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7 Best Chainsaw Machines in India (October 2020) – Buying Guide & Reviews


When it comes to woodworking, a chainsaw is like your best friends. But they needn’t be constricted only to tree chopping activities. Chainsaw of low to moderate power can even help you maintain the shrubberies in your garden.

What’s better is that even artists are increasingly coming around to the use of chainsaw for crafting ice sculptures! 


The applications of chain saw machines, therefore, are far from limited, making it a handy tool.

Considering that chainsaw can saw through thick logs in just a few minutes, their strength is no matter of questioning.

What is interesting though is what powers this strength. Gas fuel and electricity-powered chainsaw machines are the most predominant models. However, nowadays battery-operated models are also becoming increasingly popular.

The basic functioning of a chainsaw isn’t too complicated to grasp. At the crux of it lies a sharp blade embedded chain that is wrapped around a metal plate.

The chain is attached to a sprocket, which is essentially a spinning disk that allows the chain to rotate around the circumference of the metal plate, much like the rotation of a cycle chain while pedalling.

The mechanism that links and disengages the chain from the running engine is the clutch, which also acts as a safety device. We’ll discuss these parts and other mechanisms, features in more detail in the Buying Guide.

For now, allow us to take you through our line-up of the best chainsaw machines in India.

These are the Top 7 Best Chain Saw in India

Best Chainsaw Machines in India in 2020

1. iBELL EC16-18 Electric Chain Saw

iBell is a gem all the way from South India. The brand started as a manufacturer of tools, is now a transcontinental seller of power tools, security systems, and even other appliances for your home!


This brand is as diversified as one can get, and what’s better is that with products manufactured in India, you even do your bit for the economy! This is one of the safest devices in the list of best chain saw in India.

Primary Features

  • The engine consumes 1.8 kilowatts of power to run a robust motor
  • Comes with inbuilt chain brake mechanism for additional safety
  • Automatic oiling mechanism maintains friction free functioning
  • Superior technology to make tensioning hassle-free

But the best part is that its safety devices don’t come at a cost to its power, quickening the speed with which you work. This appliance comes with a robust motor that can channel up to 1200 revolutions per minute.

The higher the RPM, the faster does your chainsaw work, ensuring you cut through your wood in no time. Powering this motor, however, is another mechanism, that is the engine.

The engine runs this electrical chain saw, while consuming 1.8 kilowatts of power. Apart from running the motor, the engine supports a wide range of mechanisms that make this appliance safe and effective.

The first of these features is a chain brake. A chain brake, as the name suggests, stops your blade embedded chain to stop rotating around the metal bar.

This feature can be compared to a car brake, which stops the car from moving even when the engine is on. This is precisely what the chain brake does, put a halt to chain rotation, while the engine is still on full throttle.

This brake can simply be applied by the push of a button that is placed right next to the handle for easy accessibility. Next comes the tool-less chain tensioning system.

This machine has incorporated technology to keep your chain in place or even fix it should come loose, in a hassle free-way.

The tensioning system ensures that the chain remains wired around the metal plate, ensuring just enough tension between the two surfaces so that the chain doesn’t come loose. The chain is wrapped so tight around the metal, that any more pull will lead it to come loose.

This level of tension is required for safe functioning, and this tool-less system sustains just the right amount for safe use. Additionally, when the tension is broken, the chainsaw doesn’t need you to rush with your tool kit, you can simply fix it with your hand!

Tension, on its own, doesn’t do the trick. Sufficient lubrication between the chain and the plate is required for smooth, friction-free rotation of the chain. Too much friction can cause excessive heating, and deteriorate your parts in the long-run.

While you do need to manually oil, the automatic oiling system maintains sufficient lubrication, for friction-free prolonged usage. Finally, this device adorns an 18 cog gear, which is optimal for linking the engine and the chain. Also, to be able to disengage the chain, in case of engine malfunction.

