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11 Best Pillows in India (September 2020) | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews


In the epoch of the 21st century, we consider our life as a race and to achieve certain goals work frenziedly.

All the time we get to relax is when we lie down on the bed and lay our head on the pillow is the most rewarding comfortable mood for the day.


As some of the researchers do say that a pillow is as necessary as the food because in modern times, it has 100 functions to perform.

From keeping you stress-free to the diminution of sever spine disease or dysfunctions. An investment in a good quality pillow has always been proven beneficial for everyone.

As India has been the country, to shore up and ascertain new products that might be beneficial in the long term therefore the market of pillows has full-fledged grown at an alacrity and rapidness.

Therefore to save your time and efforts after more than 360 hours of critical and analytical study, we have got you the Top 11 Best Pillows in India.

These products have been shortlisted on the bases of comfort level provided, quality, pricing and most importantly keeping in mind the problems of individuals as well as the families residing in India.

To grab in-depth knowledge about the factors that must be considered in order to buy the best pillows in India, we highly recommend you to read our ultimate Buyer’s Guide.

These are the Top 11 Best Pillows in India

ProductsDimensionsWeightBuy Now
MOJOREST Cervical Contour Memory Foam Pillow 48.26 x 30.48 x 10.16 cm1.7 Kgamazon-button
Qualimate Orthopedic Neck Support Contour Pillow
52.07 x 31.24 x 11.94 cm490 Gramsamazon-button
AmazonBasics Customizable Down-Alternative Pillows
44.45 x 30.48 x 26.67 cm2.02 Kgamazon-button
The White Willow Orthopedic Sleeping Bed Pillow
40 x 14 x 13 cm1.34 Kgamazon-button
Recron Certified Dream Fiber Pillow40 cm x 60 cm1.06 Kgamazon-button
Sunday Luxury Pillow59.8 x 42.2 x 15.2 cm1.2 Kgamazon-button
Dreamfactory Sleeping Pillow
68.5 X 43.5 cmsNAamazon-button
JDX Reliance Polyester Blend Fiber Pillow38 x 30 x 4 cm500.9 Gramsamazon-button
Wakefit Sleeping Pillow68.58 x 40.64 x 15.24 cm1.7 Kgamazon-button
Recron Certified Bliss Fiber Pillow43 cm x 69 cm1.6 Kgamazon-button
MY ARMOR Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow
53.3 x 2.1 x 36.8 cm1.3 Kgamazon-button

11 Best Pillows in India 2020

1. MOJOREST Contour Memory Foam Pillow (19X12X4)

Mojorest is a brand that is highly popular because of its amazing market reputation. If you are looking to buy the best orthopedic pillow for sleeping, mojorest pillows would not turn you down.


Very few companies can match the qualitative and quantitative persona of this company. As in the decades, it has avowed its place as the best seller product in the market. One of the most important features is that it is manufactured of soft and supportive material.

Primary Features

  • liberation of Stress
  • Provides Support to body and help improve the Posture
  • High Quality Design
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Eco friendly in Nature

It consists of the orthopedic memory foam that is known across the world for bestowing a therapeutic and a clam sleep. This feature helps to release the stress, makes you feel charged up for a new start of the day.

Also, the fabric used in this Mojorest pillows conveys a soothing effect and in addition, comforts the sleeper and keeps them hassle-free throughout the day.

The new innovative curve shape in the pillow would help you to give support to your spine, neck, shoulders, and the head as it is curetted with a precise material.

This premium quality material could easily adapt the body shape for a personalized comfort experience and could return to the accustomed shape.

Another amazing feature of this pillow is its core, which is made from high quality 100% memory foam. Moreover, with a rebound time of merely just 3-6 seconds that gets back to the original shape.

The material used is exceptionally comfortable & breathable. Most prominently, it is skin-friendly which is a necessity in today’s world for better health and is chemical-free with dust mite resistance, highly breathable functions.

The pillow is also of hypoallergenic which makes it a safe alternative for people who do suffer from allergies. If you are an environment lover, then this Mojorest pillow would be the best choice for you. It is an eco-friendly pillow in consideration for its inner and outer cover.

