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11 Best Tricycles in India (February 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews


If your child is weary of all the games and other activities inside the house, then it is the time to build his/her confidence through a fun sport.

You will be glad to know that Tricycles are the best way to start that journey.


As the name itself suggests, a tricycle has 3 wheels in the front attached to the handle. The other two wheels at the back are attached to the seat.

This gives the rider all-rounder support which does not require any kind of additional assistance. He/she can peacefully ride throughout the runway or your garden and discover new things every day.

A bicycle is a perfect way to develop a sense of balance for your kid. Riding a tricycle is also a great exercise for the muscles and builds inner strength and power.

If you want to buy your child a tricycle and you get baffled by so many types and features, then you are in the right place.

We have jotted down the list of Top 11 Best Tricycles in India that will help you to make an apt selection.

Also, you will find a Buying Guide on this page that will brief you about various factors that must be considered in order to make the right choice.

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These are the Top 11 Best Tricycles in India

Best Tricycles in India in 2021

1. Fun Ride Tricycle for Kids – 2-in-1 Viva Deluxe Tri-Cycle

Fun Ride promises to deliver the best and the most authentic tricycles for your child. It manufactures super sturdy and fun tricycles so that your child never misses a moment of fun and merriment.


This Fun Ride tricycle has all the fun features for providing your child top-notch comfort and the best experience of riding! Handling children especially when they have started to walk and misplace things can be arduous. 

Primary Features

  • Has a footrest
  • Super strong and sturdy
  • Has a push handle for the parents to control
  • Has a sipper bottle attached to the handle in front
  • Suitable for 1 year old kid

This fun ride tricycle for kids which is a 2-in-all viva deluxe tricycle is the perfect companion for your kid to explore more and more every day. The most noticeable feature of this tricycle is the footrest.

The footrest on two sides of the middle rod, which joins the handle and the seat, will give your child a good resting time that your kid would want when they have paddled a lot.

Another cool thing about this adorable tricycle is that it has a handle in the front of the cycle which comes with a sipper bottle. So that your child never gets dehydrated while cycling.

The seat is cutely patterned with a nice comfy back rest that will give them the comfort that they deserve and will also eliminate the fatigue of your kid.

The small basket at the back is for keeping extra things that your child might carry with them so that they do not have to face any difficulty while riding the cycle.

The parental handle at the end is for those parents whose children are too small to ride this tricycle. They can control the movements of the cycle which can be a learning experience for the little one as well.

This handle can be easily removed when your child is a grown-up and can handle the cycle by themselves now. This beautiful tricycle has received 3.9 stars for its amazing features and flexibility and is easy to handle.

  • Suitable for 1 to 4 year old kids
  • Has a super cool sipper bottle
  • Perfect height between the seat and the floor
  • Cute little paddles that promotes easy grip
  • Parental control handle
  • Does not have a bell


2. BAYBEE Spectra Plug and Play Kid’s Tricycle

If your baby has just completed a year in this world or he/she started to walk, this tricycle by BayBee is perfect for your baby if you want to combine safety, learning, and growth.


Baybee always prioritizes safety and this particular tricycle is the best example of where safety meets style! This tricycle will train your child and will make him/her proficient on the basic road sense and the art of balancing on a two-wheeler.

Primary Features

  • Super stylish footrest
  • Equipped with a storage bin
  • Has a bell
  • Safety seat with a buckle
  • Detachable parental control handle

This tricycle will stay with your kid for 5 long years and will be there through all the growing experiences and all the firsts that they will encounter. This super-strong tricycle can take up weight up to 25kg. One of the best things about this tricycle is the quality of the wheels. 

The wheels are coated with the material chrome that increases the longevity and the sturdiness of the wheels and keeps from any unforeseen damages.

Due to this material, the wheels will not skid on mud or any smooth surface and will give your child the smooth and joyful rude that he/she deserves.

