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11 Best Nebulizers in India (September 2020) – Buying Guide & Reviews


In India, with the pollution at its peak, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if you suffer from asthma or breathing-related issues.

Also, people who have wheezing troubles and elderly people with lung problems often tend to suffer from breathing difficulties.


Nebulizer is medical equipment that is often prescribed by doctors to people who suffer from asthmatic conditions. For people with such issues, this equipment would help in providing temporary relief. It acts like an inhaler, however, provides better relaxation.

When you happen to get an asthma attack, the pathway through which the airflow tends to become narrow. This would make it difficult to breathe in. At times like these, the mist from the nebulizer provides comfort and temporarily eases the issues.

It is important that you choose the best and high-quality nebulizer because health is a wealth that cannot be compromised on.

However, you may find it a bit tricky to figure out which of them is the best as they have a number of specifications which may be quite hard to comprehend for many.

Thus, to help you with that, we have reviewed the Top 11 Best Nebulizers in India.

Also, we have also devised a Buying Guide which will help you understand about the chief prospects that you must look for in a nebulizer.

These are the Top 11 Best Nebulizers in India

Best Nebulizers in India

1. Dr. Trust Bestest Compressor Nebulizer Machine Kit

Dr. Trust is a trustworthy brand that manufactures many healthcare devices. Their products are often preferred and recommended by doctors. Also, they ensure that the quality of their products is never compromised.


This nebulizer has a very compact structure that can be easily packed in your bag and carried along wherever you go. Its comfortable grip makes it very easy to use.

Primary Features

  • Compact and Portable Build
  • Compressor nebulizer
  • RespiRight technology for instant relief
  • Flow adjuster from 0.5 ml/min to 5 ml/min
  • Powerful air discharge
  • Capacity to hold medicines of up to 8 ml
  • 2 masks of different sizes
  • 360 ̊ rotatable mouthpiece
  • 5 air filters with filtration up to 3 layers
  • Sound level – Less than 55 dB
  • Warranty time of 6 months

The device is a compressor nebulizer which is the traditionally used methodology and offers excellent performance. The med machine is designed with a RespiRight technology that provides a powerful air discharge.

The atomizer ensures that the medicine is in the form of superfine particles which provide on-spot relief. It also controls the wastage of medicines while breathing out.

It is equipped with a flow adjuster whose rate of discharge can be adjusted between the ranges of 0.5 ml/min and 5 ml/min. This adjuster can be rotated in 360 ̊, offering more convenience in its usage.

It undergoes 3 layers of filtration so as to release super fine particles. The Nebulizer transforms the medication into a cold mist that directly reaches the lungs with the utmost ease.

This provides immediate and effective relief, acting as a rescue at times of attacks. The oil-less pumping also offers makes the Nebulizer very convenient to use.

The machine’s chamber is large enough to hold medicines of 8ml. Also, its operation is noiseless, providing a minimal sound of less than 55dB. It also requires very minimal maintenance, adding more comfort.

It must be noted that the machine should not be used for more than 15 minutes at once. This is because it may lead to damage in the air tube causing havoc.

The product comes with 5 air filters, to switch between after they are worn out. There are also 2 masks, each of different sizes, one of which can be used for children and the other for adults. Also, there is a warranty time period of 6 months.

  • Optimal mist discharge for instant relief
  • Dual masks of different sizes for better flexibility
  • Low noise level
  • Convenient to use
  • Quality of the machine requires improvement


2. Omron Nebulizer Microair NE-U100 Silent Mesh Nebulizer

Omron is one of the oldest brands which have clearly proved its efficiency in the industry. Their products are very convenient to use and are also highly appreciable in terms of quality. Omron’s NE-U100 nebulizer is a small handheld device that can be easily portable.


Due to its handheld structure, it is very convenient to use as well. They can be comfortably packed in your bag as you go out, being very handy to use without much hassle. 

Primary Features

  • Handheld and portable unit
  • Small particle size of 4.5 µm
  • Mesh technology for quick relief
  • Minimal fume production for better efficiency
  • 360 ̊ Rotatable Feature
  • 2 different sized masks
  • Low level residue production
  • Minimal noise level
  • 3 years warranty

This wireless design and travel-friendly feature are what make this nebulizer stand out. For an immediate and enhanced effect, it is designed with unique mesh technology.