As the foam approaches with a hypoallergenic breathable inner cover which helps it to achieve its goal of being clean. Not only this but it would also help you to prevent stain which additionally increases its life span of the core foam.

In addition to all the above features, the products also come with a 1-year warranty. If you are looking to buy the best pillows in India, this product can be an amazing selection.

  • Country sufficient as it is made in India
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Doctor prescribed product
  • It gives a rigid look and maybe uncomfortable for some


2. Qualimate Cooling Gel Infused Memory Foam Orthopedic Pillow

If there’s a brand for a quality product with medical benefits it is always Qualimate as it never fails to surprise the consumer with its technological advancement that makes it a discrete product in these gigantic markets.


The rare combination provided by Qualimate is the cooling gel technology that highly helps diffuse the body heat and has a longer cooling effect which helps to sleep more comfortably and helps to feel activated and helps to wake all fresh, healthy for the day.

Primary Features

  • The material pertained has been a cooling gel infused memory foam
  • Chemical and Odor free
  • The design helps plummeting the neck , shoulder pain and lessen stiffness throughout the night
  • Experience the best cradling comfort as has a contour shape design
  • Original High Density Visco shaped elastic memory foam

Nevertheless it does also have a quality that the pillow is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to allegers like mold, dust mites, and other multiple bacteria which gives the sensation of being safe.

The pillow could be compared to a robot as the exertion it does as it could respond and adjust to the temperature and pressure of the body that would create perfect support to the body allowing the muscle to fully relax.

Therefore it won’t be mistaken to articulate that, hence it could work as a stress buster as it helps to sleep profoundly as it increases the flow of air for the ultimate comfortable sleep with the utmost softness.

The unique design has been specially made as the top layer permits the airflow of fresh air. The soft low loft-type design helps to support the spine and neck which helps the spine with natural support. It also helps eradicate sleeping pains that are most common these days.

The inner cover of the pillow is woven with premium material and also molded from open-cell memory foam that is well-known for providing firm support and long-lasting shape eminence.

On the purchase of this pillow, Qualimate promises 30 days satisfaction guarantee. So, if you are someone who suffers back pain very frequently, this pillow would be best for you.

  • Molded from open cell memory foam
  • Is best suggested when you do suffer from body ache
  • 30 days trial period
  • It is a little bit steep


3. AmazonBasics Customizable Down- Alternative Pillows (Standard Size)

There wouldn’t be any corner of service and goods where Amazon doesn’t have its product. Be it from entertainment or comfort Amazon has always been able to meet customer’s expectations.


The best part about this pillow is that it is adjustable and can be customized according to your need and comfort as also these would provide a luxuriant comfort.

Primary Features

  • It could be customized as the Height down or up alternative is available
  • The experience of feather comes from the Synthetic polyester balls inside the pillow
  • It consist of microfiber shell
  • Dust and allergens are resist by Hypoallergenic construction

These pillows are tremendously adjustable and therefore goes with all sizes of bed be it master, small, or the normal size as the synthetic fiber balls can be added or reduced creating the perfect level of height, comfort softness, and the most valuable thing, it also provides support.

Also, the synthetic feather-like balls help to provide comfort and relax the body; also the hypo-allergic Construction keeps the dust and allergies deficient.

Another important characteristic of this pillow is that the soft feathers like fiber balls are proven to be the best option for the ones who would prefer soft pillows over the stiff one. It also has the quality of lavish feel that helps in the quality of sleep.

Also, this comes with an extra packet of refill balls so that additional height could be added. Good quality of sleep is necessary as now people do have less time and therefore have a habit to work around the clock.

Therefore, minimal sleep with full relaxation and rest has been the obligation of the new generation with these adjustable customize pillows. It promises to give a peaceful effect to your head and neck which delivers an unsullied effect on the whole day’s work.

This pillow comes with a one-year limited warranty. This amazing amazon pillow could be said as a value for money deal as it is not only pocket friendly but also serves the best quality at a minimum rate which has been the game catcher.