The handle is also an attraction because of the super comfortable grip and the bell. With the help of this bell, the kid can notify you if he/she needs you or even someone who is blocking their way.

The grip is made specially keeping in mind the fact that there should not be any kind of hand injuries for riding the cycle for a long time. The seat is uniquely designed and provides comfort and support to the back.

It also comes with a buckle belt which will keep your child safe from any jerks from an unnecessary hole on the ground. Some of the other fun features include the cute little footrest.

The wheels are coated with the material chrome that increases the longevity and the sturdiness of the wheels and keeps from any unforeseen damages.

Due to this material, the wheels will not skid on mud or any smooth surface and will give your child the smooth and joyful rude that he/she deserves.

The handle is also an attraction because of the super comfortable grip and the bell. With the help of this bell, the kid can notify you if he/she needs you or even someone who is blocking their way.

The grip is made specially keeping in mind the fact that there should not be any kind of hand injuries for riding the cycle for a long time. The seat is uniquely designed and provides comfort and support to the back.

It also comes with a buckle belt which will keep your child safe from any jerks from an unnecessary hole on the ground. Some of the other fun features include the cute little footrest.

They can have a nice time for relaxation, the storage basket for their interest in collecting things, and also a detachable parental control. This spectra 2-in-1 tricycle has been showered abundantly with 4.1 stars and truly deserves such an appreciation!

  • Modish look
  • Long lasting
  • No skid wheels
  • Can take up to 25kg weight
  • Has a bell
  • A little huge for a 1 year old


3. Baybee Mario Sportz Trikes Baby/Kids Tricycle

This Baybee Mario Sportz Tricycle is one of the best tricycles in India. You can blindfold yourself and buy this for your child and stay rest assured that you will not be disappointed. This one tricycle is a special one and has various reasons behind why it is so special.


It has been specially made with durable materials like the steel frame of the handle and rubber wheels, etc. It stays with your child for the longest time through all the different stages of growing up.

Primary Features

  • Rotatable seat up to 180°
  • Removable UV resistant canopy
  • Padded seat and head rest
  • Comfortable steering handles
  • Wheel lock option both front and back

The seat itself has all the special features and is the star attraction of this out of the world tricycle. It has inbuilt swivel technology which will give the seat a 180° rotation. 

So that you can see every expression and move of your child while they enjoy their ride and witness the growing stage along with them.

The height expandable canopy at the top will not only prevent your precious one from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun but is suitable for every weather condition as well.

It has an adjusting lever attached to it that will permit you to open and close the shade whether it is summer or rainy or a pleasant one.

The front and back wheel lock will give you additional control on the tricycle and is one of the parental control features. If you lock the strong chrome and rubber material front wheel.

It will simply stop rotating and the same goes for the back wheels as well. Your child can even fall asleep on the seat because of the super comfortable padding and the headrest is the cherry of the cake.

He/She will not fall off and can sleep peacefully due to the surrounding armrest and the seat belt. You can upgrade this tricycle as per the growth level of your child.

As it has got an eject-able and adjustable handle at the back for the parents to monitor the movements and also foldable footrest. 4.2 stars have been conferred to this lovely and dashing tricycle and have won the hearts of many kids!

  • Mesh structure on the canopy
  • Can even be rode my a 6 year old
  • All round comfort and protection
  • Brakes and lock system on the wheels
  • Has a mud guard
  • None it is perfect


4. Luusa Tricycle Lovely Bike for Kids

Luusa creates fun and smart tricycles that will never let your child get bored and will get every opportunity to laugh and create happiness. This Luusa Tricycle Lovely Bike for Kids has all the fun elements that you can gift your child!


This tricycle is a very convenient cycle with a perfectly positioned storage basket and a water bottle at the backside to avoid getting thirsty while playing with it for hours.

Primary Features

  • It has a horn which plays horn
  • Has rubber tyres
  • Movable footrest
  • Mudguard for every wheels

Your child deserves the best and this tricycle will give him/her the best learning process that they need while growing. If you are worried about your child’s safety while he/she is left alone to play, then this tricycle will snatch those worries away.

