9 Best Sewing Machines in India (June 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

We all have different hobbies, career choices, and areas of interest, dont we?

Especially, If you are someone with a keen eye on art-based work, tailoring will surely be among your top few favorite things to learn.

Tailoring is a very special art which not just needs creative thinking but also requires the perfect and appropriate tools and machines to learn and do it in a full swing.


Back in those days, manual sewing machines were used, which required constant foot pedaling. In India, these machines are used even today.

However, it is a very arduous task to work in it for a long period of time. If you are someone who is using a manual machine, it is time to switch to the latest trend.

Electric sewing machines cut-down the difficulty of sewing by half, as it runs on a motor.

These are the perfect choice if you have tailoring as a career or if you work on it for a long time. They significantly reduce the effort and time taken to stitch. It can be quite tricky to choose the right electric sewing machine, especially if you are a new-bee.

Don’t sweat!! We got it all covered in this article.

We have clearly listed out the reviews of the Top 9 Best Electric Sewing machines in India and have also attached a buying guide

This guide will give you every single prospect that you must look for while buying the Best Sewing Machine in India.

These are the Top 9 Best Sewing Machines in India

9 Best Sewing Machines in India

1. Singer Simple 3223 85-Watt Automatic Sewing Machine

Singer is an old company that has been manufacturing sewing machines since time immemorial. They have highly profound experience in this product and are also known for their excellence in quality.


If you are a beginner who is just stepping into tailoring, this should amazingly for you. The basic model sewing machine is built with a sturdy metal frame. Its sleek figure has a control manual that is user-friendly.

Primary Features

  • 23 uniquely styled in-built stitch design
  • Alterable stitch length
  • Protective darning plate
  • Easy to use front load bobbin
  • Stiff presser feet
  • Quick process for buttonholes
  • Detachable storage compartment
  • Fundamental stitching requirements

To make your stitching process easier, the machine has 23 unique design patterns that are in-built. Stitch designs such as basic sewing, decorative sewing, and so on have been provided to get a better finish on your product.

It can be chosen as per your preference based using the rotatable knob that has been provided. There is also a quick four-step process to stitch button holes. This procedure is clearly given on the knob for better understanding.

The lever provided on the machine can be used to switch between stitches of varying length patterns. There are also options to facilitate a reverse stitch. This adds flexibility and eases your work.

The bobbins can be loaded easily without any struggle. The loading portion of the bobbins is located in the front which facilitates easy access to them.

The sewing machine has a provision to fit a darning plate right over the feed teeth to protect the fabric material. Hold your cloth material evenly using the stiff presser feet. You can now stitch your clothing without any unwanted folds.

The extra-high presser foot lifter works efficiently in creating a maximum gap between the fabric and presser feet. This can be used for a fabric that is of a thicker material.

The detachable storage area in the machine is an added advantage as it gives you space to store all your essentials. On detaching the storage compartment, it gives way to utilize the machine in a free arm motion.

The best part is that, the machine comes with some fundamental materials such as a pack of needles, different types of foot, lint brush, bobbins, dust cover and so on that are required for a basic stitching process.

The sewing machine also comes with a foot paddle that is flexible and comfortable to use. It does not cause any pain even if you are working on it for a longer duration.

The appliance consumes 85 W of power, which is the average consumption rate of a basic sewing machine. There are two beautiful color options that you can choose from – green and pink. Also, there is a 2 year warranty period for this product.

  • Excellent build
  • Noiseless operation
  • In-built patterns work perfectly
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Pressure foot holder is made of plastic instead of metal


2. Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

Usha is a brand that is very popular for its vast collection of home appliances. From your living room to the kitchen, it has got products that cover all your needs. It’s promising quality and the affordable price range is what makes it stand out from the rest.


The top-class sewing machine stitches at the rate of 550 SPM, giving a stiff and perfect design which is three times intact than the typical ones.

