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8 Best Hair Crimpers in India (December 2020) – Buying Guide & Reviews


Nothing disappoints your fancy new outfit more than a head full of dull, lifeless locks.

A good hair day doesn’t come by as easily in real life as it does for actresses in movies, and we all know that charming the crowds with your tresses can be quite a tedious task. 

Thankfully, hair crimpers have come to the aid of countless women, giving their hair great texture and accentuated volume, along with a chic, playful look!


Crimping your hair automatically gives the illusion of a much greater volume, and the almost electric, frazzled sort of a shape that it gives to your hair, is not one that people can easily take their eyes off. 

The best part is that although crimping gives the illusion that your hair is all over the place, somehow your tresses land perfectly, in just the places that you want them to, all with a simple operation of a crimper. 

Crimpers are just like straighteners, except that while straightening irons have smooth surfaced ironing plates, the ironing plates in crimpers are irregular and zig-zagged, to give your hair a similar finish, in mere minutes.

The damages that come with styling your hair are known far and wide, especially in the case of ironing devices like straighteners and crimpers.

Long term use of these devices is associated with significant damage to your hair cuticles, minimizing which should be top among your list of priorities, right up there with a chic, party-ready look.

Thankfully, many hair crimpers come with specially designed ironing plates, enriched with all sorts of nourishing oils to keep hair damage at bay. So allow us to acquaint you with some of these fabulous styling appliances without any further ado!

These are the Top 8 Best Hair Crimpers in India

ProductsTemperatureHeat up timeWarrantyBuy Now
Techhark® Professional Pro Hair Crimper130⁰ to 230⁰ C3-5 minsNAamazon-button
StyleHouse Professional Hair Crimper Machine for Women150⁰ to 230⁰ C30 secsNAamazon-button
TechHark Professional Feel Neo Tress Pro Hair Crimper160⁰ to 230⁰ C3-5 minsNAamazon-button
VEGA Classic Hair Crimper (VHCR-01)220⁰ C30 secs2 yearsamazon-button
Ikonic Mini Hair Crimper160⁰ C3-5 mins1 yearamazon-button
ROZIA Hair Crimper (HR746)130⁰ to 230⁰ C30 secsNAamazon-button
HOVR® 3 in 1 Professional Hair Crimper/ straightener220⁰ C30 secs2 yearsamazon-button
GREATERSCAP Professional Flat Hair Crimper220⁰ Cless than 90 sec1 yearamazon-button

Best Hair Crimpers in India (2020)

1. Techhark® Professional Pro Hair Crimper

TechHark is an Indian mega brand that has offers an exhaustive range of grooming, hair, and body products, among others, for both kiddos and adults, alike. TechHark products come within an exceedingly reasonable price range, making the brand a crowd favourite.


This TechHark hair crimper brings to you the best quality that effectively styles 2-inch sections of your hair in under five seconds. This ensures minimal heat exposure and much lesser damage as compared to other products.

Primary Features

  • Comes with a Tourmaline Heating Plate
  • Comes with 5 different temperature settings
  • Comes with a 2.5 meter long cable
  • The cord offers a full 360 degree range of motion
  • Additional features include an indicative LED light and a super light 0.38 kg body

Let us start with our favourite and probably the best feature of this appliance, its heating plate. This appliance adorns a Tourmaline ironing plate, which is really a blessing of sorts to all girls with hair pink and blue, who’ve been scared of styling their hair further for fear of greater damage.

Tourmaline plates produce negatively charged ions that nourish your hair, keep dullness and dryness at bay, and also reduce the natural tendency for damaged hair to frazzle.

These ironing plates try to counter the very damage that their long term use causes, making them the right choice, especially for people with bleached and processed hair.

This product comes with a temperature control panel that starts from 140 degrees Celsius at the lower end, ranging upwards to 160, 180, 200, and finally 220 degrees Celsius at the higher end.