  • Gives one year warranty
  • The pillow could be customized by filling or reducing the inner material as it is adjustable
  • The feather like synthetic ball is very comfortable
  • Affordable for middle class family
  • Although there are some limitations in the warranty as it one year limited warranty


4. The White Willow Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow (Standard Size)

The company White Willow Believes that not all the traditional practices were the best and the best combination for everything should be technology with comfort and tradition. Therefore, the company promises that there is 100% filler-free foam and is made from the premium quality product. 


As the inimitable traditional shaped pillow with the cooling gel, the material helps the pillow to keep its shape integral and does not happen to sink the head because of flattening which is poles apart from other cotton-based pillows.

Primary Features

  • No fillers used, 100% filler free
  • Zero formal dehyde in India product
  • Guarantees being an eco- friendly product

If there’s something beneficial in the market then it would spread like fire and so does the sales of gel-infused pillows in the market. The White Willow believes that it does help in betterment while regulating and relaxing while sleep.

The density of the pillow is adjustable which adjoins the comfort, durability, breathability. Not only this but it also helps to be cool throughout the night as it provides therapy like relief as these pillows retort to the movement of the body.

Therefore, it helps distribute weight equally which helps in improving circulation.These pillows come with 5-inch thickness and are made from Authentic Visco-elastic Memory foam for providing maximum support to your body.

Nevertheless, they are free from all the types of dust and allergies because they are eco friendly with hypoallergenic free which goes as a bonus for the consumers.

The pillow core has especially been designed to relieve the pressure points in the midst of retaining the shape for years.

The cooling gel isn’t just a memory foam technology, but also includes a pinhole technology where the gel has been infused to give a cool effect. It also enhances the style of the pillow and helps maintain an ambient temperature which is crucial for sleep.

To add more value to this product, The White willow has integrated a unique feature in this pillow that would reduce the body temperature ensuring sound sleep. The brand is offering a 1-year warranty that makes it among the top choices of thousands of customers across India.

  • Distributes the body weight equally
  • 100% filler free
  • It is luxurious but the pillow is worth buying


5. Recron Certified Dream Fiber Pillow

It is quoted that cleanliness is next to godliness and hence Recron has been deemed to work on this particular feature as the pillows are washable which is a slightly different features compared to the pillows in the market today and this feature makes the pillow useable for a very long term.


Recron Certified Fiber Dream pillow comes with the best Swiss cotton fabric shell which adds the classy look to the pillow. This pillow lets you enjoy the perfect impression of being in your bedroom even while you are traveling.

Primary Features

  • Made of Swiss cotton
  • Outer material is micro fiber
  • 15D silicones fiber is used for inner filling

Although with beauty, it also does promise the best quality as it has hollow conjugated fiber filling inside it. It is 3 dimensional in nature which confers the tremendous soft and bounces to the pillow which can help acquire multiple tasks.

This pillow is travel friendly as it could be easily compressed and the pillow would remain compact which makes the pillow easy to store and use it at a convenient practice.

The pillow also has natural curvature look for supporting the spine and provides adequate support under the body parts like head, neck, and shoulders. It is one of the perfect pillows to support an erratic sleeping position.

Recron dream pillow will surely help you rediscover and redefine your sleeping ways as the hollow conjugate fiber filling helps the pillow to form an effective and efficient barrier against the harmful dust allergies.

With an exceptional and classy style, the Swiss cotton enhances the whole look of the pillow and makes you feel overwhelmed.

It scores high on both the parameters, hygiene as well as looks. Recron Dream pillow is like the dream come true as the price is so affordable with the superior quality and all the reviews have been positive for the product even for the patient in the critical stage.

  • 15D silicones fiber is used for inner filling which is the preeminent quality
  • Made from one of the best Swiss cotton
  • It does not give a warranty


6. Sunday Luxury Pillow

Sunday products are designed by keeping in mind that a night of good sleep should be something that could be experienced every day and should not seem like a luxury or a far dream that has to come true.