It has been loaded with the best possible and powerful features that will keep your little one safe while they look stylish and get the ultimate comfort with it.

The seat belt will lock the kid on the seat so that they do not get hurt if ever they get misbalanced. It will prevent them from falling from the seat.

The seat has a cosy cushion that will keep the proper blood circulation and will also prevent any kind of back injuries.

The footrest is super flexible and can be folded as well as moved to various angles. The foldable feature will give your kid the confidence to ride the bicycle without additional support.

This tricycle has been specially made with the consideration of us, Indians. Be it the average height of the parents or the weight of the baby, every factor has been thought of and then the accumulation has been done.

The rubber tyres give some sort of resistance when the kid will encounter a road full of stone chips or a muddy one so that the tricycle does not tumble down.

The LED light on top of the handle is the cutest attribute of this product and it produces a musical note as well! For all these amazing features, it has successfully captured 3.7 stars on Amazon!

  • LED light with musical notes
  • Basket on both sides
  • Super manageable
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • Movable footrest
  • No head Rest


5. Goyal’s Mr. Rambo Baby Tricycle

Goyal’s is known for creating simple, lightweight, fun, and hefty tricycles that even a one-year-old can handle! This particular tricycle from Goyal’s is the most simplistic and cute looking tricycle that you will ever find on Amazon.


You do not have to worry about the storage of this tricycle if you live in a small apartment. Here comes the best feature of this tricycle. This tricycle can be folded.

Primary Features

  • Music + lighting enjoyment
  • Simplistic yet fun look
  • Easy to store; foldable tricycle
  • Indestructible plastic material
  • No gender bias; suitable for both boys and girls

It has a push and folds button that when pushed will get completely compressed and forms a somewhat straight line and can be stored anywhere. It has a front LED light which when it is lit. 

A sweet musical tone starts playing and your kid can get entertainment whilst they ride it and learn about life. This LED light will require a 2 AA battery to run and to give your kid the best time with this subtle cycle.

This entire cycle is made up of plastic ABS material which is considered to be one of the best and strongest materials that are amazingly durable and is definitely anti-rust and non-breakable.

Your kids will never get over this tricycle and will have the best memories with it. Even if the seat is of plastic material yet it is very much comfortable and will never make your kid feel tired.

Another great thing about this tricycle is that your kid will not require your help because of the ease to handle this cycle! The 3.9 stars that have been given gracefully to this cute little tricycle! To grab this amazing tricycle on a crazy discount, click on the button given below.

  • Entertainment at its peak with lighting and music
  • Suitable for 1 to 3 year olds
  • Built with ABS plastic material
  • Cute design
  • The bicycle can be folded
  • Does not have parental control handle
  • Non padded seat


6. JoyRide Metal Tricycle

Joyride does complete justice to the name given to it. Every ride on the tricycles that they manufacture will give your child a very joyous ride. This Tricycle will set a great example for your kid so that they become strong and efficient while they grow up, just like this joyride tricycle.


This tricycle has successfully attained the perfect balance between being lightweight as well as being super strong. This journey of growing and learning the basic things of life is really special and guiding the kids during this phase is very important.

Primary Features

  • Has safety belts attached to the seat
  • It has got dual storing baskets
  • The parental handle has directional control as well
  • It has a fold-down footrest

The parental control will give you the opportunity and chance to monitor their every move. The speciality of this control handle is that it can easily be pushed up or down according to your requirement.

Also, the handle is round in shape through which you can control which direction to take your child. You can easily remove it once your child is grown to the extent that they can paddle on their own.

Another interesting thing about this tricycle is that it has got two huge storing baskets which are really helpful and handy for both the kid and the parents.

You can easily take your child to a nearby market and keep the things inside the basket. You can keep the child’s necessary things there as well.

