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11 Best Baby Booster Seats in India (February 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews


When it comes to their kids, parents want what is best for them. They want to keep them safe and healthy all the time.

But sometimes, parents need a hand while looking after their kids.


Booster seats are one of the comforts that the parents can give their young kids. A booster seat is a seat that is specialized to seat babies, either during car rides or during playtime.

A booster seat is especially useful when traveling with kids, it makes sure that your baby is seated securely and it also makes sure that you will be able to fasten seat-belts across their body effectively.

When seat-belts are fastened around babies without a booster seat, due to their height, it puts stress on their neck or belly which is dangerous. But by using booster seats, you will be able to fasten the seat belt across their chest like it is supposed to fit.

This article talks about the Top 11 Best Baby Booster Seats in India along with a detailed Buying Guide.

These are the Top 11 Best Baby Booster Seats in India

ProductsItem WeightAge GroupBuy Now
Chicco Mode Booster Seat2 Kg6 months and upamazon-button
LuvLap Booster Car Seat1.8 Kg6 to 12 Yearsamazon-button
Chicco Booster Seat Chairy Ladybug2.5 Kg1 month and upamazon-button
Chicco Booster Seat Chairy Sweetdog
2.5 Kg1 month and upamazon-button
LBLA Portable Folding Baby Booster Seat2.34 Kg1 month and upamazon-button
Toyboy Panda Baby Swing - with Multiple Age Settings1.50 Kg9 months - 4 yearsamazon-button
LBLA Baby Booster Seat for Feeding2.10 Kg3 months and upamazon-button
LuvLap Springdale 2 in 1 Feeding Chair & Booster Seat3.50 Kg6 months and upamazon-button
LBLA 3-in-1 Baby Feeding Portable High Chair4.3 Kg6 months - 5 yearsamazon-button
TruGood 3 in 1 Booster Seat2.42 Kg6 months - 3 yearsamazon-button
Trugoods Baby Booster Seat2.40 Kg6 months - 3 yearsamazon-button

Best Baby Booster Seats in India in 2021

1. Chicco Mode Booster Seat

Chicco is one of the biggest companies responsible for producing some of the best baby products in the country. The Chicco Mode Booster seat has a kid-friendly, fun, and goofy design which can easily become one of the best things for your baby.


It also has a lot of appreciable features which makes it one of the best options for you and your baby. This product is very attractive and can draw you in with its looks, but it is more than just that. It is very practical and can be a lifesaver on many occasions.

Primary Features

  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Easily adjustable for different ages
  • Comfortable and portable
  • Attractive and cheeky design
  • Easy maintenance

This booster seat is the best example of what adaptable is. It has a universal attachment system. This means that it can be attached to most of the chairs as long as it has a flat backrest and seat. This can be of convenience when using this seat outside of your home.

It comes with a pair of adjustable straps in order to ensure the safety and fitting of the seat onto the chair. This chair can be adjusted according to the requirements as per the surroundings. It can be used just as easily when dining out while you still don’t have to worry about carrying this booster seat.

This product is very compatible and light-weight, which as a result will not be much of a hassle to carry it around. It is very comfortable to use this booster seat indoors and outdoors alike, it can be folded up to make it even more compact.

This booster seat can be easily used for babies aged from 6 months to 3 years. Hence, it is adjustable to the growth of your baby from an infant to a toddler. It has 3 adjustable heights and can be used to keep your little one comfortable as they grow up.

The tray of this baby booster seat can also be adjusted into 3 different positions and hence can be adjusted according to the needs of your baby. Maintaining & cleaning a booster seat can be very tricky but this product ensures that you do not put a lot of effort and time into cleaning it.

The booster seat also has a removable tray which is easy to clean and maintain. The booster seat has a detachable pad for the backrest and also for the seat. It eases the effort that you will have to put into cleaning this booster seat.

The detachable seat cover is also very easy to clean. This product offers many safety features to make sure you do not have to worry about your baby. It gives your baby enough room to move around while also being safe.

Therefore it will be a very comfortable product for your baby. The seat is made of a slip-proof fabric to ensure your baby is safe in the seat. There is also a harness system that is provided for the additional safety for your baby.

  • Cute and attractive design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Can be used from infants to toddlers
  • Adaptable system for your growing baby
  • A little expensive but worth the price


2. LuvLap Baby Booster Seat/ Car Seat

If you are looking for a booster seat for your kid which can even be used as a car seat, then this is the perfect product for you. LuvLap offers you a backless booster seat with many admirable features, so that your kid can have a comfortable ride in the back of your car.