Therefore their main motive is to provide a fluffy and completely soft pillow that all kinds of sleepers are it front or back or even side sleepers could cradle in comfortably.

Primary Features

  • Provides Supports 360 degree to the sleepers
  • Has 50% more filling than standard pillows
  • Breath better , sleep better as it is anti hypo allergenic pillow

In addition, it not only provides comfort and has a great style but also gives the support needed by the back, head, and shoulder in almost all sleeping positions.

They are made from the finest quality of foams, fillings, and cover to achieve the right amount of firmness, softness, and comfort most importantly.

They are ideally designed with the most accurate configuration to make it intensely comfortable as it can also be used on beds or at couches for support.

Adding up to the qualities the pillow is filled with 0.7 denier microfiber and does have more than 50% more filling compared to the regular normal pillow available in the market which helps to make it, even more, softer and lasts long without flattening.

It is also easy to handle while washing as it is washable in the machine thus which helps us to ensure the hygiene of the pillows.

This pillow has a distinctive feature that could be rarely noticed in any other pillow as it can withstand its true form and undergo in all kinds of weather as the combination of materials.

The design used in this unique pillow makes it suitable for all the seasons as it could be also termed as a weatherproof pillow.

This pillow has been considered as a safe option for the ones prone to dust and allergy as this is hypoallergenic and does inhibit the growth of any kind of bacteria or other organisms and does prevent the dust mites from trenchant in the surface.

Almost all of the companies, that we know do not at all give the trial or there are rare companies that do allow 30 days trial. Although Sunday Pillows do give a trial period of 100 days that is more than 3 months with a year warranty included which would be enough for you to trust and try the product.

  • Anti dust and allergy
  • 30 days trial period
  • It is a bit posh but worth buying as the name itself suggest


7. Dreamfactory 400 GSM Knitted Fabric Soft Fluffy Sleeping Pillow

The name itself suggests that the product would be the one which we all dream for as it is a product of a dream factory, so all our suggestions and quality has been kept in mind while designing this product.


It does meet the criteria which a middle-class family would be expecting from a pillow. As it isn’t on an expensive side and does have all the eminence and essential features that a good classical pillow should have.

Primary Features

  • It is pocket friendly
  • Easy to wash
  • Smooth breathable material used as outer covering of the pillow

The pillows of Dreamfactory are being made with the proper blend of soft and sophisticated internal fiber. On the contrary, the outer covering has been woven by fabric that has been specialized for making the outer cover of the Dreamfactory pillows-soft and smooth.

The knitted breathable and comfortable fabric is made from 400 GSM which is further made up of Oeko tax certified yarn that is one of the finest in its quality deliverance and best suited for pillows.

The top cover of the pillow also does have an antimicrobial and also deodorizing property that helps to give an odor-free, sound, and clean sleep every night which would make you feel like having a magical power within yourself.

Although it is smooth & it does provide all the functionality that a pillow must have, as it provides firm support throughout the sleep on the matter on which size the consumer tends to sleep.

This does help the dream factory to be more preferable in the market as it does meet the requirements of the consumer buying it and mostly turns out to be a fruitful long term investment.

The pillow is extremely soft and fluffy initially it’s a bit fat also, it comes to the perfect size, and now it’s very comfortable. The price of the product is on a little higher side but every rupee is worth investing as the quality is perfect and does give an authentic look as well as the comfort.

  • Can be carried easily considering the transportation
  • It is trouble-free to wash
  • This product does not present the warranty


8. JDX Reliance Polyester Blend Fiber Pillow

Reliance has been a brand that is emerging in each and every sector and has its root in all the products. The society accepts the product that does come under reliance brand because they do have faith in their product.


The product is exclusively comfortable and is made from a very prerequisite material that is the polyester with a new a twist for betterment which is polyester mixed with fiber that proves to be the best available and economically feasible product.

Primary Features

  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti hypo allergenic pillow which enhances the sleep
  • Has a seamless border

The JDX reliance polyester blend fiber pillow as it is exclusively comfortable and is made from a very prerequisite material that is the polyester with a new a twist for betterment which is polyester mixed with fiber that proves to be the best available and economically feasible product.

