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12 Best Electric Shavers in India (September 2020) – Buying Guide & Reviews


Looking for the Best Electric Shaver in India?

You are in the right place! Below given are detailed reviews of the best of these products!

Electric shavers are the new, innovated and more convenient version of traditional razors. These are a safer choice from the latter as well.


These products may be more expensive from disposable razors but are much more durable and cost-effective, they can go for a long time even after constant use if properly maintained. Thus, a smart investment in the long run.

If you are prone to rashes or skin irritation after shaving, there is a probability that there will be no such after-effects because the smooth functioning does not require any shaving cream which usually causes these reactions.

The blades used in traditional razors or at barber’s shop cause small cuts and nicks that cause irritation and later bruise, which is highly unlikely to happen with electric shavers.

Electric Shavers are not exclusively used by just males, they can be used by any gender. You can use a shaver for shaving legs, head (if trimmed short), hands, chest, neck, or back.

These devices precisely remove the smallest hair on your skin and leave no traces of hair growth. It gives a smooth and neat finish.

Shaver’s have gradually gained popularity because they are very convenient. The markets have a wide range of selection.

Selecting an apt shaver can be a tough task. To make your job easy, we have written a detailed Buying Guide on this page that will help you to select the best electric shaver in India.

Table of Contents

These are the Top 12 Best Electric Shavers in India

12 Best Electric Shavers in India in 2020

1. Philips Electric Shaver S1121/45

If you are looking to buy the best electric shaver in India, you will always see Philips products leading the list of the Best shavers in India. Phillips has been in the markets for more than a century now.


The company manufactures a varied range of home-essentials and personal care products. Phillips S1121/ 45 is a rotary electric shaver thus best in the case if your growth spurts are in more than one direction and you find it difficult to shave-off the hair on your neck and chin.

Upon one-time charging, the shaver can go on non-stop for 40 minutes. A 1- Level Battery indicator is provided to alert you when it is time for recharging.

The product provides cordless shaving, it is labeled as wet & dry Product. You can use shaving cream or aloe-vera gel safely after a shower without the fear of getting electric shocks.

The three directional flex heads are smartly designed to get rid of the coarsest of hair on your skin efficiently without any nicks or extra efforts. It is equipped with 27 self- sharpening blades for excellent finishing and flawless work.

It has a comfortable grip handle and the hold is strong because of non- slip rubber layering over it. So, you can maintain your grip even if your hands are soapy and slippery.

A Skin Protection system ensures that the shaving is smooth and does not cause any cuts or redness on the region it is used on. The shaver is very easy to clean and maintain.

One-Touch open exposes the inside of the mantle housing flex heads; all the hair and grime can be easily wiped or brushed off from the surface.

This Philips shaver comes with 3 years of the warranty period. In case you find a manufacturing defect you can contact the customer service center and they will guide you through it.

  • 3 Directional rotary heads that shave off the hair from the most difficult spots
  • 27 self- sharpening blades for a flawless finish
  • After the shaver is charged once it can work for 40 minutes
  • Skin- Protection system ensuring minimal redness and irritation
  • Cleaning the device is clean because of the one-touch open feature
  • Non- slip rubber layer on the handle for a strong grip.
  • Charging time is long


2. Philips QP2525/10 OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver

This product also comes from the house of Phillips. The brand manufactures a variety of household appliances, various electrical appliances, and personal care items. The company is popular for its premium quality products and amazing customer service.


Philips QP2525/10 is a rechargeable foil shaver that is preferable for daily usage and needs to shave off very fine hair. It is convenient if you favor clean-shaven skin.

If you like styling your facial hair like a French beard or trim your beard to short stubble, you can comfortably do so with the help of this device. After one time charging the device can work for 45 minutes straight, thus has good battery life.

It has a dual protection system that comprises of a protection layer on the cutter plate that prevents direct contact of the blade to your skin for cut- free work. The frequency of this cutter is 200 per second for precision in shaving or trimming.

In the end, there is no redness or itchiness. The double-sided blades allow you to effectively reach the most difficult spots. It can be used for the removal of hair in all directions comfortably.

It is enlisted as Wet & Dry product because it is water-resistant. It is safe to use with or without shaving cream. The cleaning process is therefore quite easy.

You can just rinse hair that is stuck to the blade as you would do with traditional razors. It is a durable device. You need to change the blade in it regularly, it is advisable to do it in every four months for best results.

The package contains trimming combs in three different sizes 1, 3, and 5 mm that can be clipped on the head of the device.

