11 Best Coffee Grinders in India (October 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Are you trying to find the best coffee grinder that suits all your needs?

Cheers! You are in the right place. Here, you will find everything you need to know before making your purchase.


What better way to start your day than a magnificent cup of coffee that is full of flavour and the characteristic bitter-sweet taste that refreshes you and gets you going for the long, hard day ahead.

One way is to get this powdered coffee from the market but wouldnt it be spectacular to be able to roast the beans yourself to your liking and then brewing it to get the perfect cup.

Thanks to the technology that always comes to our aid- we now have a way to do that in a time-conserving way!

Coffee grinders are electrical appliances that are gradually gaining a lot of popularity in the coffee patrons of India because it allows them the liberty to use their hand-picked, selected from the best lot coffee beans to freshly roast them every morning and prepare the desired cup of coffee.

Now, you can prepare the coffee you love and cannot properly function without at home without having to wrack your brain because not only are these devices swift but also very simple to handle. All in all, it is a godsend gift for all coffee lovers.

But it can be very difficult to select a device from the heavy lot in the Indian markets. Below are listed 11 best coffee grinders with a detailed review.

Don’t forget to check the Buying Guide that will educate you about the factors that must be considered while buying the best coffee grinder in India.

These are the Top 11 Best Coffee Grinders in India

Best Coffee Grinders in India in 2021

1. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza is known for producing premium quality coffee grinders. Their products are also used commercially because of their efficiency and fast action. They design simpler grinders for household purposes.


The whole design of manufacturing has been done by the best-skilled workers in international arenas. The appliance is sleek and elegant that fits perfectly well in any kitchen because of its simple design.

The frequency of working for the device is 550 RPM which means the device is very swift and gets the work done in no time so that you do not have to waste a minute in getting your morning coffee.

The device requires 70 watts of power supply over the voltage rating of 220- 240 volts; therefore, the motor is powerful. In fact, the motor is also vibration-less and noiseless despite being powerful and fast action.

The grounding of coffee beans can be done in three sizes, based on your liking, it can be coarse, medium-grained, or finely powdered. The range of the grains of the grounded coffee varies from 250 to 1200 micrometers.

Out of this, you can decide which size suits you the best. The jar has a diameter of 40 mm and can store enough coffee beans that can last for the whole week if you consume two cups a day.

The size is thus perfect for a family and even suitable if you live alone. There is a rubber layer on the foot of the device so that it stays still while working so that the work is done without any hassle.

The cleaning of this device is also very easy because of the detachable burr, you just have to remove it and rinse. The body requires timely swiping and that is it.

Also, there is almost negligible ground coffee left in the device for maximum utility. The simplistic knob design that regulates the working of the device enables everyone to use it with extreme ease.

The accessories provided with the device include a porta-holder that is a much better alternative to grounds bin and also further eases the cleaning procedure and a hopper extender that can increase the capacity of the jar by 0.27 litres.

  • The appliance is portable owing to its small and light construct
  • A single knob for simple use
  • Coarse or fine grinding both can be done- as adjusted
  • Fast and noiseless working
  • Efficient and much-required attachments provided
  • It is more expensive in comparison to others


2. InstaCuppa Manual Coffee Grinder

InstaCuppa is an Indian Company that uses environmentally friendly materials to manufacture utility products like travel mugs, thermos, bottles, and the likes. They are very popular in the Indian markets because of the quality and cost-effectiveness of their products.


This device is bottle-shaped and is as much light as a 750 ml filled water bottle, thus is portable and can also be carried with you when traveling, for fresh and hygienic coffee which proves to be extremely convenient.

To help you get your coffee ground to perfection for your choice of drink, may it be an espresso, French press, and anything in between- the device is designed to work on 18 click settings, which you can select any of these for grinding.

The greatest catch in the device is that you do not require electricity or batteries and can use it wherever and whenever you need it. You can take it to your office, picnics, camping trips, and travels too.

Do not miss your favourite coffee for anything. You can very easily detach the parts of the device in order to thoroughly clean them so that the standards of working and the sanitary conditions of the device are maintained.

The handle of the device is smooth and efficient, you do not have to put in unnecessary effort in grinding because of this feature.

The lower part of the grinder has a transparent strip that allows you to manually monitor the amount of coffee you have already grounded.

It is made more travel friendly by keeping its construct light and compact. It also owes its portability to the fact that it can operate without any source of power.