It Ensures That The Medical Fume Is Directly Passed On Into The Respiratory Tract. It Effectively Releases The Medicine At A Small Particle Size Of 4.5 µm. The Fume Production Is Strategically Controlled So As To Provide A Calm And Quick Comfort.

The 360 ̊ Rotatable Feature Makes It Extremely Convenient To Use. The Residue Left Out After Every Usage Of The Nebulizer Is Significantly Reduced, Making Sure That The Majority Of The Medicine Is Being Utilized At Its Best.

The Two Different Sized Masks That Come Along With The Product Give It An Added Point Of Being Flexible. The Small-Sized Mask Can Be Used For Kids While The Larger One Can Be Used For Adults.

The machine also comes with a small pouch, which can be used to store the machine easily. The machine operates without any noise, causing no inconvenience to anyone. The product also comes with a warranty time span of 3 years.

  • Mesh technology for effective results
  • Travel-friendly design
  • Better flexibility with dual masks
  • Silent operation
  • Quite expensive


3. Omron NEC 101 Compressor Nebulizer For Child & Adult

Omron has a history of 80 years of experience which implies that it has a good amount of awareness in this domain. Their products are extremely popular and are very much preferred by most.


This nebulizer is highly efficient and is one of the products that are listed under Amazon’s Choice. The machine is a compressor nebulizer and is usually most preferred as it can be very much effective.

Primary Features

  • Compressor nebulizer
  • Nominal nebulization rate of 0.3 ml/min
  • Minute particle size of 3.9 µm
  • Withholds 12ml medicine
  • 2 masks of variable sizes
  • Nebulization in 360 ̊
  • One touch operation
  • 3 year warranty time

This nebulizer works at a rate of 0.3 ml/min which helps in relieving the asthmatic attack quite quickly. The nebulizer is capable of converting the medicine into minute particle sizes of 3.9 µm. 

It assists the discharge to directly reach the respiratory tract, providing instant comfort. This enhanced efficiency in terms of effectiveness is what makes this nebulizer one among the best.

The chamber of the machine can hold medicines of up to 12ml, thereby being spacious enough to hold more quantity of medicine. The nozzle can be rotated in 360 ̊, making it very convenient to use as well.

To add more flexibility to the usage of this device, it is provided with 2 masks, each of different sizes. The bigger mask can be used for adults and the relatively smaller mask can be used for kids.

The machine also comes with 2 air filters which can be used as extras. Its comprehend interface allows operating the device with ease.

It can be turned on by pressing a single button. The machine is really very handy especially at times of emergency.

Due to its sturdy and high calibre build, it is of a very promising quality and would last for a long time period. Also, it requires very minimal maintenance and can be cleaned without much effort. The medical device also has a warranty time span of 3 years.

  • Effective medical steam provides instant relief
  • Low noise level
  • Compact design for ease of use
  • Price worthy
  • It cannot be returned or replaced


4. Nuwik Professional Series Piston Compressor Nebulizer Machine

Nuwik Healthcare is an Indian healthcare brand whose products are very reliable and easy to use. The brand aims to provide products that are very efficient in terms of accuracy and quality.


This nebulizer is built appropriately with high calibre materials and strategic design. The small size and light-weight body of the machine make it very easy to carry it with you wherever you go.

Primary Features

  • Small and Portable Machine
  • Piston Based Compressor
  • Aerosol Medication Therapy
  • Powerful air rate
  • High atomization of more than 0.20 ml/min
  • Sustained Nebulization
  • Reduced noise levels of less than 60 dB
  • Separate masks for adults and children
  • Warranty Period of 1 year

The piston-type compressor that has been exclusively used in this machine helps it to operate with maximum efficiency. This facilitates the machine to quickly transform the medicine into ultra-fine particles so that it can reach the respiratory tract at a faster pace. 

This helps to get relief much sooner than usual. The atomization rate is high and takes place at a rate of 0.20 ml/min. In addition to that, the powerful air rate also contributes in achieved a consistent and uniform nebulization.

The aerosol medication therapy enhances the effect of the medicine and makes sure that you get instant relief.

On the whole, all these features ensure that the nebulizer operates with high-end performance. It can be used to get temporary relief from problems like cough, wheezing, small airway disease, and other such respiratory issues.

The machine comes with 2 different sized masks, one for adults and a smaller one for children. It also comes with 5 filters, which can be switched between as and when they wear out.

The working of the device is very noiseless, producing a sound that is as low as 60 dB or less. It’s firm feet prevent the machine from vibrating.