They add to the versatility of the device-styling, trimming, or clean shave. To add more value to this deal, the company is offering a 2-year warranty on this product.

  • Three trimming combs of different sizes
  • Can be easily cleaned under running water
  • The device has double-sided blades for easy and flawless shaving or trimming
  • This shaver is waterproof
  • Once charged, it can work for 45 minutes
  • The product has two-year-long warranty period
  • Regularly changing the blades is a hassle


3. Philips BG1025/15 Showerproof Body Groomer

Phillips is one of the most popular brands worldwide. Their products are not only made with the latest technology but also are available in an affordable price range.


This is a battery-powered foil shaver that can be used on any body parts including chest and arm-pits. They can be used in sensitive areas because of their smooth working.

It has a special skin protection system that makes it possible to shave off hair as fine as 0.5 mm without causing any harm because the blade does not touch your skin while removal of hair.

Unlike traditional razors that work in just one direction, this device has bidirectional blades and a comb of size 3 mm that can easily catch upon fine hair growing in more than one direction. The width of the blade is 3.2 cm.

The blades are quite durable and work efficiently for a long time before you have to replace them. A clip-on comb is provided to facilitate perfect trimming. With the package come three AA- lead batteries as attachments.

The device is thus cordless and can be safely used even when your face is wet. A shower chord is also provided to easily hang it near your shower stall.

It is because of this water-resistant feature that it can be easily cleaned off by rinsing the blade under running water.

The handle is layered upon with rubber for a strong and comfortable hold for when your hands are wet and slippery. The company has excellent, smooth-running customer service.

You can use a helpline number to contact them if you have queries or are facing some problems with the product. The electric shaver is provided with three years of warranty in case you are faced with some defects in manufacture.

  • Can be used on sensitive body parts like chest and arm pits
  • Water-resistant and thus easy to clean by simply rinsing
  • Can be used for trimming using of 3 mm clip-on comb
  • Has a rubber layer on the handle so it can be easily gripped with wet or soapy hands
  • Blades are durable and do not require constant changing
  • The Warranty Period for the product is two years
  • The batteries need to be changed at regular intervals of time


4. Havells RS7005 Rs7010-3 Head Rotary Shaver

Havells is one of the most prominent electrical, home care, and personal care products manufacturers. They have been a crucial part of these markets for over 60 years, and are highly appreciated by their customers.


It is a rechargeable rotary electric shaver that works on 100-240 volts. It can be used for both light trimming and shaving off the hair growth completely.

A unique and smart 3D Veneer System is provided for gliding it smoothly on your skin and remove very fine hair from spots like your jawline and neck that are difficult to catch on to.

The circular blades are aligned in double rings for best performance– by precisely getting rid of all unwanted hair. It works smoothly and is adaptable to your face contour.

The blades in these rings are auto grinding, a feature that makes them durable because it maintains their sharpness for quite a long time. The built-in Pop- up trimmer at the back of the device is suitable for working on sideburns and moustache.

Boasts IPX7 waterproof system, which means you can safely clean it off using water. This way the cleaning is more thorough and hygienic.

It requires eight hours to get fully charged, it can then be unplugged and can be used cordless for 30 minutes. There is an LED indicator that alerts you when the device is fully charged and indicates when discharges.

The delivered package also includes a cleaning brush to clean off the blades thoroughly and lubricating oil for regular lubrication so that the blades last longer and the quality of working is properly maintained.

A protective cap is provided to cover its head so that you can easily carry it with yourself when you are traveling. The product comes with a 2-year warranty in case you are faced with some manufacturing defect.

  • 3D Veneer System to reach to the most difficult spots on the neck and jawline
  • The double circular rings for fast and efficient work
  • The auto grinding feature that maintains the sharpness of blades consistently
  • Pop- up trimmer provided exclusively for sideburns and mustache
  • IPX7 waterproof system for thorough cleaning and safe usage while wet
  • A protective cap that makes the device travel safe
  • Two years of the warranty period on the device.
  • The grip on the handle is not very good


5. Syska SH7200 Shaver

Syska deals in electric devices, light bulbs, LED, etc. They have a well-established and widely acclaimed brand name in the associated markets. Their customers are always satisfied with the best quality and efficiency in their products more so because of affordable price ranges.

Syska-SH7200 -electric-Shaver

The shaving head supports three dual- rings of the blade, designed with Senso-cut technology that gives a neat and clean finish without any cuts or nicks because of the skin-friendly blades.