The installation of this car seat is very easy and is very user friendly. This can be used for kids from 6 years of age upto 12 years age. It is essential for the kids of this age to be locked safely at the back of the vehicle. The booster seat is lightweight, weighing less than 2 kg. 

Primary Features

  • Lightweight, it weighs less than 2 kg
  • It can be easily maintained
  • Padded to give extra comfort
  • User friendly

It is provided with armrests for the comfort of the kids. These armrests are padded and hence they are extra convenient for the little ones. The entire booster seat has extra padding inside to provide a comfy experience for your children.

This product is made to give your kids a comfortable and safe ride in the back seat. This product has been crash-tested in order to meet the pre-set safety standards.

The booster seat also has a safety harness in order to act as an extra measure. There have been vigorous tests that have been conducted on this product, in order to provide your baby with the best and comfortable seating arrangement.

This product can usually be a little tedious to clean and maintain. But this particular product has a removable and easily cleanable cover, which takes away all your worries about any kind of stains on this baby booster seat.

  • Easy installation
  • Safety checked
  • Easy to maintain
  • An extra plush in order to provide comfort
  • This does not have a backrest, but it is not really necessary for car booster seats


3. Chicco Booster Seat

Chicco offers another option for a booster seat for your children. With an attractive design and fun colour, this can be a perfect option for your little one. This product has a lot of useful and efficient features.


With these attractive features, this can be one of the front runners for the booster seat needed for your baby. This booster seat is clearly very easy to use. It can be used as a plain chair for your baby. 

Primary Features

  • It has removable components
  • Adjustable height for the chair
  • It is collapsible
  • It can be used for infants as small as 6 months

It can also be adjusted to 4 different heights in order to ensure that this chair can adapt as your baby grows older. This can easily act as your baby’s first chair. Kids can often be restless in booster seats and chairs, as they are uncomfortable, but this booster seat can be an exception.

The booster seat has an additional padded layer, to give your baby that bonus comfort. This makes sure that your baby does not feel restless or uncomfortable in the chair. This ensures to eliminate the need for you to buy a new baby seat after every few months.

This is the reason that this chair can be used for infants of 6 months. The chair has such a kid-friendly and fun ladybug design imprinted on it. It is also designed in such a way that the tray and the harnesses are detachable.

This gives an advantage when the product has to be cleaned or maintained. This product can also be folded and hence, It also has the flexibility to be compact when not in use.

It comes it an attractive color combo of red & white which makes it among the top choices of parents in India. To grab this Chicco baby booster seat on an amazing deal, hit the button given below.

  • 4 adjustable heights
  • Very comfortable seating
  • Removable tray and other components
  • It can be collapsed, when not in use
  • It is a little expensive


4. Chicco Booster Seat Chairy Sweetdog

The next product is also from Chicco, this has been quite a big brand in producing reliable and safe baby products for more than half a century. This is a similar product with fun designs imprinted on the booster seat.


This product is designed to keep your baby as comfortable as possible, as they get fussy and uncomfortable in booster seats. This product also has a great design that is imprinted on the seat, which makes the chair more kid-friendly.

Primary Features

  • 4 available heights
  • Extra padding provided
  • Detachable tray and harness
  • Compact when folded

The product is also collapsible, that is it can be folded into a very compact item when not in use. The tray and harnesses which were provided are also separable. This makes the cleaning and maintenance of the product quite simple.

With no doubt, one of the best features which are available in this Baby Booster Seat is the 4 height adjustable option.

With this option, you will not have to worry about buying a new product every few months as your little one grows. As a result, you can start using this chair for infants of 6 months, and can become the first chair for the baby.

In order to make your baby feel more comfortable, the booster seat has an extra layer of padding. This layer ensures that your baby is at ease and will not be fussy in the booster chair.

As little kids are irritable when it comes to using booster chairs, this product ensures that will not happen. The product is very easy to set up and use.

It can act as a booster seat for babies of 6 months and later it can be used as a chair. One more feature which has to be noticed is its portability. This chair is collapsible and hence it can be folded up into a very compact item and can be carried around easily.