  • Tensioning mechanism eliminates need for fiddling around with tools
  • Brake chain optimises safety
  • Light-weight device; suitable for prolonged use
  • Guide plate, i.e., the metal plate comes with a cover for safe storage
  • Not too energy efficient


2. Stihl Cast Iron Chain Saw MS-180

Stihl is a mega-brand among people who prefer “Do It Yourself” for everything. It is a premier manufacturer of the chainsaw and all tools outdoorsy, be it hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, or even comprehensive cleaners.


The Stihl Cast Iron Chain Saw MS-180 is one of the most proficient gas chainsaw machines in the Indian market. It makes use of fuel to power a strong device that is powerful enough to chop down even the tallest of trees. This gas chainsaw adorns a fuel tank with a capacity of 0.25 ltr. 

Primary Features

  • A Powerful 31.8 cc motor
  • Comes with built in anti-vibration technology
  • Inbuilt Ematic lubrication system
  • Guide plate is 16 inches long

Additionally, this device also comes with plenty of features to enhance ease of use and user safety. Take a look! It employs a tough engine that consumes 1500 watts of power, to run a 31.8 cc motor, that provides more than enough speed to suit all your wood-working needs.

Fuel needs to be manually fed in which is then carried to carbonator, where it is mixed with oxygen from fresh air. In order to combust effectively and produce enough energy to drive the engine and motor, just the right mix of these two components is needed.

To make sure of that, this device employs additional mechanisms, chiefly by the mains of a Compensator. The compensator regulates the amount of air that is supplied to the carbonator, for the wrong mix of the two elements may lead to combustion failure.

Additionally, over time, air ducts tend to get clogged, the compensator effectively combats that as well. One problem that users of gas chainsaw often report is the intense vibration of the appliance while in use.

Therefore holding it for prolonged periods can get quite exhausting, and acute exhaustion can lead to losing control of the chainsaw, which is extremely unsafe.

It is imperative that your gas chainsaw come with inbuilt technology to cancel these vibrations, which thankfully for us, this Stihl appliance does!

This device comes with incorporated anti-vibration technology, which cuts off the effect of vibration at its source, that is, the engine.

Once the vibrations are softened at the engine, by the time they travel to the handle, which is your point of contact, they aren’t too intense.

To add to your safety, the chain brake system once again comes forth. The push-button for the chain brake is stationed right in front of the handle, so that in cases of emergency, it’ll take you the blink of an eye to protect yourself and push the button.

Instead of a basic start-switch, this appliance comes with an all-in one lever. Pushing the lever to varying degrees will allow you to turn the device on and off, engage the clutch gear or even pull on choke, in case you’re running low on fuel.

The guide plate is 16 inches long, and so is the chain wrapped around it. This is just the optimal dimension to take on small scale projects.

To reduce friction between the chain and guide plate while rotating, this machine comes with a specialized auto oiling system, referred to as the Ematic system.

Instead of maintaining lubrication in the general area, this system localizes lubrication to minuscule levels, which is exactly at the point, where the chain touches the guide plate.

This system is extremely effective and to the extent that it reduces friction to such little amounts that your appliance’s fuel consumption is dropped to half of the other models without this system.

  • Inbuilt anti-vibration system reduces fatigue
  • Emetic lubrication system cuts fuel consumption down by half
  • Optimum combustion conditions are maintained by compensator
  • Engine is energy efficient, consuming only 1.5 kilowatts
  • Pretty pricey
  • 31.8 cc isn’t enough power for industrial work


3. Aimex Powerful Petrol 58CC 2-Stoke Air-Cooled Chain Saw

Aimex is a leading name in the power tool industry with a wide range of chainsaw machines, pressure washers, etc., all at increasingly affordable prices. This is a brand that never fails to deliver, for all its devices are extremely powerful, no matter how reasonable the cost.


