13 Best Wall Mounted Fans in India (July 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Are you looking for a wall-mounted fan that meets all your needs but confused, what to choose?

You can relax now because you have reached the right place!


Wall-mounted fans have become increasingly popular over the years because they are compact and convenient. Unlike ceiling fans, they do not require a lot of space.

They are very easy to clean and maintain because they are mostly mounted on a reachable height. Even the installation of these appliances is very easy.

They can be put on a setting which ensures that the fan swings in all the direction for efficient air circulation about the whole room. These appliances are a perfect fit for small rooms like restaurant booths, small cabins, restrooms, etc.

Wall Mounted fans are small in size but provide the same or better circulation than that provided by ceiling fans because of their high frequency. Most of the models come with adjustable speed settings that you can alter according to the weather and other requirements.

More recent models even come with a remote to control the speed configurations. The others have to be dealt with a cord that is suspended from the regulator on the device.

They are so much in demand because they can be installed in places the ceiling fans do not fit. Also, they consume much less power than the latter. They are cheaper and definitely cost-effective.

If you want to buy one of these appliances, you should know about the best of them to choose from. Below listed are the 13 Best Wall-Mounted fans in India.

To make things easy for you, we have created a detailed Buying Guide that would help you to make the right selection.

These are the Top 13 Best Wall Mounted Fans in India

ProductsSpeedPower SupplyWarrantyBuy Now
iBELL WF9816 Wall Fan1350 RPM50 W1 year+1 year on
free registration
Havells Swing Platina 400mm Wall Fan1350 RPM50 W2 yearsamazon-button
Bajaj Esteem 400 mm Wall Fan1320 RPM50 W2 yearsamazon-button
Crompton High Flo Wave Wall Mounted Fan1300 RPM55 WNAamazon-button
Bajaj Ultima PW01 48-Watt Wall Fan2300 RPM48 W1 yearamazon-button
Havells Swing 400mm Wall Fan1350 RPM50 W2 yearsamazon-button
Orient Electric Wall-49 400mm Wall Fan1350 RPM58 W2 yearsamazon-button
Atomberg Efficio+ Wall Mounted Fan1350 RPM32 W2 yearsamazon-button
Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm - 55-Watt Wall Fan1280 RPM55 W2 yearsamazon-button
Halonix HELION 400mm Wall Fan1400 RPM55 W2 yearsamazon-button
Harman Industries Air Wall Cum Table FanNA45 W2 yearsamazon-button
V-Guard Esfera RW 16 Remote Wall Fan1350 RPMNA2 yearsamazon-button
Luminous SpeedPRO 400MM Wall Fan1350 RPM50 W2 yearsamazon-button

Best Wall Mounted Fans in India in 2021

1. iBELL WF9816 Wall Fan

iBell has emerged as a major electronics Brand in the Indian Markets. The company manufactures home appliances, everything from a drilling machine to security cameras.


The powerful and efficient motor in this wall-mounted fan requires 50 watts of power supply. Furthermore, the working of the fan is quiet and vibration-free as well. 

The frequency of the blades is 1350 rotations per minute which is why you experience rapid airflow as soon as you turn the device on.

It is to be mounted at a 30-degree angle from the wall. This fan has three blades to ensure the maximum level of circulation of air about your room for immediate optimum ventilation.

The fan can be set to swing mode where it oscillates about a pivotal joint so as to make sure that the air delivery is done in all the directions of the room.

The regulator that is used to adjust the working speed or frequency of blade rotation can be operated with the twin cords for systematic and easy control for the working of this device.

The above- mentioned speed regulator has 3 speeds- low, medium, and high that can be adjusted according to how hot or cold the temperature of your surrounding is.

Sometimes, it so happens that you have a low voltage supply, the device functions commendably in these conditions as well. The body is made of high- grade plastic and the safety grill that covers the blades of the fan, for your safety, are poly-coated.

For your convenience, the company provides a toll- free number so you can contact the customer service if you face any problems with the device. The manufacturers provide a year-long warranty and in the case of free registration, they give you one additional year of warranty.