Also, it does not require a huge investment as it is affordable for the middle economic class family and could be washed easily in a washing machine with a mild detergent in use.

Also, it can be refilled with the microfiber balls that are made of the recron fiber that is mostly used for making soft and comfortable pillows and has been trusted since ages when the question arises to the quality of a pillow.

This technique helps them to be budget-friendly and endow with a first-class in the midst of the most excellent quality so far available.

Nevertheless, this product has also made its place in consumer’s hearts at the investment to be made isn’t too high and is affordable compared to the high seamless quality product provided.

Also compared to the different pillows available in the market this pillow has been categorized as the most affordable pillow and comfortable pillow.

Investment in reliance pillow would be proven as the best option as it can be easily washed in the washing machine. So, it would be easy for Indian families as the maintenance cost of the pillow would be comparatively cheaper than a piece of normal cloth.

  • Better alternative for customer willing to spend less
  • It is so much easy to clean
  • The polyester material doesn’t suit everybody


9. Wakefit Sleeping Pillow

The Wakefit pillow has been designed to meet the expectation of society as it is fluffy and is middling firm as it isn’t too hard nor it is too soft and fragile in nature.


As the ideology behind the pillow was to give an exact replica of something tender as a soft toy that would make the user relax and would feel like a quill.

Primary Features

  • Made up of 350 GSM
  • It is light weight
  • The pillow is travel friendly
  • Hollow fiber is used that makes in breathable

The fabric type used in the pillow has been selected very consciously keeping in mind about your comfort level. Therefore the material is 350 GSM that is known very well as the comfortable breathable material and the product used to fill the pillow.

The above mention reason does play a very crucial role in how does a pillow would relieve the user, therefore 200 GSM hollow fiber is used that would be lightweight in nature and would make the person feel comfortable with superior quality.

The revolutionary technology used while making of the product authenticates that the spine is in receipt of the entire prop up required while not compromising with the softness and tenderness, which in the elongated term lend a hand for facilitating to improve the sleep quality.

Well with all these amazing features this product could be said as a steal deal because Wakefit does have a warranty of 6 months which is surpassingly enough to judge a pillow and its quality.

As if these benefits weren’t enough the best part of the pillow because of which consumers genuinely invest in this pillow is because it has a perfect body and the outer cover that makes it among the best pillows in India.

The fabric type used in the pillow has been selected very consciously keeping in mind about your comfort level. Therefore the material is 350 GSM that is known very well as the comfortable breathable material and the product used to fill the pillow.

  • The pillow is soft and tender in nature
  • 200 GSM hollow fiber is used
  • Only provides a warranty for 6 months


10. Recron Certified Bliss Fiber Pillow

Bliss fiber Pillow has marked itself for the category of the best softness, in addition to the feather-like lightweight and placid filling.


The fabric type used is polycotton which is well known for bringing both smoothness and durability to ensure the comfort of the buyer and also is budget-friendly.

Primary Features

  • Frivolous in weight
  • Could be stored anywhere
  • 15D void conjugate siliconized fiber and is 4D hollow polyester conjugate siliconized faber
    microfiber GSM 110
  • outfitted with advanced ECS technology

The unfilled conjugate fiber filling helps the pillow to deliver ultimate comfort nevertheless also helps to be 3 dimensional in nature which is the almighty reason behind the excellent loft and bounce which is an uncompromised aspect over numerous uses.

It also has a side piping that makes the pillow look attractive and also provides additional blissful comfort and support. As already acknowledge that the recron certified bliss pillows do provide a contented session of idyllic sleep.

Although all the credit should be given to the 15D void conjugate siliconized fiber that firmly ensures an outstanding shape in addition to a full rebound effect which gives a look of an expensive product at an affordable price.

What’s more interesting is that the pillow is equipped with advanced ECS technology. The outer material is made from microfiber GSM 110 whereas; the inner filing is 4D hollow polyester conjugate siliconized fiber.