It is one of the most powerful devices we’ve seen so far, which is pretty well suited to industrial work as well, especially given the 58 cc motor. They run on a 2600 watt engine, that in turns powers this heavy-duty, 58 cc motor, that needless to say, gets the job done in less than no time.

Primary Features

  • Gas chainsaw makes use of one part petroleum
  • Engine consumes 2600 watts of power to run a 58 cc
  • Tank capacity- 0.55 liters; Guide plate length – 18 inches; Weight – 5.9 kgs

The motor produces a speed of 3000 revolutions per minute, which is amongst the fastest recorded in the market. Additionally, this appliance has the longest guide bar we’ve seen so far, a mighty plate of 18 inches, which makes this device not just quick but effective over a large area span.

Moreover, the chain is also 115 cm long, giving it more than enough length to successfully rotate around the guide plate, sawing through wood.

This machine also comes with an automatic oiling mechanism, which as we know by now, is extremely important for lubricating your chain and guide plate.

This lubrication inturn gets rid of friction which is extremely detrimental for your appliance as it can lead to excessive wear and tear in long run, significantly reducing your appliance’s lifespan.

Apart from this, the petroleum fuel tank has a capacity of 0.55 ltrs, this is more than enough to ensure that you can use the appliance for long spans of time without the hassle of re-filling. The carbonator ensures a steady inlet of air for effective combustion.

Furthermore, this device calls for a mixture of petroleum and gasoline as fuel instead of just feeding in petrol. While the quantity of gasoline is quite negligible, that is, 0.04 ltr for every one litre of petrol, it is best to follow through with this requirement.

  • Longest guide plate we’ve seen thus far, with length 18 inches
  • Large fuel tank, avoids need to refill every half hour
  • Automatic oiling system limits friction to the very least
  • No inbuilt chain brake


4. RajWeld Electric Chainsaw

Another homegrown brand, that brings together excellence and affordability, Rajweld is truly one of a kind. This brand has an incredible line-up of top of the shelf welding machines and a bunch of other power tools, including this incredible chainsaw.


It comes with Chain is one of a kind product. It is the perfect way to treat the Do It Yourself person in you, while also helping Indian brands and the economy. Need we say anymore? Rajweld really is the way to go!

Primary Features

  • Double lock system, and technology
  • Guide plate and chain are 16 inches long
  • This is a light chainsaw, weighing a meager 6 kilograms

Unfortunately, Rajweld isn’t the kind of brand that likes to brag, so it provides you with a modest listing of its features. But we assure you, don’t let that make you undermine its brand, for the performance of this chainsaw is way superior to most other appliances on the block.

Once again we start at the source of power, that is the engine powering this device. As stated in the product name, this device makes use of a highly energy-efficient engine, consuming only 1.4 Kw of power and requiring an electrical voltage of 230 volts.

We advise you to not run this device if your environment is faced with fluctuations, for that could lead to malfunctions and shot circuits, especially since this is a device with such great power.

This powerful engine, inturn runs an equally powerful motor. This electrical motor runs at the mammoth speed of 4000 revolutions per minute, which is truly unparalleled, especially among the appliances mentioned on this list.

This great an RPM count translates into an extremely quick wood sawing operation, minimizing any chance of fatigue or injury.

The guide plate is 16 inches wide, and to ensure that the chain remains stuck on the plate this appliance comes with a double lock system. The double lock system is a great safety measure.

To understand this, think of a child lock in car doors. When the child lock has been engaged, the door won’t open from inside even if the whole car is locked and the handle is pulled.

The double lock system is kind of like that. When the lock has been engaged, no matter how many times the trigger is pushed to start the chainsaw, the chain won’t start to rotate unless the lock has been released.

This is a great safety feature, as it ensures that you don’t accidentally press the trigger and loses control of the saw, thereby seriously harming yourself.

Any seasoned chainsaw user would know that the tip of the guide plate is off-limits while sawing, as it gives an enormous kickback, enough to truly hurt you. This device comes with additional security to minimise the strength of that kick-back.