  • Three blades that work with a frequency of 1350 rotations per minute
  • The working of this fan is noiseless and does not cause unusual vibration
  • The body of the fan is sturdy and durable
  • There is poly coated safety grill is provided for your safety
  • The fan can tilt from side- to- side to increase the air flow in every direction
  • It can work at three different speeds that can be adjusted whenever you feel necessary
  • Extra year of warranty
  • It is not suitable for large rooms


2. Havells Swing Platina 400mm Wall Fan

Havells has been a premium manufacturer of electrical appliances for more than a century now. The company intends to provide its customers with the best quality products designed with the utmost precision and latest technology for desired results.


The motor in this device consumes 50 watts of power and needs a voltage supply of 220- 240 volts. Despite the motor is powerful, the noise level of the appliance is 71 decibels.

So, you can follow through your daily routine in peace without any unusual noises from the device while it is working. The 3 blades are made of polypropylene that means they are extremely light and are very strong, can maintain their working quality for a long time.

The speed of the blades is 1360 rotations per minute and the sweep size is 400 mm indicating that the device is capable of efficiently maintaining the air delivery in the room.

The fan oscillates to direct the flow of air in all the directions, the oscillation angle being 60 degree. Moreover, it can also be tilted upwards or downwards as per your requirements to maximize your comfort.

The whole mechanism is very smooth so that there is no disturbance. The three speeds, low, medium, and high can be changed through the cords connected to the regulator at the base of the fan.

It comes in elegant design and simple white colour that complements any kind of colour scheme and suits your room perfectly.

It has a compact construct, so it does not take up a lot of your wall space but the supreme standard of working is what really makes it a unique device.

The device is equipped with an overheating protection feature that ceases the working of the fan in a case where overheating in the motor occurs. This provides you protection against a possible accident that can unknowingly happen.

Havells is a known and highly admired brand. Their products are reliable and durable, the customer service provided by the company is very smooth and helpful. The warranty period for this device is 2 years in case you face some manufacturing defect in it.

  • The device can smoothly work in low voltages conditions
  • The poly propylene makes the blades durable
  • Protection against overheating of motor is provided
  • Three different manually regulated speeds of working
  • Two years of product warranty provided
  • Minimal noise or disturbance due to vibrations
  • Angle of oscillation is only 60 degree


3. Bajaj Esteem 400 mm Wall Fan

Bajaj is an over eighty- year old brand that has customers who always praised them for their highly efficient products and compatible price ranges. They manufacture a varied range of products like lights, fans, kitchen appliances.


The motor of this wall-mounted fan is made of Copper to prolong its life to improve the level of working. It consumes 50 watts of power. The sweep size of the device is optimum for a small or medium-sized room, 400 mm. 

This is why it can take charge of a relatively large space working at the speed of 1320 RPM. The speed of the fan can be easily controlled because it is provided with a cord that is connected to the regulator.

It can be switched to speed 1, 2, or 3 (ranging from low to high) through this cord. The quality of the material used to make the body of the fan is strong.

Parts of this fan are made from hard plastic and the rest like the spokes and rim of the safety grill is made of stainless steel. It is thus rust proof. It is because of this feature that the fan works smoothly for a long time without you having to getting the part replaced.

The performance of this fan is not tampered by the noise of the blades cutting through the air or rattling of the appliance because of the vibrations. It works quietly without causing you any inconvenience.

When compared to its contemporaries, it consumes much less power that is a feature that is pocket friendly as well as environment friendly.

They can be used in your house- in the kitchen or small rooms and in commercial spaces like small shops or office cabin. The aesthetic design is not too flashy, so it is suitable for any room.

The device has a smart security system that stops the motor from working when the device gets heated beyond a certain safe limit.

The high air thrust makes it possible for the device to circulate the air in the room rapidly so you can cool off when it is too hot. The manufacturer is offering 2 years warranty on this wall-mounted fan.

  • Motor is solely made of Copper
  • The body is tough and durable
  • It is equipped with Overheating Protection Feature
  • It consumes less power than contemporaries
  • It comes with two years of warranty
  • The speed of this device can be manually adjusted
  • Relatively, it is a little more expensive


4. Crompton High Flo Wave Wall Mounted Fan

Crompton is a company based in Mumbai that was founded in 1878. The company is involved in the manufacture of a variety of electrical appliances that come at affordable prices.