The blades are self- sharpening and thus maintain their sharpness for a long time making the device durable and cost-effective.

The dual rings of the blade are designed such that the first ringlet works off thick or long hair and the other for small, fine hair that is difficult to latch on to.

It is certified- wet & dry indicating that it can be used with or without shaving foam, gel, or aloe vera, whatever you use before shaving-like with any traditional razor.

3D floating head facilitates the blades to adjust to the changing contours on your face so that you do not miss any spot and the work done is flawless.

There is a pop- up trimmer that can be used to shave off or trim your sideburns and moustache, shorter. It can be turned back to the socket when your work is done.

You can flip open the head of this razor so that you can properly wash off the blades when your work is done so as to maintain the quality of shaving and trimming.

An LED indicator lights up when your device is connected to the power supply and blinks when it is completely charged.

For measured and effective functioning of this electric shaver, the designers have used the IntelliSense technology, which is a chip that keeps the frequency (as measured in Rotations per Minute) of the device in check for maintaining the standard of working of the device.

It has been provided with a warranty of 2 years if you find a defect in the functioning of your device, you just need to call the customer service and they will guide you through.

  • Good battery life works for 30 minutes after one- time charging
  • It is a travel-friendly device
  • Maintaining and cleaning of the device is very easy
  • IntelliSense technology to take care of the frequency of blades
  • In- build trimmer for sideburns and mustache also provided
  • 2 year product warranty makes it more of a secure investment
  • Relatively, a little more expensive


6. Havells ST7000 Rechargeable Dual-Blade Shimmer 

Havells is an Indian Electronics company established in 1958, it has since then lived up to all customer expectations. Their products are always the most exemplary blend of innovative designs, the latest technology, and affordability.

Havells-ST7000- Rechargeable-electric-shaver

This is a dual blade electric shaver that can be used for various purposes like shaving, trimming, or styling your beard. The device is therefore called a shimmer.

It is made more versatile by providing combs in three different sizes namely 1, 3, and 5 mm, the combs can be clipped over the blades.

The blades on its head are bidirectional that is, it has a blade on the top and bottom of the mantle so that it can be used both the ways as sometimes the hair growth is in more than one direction.

It can be thoroughly rinsed in water to get rid of any hair that might be stuck on the blade because of the IPX6 waterproof feature. You can also use shaving cream or aloe vera gel while shaving.

The Li-Ion Quick charging technology provides a super quick charging in 90 minutes that in turn gives 60 minutes of run time to the device.

The device provides shaving as close to 0.1 mm off your skin and therefore gives you a neat finish without any hassle. This is a device of choice if you prefer a clean-shaven look and shave regularly.

The package also contains a complementary Lithium-Ion battery, lubricating oil, a cleaning brush for a quick swipe between uses, and an instruction manual if you are stuck.

The company has an excellent customer service that is ever ready to help you out. The product comes with two- year warranty for your facilitation.

  • Rightly called shimmer because it serves two purposes of shaving and trimming
  • IPX6 waterproof feature that allows you to use it with shaving cream or a gel
  • Bidirectional blades so that you can work with precision
  • Three comb sizes provided to style your beard the way you want
  • The warranty provided by the manufacturer is two years
  • Sometimes, unusual vibrations are reported


7. Philips S1030/04 Electric Shaver

Phillips is a multinational conglomerate. The company deals in home appliances and personal care appliances. The brand has been an essential name in the markets since 1950 and has been continuously praised by its customers.


This appliance is a rotary electric shaver and thus can get rid of very fine hair that cannot be removed by other razors. It is facilitated with a special skin protection design that reduces the chances of getting small cuts or nicks from the blades to negligible.

The flex heads, containing blades aligned in dual rings, are multi-directional so that you get a smooth and precise finish.

Parts of your face like cheek-bones, a jawline that is sometimes difficult to work on becomes very easy because the flex heads align their shape with the contour of your face.

The blades used in this electric shaver are self- sharpening such that the quality and sharpness is maintained for a long period of time.

The product is rated Wet & Dry, which means you can use it both ways- with shaving gel/ cream or without it. You can use running water to rinse it off and it can be used quite safely with wet hands as well.

The device is extremely easy to use. Functioning is quite simple to understand. It can be comfortably held because of the ergonomic design of the handle.

It takes about 10 hours while charging to its maximum limit, after which it has the potential to work non- stop for 45 minutes.

A required pack of battery is provided to you within the delivered package. The device has been given a warranty period summing up to three years. So, if there is any fault in the manufacturing end, it can be easily resolved.