Higher temperature settings come with the quicker operation, but also with greater instant damage. But even so, if you keep the temperature too low, then you’ll have to run the plates over the same strands of hair multiple times, which too can cause a lot of damage.

Thus it is best to start in the middle and adjust the temperature according to the results you see. Additionally, this product comes with an LED light to indicate power and function.

Along with a 2.5-meter long cable, that will stretch all the way up to your dressing table, without constraining you to a power socket. The cord also allows a full 360-degree rotation and range of function.

So you can easily get to those locks that are slightly harder to reach. This crimper is also super light, weighing only 0.38 kilograms, so you can operate it continuously on yourself and your hands, without your wrists hurting.

  • Tourmaline plates allow safe styling for already damaged hair
  • Cord allows for full 360 degree range of motion
  • 2.5 meter cable length allows ease of use
  • Temperature control ensures minimal damage
  • Slightly expensive


2. StyleHouse Professional Hair Crimper Machine for Women

StyleHouse is an online retail brand that specializes particularly in the domain of hair styling products.  From hair dryers to curlers, straighteners and our product of interest, crimpers, StyleHouse has got you covered.


This StyleHouse Crimper is pretty similar to the first product, with the same temperature settings and power cord backing it up, the heating plate shows a slight variation though, take a look.

Primary Features

  • Makes use of a blend of Ceramic and Tourmaline heating plates
  • Allows a choosing of the following temperature settings- 160, 180, 200, 220 and 240 degrees Celsius
  • Makes use of a cord that allows for a full range of motion
  • Weighs 0.5 kilograms

This product adorns a blend of Tourmaline and Ceramic heating plates, both excellent conductors and particularly helpful to all with damaged hair.

While Tourmaline plates minimize damage by keeping dryness, dullness, and frizz to a minimum, thanks to their inherent emission of negative ions onto your hair, ceramic plates keep the heating temperature constant.

Ceramic plates are easily the most consistent and reliable of all hair ironing plates, as they retain heat phenomenally well, without allowing the temperature of the plate to dip down or fluctuate.

This ensures that your hair crimps in single slides and that you don’t have to iron the same sections over and over again. Another reason that your hair gets damaged during styling is the unreasonable amount of heat exposure your hair has to suffer from.

If you set your crimping iron at too high a temperature, then the damage to your hair might even be irreversible.

If however, you set the temperature too low, then you’ll feel the need to keep running your crimper over the same hair sections, which is a blunder you must avoid.

This situation is made even trickier by the fact that different hair textures require different heating temperatures, depending on the level of hair thickness.

This is why this product comes with a temperature control panel that allows you to choose from 160, 180, 200, 220, and 240 degrees Celsius, so you can try and test what setting works best for you.

Additionally, this product weighs half a kilo, which is just the perfect weight for you to crimp and serve looks in less than ten minutes.

To add to ease of use, this product comes with a cord that offers a full range of motion, which simply means that you can twist and turn it in whatever angle you like to reach the awkwardly positioned locks on the back of your head.

  • Blend of tourmaline with ceramic helps maintain a constant heating temperature
  • Temperature ranges up as high as 240 degrees
  • Reasonably priced
  • Slightly heavy, weighs half a kilogram


3. TechHark Professional Feel Neo Tress Pro Hair Crimper

TechHark is back with yet another banger of a hair styling crimper. The fact that this brand has a wide range of products, that are all top-notch and exemplify affordability is what makes TechHark a crowd favourite.


This Feel Neo Hair Crimper comes with all the features a styling iron needs to keep hair damage at an arm’s length. From heating plates that are sensitive to bleached hair to multiple temperature settings, this crimper covers it all.

Primary Features

  • Comes with a 2.5 meter long cable
  • An indicative LED light panel accompanies the temperature control settings
  • Weighs under 0.4 kilograms

Starting at the heart of all styling irons, we first highlight this product’s grade A heating plates. Tourmaline Plates steal the spotlight once again, and for good reason as no other type of heating plates match up to these in terms of their sensitivity to hair that’s already been damaged by styling.

