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11 Best Baby Strollers in India (February 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews


If you want to pamper your kid with the basic needs, the first thing must be to get a baby stroller.

You may want to give your baby every kind of protection and care that is possible from our end.


Who does not want to make their kid happy by walking them around in this beautiful world with utmost safety and protection?

If you are someone who wants to be among the best parents, Baby strollers should be a must-buy for your kid.

As a parent you always want the best for your baby and buying each and every accessory for them is the most important job for you. After deep research of numerous baby strollers, we have shortlisted the Top 11 Best Baby Strollers in India.

On this page, you will also find a detailed Buying Guide that talks about some important factors that must be considered while making the purchase of the best baby strollers in India.

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These are the Top 11 Best Baby Strollers In India

 11 Best Baby Strollers In India in 2021

1. LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller (0-3 Years)

Looking for the best among the rest? LuvLap is the brand that will meet your desired ends. The LuvLap’s sunshine stroller could be a great buy for you if you prefer a hassle-free timeout with your baby.


It has rear-wheel breaks with a 360-degree swirl for the front wheels intact with locks. The sunshine stroller is an all-rounder that not only suits your child but to you too by being secure, handy as well as trendy to keep up with the style.

Primary Features

  • A protection harness (5 pointer ) for the security of the child
  • 3 ways seating position up to 180 degree
  • Adjustable foot rest for the comfort of the baby
  • A comfortable soft seat for a bed like feel

You get a removable seat that is as warm as it could be giving you the flexibility of washing it periodically and effortlessly and it could be folded as well.

With a child, there is a lot of baggage that needs to be carried along, this stroller could be an optimum choice as it comes with a huge storage basket that could be really helpful to carry all things the baby may need at the time of having fun.

A bag pocket is attached as well that will allow you to carry all the essentials and your personal belongings.

To enjoy with your child while moving around you might want to be in front of them all the time, so the stroller has a reversible handlebar to change your position and enjoy each and every moment with them.

It carries a weight up to 15 kgs so it could be used for a longer period of time as well as the material is EVA fabric sponge. It also comes with a canopy and window from where your baby could gaze upon the sunlight as well as you could keep a check on them from time to time.

As per the customer review and feedback, it is one of the best selling products that should be taken into consideration while looking for the best baby stroller in India.

If you buy this product through Amazon you could avail of amazing cashback. Also, there is also an option of EMI on this product. The company offers a 1-year warranty for the above-mentioned product.

  • Handy and reusable in many ways
  • Has all the desirable features that are required
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Product is highly sufficient with quality satisfaction
  • Could not be used after an age bar of 3 and up to 15kgs


2. BabyGo Delight Reversible Baby Stroller

BabyGo has always achieved a high position in the list of Best Baby Strollers in India. With the main aim of giving customers the utmost assured products in terms of quality as well as in terms of feature, BabyGo is the go-to choice if you are newbie parents.


BabyGo has a reliable customer base where you will be tune in towards the brand and are assigned with premium quality products. The BabyGo delight reversible stroller is one of such product.

Primary Features

  • With rear brakes on back wheels on the stroller
  • There are also brakes on the front wheels providing just the right amount of grip
  • You can handle the product easily
  • A 3 way arrangement of the seating chair

As the brand is equal to safety, the stroller has a safeguarding harness of 3 pointers. The stroller has a mosquito net that prevents your baby from diseases and those red bumps from the mosquito bites.

The BabyGo delight stroller is a light weight convenient product that is packed with loads of features that are a style and safety statement.

With a foldable canopy and a movable handle rest, the stroller is a remedy to the most important problem for parents that is to keep an eye on their baby 24×7.

The display of this stroller is rich and classy as it is accompanied by chrome alloy wheels that are not only made of premium quality but also looks premium.

A large portion for storage is also provided in this baby stroller in the form of a back pocket and a storage basket for the needs of your baby as well as for you.

As per customer feedback and reviews, the product is decent in order with the price that has been quoted by them. The product is easy to assemble and is pretty durable.