The sweeping power of this fan is 400 mm to give it more coverage area, it is also available in the option of 450 mm with all the same additional features. The frequency of the blade rotations in the fan is 1300 RPM.

The motor in this fan consumes 55 watts of energy and the required voltage for working is 230- 240 volts. The air delivery by the appliance is 75 cmm.

The device oscillates making an angle of 60 degrees so that the airflow is done uniformly in all directions. The process is extremely smooth and causes no creaking whatsoever.

The polypropylene blades are light and long-lasting, the work sharply so as to immediately cool you down when you need to.

This appliance boasts a Thermal Overload Protection that kicks into action in case the motor gets overheated due to long hours of constant use. The fan stops working to cool down to a safer temperature before it resumes again.

Unlike ceiling fans to clean which you have to probably climb ladders or up a high chair, you can easily clean the fan because it is at a comfortable height. You just need to open up the safety grill and wipe the dirt off with a wet cloth.

It functions silently so you can do your work or sleep in quiet. There have been no complaints about disturbing vibrations as well.

The speed settings can be changed with respect to the weather conditions you are in, high for when it is extremely hot and humid to low for nice, soothing temperatures.

The two cords are given for easy control of the fan regulator. You can also start or stop the side to side movement of the fan using these cords. Because of its elegant design and simple white color, it is preferred for households as well as commercial spaces.

  • Elegant model- can be used at home and office
  • Two chords are provided to change speed and spin settings
  • Blades made from long lasting poly propylene
  • Thermal overload protection for the motor
  • Extremely easy to maintain the quality
  • Quiet and pleasant working, does not disturb
  • No mention of the warranty for product


5. Bajaj Ultima PW01 48-Watt Wall Fan

Bajaj is one of the most reliable companies in India. The brand is a market player in the wall fans industry. This product has 4 blades that are made of polypropylene material.


B being sturdy and light-weighted, these blades are fitted to the fan such that they are aerodynamically balanced so that they can function to their maximum potential. The blade sweep of this wall-mounted fan is 200 mm. 

Therefore, the air thrust is so admirable. The air delivery of the appliance is 50 cmm. The motor of the fan consumes 48 watts of power supply. The blades work at the speed of 2300 rotations per minute.

The fan is attached to your wall such that the pivoted attachment has room for tilting the fan according to the area where you want to focus the air delivery at.

The body is made of hard plastic that is of supreme quality so that this appliance has a long life. It is also shockproof and can be easily cleaned. It takes a little space because of the compact construct.

It holds thrust to efficiently circulate air perfectly in the whole of your room. The appliance makes absolutely no sound while working. It is a very compatible device that is easy to operate, clean, and maintain for a long period of time.

The low power consumption factor is good for your monthly electricity bill and a step ahead in the conservation of energy.

It also has a safety feature to protect the device from thermal overload, by stopping the motor from functioning and giving it time to cool down. This feature prevents any mishappening. The brand is offering a warranty for 2 years on this wall-mounted fan.

  • Noiseless and vibration free functioning
  • Safety in case of Thermal Overload in motor
  • Durable body, made from hard plastic
  • The four blades are aerodynamically balanced for maximum air thrust
  • Two years warranty period for the fan
  • It consumes low power while working
  • Speed of the fan is not adjustable
  • The appliance does not oscillate


6. Havells Swing 400mm Wall Fan

Havells is a more than a century-old manufacturer of electronics that make the daily lives of their customers easy and their workload minimal. Their customers have high regard for the company and completely trust them to provide them the best.


The wiring in the motor of this appliance is made of pure copper to maximize the efficiency of operation and prolong the life of the motor. The motor itself is powerful and requires 55 watts of power supply.

The blade sweep or the length of the blades in the fan is 400 mm. It covers more area for better air thrust, so that you can enjoy cool air flow immediately after the device is turned on.

The speed of the blades is 1350 RPM that signifies how efficient this appliance is.

The air delivery of the fan is 72 cmm, thus the volumetric airflow is at par to your requirements in the scorching summer heat. The 3 blades are fitted to the mantle in such a way that they are aerodynamically balanced to give you the maximum level of air circulation.