It is also very swift- and it takes no more than three minutes to grind the beans when the jar is filled to its full capacity.

The body is made of ceramic and ABS plastic, the handle made of stainless steel which all contribute to the durability of the appliance. Thus worth every penny spent on it, the long-lasting supreme quality of working is maintained until you get all your money’s worth from the device.

  • Robust construct for the long life of the product
  • Can be easily carried because of convenient size
  • Minimal effort because of the efficient handle
  • Easy to clean and disassemble
  • The capacity of the grinder is relatively less


3. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters Baratza Sette 30 Conical Burr Grinder

Blue Tokai is not only a manufacturer of admirable coffee grinders but also are a chain of cafés across India. They also supply coffee beans- roasted, grounded, and both. These are flavourful blends prepared so that you could enjoy great coffee at home.


This appliance is pointed out by the manufacturer to be ‘perfect for entry-level cooking’ which means it can cover everything you will ever require from your coffee grinder.

The appliance has a zero- retention system that indicated that no part of your coffee beans ever goes to waste, you can get all your coffee beans in the ground form after you are done unlike other appliance of the same kind that constantly put some portion of it to waste.

The device holder is adjustable such that you can easily fix any container at your disposal a portafilter, jar, scooping spoon, bowl, or a beaker to collect the ground coffee.

The burr grinder is advanced and maximised the utility of the device making it every coffee lover’s dream- it can work on 30 different settings which means that in the end you are left with the coffee ground to exactly the size you desire as if personalised for you.

The knob on the base of the scale is what you use to regulate the device to the desired setting. If you want to get acquainted with what is the specialty of each setting, you can refer to the user manual where everything is explained in perfect detail.

The device is supplied with a grind bin, so you do not have to worry about the container you are going to store the ground coffee in case you have any extra left.

There is a timer with a digital screen that makes it convenient for you if you are also doing some other work in the meantime.

It makes things much easier for you because the device in one way is independent. The maximum number of beans that the jar can hold is 400 grams so if you grind a jar full of coffee beans you are done for three weeks at the least

  • 30 settings, for any kind of coffee you want
  • The device has a capacity of 400 grams of beans that is more than enough
  • Zero- retention system so nothing goes to waste
  • A grind bin is provided by the manufacturer as an attachment
  • The device is relatively more expensive


4. LWVAX Coffee Hand Grinder

LWVAX is a home appliance manufacturing company that also deals in baby products like plastic seats, plates, tiffin boxes, etc. They mostly provide devices that are used in the kitchen to prepare gourmet dishes and assist in complex procedures.


LWVAX grinder is a manually operated device that is about 13 cm long and is cylindrical in shape such that it takes as much space as the water bottles, we keep in our fridge. It is a very simple, efficient, and perfect topping for the cake-commendably portable.

The very efficient and smooth-running burr is conical in shape and is made of ceramic for best results that is uniformly ground coffee that makes your morning even more energised and gets you ready to toil the rest of the day.

To change the setting in order to obtain a particular coarseness or fineness in your coffee powder, you simply need to turn the grind adjustment knob, the device grinds to the selected size of the coffee grains. This actually pertains to the versatility of this device.

It can be disassembled quite easily which is why it is convenient to empty the device of the ground coffee without leaving behind any residue of it and then later thoroughly wash and rinse it to get it ready for the next use.

It is as big as a travel size thermos flask and weighs less than it. The beauty of this device is that it can be taken away with you when you are out of the comfort of your house so you can still have your favourite coffee at work or on a trip.

While on the whole the body of the appliance is made of stainless steel, there is a transparent streak at the bottom where ground coffee gets collected so you can see and monitor how much of it you want and when to stop grinding.

The handle is ergonomically designed so that you get the work efficiently done without having to actually put so much effort into it. It is made of stainless steel as well. The material is what makes the device rust-free and strong thus so long-lasting.

  • The device is of very convenient with respect to size and weight
  • Simple adjustment knob rotation to change grinding setting
  • The body of this device is made of strong and durable stainless steel
  • This grinder is extremely easy to use and maintain
  • Suitable for use by one person


5. Hario Coffee Mill Dome

Hario was established in Japan about a century ago. The company manufactures glassware for storing, serving, and cooking. This indicates that all products are made with precision to withstand high temperatures to give the best results.


As the name of the device suggests, the mantle that houses the burr used to grind the coffee beans is shaped like a dome. This mantle has an opening like a small shutter on the side from where you put the coffee beans in the device for further process.