  • Portable and collapsible
  • Soft padding
  • Easy to set up
  • Separable harness
  • It can be a little expensive


5. LBLA Portable Folding Baby Booster Seat

LBLA offers an amazing product for your needs. With style, this product also delivers convenience and hence can easily be noted in the shortlist for booster seats. This booster chair can be your ideal companion when taking care of the baby.


It can be just as useful outside the comfort of your home too. This booster seat is designed to give maximum protection and safety to your baby. There is a 3 point harness belt, this ensures that your baby gets a comfortable gap to rest in while also being safely fixed to the chair. 

Primary Features

  • User friendly and portable
  • Used for kids from 6 months to 24 months
  • Adjustable in height
  • Easy to clean and maintain

There are also safety belts available for attaching the booster seat onto the chair, in order to avoid any accidents. In order to meet the growing needs of your baby, this booster seat has an option to adjust seats in 4 different heights.

This will avoid the parent from having to buy a new booster seat every few months. This can easily be used for babies which are aged 6 months to 24 months, as long as they can sit without any assistance.

The feeding tray which comes attached to the product is easily detachable and adjustable according to the needs of the baby.

Additionally, this tray is also dishwasher safe, which ensures minimal effort to clean. And while travelling, this tray also has a clip-on protective lid, which ensures that your baby’s eating space is safe and hygienic.

There is no need for the parent to worry about installing the booster chair at all. It is extremely simple to set up this booster chair. It requires just 3 simple steps and it is also collapsible.

As it is collapsible, it can be easily folded into a much compact item and can be carried around with ease using the inbuilt shoulder strap. It can be extremely tiresome to clean and maintain the booster seat for babies, but with this product, it can be a piece of cake.

This product can be cleaned with minimal efforts just by wiping it with a wet cloth. With the adjustable nature of the feeding tray, it is very easy to clean. It is also made from PP material, which ensures to be safer for the baby.

  • Detachable feeding tray
  • Portable
  • Safety harnesses
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Available in just a single color


6. Toyboy Panda Baby Swing – with Multiple Age Settings

If you are looking for a booster seat that multitasks, then this is definitely the right product for you. This product has several applications other than just a regular booster seat while it is also economical.


Without a doubt, one of the most attractive features are offered by this is the varied applications of this product. It can be used as a regular baby seat or chair, and as well as a booster seat. It has some safety ropes which bind the seat to a high chair and hence acts as a booster seat. 

Primary Features

  • Food tray available
  • It can be used for kids from 9 months to 4 years
  • It has a lot of applications
  • It is made up with a BPA free plastic

This baby seat can also be used as a bath seat, it makes sure that your baby is seated comfortably and is not skirmish at bath time. Moreover, it has the required components which convert the baby seat to a swing. Additionally, it can also be used as a booster seat for cars.

The booster seat is designed in a kid-friendly and fun way. It is also equipped with a feeding tray which is large and useful. The feeding tray has cup holders to make it more efficient.

It is made up of excellent quality plastic which is free of BPA, which is a pretty toxic chemical that causes serious diseases like asthma. This product makes sure that your baby is as protected as possible.

It has safety belts that ensure that your booster seat is attached properly to a high chair. It has a heavy-duty rope that can make sure that the seat is fixed securely to the chair or any other surface. This rope also ensures that the booster seat can be used as a swing safely.

There is also an easy way to travel with this booster seat, as there are harnesses that act as a shoulder strap. The booster seat also weighs as little as 1 and a half Kg, and as a result, will not be much of a struggle during traveling.

  • 5 in one applications
  • Safety harnesses available
  • Pocket friendly
  • Easy to carry when travelling
  • It does not have any padding for comfort


7. LBLA Baby Booster Seat for Feeding Folding Booster Chair

LBLA has an amazing product when it comes to booster seats. This ensures that your baby is comfortable when seated in this booster seat. This product is available with a very useful and essential food tray.


This makes feeding the little ones easy and it also has separate compartments for cup holders and more. The food tray can also be adjusted at 3 different levels so as to suit the needs of your child.

Primary Features

  • Safety features like belts etc
  • Food tray available and is detachable
  • User Friendly
  • Adjustable heights

Moreover, this food tray is also detachable, which ensures that you can clean this and maintain it with much more efficiency. The food tray enables you to teach the baby table manners from a very young age. This is one more essential feature which is offered by this product.

This booster seat can be adjusted according to the requirements. The product offers 3 heights to which it can be adjusted and hence, this can be useful with the growth of the baby.