So girls who like experimenting with their hair no longer need to shy away from crimping! Just to recap a little on tourmaline plates manage this feat, recall how we said that these plates produce negative ions.

Negative ions are a blessing for all hair types as they help your retain moisture. Damaged hair comes with an excess of positive ions that dry your hair and make them frazzle.

Tourmaline plates get rid of these ions, and help your hair remain healthy. 5 different temperature settings auto set at, 140, 160, 180, 200, and 220 degrees Celsius allow you to check the thickness of your hair and adjust the temperature based on what works best for your hair texture.

Usually crimping is a styling option that girls with naturally straight hair go for, and so we suggest that you keep your crimper’s temperature on the lower ends as the higher ones are better suited to girls with thick, curly hair.

It helps that this product weighs less than 0.4 kilograms, meaning that you can use it to style not just your hair but your entire girl squad’s, without your wrists feeling as much as a hint of pain.

Not only does the temperature control panel come with indicative LED lights that point to the current heating temperature, but the device also comes with an additional LED light to tell you that the product is up and running.

This is particularly helpful if you’re a forgetful one, so that seeing the red light on will remind you to switch the device off after use.

There is a swivel cord holding this device up, which basically means that you can bend and rotate the cord howsoever so that you can easily reach those locks at the back of your head.

  • 2.5 meter cable doesn’t keep you glued to power sockets
  • Under 0.4 kilograms of weight allows for comfortable usage
  • Led light panel indicates what temperature your appliance is set at
  • Tourmaline plates charge your hair full of negative ions
  • Doesn’t come with automatic shut off


4. VEGA Classic Hair Crimper (VHCR-01)

When it comes to hair styling, there are barely any brands in the country that can match up to Vega. Be it quality or performance, Vega products can have you looking like a 90s heroine or a gen Z Popstar in under ten minutes.


This Vega hair crimper comes as a breath of fresh air after the somewhat similar products weve seen so far with a few variations and some new features that allow this product’s appeal to rocket sky-high.

Primary Features

  • Makes use of wide ceramic coated heating plates
  • Perfect for girls with thick hair
  • Super energy efficient, consumes as little as 60 watts
  • Comes with locking technology
  • Indicative LED light and long swivel cord are present here too

First things first, let us start with the zig-zag heating plates on this appliance and what theyre made of. This product adorns Ceramic coated plates, the more affordable versions of pure ceramic plates that offer all the same benefits.

While these plates are excellent heat conductors and retainers, that never allow the set temperature to dip down, even when used continuously for longer durations; the ceramic coating often comes off with time, making the product less effective.

One plus point, however, is that these heating plates are sufficiently wide. This basically means that you no longer have to take small, 1 inch sections of hair to pass the crimper through.

The wider plates allow you to cover greater chunks and get through the crimping process much faster with much lesser damage.

Additionally, while the crimpers we’ve seen before take around 3 minutes to heat up to the temperature set by you, this Vega product does that in just a minute, reducing your waiting period to the blink of an eye.

The highest heating temperature that this appliance allows for is 220 degrees Celsius, making it more than effective enough for girls with all kinds of hair textures.

There is no temperature control panel, however. The long cable and cord that bends like pretzels are a staple here too, adding to your ease of use.

What’s better is that this product comes with locking technology that keeps the heating plates closed, when the device is stored and not in use. This ensures that your product and its precious heating plates aren’t damaged while traveling.

Another staple is the indicative LED light that turns red when the product is in use, which will help you remember to turn it off after use. On a final note, this product is also extremely energy efficient, consuming as little as 60 watts!

  • Energy efficient
  • Heats up in just a minute
  • Extremely reasonably priced
  • Wider heating plates quicken crimping process
  • Ceramic coating tends to wear off with time
  • There’s no temperature control


5. Ikonic Mini Hair Crimper

Ikonic is an American brand that’s enormously famous for its long-range of cosmetic and styling products. This brand produces just about every kind of product in the worlds of personal care and grooming, that come in all price ranges, making Ikonic a brand for the masses.