You could be benefitted by buying it online from Amazon as there are some great cashback offers that are going right now. To avail such a deal, click the red button given below.

  • Easy to store as it is foldable and durable
  • Fancy looking which makes the product look rich as compared o the actual price
  • Safety precautions in this product are quite good
  • The quality is fine but the product is light weighted and could be easily carried from one place to another


3. LuvLap Galaxy Stroller/Pram

LuvLap is a brand that has been a winner among the list as its products adhere to quality and resilience that makes its customer base spread across India at such a rapid pace.


The brand ranges in each and every baby product that resolves all issues by just scrolling through the variety itself with assured reliable products at every purchase. LuvLap’s galaxy stroller is one of kind that ticks each concern on your list.

Primary Features

  • Safety belt with 5 pointer to ensure a tough grip for the baby
  • Has a 360 degree front wheels that are accompanied by swivel locks
  • Link break for the rear wheels that allows a firm control of the stroller
  • Has a storage space which enormously large in capacity

This product promises every inch of detail that you want in a perfect stroller to be with a wide storage basket, adjustable handle-bar, security mechanism, adjustable foot-rest as well as a standard attribute, the product has it all.

As per the certification by the European standards, the stroller is a verified product in terms of safety and protection of the child keeping them cozy and warm at the same time.

It has a similar reclining system as other products in the market having a 3 ways option for seating style.

A sight viewing window with a sunroof canopy is also attached to the stroller that helps in checking the baby constantly, it also has a bag pocket as well to store any extra essentials that may be needed.

It is prominent for babies of 6 months to 3 years age bar and is able to carry an average of 15 kgs of weight.

As per reviews and feedbacks of the customers, it is a standardized quality product with maximum utility and advantages. As per the feedback, it is a bulls-eye in the market and could be offered at god discounts and cash returns on Amazon.

  • Has all kind of features that solves the issue of storage, safety as well as comfort for the baby
  • Has a comfortable satin pillow
  • Efficient use of the product as well as stylish
  • Comparatively heavy , but would have a longer lifeline that could be used for many more years by remaining fresh and new


4. Little Pumpkin – Baby Stroller

Little pumpkin is known for its qualified secured baby products that are affordable at the same time. The brand is a true source of assurance that vouch for trust-worthy products to its customers.


The little pumpkin baby stroller and pram are offered by the company at great deals that are intact with all functions and features that you require in an efficient stroller.

Primary Features

  • Easy and convenient to manage
  • Has a full coverage shelter canopy
  • Light weighted that creates an ease in portability from one place to another
  • In context of safety , the product has 2 pointer harness type

With premium-quality material, the seating arena is a comfy zone for the baby that keeps them less cranky and always happy to be around people. In terms of security and safety, it has been certified and verified under en 1888 by the European standards – an area not to be worried about!

It is suitable for babies between 6 months – 2 years. It has rear brakes at the back wheels that help in managing the stroller easily.

Feedbacks and reviews suggest that this product should be on your priority list while considering buying a baby stroller and pram. With being affordable as well as all needs meeting at one end, the product is a good option.

  • Affordable price with good quality
  • Easy to travel with
  • Light-weighted
  • The seat is a bit small so it could not be used for a 3-year-old


5. LuvLap Joy Stroller/Pram

As you have already heard the name of this brand by now as LuvLap ranks in the top list for categories that relate to babies and their products respectively.


The LuvLap’s joy stroller is a game-changer for each and every stroller that is available in the market as the product is an evergreen piece that abides by to each point that you search in a good stroller.

Primary Features

  • Ideal for travel purposes as it is easy to fold as well as to carry
  • A 5 pointer harness system
  • A inverse handlebar to adjust the grip
  • Has a double layered canopy

The stroller has a removable cushion seating as well as the food tray that could be cleaned at times conveniently. It has a 360-degree rotation with swivel lock in the front wheels as well as rear brakes on back wheels that could assist in managing the stroller with safety and precautions.

Is this spacious product, you will get large space for storage as well as back pockets making baggage easy to carry around.