  • The device can deal with very thin and fine hair very easily
  • Special Protection Design
  • The device is water-resistant
  • The flex heads move in 3D motions
  • The blades used are self- sharpening and thus long-lasting
  • Handle designed for perfect and comfortable grip
  • Cordless working time of the shaver is 45 minutes, constantly, if required
  • Three years of warranty that comes for the device
  • It takes 10 hours to get fully charged


8. Philips S5050/06 Aquatouch Electric Shaver

Phillips is one of the most in-demand electronics company. They have customers worldwide and are appreciated for the quality and durability of their products all the time. The products are not only of the best standards but also in a convenient price range.


This rotary electric shaver requires a power supply of 9 watts and works on 100- 240 volts. It can be used for shaving very coarse hair on the most difficult spots. It gives you a close shave.

The skin protection system takes care of your skin during the close contact. Depending upon your preference- you can use shaving foam or a chosen gel before shaving because the shaver is eligible for both wet and dry shave, all thanks to the Comfort Cut Blade System.

The flex heads are movable (independently) in five directions and so it the mantle they are housed in. The device has this construct so that it can easily remodel its movements with the bends and rises in your face structure.

A smart click trimmer that is best suited for sideburns and moustaches is also provided to be used as an attachment. The shaving head can be detached and this trimmer can be fixed in its place to be used when required.

It needs to be charged for 8 hours for it to work cordless for 30 minutes. The device needs to be charged if you want to work with it because it needs to be disconnected from the power supply to function.

An LED light is provided to alert you when it is discharged or fully charged.

The shaver head can be popped open for when you want to rinse the blades. Also, it is travel safe because a protection cap is provided to cover the blades when necessary. The manufacturer gives two years of warranty, so you feel completely secure while purchasing the device.

  • Gives a smooth finish when used for clean shave
  • It can be used along with shaving foams, aloe vera gel or give you a quick dry shave
  • The flex heads can rotate in five different directions
  • An attachable trimmer
  • It can work cordless for 30 minutes
  • Two long years of warranty provided by the manufacturer
  • Comparatively more expensive than the other electric shavers


9. Philips S1070/04 Aqua Touch Electric Shaver

Philips is a premium electronics company and is an admired brand name in the markets worldwide. They are specifically known for the affordability of their products. Their customers are always praising these products for their more than satisfactory performance.


This electric shaver is best suited for you if you have hair growth in different directions which is difficult to shave off with traditional razors, that are under your chin, and parts of your neck can be worked on quite easily as well because of the construct.

This device needs 10 hours of continuous charging and further can be used cordless for 45 minutes without stopping. An LED indicator light starts to rapidly blink to point out when the device needs recharging.

After it is charged, you can detach it from the cord and use it freely. It is thus applicable for both wet and dry shaving. This makes it safe to use the device even when you are wet.

As mentioned above, the smart construct of the electric shaver makes the removal of the most stubborn of your hair easy because of the three directional flex heads housing dual rings of blades.

These blades are designed to add on to the durability feature of this product as they are self- sharpening, and can independently maintain the quality of their performance for a long time.

The handle of this shaver is made comfortable so that you can easily hold it and the vibrations of the device do not have an effect on the working.

The head of the shaver pops open on one click, so that you can clean the residual hair and foam/ gel by rinsing it clean underwater.

Thus, it does not involve any complicated method of maintaining its working quality. You are provided with a warranty for two years with the delivered package, so you can get the manufacturing defects in your device, if any at all, fixed easily.

  • 3 directional flex Heads
  • Self- sharpening blades that serves two purposes
  • Device is fully charged it has the potential to work for 45 minutes
  • There are minimal chances for any bruises or redness after the trim or shave
  • Handle design is extremely comfortable and provides you a good grip for working
  • Equipped with a pop- up trimmer
  • Required charging time is too long


10. Philips SatinShave Wet & Dry Electric Shaver HP6306

Phillips is known worldwide for the excellence of its products. It deals in kitchen appliances that make your everyday life easier to personal care products that help in grooming yourself.


This foil electric shaver has been especially designed for gentle shaving and is thus perfect for use in sensitive areas. It is well suited for females because of the skin-friendly factor. It is safe for shaving your legs, arms, and armpits.

It works on two modes and can be adjusted according to your requirements. You can trim your hair short to 0.5 inches or can completely shave it off of your skin.

It prevents any kind of rashes, itchiness, irritation, or redness, because of the hypoallergic foil, which is a common occurrence with regular razors. It is very gentle on your skin and is thus very popular amongst the ladies, rightly named the Lady-shave.