Primary Features

  • 7 built-in stitching patterns
  • Automatic zig-zag stitch
  • Free arm enabled stitching
  • Automatic bobbin winding
  • Three times strong sewing
  • One press reverse stitch facility
  • Attached handle for easy transport
  • FREE sewing kit worth Rs. 500

It is light in weight and as a petite structure which can be easily stored in tight space. The machine comes with a handle for better portability.

The 7 stitching patterns that are integrated with the machine can be altered using the rotatable dial.

The unique patterns that are available include quilting, zig-zag, rolled hemming, smocking, lace fixing, 4 step button holing, and so on.

For facilitating a circular stitch, the machine comes with a free arm stitch facility. This allows you to comfortably sew exact circular designs on your fabric material.

There are other stitching options such as drop feed method for embroidery, manual threading using needle, etc.

Also, to securely lock in your stitches, you can use the reverse stitching pattern that can be done in the press of a button. This will ensure that the stitching does not get loosened over a period of time.

To ensure you get a tight and perfect stitch, the thread tension can be controlled manually using the adjustable dial.

Winding the thread around the bobbin ain’t a big deal anymore. This sewing machine has an automatic tripping mechanism that neatly wounds the thread around the bobbins in no time.

The important feature that is necessary for perfect sewing is the presser foot. This comes in an easy detachable setting and also flawlessly does the job of keeping the clothing flat on the surface.

An extra lift presser foot can be replaced in the place of the standard one, in case you are sewing a fabric that is quite thick.

There is a storage depot in the sewing machine where all your essentials can be stored with utmost convenience. The machine also has a light which can be used while working in a badly lit surrounding.

The exciting part of this appliance is that it comes with a sewing kit. This Rs. 500 worth kit is given free of cost along with the appliance.

It contains all the fundamental requirements such as thread sets, bobbins, seam ripper, sliding buttonhole foot, etc. The sewing device has been listed under Amazon’s Choice. Also, it comes with a 2 year warranty time period.

  • Optimal sewing speed and performance
  • Budget-friendly
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Light-weight and easily portable
  • Machine tends to heat up within short span of usage


3. Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

Usha is an ever so popular brand that distinctly stands out amongst its competitors in terms of performance and cost. Their products are flexible and each of them is available in a range of different models that would suit the needs of all.


This is a highly efficient sewing machine that operates at a speed of 860 SPM. It has a sturdy and compact physique which can be accommodated in small places.

Primary Features

  • Stitch speed 860 SPM
  • 13 different integrated stitching designs
  • 21 kinds of stitch functionalities
  • 3x stronger stitch
  • Manual thread speed modulator
  • Mechanised bobbing system
  • One press presser foot function
  • Switch mechanism for enabling reverse stitch
  • Space for storage

For easy portability, the machine is equipped with a handle which is capable of withstanding the weight of the machine. With 13 stitch patterns built-in with the machine, it is highly flexible to use.

The rotatable dial can be used to switch between the different options based on the requirement. There are provisions for zig-zag, free arm, 4 step button-holing, and many more patterns.

There are also 21 stitch variations that can be achieved using this sewing machine. Some of them are stretch stitching, rolled hemming, smocking, bling stitch, zip fixing, and so on.

The blind hem foot can be used in the ends of saree borders, salwars, and dress designs. Apart from the standard patterns, styling such as drop feed embroidery can be done.

Even reverse stitching can be used at ease at the press of a button which is given at the forefront of the machine. All the varied stitching designs are triple times stronger than normal.

The sewing machine is also equipped with a needle threader. Also, to use the machine in a dimly lit place, it comes with inbuilt switch-based light. This brightly lights up upto a certain circumference of the machine, giving a better view.

The speed of the threading process can be controlled manually using the foot pedal that comes with the machine. The faster you press the pedal, the quicker your threading process would be.

Winding the thread around the bobbin can be done without any hassle as this appliance comes with an automatic winding mechanism.