The swing mechanism of the device is provided so that the air circulation is maintained in every direction and the room does not feel stuffy due to lack of ventilation. The angle of oscillation for the fan is 60 degree.

The cords help you set the fan on any one of the three speeds that are low, medium, and high. You can also switch the device on or turn it off using one of the twin cords dangling from the regulator at the base of the appliance.

The same goes for turning the device to swing mode. A smart and much-required safety system to protect the motor from any damage due to thermal overload is provided to keep you and the appliance safe from accidents.

The company has a toll-free helpline number that you can use to register any of your complaints and the team immediately responds to help you out to the best of their ability.

You are provided with two years of warranty for the case in which you are faced with a manufacturing defect in the device.

  • Blade sweep and air delivery are optimum
  • Cords provided to operate the regulator with ease
  • Three adjustable speed settings
  • Side to side motion of fan for proper ventilation
  • Two years of warranty time
  • Sometimes, unusual rattling is observed


7. Orient Electric Wall-49 400mm Wall Fan

Orient is an electronic company that majorly deals in fans- ceiling, standing and wall-mounted, lights, and switch gears. They provide their customers with standard, affordable and durable appliances.


The motor in the appliance consumes 58 watts of power. Also, it is protected with an additional safety feature called thermal overload protection that makes the motor stop running when its temperature rises from the safe limit.

The device can be tilted to fit exactly in the position you want it in, so that the airflow is directly in the direction you are generally present at. The fan is capable of gradually turning from one side to another to direct the airflow in all the corners of the room.

The oscillation takes place at 90 degrees. The appliance is further made user friendly by providing a remote to handle all the technicalities of the device like speed change, swinging of the fan when the need arises, and even turning the device on and off.

The remote also provides smart functions like a timer that can be set according to your preferences in order to effectively conserve energy. You can stay put in a place and conveniently change the settings on your fan without moving after a long hectic day.

An LED indicator is given to point out whether or not your device is turned on, which ensures that you turn it off when you are leaving the room. Some built-in settings in this fan are automated and make the device unique.

They are automatic speed control that adjusts the speed of the device for maximum utility and auto-reset when the device has been constantly working and the motor is overloaded.

The body of the fan is sturdy and durable. The safety grill fitted on top of the blades has a layer of polymer coating on it. The warranty period as provided by the manufacturers for this device is two years warranty.

  • This fan features thermal overload protection
  • Polymer coating of the safety grill
  • Smart features like automatic speed control and auto reset
  • Sturdy and long- lasting body
  • Remote can be used for changing device settings
  • Warranty period provided is two years
  • It is a little more expensive


8. Atomberg Efficio+ Wall-Mounted Fan

Atomberg is a company that has gained popularity over the years because of their unique designs and construct. The company has over millions of satisfied customers that have only praises for these products.


This smart appliance has a motor made purely of copper for best results and high efficiency and consumes 32 watts of energy. The working standards are enhanced by getting the device equipped with a double ball bearing motor and a separate motor for oscillation. 

This is the unique BLDC motor that helps the device conserve energy for your benefit. The consistency of working is uniform over the range of 90-285 volts, so if you are in an area where low voltage is frequently reported, the device is perfectly suited for you.

The maximum speed at which the blades can potentially rotate is 1350 rotations per minute, thus it has an instant cooling effect. It is quite easy to clean the fan thus the quality of it can be maintained in the long run.

You just need to dust it or wipe the grime off using wet tissues or cloth from time to time. To reach the blades though, you need to unscrew the safety grill.

For better understanding and to make the control panel easy to use, buttons are provided to replace the pulling cords. You can switch the device on or turn it off, the swing mode can opt and the speed of the blades can be altered using these buttons.

The current speed of the fan is indicated by the bright LED lights that are given on the control panel just under the mentioned speeds, the LED that is under the chosen speed turns on.

In order to make things even easier and more convenient, the fan can be controlled with the provided remote. Handling the appliance becomes easier because now it can be done from a distance as well. 2 years of warranty time for this wall fan is offered by the company.

  • BLDC motor for smooth running
  • Wide range of working voltage
  • Can be cleaned and maintained without any hassle
  • Three speeds that can be changed with weather conditions
  • Warranty period: 2 years
  • Device can be operated through a remote
  • Fan body attached to the wall not pivoted


9. Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm – 55-Watt Wall Fan

Usha is the manufacturers of most cost-convenient devices that are known for their durability and tough build. The brand is known for manufacturing the best sewing machines in India.