With this feature being offered, you will not have the need to purchase a new booster seat to adjust with the growth of the baby. The safety of the baby is obviously very important and hence, this product has taken extra care to be given to the safety of the child in the booster seat.

The booster seat has a 3-point safety harness, which fits snugly to the body of the baby, without constricting him, to secure the baby to the chair. The chair also has adjustable straps which in order bind the booster seat to a chair.

The next great thing about this product is the ease of use. This product is very easy to use and hence is user friendly. The height adjustment to the booster seat can be done in three simple steps.

The chair straps which are given with these booster seats are so adjustable that they can fit around different varieties of chairs easily. This booster seat can also be travelled with ease.

The booster chair can immediately be collapsed and folded into a compact structure. Additionally, the chair in itself is very light-weight, weighing slightly above 2 Kg, and as a result, can be travelled without any fuss. The compact nature of the chair also makes it easy to store.

  • Compact and portable
  • A detachable and adjustable food tray
  • 3 point safety harness for the baby
  • User Friendly
  • As the chair is made of plastic, it cannot have additionally comfortable padding


8. LuvLap Springdale 2 in 1 Feeding Chair & Booster Seat

This is another product which is offered by LuvLap which offers a feeding chair and a booster seat rolled into a single item. There are many such exquisite features, which make this product an ideal choice for your little one.


It comes with a feeding table, which helps you with feeding your baby without much fuss. The table is also detachable and can be positioned according to the requirement. That is there are 3 adjustable positions for the feeding table which can be adjusted according to comfort.

Primary Features

  • Adjustable height
  • A feeding table is also available
  • A safety harness available
  • Toys are also available

Other than this the feeding table also has 2 detachable toys, which can assist you when you are trying to feed the baby. The detachable nature makes it easy to convert the feeding chair back to a booster series. Safety is a major concern when it comes to baby products and more. 

This product has a 3 point safety harness belt available, which makes sure that your child is securely seated inside the booster seat, which also allows room to ensure comfort. The booster seat also has a safety belt to attach the booster seat to a chair.

These safety belts help in fixing the booster seat securely to different varieties of the chair. The safety standards are also met and checked according to the European standard and hence make it safe for small kids. This product can be used in two different ways.

It can be used as a feeding chair when the tray is on and it can be used as a booster chair when the tray is off. For babies which are above 6 months, the feeding chair can be used, and later the chair can be used as a booster chair upto almost 36 months which is 3 years.

The product is also extremely user friendly, as you can adjust the height of the booster chair in just a few steps. Here is also an easy-grip handle, which ensures that the booster chair can be travelled with easily.

Additionally, you can easily fold the chair to make it compact, which helps in the storing of the booster seat. The tray is also completely detachable which makes it easy for you to clean and maintain the seat.

  • Two in one functions
  • Completely safe for the kids
  • User Friendly and easy to use
  • Adjustable height and feeding tray
  • As it is made of plastic, it does not have a soft padding, but the plastic is much more durable and sturdy


9. LBLA 3-in-1 Baby Feeding Portable High Chair, Toddler Booster Seat

Here is another product which is produced by LBLA, which can catch your eye easily. This product has a lot of high-quality features that can be just what you need. This product is 3 in 1, which means that this product can be adjusted in three different ways.


The height can be adjusted according to the requirements. It can be converted from a baby seat to a booster seat to a high chair. This Baby seat can be used when the child is around 6-9 months old, and for a later stage, it can be used as a booster seat for toddlers. 

Primary Features

  • Easier cleaning and maintaining
  • Height adjustment has a larger range
  • Adjustable feeding tray
  • BPA free

The next adjustment that can be done is the high chair, which can be quite useful as it can be like a chair all alone and you will not require to strap this booster seat to another chair. There is a detachable feeding tray available in this product.

The feeding tray can also be adjusted in 3 different positions which ensure that your baby can be seated comfortably as required. The feeding tray is made up of PP material and can also be easily washed and maintained.

This tray is capable of handling high temperatures and it is extremely safe as the tray is BPA free. The height of the chair is easily adjustable by removable pins. When the seat is the baby mode, it is possible to install wheels instead of normal legs on the chair.

And there is an empty space which is given, in order to store these legs when not in use. The wheels are easy to move and have 360-degree rotation, hence very efficient. The backrest of the chair can also be easily adjusted according to the requirements.