Also, the bobbin can be easily loaded into its holder and fixed into its allotted place that is given in the front of the machine.

The presser foot can firmly hold the clothing in its place, without any creases. Lifting the presser foot and replacing it is easily managed with a pull-type knob.

The storage space in the sewing machine comes with a few essential items which are required for an enhanced tailoring experience. The sewing machine is given a warranty time span of 2 years.

  • Excellent for standard stitching purposes
  • User-friendly design
  • Flexible to use
  • Additional in-built stitching patterns
  • Easily manageable presser foot function
  • Missing warranty card in most packages


4. Bernette Sew & Go 8-197 Stitch Designs Computerised Sewing Machine

Bernette has been in the field of manufacturing sewing machines for a few decades now. It has a very renowned name due to its latest technology product designs and their everlasting durability.

This computerized sewing machine operates at a speed of 850 Stitches per minute. The machine can be turned on or off using a switch, which makes it easier to operate.

Primary Features

  • Switch mechanism for turn on/off
  • 197 programmed stitch designs
  • Hassle-free usage using feed dog drop facility
  • Dual needle feature
  • Easy bobbin winder
  • Maximum zig-zag width – 7mm & Maximum stitch length – 5mm
  • LCD display screen
  • LED light for better illumination
  • Design blend via computerized memory

Also, there is no requirement for a foot pedal to regulate the speed of the machine as this can be achieved using the knob-based modulator. With 197 built-in stitch designs, the sewing machine exclusively stands out in terms of flexibility.

Each of these designs has an assigned number using which the pattern can be selected. To facilitate this, there is a comfortable keypad with an LCD screen, which clearly displays the settings.

The sewing machine offers a maximum stitch length of 5 mm and a 7mm width in zig-zag stitches. For intricate embroidery designs, there is a feed dog drop mechanism that gives an excellent finish.

There are other special features such as an automatic needle threader and dual needle features too. Also, the thread tension can be manually modulated based on the requirement.

Looping the thread around the bobbins can be done challengingly with the automatic bobbin winder. These can get the job done in the split of a second, thereby increasing convenience.

The presser foot poses as an important part of the sewing machine as it is the part that holds the cloth flat on the surface. This detachable and changeable fragment can be easily operated with the knob manuals allotted for it.

The appliance also comes with 8 unique presser foot which can be altered with respect to the necessity.

The other advanced feature in this machine is that a blend of patterns can be used with the help of the memory function that the machine is integrated with.

Stitching in a poorly lit environment can be a challenge. To overcome that, there is an LED light that brightly lights the machine, giving a better view. Also, to keep the appliance away from dust, it is provided with a softcover.

  • Good user-interface
  • Advanced and multiple programmed features
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Value for money
  • Mild shocks in certain parts of the machine


5. Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine

Singer is a well-recognized brand when it comes to sewing machines. Their high calibre and durable products provide maximum comfort and enhanced performance.


The sewing machine stitches at a rate of 750 SPM. Its sturdy metallic physique makes gives it a classy finish and long-lasting durability. With a minimal power requirement of 70 Watts, it can work perfectly.

Primary Features

  • Speed : 750 SPM
  • Sturdy metallic physique
  • 6 incorporated design patterns
  • Reverse stitching mechanism
  • Twin needle stitching
  • Automatic thread stress control
  • Simple bobbin looping system
  • 3 easy fixture presser foot
  • Extra lift presser foot

There are 6 design patterns that the machine is designed with. These can be changed using the twistable knob that is present on the machine. There are four basic designs, 1 decorative design, and one option to stitch the buttonhole easily.

Reverse stitching is also possible, which is very handy as it secures the line of stitches from becoming loose. This can be used by utilizing the push-down knob that is specially designed for it.

The machine is particularly so that you can do a free arm stitch without any inconvenience. There are instructions sketches on the machine that gives you guidance on how to set the thread up easily.