This mini crimper is as the name suggests, mini-sized, making it super easy to travel with. This product is perfect for all those punk girls with shoulder-length hair, crimping them in under ten minutes.

Primary Features

  • Makes use of Ceramic plates that are 7 cm long and 1.8 cm wide
  • Plates heat up to optimal temperature in under a minute
  • The appliance measures up to 17.2 cm in length
  • Each plate comes with 4 spikes
  • Power cable is sufficiently long

It makes use of ceramic plates that are excellent heat retainers as you may well know by now. These ceramic plates ensure that the plates remain heated and that the temperature doesnt dip while still in use.

In addition to that, these plates also ensure that the plate is heated uniformly. The ceramic plate is 7 cm long and 1.8 cm wide, making it big enough to sift through one or two-inch thick strand sections of your hair.

It is important to note that the greater the number of spikes on your heating plate’s shape, the more crimped will your hair appear.

This product adorns plates with 4 spikes, ensuring that every two-inch section of your hair has at least 4 crimped lines, and that is even if you only run the crimper through each 2-inch section of your once.

This product heats up in less than a minute, and additionally, it measures up in less length to only 17 cm, meaning that it can fit into all your little sling purses too!

There’s a swivel cord to offer a full range of motion, an LED light to indicate functioning, and a long cable that allows you to step away from the power socket and run all the way up to your mirror.

  • Super compact, measures up to only 17.2 cm in length
  • Weighs as little as 0.27 kilograms
  • Heats up in under a minute
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • The size of the plates is relatively smaller


6. ROZIA Hair Crimper (HR746)

Rozia is an important name in the hair care industry, with a range of styling products that can give you crimps like Zendaya’s and golden smooth locks like Ariana’s, all in a matter of minutes.


Rozia products are known for their affordability and sturdy frames that will stay with you for years and years.  This product exemplifies all of those qualities, come take a look!

Primary Features

  • Heating plates are ceramic coated and are 5.08 centimeters long
  • Allows for heating plates to operate at temperatures as high as 243 degrees Celsius
  • Each plate comes with 5 ridges
  • Backed up by a swivel cord

This Rozia Hair crimper makes use of ceramic coated heating plates that are 5.08 centimeters long, allowing you to take thicker sections of your hair and style them quickly.

If your hair tends on the thinner side of the scale, then ceramic straighteners are the way to go for you.

Thin hair is more susceptible to heat damage and thus it’s important to ensure that your hair crimper maintains an even temperature and doesn’t have spots that are hotter than others.

This is precisely what ceramic coated heating plates do, making them the right way to go. Even while crimping your hair, ceramic plates ensure that the crimping and ironing don’t lead your hair into getting frazzled.

The only problem with these plates is that they have a shorter life than ceramic plates, as the coating tends to come off with time, leading you to expose your hair to just a hot plate, without any protection.

These ceramic plates also come with 5 ridges, which means that for each section of hair that you run the crimper through, you get a minimum of 5 crimped lines.

The more times you glide the crimper through your hair, the more crimped layers will you get. This crimper works at a temperature of 243 degrees Celsius, making it powerful enough for hairs of all thicknesses.

You can rest assured because this is usually the temperature professional stylists work with, making It more than powerful enough for home use.

Finally, this model comes with a cord that offers a full 360-degree range of motion, and can backward like Beckham, so you can get to all of those hard-to-reach locks at the back of your head.

  • Come with a 2 inch wide heating plate
  • Heating plate has 5 ridges, giving you a dense and layered crimping effect
  • Lightweight and comfortable to operate
  • Ceramic plates ensure that your hair isn’t dull and frazzled
  • No color options
  • Works on a constant temperature


7. HOVR® 3 in 1 Professional Hair Crimper/ straightener

Hovr is a brand that’s immensely popular on Indian online retailing platforms. Its products are comprehensive and amongst the most affordable out there, making this brand an obvious choice.


