washing machines, Inverter ACs, refrigerators, and what-not.


LG FHT1408SWL is a silver colour front-load washing machine that promises to improve your experience of washing clothes.

The highlight of this product is that it can provide the best steam wash experience by proper removal of allergens like dirt, pollen, and bacteria from the fabrics.

Having the motor directly attached to the drum without the intervention of belts and pulleys, noise and vibration levels are significantly reduced. It also decreases problems related to wear and tear.

The 6 motion drive technology allows your clothes to softly turn in 6 directions to cleanse thoroughly and get rid of tough stains. You also have the turbo wash option which performs the same task in less time and water supply.

The rust-free, stainless steel drum comes with a child lock to ensure added safety. The water-proof touch panel also supports the above measure.

Heat the water up to 60 degrees Celsius to produce stain-free and ultra-clean fabrics. Save time and money on repairs by getting intimated of 86 types of errors via SmartThinQ app, with the help of smart diagnosis features.

The unique feature of this machine is that you can operate it from anywhere in your house as it is connected to you through SmartThinQ Wi-Fi.

It proves to be extremely useful as it comprises of an inverter direct drive, 4 spin speed setting, multiple temperature options, digital LED display, and a sturdy door that can be opened up to 170-degrees.

10 years of the warranty period is offered on the motor in which the first 2 years also apply for the overall appliance. To get this amazing deal, click the button given below.

  • Compact
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Inverter compatible
  • Easy to maintain
  • Expensive


7. IFB 6.5Kg Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine

IFB is a renowned brand name in India’s washing machine market. Their top-quality products and service are recognized and appreciated by the customers.


IFB Elena ZX is a white colored front-loading washing machine that is fully-automatic. It comes with several features and functions to simplify the washing procedures.

Having pre-wash function you can soak your clothes and then wash for thorough removal of dirt from the fabrics. Time can be set for the same through time delay or delay start.

Auto imbalance vibration control ensures that the load is spread evenly to experience uniform cleaning. The cradle wash is the unique system found in this product for washing delicate materials.

The rinse hold option pauses the last rinse to detangle the clothes while the laundry add option allows you to put in the load that you left behind.

The voltage control feature stops the functions as it is, in case of fluctuations. This IFB appliance would automatically resume with the same settings after the power cut.

10 wash programs are incorporated for easier washing of different types of fabrics. 5 temperature settings are available along with aqua energie that ensures in the supply of concentrated soap solution.

The stainless steel drum is provided with child lock as a precautionary measure. Knob and buttons are given to control and operate the device. The LED digital display eases the use, additionally.

This washing machine has a speed of 1000 RPM and has been awarded 4.2 stars for its outstanding performance.

4 years of warranty is offered by the manufacturer for both the machine and motor. Quickly place your order to get bank offers and no-cost EMI payment option.

  • Energy-efficient
  • Water pressure is maintained between 0.3 to 10 bar
  • Integrated water heater
  • Compact dimensions
  • Costly choice
  • No rat mesh


8. Haier 6Kg Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine

Haier is quite a popular name that can be often heard in the local markets. Their excellence can be noted with the mass scale production and sale of front load washing machines.


Haier HW60-10636NZP is a dazzling white coloured front-load washing machine. This fully-automatic washing machine has a variety of features integrated into it.

It is an energy-efficient appliance that has got an energy rating of A++. Having a speed of 1000 RPM, this machine proves to work effectively at lower power levels.

The stainless steel drum has 128 muscles with holes in it. This design enhances scrubbing action over clothes in a smoother way. Being welded with laser seamless welding technology, it turns out to be 3.5 times stronger than regular drums.

This technology adds to the durability and increases the life span of the washing machine. Bacteria and other harmful microorganisms are got rid of the gasket and dispenser with the help of Anti-bacterial technology.

NZP or near zero pressure technology enables washing under the water pressure ranging between 0.001 to 0.002 MPA. Over 10 types of fabrics can be washed through the preset program.

Daily wash feature is provided to avoid often setting of a suitable option. Express 15 mins function speeds up washing procedures.