The recron bliss pillows do have a warranty period of one year which is a convenient element in the process of decision making for a pillow.

The customers do have positive feedback towards this product because if there is no medical problem or any particular pillow suggested by the doctor then this is the one to buy, as it is pocket friendly and does the work of a good pillow that should be of, tender and not stiff.

It could be also washed easily so, therefore, there is no need to invest in expensive detergent or tools to wash a pillow it could be easily washed in a washing machine which makes it a favorite product among them.

  • Made from advanced ECS technology
  • Frolicsome in weight
  • The superior inner filing is 4D hollow polyester conjugate siliconized fiber
  • Does not provide warranty


11. MY ARMOR Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

The people have always been an ideal product for the ones who do suffer from back pain or even to the ones who do not want any problems in the future and want to feel recharged for the whole day should shift to this pillow.


The use of memory foam is a superior material for a pillow for sleeping compared to the microfiber, and also it is easy to wash as it is hand washable.

Primary Features

  • Has memory foam
  • Does not get sweaty
  • It is hand washable
  • They do have 30 days trial period

The My Armor Pillow does not absorb sweat at all. Also, it does always adapts itself to the body shape to provide the utmost comfort although it would regain its original shape in 4-5 seconds with a slow and steady return to normal technology.

The long term use of this amazing pillow would help in defining and in particularly precise the sleeping posture. Also, it does give personalized support and definitely and beyond compare comfort.

This product does have a time frame of one year for warranty, but the unique strategy that helps to maintain the bond between consumer and the seller is that they do have a 30 days trial period.

As the company itself says “like it, or return it” which denotes that if you do not like or prefer the product after buying then there is nothing to worry as they would return the money in 30 days and would exchange the product till a year if there are any defects.

Pillow material is the best quality. It takes its original shape within 4-5 seconds only. This is what makes memory foam different than other pillows, after few days other pillows become hard but the Memory foam stays as it is.

That’s the specialty of material. As it also helps in neck and shoulder pain reviewed by many of the customers although the 30 days trial has been the steal deal for the product.

  • It is prefer for sever medical condition as it helps correcting the posture
  • 30 days trial period
  • It is pricey but does promise a premium quality


Buyer’s Guide – Best Pillows in India

Buying a Pillow may seem like an easy job but while surfing for the options people do tend to get confused as pillows are of so many styles, types, and thicknesses.


The main function that buyers tend to find in a pillow is that is it bendable with their sleeping pattern and body type.

Therefore it is always suggested to look after a buyer’s guide before investing in a pillow because even if it is not too costly you shouldn’t waste a penny on the wrong product.

So, some traits and features that a buyer should keep in mind before buying the best pillows in India are discussed below.

Factors to be considered while Buying the Best Pillows in India

1. Sleeping position

If you are someone that prefers to sleep straight with their head upside and lay on your back then you might prefer buying a thin firm pillow that would help to keep the spine structure firm.

There are some people who do prefer sleeping on the sides hence the side sleepers should prefer an average height pillow which does give firm support to give their neck the best shore up and also height.

The third category is the ones who prefer sleeping on their stomach should avoid fat and heavy pillow and should prefer a flat pillow for healthy and sound sleep. As for them, the heavy pillows might show side effect in long term in the form of neck pains, etc.

2. Size of the pillow

A buyer should purchase master size pillow if they prefer to sleep straight or on their stomach. If you are one who does prefer sleeping on the sides that should purchase an average size pillow which is bendable with the body weight.


3. Fluffiness

The buyer should always check for the fluffiness of the pillow because this is one of the important factors that the buyer should be comfortable off.

4. GSM

GSM is a common termed used while describing a pillow but less of the buyers know its significance and its meaning. GSM stands for grams per square meter.

Therefore it is a parameter to judge a pillow as the higher is the GSM, the higher will be the density of the pillow, and it would be softer and would have long-lasting durability. On an average, it is said that 200-700 GSM could help you get the perfect soft, fluffy dream pillow.

5. Warranty

Warranty is another issue that cannot be emphasized much upon. 

