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10 Best Luggage Bags In India (September 2020) – Buying Guide & Reviews


Are you confused about what an appropriate travel bag is?



In today’s era where everyone wants to be the trendsetter, fashion exists in everything around us. Fashion and traveling are kind of handy in hand nowadays.

People love to call for an entertainment-packed holiday, they want to explore every desired destination and make it happen.

Whenever we plan a trip, the first thing that comes in mind is, ‘Oh! I need a bag!’ The most unavoidable thing is an apt luggage.

We are lucky enough to have a vast choice in everything today but we often get confused about what to choose.

You will get all the required information here which will help you to make the right choice about which is the suitable luggage bag for you, we highly recommend you to read our ultimate Buying Guide.

On the page, you will get to know about the main features of the Top 10 Best Luggage Bags in India.

Table of Contents

These are the Top 10 Best Travel Bags (Trolley/Luggage) in India

Best Trolley Bags in India

1. Amazon Basics Duffel Trolley Bag

Ripstop Wheeled Duffel luggage by Amazon is one of the most trustworthy brands when it comes to affordability and fail-safe luggage bags. This amazing black colour travel bag is also available in 2 other sizes; 30 inches long and 35 inches long.


This durable wheeled duffle luggage is made up of hard-wearing 100% polyester which is at its top. The bottom and the sides of the bag consists of 210D lining and 1680D ripstop fabric material whose power opposes the ripping off of the bag. 

The sturdy duffle bag is long-lasting luggage.It involves a good number of compartments and tiny sections which come in handy and promotes an organised work.

This makes easy and convenient access to everything without any confusion and without being baffled.

In addition to this, the well-designed side pockets are so helpful and accessible and so within reach.

The wheeled duffle bag consists of the detachable straps which can be used in the following two ways: shoulder wise and diagonally, which could be very handy and adjustable on bumpy roads.

This bag has telescopic handles and upstanding wheels which will facilitate you for smooth portability. The specially designed wheels would help you to move the luggage from one place to another with ease.

You get a 3 years warranty on this travel duffle bag from the house of Amazon. This is one of the most affordable travel bags in India. To get this on a discounted price, hit the button given below.

  • High sturdiness
  • Storage of value
  • Easy to carry
  • Adequate space
  • Comfy style
  • Over-sized bag


2 Skybags Rubik Polyester Soft-Sided Check-In Luggage (STRUW68EBLU)

SkyBags is one of the most reliable brands known for producing backpacks and luggage bags. The company manufactures very sturdy and durable luggage bags which have helped the company to grab a high position in the list of 10 Best Luggage Bags in India.

The skybags Rubik has a capacity of 66 ltrs and the bag weight is 4.5 Kgs. The dimensions of the bag are 46.5 cm X 31.5 cm X 68.5 cm. The skybag Rubik Luggage is designed in a manner that makes it easy to carry because of the polyester material used to make it.

The involvement of polyester makes the bag flimsy thus, very useful and comfy for traveling through airways and railways. Also, the suitcase comes in safeguarded packaging.

The best part of buying this bag is that the material is waterproof. So, this waterproof quality makes these bags useful during the rainy season and monsoons. The inner quality of the bag is satisfactory.

The sky bags Rubik polyester bags are easy to carry, thanks to their airy and feathery weight. The easy to move four wheels facilitates smooth mobility of the bag thus, resulting in being accessible.

It’s round smooth and trouble-free wheels give the traveler the benefit of easy and suitable carrying. Also, the sides of the four wheels are shielded by the good quality plastic covering which makes the wheels unbreakable.

The design of the bag also includes the zip pocket at the bottom of the bag. This secret zip at the bottom of the bag gives access to the buyer to put in some teeny tiny stuff or to slip-in the last moment items.

The sky bags Rubik polyester bags are available at a good affordable price. The value for money is totally justified and the buyer feels satisfactory. To add more value to the deal, the brand is offering 5 years limited warranty on this SkyBags Rubik bag.

  • Easy to carry
  • Light weight
  • Value for money
  • The zip at bottom is delicate and breakable
  • Poor lock system


3 Aristocrat Polycarbonate Hardsided Cabin Luggage [Sienna]

The Aristocrat Polycarbonate Luggage is amongst the most stylish bags in India. The company is popular for producing affordable travel bags in India.