The safety belt attached to the seat will secure your baby over the chest so that they do not get hurt in any way possible.

It will affix your baby comfortably to the seat so that they can have a relaxing ride. It has received 3.6 stars owing to the joyous design and the amazing parent push handle.

  • Seat with safety belt
  • Push handle for the parents to control
  • Footrest for the optimum rest of the legs
  • Two baskets
  • Durable
  • Normal design


7. STEPUPP Front and Back Basket Tricycle

Stepupp is that tricycle company which is very famous among all the new parents. Every little material with which the tricycles are created is super strong and made with utter care keeping in mind the longevity factor as well.


This super amazing tricycle has stepped up the level for all the other tricycles available in the market. One look at this tricycle and you can feel the sturdiness of it. 

Primary Features

  • Made in India
  • Full coverage for the back support
  • Made with outstanding quality machines
  • Easy grip handle with a bell
  • Thick and string tyres with paddle

You will definitely feel the strength and power and this factor will compel you to buy this StepUpp front and back basket tricycle for your little one. The paddles of this tricycle have enough space for the child’s feet to fit in completely so that they can paddle will complete ease.

The wheels are patterned and made up of extremely thick material that will glide through rocky roads smoothly and will not lead to any kind of unforeseen accidents.

The grip has a special pattern made on it that will give a soft comfort feeling on the palm of your child. It will never let your child experience any kind of strain and there will be no sweaty hands as well.

The seat has a long backrest which can also be used as a parental control due to a large hole in the top of it that can be used as a handle. The buckle will give your child additional safety and support.

The basket at the backside is larger as compared to the front one and a lot of things can fit in those baskets. Every little attribute comes together beautifully and has created such a strong and subtly stylish tricycle for which it has been conferred with 2.7 stars on Amazon.

  • Thick tyres
  • Seat with parental control
  • Dynamic design
  • Mudguard on the front tyre
  • Easy grip
  • Less number of features


8. R for Rabbit Tiny Toes – The Smart Plug and Play Tricycle

R for Rabbit is exactly what the company name suggests – it is a company completely dedicated to kids. They know exactly what a child might need and their safety measures and infuse them in the tricycles that they make with lots of love.


This tricycle is the perfect example of how they curate their products with love and concern for your kid. R for Rabbit definitely looks after the kid’s merriment but along with it, it also takes care of the precautionary measures that need to be paid heed to.

Primary Features

  • It is certified for safety
  • Chrome plated wheels
  • It has push bar parental control
  • Can be cleaned easily

This tricycle is been certified with EN 71 which is considered to be the most strict and rigid certificate of safety that is provided by the European standards for Tricycles or safety of babies and toddlers.

This certificate simply implies that every inch of this tricycle is absolutely safe for your kid.

The strength of the wheels is given by the chrome coating on it which is known to be one of the most long lasting materials to be used.

Every ride is going to be a buttery ride because of this material as there will never be friction and thus, your child will never have to put a pause to his/her growth process.

Even if your kid has more or less learned how to ride and goes about the area at a much high speed, you do not always have to keep an eye on your kid as the seat of this tricycle comes with a buckle belt which when affixed, it will immediately put a lock on your worries.

It has a cute little basket behind the seat and is divided into two compartments for easy storage.

The steering handle on the back side is for the very new parents whose children need guidance for directions and obstacles.

It is adjustable so you can easily change the height of this push bar or just pull it out completely. This highly recommended tricycle is been designated as Amazon’s choice and has been marked with 4.2 stars.

  • Shiny and sporty look
  • Simplistic yet modish design
  • Unique looking paddles
  • Assured for safety
  • Chrome finish to the wheels
  • Small seat with minimal back rest


9. R for Rabbit Smart Plug and Play Tiny Toes Grand Baby Tricycle

Children grow really quick especially in their early years and a thoughtful gift like a tricycle can really help in your child’s overall development. The tricycles of R from Rabbit are premium class and super voguish looking, so that your fashionable child never misses a moment of style.