Special features include 3 extra rinses and self-clean under 90 degrees hot water. Digital display, knobs, and buttons ensure user-friendly operation.

The child lock provision included in the glass door contributes to the safety factor & makes it among the most durable front load washing machines.

10 years of warranty has been applied to the motor in which the first 2 years also comply for the device. Hurry up and gift yourself with a top-class washing machine at the cheapest rates.

  • Compact
  • Child-lock
  • Laser welding technology
  • Anti-bacterial technology
  • Too noisy


9. Voltas Beko 8Kg Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine

Voltas is a widely recommended brand in the streets of the Indian marketplace. This brand has been manufacturing quality and performing excellently.


Voltas Beko WFL80SP is a fully-automatic silver front-load washing machine that has 8kgs of washing capacity.

This appliance comprises a pro-smart motor that rotates at a speed of 1400 RPM and is compatible with the inverter. Unbalanced load control detects and corrects the arrangements of clothes in a balanced manner.

Child lock and overflow parameters are provided as safety measures. 26 types of stubborn stains can be easily erased with the aid of preset programs. Due to this feature, the machine is known to be a stain-expert.

The pre-wash option allows you to keep your textiles soaked in water up to 3 hours. 3 extra rinses are provided for hassle-free eradication of tough stains and heavy soils.

A variety of clothes and cloth materials like cotton, woolen, etc. can be washed through pre-programmed functions. Daily Xpress enhances washing rates.

Stainless steel is the material used in the drum. It has a premium door which can be opened at any angle up to 180-degrees.

Easy operation is enabled by the digital display, touch buttons, and knobs. Temperature setting, time delay, and spin speed can be regulated based on your convenience.

Washing of dresses during monsoon weather can now be simply done in the machine by activating the monsoon mode. High spinning rates also dry the fabrics quickly.

A warranty period of 12 years is proffered for the motor in which the initial 3 years also covers the machine. Get hold of 30% discounts and other savings offers by purchasing this product now!

  • Inverter motor
  • High spinning speed
  • In-built water heater
  • Separate inlet and drain hose available
  • Too high a price


10. Samsung 8Kg Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine

Samsung is a highly reputed and appreciated brand name which is preferred by many for quality and productivity. It has been ruling the marketplace in India for quite a while.


Samsung WW80J4243MW/TL is a white colour front-load washing machine that has been awarded 4.2 stars for its performance by the users.

Eco-bubble technology is one of its specialties which convert the solid detergent into a bubble so that cleaning action is powerful on stains and soft on your fabrics.

It induces the efficiency of washing even in cold water at the minimal power supply. A similar action can be observed in bubble soak function.

Thorough elimination of the toughest of stains can be achieved by soaking your clothes in activated bubbles. Spotlessly cleaned clothes can be attained by this function.

Power-packed performance is exhibited at the utmost silence. It is made possible by digital inverter technology. 15 Quick wash mode enables quicker washing and gives out densely cleaned cloth within 15 minutes.

The stainless steel diamond drum can be sanitized without using chemicals via the Eco Drum Clean technology. On requiring a wash, notification is sent to your device automatically. All this adds to easy maintenance.

Smart-check is an automatic error-monitoring system that detects diagnoses and intimates you with the presence of any fault through a Wi-Fi connection with the smartphone app.

The DIT motor speed can be varied at 3 levels with the maximum being 1200 RPM. Temperature can be varied at 4 levels, up to 90-degrees Celsius.

Knobs, buttons and digital display enhances usability while the various wash programs preset of different kinds of fabrics ensures effective and damage-free washing.

10 years is the warranty duration granted on the motor by the producers among which the initial 2 years applies to the appliance, too.

  • Pre-assembled ceramic heater
  • Separate on/off and start/pause button
  • Auto-restart
  • Rat guard provided
  • Produces a lot of noise


Buying Guide – Best Front Load Washing Machines in India

Front-load washing machines are indeed really helpful in day-to-day life. It would reduce your time and energy spent on washing clothes every day.

The availability of several features with few advantages over top-load washing machines makes them stand out in comparison to other types of washing machines.


In order to own one of them and experience the utmost productivity, you must know the basic needs and differences.