The strengthened interior of this Aristocrat bag acts like a shield that protects all the essentials packed inside the bag. Therefore, the stuff packed inside the bag remains intact and nothing messes up inside when you open up your luggage.

It offers ample space and compartments which would allow you to pack in loads of stuff that you wish to carry along with yourself. The luggage consists of well-designed and strong straps that keep all the stuff inside the bag intact.

The body of the bag divides it in 2 half but ample space. The wheels of this Aristocrat bag are properly round and the edges of the wheels are covered with the plastic covering.

The unimpaired wheels of the Aristocrat bags give the traveler a perfect travelling experience. The handle of this bag contains a button on it which facilitates easy push and pull.

  • Water resistant
  • 5 Years warranty
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Water may seep in through chains
  • No lock system for security


4 Skybags Trooper Polycarbonate Hardsided Cabin Luggage

The skybags Trooper Cabin Luggage is a bright summery colour bag. It is a perfect bag for you if you love being colorful and full of life.

If you are wishing to travel all by yourself or you want to give yourself a good break and call for a holiday solely, this bag is just a perfect option to pick when it comes to choosing a bag for a single person. It is just a perfect bag for single person use.

If a question is coming in your mind that if it is a bag for single person use, it may have less storage or less space, don’t worry it has absolutely ample space to store all your essentials for a trip.

This bag is so appropriate to be carried along for business trips. This bag has secured full marks on the basis of toughness and sturdiness. While carrying this bag on long trips, you won’t face the problem of carrying a burden

The bag is very light in weight. Thus, you will not be feeling tired or worn out while carrying this bag and moving with it from one location to another. The Bag is famous for its designs and looks.

The amazing design & patterns that these bags have makes it look very bright and brilliant that helps it stand out of the crowd in comparison to other cabin bags. So, if you are tasteful and fond of flaunting your style, this is just the perfect and faultless travel luggage for you.

  • Charming Patterns
  • Perfect single person luggage
  • No Heaviness
  • Anti-scrape body
  • Poor Inner lining
  • Not Water-proof


5. American Tourister Jamaica Polyester Soft-sided Suitcase [270(0)70003]

The American Tourister is a well-known company in the Indian market. The brand is loved by the customers because of its premium quality products. American Tourister Jamaica Bag comes with soft sides.

This luggage has been designed by keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of the ultra-modern and fashion-addicted, traveling obsessed people. It carries perfect luggage looks, with competent colors and upto the mark quality. 

With 360 round wheels that smoothens all its movement back and forth, this product is a perfect trolley bag for traveling. Also, the size of the bag makes it accessible, and perfect flight compartment size luggage.

It consists of a lock system which ensures proper security and protection for all the essentials packed inside the luggage.

The lock type is the number Lock, which means that you have to insert three numbers which will act as a key to the lock.

So, you don’t need to worry about your stuff security, because while manufacturing these bags the security of your stuff is always taken into consideration. Today, this bag is available at a high discount.

To avail this deal, press the red button given below. It is known for its sturdiness and toughness, thanks to the polyester used to manufacture it.

Also, you will be relieved to know that the sides of the bag are soft but I must mention that this bag is not water-proof which is its limitation.

Also, the top of the bags are padded thus, they will remain intact for a good period of time.

The inner layout of the bag is very simple, it has 2 compartments with good space to store your essential stuff and multiple big roomy pockets on the outer side of the bag.

It has four wheels which help in the easy and regulated movement of the bag no matter you are walking the over-leveled or unpaved road. So, if you think that you will be applying extra energy in moving this trolley, Absolutely not!! In fact, these wheels will give this luggage a no heaviness advantage.

  • Efficient lock system
  • Not very heavy to carry
  • Easy mobility
  • Excellent color quality
  • 3 years warranty
  • Lacks water-proofing
  • Kind of expensive


6. Aristocrat Nile Polyester Suitcase (STNILW66BLK)

Aristocrat produces some of the best Luggage bags, backpacks, keeping in mind the latest ideas of the modern era. It consists of a very solid and tough outer body, which acts as a shield and protects the bag from any kind of external damage.