  • Extremely fast device, motor produces 4000 revolutions per minute
  • Double lock system enhances safety
  • Added security features to soften blow of kickback
  • Engine consumes only 1.4 kilowatts of power
  • No mention of automatic oiling, chain brake, etc


5. Turner Tools TT 2258 22 Petrol Chain Saw

If you’ve worked in construction, you’ve got to be privy with Turner Tools. This brand has an endless range of products and a line-up of just about everything a construction worker might need. What initially started out as a humble manufacturer of hot air pistols.

Turner-Tools-TT-2258-22-Petrol-Chain Saw

Turner Tools is now a name synonymous with power tools. It is a blessing for all woodworkers. This device is so powerful that it can easily work for industrial purposes as well, so needless to say, when it comes to small projects, this appliance won’t disappoint.

Primary Features

  • Adorns a tough engine with 1.7 kilowatts of power consumption
  • Motor is grade A, industrial level, with 58 cc and frequency between 50 and 60 hertz
  • Long guide plate, measuring 22 inches ; chain gauge measures at 1.5 millimeters
  • Automatic oiling maintains lubrication, reducing fuel consumption
  • Weight- 4.4 kilograms

This product boasts a powerful engine that runs only on 1.7 Kw of power. The motor is quick and efficient, with 58 cc. Anywhere above 60 CC is a motor that’s employed in industrial level chainsaw, so the power of this product is clearly not something you need to doubt.

Additionally, the motor provides a frequency of 50-60 hertz, which essentially means that the pistons used to generate rotational force and run the chainsaw, oscillate with a frequency within that range.

Despite being a gas chainsaw, which is as it is infamous for their intense vibrations, this device comes with inbuilt technology to lessen vibrations to the minimal, unavoidable amount.

This ensures that you can use your appliance for prolonged time spans without getting too tired, or losing control.

The guide plate stands at an unbeatable length of 22 inches, and the chain sports a gauge measurement of 1.5 mm. This essentially means that the bits of the chain that are attached to the guide plate is 1.5 mm thick.

Although this measurement is not too important when purchasing the chainsaw as a whole, later when you need to replace the chain, exact knowledge of chain gauge is essential for buying the right fit.

There is an automatic oiling system to minimize friction and prolong the average life of your appliance. Additionally, this device is as light as a feather when compared to most of the other chainsaw, measuring at only 4.4 kilograms.

  • Automatic Oiling System
  • Guide plate is very long, measuring at 22 inches
  • 4.4 kilogram weight allows usage for long periods
  • Low intensity of vibrations ensure ease of use
  • Multiple color options
  • Few safety features
  • Slightly expensive


6. Neptune Simplify Farming Magnesium Body Petrol Chainsaw

Neptune, although only a 7 year old brand, has a multi-million dollar turnover in the electrical appliance industry. This brand is trusted by millions and comes all the way from Canada with the best technology in the business.


This has a 22 inch Cutter Bar, 2 Stroke Engine comes with a top of the line Magnesium guide plate and chain, which easily saw through thick and thin logs alike. Staple mechanisms include the 2500 watt engine, powering a 58 cc motor.

Primary Features

  • A double cylinder enhances the frequency of revolutions
  • Magnesium chain and guide plate are 22 inches long
  • Weight – 7.2 kilograms ; Fuel Tank capacity- 0.55 liters

The motor generates a speed of 3000 revolutions per minute. When the throttle isn’t engaged, that is, when the chain is not rotating and the engine is just running, then it works at a speed of 12000 revolutions per minute.

In order to create this incredible speed, this machine makes use of a double-cylinder.

We already know that chainsaw makes use of the back and forth oscillation of pistons to create a rotary movement, this cylinder has two channels, one on either side of the piston to create force in both directions.

This is what fuels the bi-directional oscillation of the piston in this nuanced appliance. The makers if this chainsaw like all things double, which is also why this chainsaw uses a double spring mechanism.