It could fit easily in cars as it is foldable and takes no amount of extra space making it easier to scroll the baby around easier at different places.

Seat positioning is as similar to the other products with a variation that goes up to 3 ways according to the requirement of the baby.

Customers gave amazing feedback and reviews on this product which makes it an excellent buy. It is inbuilt with all the solutions to the queries of the concerned parents.

  • Stylish and easy to maintain
  • Handy and easy to transport
  • Does not take a lot of space
  • A bit expensive but is worth each and every dime that you spend on it


6. R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Colorful Baby Stroller| Pram 0 to 3 Years

To find the best products for babies you need to surf the internet and look up to brands that are worth giving a shot. And R For Rabbit is a brand that should be given a chance to present a quality that clears all your doubts at once.

R-for-Rabbit-Lollipop-Lite-Colorful-Baby Stroller

Prioritizing safety and leading its way through many features, the brand tries it a bit to offer it within their best efforts. The product is multicolored, unisex making it convenient for you to use it for your babies in the coming years as well. 

Primary Features

  • Product safety at its best with 5 pointer harness safety belt
  • Attached with 6.5 wheels that have smoothest brakes
  • Suspension for an effortless and breezy ride with your baby
  • Easy to fold , making it a job of seconds to manage the product
  • Light weighted and handy at the same time

The stroller could be handled in two way positioning of the handle bar giving you the option at necessary times. The seat is adjustable in accordance with the comfort of the baby, could be inclined at many levels. 

It has quite a big storage basket as well as an attached bad pocket to carry things that your baby is fond of. As per feedbacks and reviews of parents, it has been observed that the product is preferred by many as well as abides by safety and quality as well.

  • Stylish and multicolored so could be used more
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy to manage and store
  • Is a bit informal so could not be used in formal gatherings but its comforts is at new levels


7. LuvLap Starshine Stroller/Pram, Easy Fold for Newborn Baby/Kids

Never tired of scrolling through varieties of a brand and want more and more options? Then LuvLap is one such brand that offers a wide variety that suits your pocket and your needs.


As per the credibility of its customer and making the best use of technology with leisure, they offer great deals to its customer’s saving their time and efforts over some basic items that are needed at some point of time.

Primary Features

  • Could carry up to 20 kgs of weight
  • Intact with safety belt as well a 5 pointer safety harness
  • Flexibility in removing and cleaning the cushion seat
  • Seat positioning could be done in three ways

The product is a light weighted as well as easily portable from place to place. Has a 360 degree rotation of the front wheels with locks as well as rear brakes in the back wheels to ensure an upper safety of the stroller with control in your hands.

Has enough space as there is a basket below to store baby toys and food at the time of your walk as well as a back pocke to keep essentials near you.

To adjust the baby comfortably with time, the foot-rest could be adjusted easily as per the comfort of the child.

The product comprises of EVA material and steel belts that would maintain the quality and lock of your stroller for a longer period of time. It ensures safety, quality, and easiness at the same time making it an apt product for you in the coming times with the baby.

  • Can carry 20 kgs of weight making it useful for a growing baby for a longer duration
  • Secured in terms of safety and material
  • Covers each and every requirement that is needed
  • A bit expensive but the usage and features would be paid off easily


8. R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite Baby

Being able to stand up in the market and launching game changer products has been a forte of R For Rabbit. Dropping new, improved products with technology that makes its customer to have it as a primary option is key to their sales.


The pocket stroller comes with such features that made the competitors go what! With the ease to fold, use it as trolley luggage enabling it being portable, travel friendly, and manageable.

Primary Features

  • Product is safe and secure for the baby
  • Harness and belt safety is attached as well with 5 pointers harness
  • Easily foldable and portable through road , rail and even airways
  • Light weighted product

Made with good quality material of cotton that dries out instantly and remains dry and soothing, this product should be recognized by you if your thinking of buying a good one! The stroller could be folded in a quick second making it a facile work to do.

It also has a trolley feel to it that could be moved from one place to another just like a shopping trolley.