Therefore, the body of this bag remains unbroken and unharmed so, if you are willing to buy this luggage, you have to spend money only once with no future repair expenses.

This bag by Aristocrat has side lugs on its exterior which makes it all way more sturdy. While packing, you often have to take a while putting in the stuff that you want to carry with you but you can’t because of the limited space.

But, when it comes to the Luggage you get perfect and ample space to pack in a good load of essentials.

When you are on a trip, you are mostly in stress about your belongings as you are in fear of getting them misplaced but with this luggage, you don’t need to fear about your stuff security.

This is because the Aristocrat Nile Polyester Luggage provides you with the feature of a fixed lock system which is very accessible and very helpful in keeping your essentials safe.

Also, there is a very low risk of your bag opening up when strikes and accidents. This black colour luggage comes with 5 years warranty from the house of Aristocrat. If you wish to buy this bag for your amazing trips, hit the button given below.

  • Fixed lock system
  • High sturdiness
  • Easy mobility
  • Heavy mass
  • Not water-proof


7. Safari Ray Polycarbonate Hard-Sided Cabin Luggage

Safari Ray Midnight Hard-Sided Cabin Luggage facilitates airline specifications. It is just a perfect Cabin Luggage that you can carry along when going for short trips. It comes with the feature of genuine Cabin size with a Polycarbonate covering.

Its outer sides are hard-sided which acts like an extra layering protecting it from any kind of external harm and impairment. Also, it is water-resistant which makes it easy to go with luggage during rainy seasons or monsoons.

Not only this, but the interior of the bag has also been designed keeping in mind the need of finding clothes intact and in place when unlocking the bag.

For this, there are two stretchable elastic straps for holding back the stuff packed inside the bag along with a separator which is further helpful in organized packing.

If you are having a thought of buying this bag, one thing you need not worry about and that is space and storage. Because this Luggage provides you with sufficient.

You can easily pack in atleast 5 shirts or t-shirts, one blazer, one pair of shoes, two pairs of trousers along with a toiletry kit and a first aid box.

On the purchase of this luggage, you get 5 years of international warranty that gives this blue colour luggage a place in the list of top 10 Best luggage bags in India.

  • Good thickness
  • Perfect cabin size
  • Ample storage
  • Fixed lock system
  • Fragile handle
  • Not scratch resistant


8. Nasher Miles Lombard Hard Sided Polycarbonate Cabin Luggage Trolley Bag

The Nasher Miles Lombard Cabin Luggage gives an eye-catching look to its bags by using the ideas from the street in San Francisco called the Lombard street.  The body of this bag is metallic which also gives it a 3D base.

This metallic body is kind of a rare feature so does this bag catch your eye. A very good quality polycarbonate has been used to make his attractive bags. Polycarbonate also safes the bag from all kinds of external harms.

Also, the luggage made with polycarbonate material carries with them the quality of scratch repellent. The polycarbonate covering that is given to Lombard bags makes the bag lighter and thus, easy to carry.

This bag is available in 3 different sizes, 22 inches, 24 inches, 28 inches. The bag facilitates easy mobility by giving 4 360 degree wheels which makes it easy for you to travel along with this bag feel no burden.

The wheels of this bag withstand every type of surface be it be regular or irregular.

Many bags do have wheels but still, they require extra energy to make them move but when you are having the Bags there is no need required for your extra efforts and control.

The luggage consists of a mounted side lock which ensures the security of all the essentials locked inside the luggage.

All you need to do is insert a three-digit combination lock and you are ready to go without worrying about the security of your belongings.

Luggage having wheels may not be accessible everywhere as in case of while moving or going up and down the staircase, for this, we need to lift the bag up.

But nobody among us wants to lift such a heavyweight, but if you are carrying the Lombard bag which has two handles one on the top and the other at the side enables you to lift it easily.

Also these handles will not hurt your hand as you lift the bag because he handles are covered with extra cushioning. The interior of the Lombard luggage has been designed in a manner that provides you with storage space in abundance.

It provides you with two big sections which are big enough to store all your traveling essentials. Also, it consists of a zippered separator which promotes organised packing. We recommend you to avail this big deal right now by clicking the button below.