It works cordlessly and thus can be used in the shower when the pores in your skin are dilated and the shave is easier and more effective. For soft skin later, it is advisable to use shaving cream or soothing gel before using the shaver.

It has to be moved against the hair growth on your skin, so that it does not leave a trail of stubble behind. You can use it over your bikini line as well in the same fashion.

Unlike your traditional razors, you do not have to worry about changing the shaving blade regularly for neat operation. It is a battery-operated device and thus can be worked without any hassle, you can carry it with you during your travels.

  • Smooth and gentle working and is thus skin friendly
  • It can be used on sensitive body sites like armpits and bikini line
  • The Wet and Dry Operations
  • Device is travel friendly and can be safely carried around
  • Two modes of working- oft trimming or clean shave
  • Has up- to date safety features
  • No information is provided about the warranty of this product


11. FLYCO Electric Razor Rotary Shaver

Flyco is a leading electronics brand that is headquartered in China. It has now flourished into a very important part of this market. They come up with commendable products that are highly appreciated and eagerly recommended by their consumers.


This smart rotary electric shaver merely requires 60 minutes of charging time and can work for up to 90 minutes after that. A swift dry shave takes approximately five minutes thus you can shave 18 times without recharging your device.

It is facilitated with an intelligent anti- clip system that alters the working of the flex heads in order to avoid accidental clipping of your beard.

It can easily deal with tough spots like the base of your chin or the curve of your neck where razors fail to efficiently work.

It has a certified IPX7 waterproof construct and therefore it can be rinsed to remove the stuck hair or residuals of foam, underwater without causing any damage to the device.

The shaving area of the device is increased by 95% because of the double rings of blades on each flex head. Each blade readjusts itself with the change in the contour of your face for your best shaving experience.

The blades used in this device are self- grinding so that they can automatically retain their sharpness even with constant use. This keeps these blades exceptionally sharp for a long time.

An LED display keeps you informed about the time you take to work with the shaver, it also indicates when you need to recharge the device.

It features Intelligent systems like block stop protection due to which the device ceases to work when the shaver head is blocked and a lock system that displays whether or not you have locked the device after your work is done, make the device unique.

Along with the product and its charger, the package also contains add- ons like a protection cap to make it more travel friendly and a brush to clean the blades.

  • The charging time of this shaver is 60 minutes and working time is 90 minutes
  • Smart features like anti- clip system, block stop system and lock system
  • IPX7 water proof approved device and is thus easy to clean
  • Increased shaving area because of dual blade rings on each of the three flex heads
  • It is travel friendly because of the clip- on protection cap provided
  • LED display for working time and to indicate when you have drained all the battery
  • Only one year of warranty period provided by the manufacturer


12. Skull Shaver Palm Shaver

Skull shaver is a Chinese brand that exclusively manufactures electric shavers. The company comes up with the most innovative features that are highly admired by all of its customers. Their products are popular for compact and convenient designs.


This rotary electric shaver is named Pitbull by its manufacturers because it has five powerful, large shaving flex heads that are multi-directional as per their rotary motion. The CR- 3 blades add extra precision to the work.

It is an IPX5 waterproof device thus fit for both dry and wet usage. You can use it with shaving cream or foam, using gels is not advisable as it may hinder with the working of the blades.

When it is charged to its full battery potential, it can be used for about 60 minutes without stopping. You can use it for shaving complicated spots like the under-side of your chin or the curve of the back and front parts of your neck.

It has more than an adequate cutting area and an admirable blade articulation that significantly brings down the time required for shaving.

It can be used even when it is connected to the power supply and most definitely cordless when charged to a certain level.

It can be popped open in order to clean the blades from the insides, rinsing it under running water can wash the residual off easily and effectively.

It has a compact design and the handle has a box-like construct that has grooves to fit two of your fingers for a strong yet comfortable grip.

A Lithium-ion battery is provided with the device by the manufacturer free of cost in the package. An ear and nose trimmer is provided with the product as an attachment. It is fixed on the head of the handle.

  • Innovative Square Shaped Handle
  • CR- 3 blades make the shave or trim even more Precise
  • One- time charge results in 60 working minutes
  • A lithium- batteries are provided with the product
  • The flex heads adapt to your facial features and contours
  • No mention of the product’s warranty period


Buying Guide – Best Electric Shavers in India

Electric Shavers are not only time conserving but also cost-effective.