All the stuff that we buy is perfect according to us that is the first reason why we would buy a product, but there is some product in the market that tend to look good but after using it for few time its starts to distort itself.

Therefore a warranty product should be purchased so that it can be exchanged or returned whenever requires.


6. Filling of the pillow

If the buyer purchases a feather filling then the pillow should daily be wobbling and shudder to prevent the pillow from thinning in a short period of time although it is the softest and comfortable option available considered to the other one.

These are generally warmer in nature because of the feather filling so it is best suitable at a colder place.

If the pillow filling is of foam, it does not gets thin in a very short period of time as it is stiff in nature and is the best suitable choice for someone who does prefer their body heat to trap.

Also, it is preferable for heavy-weight people as this does give firm support and helps to distribute body weight.

These types of pillows are also suggested by doctors for several types of a neck problems. Besides that they are costly but an investment in a perfect pillow could prove to be the perfect value for money.

The third category is the polyester fiber or could also be said as micro fiber filling which is an alternative for a foam-filled pillow as they are a bit less expensive.

These pillows are semi-firm and are the best for straight or even for the ones who prefer sleeping on their stomach. Even though they are somewhat difficult to wash but would suit all the bed size.

7. Fiber Quality

This is a feature that most of the buyer tends to ignore let it be willingly or unwillingly. They are used to make the pillow outer cover then also there are some types of fiber. A gel-based fiber cover can be easily washed as it has a gel-based technology.

The other type is the synthetic cluster as it does have synthetic fiber with a look of cluster formation. Then there is also a natural fiber that is most used in the making of the outer covering.

The last type is the microfibers that are mostly used as fiber filling and make a pillow fluffy, breathable, and very much comfortable.


8. Affordability

At last, the price could be considered as a factor because there is some restriction on the maximum limit to spend on a pillow although it may be different for the entire individual but there is a constraint for most of them.

Although however, extremely the pillow is of the best or good quality too much money couldn’t be spent.

Nevertheless, if we tend to find a pillow that has all the quality and matches the parameter from your list you should buy it even though if it cost some extra money from the budget decided because if we tend to get a perfect pillow it would prove to be a great investment in the long term.

9. Waterproof

Another important feature is whether the pillow is waterproof or has to be regularly washed. As there are pillows that make clumps inside because of frequent contact of water with the pillow.

The seamless finish of the pillow may be something we ignore considering that it only enhances the look of the pillow but the main purpose is that it keeps the fiber inside the pillow intact. As if the welting is weak, then in no time the inside fabric would come out


There is gusset pillow which hasn’t been so popular in the market but the gusset aids in expanding the inner filling of pillow as it does have a top and bottom panel with addition to two side panels which is beneficial for providing extra strengthening and makes the body feel more comfortable and relaxed.

In modern times there are many pillows that are anti allergic and do have an option of Hypoallergenic options as they do have micro fibers that prevent all types of dust allergy. Although it is always suggested to buy a good fiber pillow because some fiber do tend to cause allergy with are of poor quality.

FAQ – Best Pillows in India

Q1. Question 1:- Are pillows good for your back?

Ans. The myth that pillows are harmful to the back is present ubiquitously. But it is totally erroneous to speak that as at the present time doctors have been suggesting various types of pillow for several neck, back, and shoulders alignment problems or pain.

As with the advancement of technology, at the moment pillows are considered to provide full support to the back that helps to improve the body posture and also helps for a sound sleep.

 As it is said that depending on the way you sleep, the body postures pillows do tend to give extra support to the body.

Although doctors and physicians do recommend buying a pillow that would help to keep your neck aligned with your chest and lower back the pillows tend to be soft and tender that they do fiddle with to the curves of our body.

At last, it could be concluded that your pillow should be adjustable so that it could easily unify into the curves and tunes with the body providing a comfortable sleep with firm support to the body

Q2. Why does pillow gets flat?

Ans. There is nothing to worry about if your pillow eventually starts getting flat after a time period.