Factors to consider while buying front load washing machine

A washing machine must consist of some basic features, regardless of its model. These parameters would enable better washing and higher productivity. It helps in the exhibition of the best results. The functions are:-

1. Fuzzy logic:

With fuzzy logic functionality integrated into the front loading washing machine, your machine can analyze and provide the best washing using appropriate conditions. It allows the machine to decide the amount of water, detergent quantity, and duration required for washing, thus getting rid of the dirt in the most hassle-free manner.

2. Delay start:

Delay-start is a feature that would delay the start of washing for keeping the clothes soaked in water. Once you set the time and put in the load, the machine will keep the fabrics soaked in water and then start washing.

3. Quick wash:

As the name suggests, this feature would enable the machine to speed up its washing processes. Unlike ordinary cycles, it would give you washed fabrics in a matter of time so that you can put the next load quickly.

4. Steam wash:

Under this mode, the machine washes the fabrics with steam and heat. It helps in the removal of odour and stubborn stains, without much stress and strain. It is a new parameter incorporated in recent models that uses humidity to cleanse your textiles.

5. Drum material:

The washing tub or drum is the place where all your materials will be placed to get cleaned. So this part must be made out of sturdy and durable material. Plastic, enamel, albeit, and stainless steel are few substances used for the same.

It turns out that plastics are better than enamel in terms of durability but stainless steel is the affordable and aptest choice which has the strength to carry loads and is long-lasting. Albeit can hold up high-speed spins and have the longest shelf life, comparatively but are quite pricey.

6. Spin cycle:

The spin cycle is one of the functions that most of the front loading washing machines perform for drying purposes. It is measured as RPM which stands for rotation per minute. A higher RPM rate implies that your clothes would be dried in a much better way. 

7. Temperature control:

Advanced cleaning experience is provided when your textiles are washed in hot water. It is possible to do so in washing machines by accessing the temperature control parameter. It provides you with the control to regulate temperature. This feature is essential when you use a steam wash mode. Also, they are preferable in cool climates or weathers.

Comparison and Preference

In India, people began using washing machines with a top-loading variant of the semi-automatic type. So, when fully automated washing machines came out in the Indian market, people tend to prefer that over semi-automatic. While in foreign nations, the transition was easy.

Usually, people get confused between top-load and front-load and so we researched and came up with the results of the comparison.


The name is kept based on the design. The motor is placed beneath the drum; vertically in top-load while it is behind the drum, in front-load. The front-load washing machine consumes three times less amount of water when compared to top-load because when the drum rotates the clothes fall back into the water in the former. This low quantity of water is maintained for all further processes like rinsing.

Lack of agitator in front-load machines allows it to possess more capacity. Thus you get to buy the machine that has a higher capacity and display optimised figures in your electricity bills.

Front-load models feature better drying of clothes.

Although they won’t suit people with backache as one has to bend down to put clothes. You can’t stop the washing cycles in between to add on clothes at the last moment.

Even then, front-load washing machines are better to have since they are energy efficient and smoothly go over fabrics too.


From the above-discussed traits, you can easily grasp the merits of owning a front-loading washing machine. To easily point out they have been given as follows:

✅ You can experience enhanced washing with the availability of superior features.

✅ Consume a much lesser quantity of water.

✅ Smooth and fragile washing on subtle fabrics and fibres.

✅ A higher number of washing programs and cycles are present.

✅ Do not require much detergent.

✅ Absence of agitators and impellers provides added space and capacity.

✅ Enhanced drying capabilities.

✅ Elegant, aesthetic, and exhibit excellent performance.

✅ Most of them being fully-automatic, you would find it easy and helpful.


Nothing is perfect in the man-made world, be it any type of equipment or electronic appliances. Few of the drawbacks are:

🚫 Its design is not much user-friendly as aged or elderly people find it difficult to bend and load or unload the clothes on a daily basis.

🚫 Bases can increase the height but they account in additional investment.

🚫 Aren’t compact enough to finely fit in a corner.

🚫 Require a surplus of maintenance to avoid the unpleasant smell that arises due to the formation of moulds.