  • Corner Guards
  • Comfy side handles
  • Scratch resistant
  • Affordable
  • Not water resistant


9. Safari Thorium Sharp Polycarbonate Cabin 4 Wheels Hard Sided Suitcase

You must be getting ideas of the quality of the bag from its name, the Safari Thorium Sharp Anti-scratch Polycarbonate Cabin Luggage is manufactured taking scratch resistant as its first priority.

So, if your luggage meets any kind of situation be it be rolling, dragging, or striking an accident, your bag will still remain the same with no scratch body.

If you are carrying with you the Luggage for your next safari then be stress-free about the storage because this bag offers you satisfactory space to pack in all the basic stuff.

For example, you can pack in four to five shirts along with two pairs of trousers and one blazer, footwear, and other essentials. So get your safari bag ready for your next safari!!

The Safari Thorium Anti-scratch Polycarbonate bag comprises of four easy movable wheels which will make your safari all the way more smooth and buttery.

The four 360 degree wheels make it easy to move bag on every kind of road surface. The Safari Thorium Anti-scratch Polycarbonate cabin luggage offers you full security by providing a good lock system. The Lock type is the number lock system.

  • Polycarbonate body
  • Anti-scratch body
  • Wear resistant
  • Smooth mobility
  • No side handles available
  • Not water repellent


10. Bagsrus Polyester Soft-Sided Carry-on Cabin Trolly Bag

It is one of the best travel bags in India that is available in 34 cm height. It comes in a matte colour and is a soft-sided cabin trolley bag. It is a suitable bag for all kinds of business tours and short family and friends trips.

If you are willing to spend less money on buying a trolley bag then this is just a perfect choice because this bag is easily affordable and could suit your pocket. It consists of a proper trolley structure with a capacity of 36 ltrs.

To enhance its trolley looks there is a telescopic handle on the top to drag the bag and move it from one location to another easily along with Four wheels.

The size provided to the bag is just the perfect size to carried when traveling on a flight.

The company offers you spacious space and big enough sections which are fully accessible to store all the important documents, bank statements, cash, and books or notebooks with you.

The structure of the bag truly and fully holds flexibility. The bag offers you easy and butter-like mobility with its four 360 degree wheels that ease your way to your destination. It consists of handles on the side and top with good quality cushion covers.

Therefore, you don’t need to carry bulk with you if you are picking up this bag for your next holiday. It also provides you with extra space with two zips on its outer side. These zips are very accessible to slip in last moments tit-bits.

  • Light weight
  • Good value for money
  • Affordable
  • One year warranty
  • Lack wear resistant
  • Lack water resistant
  • Lack scratch resistant


Buying Guide – Best Trolley Bags In India

When it comes to calling on a memorable and full-on entertaining vacation we want no kind of worries or stress, we want a full entertainment-packed holiday right?? Every holiday that we call on, there is one certain memorable incident that has to happen making that trip unforgettable.


We see that in today’s time span, we have 100 options, for one thing, making it difficult for us to decide which one is the best option according to our situation.

The same thing happens when it comes to choosing an appropriate bag for the holiday. When we come across so many types of trolley bags, backpacks duffel bags we just baffle out and are unable to decide which is the best option for us according to our needs.

The first mistake that we make is we think that one bag could be apt for all types of trips, Well! You are totally wrong. Here, you have to fix one thing in mind that type of luggage varies from trip to trip.


To escape you out of this bafflement, we have the following buyer’s guide for you to guide you correctly and aid you in selecting the apt luggage to make your trip more comfy and happening.

Things To Consider While Selecting The Best Luggage Bag In India

You have to consider the time span of the holiday you are calling on. For example – If you are planning a trip for three to five days or to a resort or something then you need a trolley bag or a rolling suitcase with ample capacity and space to store all your essentials.

On the other hand, if you are going out for a day trip and doing up-down or tracking or camping then in this case a normal backpack would be a perfect choice.   


1. Mode Of Transport 

Another important thing that you have to consider before picking up the best luggage for you is which mode of transport you will go by. It is important because if you will be walking to different locations, then a heavy suitcase will not be an apt option.

Therefore, if you are going location to location and mostly on foot, and changing the transportation mode then a trolley bag would do. But on the other side if you are using a fixed mode of transport through the entire timing when traveling, then a heavy pick up suitcase will not be a bad option to go with.