The motor that runs the device consumes a power of 55 watts. Despite being a powerful and swift- action motor the device is extremely quiet and working is vibration-free so that the rattling does not irritate you when you are in the middle of something.

The velocity of the fan blades is 1280 rotations per minute that ensure fast airflow as soon as the device is switched on. The device is very light and compact, so it can be comfortably mounted on the wall at an angle of 30 degrees.

It can be set for maximum air circulation for proper ventilation in your room. A swing mode of working can be activated so that the airflow is maintained in every direction inside the room so that you feel comfortable in the closed space.

A regulator at the base of the device is given so that you can adjust the speed and change it according to your liking.

The regulator is then connected to two cords so that you can comfortably operate it if the fan is placed high up and the knob is difficult to reach. The device functions with the same utility and efficiency in low voltage conditions.

The body of this wall mount fan and blades is tough enough for constant use, parts of the body are made from stainless steel, and part of it using high-grade plastic.

The blades are made from polypropylene thus have the same long-lasting feature. The company is extra careful when it comes to customer service because your satisfaction is paramount for them. The product warranty that is provided is also for 2 long years.

  • Swing mode ensures proper ventilation in the whole room
  • Tough and durable body
  • Two years of warranty on the appliance
  • Chords connected to the regulator for easy reach
  • High blade sweep and air delivery
  • Makes rattling noise sometimes


10. Halonix HELION 400mm Wall Fan

Halonix manufactures lights, lamps, and fans of all kinds. They are highly recommended by their consumers that are well impressed with their product performance.


The appliance is worked over by a motor that consumes a power of 55 watts & needs a supply of 230 volts. Thus, the motor works quite efficiently and powerfully. The blade sweep of the fan is 400 mm guaranteeing admirable air thrust to get you immediately relaxed on a hot day.

The fan speed also plays a very crucial role in this regard and this appliance takes 1400 rotations per minute. To control the speed settings in the product, you just have to pull on the cord that is attached to the regulator.

You can also turn the device on or off and turn to swing mode using one of the cords. The air delivery is also quite commendable, 75 cmm, such that the airflow is maintained to the premium level.

The blades are made of polypropylene hence are light, extremely thin but also tough and durable. The design is done in such a way that these blades are held in a balanced aerodynamic position for best performance.

The body is made with a combination of quality plastic and stainless steel and is thus strong. It is also shockproof and heat resistant for safety purposes.

The appliance when mounted on the panel attached to your wall, is given a pivoted arrangement so that you can easily tilt the fan according to the area you need the maximum airflow in.

A top-grade thermal overload protector is provided for a long and safe life of this fan, so that the motor ceases to function when it has been overworked.

way your safety is taken care of in the most simplistic manner. You are provided with a warranty time of two years starting from the day of your purchase.

  • The body is shockproof and heat resistant
  • Admirable air trust and flow
  • Polypropylene blades ensure durability
  • Swing mode can circulate air in the whole room
  • Thermal overload protection features for added safety
  • Two years warranty is given with the fan
  • Power consumption more relatively


11. Harman Industries Air Wall Cum Table Fan

Harman Electronics is a well-acclaimed brand in these markets because of their durable, aesthetically designed products that also boast the latest technologies to make your life easier by effectively reducing your daily workload.


This device has three polypropylene blades that are balanced aerodynamically so as to enhance the working of these blades and provide the best performance they potentially can with the given size.

The material used to make the blades is wisely chosen so that they can maintain their sturdiness for a long time making the appliance cost-effective.

The sweep size of these blades is 300 mm to give you maximum possible air thrust, which is why you get a fresh flow of air immediately after you switch the fan on.

The speed of the blades varies from 2600 to 2800 rotations per minute, courtesy of the robust motor that is rated to consume 55 watts of power. All in all, this fan is a great choice for places where summers are very hot and humid.

The fan is unique because it can be used as a table fan as well as a wall-mounted fan. The former mostly happens in instances when you have guests over or you want to relocate the position of your fan temporarily.