Also, the apparatus can be easily cleaned and maintained with the utmost ease. The operation of the machine is quite easy too and can be turned on in a single touch.

There is also a mall bag into which the device can be stored. The product comes with a warranty time period which lasts for 1 year. Also, it is one of the nebulizers that have been listed under Amazon’s Choice.

  • Aerosol therapy for better comfort
  • Enhanced durability
  • Sturdy and portable machine
  • Cost-effective
  • Noise level is quite high


5. ELKOneb EL-720 Handy Piston Compressor Nebulizer Machine

Elko manufactures various ranges of medical equipment and devices. All their products stand out in terms of key aspects such as quality and performance.


The structural build of the nebulizer is compact and easy to handle. It has an ergonomic design that gives supreme comfort while using the machine. Also, the rigid build ensures that the product remains durable.

Primary Features

  • Compact and Ergonomic Design
  • Potent Respiratory Therapy
  • Miniscule particles for Quick Relief
  • Nebulization pace of 0.25 ml/min
  • Robust Airflow
  • Medication chamber capacity of 6 ml
  • Minimised noise level – less than 60 dB
  • 2 masks for different sizes
  • Added safety feature for protection
  • 2 year Warranty Period

When it comes to the performance factor of the machine, it is equipped with many advanced technologies that help it to provide the best possible results.

The potential respiratory therapy ensures that the nebulization pace is at the optimal pace of 0.25 ml/min. The piston-type compressor helps in providing excellent airflow, which in turn helps in getting comfort.

The medication is converted into minuscule particles that easily reach the airway to your lungs, giving instantaneous relief. The chamber which holds the medicine has a decent capacity of 6 ml.

The medicine is transformed into a mist containing aerosol so as to ensure that the medicine is easily absorbed. This uses up the medicine thoroughly, minimizing wastage.

In case of cold, bronchitis, asthma, and other similar respiratory problems, this device can be used to ensure that you get relief for a temporary period.

To enhance the flexibility of the machine, it comes with 2 masks. One of the masks is of a smaller size which is a perfect fit for children while the bigger one can be used for adults.

The working of the appliance is noiseless and works silently at a noise level which is less than 60 dB. Also, the operation of the machine is easy as it can be turned on by pressing a single button.

Also, for better safety, the machine is designed in such a manner that it can automatically cut-off if and when the machine is overheated. Also, there is a 2 year warranty time period for the machine.

  • Efficient conversion into mist for Maximum Absorption
  • Optimal Nebulization Pace
  • Provides Quick Relief
  • Safety Feature
  • Budget-friendly
  • Durability factor of the device is questionable


6. Rossmax NA100 Piston Nebulizer

Rossmax manufactures everyday healthcare devices which are much needed for both professional and home-based needs. Their products are very much eminent and are very much durable.


Rossmax’s NA100 nebulizer is combined with a number of unique technologies that help it to deliver with maximum potential. It is a normal sized machine which is small enough to be carried along wherever you go.

Primary Features

  • Particle size range between 2 µm and 4.3 µm
  • Piston type compressor produces pressure of 2.96 bar
  • Aerosol mist for immediate comfort
  • Adjustable valve for ease of use
  • Low noise production
  • Dual sized masks for children and adults
  • Warranty period of 2 years

Also, it is built with high-quality material that helps it to last longer. It comes with a piston-type compressor that operates at a pressure of 2.96 bar.

This powerful pressure helps to deliver the medical mist directly into your breathing tract, thereby providing instantaneous relief.

The size of the particle that gets generated by the home-made bottle may range between 2 µm and 4.3 µm, which tiny enough to commute through the air passage, providing superior comfort from attacks.

An MMAD test with the cascade impactor showed a lower particle size of 2 µm. However, the particle size may be quite larger to up to 4.3 µm when being tested at DV(50) by Malvern Spraytec.

The valve that is used for delivering medicine is adjustable. This flexible feature makes it very comfortable to use the machine. Also, it comes with two masks of different sizes.

The small-sized mask can be used for children and the big mask can be used for adults. While operating, the mask produces very minimal noise, causing no hindrance to those around you.

There is also an in-built nebulizer holder which makes it very easy to store the machine when it is not being used. Also, the product comes with a complete nebulization kit. The machine also comes with a warranty that lasts for a duration of 2 years.