This R for Rabbit Smart Plug and Play Tiny Toes Grand Baby Tricycle will give you a few moments of rest and relief while your kid spends time with this lovely tricycle.

Primary Features

  • Will stay with your kid till the time they are admitted to their school
  • Can be ridden inside your house
  • Footrest to give rest to their legs
  • Pre-installed storage basket
  • Handle comes with a bell

The best and the most prominent thing about this tricycle is the shiny texture of this tricycle. It makes this tricycle very attractive and your child will fall in love with it instantly and will never leave it for once.

Talking about the wheels, they are made up of rubber which is the perfect material that should always be used for a baby product. For starters, it is safe and cannot break easily.

Then, it will not scratch the floor if your kid is riding it inside your house and will not increase your existing workload.

It will make the tricycle go a long way and will support your child’s development and will help create a lot of memories that you can cherish in the later years of his/her life.

The wheel has a paddle lock knob which when turned will behave as a break and it will stop rotating.

This will be helpful when you want to do something important and want your child to stay put in one particular position, fastened in the seat with the seat belt.

During this time, your kid can rest their feet on the footrest given directly underneath the seat. The storage basket will give kids the opportunity to store anything they want to and as much as they want to.

Learning comes in every form and this tricycle will open the door to immense possibilities! The control handle has a holder for a water bottle so that neither you nor your child can feel dryness inside their mouth. 

  • Rubber wheels
  • Water bottle holder on the parent’s handle
  • Beautiful texture
  • Has a footrest and a bell
  • Has a paddle lock
  • Only one basket


10. Little Olive Little Toes Baby Tricycle

There are many tricycles available for kids in the market but the material with which they are built is not always safe for them. Cheap quality chemicals are extremely harmful to your child’s health but you can be 100% sure with the quality of tricycles produced by Little Olive.


With certified quality and chemical-free tricycles, create priceless moments with your kid. This particular tricycle will be your child’s first sight love due to its playful appearance. 

Primary Features

  • Seat can be adjusted in two ways
  • Proper handle for control of parents
  • Longer seat
  • Cutest bell attached
  • Smart design

Your child, from now on, is always going to have a wide smile on his/her face and will never sit idle and will always be on their toes and “wheels”. The sound of the cutest bell on the handle is going to echo in your ears from the moment you hand this tricycle over to your kid.

The best part about this is it is completely chemical-free and will not cause any harm to your child and will keep them away from any severe health conditions.

It guarantees you no BPA, that is, it is free of the chemical phthalates esters and of course it does have a quality certificate of EN, BIS, and IS 98.

The parental control of this tricycle is a popular feature that makes it among the most popular tricycles in the market.

Instead of being a half circle, this handle does not have any ends and forms a complete circle which becomes easy to control with one hand.

The back basket has a lid so that your child’s personal and important things stay safe.

The footrest, like other tricycles is not underneath the seat but it is positioned above the paddle on the front tyre which actually will give your kid more comfort.

The seat can be adjusted in two ways; you can either move it forward or backward according to your child’s convenience. It is one of the highest-rated bicycles with 1504 number of rating and 3.9 stars.

  • Movable seat
  • Adorable bell
  • Lid on the basket
  • Comfortable handle for the parents
  • Unique footrest position
  • Little tall for a one year old


11. Archana Vega Musical Tricycle

The tricycles by Archana are super affordable yet have all the features that your child will need to keep their fun ongoing and to never stop hustling. This tricycle never overdoes anything, be it in terms of style or unnecessary things that are not even required for a 2-year-old kid.


Archana knows exactly what a child will expect and curates their tricycles accordingly. This adorable tricycle is an example of the above-stated facts. The cute design of this tricycle will become irresistible for your kid to stay away from it. 