2. Types of Luggage Bags

You may know what is good and comfy for you, so it is very essential for you to checklist all your traveling needs before finalizing the correct luggage for you.

In case, you choose a backpack for a four to five days long trip and you are unable to pack in all your stuff in it, then all the money spent is futile.

You need to know that there are four types of luggage available:

Duffle Bags

The Duffle bags are specially designed for short trips or on the spot weekend trips because for these trips you need less stuff and these Duffle bags fit this requirement.

Rolling Suitcase

The rolling suitcases are the most convenient bags as to move these bags it requires less effort because from the name we can get that these bag have wheels for their mobility.

Also, these bags have enough space for the storage of all your traveling stuff. So all you need it to do is to pack in the stuff and roll along your bag!!


If you are an adventurous person who loves tracking and all then you should go for a backpack as these bags can hold all the load with all the pockets and their clips can be used to attach different types of equipment.

Also at places where rolling suitcases are not accessible, these backpacks are very helpful.

Travel Packs

The difference between the travel packs and backpacks is that travel packs can be used for longer trips and have more space for storage.

These Travel packs are just an apt option and are the best substitute for trolling bags at the places or roads where trolley bags can’t be helpful.

3. Luggage Size

This is another important tip to be used while choosing a luggage for your holiday. You have to decide the correct size of your luggage that you want to carry along with you. For instance – if you are going out for a weekend then a small-sized carry-on bag will be an apt option.

But if you are going for a good long trip then you should go for a trolley bag, otherwise, you what all is required for your trip you will not be able to carry that with you.

Another important thing is you should consider which type of activities you will be doing on the trip, like if you are planning something which includes adventure then you should go for a backpack or a travel pack.


4. Compartments/ Sections

If you are looking for good travel bags then make sure that the luggage has the required number of compartments or sections along with different pockets on its inner and outer sides to store different types of essentials.

Therefore, you should see that the luggage is having compartments and pockets that suits your needs.


5. Material and Straps

A high-quality bag will as always been manufactured using high-quality polyester, so you should ensure that the bag you are buying is made up of fine quality of polyester.

We should buy polyester made bags because polyester carries the quality of being waterproof and wear-resistant. We should also make sure that the luggage we are buying offers the quality of adjustable straps with well-cushioned straps so that you are comfortable enough while carrying the bag.

If you are thinking to buy a backpack or a travel pack, you should keep this tip in your mind while buying them.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Luggage/ Trolley Bags In India

Q1. Which luggage size is suitable for International travelling?

Ans. When traveling to an international location, we are supposed to take a bag with appropriate dimensions and size as the Airport authorities could ask you to reduce the load. So, the bag size suitable for international tours is the bag with dimensions 27x 21x 14 and with a size of 62 inches.

Q2. Which one is better- hard or soft sided suitcase?

Ans. If you want a durable and long-lasting bag then you should go for soft-sided bags. Also, the soft-sided bags offer you more space than hard-sided bags. So you get more space for storage if you go with soft-sided bags. To add on, the hard-sided bags could crack also if we try to stuff in more than its actual capacity.

Q3. What do you mean by a carry-on bag?

Ans. Carry-on bags are those bags that predetermined size and dimensions. These bags are basically to be carried along when traveling by plane. The dimensions of the carry-on bags are 9-inch x 14-inch x 22 inches along with wheels and side handles.

Q4. How much mass can a large sized suitcase hold on?

Ans. There is one large and one extra large sized suitcase. The capacity of large sized suitcase is 117 ltrs whereas the capacity of an extra large suitcase is 130 ltrs.

Conclusion- Best Luggage Bags in India

So these were the tips for you to follow and keep in mind while buying a perfect trolley bag for you. But, in case if you are still baffling out, chill out.


From the above mentioned Top 10 best luggage/trolley bags in India, you can go with SKYBAG TROOPER POLYCARBONATE as this bag carries all the main features like Scratch Resistant, Light Weight, easy to carry.

For some people, it may not be affordable but it must be noted that every high quality and long-lasting product needs a time investment so, if you spend your money on this bag, you will not regret and will get the full value of money as this bag lasts for a good span of time.

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