  • Instant relief from attacks
  • Strategic build for better portability
  • Reduced noise
  • Ease of use
  • Pressure in delivery of mist is not effective


7. HealthSense Pulmo-Elite CN 500 Compact Compressor Nebulizer

HealthSense manufactures home-based healthcare products that can be used on a daily basis for a regular health check-up. The affordable products are highly efficient and can be relied upon.


The device is designed in a small and compact construction which can be easily taken with you as you go out. Also, the weight of the machine is very less, adding more comfort to the usage of it.

Primary Features

  • Small and light-weight design
  • Compressor air technology
  • Minute particle size of 1 µm and 5 µm
  • Powerful atomization for effective results
  • Polymer filters for efficient medical discharge
  • Rotatable valve for air flow control
  • Oil free piston for low maintenance
  • Medicine holder capacity of 8 ml
  • 1 year warranty period

The highly efficient compressor air technology helps to attain immediate and effective relief during attacks. The particle size is diminished to as low as 1 µm and 5 µm so as to ensure that the complete effect of the medicine is used up.

The particle size shrinks to this level to enable easier penetration of the medicine into the lungs. The nebulization rate is rapid, at a pace which is more than 0,25 ml/min.

It helps to provide immediate relief, as soon as the nebulizer is used. The medicine is converted using powerful atomization into an aerosol mist which helps to circulate the medicine into your respiratory tract.

Also, for enhanced durability, the machine is made with polymer filters, which further regulates the flow of medicine.

The valve of the device can be rotated which makes it very convenient to use the machine. The medicine holder has a capacity of 8 ml, which can withhold enough quantity of medicine that would be required for one dosage.

Also, for minimized maintenance, the machine is designed with an oil-free piston. The machine works without making much noise, ensuring that it doesn’t cause much disturbance.

Also, the machine can be turned on by a one-touch operation. The built-in nebulizer holder makes it very easy to store the device when it is not in use. The warranty period for this machine is 1 year.

  • Promising and effective results
  • Immediate relief from breathlessness
  • Efficient transmission of medicine
  • Cost-effective
  • Heats up within a short span of time


8. AGARO NB- 21 Compressor Nebulizer

Agaro is a professional brand that offers products in various categories. All of their products have extremely eminent features and are available in budget-friendly price ranges. The nebulizer is a compact device that is ideal to carry around as you go.


It has an in-built storage case where the 2 m long cord can be stored comfortably. The medication will get converted into an effective aerosol mist which will offer quick comfort. 

Primary Features

  • Aerosol mist for efficient relief
  • Super minute particles for easy transmission
  • Oil-less pump for low maintenance
  • Alterable particle size from 0.5 to 8 microns
  • Nebulization speed of 0.2 ml/min
  • Jet spray medication for quick absorption
  • Pressure value of 10-40 PSI
  • Dual sized masks
  • 6ml medication capacity
  • Less than 60dB noise levels
  • Warranty time of 1 year

The aerosol technology utilizes the medicine to its fullest, drastically minimizing the wastage. The extremely fine particles which can be changed between 0.5 microns to 8 microns can be easily penetrated through the respiratory tract, without much hassle.

The outlet valve is connected with a jet spray which ensures that the mist is completely absorbed. This unique add-on helps in the excellent delivery of the medicine, giving more comfort at times of attacks.

The efficiency of the output mist is given out in a high pressure, which ranges between 10 to 40 PSI. Also, the speed of the nebulization is about 0.2 ml/min.

These high-end features facilitate in providing productive performance, making it one among the best nebulizers. It has a medicine holder which has a capacity of 6 ml.

The dual masks of different sizes that come with the product, makes it suitable for use with children as well as adults. The machine is made with oil-less pumping technology which reduces the maintenance requirement significantly.

The machine comes with 5 air filters, each of which can be used for 160 times, after which they have to be changed.

It can be used very easily by turning it on by a single touch. It works at a negligible noise level which is less than 60 dB.  Also, there is a warranty period of 1 year on this machine.

  • Excellent Delivery Of Medicine
  • High Pressure Mist Generation
  • Super Minute Particles for Easy Penetration
  • Low Noise Level
  • Low Durability Factor


9. Omron Ultra Compact & Low Noise Compressor Nebulizer

Omron is a high-end brand that manufactures various medical equipment and devices. Their products are usually preferred by medical experts as they are very much reliable and easy to use.