This booster seat does not do anything to compromise the safety of the baby. There is a harness that is provided to make sure that your baby is securely seated in the booster seat, while not constricting too much.

And you will not have to worry a lot about keeping the chair clean as it is very easy to clean and maintain. It does very minimal staining and you can clean the chair just by easy wiping.

  • 3 in 1 operation
  • Wheels are available
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Detachable feeding tray
  • As it weighs over 4 kg it is not easily portable


10. TruGood 3 in 1 Booster Seat Folding Swing Chair

TruGood is one of the leading companies which produces baby products and it produces a multipurpose chair which enables you to seat your baby comfortably and without worry let it be indoors or outdoors. This booster seat has varied applications and can be used accordingly.


The booster seat can easily be used as a baby seat and a normal booster seat. It can also be used as a bath seat. This type of seat ensures that you can give your little one a bath with ease. This can also be used as a swing and also can be used as a booster seat for cars.

Primary Features

  • Multipurpose applications
  • Compatible with different chairs
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • It can also be used as a swing

All these different applications make this product one of the best options for a booster seat for your baby. The booster seat is designed in a fun and kid-friendly way. There is also a feeding tray that is included in this booster seat, which makes feeding the baby easier.

The tray has a compartment which can be used as a cup holder and additionally the size of the food tray is large too. It is also designed in such a way that it can be attached on the top of any chair. Safety is one feature that no one wants to compromise about.

This product offers your baby as much safety as possible. It has booster seat belts that ensure that your baby can be seated securely on the seat and it also has some heavy-duty ropes which make sure that it is safe to attach this booster seat to the chair.

It also has good quality ropes which ensure that the swing can be used safely by the kids. The booster seat is also very easy to travel with, as it weighs very less.

There are also shoulder straps that are available making this very easy to carry around. This booster seat is also foldable and becomes compact and hence it can be stored easily. The booster seat weighs just above 2 Kg and hence can be carried very easily.

  • Affordable
  • Portable and compact
  • Various safety features
  • Multipurpose
  • As the chair is plastic, it can not give a proper padding to make the surface comfortable


11. Trugoods Baby Booster Seat

Trugoods introduces one more feeding chair which is multipurpose and is extremely useful. If you are looking for a booster chair that is not heavy on the pocket but is very efficient, then this might be the perfect option for you.


Easily one of the most useful features offered by this booster seat is that it has multi-purpose applications. It can be used as a normal baby chair, and as well as a booster seat. The seat has some belts which can bind the seat to a normal chair and hence this product acts as a booster seat.

Primary Features

  • Easily portable
  • Multi Purposed
  • Feeding tray is available
  • It can be converted to a swing

This product can also be used as a bath seat, it makes sure that your baby is seated comfortably and makes it easier for you to give baths. Moreover, it has the components which make it possible to use the baby seat as a swing. Also, it can be used as a booster seat for cars too.

The booster seat is designed in a kid-friendly and joyful way. It has also included a feeding tray which is large in size and is efficient. The feeding tray also has cup holders to make it more useful. And the chair is designed in a way so that it will be possible to attach this seat to a variety of chairs.

This product makes sure that your baby is as secure as possible. It has included safety belts in its design which makes sure that your booster seat is fixed properly onto a high chair.

It has a good quality and heavy-duty rope which can make sure that the seat is attached safely to the chair or any other surface. This rope also ensures that the booster seat can be used as a swing safely. There is also a safety harness to secure your baby properly to the seat.

It can be very easy for you to travel with this chair, as you can easily fold it up into a compact item. Additionally, it also has ropes that can work as shoulder straps and make it easy for you to carry it around. Moreover, you will be able to carry this without much effort as it is a light weighing item.

  • Multipurpose
  • Safe for babies
  • Easy to travel
  • Can be used as a fun swing
  • It is made of plastic, but this makes the product durable


Buying Guide – Best Baby Booster Seats in India

With online shopping becoming more and more accessible, you have more than thousands of products at your fingertips. But it is very essential that the consumer gets a satisfactory experience and a well-performing product.


For this to happen, the consumer needs to understand his own expectations and requirements from the products. Hence, it is very necessary for you to be very educated about the products.

This is what this buying guide does, it gives you knowledge about different booster seats and what features to look out for before making a decision to buy one.

Types of Baby Booster Seats

There are 3 different types of Baby Booster Seats which are available in India and it is necessary to know the difference between all of them.