To get the ground coffee you just need to remove the cap that fits on top of the device and scoop it off from the lower half that more or less looks like glass.

The device is designed to be compact and extremely compact such that it fits inside a small bag and can be with you wherever you go.

Even though the efficiency of the device is unmatched, and its small size only makes it more convenient than anything else.

The construct of the device is very attractive and robust. The lower half of this dynamic device is carved from wood giving it a very traditional look.

The specialty of this device is that it does not heat up therefore does not mess up with the flavour of your coffee.

The ground powder obtained is even, all the grains are uniform, rich in flavour exactly like you want. One brew and it gets you going for your gruesome day ahead.

It is also airtight so if you want to have and ground coffee left you can store it in the grinder itself without having to worry about the coffee going stale. Because it does not come in contact with the air outside it stays fresh and tastes as if just ground.

The handle that connects to the long bar which is to be rotated to grind the beans is shaped like a knob and is also made of wood. It has this ergonomic construct so that you can easily hold on to the handle and grind the beans with maximum efficiency and minimal efforts.

  • The handle of this device is very comfortable and gives good grip
  • Sturdy and robust design, body made of wood
  • Compact and light-weighted appliance thus excellent portability
  • Manual, so it does not require an external power source
  • Not a preferred choice for big families


6. Delonghi KG40 Electric Coffee Bean Grinder

Delonghi is an International supplier of electrical appliances such as coffee grinders, espresso machines, fryers, radiators, and air purifiers. The company is headquartered in Italy and was established back in 1902 and has since become a prime brand for kitchen appliances.


This device is a three-blade operated, an electrical coffee grinder that can also be used to grind spices like turmeric, dried black peppers. This versatility is due to the blade mechanism which gets to the toughest beans or spice.

It is very simple to use and is very time conserving, gets your work done fast so that you can also carry along with other chores you need to be on top of. A push-button in the middle allows you to start and stop the device with ease.

The black disc around the push button is actually a regulator that can be rotated both ways– clockwise and anticlockwise to change the settings without any hassle.

The wire can be wound and latched on to the bottom so that it does not get entangled and can be immediately unwound for the next use. It is also safe for the wire along with being a convenience for you.

So that the device stays still while working and does not vibrate during the motor function, a non- skid rubber layer is added to the base that makes the device sturdy and held to the surface it is kept upon such that you can do your work without any trouble.

Given its compactness, the device has an admirable capacity, after one- time grind, if it is filled to full capacity, it can give coffee for almost two weeks.

The storage space of the container is 90 grams that can last more if it is for your personal use only. The durable and cost-effective device owes these features to the tough body.

It also houses three stainless steel blades that are efficient and also very easy to maintain. The sharpness is retained for a long time, so you do not have to worry about it. The device has a 1 year warranty period as well, all the more reason to feel secure about your investment.

  • The device has blades that are fast and give desired results
  • Storage space for the electrical cord is also provided
  • A simple push start button to make it useful for all
  • A small brush given as an add on for better cleaning
  • One- year warranty provided with the product
  • The power consumption is higher than others


7. 3d Creations Hand Grinder Coffee Bean Grinding Burr

This company primarily deals in appliances that help prepare hot beverages like tea and coffee. Their products basically entail percolators, kettles- electrical and stove based, coffee filters. Their products are made with precision and quality materials for perfect results.


It is a very charming, vintage-like coffee grinder that is made up of wood. The jar where you put in the coffee beans is black in color. All in all, the coffee grinder is as attractive as it is efficient which is why it is so popular.

The container at the bottom of the grinder is like a drawer and can be taken out to empty it completely which means not even a grain goes to waste.

It can although, be used as a storage box if you are left with more coffee than you want to consume at the moment. The handle rests on an iron bar which is to be rotated in order to grind the coffee beans.

It is given a unique shape so that your strong hold can be maintained on it for long whilst being comfortable all the same.

It is compact and can be easily stored anywhere, on your desk at the office, in your travel bag when you are out for an adventure, or at home in your kitchen. So that you can have the comfort of your favourite coffee anywhere you are at the time.

Because of its elegant looks and design, you can also give it as a present to your friends and family. It makes a very thoughtful gift- it is very useful and like a cherry on top- attractive as well.

The material used to make the body is beech wood which is one of the best quality woods and is widely used to make furniture like chairs, cabinets, etc, cricket and baseball bats, and many more things. They are strong and durable.