The main highlight of the machine is its small box-like design which is extremely compact. This construction of the machines makes it very convenient, giving the opportunity to carry the appliance with you wherever you travel.

Primary Features

  • Extremely compact size
  • Conversion of medicine intro aerosol droplets
  • Rapid inhalation pace of 0.3 ml/min
  • Diminished particle size of less than 4.56mm
  • Medication capacity of 10ml
  • Adult and children masks for dual purpose
  • 2 year warranty period

The important requirement to obtain exemplary results is by effectively converting the medicine from its existing form into aerosol droplets. In this form, the medical mist can be easily perforated into the lungs, presenting you with immense and quick relief.

This nebulizer significantly reduces the breathing stress caused when suffering from cold, cough, bronchitis, and asthma. The pace at which the inhalation process takes place is quite quick, working at a speed of 0.3 ml/min.

Also, the machine diminishes the particle size to as small as 4.56 mm. This reduction in the size of the particles helps to distribute the medicine throughout the lungs, gaining quick relief.

Also, the device is provided with the capacity of holding up to 10 ml of medicine. The product also comes with two masks, one of which can is small in size and can be used for children. The big-sized mask can be used for adults.

Due to its user-friendly design, it can be easily used by everyone without much assistance. It also operates at a negligible noise level, causing no disruption to those around you. The machine comes with a warranty period which lasts for 2 years.

  • Microscopic Particle Size
  • Easy Absorption of Medicine
  • Quick Relief
  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Increased Noise Level


10. Dr. Morepen Cn06 Compressor Nebulizer

Dr. Morepen manufactures multiple healthcare devices that can be used for everyday purposes. Their products are very much preferred in terms of performance and quality.


The design of this nebulizer is sleek and convenient to use on a daily basis. Due to its weightless structure, the machine can be easily carried around as you go around. The design is strategically planned so as to ensure that the product is travel-friendly.

Primary Features

  • Small and weightless machine
  • Piston type compressor
  • Reduced particle size for quick absorption
  • Jet nebulizer for better output
  • Low noise levels
  • 1 year warranty period

The type of compressor that is used in this machine is of a heavy-duty piston model. This efficiently transforms the medicine into a powerful mist, which gets absorbed by the lungs effortlessly.

The atomised steam has very small particle sizes, which facilitates the movement of the mist from the nebulizer to your breathing tract.

The jet based nebulizer gives the medical mist at an appropriate pressure level, making sure that the medicine effectively performs its job, giving instant relief from discomfort.

It also ensures that the medicine directly reaches your lungs and reduces breathlessness for a temporary time period. There are two masks that come with the machine.

The small-sized mask can be used for kids while the bigger one would be ideal for adults. This enhanced flexibility offered by the machine makes it suitable for use, irrespective of the age.

Due to its simple structure, it can be cleaned very easily and also needs very minimal maintenance.

The machine also operates at a low noise level, relieving those around you from the unwanted inconvenience. The user-friendly design can be easily operated without much assistance. There is also a warranty time period of 1 year.

  • Powerful Mist Generation
  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Provides Immediate Comfort
  • Requires Low Maintenance
  • More prone to damage during logistics


11. Sahyog Wellness Portable Traveller Mesh Nebulizer

Sahyog Wellness manufactures many different medical products which are very necessary for keeping health in check. Also, their products undergo strict quality checks before they are made available in the market.


This nebulizer machine is a hand-held device that is sleek and travel-friendly. It is made with high-end materials to ensure that the product is long-lasting and high performing.

Primary Features

  • Mesh technology
  • Medical capacity from 0.5 ml to 8 ml
  • Piezo-ceramic element for uniform atomization
  • Small particle size of 5 µm
  • Well-suited with medicines of varying viscosity
  • Dual masks for ease of use
  • User-friendly with separate indicators
  • Compatible with battery and USB cable
  • 3 month warranty time span

It is designed with a highly efficient mesh technology, which is one of the most ideal types of nebulizers and is known to provide immense relief. The piezo-ceramic element that is used in the machine causes circuit frequency vibration. 

The piezo-ceramic element that is used in the machine causes circuit frequency vibration. This process, inturn helps to attain a uniform and sustained atomization of the medicine.

This significantly reflects in the particle size that is generated. The machine is capable of shrinking the particle size to as low as 5 µm. This helps the medicine to flow easily through the passage and reach the lungs.