Primary Features

  • Has a musical toy in front
  • Seat and backrest different units with extreme comfort
  • Perfect for a child’s exercise
  • Perfect height of the seat from the floor

This tricycle looks nearly like an actual cycle thus, when they will grow up and learn to ride a cycle with two huge tyres. They will not face any difficulty due to a preconceived sense of balance and road sense. The fun design comes with a super light weight which is very easy to move.

The shape or the design of the seat of this tricycle looks exactly like a cycle’s seat and it also has a long back rest that can also be used as a handle with the parent can control and manage the motion of this tricycle.

On top of the handle, there is a small toy that plays music when your kid will ride the tricycle.

The seat is lowered and is pretty close to the ground, so that when your kid will stop pedalling, then he/she can easily put their legs down and the toes will touch the ground.

The basket on top of the rear tyres can be used for storing the collected items by your child or water bottle or anything else. This tricycle that looks like a scooter has received lots of love from the buyer in form of 3.9-star ratings and your kid is going to enjoy a lot with this tricycle!

  • Light weight
  • Can be managed and handled alone by your kid
  • Sturdy plastic material
  • Cute little paddles
  • Toy that plays music
  • No footrest


Buying Guide – Best Tricycles in India

There are various sizes of tricycles available on online platforms as well as offline stores. They are made up of different materials and have different attributes as well. Now to choose from such wide ranges of choices, can be quite a challenging and baffling process.

Before stepping into the arena of features, let us get to know about tricycles.


A tricycle is basically a cycle with three tyres. These three tyres are positioned in such a way that they attain stability which is perfect for kids who are still developing their balance skills.

You might be wondering how a tricycle will be beneficial for your kid and how will it help your child to grow. Well, for starters, it will increase their inner balance and will work on their moving skills. The steering handle will teach them directions and the paddles will aid in muscle strength.

Now we will look at the things to look at when you go to buy a tricycle.

Types of Tricycle

There are broadly two of tricycles. One is indoor and the outdoor.

Outdoor Tricycle

Outdoor tricycles are simply used for outdoor activities. They are built with different materials and with a different motive as well.

The materials with which they are built are generally metal and steel and this makes it sturdier, durable and they have more balance in it.

This material makes the tricycle glide through rocky roads and even dirt and prevents from any kind of damages.

Yet, the parents should keep an eye on them and be near them so that they don’t stumble down and get hurt.

Indoor Tricycle

They are made keeping in mind that they will be ridden in the interiors. They are not that heavy and are generally light weight because they are made up of plastic material.

Due to its lightweight, it can easily be transported from one place to another and they are long lasting as well.


Factors to consider while buying the Best Tricycle in India

1. Age

Age is a very important factor that should be always be looked at and taken into consideration. If your child’s height is too small or big for a tricycle then it would be an utter waste of time and will lead to disappointments.

This factor is always mentioned in the specifications of any tricycle that you will search for. Usually, tricycles are made for nine to twelve-month-old kids and can be used by a 6-year-old too.

2. Footrest

A footboard or a footrest is for your child to rest their feet when they feel tired of pedaling for a long time. There are different materials with which footrest is made and some of them are aluminum, titanium, and maple ply.

Footrests are the best ways to start to learn pedalling especially for the young ones. As a lot of pressure will be applied on a footrest, they are made up of the sturdiest material which can take in the greatest weight.

The tricycles that have plastic material footrest do not last long and usually breaks faster due to the vigorous usage. So avoid buying such a tricycle.


3. Wheels

It is an integral part of a tricycle and is a must factor to check. The size of the wheels matters here. Like the smaller wheels are appropriate if you want to buy one for internal use, like inside your house or terrace.

The bigger wheels are for outdoors in the hard and rough roads. The maximum number of tricycles has rubber wheels that are known to be durable as well as strong.

4. Seat

If the seat is not comfortable, then it can be the reason behind distraction and your child will not be able to have the great time that is expected. So, look for a tricycle that will have a decent cushioning to give your child the feeling of comfort throughout his/her ride!