The double spring sits at the bed of the throttle brake, so that one press of the brake pedal will stop the chain from rotating.

The guide bar and chain are 22 inches long, thus covering a wide surface and cutting through wood much faster. The plastic handle has been specialized so as to minimize the variations that transmit to your hand.

This appliance also comes with inbuilt technology to soften the blow and frequency of kickbacks while operating the chainsaw. Another staple feature is automatic oiling, which as we know by now, is extremely essential for your appliance to live a long life.

  • Low chance and blow of kickback
  • Double spring break facilitates easy brakes
  • Double cylinder enhances frequency of piston oscillation
  • Engine consumes 2500 watts of power; not too energy efficient
  • Pricey appliance


7. SHoRI Golf Ultra Professional Chainsaw

The SHoRI GOLF ULTRA Professional Chainsaw hosts a wide range of mechanisms to make this one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced devices on the block. 


Standard mechanisms include a 58 cc motor that generates a speed of 1200 revolutions per minute when the throttle has been engaged, and a speed of 1400 revolutions per minute when the engine is running idle, that is without making the chain rotate.

Primary Features

  • This appliance comes with a 58 cc motor
  • Chain is 18 inches long and carved out of Japanese alloy
  • Guide plate is 18 inches long and carved out of magnesium
  • Automatic carburetor doesn’t require manual choking
  • Weight- 8 kilograms

Once again, the guide plate is carved out of grade-A magnesium and the chain carved out of an alloy crafted all the way in Japan. Both the guide plate and chain are 18 inches long, providing a wide cutting width.

The fuel tank holds a massive capacity of 550 ml with an additional oil tank capacitating 260 ml, so as to add an adequate mix of gasoline and petroleum for effective combustion.

While these cover the basics, there are several more sophisticated mechanisms that the makers of this chainsaw have adopted. First comes the nuanced air filter ducts that allow the inlet of air into the carburetor.

Speaking of the carburetor, it is fully automated, meaning that you no longer have to pull the choke manually. The carburetor is fully capable of regulating the quantity of air sucked into its body for effective combustion.

Additionally, the crankshaft, which is the mechanism that converts the back and forth movement of the pistons into the rotary motion that drives the chainsaw, is ‘quenched’. This means that the temperature of the gases inside can be easily regulated.

The case that envelopes the crankshaft is also carved out of an aluminum alloy, which is an incredible conductor of heat and is also economical and lightweight. This appliance also comes with several accessories, including a chain guard.

  • Automatic carburetor eliminates need for manual choking
  • Both oil and fuel tank have good capacity
  • Multiple accessories
  • Warranty period is just one month


Buying Guide – Best Chain Saw in India

As we’ve already explained, the functioning of a chainsaw although mechanical is not too complicated. This appliance simply makes use of a power source and converts that energy into a tangible rotary movement so as to saw through wood.


The power of a chainsaw should never be understated. While this appliance comes with great utility, in an unseasoned hand or unmaintained form, it can even be lethal. Therefore, when it comes to Chain Saw, it is best to take certain precautionary measures.

These include dressing with additional padding, for starters. Most crew workers have designated uniforms for reasons other than identification and uniformity. Utility work-suits are designed with an extra layer and full frontal coverage so as to prevent burns and injuries.

Never operate a chainsaw without wearing a thick pair of gloves, sturdy boots, preferable with metal toe tips, and also chest, knee, and leg padding. A helmet, face shield, and protective eye-wear are also non-negotiable.

Even if you take these precautions, injuries as a result of kickback or ill-maintenance can only be avoided if you respect your power tool and take care of it. 

Using chains with the right chain gauge, frequent lubrication, and maintaining tension are extremely important safety measures that you can take on your part. Inbuilt safety features that you should look for when buying a chainsaw will be discussed shortly.

Let us start with the types of chainsaw for starters.