Also, there is a thread cutter with which you can neatly cut your thread without any trouble. For doing advanced design patterns, the machine has a facility for dual spool pins which allows twin needle sewing.

To avoid the fabric from coming in contact with the feed dogs, a darning plate is fixed. The tension control is automatically managed by the machine, adding more benefits to the appliance.

The machine comes with an electric foot pedal that can be used to vary the pace of the machine. A stitch length of 5mm and a specific stitch width is set beforehand.

Getting the bobbins ready with the thread wounded on it shouldn’t be a tough task for you anymore. There is an automatic bobbin winding system that neatly wounds the thread around the bobbins.

There are three types of presser foot that comes with this appliance. All-purpose feet, buttonhole feet, and zipper feet can all be interchanged based on the stitching type.

The presser feet can also be lifter higher than the normal height in case of stitching a thicker cloth material.

There is a compact storage compartment where sewing vitals can be stored safely. There is an optimally intense LED light that can be used while working in a dull environment.

There are some basic amenities such as spool pin felts, bobbins, needle sets, needle plate screw-driver, vinyl dust cover and so on that come with the machine. There is a 2-year warranty span for this product.

  • Specially designed to suit the needs of learners
  • Easily comprehendible design
  • Quality sewing results
  • Budget – friendly
  • Noise and vibration is quite higher than normal


6. Usha Janome Automatic Stitch Magic 70-Watt Sewing Machine

Usha is a globally popular brand that manufactures many products in different categories. Its primary focus lies on electrical appliances. They are a promising brand that strives to provide customer satisfaction.


This sewing machine is built with a number of unique features using Japanese technology that adds to its efficiency and flexibility. The body of the machine is made of die-cast aluminum, thereby making it more durable.

Primary Features

  • 860 SPM stitching pace
  • Body made of aluminium die cast
  • 23 stitch patters that are in-built
  • Adjustable stitch length and alterable stitch pattern
  • Triple strong stitches
  • Feed drop feature for embroidery
  • Two needle stitching
  • Presser foot with a higher lift feature
  • Comfortable foot pedal
  • Illuminating light

It works at a pace of 860 SPM, which can be altered using the foot pedal. The stitches would remain intact even in the thicker fabric as this sewing machine is designed to produce stitches that are three times stronger.

There are 23 stitch designs that come consolidated with the machine which gives you the freedom of choice to select between the ranges of unique and beautiful design patterns.

The stitch length and the pattern of stitch can be controlled using the two dials that are specially allocated for it. Circular free arm stitching can also be done comfortably without any havoc.

The maximum width of all patterns would remain 5 mm. It is to be noted that reverse stitching can also be done by pressing the button that is assigned for controlling this function.

The sewing machine can be used for 9 unique stitching applications such as one-step button-holing, stretch stitching, rolled hemming, satin stitching, zip fixing, smocking, and so on.

Some complex designs may require a dual needle stitching which is also facilitated by this sewing machine. There is an automated needle threading feature which makes it all the more convenient.

Also, if you want to imprint gorgeous embroidery designs on your clothing, there is a feed drop feature that can help you with it.

The presser feet in this machine can be easily installed and removed with a knob given to access it. In case of working with bulky clothing, the presser feet can be lifted higher before locking the fabric flat under it.

The machine is equipped with a light facility that irradiates the machine, giving better visibility during stitching. Also, to easily carry the machine around and to store it comfortably, the machine has a handle.

The machine has a warranty timing of 2 years. The same product is also available in a free kit that would contain all fundamental sewing essentials. You can choose to buy the product with or without the kit based on your preference.

  • Easy to use dials for altering the length and pattern functions
  • Optimal sewing speed
  • Rigid body made of aluminium cast
  • Additional pattern, design and length selection option
  • Poor customer service


7. Qualimate Portable Mini Sewing Machine for Home Tailoring Stitching use

The recently born brand manufactures a number of beauty appliances. Their aim is to ensure that the products manufactured by them are of high caliber and are also comfortable for their customers to use.