This 3 in 1 hair styler, is as comprehensive and exhaustive as a hair styler can get. And the best part is that it comes at one- third of the price of some of the products we’ve seen so far, not to mention that it also comes in a hot pink color.

Primary Features

  • Job of three appliances while costing less than most standard crimpers
  • Weighs as little as 0.2 kgs and is only 10 centimeters long
  • Super Travel Friendly
  • Makes use of ceramic coated straightening and crimping plates
  • Provides a maximum temperature of 200 degrees Celsius

This hair styler when closed works like a curler, and on opening up reveals its straightening and crimping plates. Both the straightener and crimper make use of ceramic coated plates.

The perks that come with ceramic or ceramic coated plates are very well known to you by now.

These perks become even more enjoyable when considered that ceramic plates come with almost the same benefits as but are much cheaper than tourmaline plates.

So if you’re shopping on a budget, this product is right up your alley. This hair styler weighs as little as 0.2 kilograms, making it super convenient to take with you on vacations, or even just carry around in your purse.

Additionally, it is only 10 cm long, so not only does this styler not make your bag feel heavy, but it also doesn’t take up too much space, making it the perfect travel buddy.

The best part of this appliance, however, has to be its versatility for not only does this product style your hair in every possible way, it also works equally well on wet, damp, and dry hair.

This is an important factor because wet and damp hair are much more susceptible to damage than dry hair, which is why most styling products come with cautions laying out how they’re not fit to be used on wet hair. So, you can see how this feature gives this product a leg up over its competitors. 

  • Curls, crimps and straightens at the price of one
  • Works on wet hair without damaging them
  • Ceramic coated crimping plates come with 5 ridges
  • Featherweight and compact
  • Multiple color options
  • Maximum temperature of 200 Celsius may be a little too low for thick, curly hair


8. GREATERSCAP Professional Flat Hair Crimper

Greaterscap is a brand that isnt just the jack but is in fact the master of all trades! From clothing to grooming to even home and electrical appliances, theres no category that Greaterscap leaves untouched.


And the fact that it does so at unreasonable prices is what makes this brand a favourite on online retailing platforms.

Primary Features

  • Heating plates are carved out of ceramic and tourmaline
  • Allows you to choose from 4 temperature settings set
  • Two and a half meter long swivel cord holds this appliance up
  • Featherweight product measures at 0.41 kilograms
  • Super comfortable to use

This hair styler comes in quirky colors, making it a teen favourite and whats better is that it makes use of a blend of tourmaline and ceramic heating plates, which works perfectly for all the red, blonde, and whatnot haired girls out there.

Starting once again, right at the heart of the crimper, we first describe its highly effective heating plates. These plates are ceramic-based, that are topped off with a layer of tourmaline crystal.

Ceramic, as you know, ensures that the plate heats up uniformly and stays that way for as long as it is in use, without allowing the temperature to fluctuate.

Tourmaline, on the other hand, charges the plate up with negative ions that are then passed on to your hair.

Negative ions act like fairy godmothers to your hair cuticles, helping them remain hydrated, and thereby actively combating dullness, dryness, and frizz.

This is an extremely important factor to consider if your hair has been bleached, processed, or coloured, as these chemicals slowly dry your hair out, making them dull, unhealthy, and lifeless.

If this hasn’t sold you on this product already, let us tell you that this hair styler comes with 4 different temperature settings set at 140, 160, 180, and 200 degrees Celsius.

This is particularly helpful if you have thin hair. We say this because thin hair cannot sustain temperatures too high, without showing some signs of damage. Thus temperature control makes for a very important plus point.

Finally, this product makes use of a two and a half meter long swivel cord, which makes it very convenient for you to style the tresses on the back of your head, and as does its featherweight 0.41-kilogram heavy body.