With bumpy roads all around India, this stroller will come handy to you as it is intact with high-quality suspension that does not disturb the baby while having a stroll in the neighborhood.

Has rear brakes in the back wheels as well as link brake that reduces the worry of balancing the stroller at times of emergency.

It is a unisex stroller that could be reclined in various ways as well. Adjoined with storage basket and back pocket as well. The company offers a one year warranty for any product as well as a technical defect.

  • Has a lot of features
  • Is portable and travelling could be easy with this stroller
  • Durable , stylish and quality product
  • Comparatively expensive but is worth the penny you spend on it


9. Little Pumpkin – Baby Stroller and Pram for Baby – Buggy for Kids

Little pumpkin has been a worthy and reputed brand among the best baby strollers in India. It is famous for light weighted and stylish products, this brand needs to be on your watch list as well.


The baby buggy pram/stroller is a good choice for 6 month- 2 years baby that have learned to sit and want to enjoy that breezy winds. The arrangement of the stroller is smooth as butter from being able to fold it as well as unfold it, it just takes a dime of seconds.

Primary Features

  • Product is extremely light and could be handled with a single hand itself
  • En 1888 certified that double checks the safety and security offered by the brand
  • A security is provided by harness installation of 2 pointers
  • Rear brakes on the back wheels and smooth front wheels as well

The sitting posture of the baby could be improved as the seating area is soft as well as relaxing giving the perfect amount of support to the baby. Being easily managed and light-weighted it could be used for traveling purposes as well.

It has a full canopy setting that protects your baby from the harmful UV rays and keeps them protected at the same time. The pram could carry up to 15 kgs of weight. It is a good product for babies that are in the age group of 8 months – 2 years.

  • Easy to manage, travel-friendly
  • Ensured protection of the baby
  • Improves sitting posture of the baby
  • Could not be used for newborns but is good as your baby grows in age


10. Fisher-Price Explorer Steel Stroller Cum Pram 

Fisher-price has been an eminent choice of many parents for years now. The brand categorizes itself in various aspects be its baby products, toys, etc it has been always a hit for its customers.


The fisher price explorer steel stroller is a noteworthy product for babies so that they could stroll around with happy smiles. 

Primary Features

  • Comes with a 5 pointer harness that grips your baby to the stroller firmly
  • Front wheels are locked with swivel lock brakes
  • An improved set of suspension
  • A trouble free fold system of the stroller
  • Suitable for babies aged between 0 – 3 years
  • It has an in build anti- shock mechanism

With differing variations to lay down the baby and an adjustable foot-rest that could be adjusted according to the height as well as in accordance with the easement of the baby.

For saving the baby from harsh weather conditions there is an adjoined foldable canopy and a detachable sun visor that could be used on gloomy days to relish the weather.

A unisex stroller that is made with good material and steel used in the wheels which are 10 inches broad and twin attached to assist a secured and polished experience in terms of quality as well as comfort.

When it comes to relish the product and enjoy its comfort, this product has topped that list as it has double padded cushions to provide that perfect comfort.

As per customer feedbacks and reviews, this product is an investment that should be made if you are thinking of buying one for your baby. With superior quality, comfort, and style it is a jetpack launch that you must get your hands on.

  • Premium quality as well as superior features
  • Extra comfortable and easily accessible
  • Multipurpose
  • Expensive yet worth a try


11. Baby Jogger Britax Strollers

Baby jogger comes in rescue for those who are looking for a car seat as well as a convertible stroller to keep the baby tucked in easily.


The Britax mounting bracket car seat adapter by baby jogger is an ultimate win-win for those looking for a stroller that can also be used in a mini version in their cars as well.

Primary Features

  • Could handle a maximum of 20 pounds of weight
  • Could be assembled hazard – free
  • Extremely light weighted
  • The attachment of the car seat bracket is pretty easy

It is a car seat cum stroller for the basis that could have multipurpose use to it. It has an optimum space for the items that may be needed at the time of the walk as it has an attached storage basket.