This is a fancy and small-sized sewing machine which is a perfect option for minor home-based stitching requirements. Its sleek body and light-weight make it easy to carry and store in tight spaces.

Primary Features

  • Mini-sized sewing machine for home based stitching purposes
  • 2 different speed options
  • Dual thread facility
  • In- built thread cutter and cuff slot
  • Easy wrap of threat around bobbins
  • Battery and plug-in power operated
  • Suitable for thin/normal fabrics
  • 2 years Warranty Period

It can be operated in two different speed modes and can also be controlled using the foot pedal that is very pliant to use. It must be noted that the machine is suitable for stitching fabrics of thin or normal thickness only.

Fabrics such as denim and velvet cannot be sewed in the machine. For stitching a web of complicated designs, the sewing machine has a twin thread option which can be used to stitch a number of unique patterns.

After you are done with your sewing, you can easily cut off the thread with the in-built thread cutter. There is also an added cuff slot for better comfort.

The machine can be used to stitch curtains, aprons, children’s clothing, shopping bags, and many more basic household materials.

Wrapping the thread around the bobbins can be done effortlessly with the bobbin winding feature. The winding pole must be simultaneously pressed and turned towards the left which would make it pop out.

To insert the bobbins, it must be turned to the right. The most unique feature about this appliance is that it can be run in two ways. It has a battery slot where AA batteries can be inserted to run the machine without any current.

There is also plug-in option to use machines with the help of electric current. The machine has a button to switch on or off the machine.

Also, a lamp is a part of the machine design which can be turned on when working in a surrounding which has very little light. The product comes with a small kit that contains 4 bobbins, 1 needle, and 1 needle threader.

  • Small-sized that is easily portable
  • Multiple power supply options
  • Made out of top quality material
  • Cost-effective
  • It is not compatible for stitching thicker cloth


8. Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine

Singer manufactures an exclusive range of sewing machines, each of it equipped with a number of different features. They make sure that their appliances are of an easily operable interface and are also highly durable.


This sewing machine is quite basic and can be the ideal option if you are just beginning to learn. It is equipped with a number of elementary features that are apt for all the beginner level stitching needs.

Primary Features

  • Rigid metal based frame
  • 6 basic, 1 decorative and 1 button hole built in designs
  • Default set stitch length and width
  • Easy reverse stitch option
  • Quick bobbin winding mechanism
  • Simple presser foot adjustment
  • Protective darning plate
  • Removable storage space
  • LED light bulb

The base of the machine is made of a strong metal frame. There are 8 built-in stitch styling options, 6 of which are basic. There is also 1 decorative design option and another option for button-holing.

The reverse stitching feature can be enabled by turning on its controller button. The design is in a manner that a straight threading path can be accomplished.

This is exceptionally useful for novice tailors, who are just beginning to learn their way into stitching. The length and the width of the stitch are set beforehand for easing the usage.

The presser feet can be easily loaded and unloaded using the snap-on button. Also, the machine comes with four different presser feet, each of which is suitable for stitching different fabrics.

The machine also has a darning plate which acts as a guard between the fabric and the feed dogs. The bobbins can be easily set with the thread roll without any kind of difficulty.

The automatic bobbin winding mechanism is extremely advantageous. There is also a thread cutter with which you can easily cut-off your thread after use.

The variable thread tension that can be adjusted enhances the performance of the stitching appliance. Also, the LED light bulb that the machine is attached to can be switched on for a better view.

There is also a detachable storage drawer. Some key instruments and gadgets that are required for sewing can be stored in this drawer for easier access. On removing this drawer, free arm circular stitching can be performed comfortably.

The machine comes with some equipment such as presser foot, spoon pin felt, darning plate, screwdriver, etc. There is a 2 year warranty time period for this sewing machine.