It has a convenient pivotal arrangement that allows you to change the angle it is tilted to according to your requirements, this can be done while it is used as a table fan or is attached to your wall.

You can clean the appliance with ease so it can work without hindrance and stay in the same conditions in the long run. It has a safety grill, so that the working blades do not cause any harm even if you are sitting very close to the appliance.

It is made of shockproof and heatproof material. The convenient compact size of the appliance allows it to rapidly cool you off without taking much of your working space.

It can move from side to side to regulate the air circulation inside your room so that it feels airy and fresh all around there.

The power consumption of the wall mount fan is reasonably low, taking into consideration it’s vigorous working. It makes no sound while working, not even vibrations due to the motor, so you can concentrate on your work without any disturbance.

  • Can be used as both- table fan and wall mounted fan
  • Rapid cooling technology without any lag
  • Tilt angle can be changed according to your preference
  • Low power consumption
  • Safety grill provided for safety
  • Side to side oscillation for better ventilation
  • Warranty period not discussed


12. V-Guard Esfera RW 16 Remote Wall Fan

V-Guard is one of India’s leading electric appliance manufacturers. They are very famous country-wide for their stabilizers, they also manufacture geysers, motors, and fans.


This appliance has a very reliable and effective motor that can work continuously for long hours without hampering its quality. It can work very well at low voltages so you can trust the device with proper ventilation even in such conditions.

Thus, it is suitable for remote areas as well. The velocity of working is 1350 RPM so you can rest assured that you are choosing one of the best appliances in that regard.

Keeping your safety as your topmost priority, it is provided with a safety grill made of stainless steel to cover the blades.

It is quite easy to clean the fan thus the quality of it can be maintained in the long run. You just need to dust it or wipe the grime off using wet tissues or cloth from time to time. To reach the blades though, you need to unscrew the safety grill.

The control panel has been made simpler by replacing the knob with buttons for changing speed settings, made the device move from side to side that is switching on to oscillation mode, and switching the fan on and off.

The fan can also be operated from afar because of the remote. This makes handling the appliance more convenient.

You can also set a timer using this remote. It comes in two attractive color combinations that could light up the appearance of any room – blue/black and vibrant yellow/ black.

  • Easy to handle and maintain in long run
  • High RPM of the blades
  • Attractive colour options available
  • Quiet and vibration-free working
  • Buttons instead of knob regulator on the control panel
  • No mention of product warranty


13. Luminous SpeedPRO 400MM Wall Fan

Luminous has been a prime member of the Indian markets for electronics for 30 years now. They have a wide range of products that also constitute appliances that run on solar power. These appliances are not only efficient but also power conserving.


This wall fan is run by a vigorous and durable motor that requires watts of power supply. It can consistently work for long hours so you can completely relax in the hot summer months.

The strong motor along with the three blades made from polypropylene set in an aerodynamically balanced construct ensures calculated and effective air circulation around the room.

The blade sweep is 400 mm, the air delivery is 75 cmm for optimum air thrust that is directly proportional to the rapidness of cooling effect in your room.

To properly clean the appliance in order to maintain its quality over time you just need to timely wipe the dust and grime off the surface of the body as well as the blades of the fan.

The oscillation can be started by switching on to the swing mode that can be easily done with the help of the provided knob on the control panel under the fan, if the knob is difficult to reach, there is also a cord that can be easily pulled to operate the regulator.

This regulator cord can also be used to change the speed of the fan from low, medium, and high as required depending on the weather. The appliance makes a little noise on medium and high speeds.

The device is equipped with an overheating protection feature that ceases the working of the fan in a case where overheating in the motor occurs.

It is thus protected in case of an accident. The product is also provided with 2 years warranty period so you feel safe about the investment you are making.

  • Vigorous and swift action motor
  • Warranty on the product Is for two years
  • Optimum air thrust and delivery
  • Oscillation is swift and jerk free
  • Information about warranty period is not provided
  • Noise reported at high speed


Buying Guide – Best Wall Mounted Fans in India

Wall-mounted fans are fairly popular because of their size and convenience. They can be installed in a small room, a medium-sized room, or a set of two or more for a large room.