It Could be folded easily by just managing the adapter besides the stroller. The material used in the wheels as well as in the structure of the stroller and the bracket seat is steel which makes the product durable and accessible to you for a longer period of time.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks the product is a vital option if you are specifically looking for such features that could help you in many ways to travel with your baby.

  • Could be fitted in various strollers and cars
  • Good quality
  • Trouble-free installation
  • Is a bit small for a growing baby but being multipurpose it could really help you crawl out of the tough years with easy travelling


Buying Guide – Best Baby Strollers In India

Though, we have discussed the 11 Best Baby Strollers in India that could make your life easy and your baby’s life comfortable.


Here, we will brief you about the buying guide that would give you an insight into the key points to keep in mind while purchasing the perfect stroller for your baby.

Factors to consider while Buying the Best Baby Stroller in India

1. Protection And Security

While buying anything that revolves around babies, safety must be the utmost priority as it is something that cannot be ignored. Baby strollers should have a harness as well safety belt system in build in them that assures a grip and a hold of the baby.

In terms of safety, an ideal stroller should have a 5 pointer harness system as well as safety belts. A stroller that has 3 pointer harness type is also the next best choice that should be considered.

2. Comfortable and Convenient

A Baby would stay happy in a comfortable posture whether it is laying down or sitting. So, a stroller must be comfortable enough that it makes the baby feel peaceful and not cranky.

So while making the purchase, you should check if it has double padded soft cushions, the material, and its durability.

3. Ease in Installation and Assembling

For having that exemplary safe stroller it is important that it is correctly assembled and installed. There are various strollers in the market that require a good time in installation and assembling and that is what you should avoid as much as possible.

Try to get your hands on those models which are just a click away and easiest to install making it a trouble-free job done within seconds.


4. Brakes And Suspension

It is a very crucial task to get control of the stroller within your grip, to ensure that you must keep an eye on the quality of the wheels as well as the brake system in them. According to Indian roads, the product must have rear brakes in the back wheels.

Also, it would be exceptionally good if it also has swivel locks in the front wheels installed in them. Apart from wheels, there must be a great suspension as well to make that ride extra smooth and safe.

5. Portability

It is also a factor that is considered by many parents while choosing this item as it is paramount that the product should be light weighted and could be carried easily anywhere possible.

To make good use, strollers could also be your companion at times of holidays and travels. So, make sure that the product is light weighted and could easily be transferred from one place to another.

6. Storage Facility

Walking and strolling around with a baby requires to pack a few essential items that could be used. It is the foremost facility that should be considered at the time of purchase.

The baby stroller must have a good and spacious storage basket that could carry baby food, toys, some extra clothes, or diapers just in case of emergencies. There must also be a back pocket attached as well to keep your personal belongings handy.


7. Adjustable Handlebar

Been given options in a single product are a supreme facility and a prominent aspect in terms of strollers as well. Consider the stroller that has a feature of adjusting the handlebar as per your choice.

This gives you an option to even face your baby at the time of walk so that you could witness the happiness and smoothness that the baby is enjoying.

8. Canopy And A Peak – A – Boo

Uncertain weather conditions and direct sunlight could affect the health of the baby and may make them sick, so you must get your hands on those strollers that have an attached canopy and preferably a full canopy that could protect the baby from sunlight and harmful UV rays.

You must also check that the product has a looking window called peak– a -boo that makes it easier for you to keep a check on the baby from time to time.

These are the most important features that you must look up to at the time of purchase, you must also be aware of the types of strollers that are available in the market to make a better decision on what is the most suitable according to you and your baby.


Types of Baby Strollers

Car Seat Strollers

A car seat stroller is the one which could be used in two different ways, firstly it could be used as a regular stroller to walk around your baby, and secondly, it could be used as a car seat that secures your baby in the car with the protection of the harness under the comfort of the soft cushions.

It is a detachable facility that could be adjusted easily, they could be folded easily but they are bulkier in nature and rather expensive than the traditional strollers.