  • Adjustable thread tension that improves performance
  • Flexible presser foot
  • Tough and hard body for better durability
  • Worthy for the price
  • Service quality needs to be improvised


9. Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Electric Sewing Machine

Singer is a brand that been in existence for a year together now. They have been updating their models based on the technology that keeps trending. Also, their products exhibit high performance and quality.


This customizable sewing machine is made of a metal frame that is stout and resistant. Its exquisite design stands out and the design interface is easy to comprehend as well. Its weight is optimal and can be easily carried.

Primary Features

  • Long-lasting metal frame
  • 32 distinctive built in stitch designs
  • Variable stitch length and width
  • Uncomplicated needle threader
  • Minimal power requirement of 60 W
  • Simple bobbin drop-in facility

It is built with 32 design stitches, which can be chosen as per the needs. Every one of these designs is unique and can be used to do sew gorgeous design patterns. These designs can be selected using the rotatable dial which is given for it.

The length and width can be adjustable as well, which makes the machine very flexible. Using the designs in different length and width would give an entirely new and customised pattern.

There is also a button with which the reverse stitching option can be turned on. In order to easily thread the needle, there is a needle threader that is equipped with the machine. With the help of this, threading the needle would become less arduous.

There is also a drop-in bobbin facility which makes the machine very convenient to use. As it has a clear cover, you can easily track the length of thread that is left over. This allows you to reload the bobbin with more thread as and when it runs out.

The sewing appliance consumes a low power of 60 Watts with no compromise in the performance. Also, there is a LED light that is integrated with the machine which brightens up the machine and its nearby surrounding giving better visibility.

The presser feet of the machine is very convenient to use and can be adjusted using the push button that is present right next to it.

There are also a number of free accessories that come with the machines, thereby providing you the basic essentials that you may require to begin the stitching process. There is also a warranty time of 2 years on the appliance.

  • Enhanced flexible options
  • Low power consumption
  • Light-weight and easily portable
  • Smooth and quality functioning
  • Not very efficient on thick cloth materials


Buying Guide – Best Sewing Machines in India

When buying a sewing machine, there are a number of crucial aspects to consider. This requirement would vary widely based on your experience with stitching.


If you are experienced in using a sewing machine and want to buy a machine with advanced features, then you may choose something way different from someone who is a beginner.

To brief you through all the essential features that you must look for while buying a sewing machine, we have put together a detailed buyer’s guide. This will be very useful for you, especially if you are a novice.

Types of the Sewing Machines

Sewing machines can be broadly classified into four different types. Each of these types is equipped with different levels of technological features.

Mechanical Sewing Machine

This is an old model of sewing machine which requires manual pedaling. The availability of these kinds of machines is pretty scarce as these can be pretty arduous to use.

Also, there are many model advanced model which are way cheaper or equivalent in price as this one.

Electronic Sewing Machine

This is the most trending kind of sewing machine, especially for household purposes. These are way more advanced than the mechanical machines and has a number of in-built features which are very convenient.

They are compact and ideal for all the basic stitching needs of households. Small projects can be perfectly stitched without any hassle or difficulty.

Computerised Sewing Machine

They are designed with multiple spools, needles and are way more advanced than the electronic machines. They can be seen in clothing industries where there is a high demand for stitching.

These sewing machines can stitch fabrics at a faster pace than the other types. They can also be used to make highly complicated styling patterns effortlessly.

Overlock Sewing Machine

These sewing machines can be used for purposes like hemming and edging. These are usually used by tailors as they have a high demand for it while stitching different kinds of designs.

They have in-built cutters, blades, etc. Also, they work in a very fast pace and thus can only be used perfectly by an expert.


Features of the Best Sewing Machine in India

1. Built-in stitch options

The electronic sewing machines come with many in-built stitch patterns. These are very convenient as it gives you many options to explore your creativity as you stitch.