It has some advantages over ceiling fans, like, they can be easily cleaned and maintained, they can be tilted and they oscillate from side to side.


The Indian market has a wide range of choices to offer in the case of these appliances, and they are all very efficient superficially. You need to be informed about what factors should be considered before you buy the product.

Below listed are the most crucial factors that you need to look into while you are making the purchase:

Factors to consider while buying the Best Wall Mounted Fan in India

1. Compactness and Weight

Depending upon the size of the room, you are going to choose the fan, you should choose the size of the fan you are likely to buy. For household purposes-light weighted compact fans must do but in case of commercial and industrial use, you should go for sturdier one.

Size is an important factor because with it the air delivery and the blade sweep vary as well. So, make an informed decision in this regard.

2. Speed Settings

The speed settings in most of these appliances are adjustable with respect to your requirements. You can choose from one of the three speeds that are low, medium, and high.

This can be done using the regulator and most recently buttons or remote if it is provided. This regulator is generally fitted on the control panel at the base of the fan.

3. Regulator Control

The regulator of the fan can be controlled through the knob on the control panel or if it is too high for you to comfortably reach, there are cords suspended through it, you can easily pull on them to adjust the regulator.

Now, most of the brands have come up with models that can be handled through a remote even from a distance that is definitely more convenient.

4. Safety

These products must have ample security features because they are constantly in use. Some of them are a safety grill on the blades for both yours and the appliance’s protection.

The other safety feature is the one provided for the motor. This is called the thermal overload protection that prevents the motor from any damage due to overheating. This guarantees the durability of the motor.


5. Side to Side Movement

The oscillation of the fan which is more commonly known as swing mode can be initiated to direct the airflow in every direction for better ventilation.

This feature helps in making your room airier and more comfortable. The oscillation angle varies from 60 degree to 90 degree. And of course, the more this angle, the better.

6. Tilt Angle Arrangement

Some devices are merely attached to the wall they are installed in, there is no scope of any kind of movement thereon. If you want to change your room setting, it would be an inconvenience.

But the devices that are pivoted to the mantle can be tilted to different angles, so the airflow can be concentrated on the area of the room you desire to be in.

7. Installation Procedure

The installation procedure can be a hassle if the product is delivered to you in parts, like- mantle, fan, safety grill, and motor housing provided separately where you need professional help to assemble these pieces into a fan.

But most brands attach these fragments and deliver you the whole unit attached together, so you just need to drill a hole in the wall you want to mount your fan on.

8. Brand and Warranty Period

It is important that the brand you choose has high customer recommendation and you are not driven by discounts because this is a long- term investment and should be wisely made.

You should know the company that is most preferred for this appliance and has good customer service. The warranty period of this appliance can range from 1 to 2 years so you can be secure with your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Wall Mounted Fan in India

Q1. How often do I need to clean the fan?

Ans. You can choose to clean your fan as often as you want, but doing it monthly is advisable for proper maintenance. Make sure you do not use water directly.

You can use wet wipes or wet cloth to wipe it clean. It can be lightly cleaned using a dry duster as well.

Q2. Can I use only wall mounted fan instead of ceiling fan?

Ans. Yes, you can do that but only for small or at the most medium-sized rooms. If you have a large room you get more than one of these appliances installed.

Q3. My area is prone to low voltages at times, is this appliance suitable for me?

Ans. Yes, in fact, it is more convenient than a ceiling fan in such cases. Some Wall mounted fan work with the same efficiency at very low voltages as well so that you do not have to worry about it.

Q4. What is the best deal I can get on warranty of the device?

Ans. These fans are given with warranty period ranging from one to two years, if at all. The best deal is not to mention two years.

Q5. Do I get colour options for the device?

Ans. Some brands do have elegant and attractive color combinations. If you want, you can choose from them for more vibrant shades. But mostly, these appliances come in simple white color.

Conclusion – Best Wall Mounted Fan in India

The list that gives you a review of 13 wall-mounted fans are all well-acclaimed products but Atomberg Efficio+ Wall-Mounted Fan is the one that stands out.


It can be handled with both-remote and the control panel on the device. The BLDC motor that provides commendable performance.

It also has an optimum blade sweep and air delivery. The body is sturdy and durable. Also, the product has 2 years of warranty.

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