Jogging Strollers

A jogging stroller has 3 wheels that have great suspension as well as a lock system in front wheels to secure the stroller at the time of jogging. They are trendy and could fit more than one baby at a time making it a useful product.


These are usually not preferred in India due to bumpy roads that could hinder the protection of the baby.

Basically, this kind of stroller is attached to bicycles so that you could give your child an experience of bicycle riding. They are used mostly outside India where roads are much smoother and less bumpy.

Best Brands For Baby Strollers in India

1. LuvLap

This one of the most loved brand by parents all over the world. From keeping in mind all the required features and mentioning them in their product that is safe , certified as well as comfortable their products have been a hit in the market.

While your purchase you must see to the features as a priority but a brand surety is also essential and LuvLap offers them both.

2. Baby Go

Baby go has been an essential and a priority of many people and it ensures that it remains a priority to among the customers.

They offer a variety of products that would suit your style, comfort, and budget. This is one of the top brands in India that deals in baby products and their essential items.


3. R for Rabbit

Safety and getting it recognized by authorities is a forte of this brand. R for rabbit deals in premium performance by their products that is just hard to ignore.

It has actually raised the competition in the market with diversity in its products as well as quality. If you are looking for many features in one product, you must keep an eye on r for rabbit products.

4. Little Pumpkin

Its a versatile brand for a pocket-friendly search with supreme quality in terms of baby products and accessories.

They are a leading brand that has made a name on the list with each and every aspect they could have covered in their products be it features, style, or safety. Little pumpkin should be on your search list whenever thinking about anything related to your babies.


Frequently Asked Questions – Best Baby Strollers in India

Q1. For How Long Should Baby Strollers should be used ?

Ans. Baby strollers are efficient for babies between 0 months to 3 years. A baby stroller must be used till the time the baby is not able to walk, once they are capable of sitting and walking easily there is no need to use the stroller further.

Q2. Where to Buy Baby Strollers from? is It Good if We Buy It Online ?

Ans. You can buy strollers from various platforms either through visiting physical stores or by purchasing it online like Amazon.

Yes, it can be a good option to buy it online only if you are aware of the working of it by checking each and every detail of the product as well as going through the review section to ensure if the product is right for you or not.

By opting online, you could avail of various discounts and cashback offers on Amazon that could help you save up some loads of money.

Q3. Does Baby Strollers Count as a Luggage ? If Yes , are they Allowed on Airplanes

Ans. Yes, some baby strollers are light in weight and could be folded just like luggage. There are some strollers that are portable and could be used as luggage at the time of traveling.

Yes, some strollers that are lightweight are allowed on airplanes as they could be easily folded and take up very little space.

Q4. What Should An Ideal Stroller Comprise Of ?

Ans. An ideal baby stroller should comprises of safety measures like harness and belts, comfortable seating, storage, and some other features as well that have been mentioned above. 

Q5. Is Using A Stroller Healthy For The Baby ?

Ans. Yes, using a baby stroller does not have any negative effects on the baby. No health problems or posture problems happen if you use a stroller in the way the brand has described it. They are comforting and have no side effects.

Q6. Why are Strollers so Expensive In India ?

Ans. As the quality and durability in these products are high, the price range is a bit high but they act like an investment that could be reused if preserved safely in the future.

There are certain brands like little pumpkin that you must check out for affordable and quality baby strollers. If you buy a stroller online via amazon, you may get massive discounts which would ultimately decrease its cost.

Final Thoughts – Best Baby Strollers in India

As per our research and analysis, the brands and variants that are discussed above are the best baby strollers in India that have a covered huge market base.

The inclusion of all the essential features with superior quality as well as resilience that makes them outshine from other baby strollers in the market.

In our opinion, LuvLap and R For Rabbit offer a variety of options with tough quality and features that could not be defeated by other baby strollers.


Other brands like Baby Go and Little Pumpkin are also really good and should be taken into consideration as LuvLap and R For Rabbit are on an expensive side.

We hope that this article was able to give you an apprehension on what is the best in the market and what are the key points to look for at the time of purchase.

Have a great shopping!

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