It is a very convenient and hygienic device because your hands do not come in contact with the coffee at all. You just need to pour the beans into the jar using a spoon and then remove it from the container directly to your coffee filter with a spoon again.

  • The device is very stylish, can be given as a gift
  • Convenient drawer shaped grind bin
  • Beech wood used to make the body- sturdy and durable
  • Small device therefore does not take too much space
  • It is not suitable for familial usage


8. SToK Coffee & Spice Grinder

SToK is a company that provides for pre-brewed coffee as cold beverages and coffee grinders country-wide. They are one of the most sought-after brands for this product because of their efficient and affordable products.


This is an electrical blade coffee grinder that is operated electrically. It is an all-rounder as a device- gets done with the task as soon as possible and the end result is exactly as you desired.

This device is extremely efficient and commendably versatile because of the two blades that are used for grinding the coffee beans or different sorts of spices to perfection. You get to decide how coarse or how fine you want the ground result to be.

These blades are made of stainless steel that does not rust even if you thoroughly rinse it repeatedly after each use which is why the quality of grinding that the device does is maintained as it is in the beginning for a long time.

This size actually depends on how long you keep the device running so that it eventually depends on you to get the kind of grains you want. It is demarcated by time. For example- If you want the coffee for French Press, you turn it on for 8 seconds.

Similarly, for espresso, you need 25 seconds. The same working procedure has to be followed for spices as well.

You can actually check if the grind is up to your expectation, if it is not, you can turn the device for few more seconds to get it just right.

The device is not only one the best of its kind in the quality of working but also with respect to its looks. It is black in colour with a glossy finish and suits perfectly to any colour combination of your kitchen.

The capacity of this coffee grinder is 70 grams which indicate that even if you consume an unusually large number of coffees, a one-time grind is sufficient for you and can last as long as a week.

  • This device can be used for coffee beans as well as spices
  • The capacity is admirable for its size that is 70 grams
  • Elegant and attractive design and colour
  • Time limitations for different sizes of ground coffee
  • A brush provided to clean the blade properly
  • The device gets heated soon


9. Fariox Multi-Functional Coffee Grinder

Fariox manufactures small home appliances that help in organization, storage, and cookware essentials. These products make their consumer’s life easier and more fun. These products are a perfect blend of innovation and affordability.


This is an electrical appliance that works smoothly over 220- 240 volts and requires 90 watts of power supply. This device is not just limited to grinding coffee beans but is for multiple uses in the kitchen. It is a must buy if you like cooking and having different cuisines.

It can be used for grinding nuts and dry fruits that are used in desserts like cakes, pancakes, Gujia filling, and more, herbs for a soothing tea or other household purposes, spices that are used for preparing many kinds of Indian delicacies, and other grains for maybe dosa/ idli batter and the likes.

It takes almost no time in getting the work done- even for the finest coffee powder you just have to turn it on for 30 seconds.

You can decide on the size you want with respect to the kind of filter you are using for your choice of drink. Leave it on for as much time to get a perfect size.

It is very easy to handle this device and can be easily used by your house help as well. There is a button at the bottom of the device which has to be pushed to get the appliance running and set free when you have to stop it.

Fill the jar with what you need to grind, cover it with the lid, push the button, check if the size is as per your liking, repeat the process if not- the whole procedure is that easy.

It is also very easy to clean because the top which is your bean jar is detachable, the rest of the body you can clean with a wet cloth or tissue.

  • The device is easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy method of working and can be used by anyone
  • The grinding is fast- maximum of 30 seconds required
  • It does not get overheated; the flavour of the coffee remains intact
  • This device is not very portable


10. Hario Coffee Mill Smart G

Hario is a Japanese brand that was established in 1921. The company manufactures glass crockery and apparatus for the laboratory. These are made with extreme care and caution and can withstand high-temperature conditions thus are durable.


The whole external body of the device is made of quality plastic material that is also free of Bisphenol A commonly known as BPA which implies that it is safe for constant use. You can also see the beans getting ground, so you know when you have enough of it.

The beans are ground by burrs which are made of ceramic, it means that they do not get heated even after constant use for a long time, this helps in retaining the flavour of the coffee after the grinding process.

It can be used for grinding coffee for whichever drink you want to have. If you desire coarse coffee grains for French press or finely ground powder for a cold coffee, whatever you want this multi-utility appliance is at your disposal.