The first one is the regular booster seat. This is usually used for car seats while traveling, to make sure that the kid is seated securely into the car seat.


The second one is the booster chair, the booster chair is usually used to bind the child’s seat to a normal chair. This chair is usually used in restaurants to let the baby reach the height of the table.

The last one is the high chair, this is an extended version of a booster chair. The difference between these two is that the high chairs are taller and act more independently without any need to bind the seat to another chair.

You should be able to choose your required type by considering the age of the kid. The booster seats are usually used for babies from 6 months and the high chairs and booster chairs are usually used for toddlers.

Factors to consider while buying a Baby Booster Seat

1. Adaptable

Today, everyone loves a product which can adapt itself to suit their requirement at that point of time. Many of these booster seats which were listed above have this feature. Adaptability here means that the product can easily be changed from one mode to another.

Most of the seats which are mentioned are able to convert themselves from a booster seat to a booster chair and more. This can be especially important as this makes sure that you will not have to buy a new seat for your kids as it grows from an infant to a toddler.

These types of items can easily be used from about 6 months of age to 4 years. It is very important for you to buy a booster seat which can be adapted according to the growth of your child.

2. Installation

The next important feature which had to be taken care of is the installation of the booster seats. It should be very easy for you to install the seats on the car seats. These booster seats are attached to the chairs using a strong adjustable strap.

It is very important for these straps to be strong and of good quality. These straps should make sure that booster seats can be fixed onto a variety of different chairs and not just one particular type without any trouble. Easy installation makes sure that the product is more user friendly.


3. Adjustable

For many of us, this word is music to our ears, and just as so it is a very important concept to understand before making a decision about a product. It is essential that you can see the word adjustable, in the list of features. Most of the booster chairs have an option for adjustable height.

This makes sure that your purchased chair can keep up with the growth of your baby. Other than this, the adjustable-height makes it possible for the consumer to convert these booster seats from one form to another without any fuss.

There should also be an adjustable back-rest feature for an advantage in an ideal booster seat. This helps you to seat your baby comfortably according to his requirement. This adjustable feature is also available to the feeding tray to ensure maximum comfort for the little one.

4. Portability

Portability is an important aspect for you to concentrate upon, as booster seats nowadays ensure that they can be used indoors or outdoors. If these booster chairs are to be used outdoors they must be easy to carry and travel with.

Hence, the booster chair you are planning to buy must have a portability feature, that is, it must be easy to fold it up and to carry it. And this implies that the chair should not be unnecessarily heavy as then it will become a mess.

Additionally, some of the chairs have the option of having a rope or a belt which can be used as a shoulder strap in order to make the portability of the booster chair easy. It also is absolutely necessary for the chair to be compact for easy storage.


5. Feeding Tray

Many of the booster chairs can easily be used as a feeding chair. And hence, a feeding tray must be a necessity while you are choosing your booster seat. It should be confirmed that this feeding tray is made from good quality plastic as it can be harmful to the baby’s health.

It should be made from BPA-free plastic, as BPA causes many health risks like asthma, hormonal imbalance, etc, The feeding tray will usually come in contact with heated substances and hence should be tolerant towards heat.

Additionally, it is preferred that the feeding tray can be adjustable and also detachable as it increases cleaning efficiency. The tray being adjustable provides extra comfort to the child.

6. Maintainability

Maintainability is an important aspect no matter what the product is. The product discussed is a baby product and hence it is even more necessary for you to take care of and maintain the booster seat. Hence, most of the booster seats are easy to clean.

Some of the booster seats here are made up of good quality plastics which can be cleaned by just wiping it. And hence they are very easy to clean and maintain.

It is very important for these booster seats to be clean as they come in close contact with the baby. It should be made sure that there are no food particles that are stuck or left behind on the feeding tray.


7. Safety

Safety is one of the most important aspects which should not be compromised with. And as this is a baby product extra care must be taken in order to ensure that it is completely safe for the baby.

Firstly, the material which is used for making this booster seat must be checked, if it is of plastic, then extra care must be taken to ensure that the plastic is BPA free.

BPA is Bisphenol A, which can cause some serious health risks like asthma or cancer and it is especially harmful to children as it imbalances the hormone levels.

The next thing that should be looked at is the safety harnesses and the safety belts or harnesses which are given with the product. Safety belts are used to seat the baby properly in the booster seat and ensure that the kids are secured.