The seat should be long enough to cover the entire back of your child and should most importantly have a seat belt for extra protection.


5. Height Adjustments

The adjustment factor gives you the flexibility to use the tricycle as you like. This will also allow you to use the same tricycle for almost six years and adjusting it all the way through the child’s journey of growing and learning.

In certain tricycles, the height and even the position of the seat can be changed. Then the parental control handle can be detached or the height can be changed for most of the tricycles.

6. The Steering Handle

The part where the kid will clench on to direct the angle of their movement should be easy to grip and made up of comfortable and soft materials like rubber or foam.

Well, foam is considered better than rubber as it has the power and capability to absorb all the sweat from your kid’s palm and will give a solid grip.


7. Breaks

Brakes are another one of the most crucial elements of any kind of tricycle. It is also a part of the growing process because this will give your kid the chance and the opportunity to learn when to pause and when to slow down.

Certain tricycles have brakes attached to the handles itself. If you are looking for the best one that will give your child extra protection, then go for the tricycles that have two different braking mechanisms.

8. Paddle Locks

This feature is available in some of the tricycles but if your kid belongs to a smaller age group like 1 or 2 years old. You can simply turn a knob that will be attached to the front wheel and it will be locked and it is an additional safety feature of a tricycle.


9. Backrest

There are many reasons why having a suitable backrest is important in a tricycle. One of the first is that a good backrest will give good support and rest to the back and also, it will prevent the child from tumbling down.

10. Canopy

Few tricycles come with a preinstalled canopy that is actually very useful because it will protect your child from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. If the skin of a child meets the sun rays it can lead to unknown rashes all over the body and other kinds of infections too.


11. Portability

If the tricycle can be easily carried from one place to another, then life will become smoother and easier. Some of the tricycles have the option of folding.

If it is foldable, then it gives you the freedom to store it anywhere you want to. For example – In the corner of your bed, In the backseat of your car.

12. Changeable Accessories and Parts

Parts like the basket, bell, handle grips, pushrods, should be changeable, with ease to replace them, so that you do not have to buy a new one every time one small part gets bad or damaged. So, go for a tricycle where every part and accessory can be changed easily.


13. Seatbelt

Like mentioned earlier, the seat belt is very much important because it helps to keep the child intact in one particular place and so that they do not fall off anytime. It is also one of the major safety features of a tricycle. So always go for a tricycle that has a strap on the seat belt.

14. Warranty

The warranty stands for three things, the quality, safety factor, and the longevity of the tricycle. The warranty period of a tricycle usually lasts for up to three years and a company can give a minimum assurance for a year.

The quality of the tricycle is directly proportional to the warranty of the tricycle. In this timeline, you will get free damage repairs and also free parts.


15. Price

This is such a factor that everyone keeps looking for and thus, is very important. Purchases like this, buying a tricycle, this is considered to be a onetime investment and so you should put a lot of thought before clicking on the buy one option.

The lowest price range can start from Rs. 1500 and the maximum price can be as high as Rs. 7000. As we all know, the costlier the tricycle, the better will be its specifications, attributes, and the quality of it.

So, buy the best that falls under your budget but do not compromise on your child’s safety and buy a cheap one.


Now, that we know everything about tricycle, let us look at some of the benefits that riding a tricycle will give your child. It aids in the overall child’s development in many ways like it increases both the mental and physical strength of a child, so that they grow their analytical and balancing skills from the very onset of their childhood.


Advantages of a Tricycle

Physical Exercise

The very first and the most important benefit of riding a tricycle is it aids in physical exercise which in turn helps in muscular and mental development and boosts the immunity power of the child.

Riding a tricycle targets the joints and the other bones of the body as well as improves the functioning of the cardiovascular muscles. The mental health of your child will always stay stable because of this cardio exercise.

Tricycle Creates Motion

When your child paddles, they are actually moving the tricycle forward along with them. So this, unknowingly, gives rise to the advancement of motion ability.