The coffee can take up to beans weighing 24 grams for further grinding process, this much of coffee on an estimate can be sufficient for two people and can also last up to 2 to 3 days, depending upon how much coffee you consume.

The upper body housing the burrs can be detached from the lower half that acts as a grind bin to empty it on the filter.

This feature also adds on to the ease of cleaning, once they are detached, they can be rinsed and thoroughly cleaned separately. It is also very swift- and it takes no more than three minutes to grind the beans when the jar is filled to its full capacity.

  • The device is efficient and does not require too much of manual effort
  • You can use it for grinding coffee of any size for beverage of your liking
  • The flavours of the coffee are perfectly retained
  • The capacity of this device is 24 grams
  • It is fit to be used by an individual or a couple


11. KitchenAid Artisan Blade Coffee Grinder

KitchenAid was established in 1919 and is a manufacturer of kitchen appliances. As the company name suggests, they aid to all cooking procedures. Their products are highly praised and recommended by the consumers because of their durability and efficiency.


This device is in the shape of an air-tight thermos flask and has somewhat similar characteristics because it can store the grind for days without it going stale as no outer air is allowed inside the container.

The motor needs 170 watts of power supply for functioning, over 220- 240 volts. Thus, the motor is extremely powerful and gets the work done in no time. Twin blades made of steel are used to grind the beans to the required size.

They are very efficient and has a long life because it can retain its sharpness for a good number of years and does not get rusted due to frequent contact with water. The simplistic procedure of working actually makes it convenient to be used by any person.

It involves getting the upper half filled with the coffee beans which is followed by closing it with the lid and with one push of the button all of it is ground to perfection.

The motor is powerful pertaining to the fast working of the device but is comparatively noiseless and does not even create unusual vibrations that cause disturbance while working.

It is compatible and hassle-free this way. The grind can easily last you up for at least three days or more if you do not consume too much of it on a day to day basis.

If you fill the container to its potential and grind the beans, it will be sufficient for a minimum of 12 cups of coffee. The warranty period for this device is one year, so, if you find any problem or manufacturing defect with the device, you can get assistance for it.

  • The device is travel friendly because of convenient size and weight
  • Very fast and smooth action does not waste any time
  • One- time use can fix you with 12 cups worth coffee
  • Can be used to store extra coffee if there is extra left
  • The wattage of the device is high


Buying Guide – Best Coffee Grinders in India

Coffee is speedily become a hot beverage of choice in India because it does not require a lot of hassle to prepare and energizes you every time you consume it.

People are always in a rush and in this rush, they want to get everything fast and done with extreme diligence. In these conditions, you just want the best.


If you appreciate good coffee and live a fast-paced, tight- scheduled life, then commercialized powdered coffee from markets will not be good enough for you.

Think of the best- chosen beans, freshly roasted and ground coffee, every day without any elaborate efforts. That flavourful, piping hot cup brewed just for you. Well, it is not a distant dream anymore. You can do that using your own coffee grinder every day.

If you are confused about the basis of comparison between the wide range of this appliance in the Indian markets, you can refer to the list of features you should know all about before making the purchase.


Types of Coffee Grinder

There are two types of coffee grinders available in the markets- electric and manual. Both of these products have their own pros and cons.


You do not have to put any additional efforts in the process- just fill the jar with selected coffee and turn the button or knob, whatever regulates the speed on the device, and you get the finished product in the desired grain size.


Manual grinders are more common because of the convenience of their usage. It takes a minute or so to set it up and not additional sources are further required.

You can choose the size of the coffee grain and take the device to picnics or camping trips as well.


Factors to consider while buying the Best Coffee Grinder in India

1. Capacity of the Jar 

The capacity of the Jar depends on how many people are going to use it and how many cups of coffee they consume on a daily basis. Some models also come with attachments like an extender that temporarily increase the housing capacity of the jar.

It also depends on the purpose you will be using the grinder for- personal use at home or for commercial use like that in the cafes.

The average capacity of coffee grinders used at home varies from 90 to 120 grams, which is more than sufficient for a small family’s weekly usage.

You can compare it with a medium-sized jar filled with coffee powder available from brands like Nescafe and Bru. They contain 190- 250 grams of coffee; you can now work out the size.


2. Ease of Cleaning

To maintain the quality of working, you have to keep the appliance clean after using it. This is also a matter of hygiene. Make sure that after each use, you clean the burr thoroughly and get rid of the residual powder that is left at the bottom.