  • Blend of tourmaline and ceramic
  • Comes in quirky colours like pink
  • 4 Temperature Settings
  • Heating plate isn’t too wide


Buying Guide – Best Hair Crimping Machines in India

Hair crimpers are definitely the most effective way to accentuate your look in under ten minutes. Crimped hair is an extremely modern look and can even infuse a fusion sort of style into your more traditional looks.

Crimped hair can be a look that may work for you especially if you have thin, flat hair that lacks bounce. It can immediately make your hair look much denser and layered, and the best part is that it even adds a bit of a 90s retro vibe to your look!


The problem with crimping your hair though is that youre essentially ironing your hair strands into a crimped, electric kind of shape. This involves exposing your hair to enormously high temperatures, which as we all know is far from ideal, especially since it isnt even advisable to wash your hair with warm water.

Even so, styling your hair is something just about every second girl is an expert at today, and no one likes showing up to a party with a dull, lifeless mess of a head, right?

So allow us to walk you through some of the factors you could keep in mind while picking your crimper so as to style your hair while still caring for its health.

Factors to consider while buying a Hair Crimper

1. Types of Heating Plates

Heating plates are the heart of all crimping and straightening stylers, which is why the first step in choosing a straightener is to check what type of heating plate it employs and then see if that plate is compatible with your hair.

Hair crimpers primarily make use of two types of heating plates, these are as follows:

Ceramic Coated Plates

First, we have ceramic coated plates, which as you may have noticed throughout this list, are a staple with most crimpers.

The reason is quite simple, these maintain a constant temperature and ensure that the whole plate is heated uniformly and that no spot is hotter than the other.

This is ideal because you don’t want the temperature of the heating plate to dip down and iron some sections of your hair over and over again, as this will damage them more than it will style them.

The only difference between these plates and ceramic plates are that the latter are carved out of metals like aluminium and simply coated with a layer of ceramic, instead of being carved out of it entirely.

While this does help in bringing the price down, these plates aren’t too durable. The ceramic layer could very well peel off with time and leave you ironing your hair with an unprotected metal.

Ceramic plates work on thick and thin hair alike, but are especially suited to thin hair.

Tourmaline Plates

Next, we have, Tourmaline Plates, these are a blessing for all those girls that have already styled their hair a bit too often and now fear further styling and the damage that comes with it.

This is especially true if your hair is bleached or colored, as these chemicals literally suck the life out of your hair and require rigorous amounts of maintenance.

Tourmaline plates help in this area by infusing your hair with negative ions, the benefits of which we’ve mentioned countless times already. But basically, these ions nourish and condition your hair, by helping them retain moisture which is the solution to most hair related problems.

2. Size of The Heating Plate

Depending on the size of the plate, crimpers are classified as mini, standard, and wide. Mini as the name suggests, is the smallest and gives your hair crimps that are more concentrated and pressed together.

The wider the plate, the more spaced out the ridges on the plate will be, and therefore so will your crimps. Standard crimpers have plates that are 2.54 centimeters wide or more, whereas wide crimpers have plates that are 5.08 centimeters wide or more.

If the plate is larger, you’ll be able to pass your crimper through much larger chunks of hair together and therefore get through the crimping process much faster as well.


3. Temperature Control Is A Must

The importance of temperature control cannot be emphasized enough, especially if your hair is already a little dull and frizzy. Thin hair break under high temperatures, whereas thick hair doesn’t even react, let alone crimp, to lower temperatures.

Thus it is important to look for a device that comes with several temperature settings. This is especially important if you’re buying a hair styler for the first time and don’t know what temperature settings are best suited to your hair.

If however, you’re simply replacing your old styler and are privy to the whole process, then you might as well go for an appliance that comes with automated temperature settings, as you know that those already work well for you.

4. Check the Weight

Since crimping your hair can take anywhere between ten minutes to half an hour, depending on the length and texture of your hair, the weight of the crimper makes for an important consideration.

You don’t want your wrist to start aching midway through the styling process, leading you to rush the process up only to get lopsided and unsatisfactory results.