Types of Chainsaw Machines

Gas Powered Chain Saw

They are the predominant and most powerful type of chainsaw. It usually takes in a mix of fuel and oil, generally petroleum and gasoline to combust and generate power.

The fuel is carried to the carburetor where the air is sucked in with a pipe. A spark plug is then used to make a flame and generate power.

Electric Chainsaw

It just replaces the fuel with electricity. They plug into a socket and therefore require a long electric cord. These are also just a tad bit inconvenient because not all gardens and yards have plug-in sockets.

Electric chainsaw machines are lighter and cheaper. However, they’re not as powerful and can only be used for moderately sized branches at most and not to saw through whole trees.

Battery Powered Chainsaw

They are similar to an electric chainsaw, except that they don’t need to be plugged in, they just run on battery. Their run time is usually between half an hour to one hour. Their power however is more than enough.

Electric Looper Saw

These look a lot like enlarged, bladed spring clamps. They run on electricity and have an adjustable jaw like blades that can be used to cut through branches in awkward positions. These are also safer than saw.

Now, let us look at some essential factors that you must keep in mind before buying the best chainsaw in India.

Factors to consider while buying the Best Chainsaw in India

1. Motor Efficiency

Motor power is usually measured in cc and the revolutions per minute it can generate. Speaking of a chainsaw, their motors can run from anywhere between less than 30 cc and more than 70 cc.

Saw that is primarily used for industrial work, and large-scale tree-chopping purposes usually run motors with 60 cc or more. Most of the models we’ve looked at don motors with 58 cc or less.

These are perfect for small scale and DIY projects. They can also effectively cut through trees, even if they take longer.


2. Guide Plate Length

The guide plate is the metal bar around which the bladed chain is wrapped. The longer the guide plate, the greater the diameter with which the saw can slice through the wood. Usually guide plates range between 12 and 22 inches, all-sufficient for small-scale projects.

The size you should go with depends on the kind of projects you usually work for. Obviously, if your task is to fell whole trees, the bigger the plate the better. For small projects around your garden or even for woodworking projects at home, smaller guide plates can suffice too.


3. Speed with Which Rotates

This feature is stated in meters/ second, i.e., m/s.  This feature isn’t always explicitly stated, but the greater the speed, obviously the faster you’re able to saw through the surface.

Gas chain saw, being the most effective, offer the greatest speed, which is usually over 15 m/s. the speed provided by electric saw averages under 10 m/s.


4. Check The Weight

Chain Saw has too much power, and with the kickbacks it gives, they come with the risk of going out of control. Besides with vibrations, it can be really tiring to operate them for prolonged durations. 

So, you obviously don’t need the heavy-weight of the appliance further adding to your inconvenience. Chain Saw can weight as less as 4 kgs and even double up to 8 kgs. Put the weight as a chief consideration when narrowing down on your choices.


5. Safety Features

We can’t emphasize this enough, chain saw need to be used with the utmost care and no amount of precautionary measures can be over excessive.

While we’ve listed the precautions you can take, there are several safety features you should look for when buying a chainsaw. These are as follows:

Chain Brake

This feature has been discussed at length while listing the best chain saw in the business. The brake is what keeps the chain from running when there is kickback or if the chain comes loose. Even when the engine is running, the chain brake stops the chain rotation.

Tool Less Chain Tensioning

Tension as we’ve explained before implies that the chain is wrapped tightly around the guide plate, any more pull and the chain will come loose. The right amount of tension ensures smooth and pull and push of the chain while rotating.

Usually when the tension is disrupted and the chain comes loose, a bunch of nuts and screwdrivers are required to fasten it again. Tool less tensioning allows you to simply use your hand and cut back on the hassle.

Automatic Oiling System

This mechanism ensures that your chain and guide plate are sufficiently lubricated. Insufficient lubrication implies friction and subsequent deterioration of parts. This system ensures that your appliance runs smoother for longer.