Although if the product does not match the description as described by the manufacture then it’s suggested to return the product or exchange it therefore always prefer buying a pillow which does have a trial period.

But if gradually it starts being flat because our head tends to be on our pillow for 6-10 hours and sometimes we do use it as a support therefore after a time it starts loosing up.

In the case of a feather pillow, it should be dusted and compressed every day to provide it the regular shape or it may end up making clumps inside the pillow if not dusted at an interval.

One could easily identify and state that when it comes to washable gel foams it could be easily washed and dried so that it regains its shape and becomes fluffy once again.

Q3. How to wash the pillows and how often?

Ans. It is a suggestive measure that before washing your pillow one should always read for the label which is present in your pillowcase.

 If it is a fiberfill pillow which is mostly washing machine friendly, therefore only two pillows should be added at a time to keep a balance ensuring that it gets clean on each and every corner.

As the first step should be to select the gentle cycle mode and use Luke warm water and steadily after that cold water should be added. A little amount of detergent should be added and while drying it start sunlight should be avoided.

However, foam pillows do have a different method that has to be used while washing as they cannot be straightforwardly kept in a washing machine therefore it should be washed by hands generally using a good detergent in a small amount.

At last, it could be then vacuumed from both the sides to keep it dirt free. In a year pillow should be washed at least thrice or four times according to their specific requirements.

Q4. How to Know that the pillow should be replaced?

Ans. It is said that if washed properly and taken good care of pillow do tend to last longer compared to the ones neglected and the ones which do not get diligence care.
In a country like ours, there are many people who do have the knowledge on how to select a perfect pillow for them.

Other than they do have a tendency to have less knowledge on the question that when is the right time to replace the pillow and therefore they do blame there perfect pillow that was bought a decade back for not performing its function.

Therefore for making the task easy and saving the quality time washed out on the tiniest issue the best way to know that the pillow has to be disposed of is by folding the pillow into half and when it does not spring back to its regular size and shape is the perfect parameter to know that the life of pillow has come to an end.

Q5. Do pillows tend to cause headache, back pain and ear infection?

Ans. Sometimes people do end up telling that they are having headache ears infection and multiple body pain and tend to close the stages by blaming it all up on the pillow.

But the main causes would be that because of your wrong sleeping patterns or because you end up having a wrong pillow this type of situation may sometime arrive.

Therefore it is always suggested to understand your needs that should be there in a pillow and after comparing at least 2-5 pillows one must prefer to buy a pillow.
Also before buying a pillow one should check that the pillow fits the contour part of your head, neck, and shoulder so that you do not end up having multiple pain issue.

As the best pillow won’t end up giving you headaches and back pain but would have a propensity to make you feel relaxed and relieved and would help you to have sound sleep for hours.

As a concern of earaches and infection, one should take good care of the pillow and should wash it at a regular period, although with the help of modern technology and inventions pillow do are anti allergies and mite free, regardless in a year pillow should be washed every quarter.

Conclusion – Best Pillows in India

After putting deliberate efforts and presenting all the information that matters for buying the perfect pillow which would make you feel like one of the best decisions we are here to conclude the topic.

We do hope that we were able to provide all the fruitful information is it the customer review or the quality of the product. We do believe that after going through the information provided to you it would be an easy task to select your right pillow according to your needs and specific qualities.

Although according to our opinion the best pillows from the above 11 shortlisted would be MOJOREST Cervical Contour Pillow and white willow pillow.


Nevertheless, if we do need to choose from the category of feather fiber pillow then it would be Sunday Luxury Pillow.

Although this might differ from one person to another based on their requirement our recommendation has been for the public at a larger scale after precautionary comparing many reviews of the customer.

These are the best suitable options available for Indian families considering the main factors as the economical worth which does get affected by the family size, quality and genuineness of the product, and also the maintenance cost of a pillow.

Even though this factor matters the most important for buying any pillow and judging it would be the level of comfort provided by it or the softness.

This is all the information necessary to buy the best pillows in India therefore now is the time to try the knowledge gained and experience the comfort, till then happy and safe shopping.

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