Motion ability means the ability and the understanding to move faster or slower according to the situation. Now, they can dress up with ease and control and swiftly take a shower!

Strengthen Muscles

This cardio exercise will lead to a healthy body and will strengthen every muscle of their body starting from the arm, shoulder, abs, quads, and the calf muscles as well.

Better Digestion

Not only the muscles, even their ability to digest the food will increase and will make the entire digestive process very smooth.

Blood Circulation

Tricycles are amusing and at the same time, a super entertaining way to exercise. It improves blood circulation and helps the organs of the body to function properly.

The muscles contract and relaxes and this helps the oxygen to reach every part of the body and thus the blood circulation process becomes smooth.

Better Thinking Ability

When a tricycle will be in motion, everything around them seems like it’s moving.

The young minds might get baffled in the early days but slowly they will be able to perceive the visuals better and will be able to make out things while they are in motion.

Cognitive Skills

Tricycle helps to develop a kid’s cognitive skills, the ability to perceive and understand the surroundings. With the tricycle, they will be able to discover things by themselves and thus it will ignite the cognition in them.

Riding a tricycle at such a tender age can be a little scary and dangerous as well if not taken proper precautions. So, we have cumulated some of the safety precautions while using a tricycle.


Precautions While Using a Tricycle

  • Do not buy a tricycle when you know that your child is too small to have developed a sense of stability and head control. Riding a tricycle requires basic knowledge of coordinating on riding a tricycle.
  • Whenever your child is riding the tricycle, even if it is inside the house, make sure your child has a helmet to avoid serious head injuries.
  • Go for buying a tricycle when your child has stepped on to the one year mark.
  • The tricycle should be sturdy and made up of long-lasting materials.
  • The height of the seat to the floor should match your child’s height so that their feet can easily reach the ground and the paddles so that they can be comfortable while pedaling.
  • Stay with your child or keep an eye on them while your kid has fun while they ride a tricycle.
  • Make sure they do not go to uneven surfaces or a road full of stone chips and rocks. 
  • Do not, by any means, allow your child to ride on a street full of fast-moving vehicles. 


Frequently Asked Questions – Best Tricycles in India

Q1. Which brand of tricycle is the best?

Ans. The best brand of the tricycles is Baybee because they create the most voguish, fun, and sturdy tricycles and is also one of the most famous brands among the young and new parents. 

Q2. Which tricycle to buy?

Ans. If you are looking for a tricycle that will make you fall for it instantly and is a complete package, then no doubt, Baybee Mario Sportz is the one for your child. It has a canopy and all the modern features that are not only safe but are amazingly durable! 

Q3. Where to buy a tricycle?

Ans. This completely depends on you, whether you want to feel every product before you buy it or you want the comfort of your home while you select the one.

The advantage of online sites is that you will get a wide variety of tricycles at a discounted price and it will be delivered in your footstep while the advantage of offline store is that you can actually see it physically and analyze better before buying it! 

We recommend you to go with online shopping because you will get all the specifications, reviews, and an amazing price drop for the tricycles.

Q4. Are tricycles dangerous?

Ans. It can be dangerous if you do not follow the safety measures. Always keep an eye on your kid while he/she enjoys the ride because if you are distracted, then there can be a chance of accidents. Other than that, it is an amazing sport to start with and helps in the overall development of a child. 

Conclusion – Best Tricycles in India

Who does not want to give their child world’s happiness and the best?

This list contains the best range of tricycles that you have the freedom to choose from. You can completely choose it according to your needs and the attributes you want in that tricycle.

If you do not have a limit bar, monetarily, then go for Baybee Mario Sportz Trikes Tricycle which is the best tricycle in India.


If you just want a simple one that your kid can ride inside the house and just in the walk-way outside the house, then go for Goyal’S Mr. Rambo Baby Tricycle that can even be folded.

If you face any other issues in making the right selection, let us know in the comment box, given below.

Happy shopping!

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