Most machines come with at least 8 patterns. However, there are machines that offer up to 150 stitch patterns. There are many stylish designs such as zig-zag, seed stitch, caterpillar, waffle, and basket, etc.

They also come with options for easily stitching button-holes in dresses. Each design would be attractive while making different kinds of stitching.

If you are at the basic level, a machine with around 12 to 20 stitch patterns should work perfectly for you.

2. Alterable Stitch Length And Width

Some machines come with a preset length and width of stitches, which cannot be altered. Although it is alright for someone who is in the beginner level of learning, it does not give you many options to experiment with.

A machine that gives you the option to change the stitch length and width allows you to stitch in different styles of designs.

The length and width factor of each pattern can be varied as per your liking. This attribute can be altered depending on the designs you might want on your clothing.

It is recommended that you go for a machine that gives you the option to alter the stitch length and width.

3. Reverse Stitching

Reverse stitching is a type of stitching pattern that is generally used to lock the sequence of stitches so that they don’t become loose. This is usually done in the joining of two fabrics in order to secure it tightly in its place.

Almost every sewing machine comes with this feature; however, it is important that you double-check it. In most sewing machines, it can be enabled by pushing a button like a knob that is present at the forefront of the machine.

Make sure to look for this feature before you buy your sewing machine as it is very important in every kind of stitching you might do.


4. Portability

The next most important feature to check is the portability factor of the machine. This has been given emphasis cause there may be many occasions where you want to work in a different place in your home or you may want to carry it to your friend’s place to work there. In such cases, a heavy machine can be very tedious to move around.

Ensure that the machine weighs light enough for you to be able to carry it. Also, for added comfort, you can look if it is equipped with a handle that eases the transportation of it.

5. Needle Threader

Threading the needle correctly into its mouth is the most arduous task that any beginner can face. In fact, it can be quite a challenge even for experts, especially if they tend to have eyesight issues.

To ease out this process, the machines are designed with a needle threader using which the thread can be easily inserted into the hole in the needle.

It cannot be stressed enough as to how important this feature is. Therefore, ensure that the model of the sewing machine that you buy has this kind of facility.

6. Presser Feet

A presser foot is one that holds your clothing material flat on the surface so that the stitching can be directed easily. There are two aspects that you must look for when it comes to a presser foot.

  • There must be an easy option for loading and unloading the presser foot. This is because, there may be times when you would have to change the kind of presser foot that is used, depending on the kind of stitching and fabric that is used. In such cases, it must be easily detachable to replace it with a different one.
  • The presser foot must also have an extra high lift option. Not all fabrics are of the same thickness. In that case, utilizing a thicker fabric, the presser foot must be optimally placed. This can be done, if and only if it can be lifted quite high so that the fabric can be easily positioned to stitch.

This is a very critical aspect that you definitely look for as it can have an impact on the stitching effect.


7. Bobbins

Winding the thread the bobbins can be very complicated and arduous. However, this task can be easily simplified if you buy a machine that has an automated bobbin winding mechanism.

Running the machine with the loaded thread and bobbin will solve the purpose. You can roll the thread around your bobbins in no time with the help of this feature.

Also, ensure that the slot of inserting your bobbins is convenient and easy to use. This must be sturdy and comfortable for you to use as there will be a need for you to remove and reset the bobbin slot many times as you stitch.

8. Twin Needle

Twin needle, as the name implies, means that there will be two needles that will be utilized for the stitching purpose. This feature is important for those who would want to experiment with beautiful design patterns and designs on clothing.

Multi-colored border designs and other complex stitching can be done using this feature. Although it is not a very essential component, do make sure to check if this feature is available in your machine as it gives you the opportunity to try new design patterns.

9. Power

The electric sewing machines work on utilizing the electric power that it is supplied with. It is important that it doesn’t suck in too much of the power.