Vibration Softening Technology

This is particularly for gas chainsaw that have an intense vibration problem. As you know, these vibrations will greatly add to your fatigue while operating the device and only amplify loss of control in case of kickback or malfunction.

Several chainsaw come with specialized handles and spring mechanisms to soften the vibrations and sometimes even the blow of kickback.

Lock Technology

This as we’ve explained before is like a child lock on car doors. When you’ve engaged the lock, it ensures that your chain doesn’t start moving even if you press on the throttle trigger. This helps prevent accidents in case your thumb slipped and landed on the trigger.

Chain Catcher

Usually chains don’t come loose entirely, and are still attached to the plate. But sometimes the chain may break away from the blade and come flying towards the user, which can be extremely dangerous. A chain catcher is an attachment of the guide plate that catches the loose chain.


6. Price, Brand, & Warranty

Service, service, and service are the three rules we swear by. Always go for a brand that comes with a trusted service and gives you a sufficiently long warranty period.

Sadly, this period doesn’t amount to much with the most chainsaw, as the warranty period offered can be as less as a month. But if you can find a model offering a longer period, do go with that. Finally, we have the price.

Chainsaw tend to cost between Rs 8,000 and Rs 20,000 sometimes even more. Don’t let the price be too much of a consideration, and always fo for the device with a greater number of safety features.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Chainsaw in India

Q1. Can the oil stored in chainsaw tank go bad?

Ans. The oil won’t really go bad, but every time you use a gas chainsaw  it is important that you feed in a fresh batch for effective functioning. If you haven’t exhausted all the oil while using your chainsaw, you should empty the tank before storing your chainsaw. Never leave leftover oil sitting in the tank. 

Q2. Can you use regular motor oil in chainsaw?

Ans. Lubricating your chainsaw is of utmost importance, but doing it right is important as well. People tend to use regular motor oil from time to time to lubricate their appliance,  however it is always advised to use a specialized bar and chain oil. 
Bear in mind though that recycled motor oil should be off limits to your chainsaw. 

Q3. Can the chains be sharpened?

Ans. Yes, chainsaw can in fact be sharpened!  Chainsaw often come with an accessory called the file guide which literally files the blades on the chain. Every time you take your chainsaw out for use, give it a couple of files. You may want to invest some more time in filing if the chain looks blunt and old. 

Q4. Can chains be replaced?

Ans. Yes of course the chains can be replaced. When you feel like the chain on your chainsaw is looking blunt, you can replace it with a new one.  However chain measurements aren’t universal, and you need to keep a few things in mind while looking for a new chain. 
Check for the chain length, chain gauge and chain pitch for the right fit. 

Q5. Can grime and dirt blunt chainsaw?

Ans. Yes, dirt is like slow poison to your chainsaw. First it can blunt the blades on your chain, next it can even settle between the drive links disturbing the tension between the guide plate and chain. Finally, it can even hurt the sprocket and other mechanisms that facilitate rotation of the chain. 

Q6. Can chainsaw saw through damp wood?

Ans. Yes, you sure can! However frequent use on damp/ wet surfaces can lead to wear and tear in the long run. But you should make sure that you store your chainsaw in dry conditions, and give it frequent cleans

Conclusion – Best Chainsaw in India

Well, there you go, we’ve come to the end of this buying guide. We hope that by now you have an idea of how the chain saw works and what safety precautions you can take and look out for when buying this appliance.

Be sure to go through customer reviews of your preferred models and use this guide as a supplement and not an exhaustive source for your research. 


As a final note, always for the safer and not the cheaper choice when looking for a power tool as potentially dangerous as a chainsaw.

At our end, we suggest you go with the iBELL EC16-18 Electric Chain Saw, 1800W, 1200RPM, 16 Inch, Automatic Oiler. It is both safe and economical, making it the best way to go.

So that’s it out of us! Do drop a comment, should you need any assistance.

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