The medicine chamber can withhold a high quantity of medicine which is definitely an added plus. The minimum quantity of medicine that has to be used is 0.5 ml and the maximum quantity can go up to 8 ml.

Another added advantage of the machine is that, it is compatible with medicines of different viscosities. The nebulizer comes with masks that are of two different sizes.

To make sure it is suitable for children, it comes with one mask which smaller in size and another which is of a standard size and can be used by adults. To guide you on the usage of the machine, it comes with special indicators.

One of the indicators indicates if the water level in the machine is low. There is also another indicator that points out if there is a low voltage. This helps you to correctly use the machine, thereby obtaining high efficiency.

The machine can be operated in two different modes. It can be turned on by using 2 AA alkaline batteries. This can be preferred if you need to use the device while on move, as it may be arduous to find a switch port.

The other mode of powering is the USB cable. It is recommended that you clean and disinfect the device for 3 minutes with a 70% medical alcohol solution. Also, the product comes with a warranty of 3 months.

  • Mesh technology for instantaneous relief
  • Compatible with medicines of different viscosity
  • Travel-friendly
  • Very flexible
  • Specific indicators for ease of use
  • Quality of the product needs improvement
  • Poor warranty and replacement policy


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Buying Guide – Best Nebulizers in India

Being a medical-equipment, a nebulizer must be bought with utmost caution. Special attention has to be given to its prospects to ensure that you end up choosing a highly efficient nebulizer.

Also, not being cautious about the features may be quite risky as you may not obtain the kind of relief that you require when you have an asthmatic attack.


However, choosing a nebulizer can be quite tedious due to the number of medical specifications that it comes with. There are a lot of chances that you may find it hard to comprehend these terminologies if you do not have any medical knowledge.

To help you figure it all out, we have framed a detailed buyer’s guide which will provide a complete report about the important features that you must consider while buying a nebulizer. These aspects that are mentioned are inevitable and are very much vital while buying a nebulizer.

Types of Nebulizers

The type of nebulizer has to be chosen keeping in mind the requirement for which it is being bought. Basically, nebulizers come in three different types –

Jet nebulizer

Jet nebulizers are also referred to as compressed nebulizers. They are one of the most commonly used nebulizers which have been under existence for a while now. This type of machine transforms the medical liquid into steam like mist.

This mist, when inhaled through a face mask provides instant relief from your breathing trouble. However, these can be quite big and may require a bag to be carried in when you go out.

Mesh Nebulizer

Mesh nebulizers are comparatively smaller and more light in terms of weight. This modifies the medicine into minuscule particle sizes so that they can be easily absorbed during the nebulization process.

They help in achieving quick relief and also reduces the wastage of medicine significantly.

Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Ultrasonic nebulizers are usually preferred by medical health professionals for providing a more intense treatment to patients who suffer from breathing-related problems.

They generate ultrasonic waves, which are in the form of the mist. These help in providing relief when it reaches the lungs.


Factors to Consider while buying the Best Nebulizer in India

1. Rate of Nebulization

The rate of nebulization denotes the pace at which the medial mist would reach your lungs. This means that, if the nebulization rate is more, then you are more likely to get quick relief from the pain. 

That is, the rate of nebulization is directly proportional to the pace at which you will attain relief.

It is most recommended that you opt for a nebulizer which has a higher rate. Especially, if you are facing severe breathing trouble, it is best to opt for a machine with a higher nebulization rate as this would provide instant relief.

This also means that the time required for the treatment of the problem will reduce significantly if the nebulization rate is high. The recommended range of nebulization rate is between 0.25 ml/min and 0.5 ml/min.

2. Size of the Particle

Small Particle Size is very much necessary to ensure that the medicine completely reaches the lungs and spreads within. The fine particles will easily get absorbed by the lungs.

The particle size must be small enough, within a range of 1 µm and 5 µm. This will ensure that the medicine easily penetrates through the respiratory tract, providing spontaneous relief.


3. Capacity of the Chamber

The capacity of the chamber determines the amount of medicine that it can hold. A machine with a bigger chamber can hold more medicine, making it capable of providing more dosage while using the nebulizer. The recommended chamber capacity is between 8 ml and 10 ml.

4. Build

A nebulizer has to be small and compact enough to be fit inside a bag, so that you can carry it with you wherever you go. The need for a nebulizer may occur anytime, especially if you suffer from severe lung-related problems.