You should be able to operate and hold your crimper comfortably, with a sturdy grip, and be able to take as long as you want without its heavy body weighing you down.


5. Check The Heat Up Time If Your Crimper Turns Off Automatically

Aren’t we all a bit too familiar with the troubles of trying to get ourselves to look like Lady Gaga right at the very last minute?

If you’re someone who likes to tell themselves that getting ready takes them all of two minutes, only to find themselves frantically running about the house, already half an hour late to a party, then a 5-minute long heat-up time is definitely not going to be ideal for you.

Sadly a lot of crimpers don’t even mention their heat up time, take this as your cue to assume that it takes them too long, for there are plenty of models in the market that heat up in less than a minute, while still being cheap too.

Another important feature that not too many crimpers come with is self turn off. This is important if you’re a forgetful one, for leaving your crimper on and forgetting about it can very well burn your house down.

This feature ensures that your device turns off automatically when it hasn’t been used for over ten straight minutes.

6. Additional Features

These range from little things like indicative LED lights, to more important considerations like whether or not your crimper dabbles as a straightener and curler too. Some crimpers come with plates infused with oils and keratin and other nourishing hair products as well.

7. Price And Warranty

Hair crimpers cost around 3000 bucks but you can even get them for half the price as well. The price tends to spike up with tourmaline plate crimpers and go down with ceramic coated plate crimpers.

It is best to put your hair care before the price and only go for those crimpers that won’t be too harsh on your hair. A lot of crimpers do not come with a warranty, which is a bit of a bane. But you can always look amongst the ones that do if the warranty is a top consideration for you.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Hair Crimpers in India

Q1. How long do hair crimpers normally last for? 

Ans. That really depends on the kind and the quality of the crimper you use. Typically hair crimpers can last for two years or maybe even more if you maintain them well, that is by not using them on damp hair, by not keeping them switched on for even a minute longer than required, etc.

Q2. How to tell if your crimper isn’t working properly?

Ans. If your crimper isn’t working well, it usually becomes quite obvious. It takes much longer for your hair to crimp than it did before, the heating plates don’t stay warm enough, the LED light may stop working, the temperature might fluctuate, etc.

Q3. How long does a crimp done at home last for?

Ans. Crimping at home may not last you as long as you might want. It should ideally last until your next wash, but if your hair gets too sweaty, or with exposure to a lot of smoke and pollution, you crimp may wear out a lot sooner. 
Additionally, if your hair is naturally well maintained and hydrated then your crimp will last much longer than someone’s who has damaged hair. 

Q4. Can you run a crimper on wet hair?

Ans. It is strictly advised not to run your crimper on wet hair, as wet hair is much more vulnerable and susceptible to damage. Moreover, most crimpers don’t even work on wet hair and come with specific instructions telling you to keep them off of wet hair.
Even if your crimper says that it can be safely used on wet hair, it is advised that you avoid doing so for the sake of good hair care. 

Q5. Is it necessary to shampoo your hair before crimping?

Ans. No, it’s not a hard and fast rule, but it is best to crimp clean hair for your crimp to last longer although you can also crimp hair that hasn’t been washed in a couple of days too.
But for optimal results, you should shampoo and condition your hair with products that accentuate volume, allow your hair to dry, crimp it and then finally add a finishing touch with a hair spray to ensure that your crimp stays in place.

Conclusion – Best Hair Crimpers in India

So there you have it, weve now covered all the basics of buying a hair crimper. Its a pretty simple device that brings to you the most stylish looks, making it a must-have.

If you are looking for the best Hair crimpers, then from our side, wed recommend that you to go with the TechHark Professional Feel Neo Tress Pro Hair Crimper. This is a super affordable appliance that is suitable for all kinds of hair.

It has achieved amazing ratings & reviews from its users on Amazon. To know more about this hair crimper, click here.

Dont forget to drop in a comment if you have any queries or feedback!

Thank you!

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