The next kind of belts that are provided are the belts or ropes which are given to bind the booster seat to other chairs. This should also be very strong and of good quality to ensure the safety of the little one so that they do not topple off.

8. Comfort

It is essential that the baby is comfortable in the booster seat. Some of these booster seats have an added layer of comfort by providing some extra padding near the seat and the backrest for maximum comfort.

Some of these booster chairs have an adjustable feeding tray, which ensures that you are not crowding the baby and can be used to the comfort of the kid. These extra paddings ensure that the baby is comfortable and will not make a fuss when they are seated in the booster seat.


9. Additional Features

Some of the additional features should also be noticed in these booster chairs. Like some of these booster chairs can be converted to a swing and can be a nice little surprise for your little one.

Certain others have some toys installed on top of them for the little kids to play with and these toys are also detachable so as to not hinder the cleaning process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Baby Booster Seats in India

Q1. Why should a booster seat be bought for babies?

Ans. A booster seat is an essential purchase for babies above 6 months. They can be especially useful when travelling with babies. The booster seat ensures that your kids are seated safely at the back and it ensures that the seat belt is placed at the proper position without being too constricting to the kids.

Additionally, they can also be very useful at mealtimes as most of these booster seats also have a feeding tray. The booster seats feeding tray can help you train your children with table manners and habits. These booster seats can be used for different varieties of chairs and hence can be used for outdoors and indoors. 

Q2. What booster seat to be used for toddlers?

Ans. Booster seats come in a variety of types and hence it is absolutely necessary for you to understand the type and to understand your requirements.

For toddlers, it is necessary for you to use either high chairs or booster chairs, which mostly work for just increasing their height during restaurants or other dining times. Hence, toddlers are highly comfortable in high chairs or booster chairs.

Q3. What  are booster seats without backrests used?

Ans. Booster seats without backs are mostly used for toddlers who are able to sit up independently. These types of seats can be used usually in cars for toddlers where it is required for the kids to be seated at a height. 

When toddlers are seated at the back and they are secured using seat belts, then most of the time, the seat belt applies unnecessary pressure on the baby’s stomach and neck which is not healthy. 

But when booster seats are used, then the toddlers gain the required height and the seat belt will be placed securely around their chest region instead of the neck. The booster seats without backrests are used in cars as already there will be a backrest provided by the car seat. 

Q4 .What is the minimum age for a booster seat?

Ans. The minimum advised age for a booster seat is 6 months. It is usually advised for babies who can sit up on their own independently. This is a necessary requirement for purchasing and using a booster seat. The age can be from 3 months upto 3 years and in some cases, they can be used upto 4 years. 

These booster chairs do more than just provide support and seating, they also make sure that your kid gets dining manners as they have a feeding tray before them. Some of these booster seats can also be converted to swings and other equally entertaining features

Q5. Are booster chairs with feeding trays a necessity?

Ans. Feeding trays are not a compulsory component for a booster seat. But they can be extremely useful for the little ones. Most of these chairs are detachable and hence it can be uninstalled when the feeding tray is not required. 

There are also some feeding trays that have cup holders in them or they have some toys installed, which can be used to entertain the babies during meal times especially when they are fussy about eating.

Most of them can be adjusted and detache and will not cause a hassle while cleaning. But if the booster seat is used just for a car booster seat, then a feeding tray is not really necessary.

Q6. High chair or booster chair, which is better?

Ans. High chairs and booster chairs have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. The choice of purchase will depend on you. High chairs are extremely stable and you will not have to worry about whether the chair will fit onto a particular chair. 

These high chairs are usually very independent and they are usually adjustable in height. But they are not really portable as they are very heavy to carry around. But when it comes to booster chairs, they are highly portable and they can be carried with ease and they are less expensive than high chairs. 

High chairs also protect your dining chairs from wear and tear as they do not depend on them to be fixed upon. While booster seats are dependent on another chair to be fixed upon. 

Conclusion – Best Baby Booster Seats in India

The Above article aims to give you the maximum amount of information about the best booster seats and their requirements. In order to purchase a product from which you will be satisfied, it is very important for you to understand your requirements and priorities.


This buying guide will help you sort out the different priorities that you need to have. And we have tried to give you a shorter list of options by selecting and choosing the 11 Best Booster Seats in India.

If you are still confused in making an apt selection, we would recommend you to go with “Chicco Mode Booster Seat”. To know more about this product, click here.

Hope this article has been helpful for you!

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