🚫 They are expensive.

Precautions to be taken 

You have to follow the precautionary measures given below to experience utmost efficiency and productivity-

1. Ensure that you use the optimum amount of HE (high efficiency) soap. It would lend a hand in cleaning activity, thus improving performance and decrease odour and servicing needs.

2. Circulation of fresh air would not allow moulds and mildews to form. It can be achieved by keeping the washing machine door ajar, when not in use.

3. Cleaning the rubber coatings given on the door for prevention of water leakage is necessary to get rid of mould formation.

Frequently asked Questions(FAQs): 

A lot of questions would arise in your mind after a short analysis of the detailed content. Clarifying the concept through correct answers for each one of them is not always possible, so we suggest that you go through some of the frequently asked questions by the customers.

Q1) What are front-loading washing machines?

Ans. Front-loading washing machines are the ones in which the laundry is loaded from the door which is placed on the front-side of the washing machine. Thus, its name came as a front-load.

Q2) How to use a front load washing machine?

Ans. Using a front-load washing machine isn’t rocket science. It is operated similarly to a normal top-load machine. Once you load the laundry, set the suitable options, add detergent, and press the start button. You can unload the laundry as soon as the washing is over.

Q3) What is the best front-load washing machine?

Ans. The top 10 brands of best front load washing machines have been listed at the beginning of the article. There is no single best brand but it is always better to go with that brand which offers you a washing machine that has apt features and fits your budget too.

Q4) Can front-loading washing machines have leakage from the bottom?

Ans. There are possibilities of leakage from the underneath of the washing machine when the hoses or drain pumps or water inlet valve get loosely connected, disconnected, or cracked. It can be repaired easily so it won’t be a big issue but the accumulation of water beneath the machine shouldn’t occur as it might lead to deep damages.

Q5) How to clean a front-loading machine?

Ans. Cleaning the washing machine can be a tedious process, especially the interiors. Most of the recent models have auto-clean or self-clean features. Servicing it once a while would also help in maintenance. Other methods involve regular cleaning of dispenser, gaskets and dispenser tray.

Q6) Will front-load washing machines be provided with a stand?

Ans. Most manufacturers would provide a free stand for the washing machine along with the product. In case some of them don’t offer, you can always buy one from the electronic department. They are cost-effective but buying it along with a washing machine may seem like an expensive investment.

Q7) Which detergent should be used for front-load washing machines?

Ans. Whatever may be the brand of detergent, you must ensure that you go with HE (high efficiency) detergents. This is because they produce fewer amounts of suds that are responsible for damage or may even lead to blocks.

Both powder and liquid forms can be used but liquid detergents are preferred and recommended on a wider base due to the absence of bleach content in it.

Q8) Why front-load washing machines are expensive?

Ans. Almost all the models of front-load washing machines have a lot of features and preset programs to bring out the best wash quality without much human efforts and interference.

Also, being made out of quality materials they do cost a fortune. But then it is a one-time investment because you will save on the electricity bills in the long run, until you have the machine in working conditions. 

Q9) What is the price of front-load machines in India?

Ans. The price of front-load washing machines depends on the purpose, capacity, and quality. The prices increase with capacity. The starting range of the home-purpose machine comes around 14,000 INR and goes up to 80,000 INR. Commercial purpose washing machines are generally bulky so would cost a fortune

Q10) What are the advantages of a front-loading washing machine?

Ans. When compare with top-load washing machines, front-load ones turn out to be better. First and foremost being low water consumption. Secondly higher capability due to the absence of agitators. All of this automatically leads to enhanced performance.


A washing machine is an undeniable, basic household necessity. It does come at a cost but significantly reduces your burden in doing the chores. Front-load washing machines are not only useful but also better over top-load washing machines.


We recommend you to go with ‘LG Fully-Automatic Front-Load Washing Machine’ as it is the best among the top 10 front-load washing machines, in terms of features and availability of some advanced parameters.

Hope the article helped you gain knowledge on the fundamental requirements and parameters that have to be considered before buying the appliance and assisted you in getting the best front-load washing machines as per your needs and convenience.

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