This should definitely be a matter of concern for you if you are going to use the machine for a longer duration each day. There are also some machines which have an alternate option of working on batteries.

This can be very useful as we tend to have frequent power cuts in India. The average power consumed by a moderately featured sewing machine lies between 70W to 90W.

10. Light

Having light as a part of the machine design is very useful. In case be turned on when the surroundings are not giving you the kind of visibility that you need.

Also, you needn’t strain your eyes to get a better look while stitching. Ensure that there is a light that comes integrated with your machine which optimally illuminates the machine.

11. Warranty

While purchasing any equipment, warranty definitely places a vital role. Especially, when there are such minute components that are present in the appliance, it is prone to breakage. In such cases, a warranty card comes handy.

The usual warranty time period that is given for a sewing machine is 2 years.


Frequently Asked Questions – Best Sewing Machines in India

Q1. Why sewing machine thread breaks frequently?

Ans. Breakage of thread could be due to three major reasons –

A. A deformed needle could be the reason why your thread is breaking very often. Ensure that your needle is in proper shape and is not broken. If they are, make sure to change them immediately to get your problem solved.

B. Not inserting your thread properly in its place may cause the thread to get stuck up as you stitch, thereby causing breakage. If you doubt that this could be the issue, try removing the thread and redoing it again carefully, just to be sure.

C. In most cases, the problem would be in the bobbins. Either the thread would not have been properly rolled around the bobbins, causing knots and twists which in turn are leading to breakage. Or there may be any lint stuck in the bobbin case, preventing an easy flow of the thread, thereby causing tension and breakage. 

Q2. Can sewing machine sew leather?

Ans. It is absolutely possible to stitch leather fabrics in a sewing machine, given a few prerequisites. 
A. Ensure that your machine is capable of stitching thick fabric materials. In that case, make sure to replace the presser foot with a Teflon or roller one, which can easily slide over the material while stitching.

B. The next important factor is the needle. Replace the typical thin needle with a sturdy one. This will be strong enough to pierce through the fabric, giving a stronger stitch.

Ensure that these major points are sorted and you are good to go. 

Q3. Why is the sewing machine missing stitches?

Ans. When a sewing machine randomly starts missing stitches, it is most likely because of a bent needle. Or there are also possibilities that the needle is not the optimal kind for that particular fabric material.
Use an appropriate needle that would be perfect for the clothing and is also in good shape. Making these changes should solve your issue. 

Q4. Can sewing needles be sharpened?

Ans. Sewing needles can be easily sharpened and toned with easy DIYs. Some of those tricks are –
Soap – Simply tuck the needle into the soap bar and leave it there for a few seconds before pulling it out. The soap would cover up any gaps that were present in the needle and would ease the flow of the needle through the fabric.

Sandpaper – Scrub the side of the needle that is present towards the tip on sandpaper. The roughness of the sandpaper will sharpen the needle, allowing it to easily pierce into the clothing.

Coconut oil – Dip the needle into the oil in a manner that the entire needle is soaked. Remove it and wipe the oil off with a clean cloth or a foil paper. You can use any kind of oil if you do not happen to have coconut oil. 

Conclusion – Best Sewing Machines in India

A sewing machine is an important appliance in every household as the need to stitch up clothing damages or new fabrics never runs out. Learning the art of stitching is also quite simple and you can become an expert with consistent practice. However, you need a perfect sewing machine for that.


We have given you a suggestion of the best sewing machine that would be optimal for stitching up your favorite clothing.

Singer Simple 3223 85-Watt Automatic Sewing Machine is an excellent choice if you are looking for a basic yet efficient sewing machine.

It has all the required features like multiple stitching designs, variable stitch length, and many more for you to explore and try out your creative ideas with it.

It also has easy options to stitch up button-holes, as you may find it a bit difficult as a beginner. Even if you are someone who stitches on a daily basis, this machine has all the features that you might require. It is highly flexible and is also a product of a very promising brand.

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