Thus, keeping the nebulizer handy is most essential. The weight and the size of the machine must be carefully considered before you opt for a nebulizer.


5. Filter

Make sure that the machine comes with a high-quality filter. This is because the air filter that is used in the nebulizer is a very important component.

If the filter is inefficient of clogged, the nebulizer will add more pressure to the compressor thereby affecting the durability of the machine.

Also, the performance of the machine will decrease significantly and will not provide a high velocity of mist.

Thus, the filter of the machine must of very high caliber and also ensure that the cleaning process of the filter is quite comfortable as they must be cleaned thoroughly after every use.

6. Add-on Equipment

There is other add-on equipment that must be attached to the main unit of the nebulizer. These include parts like a mask, air filter, mouth valve, and so on.


There is other add-on equipment that must be attached to the main unit of the nebulizer. These include parts like a mask, air filter, mouth valve, and so on.


The filter that is attached to the nebulizer has to be changed quite often to retain the performance of the machine.

Thus, make sure that the machine comes with at least 3 to 5 additional filters, so that you can alter between them as each of it wears out.


7. Warranty

When buying any healthcare product, it is very important that you check the warranty provided by them. Ensure that the nebulizer’s brand offers a warranty period which is at least 1 year long.

It will be very much convenient to demand a replacement or get it fixed if in case there happens to be any problem.

8. Price

Investing is a high-quality nebulizer is very important as you cannot afford to compromise when it comes to healthcare products. The general price range of a nebulizer is from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Nebulizers in India

Q1. Why is a nebulizer used?

Ans. A nebulizer is a medical device that is prominently used by people who suffer from asthma, lung problems, cough, wheezing, and other respiratory problems.

The mist generated from the device is generated of higher velocity and helps in providing relied at times of attack. This device can be used to get temporary comfort from these problems and do not serve as a permanent solution. 

Q2. Can nebulizers be harmful?

Ans. Although nebulizers are a welcome relief to those people who suffer from breathing-related problems, it can be quite hazardous if it is not used properly. It should be noted that using a nebulizer as a complete treatment for intense respiratory problems can lead to health issues. 

Problems like asthma have to be treated by a medical expert and nebulizers can be used only to obtain temporary relief from severe breathlessness attacks.
Make sure that you follow every guideline that has been instructed by the experts while using this equipment. Else, it may cause very severe health issues and may also lead to death.

Q3. What is the difference between a nebulizer and an inhaler?

Ans. Both an inhaler as well as a nebulizer is usually used for the same purpose. However, they vary fundamentally in terms of convenience in usage. 

An inhaler is a puff like a device that is loaded with a pre-determined amount of medicine. The dosage of the medicine must be kept in track as using more or less of the medicine can lead to problems.

Using an inhaler, especially with children can be quite tedious as its functionality is complex.

A nebulizer, on the other hand, works very easily as the medicine is released in the form of a mist. Due to this form, all that you have to do is to inhale the steam to get momentary relief from the problem. 

Q4. What has to be done when the nebulizer treatment doesn’t work?

Ans. If in case you suffer from frequent breathing problems, it is mandatory that you consult a physician.

It has to be understood that nebulizers only provide temporary relief from such problems and cannot be relied upon if you have a more vigorous issue.

Opting for a more intense treatment will be the best choice. This will identify the core reason behind your problem and the necessary treatment for it will be provided. 

Q5. How to use a nebulizer?

Ans. While using a nebulizer, make sure to follow the below-mentioned steps:-
1. Connect the piping with the compressor
2. Fill the chamber with the recommended level of medicine
3. Fix the mouth valve and the mask
4. Wear the mask and turn on the device
5. Deeply inhale and exhale to get immediate relief

Conclusion – Best Nebulizers In India

It is very much understandable if you still find it a humongous task to decide on which nebulizer would be the ideal choice for your home.

To help you with that trouble, we have a come up with a suggestion for you. The suggestion has been put forth taking every single prospect into consideration.


Omron Nebulizer Microair NE-U100 is an ideal choice for a well efficient Nebulizer. It stands out from the rest especially because of its compact build. Its small size makes it very handy and can be taken with you when you are traveling.

The machine is capable to shrink the particle size and provide excellent output, thereby providing immense relief from pain.

Its high-velocity mist travels to the core of your lungs, ensuring that the medicine is working with utmost efficiency.

Although it is slightly on the pricier side, it must be noted that is very much worth the penny that you pay.

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