You can properly clean the device if parts of it can be disassembled and easily put back together after rinsing. If the device comes apart in too many pieces though, it takes too much trouble. It adds complexity to the cleaning process which again is a hassle.


3. Size of the Coffee Grains

There are innumerable sizes for the coffee grains that are used for making different types of drinks like very coarse grains are suited for cold coffees, medium-sized for AeroPress, and fine powdered coffee for a perfect cup of espresso.

Similarly, different sizes are preferred for different beverages. If you are buying the appliance for a family, they have different tastes, and to choose a grinder that is suitable for all of the members, it should be able to grind the beans to some specific sizes for the associated drink.


4. Motor swiftness and Noise

The motor should be swift and fast action so that it eases your task without slowing you down. It actually depends on how powerful the motor is which is related to the power consumption of the device, but it should also not be very high such that it increases your electricity bill.

If the motor is very powerful, it so happens that the device vibrated too much or makes a lot of noise which not only gets irritating after a point of time but also gets in the way of efficient working, if the device does not stay sturdy may be that the grains are not evenly ground.


5. Body Material

Electrical grinders are mostly made of ABS Plastic or stainless steel such that the appliance remains sturdy while working. They are more durable and properly insulated so that you do not get hurt or shocked. They are also lesser convenient for carrying outside to office or travels.

The manual ones are light and easily movable, mostly travel friendly. They are made of ceramic, aluminium, or hard plastic and are commonly shaped like bottles, so they occupy less space in case you are carrying it around.

6. Brand and Model

The brand name has a crucial role to play in the decision-making process because a number of things depend upon it like customer services if you find some difficulty or problem while using the device.

You need to be very particular that the brand you choose is highly recommended and can be relied upon otherwise you get stuck with buying and keeping a device that does not meet your expectations.

The same goes for the model you are choosing, with each model introduced, there are some features that are changed for the better. Ensure that the device you are investing in is the latest one by the chosen company and series.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Coffee Grinders in India

Q1. How do I operate the coffee grinder?

Ans. You just have to fill the jar or the container itself with the coffee beans to whatever level is suitable for you and then properly put the lid on to seal it. Choose the grinding setting to the size of coffee grains you desire depending upon the kind of drink you want.

If it is a manual one you have to start rotating the handle until all of the beans are gone and if it is an electric one you have got to do the same thing with its regulator.

Q2. What is the difference between blade or burr grinder? Which one should I buy?

Ans. A burr consists of two cylindrical or conical palettes with spokes, one out which remains stationary, and the other crushes the coffee beans against it. This allows the resulting grains to be of uniform size and the aroma stays intact because the burr never heats up (made of ceramic or similar material).

A blade, however, breaks the beans due to its sharpness, and eventually, the grains are not really of the exact same size, some of them are coarser than the rest of the lot. A burr grinder is mostly preferred over the blade type.

Q3. How is a coffee grinder better option than buying powdered coffee?

Ans. A coffee grinder allows you to freshly make your own coffee powder of desirable size. The beans last longer than when they are powdered so you can make a fresh batch each time you run out of it.

If you have to buy coffee for an espresso and cold coffee, you will have to buy different packets of those but in case of a grinder, you can buy the beans and grind it at home to your liking.

Q4. How long can home ground coffee be left whilst staying fresh?

Ans. A freshly prepared batch can go as long as three weeks if you keep it away from moisture. But to a regular coffee drinker, you are not left with much until even the end of the week if you ground a jarful of coffee beans.

Q5. At what time interval should I clean the grinder?

Ans. You should constantly clean the grinder, preferably after each use if it is a burr type because the residual coffee at the bottom might stick to the burr and cause a problem the next time you are grinding the coffee beans.

As for the blade one, you can clean it after every second use but in this case, too it is preferable to rinse it after one-time use.

Conclusion – Best Coffee Grinders in India

The best coffee grinder among the 11 listed and reviewed above is Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder.

It is a very efficient, electrical burr grinder that is manufactured relative to international standards. It comes in a very attractive and elegant design. The device is simplicity itself and can be easily operated by anyone.


It has a powerful motor that does not create any kind of irritating, disturbing noises, or vibrations. It is made of quality material that is both durable and stylish. If you want to know about the item in detail, Click Here. Cheers!

Hope this helped you in choosing the best coffee grinder in India!

Also, don’t forget to let us know in the comments “Which coffee grinder you are planning to buy”.

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