Can you imagine the amount of money you spend over disposable razors and blades?

An electric shaver on an average works for 2 years, and two years- worth of supply of razors and their replacement blades cost much more than a single device.


They can be used for trimming and even styling your beard. It is easy to maintain their quality and your hygiene with the devices.

Before buying this shaver, you must be aware of all the factors you need to compare and make an informed choice.

Factors to consider while buying the Best Electric Shaver in India

1. Type of Electric Shaver

Electric shavers are of two types- Rotary and Foil. Foil Shavers give a more gentle and smooth finish. They can be used easily for a clean shave, and daily if you need. They are very gentle on the skin and are very durable devices.

Rotary shavers are perfectly suited for people who have growth spurts in different directions, because of the 3D flex heads. The blades can get to the most difficult spots and get rid of thick stubborn hair growth as well.

3. Wet or Dry Shaving

An electric shaver can be used for a quick dry shave or trim, mostly rotary shavers, or if labeled wet and dry can be used with shaving creams and foams for a comfortable close shave. It is best to avoid gels that are thick so that the blades can function without any hindrance.


3. Wired or Wireless

There are shavers that are required to be connected to the power supply at all times to function. They must be used in completely dry surroundings for safety and are not very travel friendly. The wires are a hassle to assemble as well.

Wireless electric shavers are popular because they are very convenient devices, they can be used while in the shower and are rechargeable, water-resistant, and shockproof so that you do not have to worry about your safety while using it.


4. Ease of Cleaning and Maintainance

Foil shavers can most definitely be rinsed under running water and can be scrubbed thoroughly while cleaning, these devices are compatible with it.

Rotary shavers can be a little complicated than that, some of them do have pop- up heads that can be washed with water.


5. Handle Design

Handles of these devices should be comfortable and non- slippery. The design should be as such that it can be strongly held while working.

Some of the models have their handles layered with rubber so that it does not slip from your hands while you are trimming or shaving, so have grooves for your fingers to have a better grip.

6. Change of Blades and Batteries

Rotary blades do not require frequent changes because their blades are mostly self- sharpening but the foil shavers may need a change of blades in an interval of 6 or 8 months. Batteries for the rechargeable devices do not need to be changed that often. They work for a long time.


7. Safety Features

Safety features like auto turn off, block stop systems make a device more secure for the user. There are skin protection features in some devices that prevent nicks or cuts, the shave is irritation- free because of these features.


8. Product Warranty

The warranty period for these products varies from 6 months to three years. It is a very important factor while making a purchase.

A product warranty is provided so that you are safe in case a manufacturing defect is found in the device. This warranty is brought into consideration and the problem is fixed for you without loosing an extra penny over it.


Frequently Asked Questions – Best Electric Shavers in India

Q1. Can electric shavers be used with shaving foams?

Ans. The shavers that are labelled wet and dry can be used along with shaving foams and creams. In most cases, it is advisable to not use gel because it is denser and might hamper with the blade working.

Q2. What is the durability of this device?

Ans. The durability of this device varies from one year to seven years if properly maintained. If the shaver head is replaceable it lasts even longer. The life of a rotary electric shaver is shorter than that of a foil one.

Q3. Can I use an electric shaver to shave my legs and arms?

Ans. Yes, you can use the electric shaver on your arms and legs but not on sensitive areas like armpits until it is exclusively mentioned on the device package.

Q4. How do I choose between rotary and foil shavers?

Ans. Rotary shavers: These electric shavers are for people who do not have to shave daily and have hair growth in more than one direction. It does not make sound or cause a lot of vibrations. It can pick on very small and thick hair.

Foil Shavers: These devices are glorified razors. They can be used daily if the need is, and can be used for close shaving for a clean shave. They do, at times, make a little unusual noise.

Q5. How do I clean the electric shaver without damaging the device?

Ans. If the device is waterproof you can wash it with water. Some rotary shavers come with a pop- up head that opens with a click so you can properly wash them. 

Some brands also provide small cleaning brushes so you can thoroughly clean your device.

Conclusion – Best Electric Shavers in India

Out of the above listed 12 Best Electric Shavers in India, Havells ST7000 Rechargeable Dual-Blade Shimmer is the best electric shaver in India. It is best suited for styling, trimming, and shaving.

It has unique intelligent features for your safety and help. The functioning of the device is extremely simple.


The device requires only 90 minutes to get fully charged and can work for 60 minutes after that. It is travel friendly. The device also has 2 year-long product warranty.

To know more about the product please refer to the article above.

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